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“Flirting 101″

Post-Ultron; Everyone survived the events of AoU and returned to Stark tower afterwards.

“You’re staring…” Natasha leaned over to whisper to Steve. The Avengers were scattered around a room within Stark Tower enjoying the cool evening as the sun set. Wanda and Pietro cuddled up in front of the TV, Stark was drinking and laughing heartily with Thor and Banner behind the bar whilst Nat and Steve sat with two mugs of coffee at the dining table. The pair had a good view of the entire room though Steve was only focused on one person in it.

You sat on the other sofa in front of the television with a bowl of noodles that you were attempting to lift into your mouth using chopsticks. Despite Clint sitting next to you and talking you through how to use the utensils, you were not succeeding in this task. Steve watched on from a distance, mesmerised by how innocent you seemed. Yet he knew better than most that you were not to be trifled with after the incident involving Tony whom you’d stabbed with a fork after he tried flirting with you. It was this reason among many that he was reluctant to make his feelings about you known. Natasha and Tony were the only ones to pick up on the signs.

“Ask her out, dummy.” Nat whispered to him though he made no move to acknowledge that he’d heard her for some time. Instead, his gaze remained focused on you as you tried for the nth time to get the noodles in your mouth. He chuckled as they promptly fell from your grasp and plopped back into the bowl. Eventually he looked back at his mug and replied to Nat.
“And risk fork injuries? No thanks.”
“Really? That’s what you’re afraid of? You know as well as I do that she stabbed him purely because he called her “babe”. Frankly, I think he was lucky to get off with just being stabbed - God knows what I would have done if he’d called me that.”
“Not helping Nat.” He grumbled, running his finger around the rim of the mug. At the sound of cheering and clapping, Steve looked up to see that you had managed to shovel some of the food into your mouth. Clint clapped his hands together with a laugh whilst the twins whistled and cheered. Steve felt the side of his mouth turning up into a proud smirk before looking back down again.
“You poor, lovesick little puppy…” Nat said sarcastically, slapping her hand on his shoulder. He chuckled, grateful for Nat’s attempts to console him, even if they weren’t necessarily working yet.

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Imagine celebrating the New Year with Chris (2.0)

A/N: ‘Cause you gotta have the option of spending New Year’s with Chris alone. I know it’s a little late but have been suffering from a bit of a writer’s block so forgive me. X

You and Chris decided to spend the weekend at a cabin as far away from civilization as possible so the two of you could have a quiet, romantic New Year’s Eve instead of the usual crazy A-Lister party. Chris was excited because it’d been a while since the two of you had some proper alone time; the entire December had been hectic, recovering from Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas. While the two of you loved spending time with everyone, the escape to the cabin couldn’t have come at a better time- especially since Chris was about to leave for the next Avengers movie. It had become a routine by now that before he left for any job, the two of you would take a few days to yourselves to rest, relax, and reassure; a movie as big as Infinity War meant your boyfriend needed a lot of the third R.

The cabin was the same one the two of you went too when you needed a timeout from work and people and paparazzi, it was nice because out there- it was always just the two of you. It was peaceful and quiet; it had the calm you and Chris craved and loved. The cabin was basically a bubble where nothing bad could ever go wrong, in fact- it was at the cabin where some of your biggest milestones with him occurred. The first time he said ‘I-love-you’ happened at that cabin; he asked you to move in with him at that cabin; and you were sure it was at that cabin where he would eventually propose, so you definitely had a special place in your heart for it.

You sat by the fire, roasting marshmallows so you could have it with your hot chocolate. Chris had opted for a beer because he said, and you quote, “it’s my last chance to drink beer, sweetheart. I’m not giving it up for anything, not even your delicious hot chocolate.” You laughed but you knew the next six months were going to be challenging for him, and you, considering he was leaving you and your shared home.

“Happy Anniversary,” Chris sang-song, holding up two bags of Chinese food from your favorite Chinese restaurant. “I thought it’d be easier to get takeout,” he explained as he settled on the floor opposite you, “God knows we’ve done enough cooking over the last month.”

“I think you nailed this year’s present,” you nodded in agreement as you reached for the box marked 'spring rolls’. “Wait-” you felt your eyes narrow when you remembered where you were. “How did you get them to deliver all the way out here? And just in time for dinner too. I mean- we’re like a three hour drive from their restaurant.”

“It’s amazing what a little name dropping can do,” Chris bit back his smile when you scoffed in disbelief. “Don’t worry, I gave them a huge tip. Like- enough to cover gas and car snacks huge,” he told you and you chuckled. “They even got a selfie and an autograph, so- I think they’re walking away from this experience happily.”

“You really shouldn’t abuse your powers as Captain America.”

“You really should appreciate the fact that your boyfriend is Captain America and has powers to abuse,” he retorted with a smug smile. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have all this amazing Chinese food to eat and you’d have to cook dinner.” You shot him a weary look then cracked when he laughed; you threw a packet of soy sauce at him and he laughed harder.

“You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”

“I know,” he smiled. “How else did I get someone as amazing as you to fall in-love with me?”

You bit back your smile as you felt the heat rise to your cheeks. After being his girlfriend for four years, he still had the ability to make you blush; the butterflies in your stomach were also very much alive. It was a good thing though, it meant that you were still very much in-love with him- as much as he was with you because you had the exact same effect on him.

Chris watched you as you ate, smiling because he couldn’t be happier. Another year was about to pass and you were still his girl; it was also the fourth anniversary of the first time you met. It was at a bar on New Year’s Eve- a bar that neither of you had wanted to go to in the first place- when he fell for- well, fell because he tripped on your feet then fell in-love because you were who you were. He was still amazed that he somehow- in his drunken state- charmed you enough to take you out to brunch the next day when you were both severely hung over. It was an amazing date despite how horrible the two of you felt and everything had been amazing since that fateful meeting.

“What?” You chuckled when you realize he was watching you with his usual love sick gaze. “Are you falling in-love with me all over again?” You teased and he nodded with a smile that made you stomach flutter. “Stop it,” you giggled and blushed.

“You know what,” he reached for your hands and pulled you to your feet as he rose to his. “I am grateful everyday that Mackie dragged me to that bar.” You stepped around the boxes of food and melted into his arms that had wrapped themselves around you. “Honestly-” he continued and you looked up at him, “I don’t know what I’d be doing now if I didn’t meet you, I can only imagine how terrible it’d be.”

“You’d probably be getting drunk and hooking up with some other pretty girl at a bar somewhere, so not that bad.” You teased and he chuckled. “As for me- well, I know exactly what I’d be doing now and how terrible it’d be. I’d be single, definitely. I’d still be working as a waitress because I wouldn’t have a boyfriend constantly pushing me to do something more with my writing. And I’d definitely be asleep before twelve 'cause no boyfriend to kiss at midnight. So you think you lucked out,” you joked and he smiled.

“Yeah, I did.” He nodded. “I’m extremely lucky no guy was smart enough to sweep you off your feet because if they did then well-” he chuckled, “you wouldn’t have been able to sweep me off mine.” You laughed when you thought back to that day; Chris Evans on his ass because he’d tripped over your feet. “I have never been so happy to fall in front of so many people before.”

“And I have never been so happy to trip someone in front of so many people before,” you chuckled. “Thank you for falling for me,” you whispered and wrapped your arms around his neck which drew a bigger smile from him. “What would I do without you?”

“I promise you that that’s a question you’ll never have to answer,” he pressed a kiss against your forehead and you smiled. “Shall we finish our food before it gets cold?” He quizzed and you nodded, pulling away from him.

You and Chris settled back down on the ground and continued to have your dinner, chatting about little things and working your way up to talk about his upcoming leave. As much as you didn’t want to, you had to eventually. There were things to discuss, like when you could go and visit, and what day a weekly Skype session could be schedule. It was a little difficult to have a confirmed date now because he still hadn’t got a feel of the set and how much of a time crunch they were in but usually, visits could occur after the first two months and the weekly Skype sessions were on Sundays.

“Can you give me a spoiler?” You asked and Chris laughed; he knew it was coming because you’d been subtly hinting for spoilers since you saw Civil War. “It can be my high before we have to get to the low. I don’t really want to discuss you being gone for six months,” you said then pouted.

“I’ll be gone for longer if I spill Marvel secrets,” he joked then glanced out the window. “The snipers are just waiting to take me out. You know the book, Nineteen-Eighty-Four by George Orwell?” He asked and you nodded. “Well, think of Marvel as Big Brother. They have Thought Police everywhere so if I even think about telling you…” He trailed off and acted like he had just been shot in the chest. “Dead.”

“You’re so dramatic,” you rolled your eyes. “Fine, let’s just talk about you leaving me next week without a high to go on.” You crossed your arms over your chest like a child, drawing laughter from Chris. “What time’s your flight?” You muttered bitterly.

“You can have a high to go on,” he said and held out your fortune cookie. “Don’t pretend like you’re not excited,” he chuckled when you stared at it indifferently. “I know you too well, Y/N Y/L/N.” You bit back your smile and took it from him.

“I like fortune cookies, yes, but I don’t think-” you cracked it open and your breath hitched in your throat when a beautiful engagement ring slid out. “Is this…Are you-” You looked up at Chris and he smiled, cracking open his fortune to pull out a tiny piece of paper.

“You should propose now,” he read and you chuckled nervously, feeling the excitement overwhelm you. “Wow, this is one assertive cookie.” He rose and propped himself up on one knee then reached over to take the ring from your hand, and your hand in his. “I better do as I’m told otherwise I’m going to start the new year on a real low.”

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

“Y/N,” he squeezed your hand gently, “you are wonderful and talented and beautiful and kind. Every second I have had with you has made my life so much better, and I thank my lucky stars every day for that night. You make me so happy and make me feel so loved, Y/N-” He chuckled shakily; nervous and excited. “And I don’t ever want to stop feeling like this. I know this is not the best time because I’m about to go away for six months but I thought we could both use the high.” He said and you nodded vigorously. “So, Y/N, will you marry me?”


Chris smiled and slipped the ring on your finger, you squealed then rose on your knees and hugged him tightly. He chuckled and hugged you back. “I love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life showing you how much,” he whispered.

“I already have a pretty decent clue,” you told him and kissed him; his smile could be felt against yours. “Happy New Year, Christopher Evans.” You broke the kiss and whispered, pressing your forehead against his.

“Happy New Year, Y/N Y/L/N.”

The title for this felt better in Russian than it did in English so let’s just roll with it. I put the pronunciation there instead of the translation because I didn’t want to spoil the illusion but for those interested parties, it means “trust” (or at least, that’s what google translate tells me). This was requested by jamesbuckyfuckingbarnes and I hope it turned out alright for you. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Hey hun :D could i have a bucky x reader where she’s a scientist at HYDRA and is the only one nice to him and they have a thing going on and when he regains his memory he comes and saves her with Steve and he doesn’t trust her until they get out and Bucky gets all fluffy an they get all lovely ext :)

“Доверие (Doveriye)”

Steve’s shield made short work of the padlock across the door but nevertheless he paused.
“You’re sure that we can trust her…” He asked again. Bucky grunted.
“For the last time – yes. You just broke a padlock off of her bedroom door and you’re questioning her loyalty? She’s a prisoner. Just like I was.”
“There’s more than one reason to lock someone in a room.” Steve mumbled before twisting the handle.

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Surprise pt.1 

Summary: The reader, African royalty and Fiancee of T’challa comes to Vienna’s UN meeting to surprise him, but things go drastically wrong. 

Words: 1.4K

Warnings: Death 

Made by PJ(there’s a note at the end of the fic)

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Title: Everyone Messes Up

A Michael Clifford imagine

Overview: My first 5sos concert was going beautifully, that’s is, until I heard Michael make the slightest of mistakes.

(Y/C/N: your city name)

As I shot up from my chair I started to hear people screaming, and along with those screams, were my own. Seeing my favorite band was something I thought I would only ever imagine, but there they were. Rows in front of me stood Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton, my boys, 5 Seconds of Summer.

“Y/C/N are you ready to rock?!” Ashton yelled from behind his drums with a smile on his face. In return, the screams that echoed through the arena managed to get louder. The chords to their song “She’s Kinda Hot” sounded as the boys began to strum on their guitars, base guitar and drums. That’s when they started singing. Up until this moment I hadn’t realized what I was really doing and where I really was. It was like I was in shock, a daze, and didn’t wake up until now. I didn’t even attempt to control the tears that were running down my face; others around me apparently had this same problem, so I don’t think anyone will mind. When the first few lyrics flowed throughout the arena, it finally hit me. I was actually here right now. I’m not watching my boys from a screen. They’re here, right in front of me. I looked around in awe as if I were seeing the world for the first time, feeling like I had somehow been changed. By the time I fell out of my daze a new song was already being played, but I’m not the one who brought myself back to reality. Michael’s voice cracked and shook as he forgot the lyrics to one of his solos, and my eyes immediately darted up to him. This act had nothing to do with me being disappointed in him, however I knew that he might be disappointed in himself. He had an obvious frown on his face and for the rest of the song he trembled a bit, probably worried that he might mess up again. Everyone messes up at some point though.

When the show ended I decided to wait a while before calling someone to pick me up, they would most likely want to wait until the traffic let up a bit anyway. So I decided to walk around a bit, I mean, why not? I think it’s allowed. I turned a few corners and ended up getting lost, shocking I know. I looked on the doors for any clues, signs, or one of those stupid arrows that point to where you’re suppose to go, even if the destination is extremely easy to get to. While I was walking around I heard a muffled crying, and since I’m an idiot that would most likely get killed in a horror movie because of poor judgment, I went looking for the source of the sound. I followed the sound and hid behind one of the corners of the hallway i had walked down. Before I turned the corner I took a breath.

I quietly came out from hiding and stood in front of the figure who had their back against the wall, and their arms hugging their knees. My curiosity vanished into sympathy when I realized who it was.

“Michael?” I whispered. His head slowly came up from its former position of hiding and he looked quite startled. “I’m sorry if I scared you. Is-is something wrong?” I said, debating whether to walk toward him or not. I wobbled a bit trying to decide what to do before concluding that I should stay put.

“Nothing’s wrong at all. Were you at the concert? Did you have a good time?” he followed this up with a fake smile.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion before softening my facial expression. I walked a little closer. “I’m not interested in talking to you about things that aren’t nearly as important as your mental health” I replied to him, and when he didn’t say anything in the silent gap that followed my words, I went on. “Ya know…I have also faked a smile and said I was alright when I knew I wasn’t truly okay. You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong or what happened, I just need to make sure that you are alright” I said with a soft smile.

“Up on stage, I’m sure you heard it” he let out a humorous laugh before going on. “I was a complete let down, everyone knows I have the worst voice in the band. I don’t belong in this band and today was just another day that made me realize it. I’m such a screw up” fresh tears silently flowed from his eyes and down his cheeks.

With those words, my heart broke. I walked toward him precociously, his eyes lazily making eye contact all the way. When I stood in front of him he didn’t protest my actions, so I slid my back against the wall until I was sitting eye to eye next to him. “Have you ever had that moment when you found something that just completes what you originally had? Like when you get a new piece of clothing or a new movie and you just can’t help but think ‘how did I live without this one thing?’. That’s you. You, Michael, you complete the band. Without you there would be no kitten who actually brings punk into the band” I laughed, attempting to make him smile, and ended up succeeding. “And your voice, it’s beautiful, even your talking voice is beautiful. Not everyone’s voices are exactly the same, and not everyone’s voices sound perfect with every type of music. You just need to find your sound, and out there tonight some lyrics were just missed. Every musician, hell, every person messes up at some point, no human is perfect, and it’s hard not to get certain lyrics mixed up with others. It hurts knowing how little you think of yourself. You’re everything, and I just can’t wrap my head around how magnificent people can’t see themselves in that way. I know how hard it is to see anything but flaws in yourself, but I need you to try, because you are much more than what you think”.

“Thank you” Michael softly smiled and wiped at his eyes. “What’s your name?” He asked

“Y/N” I replied as we heard voices coming down the hallway.

“Hey Michael we were-” Luke stopped mid sentence as he saw me. “We were just looking for you, we need to leave now.” He finished as he looked back and forth between me and Michael.

Michael stood up and i did as well, unsure of what else to do. “Hey guys, yea I was just…sitting here- but I found someone who will be coming back with us to hang out with at our hotel, Y/N!” he smiled over to me and then back to the guys.

“Oh yea sure that sounds-” Calum started but couldn’t finish before I interrupted.

“Wait, hold on a second” I laughed. “I mean, yes I would love to but it just seems so sudden and I’m suppose to get picked up and-”

“Could you call someone and tell them you will be a little late?” Michael smiled hopefully.

Of course it would be a stupid idea to say no to Michael, I don’t know why he asked me to go with him and the boys back to their hotel but it’s good, right? It’s a conversation that I have imagined in my head, something that seems too good to be true, so having it actually come true is an incredible feeling. I couldn’t just let the opportunity go without grasping onto it.

“I’ll be right back then” I smiled as I walked a few steps away to call my mother. The phone rang a few times and when she picked up I quickly told her about what had happened, and asked if I could go to their hotel for a while. At first she was completely opposed of that matter but I somehow changed her mind. I also made sure to tell her that if I didn’t end up calling her later I was most likely asleep, and to make sure she knew not to think I was dead or in danger.

I walked back to the boys. “It’s a go!” I laughed as they all happily shouted. They quickly ushered me to their tour bus and we drove back to the hotel they were currently staying in.

I woke up and rubbed my face, unsure of what happened last night. I opened my eyes to see Michael laying next to me, Luke and Calum cuddled on the other bed, and Ashton on the floor. All the memories of last night suddenly flooded back to me and I smiled at the thought. We had ordered pizza and watched a few movies, we had argued over what movies to watch but settled on a comedy and then a horror one. Which explains why Luke and Calum were on the bed together, Luke must’ve gotten scared during the horror movie. I laughed and remembered Ashton on the floor. Why was he there? I searched my memory until i realized that he had kept getting kicked off the bed by Luke and Calum, so he protested and ended up laying on the floor.

I checked the clock next to the bed I was in and it read “9:13am”. Well, it’s a good thing I had told my mom not to worry. I got up and went to the bathroom. I felt absolutely disgusting. Along the way I took one of the boys shirts, not knowing who’s it was but just needed something clean to wear. I got in the bathroom and washed my face, I saw some toothpaste on the counter and brushed my teeth with my finger as best I could. I attempted to make my hair look as good as I could get it and then put on the shirt that I had taken, I don’t think they would mind. At least I hope not. I looked at myself once more in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.

They were awake when I came out, and when Michael looked at me he smirked. “What?” I asked.

“You look good in my shirt” he stated simply.

I blushed slightly “I’m- I’m sorry. I can take it off if you want”

“No it’s fine” he laughed. “We’re leaving today for the next part of our tour, I was talking to the boys about you coming with us when we leave and they all” he gestured to Luke, Calum and Ashton “said it was a good idea”.

“Yes of course! I would love to!” I smiled. Michael smiled back and went to get ready to leave for the airport. I stayed out of the way and let them pack up their things. “Should I change out of your shirt now? Shouldn’t you pack it?” I asked Michael, as I was standing next to the window of the hotel room.

“Nah. I have so many shirts, if you would like to keep it, I wouldn’t mind at all. I’m just surprised you found something clean of mine” he laughed.

I smiled down at the shirt and simply nodded, silently thanking him.


Michael was the last to board the plane.

I was attempting to hold in my tears, but I ended up failing when Michael pulled me into a tight hug.

“Why are you crying?” He asked as we pulled a part, with a hidden laugh in his tone.

“When you leave, I won’t be remembered. I will fade into a memory of just another fan that you came in contact with, and then continue fading away until I’m gone completely. I will be nothing to you, and yet to me, this will have been the most amazing day of my life and I won’t ever forget it”.

“Y/N, I won’t forget you. You did a great thing for me back at the concert. You made a huge impact on me and I promise, I promise I will not forget about you. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw each other again, very soon” he gently smiled at me.

“Then why do I feel like this is the end?” I sobbed as I wiped at my tears, staring down at the floor, unable to look at him.

I felt a hand on my chin, gently lifting my head up. Michael’s lips met mine and I instinctively wrapped my arm around his neck.

When we pulled apart I stared at him, shocked and filled with confusion.

He pulled out his phone, clicked the screen a few times, and then handed it to me. When I looked at the screen, the ‘new contact’ tab was open. I hesitated before I started typing in my name and number. Halfway through I looked up at him and he nodded, giving me a sign to say 'keep going’. I handed the phone back to him and he put it back in its original place in his back pocket.

“I won’t be forgetting you” were the last words he spoke before getting swiftly on the plane, and leaving me standing alone in the airport.


I arrived home and made my way to my room. I walked to my bed and sat down, tugging at the shirt I was wearing, Michael’s shirt.

I felt a vibration and knew immediately that it was my phone. I took it out of my pocket and read the screen. It was a text message from a number that I didn’t have saved yet.

“I’m glad I met you, so in a way I’m also glad I messed up at the concert. After all, like you said, everyone messes up sometimes, but meeting you was no mistake - Michael”

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One Direction Pickings

#4 “I understand, but you didn’t have to do that.”


Written By Punkisnotdead2318

*last one for tonight, but please keep sending in more, I enjoy these*


The numbers circled in front of her before settling between two numbers. The smile that was setting on her face slowly slid off her cheeks when she found the number to be higher than she expected. She had been working hard, so hard. Changing her diet and exercise routine, sometimes dragging Niall out on long walks with her. Y/N was excited to get back on the scale, she felt so good and she was almost certain the number was going to be lower, but it wasn’t. Sure, it could have been petty, but she was working so hard.

Her bottom lip pouted out as she stepped off the scale, gave it a swift kick then left the bathroom only to sit on the corner of the bed she shared with Niall, who could be heard nosily climbing up the stairs.

“’Ey, babe!” He nearly yelled; the Irish lad always louder than needed.

“Hey, Ni.” Y/N responded and chided herself, she needed to sound a little bit better if she didn’t want Niall to question the pout and sadness in her voice, so she looked up at him with a smile but frowned right away when he was sending her a very curious, narrow eyed look.

“Y/N…”He dragged out her name and lifted his nose in the air, almost like he was attempting to smell out the problem, that made Y/N grin but she didn’t answer the call of her name. “Whatcha up to?” He clasped his hands behind his back and began to circle her seated position on the bed.

“Nothing,” She answered softly, sweetly.

“Why is there a frown on that face, petal?” Niall let his shoulders relax while stepping closer and taking a seat next to her, he took her hand and studied her face. The pout he saw earlier was gone but there was still a sadness that she was trying to hide, that part was obvious, but he wasn’t sure why that pout was there. He rapidly began to sort through his brain; had he forgotten something important? Did he eat all her cereal again? Oh shit, he probably left a trail of potato chips from the kitchen to the living room again. “Babe,” He tried again, his nose scrunching, awaiting her answer that he probably did something stupid again, instead, she slowly released a breath and pursed her lips.

“I just, you know.” She started and stopped. Niall’s brows furrowed with confusion, his hand lifting and waving it to get her to continue.

“I don’t know…what’s up?”

“You know, I’ve been trying to eat better and exercise more and stuff…”She trailed again and Niall perked up. Eating better and moving more was something she had been doing for the past three weeks, very well too.

“Right, babe! You’ve been doing great…but why the pout?” He smile fell again and he scooted closer, his hip pressing into hers and Y/N admitted to herself; she loved the feeling of Niall next to her.

“I, uh, I didn’t lose any weight, Ni.” She mumbled to the floor, her fingers clasped and beginning to wring each other.

Niall immediately felt stupid, his chin pushed back. “Why do you think you have to do that? Lose weight…”

Y/N’s head shot up and she gave him a look. “Come on, Niall, I’m not exactly considered skinny. I was trying to be better and look better, for you and I ju”-

“Babe…no. No, no, no. I like you the way you are. I mean, you want to feel better, that’s great. But you don’t need to change anything for me.” He turned so he was facing her, a hand reaching out to push the hair out of her face. He let a finger slide down her cheek and rest under her chin, only to lift it so she had to look at him.

“I want to be better.” She mumbled again but she sounded so sad, like a little girl who was so disappointed in herself.

“I understand, but you didn’t have to do that. Especially not for me. You do that for yourself, and you have lost weight, you’ve just gained muscle as well. Shit, look at these babies.” A smirked covered his pale face, his hand lowering to squeeze at her bicep. “Holy shit!” He hollered again, entirely obnoxious.

“Niall,” Y/N hid her face into her shoulder and tried to pull away from his tickling fingers that were attacking the inside of her arm. Giggles began to shake her chest, soon turning into loud bouts of laughter. They began to roll around the bed, Y/N trying to fight off both hands that were roaming her body, heading to the parts Niall knew were ticklish. He trapped her against the mattress and pressed loud kisses all over her face.

“What a pretty petal, you are.” He grinned and wouldn’t let up till a real smile covered her face.



  1. “You are in so, so much trouble.”

  2. “Baby, please.” (Done; Louis)

  3. “I just want some goddamn Doritos!”

  4. “I understand, but you didn’t have to do that.” (Done; Niall)

  5. “Please, wake up.”

  6. “I’m just trying to protect you.”

  7. “Are you okay?”

  8. “Ow, shit! My back!”

  9. “You can’t do that then expect things to be normal.”

  10. “Stop that and get over here.”

  11. “I hate you right now.” (Done; Niall)

  12. “Hey, come here.” (Done; Harry)