so i had to make them less colorful


An interesting concept that was sent to me by @sparkinclark​ on my other blog, buuuuut I decided to upload it on here instead the designs. I was chatting with @aceliousarts​ about the idea, and while I reversed my characters (and his) of their original races, he mentioned will make a gender bent version of his characters and mines X3 I am excited to see it!

Anyways, time to explain the designs I made: 

First runner ups are Kiko and Blizz. I tried to simulate Kiko’s hair XD she is also wearing external armor on this. She would still be tall (perhaps still a feature not usually seen in Frosts except for King Kold). Blizz would be smaller than the average Saiyan XD I figured he’d look good with darker skin too. (But if you don’t like it Ace, I can change it :3)

Next we have Cell and Furipa. It was so weird to draw them like this tho XD Furipa of course is a Android (I debated between making her look like Cell but I scrapped that idea since this one seemed better) so I have her the typical blue eyes and made her look more human I guess, the hair is more smaller and less pointy and more fluffy in a sense and I tried to design her clothes to still had features of her original design like the colors and having no sleeves too and the shoes are the same. As for Cell, oh boy XD I like to think of him as a Half-Saiyan since those can have more hair color choices than full blooded Saiyans do. I also tried to make a play on his hair, simulating his large head piece. I did the same with Furipa, I tried to design his clothes to fit the design of his original one with the same color scheme. 

Next its Howl and Breeze. Breeze is a Lunarjin (a race created by Ace) so she has some wolf qualities like a darker skintone and a fluffy tail. She is still royalty (hence her cape), so she wears a lot of fur too to symbolize that. Howl is of course, a Frost. He still has the scar and the robot arm like his original design, and I decided to just give him his original chestplate armor instead of a full on armor like he has. He sports the color blue since it fits him and I tried to make the same eye shape he has on his original design. 

And last but not least, Beebee and Janemba. Instead of make her exactly like Janemba, we talked about making her more into a Oni (which are the little demon fellas that work on King Yemmas place) so she would have the same body design, but instead of a head tail she has a pony tail (referencing the head tail) and wearing like business clothes. We joked about her being King Yemmas secretary so she is bound to have some souls hit on her too xD
As for Janemba, this guy was a bit trickier to design, but I tried to incorporate his original color scheme with this design, so his head, instead of that head piece he has two head tails to simulate that and a vest with the same design. I kept the same feet style he has, only he is wearing shoes instead of walking bare footed. 

Hope you like it!


Upon rereading a few chapters, I now feel the need to write something about this scene, Trafalgar Law and why he is so incredibly awesome.

Personally, I instantly fell in love with Law from the first time he appeared and smirked at us in chapter 498. I loved him even more when we found out that he is friendly with Luffy and also when we got to see him fighting - his power is amazing.
But that scene↑ from chapter 578 made him infinitely more awesome. I think we can all agree on that. Akainu somehow managed to fatally hit both Luffy and Jinbei. Fortunately, Dr. Trafalgar comes to save the day - even though Luffy isn’t his nakama. He shows up during the Paramount War just to save Luffy! I was so damn relieved and so so grateful when he appeared - as I am sure every other reader was, too. Law wasn’t just a hero or a savior there; he was a frickin’ angel!
We didn’t know much about Law at that point; however the significance of that deed cannot be missed. He doesn’t “only” risk his own life but also the lives of his nakama. And why? Because Luffy is carrying the will of D? Or just because Law thinks it would have been boring if Luffy had died then?
There has got to more to it. Apoo says the following about Law in chapter 581:
A man who will eventually become our enemy?! Who on earth would think of saving him?! Seriously…! Trafalgar Law, that bastard!!! He is infamous for his cruelty, you know?!
This is something important we find out about Law - which is affirmed in later chapters. So, we have a man here who is infamous for his cruelty and yet he is not as cruel as that piece of trash Akainu for example. On the contrary; he has enough kindness in his heart to save Luffy from dying all the while risking his own life and his crew’s lives.
Let that sink in.

There are more moments which show that Luffy is somehow changing Law or in other words, Law seems to see something in Luffy that makes him change.
There is one more moment I’d like to mention. This is from chapter 713.

His thoughts: “If I let this situation travel back to Dressrosa, it’ll only make matters worse. I’ve got to buy some time.”

It would have been so easy and also less problematic for Law himself if he had just denied any cooperation with Luffy. But he didn’t! If he was only using Luffy and the others, this would have been the moment for him to kinda show his true colors, save his own skin and leave the strawhats behind. The fact that he didn’t, makes me think he has come to care about them..

Okay, this got longer than expected, sorry for that.
My point is just this; Trafalgar Law is unbearably awesome.

Honestly can’t listen to anything the smith family has to say. Recently found out that will and Alonzo would make fun of Janet Hubert’s skin tone and because of this i have started seeing all of them so differently. I can’t listen to anything coming out of their mouths. Yes, Jada included. Also i much prefered her as Aunt Viv. The second one was so boring and I’m pretty sure that’s why she had less screen time, but did they really think no one would notice the major switch lmao

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are feminine transboys valid? like are they still boys? ive had a bunch of people recently tell me im not a boy because im feminine and I just need some reassurance I'm so sorry to bother you

Feminine transboys are valid. Just because they’re feminine and are interested in feminine things doesn’t make them any less of a boy. The color pink is a color you have every right to enjoy, you’re allowed to wear dresses and you’re allowed to wear makeup and paint your nails.


I had the wildest itch to paint some odd ones.  First, my Beatrix Potter Barbie, given to me by my mom when I went to live on campus at college.  Unfortunately, she was subject to early repaint practice, and not only had several (bad) faceups, but her face was all scratched up from me removing paint with an exacto @_@.  I’ve wanted to make her look as close to her old paint as I could get.  Her eyes came out a bit big, but I had to cover the scratches.  I also changed the lip and eyebrow colors to tone them down some.  She looks… a bit more glamorous and less delicate, but I like her, and I just wanna leave the poor girl be, looking like a normal Barbie.

I also want to practice putting down flat colors quickly, so I’m timing myself.  Next is that C head, painted as Ann Takamaki from Persona 5.  She looks cute, but again, eyes too big!  Maybe I’d finish her with a Pure Neemo L/LL body. 

I’ve started a new exercise where I turn Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 1/??

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S: I was going to ask where he got a bag of quarters so conveniently, but then I realized that he works at a car wash so he probably got them out of the… uh, car vacuum machine thing.  Still, that’s awfully generous to just hand it over to Steven like that.  Also, getting all the GUYS you want isn’t the same.  Ranger guy was special because Greg got him for Steven after their special day (and because he had a off-colored hat).  Having a bunch of GUYS makes each individual GUY less special.  

Lawli comments: Steven does have a thing for the off-coloreds….

For @nenya85. The faces all worked so well together, I had to make them part of a single composition. I also tried a new style out. It honestly reminds me of my art from my Danny Phantom phase like….7 years ago. 

EDIT: fixed Mokuba’s necklace because I forgot to color it in :’)

The Taste of Your Name, Part 1

Setting: Dvernik, Polnya

Summary: Sarkan has returned to the Valley, but Agnieszka is not so quick to forgive and forget, despite her own happiness at seeing him again. When he requests her help in repairing his tower, she agrees–but he is surprised to find that their workings do not hold the same power they once did. Together, they must face the consequences of their time apart and come to terms with how to be both separate and united at once … or else the scars the Wood left behind will never fade.

Ship: Agnieszka/Sarkan

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,545

A/N: This is my first fic for this fandom, and I’m so happy to be writing for it! It’s been a year since a book has made me want to write fic for it immediately, so I’m very excited! I’m not sure how long the fic will be, but I’m looking forward to exploring these characters and this world a bit. Thanks for reading!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

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#15 for 'Noka and Lana

Prompt for ‘Noka and Lana - “So, I found this waterfall…” 

(I apologize for how long it’s taken, I’m just starting to get back to normal - sometimes - after the funeral. The good news is that this is a prelude to the response to another prompt, which is turning into a multi-chapter response…)

                                              “Unpredictable Charm”

Lana tightened her arms around ‘Noka’s waist, then grumbled into her ear. “‘Noka, I absolutely hate not being able to see. How far are we going?”

The Mirialan maneuvered the speeder bike through the trees as she cheerfully, and unhelpfully, yelled back over her shoulder. “Oh, a ways. Just relax and enjoy the ride!”

“I hope this is all worth it.” The wind almost whipped her words away before her lover heard them, but Lana resignedly relaxed her head against a strong, warm shoulder, resisting the urge once again to rip off the blindfold that she’d been coaxed into wearing. “And I hate surprises.”

The ex-smuggler felt more than heard those mumbled words and grinned in anticipation, waving to a couple of sentries as she accelerated the speeder bike, reveling in unrestrained speed. Too much of the past few days since the defeat of Arcann had been spent in endless meetings while people speculated pointlessly about Vaylin’s next move. As far as ‘Noka was concerned, they’d finished any fruitful planning in the first hour on the first day and by the end of that first day, she was noticeably fidgeting in every meeting, signalling quietly when she felt that each meeting had moved into pointlessness by flipping her lucky credit into the air and catching it. Repeatedly.

They’d only ignored that signal once. And on that occasion, after about ten minutes, she had startled everyone by abruptly pulling out a different credit, flipping it into the air, drawing her blaster and shooting it before it reached the top of its arc—a not-so-subtle reminder of just who she was. Then she stood and left the meeting without a word.

Since then, Theron and Lana had discretely rearranged things so the only planning meetings ‘Noka had were those to give her a summary of any conclusions or new ideas for expanding operations. There was enough to do to cope with the defections of Scorpio and Senya, and the influx of new resources from the Republic and Empire, after all, meant she was better used in greeting and evaluating the leaders of each new force that arrived. No one would have ever suggested that ‘Noka was their Outlander and Commander because of her tolerance for meetings, after all.

This had left her time to plot with Bowdaar who had then recruited the necessary talent for her first…project, and this brief escape was the first step in that project. They had a breathing space for the moment, and while she couldn’t escape Odessen right now, she’d be damned if she wouldn’t find a little time for actually living. Organizing a surprise had been easy. The hard part had been convincing Lana to walk away from her work for a few hours…well, that and the blindfold.

If ‘Noka was being honest—and she had a startling capacity for ruthless self-honesty at times—she was at war with herself again. While they had been in the heady and terrifying rush to face Arcann, she had managed to bury most of her fears about that future that they seemed determined to force on her. And in fact, as they had gone along, she had even accepted that she was really needed. Admittedly, Lana’s presence at her side had sweetened the terrifying prospects and anchored her.

But ‘Noka had always thrived on action, never at rest, always doing. Quicksilver, darting, unrestrained. Now, wallowing in endless, smothering inaction, all of her worst fears about being caged had resurfaced. She could hold a mask of the genial, happy-go-lucky spacer in place through almost anything, but none of them had any idea how far they had pushed her or what self-restraint it had taken to simply channel her frustrated energy into tossing that lucky credit. She was ten years old again, forced to sit in a chair and listen to tedious, unending lectures about her lack of discipline and her irresponsibility while the world, the galaxy beckoned. Trying unsuccessfully to stop the fidgeting that was as much a part of her as breathing. Bouts of enforced idleness that failed to repress that irrepressible energy that wanted to explode from her, even knowing that it would extend the lecture because “she wasn’t paying attention…”

Worse, she was drowning in administrative responsibilities, without freedom or even a genuine challenge. Lana thrived on bringing order, on planning for every eventuality, but ‘Noka? She was the unexpected. Her successes grew from unpredictability, split second reflexes, and the ability to make decisions on the fly, using gut instinct to spot traps and openings. Her restless native energy was building to the explosion point with no pressure vent.

Lana means well, and I’m more relieved than she’ll ever know that she and Theron and Koth are willing to take care of all that routine stuff that makes my skin itch and feel too tight. But I don’t, I can’t work the same way she does. Somehow I have to get them to realize that they’re going to have to let me play to my strengths, however unconventional they are. Lana organizes, Theron spins things for the right ears, but that’s what Zakuul already knows. Me? I’m everything they believed Valkie protected them from, and if they’d just turn me loose…

If it were anyone else, I’d just tell them what I was going to do. But I can’t just do that with Lana. I will find a way to convince her that doesn’t hurt her feelings. For now, though, I’ll settle for a few hours pretending I’m still just ‘Noka, the freighter captain with a reputation for knowing which customs agents are short of cash, which cantinas have the best brawls and drinks, and how to suck every drop of living out of life. At high speed.

She spotted the first of the ring of droid guards that Bowdaar had posted, and began to slow her speeder bike. Even the short trip had done a great deal to revive her - the speed, the challenge of maneuvering through the trees, the warmth of Lana against her back. Boy, did Bowie smirk when I asked him to set this up! Not like this is the first time… I’m just glad Blizz and his crew turned out to be able to keep a secret, though.

The daylight was just beginning to fade as she brought the bike to a commendably gentle stop in the clearing. Lana straightened with a sigh, then ‘Noka helped her off the bike, leading her to stand in just the right spot. By now, Lana was turning her head from side to side, clearly puzzled by the sound of falling water, then her nose twitched as scents began to register.

“‘Noka, where are we? And can I please take this blindfold off now?”

“Just a moment more.” ‘Noka quickly got herself into position.

When her lover finally said, “Now,” and Lana removed the blindfold, she found herself greeted with a breathtakingly beautiful panorama. She had known there was falling water just from the sounds, so half-expected the small waterfalls. But she hadn’t expected them to be so lovely, much less to be backlit by soft, colored lights and captured by a broad, clear pool with at least one luminous source of lighting underwater making the foam of the waterfalls dance. The pool was ringed with dense trees, each dimly lit with tiny lights that winked in and out in delicate pale greens and blues and purples.

When the blonde woman finally tore her eyes away from the enchanting venue, Lana discovered ‘Noka was standing next to a round table covered in pale green shimmersilk and supporting covered platters, two clear glasses already filled with a rich purple wine, and a graceful vase of pale purple, blue, and green glass filled with lovely white and purple flowers that she remembered from Yavin. Indeed, from from the scent she could just discern, she was almost certain they were the same ones she’d once bribed ‘Noka’s friend, Risha, to present to ‘Noka from her “when she needed something to make her smile.”

All of this was gently lit by a ring of delicate paper lanterns suspended from the tree above on lines so fine that the lanterns floated in midair. Behind ‘Noka, drawn up close enough to provide seating for the table, was a broad, inviting couch, covered with more of the pale green shimmersilk and piled with soft cushions. The ground was uncovered but gave the impression of having been…manicured.

She took all this in, too stunned by the surprise to be more than vaguely aware that ‘Noka was smirking at her reaction. When the human woman finally focused on her lover instead of the setting, ‘Noka took her hand to kiss it gracefully before producing another of the flowers from behind her back, gently tucking it into Lana’s hair and kissing her on the cheek. Lana found herself almost unable to move as the Mirialan moved back just a little, grinning a bit sheepishly. “So, I found this waterfall…”

“‘Noka, how, when…?” Lana was well aware that this surprise had been precisely intended to produce just this reaction. But when ‘Noka had coaxed her onto the speeder bike—and into a blindfold—she had expected one of her adrenaline-filled quick jaunts to, oh, go cliff-diving. Or dropping water balloons from the top of the Gravestone on Tora as she exited. Lana still had dreams that were part thrill and part nightmare from the first, and Tora had accused everyone on Koth’s crew of the second. ‘Noka hadn’t been a suspect because they’d worn stealth generators. “When the blazes did you find time to do this?”

“I didn’t, not exactly.” ‘Noka shrugged, still sheepishly embarrassed, but her grin was broader. “I mentioned to Bowdaar that I wanted to get you away for a few hours, and the next thing I know, he’s lined up Hylo, Vette, Blizz, and Blizz’s crew of Jawas. I told them what I wanted and what you liked, and they did the work. It, um, isn’t too much, is it?”

“No.” Lana laughed softly, her eyes wandering around the unmistakably romantic setting. “It’s a bit overwhelming, but quite…lovely.” When she looked at ‘Noka once more, the tall woman was smirking again as she produced a small gadget from somewhere and pushed a button. Soft, slow music in a style the ex-Imperial didn’t quite recognize began to play all around them, and the ex-smuggler managed a creditable bow that stopped just short of being comic, offering her hand to Lana with a suggestive waggle of her eyebrows.

“Then, love, may I have this dance?”


I haven’t seen studyblr uploaded their art assignment here so I thought I would upload one !!! My teacher gave us a last assignment for this semester about creating any art in pop art style. Then the idea of making an art out of colorful tapes just popped in my mind since I think people sometimes forget that art is something that is created freely, so I want to remind them the important thing of making an art.

The task was due 2 weeks, but I had an appointment with psychiatry abroad so that means I only have less than one week to do so. This was a great challenge as I constantly didn’t get enough sleep for a week because I had to literally divide into several parts so that it would get taped easily. And guess what ? I was the first who submitted the assignment despite everyone has 2 weeks to finish it. I was so happy that I finally could finish the first art made out of tapes at school !! I just hope people looking at this will remind them that art is all about freedom to create something !

And yeah for the picture, wadanohara was a great adventure game hahaha I really love the style and can’t wait look forward to the next game !!

Why You Should Play Enderal: The Shards of Order!

Okay, so I honestly have not finished Enderal yet, but I feel like spreading the fact that this beautiful conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim exists by sharing my experiences thus far.

I have been hyped for this for so many months. As in, the kind of hype where I watched the German launch trailer and then discussed at length that I wanted to play, right then and there. I even considered playing the German version because I wanted to play so badly. I have not been this hyped since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. And Enderal delivered.


Gorgeous scenery: In Skyrim, everything was pretty much dull. There were sparse forests, unclimbable mountains, and a lot of snow. Do not even get me started on the color palette. In Enderal, there are so many environments from tropical islands to underground cities. Everything is vibrant and colorful.

Interesting companions: In this aspect, Skyrim kind of failed me. I think the real issue was the struggle to make that many unique, exciting companions. All of them were pretty much the same and had the same dialogue options. On the other hand, in Enderal, you only get a couple of possible companions: Jespar and Calia. Less than a minute after the completion of the tutorial, you end up getting your life saved by Jespar. Something about his character is perfect to me. Maybe the fact that he chooses to be a happy person, in spite of the fact that he has a pretty messed up past. Or because he laughs when you make a joke. He seems genuinely concerned about your character from the beginning. You meet Calia a bit later on but in a much less interesting way. Just like Jespar, she is unique but there was something about her I found lacking. Maybe the fact that she is kind of a religious fanatic and plays the victim, but also refuses to acknowledge all of the bad going on around you. Something about her does not sit well with me. Either way, both of them are interesting and unique. Pretty perfect, in my opinion.

Unique creatures: Okay, I liked Skyrim for a while, but I honestly got bored with all of the generic creatures, especially since a lot of them can be seen in real life. Morrowind is my favorite part of The Elder Scrolls series because of the unique creatures. And, yes, Enderal did edit a couple of Skyrim’s original creatures and change their names, but all of the edits were phenomenal. Not to mention the fact that Enderal went one step farther and created totally new, unique creatures that have never seen before. I loved them. And I have been worried about running into a wild Myrad since the beginning, which tells me Enderal’s creatures are the perfect blend of awesome and terrifying.

Great introduction: People have always hated Skyrim’s tutorial, which is why I was super iffy about Enderal’s. But, despite the fact that a lot of people complain about the length, I loved every second. From the get-go, I wanted to know more about the world and about my character. Not going to go into this, because I want anyone that potentially plays to have fun, also.

Voice acting: If I ever have to hear another one of the voice actors from Skyrim speak again, I may stab out my eardrums. Their dialogue was cheesy and delivered blandly. So many characters had the same voice actor. In Enderal, from what I can tell, every voice actor is unique to each individual character. Which is awesome to me. That makes every single one of the characters feel special, along with the unique dialogue.


Glitches: The glitches in Skyrim were pretty bad for what was supposed to be a top-notch video game. Honestly, so far, I have experienced several glitches in Enderal but there is an update like every other day and that usually fixes my issues. Most of the glitches involve Enderal crashing after entering or exiting a building, either Jespar or Calia getting stuck, and dialogue being repeated over and over.

Leveling: The leveling system in Skyrim was okay. But I absolutely loathe the fact that I have to find learning books to be able to level up my skills in Enderal. I mean, I understand the concept. I just chose to be a warrior and I can never find the kind of learning books that I need. I have wasted a lot of my gold on buying them. When I finally managed to purchase a house, I gave up on upgrades because I am too focused on leveling myself up properly.

Healing: In Skyrim, you could drink a ton of health potions with no effect. In Enderal, you eat and sleep outside of combat to replenish your health. In combat, you can only drink health potions or eat ingredients. Once you are out of combat again, your health should refill, as long as you are sated. But, if you drink a bunch of health potions, your ambrosia fever spikes and you die. I actually enjoyed this aspect, but I know there are people who are not going to, so I figured I would include this.

And that is all I really have to say about Enderal. In case you cannot tell by now, I really love this video game. Nothing about playing Enderal feels like playing Skyrim, which is exactly what I wanted. So far, I have not been bored once and I love where the main story is going. I cannot wait to see what the ending is like.

Like Old Times - McCall

Anon said:
Imagine where yn and Scott grew up as neighbors and were super close and then yn got really distant bc she was a werewolf (turned in late middle school by bite) and was scared and stuff and then once Scott gets but they run into eachother in like half wolf form where basically they’re face just changes and they recognize one another and then like get closer again. Or whatever

It was half past 10, the full moon was high in the sky, and the light lit up the almost empty streets.

Most nights you could control yourself with no
problem, but this night was different. Something had set you off earlier in the day, people were bothering you and you had been on edge since that morning.

You decided to go for a run once the moon had set, attempting to calm yourself down.

On the way home, you kept your head down every time you passed someone, golden eyes glued to the phone screen in your hand.

Just as you were about to turn the corner to the street of your house, you ran straight into a broad chest. Most of the time you wouldn’t even budge, but you practically fell to the ground.

Your eyes looked up to the person you had crashed into, ready to tear someone apart if you really wanted to.

The beat of your heart pounded in your ears and it felt as if it fell straight out of your body. Their eyes were red, and you knew that you needed to run immediately.

Just as you were about to turn around, the figures hand wrapped around your wrist and pulled you back to look at them. Their eyes were no longer red, they were a dark brown, and you could suddenly make out who it was. Your face softened and your eyes went back to their natural color.

“ Y/N? ”

Your heart slowed down and you became less agitated.

“ Oh my, Scott. I’m so sorry for running into you, I just- ”

“ You’re a werewolf? W-why didn’t you tell me? How long ago were you turned? Are you okay? ”

He asked questions one hundred miles a minute and you couldn’t even begin to comprehend what he was saying.

He realized that you had no idea what he was asking and slowed down.

“ It’s a really long story. Would you like to come over for a while? It’s been ages since we’ve spent time together. ”

Scott flashed a toothy grin and nodded his head, turning around and following you to your house.

“ But seriously Y/N, are you okay? I’m sorry, I just didn’t see you coming and really didn’t mean to knock you over. ”

“ It’s okay, Scott. ”

He nodded again and stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jeans while you unlocked the front door.

“ Uh, come on in. Do you want something to drink? ”

He shook his head, politely declining and showing himself to the same couch that the two of you sat on all the time when you were younger.

“ It’s just like I remember in here. The same couch, same pictures, same everything. ”

“ Yeah, I guess there hasn’t been much change around the house. It’s still my mom and I, we’re happy here. ”

“ Does she know about you? Being a werewolf and all. ”

“ Um, yeah, and she’s really supportive about it. Most nights she’s home, but she worked late tonight so she’s not here. I would go get her, but… ”

You tucked your legs under yourself, turning your body towards your long time best friend.

“ Tell me your story Y/N, I want to know everything. ”

Starting with a deep sigh, you spilled the whole story.

“ Well, I got bit at the very end of 8th grade. I was pretty much alone on all of it for the first couple of turns. I relied on Google for all of my research. Then I met this guy named Derek. ”

“ No way. Derek Hale? ”

“ Yeah, do you know him? ”

“ He’s helped me through so much, even though I hate him sometimes. I mean, I wouldn’t know what to do without him. That’s weird that I’ve never heard him talk about you. ”

“ He’s a pretty private person. Anyways, Derek taught me how to fight, control my turning, and so many other things that I never would’ve known without him. I guess that’s why I became so distant. I was scared that you would think that I was weird or a liar or something crazy. I didn’t want you to not like me so I guess I just made myself distant. Then you moved away and the only time I ever see you is in school. It’s weird being able to actually talk to you. I’ve missed this. Now, what’s your story? ”

He puffed at began to gather his thoughts.

“ Uh, it’s a really really long and complicated story. Basically, I got bit a few years ago. Stiles tired to tell me that I was a werewolf but I just couldn’t believe him, so I kept telling myself that it wasn’t true. But it was, and there was nothing I could do about it. Then, I met Derek and he helped me become stronger, control my turning, pretty much how to not get killed. Several months ago my friends and I realized that I’m a true alpha. We’ve fought so many people, werewolves, and other crazy supernatural creatures. I’m surprised we’re not all dead. ”

He chuckled an looked back up at you, nodding at telling you that it seemed boring, but the little details changed it so much. He promised to share them with you another time, and he would.

The two of you would end up becoming really close again, he would introduce you to his friends, you would fight together, you would do everything together. It was just like the old times, and neither one of you would trade it for the world.

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How do the bros react to their girl buying them expensive gifts?

They would freak out a little bit. X3

Leo: She’d buy him a nice set of Katana Swords (he didn’t need new ones but she saw them and thought he would like them). She give them to him and he’d just stare at her with awe. Then he would reprimand her. And when she wouldn’t tell him how much she spent he would have Donnie look it up later…and probably reprimand her again (sexually). She spent $320 on them.

“You didn’t have to buy these…”

“I WANTED to. I saw them and thought of you”

“How much did these actually cost?”

“…..don’t worry about it”

“Don’t tell me to not worry about it, how much did these set you back?!”

“It’s fine! Just take them!”


Raph: She would see a really nice set of small woodcarving tools in a small craft shop and by them immediately. He would feel happy because she thought about him enough to get him something but then he’d get mad because HE wants to buy her nice things but he can’t. So he’d thank her quietly and then she would have to comfort him. She spent $250 on them.

“Ya didn’t have to get me this ya know…”

“I know baby, but I saw them and I wanted you to have them!”

“…it ain’t supposed to be this way…”

“What do you mean Raphael?”

“I’M the one who’s supposed ta buy ya nice things! I can’t even do that right!”

“Aw Raph, it’s fine, you know I don’t need much”

“But still…ya deserve nice things…and I can’t give em to ya”

“You know what you can do? Make me some nice things with this new set…”

“I guess I can Sweetcheeks”

Donnie: She would get him a really good monitor. For one of his main security feeds. Like, a really nice high dollar one and he would need out and just go on a spiel about how he was eyeing this specific one and how she was beautiful for thinking of him and then he would go behind her back and check her bank account to see who she had to kill to pay for the thing. She spent $400 on it.

“I’ve been eyeing this for so long! How did you know?!??”

“I just knew, Don”

“I just don’t get it, it has HD, it’s touch screen, it’ll hook up to any system!!”

“Yup! I tracked it down just for you”

“Princess thank you so much, do you have any idea how much this normally costs?!”

“I bought it Donnie, I can guess how much”

Mikey: You all know that my headcanon for Mikey is that he’s an artist. And he normally does traditional art. So Angelcakes would get him a full set of Copic Markers. It included 72 colors. He would freak out and spin her around and just kiss on her and then later he would feel a little bad. He always said that his art would look so much better if he had proper tools and not crayola markers and she took that to heart. He didn’t want her to pay THAT much for a Copic set and he would tell her that. She spent $310 on them.




“I know I am Mikey, but now you can show your best with all these colors!”

“Damn right I can, gurl! I’m gonna make something special, just for you!”

“If expect nothing less from you”

“But I gotta ask…why…these cost a lot”

“Well, I think your art deserves it, YOU deserve it Mikey”

“You the best, bae”

Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)

Going straight to hell.

An angsty Sam x Reader oneshot while I´m still at the convention. I hope you guys like it, it took a lot of time to write this complex story. (Also virtual cookies to everyone who finds out the song reference in this, send me an ask)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: mentions of torture, angst, fluffy ending

Length: 1587

Originally posted by transgendersam


“I can´t believe she´s gone a year now”, Sam said out of the blue while he was sitting next to his brother in the library of the bunker.
Dean raised his head a bit to look at him, giving him the same sad but slightly annoyed gaze he got every time that Sam talked about you.
“We´ve talked about this, Sam. I know that it´s hard, but she´s gone and you gotta let her go man”, the elder Winchester adviced his younger brother for the thousandth time since the day you had been gone.
And Sam knew he was right, knew that he should move on, knew that it was your choice to leave and that there was nothing he could do about it.
And yet here he was, one year later, still missing you like it was only yesterday that he curled up next to you.

Dean was focused on his computer again and Sam turned the empty bottle of beer in his hands:
“It´s just… I don´t even know the color of her eyes anymore. Like not really, not the exact shade.
And I don´t remember her scars and how she got them.”
“Dude, talking all that crap about her won´t make it any less bad, so do me a favor and stop sulking, get yourself a bimbo or something, like seriously, when was the last time you got laid”, Dean asked but Sam never answered, just kept staring at his empty bottle, feeling like he was just like it, empty and useless.

Just when he had almost given up, given up on ever seeing you again, you were back.
It happened on a Friday morning and Sam was just about to head out to his morning run when he saw you standing in the entrance hall, backpack on one shoulder, face dead serious.
You looked just like you had done over a year ago and yet you were a completely different person.
“(Y/N)?”, he asked in disbelief and pulled out the headphones he had already put in.
You remained standing there, your big sweater draped around your shoulders in the cutest way, a small, almost non existing smile on your face:
“Hi Sam.”
There was absolutely nothing that would have prepared him for this moment, the moment he had thought would never come.
He was paralyzed, only able to move his eyes over you, taking in how long your hair was by now, how you still had the same pair of jeans that had been your favorites ages ago.
It was just all to much.
“What are you doing here?”, he asked, his voice drained of any emotion.
You kept your distance, probably sensing that this wasn´t easy for him or you just didn´t want to get closer to him, he couldn´t tell.
“I´m home”, was all you said, “This is still my home, right?”, you asked and it almost broke his heart and made him furious at the same time:
“That´s it? You´re home? We´re the hell have you been? I tried reaching you forever”, he said, now with pure anger in his voice.
You sighed: “You had now way to find me.”
“Yeah, I got that”, he hissed and tried not to get distracted by the way you darted out your tongue to lick over your lips.
“Sam, please don´t be mad, I…”, you started but he cut you off:
“No, you don´t get to say that. You left me (Y/N). You walked out on me and you never told me why.
I was heartbroken and lost and all because of you. It took me almost a year to get back to normal and now you´re here again and tell me that you just want to come back?”
A small, single tear suddenly escaped your eye and he forced himself not to follow his reflexes and go wipe it away.

“It´s complicated, Sam. Believe me. This is not what I wanted either”, you stated and that was the moment when Dean appeared in the doorway, looking sleepy:
“Sam, what the hell is…”

Sam saw as his eyes widened in surprise: “(Y/N)?”
You wiped the tears away with the sleeves of your sweater and waved slightly: “Good to see you, Dean.”
A frown appeared on his face: “Good to see you? You bail on us, on Sam, just like that and all you say is good to see you?”
“Dean, please. I´ve got this”, Sam said because he felt like his brother was about to start a fight and he wanted to discuss this with you. Alone.
He could see that Dean had to struggle with himself, but finally he turned back around and left, leaving Sam alone with you again.
“So, what do you mean you didn´t want this either?”, he asked, sensing, that maybe, this was the key to it all.
You sighed: “I know that you can´t know why I did what I did. But I will tell you, if you give me the chance.
But can we at least sit down?”

Sam stared at you as you downed a whole glass of water in one sip, sitting at the kitchen counter, frankly looking like you belonged there.
Which you did in some kind of way.
Eventually you sat down the glass and took a deep breath: “Okay, I know this will sound a little crazy, but you have to believe me.”
He nodded, completely sure that you would tell him the truth, because that was just who you were.
Again you seemed to calm yourself a bit before you started telling Sam the most heartbreaking story he had ever heard:
“You remember that day before I left, right? You remember the case with the demons in Vermont? I took one out to get information on something I don´t even remember while you and Dean were getting the family somewhere safe.
I tortured him but he wouldn´t budge, just kept telling me that soon I would be the one getting tortured and that I would ask him to.
Of course I thought it was just talk and so kept going until finally he blurted something out. Sam, he knew about my sister, knew about the way she died, even knew the name of the demon who possessed her.
And he told me that she was in hell, that they kept her soul there to have some fun. I didn´t believe him at first, but his words were making sense, and I just couldn´t accept it, couldn´t leave her in hell, I just couldn´t.
So… I made a deal. A deal completely different from every other deal ever made.
I wanted my sister to go to heaven, for me taking her place in hell. Plus I wanted a day to say goodbye to you.
And that´s what I got.
But when I was about to tell you, I couldn´t bring myself to it. So I just left, thinking that I´d rather have you thinking that I was a bitch who left you than you knowing that I would be in hell.
And then, well… We all know what happens in hell, right?”
You stopped talking, tears running down your face and Sam could just stare at you, filled with dread at all the horrible things that must have happened to you and that he would have spent every day trying to stop it if he had just known.
“But, how are you here right now?”, he asked, every muscle in his body screaming to kill someone, kill everyone who hurt you.
You shrugged: “From day one I planned on escaping. I knew the story of how you got Bobby out of hell and how you got there trough purgatory. I planned on doing the same.
But it wasn´t easy.
There was always someone, doing …. stuff to me, and I never really got the chance to get out, but a little over a month ago, there was something going on down there, a shift, everyone was acting crazy, talking about war between angels and demons and stuff, and suddenly everyone was busy and I really made it, made it out of my cell somehow and then just ran, ran for what felt like ages, until I finally found the right door, I still don´t know how, just know that I did.
Then it took me a long time to find that portal, but I got help, and I should to tell Dean, Benny´s fine by the way.
And then, yeah, I reached earth again, searched for my stuff that I had buried somewhere, and now I´m here.”
Sam still looked at you and then slowly got up from his chair, walking around the aisle until he couldn´t take it anymore and wrapped you in a hug, kissing you, holding you, somehow doing that all at once.
“I missed you so much”, he whispered and you sobbed into his jacket: “I thought about you every second. I love you so much.”
And he hugged you even tighter, promising himself to never let go of you ever again.
“So you´re a fugitive now?”, Sam asked while you actually chuckled a bit: “Well, I just broke out of hell. So yeah, I´m a fugitive I guess.”
“I will never let you go baby, not ever. Never again”, he promised and meant it with every nerve in his body.
“And I will never leave you again”, you said and he knew that from now on, the two of you would never be apart again.


Asexual & Aromantic Inquisitors Project - PART 3.

Here are another ten of the 100 marvelous Inquisitors who are on the Asexual and/or Aromantic spectrums gathered together to defeat all sorts of evils (in this project, I bet my winter hat there are other out there, too!)

-        All Inquisitors have been drawn based on what references I was given.

-        Those who didn’t specify outfits in their submissions were given new & unique outfits, or put into armor they seem to wear most often based on screenshots, or some variant of some other in-game armor, because I didn’t just want to paint 50 variants of the Skyhold jammies. I Apologies if they aren’t in-character! I did try to look through the character tag for inspiration for most outfits, but that wasn’t possible with everyone due to reasons like ‘no tag to be found’ and such.

Thank you for your support and patience, guys! ^^ Much appreciated!

Now to get boringly official (rules&regulations stuff under cut, please read if you’re in the project, or want to share pictures outside of Tumblr!)

Keep reading