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i’ve been on tumblr for like 8 years now and today was the first time i opened ps and actually attempted something so sorry its shit but i made this banner and im lowkey proud of it bye suspicious isak is my aesthetic

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Thinking something can make it true. Wanting something can make it real. And I didn’t regret it anymore. I’d wasted so much time wishing I could be different, wishing I could change things, change myself. If given the chance, I would’ve shed myself and become a different girl. Slipped on a name like Clara or Mary, docile and gentle and smiling and kind. I thought it would be easier to be someone else than to be who I was becoming, but I didn’t think that anymore. The girl who wanted those things had died with Rachel, buried under the asylum I brought down. And I realized now, for the first time, really, that I didn’t miss her.

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I realized that leaders kinda drop like flies in the first series. Bluestar was leader for 3 years? And I think sunstar was leader shorter than that. And crookedstar wasn't leader that long either. Now leaders are serving for over five years or something. Firestar was leader for a long time so was onestar and he's still alive.

I mean firestar so far has been the youngest leader ever?? At 1.5 yrs? So its natural that he had like a 8yr reign considering, but i agree that the erins are holding on too tight to old characters and they need to make way for the new generation

To be clear I really don’t want to come off as condescending towards people buying into the fourth episode theory. I hope things work out for them!

But I am also saying this from personal experience in the hope that some people might see it and find it helpful. If not, that’s fine, people can feel free to disregard this completely.

When we were nearing the airing of S4, I had a back-up plan. I thought if this was going to be a huge disappointment, I’d at least make sure I had something to do as a distraction so I wouldn’t be too much at loose ends.

So I was watching my way through Rick and Morty at the time and I saved the last two episodes to watch *after* Sherlock had aired, and I’d bought myself the Gravity Falls journal with my Christmas money so I saved that to read afterwards and I planned to re-watch the Gravity Falls finale too (and god knows if I watch that I’m going to be crying either way.) And I thought that if this was it and it was going to end badly then I’d order myself some comfort food and at least have a nice evening watching cartoons.

And I’m really glad I did that. Although after all when S4 ended I was getting fed up with the tension anyway so I was left with more of a “well, that’s that, at least I don’t have to worry about it any more” feeling. But it was still nice to have those provisions in place, and I *did* have a nice evening, even though I couldn’t stay off tumblr for five damn minutes :P

So I would suggest to anyone still waiting to see what happens, it might be good to have a plan lined up just to do something nice and non-destructive and kind for yourself if it all goes wrong. Maybe put a film aside that you always meant to watch or re-watch or plan some time with a friend or have a few episodes of another favourite show or some fanfic at the ready.

And if it turns out you don’t need those things, great! I’ll be happy for you! But at least it would be good to know you would’ve *had* a plan in place, right?

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Yo, can I ask for Guzma's s/o taking care of grunts headcannons? I'm feeling kinda sick and I need something to cheer me up a bit. Thanks!

Aw, I hope you’re feeling better punk!

~ Guzma’s s/o is very aggressive towards the grunts if they’re feeling under the weather. They kind of have to. If a grunt is sick, they’re going to deny it and try and keep doing stupid stuff. They’d tape a grunt to a bed if they had to.

~ Lots of soup. So much soup. Guzma gets concerned because he thinks they made five pots of soup for themself and then makes himself a bowl because why not.

~ His s/o will brings them things to do if they ask for it, and will give them space if they just want to suffer alone in peace. But they still come in and check on them.

~ His s/o will probably end up catching their bug. Then Guzma is suddenly taking care of them while they try to take care of grunts and he eventually just swings his s/o into his arms and then duct tapes them to his bed.

How To Break The Heartbreaker {part 3: fluff}

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: probably swearing, its angst in the beginning but that’s just because I have to follow the plot

Authors Note: SIKE YALL THOUGHT THAT ID LEAVE YOU CRYING. HEY THERE FRIENDS, I DECIDED TO GIVE YOU A WONDERFUL SPECTACULAR SURPRISE! I made 2 imagines, one of them fluff, the other angst. They are both the ending to HTBTH. I had some people message me, and although fluff technically won, I didn’t want to disappoint my angst friends so I present you the fluff section of HTBTH part 3!

Months had passed, and Daveed Diggs was still yet to make a comeback into your life.
Despite all his previous heartbreaks, he didn’t seem to have an interest in moving onto another girl, which ultimately confused the hell out of you.
Was it true, had he been tricked into doing something that was said to be for you?
You felt terrible with each passing day, seeing Diggs in the hallways, with a gaunt look on his face.
Rumors began circling as soon as you two had broken up, and none of them were true. You wanted badly to set the record straight, to free Diggs of all the hateful remarks that were being thrown at him.
But in clearing his name, you’d be throwing yourself under the bus. Much as you’d like to be the valiant hero, you knew that unlike all the movies you’d grown up on, your fate wouldn’t be that of a hero.
So, you stayed quiet, watching the days tick by as you saw the man you’d fallen in love with slip away.
4 months and 2 days after the tragedy that was your life happened, you found yourself being surrounded by your old group of friends.
They still hadn’t told you of their scheme to break your relationship with Diggs, and it had caused a lot of tension within your group.
Eventually, you all went separate ways, and you spent most of your days as if you were the lone survivor of some tragic accident, which in a way you were.
Diggs looked and acted as though he hadn’t moved on, very rarely would you ever see him, because he seemed to avoid everyone at all costs. You felt as if all of this was your doing, and spent each day living in a pit of guilt and regret.
And here you were, surrounded by the people who you had once shared a single plan with to break a someone’s heart.
“Y/N, we have something to tell you…”
You slammed the door of your house, collapsing on the ground in a pitiful sob. It was all true, Diggs had told the truth. And you, like a horrendous fool, had called him a liar, and yelled lies to him, breaking his heart.
You realized right then and there that when you had set out to break the heartbreaker’s heart, you had become a heartbreaker yourself.
You had drafted this text many times, and had always deleted it soon after.
How could you apologize to Diggs, after all you’d done to him?
How could you try to make it up to the person that you had fallen in love with, and then ruined it all by your own stupid doing?
You felt sick to your stomach as you deleted yet another draft of some sort of stupid apology, one that you couldn’t put into words.
You felt so much remorse over what you’d done, and you didn’t know how you could just try and *poof* fix it.
Your so-called professional plan-making abilities had seemingly disappeared right when Diggs had left your life.
“Hi. You probably don’t even have my contact in your phone anymore, and I know I don’t deserve to be there. It’s Y/N, you know, that girl who was so wrong. About everything. I should have known to trust you, but my stupidity took over and I didn’t see through their lies. How could I have just let you go and walk out of my life when you were the greatest thing to walk into it? I know what I did, and I haven’t regretted something more in my life. It was horrible; what I did to you. Trying to break your heart. I wish that I could just go back and redo those months, but at the same time, I don’t regret it. All the time I spent with you were some of the best memories that I hold, and I think about them a lot these days. I see you everyday in the halls, and I just think about how much I fucked up. I miss you. And I know you may not miss me, but I just want to let you that I’m sorry. For everything. I wish I could change it all, I wish that I could take back everything I said. But I can’t, but I can remind you that I love you. A lot. I lied about never loving you. God, it was the worst lie I’ve ever told. And I will always love you, even if you don’t return my feelings.
Yours always, Y/N”
You held your breath as you clicked send, then immediately regretted it as you saw the little delivered sign.
Diggs would probably read it soon, and you couldn’t bear the anticipation, so you shut off your phone and tucked it under your pillow as you closed your eyes and prayed that he would respond.
You opened your eyes to bright sunlight, and a soreness in your arm. You winced as you stretched it out, only then realizing that you’d slept through the rest of the day, and now it was Saturday.
You closed your eyes before pulling out your phone. You held your breath as you scrolled through your notifications, hoping, praying…
And finding nothing.
You slumped down on your pillow, tears threatening to spill over as you closed your eyes and breathed.
Start over.
Move on.
You can do this.
After five minutes of bullshitting your way through “moving on,” you dived back under your pillow after hearing a buzz, only to mope that it was another email going to your junk drive.
You silently pulled yourself out of bed, and attempted to walk around before falling back on your pillows and trying to not break down again.
You wouldn’t have noticed the doorbell had you not been lying facedown on the ground, your room being right above the front door.
You groaned and got up, dragging yourself down the stairs. Your parents weren’t home all day, and it was just you to run the house.
You didn’t even check to see who was at the door, because you didn’t care at this point if a murderer showed up at your door to kill you.
Hell, you’d invite them in for a glass of tea and then beg them to kill you.
You threw open the door, expecting the mailman, but gasping when there was a smiling Diggs standing there on your welcome mat.
You let out a little cry and jumped into his arms, breathing in his scent that you had so badly missed.
You hugged him tightly, afraid to let go, afraid that you’d lose him again.
He wrapped his arms around you, kissing the top of your head as you cried into his shoulder.
Once you stepped back, he wiped away your tears and smiled at you.
“Y/N. I’m sorry that I would ever leave you. It’s insane how much I loved and still love you, and how you were always on my mind. Yes, I used to break hearts like it was nothing, but I was just searching. Searching for someone like you, and when I found you, I was driven crazy by how you were my every thought, and you had me falling in love with every word you said. I stupidly fell for something that I should’ve seen right through, and you had every right to be mad. But I was broken by how you said you didn’t love me, because I loved you too much for it to be possible for you not to feel anything back. I tried moving on, but you were still all I thought about. And it drove me crazy, because you’re everything and I saw you in everything. I couldn’t even drive my car to school because I just would imagine you next to me, and then you weren’t there anymore. But I love you. So much. I hope that if you feel any love back to me, that it’s all real.”
You nodded vigorously, tears streaming down your face.
“Yes. I love you too. So much.”
He pulled you in for a kiss, and you melted at the touch of him that you had so badly missed.
“I love you Daveed.”
He smiled and kissed your lips.
He ran back to his car, and returned with something behind his back.
“I have something for you.”
You giggled.
“For me, kind sir?”
“Yeah, for you.”
He revealed a bouquet of red roses, the smell reminding you of those first days.
“For old times sake.”

For the first time, I just hit the character limit on leaving a comment on Ao3. 4300 characters wasn’t enough to express all the love and praise I had for a fic.

I want to have this problem more often. I want to keep commenting and giving my love to content creators. Every time I reread something and see the “you already left kudos here :)” message, I want to write a comment. Fandom isn’t a vacuum and this is something so easy I can do to make sure the content creators out there feel the love for the incredible, amazing work that they do out of love, for free.

Anyways! Just a reminder! Be kind and lovely to content creators in fandom. Chances are they don’t hear praise nearly as much as you think they do, and every single comment sits in our hearts and reminds us why we participate in fandom! 

Bad Day *Peter Parker x Reader*

title? Bad Day

request? Hiya! I was scrolling through my feed a few minutes ago and yours popped up with Peter Parker and I about flipped my lid. 😂😂 Can I request something? Peter and reader are best friends (practically a couple? like, they do all the couple stuff, if that makes sense? 😂) and they’re both in a weird mood, like an okay-but-not-okay mood and so they just hang out with each other doing whatever, just them together comforting the other somehow?

requester? @dont-forget-youre-beautiful

word count? 911

A/N: lol this totally wasn’t the request but i mean i hope you like it. xxx

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I just feel like I need to say something...

So I think it was two weeks ago I had what I feel I can best describe as a break down. That might make it sound a little more intense than it was. But I was feeling that tumblr was adding to my already stressful life and considered leaving.

Instead, I decided that I needed to cut out any negativity or simblrs that were adding to that stress. So I blocked a few individuals. That might make me sound mean, and I agree it is not idea. But I needed to do something, if only for the sake of my mental health. I agree that it would have been better to try to talk to them about their behavior.. and honestly I’ve tried with one individual in the past to say something and they didn’t listen. And the thought of having to try and do that again was too stressful.

Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. You’re going to decide that for yourself anyway.

But here is my point. If someone blocks you, they most likely have a reason, whether you can understand or agree with it or not. I can understanding having someone else, a mutual friend, ask about it… unfortunately in this situation it adds to my stress level. But I get it, “Was it a mistake?” “What’s happening?”

So I told those individuals basically what I’ve said above.

HOWEVER: If you find yourself in a similar situation, please do NOT continue to pursue and push the issue! If not for the person who blocked you than at least have the decency to respect the mutual friend. It isn’t a pleasant situation for them either to have to act as a middle-man and be put in the middle. Just try and drop it and move on.

We’ll see how many people unfollow me lol. I just needed to say something. I feel protective of my friends… but also of myself in this situation. I’m super stressed right now. I can’t be adding to it.

Starchild: The Chosen Nobody

Summary: The reader had been having recurring dreams about a far-fetched scenario but as it turns out, the dreams might actually mean something.

Pairings: None (But contains platonic Thor x Reader)

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: readers feeling of inadequacy

A/N: I know I started on Project SHIELD but there’s another story that’s begging to be told (literally, I could not sleep). I also can’t decide if I want to make the reader an OC or just reader insert so it’s reader insert for now.

Heads up: @missallpony1234 @thecynicalnerd @heismyhunter @waywardimpalawriter @misspadfoot02 @flowercrownsandmetallicarms @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @rachelle-on-the-run @i-had-a-life-once @lilasiannerd @transdadlovesyou @aenna-4 @buckyb-avengers @amrita31199 @shamvictoria11 @livforthegames @crazyfangirlk @thelostpieceofpizza @anotherotter

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

The dreams were back except every night they became more and more vivid. There was a gigantic beast and gigantic was an understatement. It was like the size of King Kong and Godzilla put together. It had the skin that had a dark purple glow. It had four arms and goat legs. It was as if it came out of some untold Greek myth. It was terrifying. It had three eyes and two mouths and no nose. It stood proud and tall as the screams of people surrounded it and it just laughed. The laugh was as terrifying as the scenery around it. The sound was indescribable and yet it was clear that it was laughter. The monster turned to you directly and spoke in a voice that sounded like seven demonic voices of at least five different languages put together.

“Come to save the world, Starchild? How could you? Treasonous,” it declared. At the snap of its fingers, you felt a cramping pain. You immediately looked around and noticed something odd. It was something or rather someone you had never seen before. The figure walked towards you slowly. You couldn’t make out their face, but you felt their presence calm you. You heard another snap and your felt the cramps intensify. You screamed. 

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in me1 it always sorta stuck in my gizzard that everyone referred to saren by his first name when, logically, they’d call him “arterius”- especially in cases like administrator anoleis on noveria, who calls him “agent saren”. it didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

but then i was writing something and something clicked, something that had been staring me in the face the whole time: there was another arterius.

growing up, saren would have been surrounded by his brother’s legend. desolas, the officer. desolas, the born leader. desolas, the warrior. desolas, desolas, desolas. so imagine, if you will, that everyone refers to saren by his first name on his own insistence- saren, not arterius. the spectre, not the general’s brother.

and then desolas dies, and suddenly their shared name sticks in his throat. arterius, the dead man. arterius, the one who sacrificed himself to save his people. arterius, the one who lost everything.

suddenly, insisting on his given name means avoiding another one he’ll never live up to.

so I went to see Hidden Figures with my family last night

- I cried three times. Every time something romantic happened onscreen with Mahershala Ali and Taraji Henson @diehellarache tugged on my sleeve and looked like she was going to heaven 

- Before the showing–we were at one of those theaters with the fancy recliners, that make you do reservations beforehand–and two black families made white families move their asses out of the seats they’d reserved. My heart grew three sizes each time. 

- My gramma, who’s a retired mechanical engineer, said, “All that stuff they had to put in the movie, I had to put up with that up until the late 90′s… I don’t know how I kept going. I was possessed.” 

So this afternoon I had a total freak out which I blogged about and I wanted to give an update. At the time I decided that at 3:30 I was going to shower and get ready and pull it together and babysit even though I was dreading it. After making the post, I wrote for awhile until I did indeed shower and get ready around 3:30. I had something to eat (I often forget to eat enough to keep my energy up particularly when I’m stressed) and just decided I was going to have a good time and I would get through this. I ended up enjoying babysitting, feeling very together, and overall much better considering my period AND first week of school are fast approaching.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that it is totally possible to cope with a shitty day. I felt terrible earlier, absolutely, cry in my car, rant on tumblr awful. But I got through it. Nothing lasts forever. I made a plan, I took care of myself, I was patient, and I moved on. And you can too!

When world bosses are in need of a pedicure, they come to us.

I almost forgot it was Sunday! I have this terrible flu, I was so happy that I had made this halfway in advance. Now to learn my lesson and draw like I have never drawn before and make these so that I always have something to post on Sundays.

anonymous asked:

Was it hard to train your dogs to bike? I want to do it with mine but she just wants to hall ass.

nah not really, its real instinctive for them to pull/run and they find it rewarding. When they don’t listen thats it, we’re done, I will walk the bike back hahaha, b/c im real strict about this, they listen b/c if they don’t they don’t get their reward which is running.

it sounds ridiculous but it can be so dangerous if they aren’t listening and paying attention, it could get us killed b/c cars and other people and dogs and if they get tangled up and hit a tree or something or fall etc

Noodle has been harder because I first had to deal with her low confidence and reactivity, then began biking, but when shes v aroused and excited her reactivity is worse so we spent a TON of time working on that, also her confidence takes a blow too, she becomes uncertain in making her own decisions. We’re still working on it! Noodle has been that hardest to keep at a steady pace. She’s got legs that are a good length and then a v long body, she’s got an insanely fast trot… so for her shes like well im trotting mom!!! and im like bitch ur going like 20 mph u stop right now… I will stop the bike and have her chill out, give her another change, if she does it again we stop and chill, third time  we’re walking home…. if shes having trouble I stay close to the house anyway. 

one time she went after a cat, which is v rare for noodle, usually cats aren’t real interesting to her, but she was aroused and she just took off with me on the bike with her, omg i was so upset with her, but we were okay and no joke I’d take out the bike and attach her and walked her for a WEEK until she got the point. u listen or u no run!!!! We still deal with confidence issues, she’s naturally wary/fearful/suspicious so we go at times of the day that are quiet and promote success!! I have snacks and always bring a leash just in case. We do a practice round in the ally behind my house before we get started.

The huskies are veryyyy easy, i rarely give directionals these days because they can make decisions on their own, like the route they want and if/when it is safe to turn or go. If they are biking with the side attachment they are monitoring the bike as well as their surroundings and often anticipate my direction, so minimal directionals there. The only one i use consistently is “whoa” its like slow up my friends pace urself, be careful there’s something up there we may need to stop sort of thing for us. I also use this command alllllll the time on long leads because sometimes they get zoomies and get going and can hit the end of the lead really hard and murder u and injure themselves, so i let them know when they are getting close to the end of the line a few times until they are like oh yeah i got 20, 30, 50 ft or whatever line we are using. 

but all my training started off bike first, then we introduced the bike separately to get them comfortable around it. like put noodle in a down stay, i ride the bike, i park bike next to her, walk bike around her, let her sniff bike blah blah blah etc, then stationary bike attached to do, walk bike and give commands, then move to riding bike slowly w/ no distractions. Slow progress ensures success on high stakes things like this imo.


A/N: I think I’m gonna make sundays ‘bt sundays’ like how fridays are for cosmic boy so lets see how that goes! This chapter is more of a filler than anything but shit happens between Kylo and reader so there’s that…….enjoy and thank you for reading! Your kind feedback is welcomed :)

Warning: Kylo has a slight pervy moment but it’s an ‘accident’

Word Count: 4.8K+

It had been a few days since you first landed on the icy moon you still hadn’t learned the name of–something Kylo wouldn’t confine in you for a reason you didn’t even bother asking. It wasn’t like you had anyone to tell it to or signal to someone that that’s where you were. But, at this point, you couldn’t care less…at least you were no longer on the Finalizer surrounded by incompetent Order fools.

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I honestly don't understand all the hate like sure my fav character is lance and do I wish he had more screen time? Yeah but like!!! PIDGE AMD KEITH ARE GREAT AND I LOVED HOW MUCH SCREEN TIME THEY GOT!!! thanks for being so positive and just enjoying the season for what it was it honestly make me feel so much better any it an stuffs

\ (•◡•) / ❤

I think the biggest problems was that some had very high expectations as to what was going to happen this season, and I do agree that some parts they had promised just didn’t happen? Which is weird because I’m sure they have finished a season long before air date so there not really any reason for them to say that something will happen and then it doesn’t. But my guess is that there was a lack of communication (which is inevitable when there’s a large crew), so some parts that were intended to be included was left out w/o them knowing ahead of time. I have no idea how this works though so I might be completely wrong, but that’s my guess. 

I have also learned after years and years of following creators to a show online, is to always take what they say with a grain of salt. Not as the absolute truth. Because making a show is COMPLICATED and one small change can alter the entire story. So instead of seeing it as something they will definitely include, I see it as visions that the creators have about the show’s story, and then considering the circumstances it may or may not happen. That’s the trick to not let yourself down. Pretty pessimistic, I know, but it works well. 

when i saw them it was. very late at night and they were walking across the street not in the crosswalk so i slowed and looked at them and. i got this horrible hair on end feeling and i was with my friend and i said. something feels fucking weird about that and she said idk theyre just walking and it was a divided highway so i pulled a u-turn and watched them and. she was stumbling and she had a face like a child and i thought. maybe hes just making sure she gets home safe? maybe theyre friends and hes walking her home from a party? but the way he was pulling her along by her arm made me feel hot and sick in my gut and she kept pulling away like she didnt want to go and he kept yanking her forward and i said i cant. drive away from this. and it was in unincorporated dekalb county which is notoriously terrible with police response times and. the 911 dispatcher stayed on the phone with me till the police arrived which i remember was 9 minutes and 32 seconds. and i remember i stayed pulled back watching them until the police showed up. and i remember seeing the police pull up and the lights go on and he let go of her and put his hands up and the thing i remember the most about it was the look on her face and how she looked so so young and she saw the lights and there was a smile on her face. and i think a lot about that smile and what it meant and if she was just. drugged and not understanding what was going on or if she understood she was being rescued. 

anonymous asked:

honestly, youre so reassuring about everything and telling us that season three is gonna be talking bout stuff too,, its just so nice like i hella ship klance and the lack of lance made me sad but youre just there saying "season 3!!" and it makes me feel a lot better, so thank you but-- what do you think about the creators queerbaiting and saying that romance wasnt an option because the characters had to save the world? do you think that was an early interview or something?

aw yeah np !! i like being positive about these kinds of things :-) and about the qbing thing, well,,, idk i lowkey trust the writers to not entirely screw us over. ALSO im sure with several seasons left, theres certainly gonna be time for non-savetheworld-activities.
like just take a look at legend of korra!! korra and asami had their relationship develop heavily over the course of a couple seasons in the background while korra was Saving the World!!! its not impossible. i have hope ☀️