so i had to make a photoset

So today was a treat-yourself-day for me… and i found the most perfect jacket on Amazon. Perfect as in “this is a thing that legit combines the aesthetics of both Dr. Linksano and 90sKid” because-

I just…

This is an Eliza 90s print jacket. 

I am in love.


 I know my brother like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind (x)


As Penguin dreams about Jim Gordon, Nygma overhears his sleep-talk and thinks that he values Jimbo moreso than himself. Ed’s jealousy soon turns to relief when he hears that Penguin is actually dreaming about killing the Detective in cold blood. He grins and lets his feathered friend carry on with his murder fantasy.


i just want everyone to see this

Castiel in every episode
↳ 4x07 | It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester


IOI’s 11th member - yu yeunjung ♡

dopekamagic replied to your photoset “The exact moment I realised I shipped Widowtracer”

when they wanted to murder each other?

Okay, but here’s the thing. Were they really trying to kill each other? Because imho that’s miles from what was actually happening. 

Tracer was trying to stop Widowmaker from murdering Mondatta. Widowmaker was trying to make Tracer fuck off so she could go ahead and kill Mondatta. Tracer was sort of enjoying the fight, and Widow didn’t seem much more than mildly annoyed by Tracer. She was smiling at at points during their fight, too. 

BOTH of them had a very clear opportunity to kill the other (Widowmaker had two opportunities to kill Tracer) and did not. In fact, Widowmaker just walked away from Tracer and left her. Tracer was more angry/upset than interested in killing Widow.

Then, in Museum (which is set after Alive), Tracer blinks up to tease Widow before they fight. 

People who say “They just want to kill each other!” are not actually looking at the evidence that’s presented to them, imho. They do want to foil each other’s plans, but I see no evidence that either is actually trying to kill the other. 

Asy out~


farewell to glee; favorite musical numbers
→ here comes the sun


nice gay aesthetics


Taengsic AU: Despite living in different galaxies, Taeyeon and Jessica somehow discovered a way to communicate with each other. The two quickly became friends and soon developed feelings for each other, taking long distance relationships to a whole new level. Being so much in love yet so far apart, they decided to depart on a journey across the universe so that they could finally be together.