so i had to link it to the person whose dash i saw it on

I really wish I could say I’m surprised when I find out that people have stolen things on this website but every time I decide to have a little faith suddenly shit hits the fan. I recently discovered MY gifs reposted on someone else’s blog. I sent them a fairly decent message asking them to take it down, figured it was their first time stealing and just wanted to ward them off. THEN I discovered that most of their content was stolen. I have messaged most of the original gif owners that I could find and I will be providing my proof below the cut. 

My goal here is not to hate but to simply let everyone know that this cannot and will not be tolerated. Honestly nothing in this world is worse that creating something that you probably spent time and effort on and seeing someone else get praised for your work. THAT IS YOUR WORK. No one should have the right to repost your content. NO ONE

With that being said the blog that currently has stolen gifs is @avocado-heda​. PLEASE DO NOT SEND HATE BECAUSE OF THIS POST. All I want is for her to delete her current stolen gifs, issue an apology (doubtful, but something that should be done) and not steal anymore gifs. Since this will be a long post, I have evidence below the cut.

—-Update 1: As of 5:30AM (05:30) EST my bob morley beach gifs were removed. I have not received a response from her. 

—-Updates 2:As of 6:00AM (06:00) EST the owner of the Bob, Eliza and Lindsey gif contacted me. Her response is above. She requested that the gifset be taken down from the site. Instead, the owner of the blog put her as a source in the caption. The link to her edit original edit is here

—-Update 3: At 2PM (14:00) EST the owner of the Bob Morley in the blooper reel contacted me and has allowed me to add her to this post. The original maker was @morleybell and here is her original blooper reel post! 

– Update 4: At around 5:45PM (17:45) EST I noticed the blog owner added another source credit to the Bob Morley in the blooper reel post.

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Character Mirrors that are Actually Relationship AUs in BBC Sherlock: How to Predict the Improbable by Examining the Impossible

That title is a bit confusing, yes?  Let me explain a little better what I’m about to analyze.  BBC Sherlock has multiple representations of the main characters, Sherlock and John, as seen through the other characters in the show.  These “character mirrors” are emphasized through matching outfits, lines of dialogue, backstory, camera focus, and personality traits.  What’s worth noting is that many of these character mirrors for John and Sherlock are two people who are, or could be, romantically linked.  These parallel relationships serve more than one purpose, though.  First, they’re meant to ease the viewer into realizing the impending canon Johnlock.  Second, and what I am to argue through this meta, they are meant to show the viewer the ways John and Sherlock’s relationship could have gone in an alternate universe, leaving no other choice but for their actual relationship to go the way it’s been predetermined.  Each relationship, platonic or not, that serves as a character mirror for these two people has a fundamental flaw that makes it different in the end.  Sherlock and John’s ending will be different from those of their character mirrors. Once we’ve eliminated the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.  And the truth, dear friends, is canon Johnlock.

I will address eight different relationship/character mirrors - even though there are so many more character mirrors - for the sake of everyone’s time and sanity.  

Mrs. Hudson and Chief Bridesmaid Margaret

Our favorite land-lady is a character mirror for John in every episode, however, in TSOT she opens up about her best friend Margaret and her husband Frank. Margaret cried the whole day of Mrs. Hudson’s wedding and ended up leaving the wedding early - exactly the way Sherlock and John handled the Watson wedding.  (Frank is obviously a mirror for Mary, so you can all guess exactly what’s going to happen to her in S4). Mrs. Hudson never saw Margaret much after that day.  Sherlock and John were headed straight down that route, until Sherlock’s plane reversed and brought him back to John. We see here that their relationship will not follow that of Mrs. Hudson and Margaret.  John and Sherlock will have some future together.  

Eddie Van Coon and Amanda the P.A.

These two made a minor appearance in TBB.  Eddie was the trader shot in his apartment and Amanda was his P.A. who he was dating.  She felt under appreciated, much like John does to Sherlock in S1.  John is often called Sherlock’s “P.A.”. Eddie was always dashing about, flying off somewhere on a moment’s notice.  Sherlock does the same thing and John is usually struggling to keep up - physically and mentally. Sherlock and John are colleagues, like Eddie and Amanda.  Amanda didn’t take her relationship with Eddie seriously, because she figured he didn’t take her seriously.  Sherlock and John will not have that flaw - they’ve been given ample time to develop mutual respect and trust.  

Irene Adler and Kate the P.A.

It’s easy to see Irene as a mirror for Sherlock - her physical features, cleverness, riding crop, drug needles, always needing the last word - the list could go on for miles.  Kate is not seen often, however she is a P.A. (like John) and was drugged by Irene (like John is by Sherlock we’re told in TSOT).  Irene is a self-identified homosexual who claims to have fallen for Sherlock against her usual instinct.  Irene and Kate have a professional relationship, but it could be understood that they are more than “friends”.  However, Irene has been at the center of two political scandals and had an affair with two married people  - if she’s also romantically connected to Kate it is probable that she is not monogamous.  This relationship is everything John and Sherlock’s is not.  John and Sherlock will not be romantically linked AND polyamorous.  Sherlock is not a homosexual who also claims attraction to women. 

Soo Lin and Thomas

Another pair from TBB whose relationship never gets off the ground.  Thomas, who dresses much like John and who is a colleague to Soo Lin, tries very hard to get her to date him.  She is too focused on her work to comply.  She also doesn’t seem to like him at all in that way.  She, like Sherlock, is self-deprecating.  She’s linked to drugs and to a brother who associates with “M”.  She and Sherlock share knowledge of the smuggling ring. This relationship is not what John and Sherlock will have.  Sherlock will not pick his work over a romantic relationship.  John will not be rejected.  John and Sherlock will not stop working together.  

Alex Woodbridge and his Female Flatmate

Alex was the gallery attendant killed by the Golem in TGG.  Sherlock literally dressed as him when he visited the gallery.  John went to investigate the flatmate and we saw them both reflected in a literal mirror on the wall.  She was dressed much like John. She and Alex were only flatmates - nothing more.  She liked him, he was nice.  His job was just a job - he rather adored stargazing. We saw Sherlock look up and compliment the stars, too. Later, stars are projected onto John’s face, further implying their subtextual connection, but that’s a whole different analysis.  John and Sherlock’s relationship will not follow this one here.  John and Sherlock will not be platonic flatmates. 

John and Major Sholto

If TSOT didn’t make the connection between Sherlock and Sholto incredibly obvious then I suggest you go watch it again.  John is, in a way, his own mirror, because we’re focusing on the John that Sholto knows - Captain John Watson. Sholto and John were colleagues with a huge amount of mutual respect for one another.  Sholto sees John as a friend, which is why he called him “John” and not “Watson” after awhile (this same theme gets used in TAB). John beams at being called his first name by such a remarkable man.  It is arguable that Sholto was also, at one point, pining for John, but the relationship never progressed to a romantic or physical one. The relationship John and Sherlock will have will not be confused with pining.  John and Sherlock will not be just colleagues and friends.    

Sherlock and Molly

Molly is a mirror for John in every episode.  She reacts to Sherlock in the same ways John does, yet the average viewer sees Molly as crushing and John as platonic.  Unfair? Oh yes.  But still very important. Molly and John both use the phrases “I’ve moved on”/”I’m moving on” and “It wasn’t working for me” in regards to Sherlock or something Sherlock has said.  But this is the important part: John is not Molly.  Sherlock tries to replace John with Molly in TEH but he just can’t do it.  Molly doesn’t love it either.  While they are mirrors, they are not the same person.  Sherlock and Molly’s relationship is not a precedent for Sherlock and John’s relationship.  John will not be rejected.  John’s feelings for Sherlock will not be a crude deduction and humiliation.  Sherlock will not use John’s feelings for him to his advantage in his work.  

Holmes and Watson

This is by far the most important mirrored relationship in the whole narrative. This friendship is what Sherlock and John would have had given the circumstances of society in 1895.  Their future was shown to us at the end of TAB: Holmes and Watson sucking pipes in front of the fire, nobody else to come between them, happy with each other’s company.  But this future is not what’s actually in store for these two.  This is the ultimate Alternate Reality. Sherlock and John will not be best friends obeying a strict societal code of bachelorhood.  Sherlock and John will not be sucking pipes in front of the fire. 

We don’t have to worry about what might happen to Sherlock and John in the future because we already know what won’t happen. Thank goodness we have all those other characters to try out the remaining scenarios for us.  Nothing like knowing the two main characters will live happily ever after. We’ve eliminated the impossible and the improbable is what remains: canon Johnlock.  

It’s the only possible solution.  

anonymous asked:

Do you think they really kissed? i didn't even know about karlie and taylor's friendship back in 2014 but i remember a lot of articles about them being bffs. there were pap photos, vogue cover, etc and suddenly it just stopped. and then i remember that weird insta photo that taylor posted on karlie's birthday...

Oh god pre-kissgate kaylor is such a blur at this point tbh. So idk what you’re aware of specifically? But in my view Kaylor history can be divided very neatly into two separate eras: BKG (before kissgate) and AKG (after kissgate) and both are going to inform my answer to your question. So the first part of this is a very basic Kaylor timeline and the second part is my actual answer. (This got long, I’m really sorry.)

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I saw your post among many on my dash about Urbance. I attempted to learn more about it, but I've hit a bit of a wall. The kickstarter page seems to demonstrate a lot of good points, but I've been seeing a ton of conflicting evidence (both ways) on my dash from other sources (like their facebook) about the team. I was wondering if you could clear up the confusion a bit. I'd really like to support it (it looks awesome), but I'm nervous to give my money to people whose views may be harmful.

Sure, Anon!

Here’s a super quick explanation on why people should donate and get over the fact that Urbance could be potentially ”problematic”.

The story is about how “sex kills”, and it is completely inclusive of heterosexual and homosexual relationships. This is a direct quote from the Kickstarter (emphasis mine):

Sex means all forms of sexual activity. In Urbance, any kind of sexual intercourse is deadly, supposedly heterosexual AND homosexual. We —as authors — do not discriminate and the serie is precisely about that. LGBT discrimination is one of the social topics of our show. Now that does not mean that our views are shared by all gangs and even less by the government that rules Urbance. We won’t spoil the story for you guys but there is definitely more than meets the eye in the COVEO cure policy…

The staff has also expressed that they understand the spectrum of sexuality, in that a person does not need to be explicitly hetero- or homosexual; they’ve said, “two girls or guys kissing in a club does not define them as homosexual, but you know that…”

And here’s what they’ve had to say about people who are trans*, asexual, non-binary, etc etc (emphasis mine):

We received many concerns referring to non binary characters, meaning — among other things— that our fans want to see characters that don’t fall on either side of the boy/girl line. Such characters are part of the script and they fuel Urbance’s story dynamics too. It would be mistaken to believe them to be the mediators only because mediators are presented as the bad guys. Mediators can seem evil and they are asexual but this asexuality is rather an attribute linked to their neutral status. That being said, not all the asexual people in Urbance are mediators and some of them are regular citizen segregated like any other. We can also add that there are are trans* and non binary citizens forced to live on either side of the line where they feel they do not belong. This is one of the many causes why clans and gangs are formed, to try preserve their identity despite the segregation. The thing is that cisgender people are pissed as well and all that frustration has led to one tensed climate of hatred between both sides (each one blaming the other fo their condition) and this war is cultivated by the government who keeps people split in the most arbitrary way.

I know you already read the Kickstarter, Anon, but I’m pointing all of these things out again anyway. Because gender and sexuality wise, this is the most inclusive project I’ve ever seen. 

Sure, they could fuck it all up. Sure, there could be a few reasons to be upset. Anyone could fuck up anything, at any time.

If people want to shoot down a fantastic concept before it even has a chance, then don’t ever expect to find anything to your liking. Nothing is perfect, and none of us could do any better, no matter how much we’d like to think so.

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yo - tell me everything that happened when you met Haim ...

ok so let me start from the beginning, I first heard about Haim when Emma Watson tweeted “Haim - don’t save me” and i listened to it and i thought it was different but very catchy i listened to it a few times. Then last fall I heard about them again and thought “hey don’t they sing that one song?” and yep and that’s when the love story truly began haha I’ve rarely had artists where I truly liked every song they’ve put out (ed sheeran, lorde, relient k, and taylor swift are the only ones besides them i think) and the thing is, is they all sound different. So i’m like “i really like this band, i wonder if they’re going to play any gigs near me soon?” (i’m from Idaho btw) and i checked and like every gig was sold out and then i saw that salt lake (a 5 hour drive) and washington (sasquatch fest) were the closest gigs and hey both were some of the few shows not sold out i found out i couldn’t get the sasquatch off from work so i got tickets to SLC for me and my friends and they’ll drive. 

Ok last thursday (May 22nd aka show day) we got to the depot (the venue) at like 6:20 and there was already a line of over 100 people at the door (which is quite impressive actually 40 minutes before doors) then there was the show, which was actually quite amazing even considering my really high expectations and they thing that set them apart honestly had nothing to do with how they sounded or played, it was honestly their faces and looks of genuine love and happiness when playing and seeing how the crowd reacted to them, and how you could tell that they were absolutely having the time of their lives up there performing songs that they genuinely love and are proud of (as they should be) i’ve been to a few concerts and their’s was the only one where they were really into the lyrics and when they sang the love parts Alana’s face would light up. And Este’s bassface of course nuff said. to me Artists who genuinely feel and connect with the music when playing and lose themselves in the music are the best performers and they definitely were. Each of their faces would also light up whenever the crowd was clapping along to the beat unprovoked or singing the lyrics for example when they got to the clapping part of “forever” everyone in the cloud clapped along to the beat and Este kept yelling “come on” and “yeah” haha I can only imagine what it must feel like to be up there in front of over a thousand people playing something you created, and having the crowd show their love for it i honestly would be overwhelmed, i’m surprised they don’t start crying tears of joy every time that happens haha my personal favorite from the show was probably forever because that was when they seemed the most in awe of everything.

Ok so the show ended I leave and their bus is by the back (it’s pretty obvious) there’s already like 50 people waiting their for them to come out. I’ve heard if you wait they come out and say hi. So we decided to chill after like 15-20 mins my friends tried sneaking around to barnes and noble (behind the venue)  and i stayed by the bust and like 5 minutes later my friend called me and told me to go to the back because they were talking to Dash. I went back and he was smoking a cig, we shook hands and he liked my shirt (taylor swift or die (i’ll tell ya why i wore it in a sec)) he asked us what there was to do and that he was looking for places to go to party lol (total rockstar) we were definitely the wrong people to ask that question haha considering we were staying at a motel 6 lol then some uptight security dude came out and told us we had to go back out front, which now only like 25 people were still there 20 minutes or so passed and the head of security for the place told us that it would be at least an hour before they came out, but they were going to come out, and that security was done for the night and to just be good. I spent most of the time chatting with some folks including fivefoottwoandbulletproof whom had met them earlier in the day and would most likely have a better story than me honestly lol the hour passed and their tour manager came out (name escapes me and i know that i know it gahhhhhh) and told us that Alana and Danielle were coming out to take photos but couldn’t sign anything (label’s orders) and to please not ask the girls for one and have them feel bad for saying no or something. it came my turn and what was great honestly (this is going to sound weird) was their hugs, they really hug you. They’re 100% real and genuine. Other artists barely even put their arms around people and hardly even acknowledge them, but if felt like they were thanking me for coming to the show and waiting outside for them. They both saw my shirt and sort of smiled. Then Alana (whose the reason i wore the shirt, because i saw an interview where they were talking before the camera came on and the first thing you heard was Alana saying “I’m not talking shit! I love Taylor Swift. I fucking love Taylor Swift.” which i do too haha) and she’s like “I’m trying really hard not be creepy right now, but I remember you tweeting me that you were going wear that shirt or something haha” and I just nodded and said “yeah” and Danielle asked if it was like official merch (because she obviously wanted one duh) and I told her no that I got it online, and she looked sort of bummed lol I told her you could do pretty much anyone a shirt like that. and then we took the pic 

and my friends asked them for a selfie which Alana said “Oh let me take it i’m the best at these” which for whatever reason the pic won’t load here so i’ll put the link to it

and then I told them to come to Idaho sometime which they said “we will” (which is funny/ironic because I bet they drove through Idaho that night to get to Washington and up to Vancouver lol) and that was pretty much it we left right after that because it was 1 am and my friend’s gf was bummed because she shattered her iphone (white gurl probs) she didn’t even come out of the car to meet them (her loss honestly) but the night was super amazing and met/exceeded all my expectations an they were nicer than could’ve imagined and I honestly want nothing but the best for them because they work hard, are extremely talented, and genuinely deserve it. (i said genuinely like 00555 times haha) 

ps. I think Este didn’t come out because it had something to do with her Diabetes she doesn’t strike me as someone who would miss out on fans. Oh well I’ll definitely see them live again and hopefully meet them a few more times (mine and D’s wedding day maybe ;D lol)