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Anon: Tyler and the reader spent the night together (nobody knows that they’re sleeping with each other/ are a couple) and in the morning the reader gets a call from mark but Tyler picks it up thinking it’s his phone that’s going off. Then mark being all “why do you have her phone?!? Is that her snoring?????!!!”

@sam-cheyenne-mcg:  Hey I wanted to make just a little request but, could you do something where like the reader goes to marks house , meets Tyler, you like watch a movie or something and cute things happen, you fall asleep, and wake up in his bed and like more cute stuff? Sorry this is so messy but I just had a thought and I can’t write a story for shit , lol if you do make this tag me in it so I can see it sooner and don’t miss please thanks and sorry for bothering. ❤

It was movie night at the Iplier house, which meant that the whole gang, including Y/N, was cuddled up in their designated spots in the living room. Mark was sitting in the chair in the corner with Amy on his lap while Kathryn and Ethan were on the couch. Tyler was going to sit on the couch but that would leave Y/N alone on the other solo chair, so instead he offered to sit with them on the floor in front of the couch.

“You really don’t have to do this. I’d be okay sitting alone.”

“Nonsense, I can’t-”

“Who says nonsense anymore?” Mark snickered. Tyler blushed a little but shrugged and sat down anyway. After the movie started, everyone went quiet so that the only sound in the living room was the screams from the horror movie playing on the TV. A particularly loud jump scare popped up, causing Y/N to jump and hide their head in Tyler’s shoulder. His eyes widened and he heard the snickers from the others but tried his best to ignore them as he hesitantly put his arm over their shoulder.

“Sorry, horror movies just freak me out.”

“U-uh no it’s fine.” His face was red and he hoped that they couldn’t see through the darkness of the room, but does not remove his arm from around their shoulder. Mark and Amy notice and snicker, but do not otherwise remark on it and continue to watch the movie.

By the end of the movie, Kathryn, Ethan, and Y/N had fallen asleep, and Y/N had progressed from leaning on Tyler’s shoulder to laying in his lap. Amy looks over at them and ‘aw’s.

“Tyler maybe you should let her sleep in your bed, the floor’s probably really uncomfortable.” There was a hint of a joke in her voice, but Tyler pursed his lips in thought before nodding and picking Y/N up from the floor.

“You’re right, can you guys wake those two up so I can sleep on the couch?”

He’s very careful as he carries them up the stairs, trying not to move them too much so they don’t wake up. When he gets to his room he lays them down and sees their phone fall out of their pocket, so he grabs it and puts it on the bedside table. He then noticed that they’re still holding onto his shirt, and after trying to remove their fingers for a little bit, he decides that he’s too tired to bother. Instead he  just lays down as well, putting his own phone next to theirs. He stays above the covers since he was already pushing the boundaries by sleeping in the same bed. Plus, if Mark and Amy walked in on them they would never let him hear the end of it, and both of them being under the covers would only make that worse.

The next morning Tyler wakes up to the ringing of a phone, and thinking it’s his, he picks it up.


“Y/N, have you hear from Tyler? He was supposed to sleep on the couch but he’s not out here-wait, Tyler?”

Tyler looks down at the phone, startled, and notices that the phone that he had picked up was Y/N’s, not his. Hesitantly, he puts the phone back to his ear and looks to his left to see Y/N snuggled up to his side. Part of him wished that he hadn’t picked up the phone so he could stay like that for a bit longer, but the other part wished he didn’t pick it up because Mark was going to freak out.

“Uh, listen Mark, it’s not-”

“Tyler why do you have Y/N’s phone? Is that them snoring???”

This was going to be a long morning.

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Hey bro. Broski. Bromo. Brotein Shake. Brochan. Brosicle. Broseph. Brocean. Brofessor. Han Brolo. Broseiden. Broba Fett. Brotato Chip. Bromosapien. Brontosaurus. Abroham Lincoln. Brorack Brobama. Brokuto. Kurbro. Broshi. Broyo. Tobibro. Ok so can you do a Hinata/Kageyama where whenever Hinata gets mad Kags just picks him up and like carries him piggy back style until he calms down or some shit. Cause they're cute so fite me m7

How long did it take you to come up with those This is a really cute request tbh, and I’m all about it. 

Hinata Shouyo had a problem, that much was certain. He wasn’t sure how long it had been going on, but now that he realized it, it changed everything. He was hyper aware of everything, and it was honestly getting annoying. 

Everybody on the team could tell something was wrong, Hinata had been distracted and quiet for almost a full week. Whenever somebody asked what was wrong, he would get defensive. They couldn’t know, Hinata would die if anyone found out. He needed to get over this, and fast. 

See, the problem Hinata had was that he liked someone. Okay, so maybe liked was a bit of an understatement, but he would never admit that. And that someone was no other then his setter and partner, Kageyama. He would rather die then have someone find out about his feelings, so he figured if this was going to go away, there was only one thing he could do. 

“Where are you going?” Kageyama asked him after practice one night. Hinata hoped he would be able to sneak out without being caught, but it didn’t seem to work out that way.

“Home,” he answered bluntly. These practices with just the two of them were getting harder and harder, mainly because Hinata was too distracted. If he was going to get over this, he had to limit how much time they spent together. 

“What about practice?” Kageyama asked, his head tilting in confusion. 

“It just ended,” he shrugged, changing his shoes. 

“Hey,” Kageyama began, walking towards him. Hinata noticed at this point that nobody else was in the gym with them. “What’s up with you? You haven’t been yourself all week.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he responded, standing up. He lifted his foot to take a step out of the gym, and suddenly he wasn’t on the ground anymore.

“What are you doing bakeyama!” he yelled, flailing his arms and legs. Kageyama grunted as he threw the smaller boy over his shoulder.

“I’m not putting you down until you tell me what’s wrong,” Kageyama decided. 

“Nothing’s wrong,” Hinata protested. “Now put me down!”

“I’m not stupid, I know somethings wrong,” Kageyama shot back. Hinata sighed, going limp in Kageyama’s grip.

“I’ll be fine,” Hinata said, his voice low. Kageyama stopped walking around the gym, tilting his head towards his shoulder.

“Hinata-” he began, his voice soft. With his grip loosening, Hinata wiggled free, falling onto the floor.

“This is just something I need to work through on my own. I just need a little time,” he muttered, looking at the ground. Kageyama crouched next to him, looking at him with worried eyes.

“Look, you don’t have to tell me, but I’d like to do whatever I can to help you,” Kageyama murmured, looking Hinata in the eyes.

“I…I can’t tell you,” Hinata admitted quietly, breaking eye contact.

“Can I ask why?” he asked, still looking at Hinata. Hinata shrunk under his gaze, why was this happening?

“Because you are the problem,” he uttered under his breath.

“Then doesn’t that mean you should tell me?” Kageyama asked, grabbing Hinata’s hands. Hinata tried to jerk them away, but the setter’s grip was too hard. “If I’m the problem, then shouldn’t you tell me? How else am I supposed to fix it?” 

Hinata’s head jerked up, his eyes locking with Kageyama’s. No, this wasn’t supposed to happen, why did he look so hurt? This wasn’t supposed to hurt Kageyama, Hinata never wanted to do that. 

“I like you okay,” he admitted, still looking into Kageyama’s eyes. “I like you and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m sorry, but I just need so space to get over this.” Kageyama’s eyes grew wide at Hinata’s revelation, but to Hinata’s surprise, his grip on his hands only strengthened. 

“Why do you have to get over it?”  Kageyama asked, his eyes full of hope. Wait, hope?

“What do you mean?” Hinata asked, sincerely confused. He did not expect this reaction. 

“What if I don’t want you to get over me?” Hinata didn’t realize until now just how close their faces were, he could feel Kageyama’s question on his lips. ‘What if I don’t want you to get over me?

“Then I guess I don’t have to,” Hinata whispered, his lips inches away from the other boys. With that, he took a final breath before smashing his lips against Kageyama’s, the force enough to push both of them back. The kiss was awkward and messy, yet everything he had hoped for. He didn’t know how long he had been waiting for this moment, but now that it was finally here he realized he had waited too long. Kageyama’s lips were soft, and they fit almost perfectly against his own. Hinata pulled away slowly, his lungs screaming for air.

“Looks like there was nothing to worry about after all.”

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What would the UT/US bros, UF sans and UT/US undyne do if they saw that their s/o fell asleep in some kinda random place, for example they found them asleep on the floor behind the door of their room or something cause they could seriously fall asleep anywhere if they want, or if they were that tired (also I hope you've been having a good (or at least an alright) day so far )

i feel like today’s been pretty darn good! thanks for the hope! <3 ~Mod Chrissu



He had to pick you up from something, and when he gets there, you’re just?? Sleeping?? Like you’re leaning against the wall and snoring softly. You look so cute! Heart swelling with love for you, he carries you home.


He brought you along for his daily training session with Undyne, and when he’s done, he notices you curled up on a nearby boulder and promptly squeals. You’re drooling and snoring but he loves you anyways. He wants you to keep sleeping but you both need to get home for lunch, so he gingerly picks you up and tells Undyne goodbye, watching over your slumber as you both go home.


She sees this photo on the internet of couple’s yoga and wanted to try some moves with you. In the midst of doing this position, you fall asleep. How you  do, she doesn’t know, but now she has a sleeping you like 3 centimeters frm her face and gosh you have NO idea how much she wants to kiss you. She has no idea how to get out of this position without waking you so she kinda stays like that? For a while? Until she sneezes and you wake up and fall on top of her. You both laugh at your ridiculousness after you’ve both recovered.



Wanted to give you a piggyback ride, just cause. He’s so fast and somehow is able to carry you, so you both kinda zoom around the house laughing and yelling. You end up getting pretty tired soon after and snuggle into his back and fall asleep. When he’s done with carrying you, he tells you he’s about to drop you down, until he hears your deep breathing. He immediately drops you on the ground, waking you up, and pouts at you. “HUMAN, DON’T BE SO LAZY! EVEN IF YOU ARE ADORABLE WHEN YOU ARE RESTING…”


He wakes up one morning to find you sleeping at the kitchen table. Instead of bringing you up to bed, he carries you over to the couch and crawls between your legs and into your arms. Kinda clutches you like a teddy bear. He ends up falling asleep with you.


Finds you sleeping on her lab table. Why, she doesn’t know, but she wheels it out of the way and finds a pillow and blanket for you. If you wanna sleep on cold metal, that’s what you want, she guesses.



He finds you asleep, curled up under the counter of his post. It’s cold as hell here, why are you sleeping there?? It bothers him, so he takes off his fluffy jacket and wraps it around you before carrying you to a safer, warmer place to sleep: his room. Pecks your cheek with a kiss and a “goodnight, sweetheart.” before blipping out back to his post so he doesn’t get yelled at by his brother.


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Warnings: Public

“Hoseok, quit it. I need to finish getting ready.”

Hoseok huffed as you gently pushed him away. He sat on the edge of your bed and pouted as you opened your closet. “What are you even getting dressed for? I thought we were just going to spend the weekend together here.”

“We are,” you sighed as you reached for your sweater, “but if we want to spend the whole weekend uninterrupted then I have to get some groceries. And I wanted to pick up a card or something for Changkyun. He got me that cute coloring book when I had my surgery so I wanted to return the favor. Oh, I saw these Avengers bubbles the other day. I could get those for him?”

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Request: Sending Out an SOS

Prompt Idea: Mark is your bff and he’s like “you’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you”

AN: This idea is just so friggin cute. My brain has been somewhat fried lately so I hope this is alright and that you guys enjoy it!

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Prompt: “i was visiting this school for the day bc i want to transfer out of my school and it was between this school and another one but then i saw u and ur hella cute so i choose this school” au

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: N/A

Notes: High School AU

*American football not my/uk football 

Choosing a new school to transfer to was boring and not easy at all because all the schools seemed the same but you needed to pick one and it was just…it was hard. Your parents had made it clear they weren’t choosing for you either, that they were going to let you choose…something a near adult wasn’t very good at. 

Both schools were pretty much the same; same walls, same floors, same types of lockers, similar results and grades, one did football* and one did lacrosse. There wasn’t much to differentiate them, except from him.

Perhaps it was a terrible idea to choose a school based upon a boy, but he was very very attractive between the long strands of dark hair, the starting of a beard (he could grow a beard that was a good sign amongst teenagers right?), blue eyes that might damn well swallow you whole…and well he was fit. Very very very fit, he was build like a brick shit house and you weren’t complaining. It also helped that he smiled at you and winked when he passed on his way to class…that just made it worse because he’d interacted with you and Jesus, he was cute. 

You didn’t tell your parents that was the reason obviously, you said it was their teachers, that the ones you’d met seemed like they’d be good at their job and you’d actually enjoy your lessons…really it was that dark haired boy who made you feel like a 12 year old with a crush all over again…

You partially started regretting your choice on your first day of school, you were alone…no one in your classes even bothered talking to you, and your locker wouldn’t open and site management said they’d have to replace it since there weren’t any more free lockers…and then you started thinking it was worth it when you saw him again in the corridor. It was a little strange that just a simple glimpse of him could make your day instantly better.

You hadn’t expected him to talk to you or even really notice you as you passed on your way to study period, but he’d stopped in his tracks and jogged to move in front of you, a wide eyes smile that said enough about his personality greeting you. “Hi, you’re new, right?”

“Uh…y-yeah…” And in that moment you found out that you couldn’t actually speak properly around him, that that deep seated attraction had a lump forming in your throat and had he always been this tall? You hadn’t noticed his prosthetic before, and now you had you wondered what had happened to his arm. He must have seen you looking.

“I was in a…uh, a car accident…if you’re wondering.” He looked a little awkward about it, which wasn’t really surprisingly when it came to telling a stranger you don’t know the name of about your lose of an arm. 

“I…I didn’t mean to stare”

“It’s alright, I don’t mind, i’m James, but everyone calls me Bucky.” He held out his hand for you and it was odd to be offered to shake at your age but you didn’t really mind, it gave you an excuse to touch him in someway. (You were starting to feel a little creepy actually come to think of it…the crush was a little too big)

“Uh, Y/N, It’s nice to…to meet you.” You hoped your hand wasn’t sweaty as you shook his and smiled at him a little uncomfortably, trying not to stare at one spot on his face too long in case you gave away your weird ass crush that made you choose this goddamn school of all schools. 

“You have anyone to sit with at lunch?” You shook your head, no one had even bothered talking to you until Bucky, “You can sit with me and my friends then, what’s your locker? I’ll come get you later.”

“Uh, 453″ 

“The broken one? That sucks, you can, uh, use mine if you want while they’re getting you a new one? I’ll show you it on the way to lunch, yeah?”

“Alright…thank you..”

“No problem, doll, it’s my pleasure” You were sure you were going to faint at the pet name, but you didn’t which really was a miracle. 

Kisses In The Halls

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

Words: 501

Warnings: nothing just awkward nerds

Request: Requested by anonymous: 493 & 435 from the 779 prompts thing?? with Alexander :3 please! they can be like friends or something and like eachother but not want to say anything because friendship idk. just cheesy and fluffy, please :3 thank you! <3

Prompts: “You’re so cute when you pout like that!” "I could kiss you right now!”

A/N: My school has vending machines in it so if that part confused you that’s just cause of my school so yeah… Anyway enjoy!

You stared as your teacher scolded Alexander for something he hadn’t done. George was never a fair teacher, but people stuck through his classes anyway. His current lecture was probably about the fight Alex recently had with Samuel.

“Sir-” Alex tried to explain.

“Don’t sir me! You are a problem child, Hamilton! Stop picking fights, your last warning was the fight with Charles and now you’re pulling this! Detention!” Mr. Fredrick yelled, catching your attention.

“Mr. Fredrick?” You spoke up. There wasn’t anyone else in class, as it was after school. You were simply waiting for Alex to walk you home as he insisted. “I do believe Alex is right. It was actually Samuel’s fault they were fighting. He was pestering him, you see, and he may have crossed a bit… of… a line…” You shrunk under the glare of your teacher, but Alex’s hopeful look gave you a bit more confidence. Mr. Fredrick sighed.

“Is this true, Hamilton?”

“Uh yes sir!” He smiled, as the teacher ushered the two of you out of the classroom. When you were out of earshot Alex grabbed your hands. “Dude, you totally saved my ass! I could kiss you right now!” The both of you froze. “I mean, platonically.” He laughed awkwardly, pulling away from you.

“Yeah… Platonically.” You mumbled.

“You ok?” Alex suddenly turned to you again, a look of concern washing over him. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that it’s awkward and-”

“It’s fine.” You smiled. “C’mon, I need to grab something from the vending machine.” You walked off, pulling out your wallet to grab a few coins. You put one into the slot, and waited for something to happen. “Aw, come on!” You pouted, kicking the machine. “My quarter…” You looked up at the sound of Alex bursting into laughter.

“You’re so cute when you pout like that!” A blush crept onto your cheeks, as you smiled.

“I could say the same for you.” You returned. “Except you’re not pouting. Uh, well, anyways…” Your blush darkened with embarrassment.

“You think I’m cute?” You nodded slightly. He grabbed your hand. “I think you’re cute. And not just when you’re pouting.”

“Do you want to-”

“Yeah.” He leaned in, closing the gap between your lips and his. Suddenly, loud footsteps caused you to pull apart. “M-Mr. Washington! You’re still here?”

“Yes. Now get home before a different teacher finds you two.”

Beyond Irritated...

This was the first thing I bought for my baby after getting my positive pregnancy test. I tested positive January 3rd and bought this January 13th. I was scared to buy anything because of my previous miscarriages, but I just wanted to get something cheap ($12) and adorable to celebrate my BFP.

Carls fucking sister…texted me Friday that said “Holding on to this for you. I got it off wish for 1 dollar. Its a baby sleeping bag. its so cute…”

And a picture was attached, but I already had a feeling…

This is the picture

So, Carl’s sister is a fucking child. She is older than me, but is a child…and you have to pick and choose your battles. Essentially, if you don’t fawn over everything she says and does, you have picked battle. I am tired of walking on egg shells.

They aren’t the same material, and the one she bought is a little smaller, but I didn’t know this at first.

I texted her and said, “lol, I already bought the same thing, same color. It was the first thing I bought the baby!” and then we joked about having a backup and everything seemed cool, but I am not dumb and I knew it wasn’t cool. She was just going to wait until we were in the same place and not texting to blow up.

So, she is fucking wasted and comes to Sunday dinner at her moms and is just being a drunk asshole and I walk away. She knows I don’t like to be around her when she is wasted. So, she left and sent her boyfriend over with the sleeping bag thing.

She luckily didn’t throw a fit in front of me, because she knows I will go off on her fucking ass, but she did talk shit about me claiming it was the “first thing I bought the baby.” I have fucking receipts bitch. Like, literally. 

We are driving home and Carl isn’t like being weird or mean, but he doesn’t understand why I am upset and why it matters that she knows I bought one already.

I can’t believe I have to explain this to him. This is the FIRST thing I bought my child after back to back fucking miscarriages. When I put my baby in it, I don’t want her being like, “Oh she looks so cute in that thing I got her! Aren’t you so happy I bought that for you?” which is what she will do.

And, then I would have to shut her ass down then. I could tell her then that I had already bought one…still having my fucking receipt, but she would still make a big deal saying I bought it after and am just doing it to hurt her feelings or some shit.

I want to rant forever. So much happened and happens with this chick. It would never end if I told you all the shit she pulls.

Pick-up Line

So I was sitting in the library today scrolling through Tumblr on my phone and this guy walks up and introduced himself. And of course I told him my name and he said “I’m sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to ask you something.”
He was super cute btw. And I said “Okay, shoot.”
“Did it hurt?”
“Did what hurt?” Of course I went to the obvious assumption and I was right.
“When you fell from heaven.” He had this bashful dorky grin.
“No, but I did scrape my knee crawling out of the fiery depths of hell.” I grinned and took a sip of my drink, so very fulfilled because I had waited SO FUCKING LONG to make that reply. And I almost choked when he said:
“Why didn’t you just ride in the impala, or call for Cas?”
“Okay, sit down, you have my attention.”

Long due post.
Bragging about this one. So a couple weeks ago was my birthday and I wasn’t looking forward towards it at all. Addison kept saying it’s going to be the best day and was full of encouragement. I had some family stuff go on and just made my little to no excitement for my birthday just decrease.
So the morning of my birthday, he wanted to get breakfast super early at our favorite coffee shop. He picks me up, and I had this small feeling oh he’d surprise me with something. We get there, and no cars I recognized were parked there so I was like okay just a cute coffee date. So I walk in and standing in the back were all my best friends. I cried and couldn’t believe he got everyone together. I’ve never felt more loved. He’s the greatest man and I’m so honored to be with him.

a grim expression on his face, dean stood and marched toward lia. for a moment, i thought he might say something to her about spoiling the moment, but he didn’t. he just picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder. 

 "hey!“ lia protested. 

dean grinned and threw her onto the sofa with michael and me and then resumed like nothing had happened. lia scowled, and michael poked her cheek.


he got the message, stood up, and strode toward sloane, giving her the same exact treatment he’d given lia. when dean tossed sloane gently on top of me, i giggled and almost toppled onto the floor, but lia grabbed hold of my collar. 

 we did it.

Prompt: Hello, I love your blog and I was hoping you guys can make an imagine in which Stiles and Derek (teen wolf) fight over you and they do all these funny and cute things to grab your attention. And you can pick who actually wins 😍


“So, uh, (Y/N), I-I wanted to, uh” It wasn’t usual for Derek to stutter like that. It wasn’t usual for Derek and you to ‘speak privately’, but you weren’t complaining in being in a room alone with him. Since the first day you met him, you started to crush on him. And as the months passed, you noticed just how much you two had connected.

Back downstairs, Stiles and Scott were playing their video games. Something with grand theft in an auto? During the most intensive part, Scott stopped for a minute, his eyes staring straight ahead at the beige wall. Non-blinking.

“Scott, c’mon man” Stiles whined, tapping the remote control furiously. “Scott-what’s wrong?”

“He’s gonna do it” Scott kept repeating, furrowing his eyebrows at the nothing.

“Gonna do what, Scott?”

“He-He’s gonna ask her out, Stiles”

In a flash, Stiles leapt out of the living-room and sprinted up the stairs. His hand burning against the railing. Besides the obvious fact that Derek had a thing for you, there was also Stiles. The awkward friend you’d always loved. You knew Stiles longer than you knew Derek so obviously you had more memories. From those whacky sleepovers to facing anything that came your way together.

“Stop!” Stiles suddenly burst into the room, almost tripping in his own footing and landing flat on his face. Even though he didn’t land on it, his face still formed into a pained expression, seeing one of your hands linked in Derek’s.

“What is it?” Derek spat out, his eyes throwing daggers at Stiles who shifted awkwardly. “Stiles, what the hell d’you want?”

Stiles glanced at you and then back at Derek, swallowing as he did so. “Well, I was just wondering, if you’d like to help me make, uh, some cupcakes”

“Cupcakes?” You asked. He just nodded in reply and lightly motioned for you to follow him. You could almost hear the smoke coming out from Derek’s ears, his face all red and eyes glazed. He probably wanted to kill Stiles. Shocker.

The two of you were preparing the ingredients when Derek casually walked into the room, his arms crossed but with a forced smile stretching his lips. “Can I join you guys?”

You remained in total awe. Derek. Making cupcakes? You almost burst out laughing at the thought which kept speeding through your head. “No” Stiles replied with a scoff. Elbowing him, you nodded at Derek and passed him the flour and an apron. With a few grunts, he tied it to his waist and shot a warning look at Stiles who stifled a laugh.

“Okay, so we need two cups of flour and one milk” You instructed. After you got all your ingredients in one bowl and it looked like some baby threw up, you proceeded to stir. For a second, you thought the wooden spoon would break in half since the mixture was rock solid.

“Here, let me help you with that” Derek offered, coming from behind you. He wrapped his arms around yours and took your hand –and the spoon- in his. You couldn’t help but lean into his touch. The two of you stirred in sync, the mixture now becoming almost too easy to stir.

After a while, Stiles’ awkward cough pulled Derek away from you and instead, Stiles gripped your wrist and pulled you to his chest. He towered over you and with a crooked smile, spun you around. You giggled as you continued to prepare the dough for the next batch. Working your way through the thick and sticky pastry, you felt a pair of arm snake around your waist and chin resting on your shoulders. It was obviously Stiles since Derek was in front of you, his face red as he continued to stir barely giving you a glance. You felt Stiles’ dimples on your cheek and you couldn’t help but smile aswell. You had absolutely no idea why they were doing all this. Helping you stir, hugging you while you finished the dough.. It wasn’t bothering you since they were both jaw dropping but you had a gut feeling telling you it wasn’t going to end well.

“Okay, that’s it!” Derek suddenly fumed, throwing the spoon to the other end of the table. “You need to back off you little rat”

“Me?!” Stiles fake laughed, slowly releasing you from his grip. “Oh that’s gold, Derek. I’ve been down this road for a long time and suddenly you come in and you’re ahead of me?”

“What’re you guys talking about?” You interrupted, confused as a fish in a dishwasher.

“The truth is” Stiles began, looking down at his hands. “I like you, (Y/N), I always have and-“

“Oh no you’re not!” Derek cut him off with a shove. He placed his hands on your shoulders and bore his eyes in yours. “I wanted to know if y-you’d go out with me”

You looked bewildered and wide eyed, and really didn’t look like you knew where you were or what you were doing. You kept looking around and your eyes kept darting back and forth at a fast pace.

“W-Well, at least you could buy me dinner first”

~Admin Ariel♥

Prince Caspian {Sentence Starters}
  • "I didn't say I'd let you live."
  • "Why were they trying to kill you, anyway?"
  • "Choose your last words carefully!"
  • "I thought you'd be older."
  • "So you're bravely refusing to fight a swordsman half your age?"
  • "You were right to fear the woods."
  • "Oh my gosh, he's so cute!"
  • "I know, it's confusing."
  • "You're not exactly what I expected."
  • "I was hoping for something a little more original."
  • "Things never happen the same way twice."
  • "After he bumped me, they tried to make me apologize. That's when I hit him."
  • "Pick up your sword!"
  • "I wish we could have had more time together."
  • "I'm sure when I'm older, I'll understand."
  • "There is still time to surrender."
  • "Really, is it that hard to just walk away?"
  • "Maybe it's time you had this back."
  • "I wonder who lived here."
  • "What's the matter? Too cowardly to take a life?"
  • "Do you think there's any way we can go back?"
  • "I think it's time we found out what's going on."
  • "We were expecting someone taller!"
  • "Who exactly are you doing this for?"
  • "Tonight, for once, I want the truth!"
  • "I will deal with you when this is over."
  • "This is not a question of bravery!"


{❧} —- “…Because I’m grumpy I suppose.”

He didn’t squirm as she picked him up and held him close. Even though he was originally planning on doing so. Papalymo laid his head against her, grumbling to himself as he did so.

{❧} —- “Aye… I’m comfortable.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear that.”

Yda gently nuzzled him, laughing quietly. Even though he was just pretending, she had to admit that it was quite cute seeing him try to pretend that he didn’t enjoy the cuddles. She couldn’t deny it in the slightest.

“Did you just not feel like walking anymore, or something? Is that why you asked me to pick you up?”


Number 4

Manny x Reader #1

Warnings: no this is just so pure fluff

Requested: yuuuussss by anon

Notes: can I have this? I want this. This is so cute and like I want this


You were sat in your living room, slightly dwindling your thumbs as you waited for your date to come to pick you up. His name was Manny, and this would be your fourth date in a row with him. You had quickly learned to love his stories, personality, and smile. You were hoping for a certain something this date, but you didn’t want to give your hopes up. He had told you about his job, and at the end of the day how demanding it was for him. You often found that with dates conversation ended quickly, but with Manny, it always seemed that two of you never had enough time to talk about everything you wanted to. It seemed like you were always looking forward to the next date.

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Tiny positive differences you can make to the world:

  • Smile at strangers. Not an awkward half smile - a full on beam. More often than not, they smile back (and get this cute surprised look) 
  • Send lovely anons - not the chain ones that go round, individual, personal, encouraging anons. 
  • Donate something nice to a food bank when you are grocery shopping 
  • Give your friends and family tiny random gifts (even if it’s a flower you picked) - it’s nice to know that you’ve been thought about 
  • Shop in charity shops/thrift stores - you get cool shit, and raise money for charity - you win

Don’t Touch My Girlfriend (Min Yoongi/Suga)

Genre: fluffy 

Warnings: extremely cliche and gross

Members: Min Yoongi ft. Lee Jihoon

Word Count: 1,007

A/N: Hi anon ! Thanks for requesting, I’m sorry it took so long. I made Jihoon a high school student instead because I thought elementary was too young :) I hope you like it !!


You found it a little bit cute that Yoongi was staring into the rearview mirror every few seconds. Just a little bit. He had insisted that you sit in the passenger’s seat but Jihoon had practically begged you to sit at the back with him. So you did. The three of you were going to find something to eat then go to a PC Room.

Both Yoongi and you were on a break from university and Yoongi’s mum had asked him to pick up Jihoon. Yoongi reluctantly accepted, he argued that Jihoon was old enough to catch the train home but his mum insisted that the boy was too young, he’d barely started high school. Your boyfriend gave in and texted you to cancel the plans you guys had. He knew that his little brother had a little boy’s crush on you and even though nothing will ever happen, he worried. You didn’t mind it and said you’d go with him.

“Noona, guess what I learnt today from my friends,” Jihoon told you excitedly.

You felt the speed of the car slow and Yoongi’s eyes were fixated on the rearview mirror. Lucky that it was a red light.

“Apparently, every girl’s neck is ticklish,” the younger boy laughed as his fingers brushed your neck.

You laughed and swatted his hands away. Yoongi’s eyes snapped back onto the road but you could see the dissatisfaction on his face.

“Hey kid, don’t touch my girlfriend,” Yoongi called out, emphasising the word ‘my’.

Jihoon immediately stopped laughing and sat quietly. You rolled your eyes and assured Jihoon that it was okay.

Yoongi parked the car and the three of you got out. As soon as the car was locked, you headed to the rice cake stall.

“Oh, they all look yummy?” you said, shocked. The last time you were here with Yoongi to try the best rice cake in Daegu, they were closed.

“Noona, pick whatever one and I’ll buy it for you,” Jihoon beamed as he pulled out his wallet.

Yoongi scoffed and slapped his brother upside in the head. Jihoon turned to glare at his brother.

“You just pick one and go find a table, save your pocket money for excursions,” he coldly said.

Jihoon muttered something under his breath before he placed an order and walked off. You placed an order a long with Yoongi and waited for him to pay. Once he had finished, the two of you walked to the table.  

“You’re so mean to your brother,” you shook your head at your boyfriend.

He shrugged and sat down at the table. You sat down next to him and saw that Jihoon’s eyes were on you.

The food arrived shortly later and you guys began to eat. Jihoon was telling you guys about how some kid at school called Soonyoung broke his leg pulling a reckless stunt. It made you laugh a lot and some sauce smeared on your cheeks.

“Oh noona, your face,” Jihoon rushed to grab some tissues and dabbed your cheeks with it.

Yoongi puffed and slapped his brother’s hands away. Jihoon glared at his brother who gave him a deadly glare in return.

“Let’s go,” Yoongi rolled his eyes and got up from his seat.

You smiled apologetically at Jihoon and the two of you followed Yoongi back to the car. This time you sat in the passenger’s seat, not wanting to anger Yoongi anymore. Yoongi drove to the PC Room silently, neither you or Jihoon felt like it was safe to talk either so no words were exchanged.

The three of you took off your shoes and entered the PC Room. You dragged Jihoon to one of the computers and sat him down.

“Hey let’s play this game, I’m so good at it,” you excitedly clapped.

“Don’t you think hyung will be angry?” Jihoon gulped. Sure, he liked you but he also liked being alive so he didn’t want to piss his brother off anymore.

“Who cares?” you shrugged. The truth was you found it really cute that Yoongi got jealous and that’s exactly what you were trying to do, make him jealous.

So you and Jihoon began playing the game. Yoongi sat down on the computer next to your’s and glanced over every now and then to you. His jaws would clench when you touched his brother’s hands or Jihoon’s hands would brush your’s. However, he kept quiet and said nothing.

After a few hours, you guys took Jihoon back home. You gave Jihoon a hug while Yoongi just muttered a ‘see you later punk’ and walked off.

The car ride was quiet and you had had enough. You didn’t think Yoongi would be this affected by your actions.

“You, can you stop it?” you asked, frustrated.

“Stop what,” he scoffed.

“Being such a drama queen! You’re always like this!” you shouted.

“Because you’re always flirting with my kid brother! You know he likes you!” he shouted in return.

“I don’t flirt with him!” you defended yourself.

“Yeah right, then why do you hug him and laugh at everything he says like it’s the funniest thing in the world?” Yoongi scoffed again and rolled his eyes.

“You get jealous so easily, it’s a bit cute,” you laughed.

Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed. He was confused how you could be yelling but five-seconds later you were laughing. Then he realised.

“You did that on purpose?” he asked but he already knew the answer. Of course you did.

You nodded your head and laughed even harder. He was so easy to work up, it was fun to make Yoongi angry.

“Don’t talk to me,” he grumbled, Yoongi tried his best to keep his eyes on the road and not look at you.

“Ah, forgive me,” you continued to laugh. You suddenly tugged on his shirt, but you knew well that he would keep his eyes on the road. “Yoongi-ah, yeobo, jagiya, please forgive me.”

“Okay just don’t call me any of that ever,” he rolled his eyes and flicked your forehead.

~the gif isn’t mine, credit to the owner!~

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Morning Routines

Okay so this was supposed to be longer and apart of an answer for one of the questions about this au, but I’ve been running on like 4 hours of sleep and I’m beat, so here’s some nice Jinki and his kitty, and Onho bff cuteness. It’s the leading up to Kibum finally meeting Minho for more than just a wave goodbye when he picked Jinki up.

Rest of the au here I hope you enjoy it! about 800 something words ^-^

Even before he opened his eyes he knew where he would findMoon. The gentle rumble against his chest, the cool wet nose pressed to his neck, the soft paws stretched to touch his cheek, and the every so often flick of a tail tip on his arm all told him that his cat had moved from his spot on the bed up onto him. Jinki just softly smiled as his raised his hand to run his fingers through the soft fur. He finally opened his eyes and looked down when he felt Moon rub his head against his neck.

Jinki wanted to just lay in bed and pet his kitty all day, but one glance at the clock told him he needed to get out of bed soon. He gently set Moon on the bed beside him and after softly kissing his little head he made his way into the kitchen. Minho was already sitting there reading the paper with his cup of tea and he smiled warmly when he noticed Jinki shuffling out of the hallway. The older man however needed his coffee before he could even really function, so instead of greeting his best friend he ventured over to the coffee pot where he knew his hot beverage was already waiting for him. Curtesy of Minho of course.

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