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“I told you guys to watch his margarita intake, so really, you people brought this upon yourselves.” You tucked your phone into your back pocket as you approached Niall and Louis. “I hate to say I told you so, but I-” 

“Yeah, yeah. We know, you’re always right. Can you jus’ go in t’ere and deal with him?” Niall snorted, tugging you into the hotel room and pointing to the direction of the couch. “I managed to pry him off of me after about twenty minutes of forced cuddle time.” 

“The more you fight him the tighter he’ll snuggle you.” You clicked your tongue, making your way over to the couch and smiling softly at your clearly drunk boyfriend. He looked like he was asleep, but you really couldn’t tell because he had his sunglasses on… Why did he have his sunglasses on? 

“Harry…” You trailed off, receiving nothing as a response. Maybe he had conked out for the night. Of course, you had spoken too soon because before you knew it, his sunglasses started wiggling up and down, a lazy smile growing on Harry’s face. 

“Oh my god, it’s my girlfriend!” Harry snickered, the arm hanging off the edge of the couch reaching out and wrapping around your thigh. “Tha’s right, you’re my girlfriend…” 

“That’s what he said to me an hour ago! I can’t believe I lost a boyfriend so quickly.” Niall teased, laughing lightly when Harry’s arm jolted causing you to nearly fall forward. 

“C’mon, Harry. Time to get up. I was about to take a bath so you’re lucky I walked down the hall to get you.” You poked his cheek before turning to look at Niall. 

“Will you at least help me- Ow, Harry!” You paused when you felt Harry bite down on your finger, a giggle slipping past his lips afterward. “Will you at least help me carry him back if he doesn’t budge?” 

“I’m way too tired for t’at, Y/N. I’m sure you can manage. You’re a strong girl.” Niall yawned, looking ready to pass out as well. 

“Louis, how about-” Louis had already fallen asleep and was snoozing away looking awfully comfortable on the sofa chair. Obviously, this was going to be a one-woman job. 

“Harry, get up!” You frowned, letting out a huff when Harry chewed on your finger in response. “What can I say to make you get your ass up?” You pushed Harry’s arm off your leg before bending down so that you were face to face with him. “Hm?” 

“Tell me what I wanna hear, baby…” Harry purred, a hand reaching up to pat at your face. 

“You’re gonna have to tell me what you wanna hear. What do you want?” 

“Y’know wha’ yeh haven’t done in a while that I really wan’ you t’ do?” Harry perked up, lowering his sunglasses until they were on the tip of his nose. 

“What’s that?” 

“Wan’ you t’ ride my-” 

Hey! Okay, okay. We don’t- You don’t have to finish that sentence.” You clamped a hand over Harry’s mouth, looking over your shoulder to see if Niall was still in the room. (He was. But he was on his phone, so maybe he didn’t hear.) 

“Oh, please, Y/N? Yeh haven’t done it in so long and- and a man needs to be dominated once in a while, you feel?” Harry hiccuped, flopping back down on the couch before pouting at you. “I’m not leavin’ till you agree.” 

“Harry- I- You can’t blackmail me into-” Again, you glanced over your shoulder before turning back and leaning closer to Harry. “You can’t blackmail me into bloody riding you.” 

“I know yeh wan’ to, though. Cos you can’t get enough of my dic-” 

“For cryin’ out loud, Y/N. Give t’e man what he wants!” You jumped when Niall spoke up from behind you, your cheeks growing red as you got up from your knees. For the record, it had been a while since you… You know. And the idea of… you know… sounded kind of nice? 

Fine! But he’s not getting up anytime soon so it’s not going to be happening-”

“No, no! I’m walking, I’m going.” Harry hiccuped, pushing himself off the couch before stumbling towards the door but not before turning and shooting finger guns in your direction. “You’re gonna get it t’night, love. Jus’ wait and see.” He hummed, leaning against the frame of the door with a wide grin. 

“Alright, Ni. I’ll see you in the morning. Make sure Louis gets into bed.” You patted the top of Louis’ head gently before turning to walk towards Harry, only to realize he had fallen asleep in the span of twenty seconds. 

Looks like you weren’t going to get it tonight, after all.


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Title: Into Focus
Character: Peter Parker
A/n: I really hope we get to see more of the photographer aspect of Peter’s character in later movies.

“Do you have any idea what you’d want for your birthday?” You asked Peter as the two of you made the usual walk home from school.

Peter shook his head. “I already told you that you really don’t have to get me anything, just make a card or something.”

“Don’t be so lame, of course I’m getting you a present,” You said, lightly elbowing him. “So, come on, help make my job easier.”

Peter made a zipping motion across his lips. “Nope.


“Ned, can you help me out with something?” You asked, balancing your phone between your jaw and shoulder as you scrolled through various shopping sites on your computer.

“Look, if it’s about the English homework, I don’t really get it much either.”

You chucked. “No, I got that done an hour ago. But I need help picking out a gift for Peter.”

“Oh, okay. What do you have down so far?”

You went through your short list of things you had bookmarked, all of which were met with noises of disagreeance.

“Eh, I’m not really liking any of them so far. What else do you have?”

You sighed, leaning foward to rest your head on your arms. “That’s all of it.”

“Well, looks like we have a lot of work to do before Pete’s birthday.”

Your head shot up. “You mean you’re gonna help me?”

“Of course,” Ned said, but after there was short pause. “But in return, you gotta send me the English homework.”



With Peter’s birthday coming closer, you and Ned spent a lot of your free time trying to narrow down your options for a gift. The two of you had been on every shopping site known to man, but so far you only had a few things picked out, none of which that stood out to you.

“I wanna make this special, I finally have money of my own so I’m actually able to get him something nice.”

Ned glanced over his laptop screen to give you a look. “Oh okay, I get it now.”

“Get what?”

Ned’s smile got wider. “You know.”

“I really don’t.”

“You know..,” He said, waggling his eyebrows. “You having a thing for Peter.”

“Oh come on,” You said, going into full denial mode. “Seriously?”

“Eh, you can deny it all you want. But everyone else notices the doe eyes.”

Your eyebrows shot up. “I do not make doe eyes.”

“Maybe, but Peter does.”



“Hey, do you wanna come over and hang out for a bit?” Peter said, showing up at your locker as you started to shove your things into your backpack. “I can order pizza.”

“Ah man, I would. But me and Ned have to do something.” You told him, trying to give him as little detail as possible.

“Oh, that’s okay. I can just tag along instead?”

“No!” You said, much too quickly. “I-I just mean, it’s kind of a me and him thing, y'know?”

Peter didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to tell you that. “Yeah, yeah. It’s fine, don’t even worry about it.”

“You’re a doll,” You told him, giving his shoulder a punch. “But we’ll hang out soon, okay?”

Peter didn’t even have time to reply before you took off down the hall.

That was incredibly weird, even for you.

But he was interested in what the two of you were doing. Most of the time, all of you hung out as a collective group. There was the off occasion when Peter would invite you over, but that was more because Aunt May liked having you over for dinner every now and then.

Peter just wasn’t under the impression that you and Ned were that close.


“So, are you free tonight to come over? Aunt May’s making in dinner and wanted me to ask you.” Peter said, once again at your locker after the school day ended.

Just as you were about to answer, Peter could see walking up from the opposite end of the hallway.

“Sorry, Pete. Ned and I are doing something.”

“Again?” Peter couldn’t help but feel a little irritated at this point. The two of you had been running off almost everyday for the past week, and each time he was left out of the circle. He’d try and work his way into tagging along, but you were dead set on Peter not being where you two went.

“Yeah, but I’ll stop by tomorrow, okay?” You said, giving him a smile before catching up with Ned.

Peter’s brows furrowed together. What were the two of you doing?


You looked proudly down at Peter’s present, you had spent the night trying to figure out how to wrap it in the most neat way possible. You had even gone out to buy some fancy ribbon to place around the whole thing.

It had taken some time, but you and Ned finally came up with the perfect idea for a gift for Peter, and you were quite happy with it.

Carefully placing the present into your bag, you left a small note on the kitchen counter for your parents to read so they knew where you’d gone.

You practically sprinted the whole way to Peter’s apartment complex, coming up to the door and knocking rapidly.

Peter was the one who answered, and you instantly pulled him into a hug. “Happy Birthday!”

You had caught him off guard, half because you actually showed up and the other half because of the sudden hug.

“Thank you,” He said with a laugh, returning it before showing you inside. “I’m surprised you made it.”

“Of course I’d make it, what do you mean?”

“Just like, the whole thing with running off with Ned, like every day for the past week.” Peter explained, trying to say it in the least bitter way possible.

“Oh no,” You said, reaching around to pull his gift from your bag. “He was just helping me pick this out for you.”

Peter slowly took it from you. “You didn’t have to.”

“Yeah, but I did,” You said, practically bouncing from excitement. “Open it!”

Peter laughed, starting to undo all the nice wrapping. “Oh wow,” He said quietly once he could see enough of the box to know what it was.

Peter looked up at with wide eyes. “Oh wow.” He said, flipping open the box and pulled out a camera.

You gave him a broad smile. “Do you like it?” You asked him, setting the box on the sofa while you moved to stand beside him. "It’s not very fancy, but I thought it was perfect to start out with.”

“No, No.” Peter said, carefully flipping it over as he examined it. “It’s perfect.”

“Good, took Ned and I days to decide on what to get you. You’ll get his present later though.”

“How much was it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” You said with a cheeky smile before pulling him to the fire escape. “Come on, let’s try it out!”

It was late into the afternoon, so the sky had already begun to shift into various shades of pink and oranges. “This is a great view, give it a whirl.” You encouraged.

Peter brought up the camera to his eyes, taking a second to get used to the features before the skyline came into focus.

He was just about to press the button when he glanced over at you and saw the pure expression of happiness etched across your face as you had all of your focus on the city.

Peter found himself aiming the picture at you instead, and that was when he took it.

“Did you get it? How does it look?” You asked him, still keeping your gaze outward.

Peter pulled the camera down and smiled at you. “Perfect.”

So I’ve been sitting on this one for a while but thanks to @marveliskindacool and @imagine-that-marvel I’m feeling a lot better about uploading it. @lost-in-my-arms, sorry - I couldn’t follow the request explicitly but I hope the fic is still enjoyable nonetheless. Be brutal with your feedback - though you should know there is a part 2. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: the reader, who’s a new Avenger, has the same powers (and name, and costume, maybe) as Daredevil, being blind and all, knows when someone is lying; is great fighting (everyone) Pietro, since she can pinpoint where he is even when running. Cracks jokes about being blind all the time. This sort of stuff. Maybe something romantic with Bucky, or Pietro?

‘More Than Meets The Eye’

Pietro sighed. The coffee shop was buzzing. Perhaps in a novella such an atmosphere would incite excitement. However, all Pietro wanted to do was sit, rest his feet, and drink his coffee. You’d have thought it would be simple.

Just as he was beginning to think that he might have to take his drink elsewhere, he spotted an empty seat in the corner of the room, near a partially empty table. In such a crowded room, using his speed never ended well so he fought his way to the table patiently. It wouldn’t have bothered him so much if he wasn’t wary of the fact that there would be other patrons searching for a place to sit and this seemed to be the last available space.

Unfortunately, on account of his hopes being so high, they fell all the harder when a well-built gentleman arrived, seemingly out of nowhere, and fell into the chair. The polished wood groaned under the weight, and Pietro groaned under his breath – or so he had thought. The man turned and met his gaze with ferocity.

“You got a problem?” He asked, pulling out his newspaper and unfolding it to make a point. This guy was not going anywhere. Before Pietro could begin to speak, somebody appeared at his side and placed their hand in the crook of his arm.

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Requested imagine -

You had just got back from an award show and you were exhausted. Like completely exhausted.

You had been feeling sick all night, the lights and the pressure around you had not done anything to help the headache you had been fighting all day.

You were the assistant to One Direction’s manager, and as she was back in London making last minute plans for their next tour you had been given the job of making sure that all the boys did what they had to at the award show.

It wasn’t a hard job. You got on well with all the boys, they were your best friends in the world, especially after being on tour with them for the last two years, so it was never not a good night when you actually got to go to an event with them. You were in charge of making sure they were all dressed and presented nicely, and had to keep a good eye on them so they made good decisions, but they weren’t stupid, and they’d done these things a hundred times, so you didn’t really have to worry.

It had just been a little awkward with Harry lately. At the end of the last tour you two had been getting close and you were starting to have real feelings for him. However you knew what he did and who he was so you didn’t put your hopes up. You were realistic. You knew he probably wouldn’t be interested in a manager’s assistant, so you distanced yourself.

You had a little break after the tour but now you were back with the boys.

He had confronted you about it earlier in the week when you met up again, saying that he felt you were giving him the cold shoulder.

You swear you could see the hurt in his eyes as he spoke.

Maybe you were wrong about him not being interested?

So the night had finally come to a close and you’ve all gone back to Louis’ home to rest for the night. You were currently in LA and Louis was the only one who had managed to secure a house, the other boys preferring to live in London, so the decision was made that you could all crash there for a few days before having to head back to the UK for the start of tour.

The plan earlier was to head to Louis to change and then head out again to go to an after party, but the thought made you feel even more sick than you were before. You were coming down from the high of the event and it was hitting you hard. There was no way you’d be able to go out again.

The five of you headed into Louis main living room and you looked straight towards the couch. You just wanted to collapse on it.

“Alright guys quick change and we’re out of here! Wanna go party like its 1999!” Liam proclaimed, heading quickly to one of the spare bedrooms that he had claimed for himself for the next few days. Niall nodded and headed in a similar direction. You observed Louis heading upstairs to his own bedroom.  

You on the other hand went and sat directly on the couch, holding your pounding head in your hands. Harry noticed your statue and sat next to you, placing a soft hand on the top of your back, rubbing gently.

“You ok?” He asked, the concern evident in his voice.

“Not really,” you laughed sarcastically, trying to laugh off how bad you were actually feeling. You slightly shrugged Harry off your back.

“Can I do anything to help? It’s your head isn’t it? I always used to get headaches after these stupid award shows?” He said, a lightness to his voice.

You just didn’t really want to be around Harry right now. Not only was your head pounding but your feelings for Harry were right at the surface of your mind again now that he was back in your life and you just didn’t want to deal with the rejection.

“I’m fine Harry, Just go get ready to go out with the boys, I might skip this one tonight.” you shrugged him off completely and moved away slightly, shifting further down the couch.

Harry huffed under his breath. “Can you not do that?” he said, shifting his body towards you.

“Do what?” you huffed back. You were frustrated with how you were feeling and the situation with Harry.

“Shrug me off like that,” he proclaimed. “You know I care about you and I just wanna make sure you’re okay.”

You looked up at him and saw his eyes wide with concern and confusion. You felt bad. You didn’t want to shrug him off, you just didn’t want to fall into the pit of feelings that was starting to develop again.

“I know Harry I just don’t want to deal with this right now.” you said putting your hand through your hair and resting your head on the back of the couch.

Harry looked confused. “Deal with what?”

“You Harry. I just can’t deal with you coming over here and saying that you care about me and making me have feelings for you when-”

He grabbed onto your arm and interrupted you. “Wait. Wait. You have feelings for me?”

You went pale for a moment. Paler than you had been a moment ago. You weren’t meant to confess your feelings to him so bluntly. Now you felt like an idiot.

“Harry just forget about it.”

He shifted closer to you. “I can’t just forget about something like that. I’ve been waiting two bloody years for you to say those words.”

Your head rose from the back of the couch and you looked at Harry. “Really?”

“Yes Y/N. I’ve had feelings for you for as long as I can remember. You pushing me away was breaking my heart.”

You felt guilty. “I’m sorry. I was pushing away because I didn’t want to get rejected it was easier for me to just move away slowly.

Harry placed a hand on your cheek. “You’re so silly.” He chuckled.

The next thing you knew you are being pulled into him arms, your head nuzzled under his chin.

“You know what? I think I might stay here tonight too. Don’t really feel like going out,” Harry said, putting his arms tighter around your waist.

You cuddled in closer to his chest. “That sounds good.”

He chuckled.

Moments later you were fast asleep. Harry reached over grabbing the TV remote so he could settle for the next few hours. There was no way he was moving.

Louis came in from upstairs and saw the sight in front of him. He caught Harry’s eyesight and laughed to himself . “Fucking Finally,” he said to Harry.

Harry chuckled. “Shut up.”

When the boys were finally completely ready they came back into the living room, awing at the sight. Liam gave Harry a thumbs-up and Niall gave him a small smile, knowing how much this moment meant to Harry.

Niall and Liam were respectful of you sleeping and crept out the door with Louis in toe. They knew how sick you had been feeling all day, saw how much you were struggling all through the night, and wanted you to get some rest.

Before completely leaving, Niall secretly took a few shots of the two of you on his phone, knowing Harry would appreciate them at a later time.

The boys shut the door behind them and headed down to the waiting car.

“Fucking finally,” said Liam.

“That’s what I said!” Louis proclaimed.

The three boys laughed to themselves.

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Winter Soldier x fem!reader

Warnings: swear words, some aggression, unconsented touching while reader is sleeping

Summary: reader and winter soldier are partners for Hydra and are on a mission, creepy guys that is helping them gets creepy with reader

Note: I’m not good at summaries so extra info- unconsented touching isn’t descriptive, reader calls Bucky “Winter” bc she doesn’t know his real identity either


Winter’s POV

Sleep left me vulnerable so I didn’t do it much. That wasn’t a problem for me, I don’t usually enjoy my time in the unconscious state anyways. Random scenes always play out that usually aren’t pleasurable to watch and leave me in a worse state than before I fell asleep. Besides, sleeping wasn’t my job. Completing the mission was my job, along with protecting (Y/N) who was sleeping beside me right now. Wrapped in the thin blanket on the squeaky motel bed, she had her head resting on the pillow next to my right arm with her hands pulled tightly against her chest as she peacefully slept. Hearing her relaxed breathing and seeing the slow rise and fall of her chest took me out of my normally alert state and relaxed me. Usually I never come in contact with a bed, but (Y/N) didn’t feel safe sleeping alone since our intel guy was staying in the same room as us. I had already seen him a few times get a little too close for comfort with her, so I listened to her pleas and agreed to stay beside her while she slept. I didn’t mind it anyways. I could keep a closer eye on her, and I liked being the one she came to for comfort. I had kept my eyes on our intel guy for most of the night but being in my relaxed state, my eyes started getting heavier and I felt myself starting to drift off beside (Y/N)’s warm body. Intel guy had fallen asleep about an hour ago in his own bed, so I allowed myself to get some, probably much needed, rest. As time seemed to pass slower in my hazy state, I heard what sounded like heavy breathing and low moans and then felt a dip in the bed from (Y/N)’s side. Worried she might be hurt, I opened my eyes and looked at her, only to see the intel guy with his hand under her shirt while she still slept. Feeling the anger boiling in me, I pushed myself up off the bed and grabbed the guy by his shirt, slamming him into the nearby wall.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I growled lowly at the trembling man. He clearly didn’t think he was going to be caught in the middle of feeling up (Y/N). After he answered with a string of stutters, I wrapped my metal arm tightly around his throat.

“You’re not a necessity to this mission, so you better have a better answer than that or else nothing is stopping me from crushing your throat right now.” As he stared with wide eyes, I heard (Y/N)’s small voice from behind me.

“Winter? Winter, what’s going on?” I turned around and saw her rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she pulled the blanket off of herself. Momentarily distracting me from my previous threat, seeing her only ignited my anger even more as I replayed him trying to take advantage of her while she was in such a vulnerable state.

Tightening my grip on his throat, I turned back around to the pervert, “I don’t know, would you like to explain why you had your hand up her shirt?” I enjoyed watching him struggle for air as I pressed harder and harder on his throat. I then felt a hand on my back as (Y/N) told me to let go of him.

“Winter, if you kill him, the mission is going to take longer, and you know our handlers won’t be happy about that. Just put him down. He’s not worth the consequences.” I thought that he was worth the punishment I would surely receive for killing him, but a tug on my arm from (Y/N) convinced me to let go of him. As he dropped to the floor, gasping and coughing for air, I grabbed him by the arm and harshly pulled him into the bathroom that was on the other side of the room.

Throwing him into the cramped, dingy room, I grabbed his face and forced him to look at me, “If I ever catch you doing that shit again, you’re going to wish I had killed you just now.” Getting up, I gave him a hard blow to the jaw with my metal appendage, effectively knocking him out. I closed the door and returned to the bed (Y/N) and I were previously sleeping in. She watched me nervously as I sat on the bed in an upright position with my back against the headboard. I motioned at her with my head to come closer, which she did quickly. When she got close enough, I grabbed her arm, tugging her on top of me and pulled the thin blanket over us. I pulled her tightly to me as she laid her head on my chest and wrapped her arms around my torso. With her slowly falling back into a slumber in my arms, I stayed up the rest of the night making sure I was there if anything happened again.


A/N- fuck its been a hot second since the last time i wrote. update i survived junior year and im now a senior in high school

Request: Reader and Chibs are moving in together, and reader wants a kitten. Chibs decides they can get a kitten but only if he can name it.

I added some background to the couple. Hope you guys love it! 


“Look at him, he’s cute,” your friend said to you, pointing to an older guy with gray hair. You caught his eye just as you looked in his direction, earning a wink from him. Your friend had invited you to one of SAMCRO’s parties, and you of course said yes, wanting to know what the SOA were all about.

Your friend nudged you, “You gotta go talk to him now!” You shook your head as you walked over to him, purposely swaying your hips a little more than usual.

He nodded at you, “Hello lass.” You noticed his thick Scottish accent right away and accepted the beer he offered to you.

“I like a man with an accent. I’m sure you hear that all the time though,” you told him, to which he nodded.

“Aye I do, but never from someone like ya,” he responded, taking a swig of the beer he had in his hand.

You laughed, “Someone like me?”

He shrugged, “You’re a fine lass, I must admit.”

“And I’ve never been called that by, well, anyone,” you said, laughing as he joined in. This was the beginning of the relationship between you and Chibs. From that point on, you guys spent as much time as you could together.


*Three Years Later*

“I don’t like ye being so far away,” Chibs said, referring to the apartment you were renting just outside of Charming city limits.

You rolled your eyes, “We have had this conversation so many times, Filip. I can’t have it anymore. It’s what I can afford, and It’s reasonable.”

“Aye, I get that lass, but I could help you with rent if you wanted to move closer,” he suggested, wrapping his arms around you from behind and nuzzling his face in your hair.

You placed your hands over his hands which were on your stomach, “You don’t need to do that, I’m fine here. Plus, that would put you paying two rents.”

“Or it could be just one,” he told you, spinning you around to face him.

Instinctively wrapping your arms around his neck, you kissed him before speaking, “How?”

He shrugged, “Let’s move in together.”

You smiled big, “you mean that?”

He laughed, “Aye lass, I would not say it if I didna mean it.”

You squealed, grabbing him in a huge hug, “I love you.”

He kissed you again, “I love you too, lass. I love you too.”

*A few days later*

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeee,” you begged him, grabbing onto his arm as he tried to walk away from you.

“No, Y/N, I do not want a kitten in our house,” he argued.

You scoffed, “cats are the easiest animals to take care of babe, just come look at one with me! If you see them and still say no, I’ll stop,” you bargained, smiling as you saw him considering it.

He sighed, rolling his eyes, “Fine.” You kissed him on the cheek before jumping on the back of his bike preparing to ride to the pet store.

When you guys arrived, you all but ran into the pet store with Chibs dragging in behind you. “Look babe,” you told him, handing him a kitten you had already fallen in love with. You smiled as he patted the kitten. “Okay,” he said, “we can get him on one condition.”

You nodded your head, “Anything.”

“I get to name him,” Chibs told you, laughing at your upset face.

You crossed your arms, “Fine, but you better make it good.”

“Y/N,” he said, holding the cat out to you, “Meet Seamus.”

A Dream Come True ~ part 3

part two here!

My first attempt at a RPF! I love Norman, but am nowhere near an expert on him, like I am with Jeffrey. 😜 So excuse my writing of him.  Also, let’s pretend that Jeffrey and Norman are single, no SO’s, no ties.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader x Norman Reedus

Word count ~ 2800

Warnings- NSFW, includes double penetration

Tags~ @stileswolfi @magikat409 @jasoncrouse @nothin-after-79 @magpiegirl80  @omgitss0y @binegan @metal-xo @mypopculturediva @angelofthenite @hotfornegan @a-queen-and-her-throne @mwesterfeld1985

  As tired as I felt, my muscles like jello, I wanted more. Needed more. I hadn’t a clue what would come next, but was excited. And more than ready.

 I was now lying between both men, and I never felt more at home. Norman’s fingers stroking my hair. Jeffrey rubbing my arm softly. I could almost fall asleep. But my mind was still reeling with what was to come.

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Gibbs’ Confession

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Gibb’s Confession

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 979

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @whatsamollie! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Gibbs closed your case report, glancing over at your empty desk.  Another thorough report that showed your dedication and love for this job.  He was never disappointed with your reports. There was never a time where Gibbs had to ask you to redo your report.  You always did exactly what he asked.

The day you joined his team, Gibbs found himself wanting to get closer to you.  He even made you his partner so that he could spend more time with you.  It was how he got closer to you when you first joined the team.  

He couldn’t deny the instant attraction that he felt towards you.  Every time he wanted to tell you about his feelings, he reluctantly stopped himself.  The only thing that stopped him was your age.  You were much younger than him and he wanted you to find love that would last a long time.  He wanted you to be happy, even if it wasn’t with him.

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The Hottest Tennis Coach

Word Count: 704

College Professors: 1 of 7

Starting today you were a tennis player. Well. Not exactly. You were starting to play tennis, but you didn’t really know how to play. In fact you didn’t even know how to hit the ball correctly but you decided to go practice at your college’s public tennis courts. You grabbed your gear and headed to the courts. Once you arrived you noticed that there was only two other people there. The tennis coach, AKA the hottest coach you have ever met! Aaannnd another boy from the tennis team. This hotty coach may or may not have been the entire reason you wanted to play tennis, but your plan was to keep that on the down low. You decided to keep your distance from these two seasoned players as to not embarrass yourself. You played one of the green walls as you practiced returning the ball over and over without hitting it over the wall. You were getting a rhythm when all of a sudden you hit the ball really hard and it came back straight at your face and it pegged you right in the forehead. You fell back onto the red payment while holding your head. You heard a pair of feet heading towards you and when you looked up you were met with a pair of sultry eyes that drew you in instantly. You knew that Coach park had just seen you completely fail at playing tennis and you weren’t even playing a real person. The pain in your head and the embarrassment began to make you tear up. “Hey it’s OK you don’t have to cry, come on I’ll take you to the nurses office and we can get some ice to put on your head, it’s OK.” Jimin said while pulling you into a hug as he began to pick you up. “No, it’s fine, really, I’m OK.” You said still sniffling. He pulled your chin so that you were facing him. He then moved your bangs out of the way to look at the injury on your forehead. “Yup, you hit yourself pretty hard!” He said while giggling. “Are you one of the new players, well, I mean, obviously, but…” He trailed off “Wait I know you, you’re (Y/N). I’ve been waiting to meet you!” He said excitedly. You looked at him confused slowly backing up from his grip. “Why exactly, I’m not anything special, especially when it comes to sports, well I mean, you saw.” You said while nodding toward the wall. “Well I’ve seen you around campus and I’ve just wanted to meet you, you can call me Jimin if you’d like.” Wait, what? Coach Park, uhh, Jimin, the hottest man you be able seen, has been wanting to meet you. The clumsy, trippy, un-athletic mess that you were. Well that was a turn of events. “So what do you say?” Jimin questioned. You didn’t quite hear him because of your mini freak out so you just blurted out “Sure.” He looked at you happily, “Ok let’s start then! Here’s your racket, and this is how you hit.” So you had just apparently agreed to personal tennis lessons from Jimin himself. Sweet! Jimin stepped closer to you and named his arms around you holding your hands over your racket and began demonstrating how to properly hit the ball. He rested his head on your shoulder while he spoke, and you couldn’t help but to get giddy. Then you realized something was poking you in the big. You turned around to question Jimin on what was in his pocket when you glanced down and then made eye contact again. “Sorry, I just got excited, but if you want, we can end practice early, and had to my office?” He said while smirking and biting his bottom lip, while he pulled you closer. “Well…um…I…uh…umm.” You stuttered avoiding his sultry eyes, until he pulled your face to meet his and planted a very passionate kiss right on your lips, causing you to gasp and drop your racket. You were completely side on your next words. “Then let’s go Mr. Park, or should I say Jimin, I mean, unless you’ve changed your mind.” You said pulling him playfully towards his office.

130. You have ten minutes, so make it quick.

Chris Evans x Reader
Requested by anon.


130. You have ten minutes, so make it quick.

Chris Evans x Reader
Requested by anon.


There he was, standing right before you with his hands deep in his pockets and his eyes locked on yours.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You loudly whispered, stepping out of the hotel room.

“I-I just I needed to talk to you.” He muttered.

You looked back into the room, before meeting his gaze once again.
“You have ten minutes, so make it quick.”

Chris took in a deep breath, his stomach churning. This was it, there was no turning back now.

As he took a step closer to you, he exhaled. “I love you.”

Your eyebrows furrowed as you widened your eyes. “W-what?”

“I tried not to be, but nothing worked. I love you Y/N.”

Different emotions roamed through you as you held his gaze. This had to be a dream, right?

“Chris, I-I’m getting married tomorrow” you hesitated. “A-and you’re with Jenny! I mean, why are you telling me this now!?”

His lips dropped and suddenly he felt guilt wash over. “I wasn’t going to tell you, but seeing you tonight, i don’t know, it scared me.”

“Scared you? Why?”

“Because the thought of losing you to another guy kills me.” He blurted out.

(Dean x Reader)

You step into the kitchen of the bunker, and set the grocery bags on the table. You had decided to bake Dean a pie for his birthday. The boys will be back from their hunt any moment now, so you need to get moving. You take the ingredients out of the bags and set them on the counter. You then take out a cutting board, and you start chopping up the pecans. After adding the eggs and sugar, you hear Sam’s and Dean’s voices. Being in the kitchen, you hadn’t even heard them come in the bunker. As they got closer, you couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.
“I’m just going by what I see Dean,” you hear Sam say, “and I see the way you look at her.”
“What are you, my shrink?” Dean responds.
“Look man, I’m just saying, I haven’t seen you this happy in along time. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy. You finally found a woman you could settle down with, someone who’s in the life.”
“How about you drop it, Sam.”
   Your hands stop in mid-air, batter from the pecan mixture dripping into the bowl. You try to wrap your head around everything you just heard.You’ve always held a torch for Dean, and the thought of him holding one for you, gives you a small spark of hope. You don’t hear Dean respond, so you suspect he went to his room or something. You start pouring the concoction into the pie crust, and you don’t notice Dean standing in the doorway. His eyes follow you as you put the pie in the oven, and wash your hands. After you clear off the counter, you notice him. He’s leaning against the door frame, with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. Your heart practically jumps out of your chest.
“How long have you been standing there?” You ask
“Not long enough.” He stands up straight and walks towards you, stopping at the counter where you’re standing. “What are you baking? It smells good.”
You look at him and fake nonchalance. “A pecan pie.”
The incredulous look on his makes you smile. “Pie?”
“It’s your birthday isn’t it? I had to make your favorite pie.”
Dean steps closer, you can almost hear the steady beating of his heart, making your own beat faster. “I didn’t know you could cook.” He says in a low voice. You look up at him and smirk. “There are a lot of things you don’t know about me, Dean Winchester.”
     He looks down at you, his green eyes looking deep into yours. “Yeah, I’ll bet.” He picks you up and sits you on the counter, standing in between your legs. You know what’s going to happen now, and you welcome it. Dean leans in and presses his lips to yours. His lips are warm, and you love the feel of them. You put a hand on each side of face, the stubble on his jawline scratching your fingers. He puts his hands on your hips, and slips his tongue into your mouth, intensifying the kiss. A warmth floods through you, and you put your arms around Dean’s neck, pulling him even closer. After another minute, you pull back, needing air. Dean’s chest rises and falls against yours. You look into his eyes. “I’ve been waiting a long time for you to do that.” You say with a pleased smile. He smiles back at you. “Not as long as I have, sweetheart.” He leans in to kiss you again, when Sam walks in the room and clears his throat. Dean stands back and looks at his brother with annoyance. “Really, Sam?”
Sam gives Dean his classic bitchface. “Hey, I was coming to the kitchen to get a beer. After all, this is where we eat.”
You cover your mouth to hide a chuckle, and hop off the counter. “I, uh, better check on the pie.”
“Pie?” Sam asks
“Yeah.” Dean says with pride. “She made me pie.”
Sam walks over to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of beer. You turn to the oven, and Dean’s arms come around you, pulling you against him. He nestles his face into your neck and kisses it. “Dean, I have to check on the pie.” You try to sound stern, but you can’t stop smiling.
Before Sam leaves the room, he rolls his eyes. “Ugh, Get a room you two.”
You pull at Dean’s arms “Come on, Dean, let go.” You laugh. Dean opens his arms, letting you free. You open the oven slighly, peeking in at the baking dessert. The sweet smell fills your nostrils, and makes your mouth water. “It still has a ways to go.” You turn around and face him. His face turns a little more serious, and he nods his head towards the oven. “That’s why you wanted to stay behind?”
You give a small shrug. “You’ve been having such a hard time with the mark, and I just knew it was something you needed.” He puts a hand to your cheek. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome, Dean.” He opens his arms, and you walk into his embrace. He puts his arms around you, holding you close to him. The rhythmic beating of his heart is soothing, calming every nerve in your body. Dean is the kind of person that loves with actions, not with words. As you stand there in his arms, you don’t need to hear the words I love you, because you can feel them. You pull back so you can look at him without straining your neck. “Happy Birthday, Dean.” You give him a warm smile.
He leans down and gives you a light kiss. “Thank you, darlin.”

we started this blog on july 17th, 2016 and today marks nakamotens’ one year anniversary!! time flies and we feel like we’ve both come so far ;; honestly, when we both started this blog we didn’t think we’d stan nct this much!! the only reason we made a blog together was because we didn’t think we’d be able to commit to running a blog on our own… and look where we are one year later :^)

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Prison World  

                              (Part 1)Kai Parker x Reader

[Kai comes back from Hell but waits until he is completely free from it to go looking for reader , who he has had a relationship before he got sent to Hell.]

* not my gif


A few days before Bonnie locked Kai away in 2018 prison world …

Kai couldn’t believe that he is no longer in Hell. Making that deal with Cade … getting back his life. It felt amazing ! He had been trying to avoid seeing Y/N again because he knew how hurt she’d be if she lost him all over again. Kai had asked Damon about her , how she was … had she moved on. It was one of the things that were torturing him in Hell. The thought she’d forget about him , that she wouldn’t care. He was ready for Damon to tell him that Y/N had moved on… but when Damon said that she is still holding onto the hope that Kai might return someday , Kai couldn’t help but smile.

Taking a deep breath , he walked to her house… hessitating before he rang the bell.
The door opened almost instantly , Y/N wasn’t surprised to see him. She was … mad.
“Hey…”  Kai said , suddenly nervous.
Y/N stared at him , arms crossed.
“Aren’t you going to invite me in ?” he asked hopeful.
She moved away from the door motioning him to enter. “Thanks …” he said turning to face her. Y/N hadn’t said a word to him yet and it was driving him crazy. “Say something , please.” taking a step towards her , taking her hands in his. He could hear her heart starting to beat faster. She didn’t pull away.
“I can’t believe you are here , Kai. I hoped , but never thought it would happen for real … ” she said. Kai swallowed hard. “… but here you are. Three whole days since you got out. Why didn’t you come here sooner ? Do you have any idea - ” her voice raising , almost yelling at him , but Kai wouldn’t let her finish. He knew exactly why she was mad. He also knew what to do to earn her forgiveness. Kai kissed her , Y/N responded instantly. His hands on her waist pulling her closer to him , her hands gently pulling on his hair pulling him closer too.
Kai hadn’t realised until that moment how much he actually missed her , kissing her and touching her.
Y/N’s anger melted away. She couldn’t be mad at him , not really.  
“I missed you so much.” she said smiling , pulling him closer for another kiss.
Kai smiled lifting her up , slowly backing her against the wall. Y/N wrapped her legs around him. None of them could get enough of the other.
“I never want to be parted from you ever again.” Kai whispered to her. Y/N smiled. That’s exactly what she wanted too , right in this instant and forever. “Wherever you go , I’ll go.” she whispered back.
Kai smiled , his eyes glowing with happiness but also with hunger. Same hunger that had tormented him the past 4 years in HELL. Same hunger that had tormented Y/N as well. He whooshed them both upstairs to her bedroom gently letting her down on the bed. He climbed on top of her and kissed her , the kind of kiss that leaves you breathless and waiting for more…

ALTL Part 42

Gif is mine

Title: ALTL Part 42

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer, Castiel, Sam, Dean, Denise (minor OC), Bradley (minor OC Antagonist)

Word Count: 1,362

Warnings: Death of a character, angst

A/N: Will Bradley make it through this chapter? You’ll find out! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 I love you all so much! <3

The masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

Sam went over his plan three times, making sure everyone knew what was going to happen and when it would happen.  You weren’t paying attention to anything Sam was saying.  All you could do was think about how your plan would turn out.  You weren’t sure how well it was going to go, but you were still hoping for the best.

“Alright, let’s get going,” Sam voiced, clapping his hands together.  “[Y/N] I think the angels should ride with you in your car.  We’ll take Denise with us.”

Your eyes shot up, meeting Sam’s.  “That’s fine with me,” you agreed blindly.

“I call shotgun,” Lucifer blurted out.

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Word count: 1784

You get stabbed and die in Kai’s arms

‘You can’t go!’ Kai stated, grabbing onto your arm as he didn’t want to let you go.

‘I just want to see what she wants.’ You replied, trying to get your arm out of his grip but his grip was so tight on you, scared to let you go. It didn’t hurt, it just showed how much he didn’t want to let you go or watch you getting hurt.

‘You know she always has a plan. It’s Katherine we’re talking about here. She always has a backup plan. Even when the first plan fails, she has another one and if that one fails, well, you see where I’m going.’

'Kai, nothing’s going to happen. I’ll be completely fine.’ You said and stepped closer and placed your arms on his arms. You’ve never seen him like this. The concern on his face wasn’t new to you, but the way he was looking at you at that moment was.

'I just don’t want to lose you. You know how much of a support you are to me. You get me through all the tough times.’ Kai muttered, his arms wrapping around your body and pulling your body closer to his, no space between them left. You lifted up your hand to his face and ran your fingers through his hair, locking your eyes with his. A smile shone on your face, his hands carefully and gently placed on your back.

'You’re not gonna lose me. That’s like not even in my plans in the near future. Or ever. Everything will be fine, you’ll see and we still have that date tonight.’ You added as Kai lifted you up, your legs wrapped around his waist. He spun you around, a simple and genuine laugh escaping your body, happiness traveling through your body.

'What, dancing? Of course.’ He said as he let you down on your feet and took you by your hands and made a few steps before he pulled you closer and then leaned you down, his strong arms holding you. 'Wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ He added and then leaned down aswell, his lips meeting yours.

'Now, I really have to go, but I’ll definitely see you in a couple of hours.’ You kissed him again, his arms wrapping around you one more time before you pulled away and walked out of the house. A smile suddenly disappeared from your face, nervousness and fear taking over your body. Meeting Katherine was probably a really bad idea, but maybe she wanted to bury the hatchet between you two. Even though you never fought Katherine in a physhical way because she’s a vampire and you were just a human, she never was one of those people you loved to be around so you fought most of the time. She did tried to kill you, but Kai saved you snd since then he’s worried about you. You understood that perfectly, but you were always optimistic and always thought Kai overreacted when it came to stuff like that. He was even scared to let you walk home alone at night after the movies with Elena. It was kind of annoying, but knowing you had someone who cared about you and always wanted to keep you safe.

You walked to the place Katherine told you and sat on a single bench around, Katherine nowhere to be seen. Street lights were barely shining, just one right next to you and even that one was flickering, creeping you out even more. There was no one around and if you said your heart wasn’t beating like crazy, you would’ve lied because you’ve never been more scared in your life than you were at that moment. Out of nowhere, you saw someone coming towards you as your hands started shaking. You got up and stood at one spot, frozen when Katherine approached you.

'No lover boy this time?’ Katherine asked and titlted her head to one side, grinning at you.

'What do you want Katherine? I think I made it clear that I don’t want to talk or see you anymore. Leave me alone so I can live my own life and-’

'With Kai? Yeah, I heard he became this cute, tamed guy because of you. Too bad. I liked him better when he was ruthless and didn’t care about anyone.’ She stated and walked around you slowly, trailing her hand along your arm and your back.

'What do you even need from me?’ You asked her, not feeling so scared anymore. Courage grew in you as minutes passed. You’ve always been strong and a little bit reckless, rush into trouble, which Kai absolutely hated.

'I don’t need anything from you. I actually can’t come up with anything I would want from you. You’re just a useless and fragile human.’ She trailed off and sat down on the bench behind you, crossing her legs.

'Then what the hell am I even doing here? If you don’t need anything, I’ll just go home because being here is just a waste of my time.’ You said as you wanted to turn around and leave but she grabbed your arm, squeezing it tightly. Your brows furrowed as you winced out in pain, her grip on you getting tighter and tighter. It felt like she was about to break your arm and it looked like that’s exactly what she wanted to do.

'Katherine, stop! You’re hurting me!’ You desperately tried to move her hand from your arm, but unsuccessfully. She came closer, her face only a few inches from yours. She leaned in, her lips against your ear.

'I want Kai. Actually Kai’s help.’ She let you go and sat on the bench again, her gaze strongly focused on you.

'What do you want from Kai?’ At that moment you knew she had something planned.

'I need his help, but, I need the old Kai. You know, the bad Kai who would do anything to get his revenge and Kai who wasn’t in love so… that’s why you’re here. I know Kai will be here any minute because he can’t resist staying away from you and I don’t understand the urge to protect you all the time.’

'I don’t understand.’

'Oh god, of course it’s too complicated for you. What I wanted to say was you’re in the way. Kai is weak because of you and I need him because he can do what I want. He can do magic but what I need is something really remorseless and the only way he would accept it is if I take away the only person he loves and cares about.’ You swallowed hard and took a few steps back, trying to get away from her. Running wasn’t an option at all because she would catch you in a second. She quickly got up and grabbed your arm again. Your eyes started watering, your breathing turned fast and shallow.

'Please don’t hurt me.’ You begged her, her grip firm on your arm.

'Oh look. She’s cying. You know that won’t help you at all. Nothing can help you right now.’ She smiled and looked behind you for a second. A grin appeared on her face before she locked her eyes with yours and then stabbed you with a knife, leaving it in your body as she ran away from you, your body hitting the cold and damp street. You heard a scream behind you but were unable to look, your head hitting the floor.

'No, no! You can’t, no!’ You heard a male voice, immediately realizing it was Kai. He lifted your upper body up a little bit on his lap, his hand supporting your head.

'Kai’ you said, your voice barely audible, Kai’s eyes filled with tears.

'Shhh, you’re gonna be ok. I know that. You’re gonna be fine.’ He looked down at your wound and then back at you, his hand gently caressing your hair. His hands were shaking like never before, panic obvious on his face.

'I'm… I wanna tell you something.’ You whispered, a weak smile appearing on your pale face.

'No, no, you’re not leaving me.’ He said desperately, his arms pressing you closer to his body.

'I love you. Don’t ever forget that and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it. You are and don’t ever let them tell you otherwise.’ Kai closed his eyes as tears rolled down his cheeks.

'You can’t leave me, I can’t do this without you.’

'You can but promise me something.’ You coughed, blood visible on your lips. You felt your body getting weaker with each second, but you weren’t ready to let go. You weren’t ready to say goodbye to Kai, your only true love. There were no words that could explain how much you loved him, his jokes, the weird things he always did when you two were alone.

'Anything, tell me.’ He muttered, his voice shaky.

'Promise me you won’t do anything reckless and promise me you won’t forget me. Don’t forget how much I love you.’

'I promise. I promise you, I do, but you can’t leave me now.’

'I have to.’ You whispered, your eyelids getting heavier and you breathing turning weaker.

'You can’t because, you owe me a dance, remember?  Just the two of us.’ He trailed off and moved a small lock of hair from your face.

'I didn’t forget, but we’re gonna have to do it some other time.’ You smiled at him and heavily lifted your hand up to his face, your hand resting on his cheek softly as you caressed his cheek with you thumb.

'No, please.’

'I love you, Kai.’ You whispered and smiled at him, looking at him for the last time. You slowly let go, your hand falling down on your body from his cheek, your body resting in Kai’s arms.

'No!’ Kai screamed out as he brought your body close to his chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly, not wanting to let you go. Tears were streaming down his face, his body feeling as if he was tearing apart. He looked at you and kissed your cold lips for the last time, his hand closing your eyes.

'I love you.’ He whispered and gave you a kiss on the cheek, his whole body shaking. He never thought he would have to let you go in this way or any way. You were his true love and he was yours. He loved you with all his heart and soul, loving everything about you and losing you was the hardest moment he had to go through in his life, but he had to let you go, knowing he was loved by you.

Past Loves

Summary: Although the reader now hunts with Sam and Dean, they weren’t the first brothers to introduce her to the supernatural. Salvatore is just as much a meaningful last name as Winchester to the reader. The past is brought up when a trip to Mystic Falls leads the reader to run into her past love, Damon. Let’s just say Damon is perfect at making Dean jealous. 

Word count: 2818

Author’s Note: I love the vampire diaries and Damon just demands to be written. If you guys are fans too I think I’m going to start writing TVD imagines too! 

The Winchesters hadn’t been the brothers to introduce you to the supernatural, but they were your family now. As it always went, you’d had a life before you’d met them. You’d never really talked about your past life, Sam knew certain things. Keeping your past life hidden, meant keeping a past love hidden, Damon Salvatore.

You didn’t know where to begin when it came to Damon, he’d helped you through so much. The reason you’d kept him somewhat of a secret was because your current feelings for Dean. You knew how Damon was, and if he knew you were hopelessly in love but too shy to do anything he’d intervene.

The problem was that your current case called for a trip to Mystic Falls. You were sitting at the table with Sam as Dean was making coffee. Sam spoke up, “So (y/n) is today the day we meet the infamous Da-”. Sam knew you were head over heels for Dean, and he was totally up to something. You cut him off, “Maybe if you stay alive to actually work on the case today”.

Dean didn’t miss anything, “Who are we talking about?”. You sent daggers at Sam, “Oh uh no one”. You hoped Dean would just give up, he had his own past love affairs, so many in fact that why would he even care about yours? Sam continued regardless of your glares, “Not just anyone from what you’ve told me (y/n)…”.

You choked on your coffee and Dean raised an eyebrow. You blushed, “You guys aren’t the only two that have past loves”. Sam smirked at watching Dean’s reaction as he questioningly asked, “Past loves?”. Blushing you got up from the table, too confused as to why Dean cared so much when he never made a real move.

Sam smiled, “Well guys let’s get on the road today should be fun!”. He was loving Dean being jealous because he knew his brother just needed a push to really accept how he felt. You were Sam’s best friend, and if anyone were to be with his brother it should be you. Everything was packed and within a half hour you were on the road.

The ride included Sam hinting at your past and Dean getting jealous. You didn’t understand how he was so jealous because on every hunt you ran into someone Dean had known on a…more personal level…so why wasn’t it okay for you? Regardless his emotions were getting the best of him.

Finally the impala pulled into Mystic Falls and you lead the boys to , “The Mystic Grill” because you knew burgers and beer would lighten the mood. You were sat down at a table and when the waiter came to take your drinks she said, “The man at the bar ordered you this shot, said he remembers how you like it”.

You smiled and rolled your eyes, this had Damon all over it. You looked to the bar and there he was, smirking raising his drink. Dean spoke up, “Little early for a shot-”, but you were already gone from the table. Walking over to the bar you took him in, sexy as ever but then again he didn’t age.

Damon smiled, “So (y/n) I can’t tell if you miss me and that’s why you’re here or if I’ve been replaced”. He looked to Sam and Dean and you smiled. You hugged him, “Damon no one could replace you”. For a second he pretended to be the carless wild Damon many knew him as, but he soon melted into the hug and held you tight.

He whispered in your ear, “Next time don’t go so long without calling”. When the hug ended you explained yourself, “ Life has been so crazy I’m sorry”. He raised his shoulders telling you that all was forgiven, then he grabbed your hand and made you do a slow spin. He clicked his tongue, “Hmm hmm hmm, time does you well”.

Before you could speak he raised an eyebrow, “Okay why is the shorter lumber jack giving me a death glare right now?”. He must’ve been talking about Dean, and you had to admit it was a funny description. You decided to take the shot before explaining but he knew you too well.

Damon let out a sigh, “You’re in love huh? Please don’t tell me-”. You shook your head, “Damon he’s just too good for me, and he doesn’t seem to care, so I’ve kept my feelings quiet”. Damon got that look in his eyes, the classic “I’m about to put things in motion” look.

He raised his eyebrows, “Doesn’t care, if I’m hearing correctly short lumberjack is asking tall lumberjack just who the hell I am and why I’m all over you…I can work with jealousy”. Damon was a vampire which meant super hearing, and you had to trust what he said.

You put up a finger, “Damon no, do not-”. Too late, he’d set his mind on something. He compelled the waiter to give you another round of shots, alcohol would make things interesting. Smirking evilly he asked, “Never too early for a body shot right?”. Before you could object the bartender was back with salt, lime, and tequila.

Rolling his eyes he said, “ Come on, he’s jealous and he should be. You’re too good to wait around for something, I’m showing him what he’s missing”. You hated to admit it but he was right, and Dean deserved a taste of his own medicine. You smiled, “ You’re right, but don’t go falling in love with me again”.

You both started to laugh, “Same goes to you (y/n), but we should make this look real”. Damon placed the salt up your next and you happily took the lime between your lips. He pouted, “Missing something” and before you knew it the shot was placed between your breasts. Your mouth opened but you laughed, this was classic Damon.

Damon took down the shot and winked at you. His tongue slowly licked up your neck and to add effect he sucked a little, of course leaving a mark. He whispered in your ear, “Oh this is funn”. His lips soon met yours as he took the lime in his own mouth. When it was over he licked his lips, “My work here is done, the dynamic duo is walking our way as we speak”.

Dean was the first to speak, “Let me guess this is Damon”. Before getting up to greet Dean he took his thumb and wiped the lime juice from the corner of your mouth before dragging down your bottom lip slowly, man was he good at this. Damon smiled, “Sorry, had a little something there”.

Damon got up and went to shake Dean’s hand, “The one and only”. Sam looked to you and you just grinned. Sam tried to defuse the anger, “Well I’ve heard a lot about you from (y/n)”. Dean added, “You know I can’t imagine you two having a past”.

You opened your mouth to speak but Damon spoke first, “Oh (y/n) and I had fun, you know I might still have a couple scratches on my back to prove it”. Deans jaw clenched and Sam tried not to laugh. Damon continued, “Wasn’t it fun (y/n) sneaking around trying not to get caught, but you were always too loud..but I mean I’m not really complaining”. Now Dean’s fists were clenched and you wanted to break the tension.

Sam beat you too it, “You know I have a feeling (y/n) was totally different back then”. Damon looked at you and winked as he said, “It’s always the quiet ones”. Dean was about to combust and he barely got out the words, “(y/n), outside”.

He pulled your hand and dragged you to where the impala was parked. You were telling him stop and within a flash he was suddenly pinned against the impala. All you could say was, “Damon?”. Dean was trying to push him away but Damon had a couple hundred years on him, “Why so angry?”.

You went next to them and pushed them away, “Okay Damon that’s enough, point proven”. Dean fixed his jacket but looked angrier as ever. Damon backed off but not before asking, “You know you can’t be angry, she’s not even yours”. With a flash he was gone, all he really wanted to do was emphasize the fact that you were never Deans.

Dean ran his hands through his hair, “Vampires, it had to be fucking vampires”. At this point you were angry too, you never acted like an ass when you saw him hitting on girls on cases. Crossing your arms over your chest you answered him, “Damon’s right Dean, why are you so angry? Why do you get to be angry?”.

He looked lost for a moment, trying to find the right words. He let out a sigh, “ I don’t know okay? All I know is that I didn’t like some guy all over you as I watched”. The irony caused you to laugh. Really? Rolling your eyes you spoke the truth, “Dean what do you think I’ve had to watch every hunt, but you don’t see me freaking out. You know what why are you freaking out, the thought that someone might want me is too much for you?”.

Walking closer to you he uncrossed your arms, “I’m sorry that’s not what I want, or think. I just, I’ve…never been in love and-”. Love, were you hearing him correctly? Dean continued, “I was scared of what I felt, Winchesters don’t have a good track record when it comes to love, but that was no excuse”.

You were still hurt, “You’re right it wasn’t”. He laughed and took your hands, “Damon just got me so angry you know? All his little remarks”. You couldn’t help but shake your head and smile, “ He’s known to have that effect on people”. It seemed like Dean was still not telling you something so you raised an eyebrow.

Finally he spoke up, “Was what he said true?”. You were confused, “About what?”. Suddenly you were catching on and you grinned. Biting your lip you replied, “What do you think?”. Dean stepped even closer to you, “I think I’ve done enough waiting”. His lips were on yours, a mixture of whiskey tequila.

His hands frantically roamed all over your body, trying to makeup for lost time. You smiled, “Dean I think we’d both be a lot happier somewhere more private”. Dean was already one step ahead as you heard him open the impalas door for you.

Dean turned on the radio and you slid closer to him, the best part of the impala was the fact that there wasn’t individual seats. You started to kiss his neck and he laughed, “ Where is somewhere more private?”.

Sliding your body down you were now hovering over his pants zipper. You looked up to him, “Until we find somewhere more private I figured I could keep you occupied”. Before Dean could question what that could possibly mean you started to unzip his pants and pull them down.

You were still looking up at him and you could tell how flustered he was, “ Uh (y/n) I don’t..are you sur?-”. You cut him off by slowly taking his member in your hand. All thoughts left his mind as he watched you.

Laughing you reminded him, “ Uh Dean shouldn’t you be watching the road?”. He half smirked and reluctantly took his eyes off you and brought them to the road as he drove. You slowly licked up his shaft stopped before you got to the tip.

You were still watching him and you wanted to laugh as his eyes frantically darted from the road to you. Continuing you circled his tip with your tongue before sucking lightly. You put your other hand to use by lightly grasping his balls and massaging.

Suddenly you felt his hand slid up your back before resting on your head. You knew what he wanted to do and you encouraged him, “I like it when you take what you want Dean”. He then had the courage to guide you down onto him.

Dean was still being reluctant and to encourage him even more you took as much of him as you could into your mouth, which was a lot more than he’d originally thought. You took your mouth off of him and looked up at him smiling.

He was biting his lip and his grip on your head tightened, “ I want you”. You took as much of him as you could again and bobbed your head up and down. His hold on your head guided you and caused you to pick up speed. Dean’s moans and groans were so loud they rang out over the radio, “ Fuck baby”.

You took your mouth off of his penis to begin sucking on his balls and you thought he was going to crash the car right then and there. Your entire body moved as Dean took a turn. Looking up you realized that he’d driven to a dead-end surrounded by trees, as private as he needed.

His voice was coarse, “ That feels so good but I need more”. Taking the hint you straddled Dean, feeling him press into you. You smiled, “ I need this too Dean”, and with that you both took off the rest of your clothes as quickly as you could.

Dean had one hand on your hip while he held his penis in the other, “ You sure you’re ready?”. You wanted to laugh, you were dripping wet of course you were ready. To convince him you kissed him passionately, lightly biting his bottom lip. With that he entered you, and you instantly groaned.

Slowly you moved your hips and Dean’s hands grabbed them. Once again he started to guide you, making you go faster. You started kissing him again until he stopped to kiss down your neck.

Dean moaned, “You feel so damn good (y/n)”. This only made you want to go faster and before you knew it you were bouncing up and down. His mouth moved to your breasts, sucking your nipples tenderly.

You nearly screamed, “ Dean fuck, fuck”. Knowing it would feel even better you turned around, your back now to Dean. You leaned against dashboard, arching your back. He slapped your ass, “ Shit that feels good huh?”. You moaned, but that wasn’t enough.

Dean grabbed a fistful of your hair pulling you closer to him, “Talk to me princess”. Again your face was right next to his as your head rested in the crook of his neck. Looking at him you answered, “you feel so- fuck- so good Dean”.

One hand found your clit and began rubbing while the other lightly gripped your neck. He continued, “You’re so fucking beautiful baby”. Dean began to thrust deep and hard into you. You began to close your eyes, everything was too intense. Dean spoke again, “ No baby, open those eyes”.

You felt your orgasm coming, but you fought it. He didn’t slow down, “ You’re gonna come huh princess, tell me who’s making you cum!”. You were unable to reply so his grip on your neck tightened.

Your voice was faint but you answered, “ You are Dean”. Dean actually laughed, a new side of him showing. His hand and hips somehow went faster, and he knew what he was doing to you. He demanded, “ I want you to cum for me princess okay? Tell me who’s making you feel so good when you do”. You nodded your head in response.

Once again his grip tightened, “ Need to hear you say it baby”. It was now seconds away but you yelled his name out. You felt him coming undone as well, “ Fuck (y/n), fuck yes”. As Dean came so did you, everything was so intense.

Your eyes shut, and your body was trying to cope with every nerve suddenly being on fire. If Dean hadn’t been holding you up you surely would’ve fallen. As your orgasm shook over you all you could do was scream his name.

When you both finished all you could do was attempt to catch your breath. You turned around to face Dean again and saw the happiness in his eyes. He ran a hand through your hair, “ I really fucking love you princess”. Dean kissed you on the forehead, and it was your turn to beam with happiness.

You suddenly heard your phone buzz and saw you’d gotten a text from Damon. Out of curiosity you read it and it said, “ Nice performance, princess, next time try not picking a place so close to our house. Super hearing is a bitch”. You couldn’t help but laugh, and be insanely thankful for Damon. You kissed Dean again, realizing how lucky you truly were.

[SUMMARY: The Saviors are at a constant war with a women’s group called The Goddesses until Negan and Athena decide to make a deal. Negan pulls her in the only way he knows how, only to learn she’s only been with women her entire life.]


Negan and Athena.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 2 630
summary :Reader has a crush on Kai , and Kai has some feelings for her but he doesn’t understand what they are and later on he finds out Reader is different than any other girl he has ever set eyes on.
*gif by  christopherwooddaily

It was just another ordinary day in Mystic Falls. Almost. Lilly Salvatore’s heretics were out of the 1903 Prison World and Malachai Parker , the first guy Y/N ever had a crush on was now one of them - a vampire witch hybrid. Life had gotten a lot more complicated for her and her friends the past few years. Even though the people closest to her didn’t like Kai , she did. There was something about him - the way he walked , the way he talked. He was always a little nicer to her even before the merge with his brother Luke , which of course made her fall for him even more.
Y/N was one of the few humans left in the Mystic Falls gang along with Matt and sometimes that felt incredible - to be the only one who actually has the chance at a real future with kids and everything. A chance at a normal life. Others it was torture because as a human she always got caught in the crossfire.
Around lunch time she headed for the town square. It was sunny and warm , the bluer than usual with not a single cloud unless the thin clouds looking like a stroke of a brush on the sky. Y/N loved those clouds - it was as if someone was using the sky as a canvas to draw. She sat on one of the benches with her scketch pad , a pencil and a rubber. Her hands swiftly moving the graffit across the page drawing the monument a few meters away. Drawing always helped her clear her mind , to focus and put things in perspective.
At the wedding a few weeks ago , she had seen Kai die but also she had seen him come back to life and turn into what he was right now. The blast had sent her flying towards one of the walls , glass pieces puncturing her skin. There were no vampires around , only Kai and his family up until the point they had all died.

After Kai had fed and completed the transition , he headed towards the exit , a grin on his face looking at all the mayhem he had created. Y/N’s mind had been fuzzy from the blood loss and he throbbing headache in her head , but she remembered clearly Kai walking towards her , kneeling in front of her. His grin was still on his face , but his eyes betrayed him. There was hurt in them , tears filling them and fast.
“Ohh … ” he said mockingly. “Did your precious friends ditch you here to die ? I thought they cared more about you , seeing how every time I was around they always dragged you away from me and now … here we are. You and me. Alone … sort of.”
“P-please … just … l-let me die in p-peace.” she mummbled weakly. However nice he had been to her , she didn’t think he’d save her after what he had done. She hoped he would , she wanted him to and maybe that’s why she had said to let her die. Because he always tended to do the opposite.
Kai reached for the pieces of glass puncturing her stomach , the one in her leg and pulled them out only then noticing there was a piece in her shoulder too.
“You weren’t supposed to get in the crossfire Y/N.” he said biting his wrist and bringing it to her lips. “I am not going to let you die. You are the closest thing to a friend I’ve got. What kind of a friend would I be if I let you bleed out ?”
He caressed her cheek , pushing up her dress a little to make sure the wound on her hip had heeled. Kai looked into her eyes , his gaze so intense it sent butterflies in her stomach.
“Get out of here. Go home. I don’t want you near this place for what comes next.” he said softly , getting up and walking away.
Kai had healed her and tried to compell her not realising she was wearing her vervain bracelet. What he had said about not wanting her there only made her want to say and in the end it had been the right choice. He saved her life earlier in the evening only so she can save his later that same night.

“Do I really look like that ?” said a male voice from behind her.
Y/N turned around only now realising Kai was leaning over her starring at the page where there was a drawing of his face. She had been so lost in her thoughts , she had drawn his face in a haze. Quickly she closed her sketchpad as he sat next to her.
“I didn’t know you draw.” he said putting his arm across her shoulder. “Why would you draw me ?”
Y/N turned her head towards him , their faces closer than she had expected. Kai was smiling , his smoky blue eyes glowing for some reason. She felt her heart skip a beat for a second and then starting to beat so fast , as if trying to leap out of her chest and into his hands. Butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach and she felt her breath getting caught in her throat.
“It helps me clear my head.” she said clearing her throat. “What are you doing in the middle of town square? Damon is looking for you. He’ll kill you if he finds you.”
“Let him try. I am a heretic now , he is no match for me.” said Kai turning his gaze away from her for a moment. “I never said ‘thank you’ for saving me that night.”
“It’s only fair. You saved me first.” smiled Y/N.
“There is something that’s bothering me though… Why would you save me ? Why … would I save you ?” he wondered out loud. “All this emotion thing is … hard. I can’t figure it out and now it’s even more complicated.”
“How so ?” she asked curious.
“Because … ” he sighed. “… I don’t know what any of those emotions mean. Like there is this strange one I am feeling right now - my palms are sweaty and this fuzzy warm feeling in my stomach is … never mind. And I just want to …”
Kai turned towards her , his palm brushing against her cheek making her lean into it. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment enjoying his touch. He liked her. A smile spread across her face for a second before quickly disappearing. She got up picking up her things. Kai stared at her confused. All of the sudden she felt nervous being this close to him , like a wall was building up itself around her. Y/N wanted to kiss him , even more so now after what he had said , but she couldn’t. Not because of what he might think or what her friends might say. No. Because she had never kissed anyone before.
“Where are you going ?”
“Why ? Did I do something wrong ?” he asked studying her face. Y/N had smiled when he had touched her face. Why would she be in such a hurry all of the sudden?
“What’s with the single word answers Y/N?” he asked listening to her heart beat which was now erratic , slowly figuring out things. “OH I get it.” he said grinning. “I make you nervous don’t I ?”
“No.” she lied again.
Kai smiled to himself , being able to tell she was being dishonest with him. That’s why she had saved him. Something about those emotions he felt towards her clicked for a moment. He had been laying awake at night these past few weeks , trying to push her out of his mind. Finding himself dreaming about her when he falls asleep and generally wanting to be with her all the time.
“You like me.“ Kai said amused.
“Don’t deny it. I can see you blush just now.” he said leaning in. “Your heart is racing and … just now your breathing got so shallow its barely there.” he added in a hushed voice , his lips nearly touching hers. “You don’t have to hide your feelings. I may be a sociopath but doesn’t mean I don’t notice things … or that I don’t want to be with you.”
Y/N looked at him confused. Had he just admitted he wants to be with her as more than friends ? No. She shook her head slightly , turning away without giving him an answer but he blocked her way. Their eyes met and she felt the butterflies in her stomach all over again as she got lost in his eyes for the millionth time.
“I have literally no idea what you are talking about Kai.” she lied , pushing her way past him , her hand on his chest where his heart is for a second. Kai grabbed her wrist not letting her take her hand off. His gaze dropped for a second and then his lips smashed against hers , kissing passionatelly making her legs feel like jelly. About half a minute later he pulled away with a smile on his face.
“Are you going to deny it now too ?“
Y/N fought the urge to pull him into a another kiss , to feel his lips on hers again. She had never felt anything like what she felt in that moment. Like every fiber in her body just came to life , demanding to be with him. To have more. Y/N pulled her hand away , blinking fast a few times before meeting his eyes.
“Nothing to deny Kai , because there is nothing there.” she said walking away from him , her mind consumed by what had just happened.
Kai watched her walking away , listening to her breathing and a smile spread across his face. He knew now for sure - she had feelings for him and he wanted to find out if he has feelings for her too.

* * *

Kai sneaked into her house that night , carefully and quietly climbing up the stairs towards her bedroom. Y/N had curled up on the bed , a book semi open next to her. He smiled seeing the title of the book - Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hide. Kai crawled into bed with her , gently brushing hair from her cheek trying not to wake her up. She looked so pieceful , a small smile on her face for some reason. He had planned on waking her up , surprising her but now he didn’t have the heart to wake her up so instead he closed his eyes and entered her dream …

Y/N was laying on her side , holding a book in her hand when someone’s fingers trailed up and down her arm before snaking around her waist.
“Whatever you are reading , I promise you - it’s not even half as fun or interesting as me.“Kai whispered to her , his breath tickling her skin.
At first she didn’t react , enjoying his touch and then she jumped up sitting in her bed starring at Kai.
"What the hell ?! Get off my bed !”
Kai grinned at her.
“Awwh but why would I do that ? I want to be here .. with you … all alone.” he said crawling over her , his fingers brushing her cheek tracing down her neck onto her shoulder down her hand , intertwining them with her fingers. He could feel her tense at first and then slowly begin to melt under his touch. Y/N’s heart was racing faster than ever before , her breathing turning shallow again just like earlier today. Kai leaned in, brushing his nose against hers.
“I know you want to kiss me…” he whispered , his lips almost touching hers.
Y/N’s breath got caught in her throat. Of course she wanted to kiss him. Ever since he kissed her earlier that day , she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him even more than usual. And now the desire to be with him had gotten magnified somehow.
“Y-you are wrong.” she whispered , not wanting her voice to betray her true feelings.
Kai pouted for a second. “Sure you do. I bet you haven’t stopped thinking about our little moment earlier today… I sure haven’t.” he trailed off.
Y/N was taken a back from his words. Why would he be thinking about their kiss?
“What are you d-doing in my bed , Kai ?”
Kai placed a gentle kiss on her cheek , then another on her jawline his lips moving onto her neck sucking a spot onto her collarbone. A small unvoluntary moan escaped her lips at the feeling and her hand covered her mouth.
“I told you - I want to be with you. I
want you.” he whispered in her ear , gently biting her earlobe. Kai’s finger traced her cheek onto her lips down her neck slowly. “I can hear your heartbeat sweetheart. ” he cooed , his hand squeezing her breast through her shirt before agonisingly slowly sliding down to her core. “Your breathing is so shallow , it’s barely existant…”
The more Kai’s hand closed in towards her heat , the more she felt a burning feeling building up. He pushed his fingers down her short shorts , teasing her folds through her panties , feeling she had gotten wet.
“Awh sweetheart… You definitely can’t deny that.” he said , his voice low.
Y/N closed her eyes enjoying the new feeling and then grabbed his hand pulling it out of her short shorts before pushing him off her. Thing was - it was her first time. Not that she didn’t want him this way , because she did but there were all these walls building up again.
“I have to hand it to you Y/N , your self control is incredible.” Kai said laying next to her , turning to the side whispering in her ear. “It’s driving me insane… you are driving me insane.”
Y/N turned her head towards him finding him closer than she had expected. Her eyes met his , the change in them more visible now - they were a darker shade of blue , filled with lust and desire. Her hand caressed his cheek for a moment , before she pulled away and got up from the bed.
Kai got up fast , vamp speed running towards her spinning her around and pinning her against the wall. He pressed his body against hers.
“Why do you keep denying your feelings for me ?” he asked , his lips hovering over hers. “Tell me.”
Y/N was very close to losing herself into Kai. His movements were only pushing her towards the limit , clouding her mind.
“Because … I … ” she said in low voice. “I haven’t …”
Kai’s eyes widened a little realising her words. Y/N had her eyes closed visibly trying to force the words out of her mouth.
“OH.” he said surprised. “Wait … w-was our kiss earlier your first kiss too?”
Silence. Kai took that as his answer. He was starting to have doubts , not because she was a virgin but because this wasn’t real - it was all in her head. Kai wanted it to be real. He put his hands on her waist , giving her a small smile and tossed her onto the bed , his lips smashing against hers.

Y/N woke up , her book in her hands sweat on her forehead. She laid back onto the bed taking a deep breath. That had been some dream and part of her wished it had been real the other was glad it hadn’t been and her secret is going to stay a secret.
Kai stood in the corner of her room , cloaked , looking at her smile at the dream she had awoken from. He was going to do things differently , no matter how much he wanted her right in that moment , he was going to take things slow and wait for her until she was ready and all the walls she had build around herself disappeared.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017