so i had to do one for the gaang

What I wish for Book 4

Since many people are doing this, I thought I’d share some of my hopes for the book.(: (spoilers from book 3!)

1) A solution to Ba Sing Se -problem. A working solution as the monarchy in the Earth Kingdom obviously isn’t working. Perhaps a democracy? Either way, a working system that would finally solve that poor city’s problems.

2) More Fire Nation. I think this could be plausible, since the first book took place near the new air nomads, second was mostly at the Poles and the third one had more Earth Kingdom in it, so it’s fire’s turn!

3) In addition to that: Zuko’s daughter, please? (and seriously what are we going to do if her name actually is not Honora?)

4) Also, more Iroh II. I mean c'mon, we didn’t even see him in the third book!

5) Something about Sokka. I want to hear more meantion on him. He has had the least spotlight of the older gaang…

6) Kyoshi warriors. This has been bothering me so much, not a single mention. I’d like to know what happened to Suki (she was part of the final gaang too) and in general I want to know what happened to these a tad more ancient and distant warrior girls. Were they overridden by the new metal bender -police forces or did they join some other forces to form a new or do they still exist?

7) Toph!

8) Zuko’s family in general. Just how many kids did he have, who his wife was, what happened to Azula

9) More of Katara. I really felt bad for her for not getting enough notice in the third book. Besides, there’s more to her than just being the widow of the past Avatar and grandmother of the main airbenders in the show.(I love kataang, but still)

10) Old Team Avatar reunion. Or I guess morely just Katara, Toph and Zuko meeting each other. Honestly, if this does not happen even once in the series I’ll be severely dissappointed.

11) More Varrick!

12) Also more of Eska and Desna. I feel like they just… dropped from the ride along the third season.^^’

13) More of Asami and her family. I feel like they still left all that hanging there.

14) Bolin and Mako bro-time. I just love them more as brothers than I love them with anyone else.  

15) The Team Avatar travelling around a bit more old-style-way. Kind of like in Atla. Now they just fly everywhere with air balloons in few hours that used to take days with the old gaang, especially when they didn’t have Appa.

16) Also, Appa and Momo. C'mon, not even a mention of them so far! Only adorable plushies…

17) More independent Jinora. She’s amazing and now she even has her tattoos, so she’s ought to go for her own little life changing field trips.

18) Kai’s past. I really want to hear more detail about this kid. Like, who were his real parents? Why did he really rob his step-family? There’s a lot we don’t know about this boy, yet. (like his age for starters)

19) More of Kya. She’s the cloudbaby we know the least of, I really want to know more about her life. And I really want to see if the “Secret Tunnel” -thing is really true and used in the show.

20) Maybe bring the Equalists back, even slightly. That was a really interesting plot they had with them, it would be a shame if all of that would just be gone with Amon.

21) White Lotus. Honestly, what are these guys doing? Surely someone had a clue about the Red Lotus at somepoint before they kidnapped Korra, right?

22) Flashbacks! (whether they’re about the old or the new gaang, I want more of them!)

23) See the past avatars again. I feel like this would also be some sort of reward for Korra. Not necessarily to get all the connections back properly, but atleast a chance to talk to Aang or someone else again. That’s what she really wants and needs right now since she’s lost, hurt and all alone. (I’m sceptic this would actually happen, but perhaps at the very end?)

24) Korra being able to regain balance and peace to the World.

And most importantly:

25) Korra being happy and confident again! Seriously, seeing her go through all that torture and pain over and over again and just feeling her self-esteem slowly cracking is just  heart aching. This girl deserves a break and peace in her life. And to think that she started off as a confident, brave and proud Avatar… Poor thing.

Please just be okay sweetie… it’ll all work out, just don’t cry, just be hapy again. Please?