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under appreciated films challenge - favourite song
when you believe (the prince of egypt)

there can be miracles when you believe
though hope is frail it’s hard to kill
who knows what miracles you can achieve?
you will when you believe


Title: The Execution of the Last Steal [AO3]
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Thief!Jensen, Hacker!Jared, Protective!Jensen, BAMF!Jared, BAMF!Jensen, Jealous!Jensen, Friends To Lovers, Pretended Couple (between the Js), Mild Violence, Top!Jensen, Bottom!Jared, Happy Ending
Word Count: 97k
Summary: Anyone who meets Jared Padalecki would think he has the perfect life: a college degree, a normal life and an apparently perfect fiancé, Stephen Amell, the son of a Senator with a bright future. Except for one thing: it’s all based on a lie. Five years ago, he created a new identity for himself to cut all ties to his criminal past and ex-boyfriend Jensen Ackles, a world-renowned thief.

But Jared can’t run forever. A threat from his past comes back looking for him and the only person who can help him is the man he thought he left behind forever, the only person Jared’s never been able to forget.

Incredibly charming and just as cocky, Jensen Ackles is a thief that is too good at his job for his own good, who would do anything to protect Jared now that his life is in danger. Years have gone by, but he has never been able to forget Jared either.

And perhaps now that they are forced to escape together, Jensen might be able to do what he’s best at: steal Jared’s heart one last time and win back the only person Jensen has ever loved.

Five Mualimm-ak remembers the first time he saw his son Omar, and all the preparation he did for that moment.

“I went to classes. I had like 50 books, so that I could help deliver you,” Five tells Omar. “I wanted to make sure I was the first person to touch you.”

The night Omar was born, Five says he fell asleep in the hospital holding him.

“I think it was the most joyous time in my life,” he says.

But Omar didn’t know his dad had taken birthing classes. When Omar was 5, his father was incarcerated and started serving a sentence for weapons charges. By the time Five was released, Omar was a senior in high school. Nearly 12 years had gone by and the time apart affected each of them.

Omar says the hardest thing about Five being in prison was “losing a father.” Without Five around there was no one to answer “guy questions.”

While He Was In Prison, His Son Grew Up; Now, ‘They’re Getting To Know Each Other’

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Girls’ Night In (reader x Avengers/Scott Lang)

Characters: reader, Wanda, Natasha, Scott Lang, Cassie Lang. 

Summary: It’s ladies night at the tower, complete with a Gilmore Girls marathon,  junk food, and friendly rivalries when a surprise visitor puts a twist on the evening’s events. (spoilers for Gilmore Girls, if you haven’t seen it yet)

Warnings: nada!! Pure fluff, ya’ll. Cavity inducing. 

Word Count: 2275 (good heavens, that was an accident)

Tags are at the bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED)

A/N: This is for my lovely, my darling Mariana ( @buckysberrie ) Happy Birthday, sweetie!! I really hope you enjoy this. :) Man, I dunno how this got so long but the fluff kept flowing and when I thought of the single parent parallels, well, I just couldn’t stop. Any thoughts are appreciated!! 



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“Ugh, he’s such a spoiled, Trust Fund jerk-face.”

“He is not!” Natasha protested. “He’s just…a little entitled and misunderstood. Just how I like ‘em,” the redhead smirked, returning her gaze to the tv screen.

“Seriously? Logan? The Life and Death Brigade, are you kidding me? Ridiculously lavish parties in the woods with formal wear, death-defying stunts, and games where you can’t use the letter “E” in conversation? Yeah, not at all pretentious,” you fired back sarcastically, throwing a handful of popcorn in her direction.

“Oh, right, like you haven’t used the term ‘misunderstood’ to describe a certain well-read, possibly criminal, runaway bad boy who crashes cars,” she replied, cocking an eyebrow.

You gasped in horror. “How dare you speak ill of my Jess! He was her match intellectually and in pop culture references, plus with their love for music and books, it’s no secret that they belong together. He was just immature but he grew up really well,” you smiled before biting your lip with thoughts of the older brunet bad boy, trying not to spoil it.

“Hey, now! No need to fight,” Wanda spoke up, acting as the peacemaker. “Besides, we all know Rory belongs with Dean. Obviously.”

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If you are having a bad day, I just want to tell you that I have just returned from a reunion of my work where the principal told us that our salary is no longer going to be paid by card and do you know what that means? That I will not be able to buy the TLT Musical album.

Fair Flu

The incredible @whumpdump requested some Klance and sick Lance, so of course I had to deliver! I hope you like it! <3

“Lance… are you sure?”

“Keith, we’ve been planning this date for two weeks. And it’s the fair! How can I let a little case of the sniffles keep me away from funnel cakes and the tilt-a-whirl?”

Keith sighed and shook his head as he walked toward his bright red four-door, side-eyeing Lance who honestly looked like he should be staying home. And he’d been trying to tell his boyfriend that for the past twenty minutes, but did he listen?

“Fine.” Keith conceded, “but I swear, Lance, you so much as look like you don’t feel well and I’m dragging you back home. We can still have a nice date night at my apartment.”

“Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s not going to happen because I feel fine.

Lance did not feel fine.

He had done a good job hiding his symptoms from Keith for an hour or so, waiting for Keith to be distracted before he sneezed, or waited to pass by a ride filled with screaming patrons before letting out coughs he’d been painfully holding in.

But he didn’t want to leave. He’d promised Keith a good time, and damn it he was going to give Keith a good time.

Soon, every ticking minute sent waves of shivers and misery was crashing down upon him. He would keep on his smiling appearance, but as soon as Keith would look away his face would droop, exhaustedly trying to recuperate some energy.

This was insane. He needed to just buck up. He was strong, he could make it through another hour or so. Besides, it was just a cold. People lived their daily lives with colds all the time.

“Well, what else do you want to do?” Keith asked, looking back at his boyfriend, just catching Lance pull his face back into a smile. He paused, concern flashing in his eyes. “Are you okay? Listen Lance, maybe we should just go back home-”

“I’m fine! Hey, look! The tilt-a-whirl! I wanted to go on that, come on!” he grabbed Keith’s wrist and ran over to the line, his head swaying with each step. He swallowed hard, maybe this wasn’t the best idea. No, scratch that. This was a horrible idea. Just the thought of going on this was making Lance’s stomach do flips. He cleared his throat, Keith eyeing him nervously though he didn’t say anything. Lance was stubborn, and if he said he was okay there was no getting around it. He would just have to keep an extra close eye on him.

The ride almost did Lance in. He kept his eyes shut tightly the entire time, gripping to the lap bar like it would somehow stop this spinning deathtrap—or perhaps fail and put him out of his misery. The only thing keeping him grounded was the laughter of the man he loved next to him, who had temporarily forgotten his suspicions of Lance hiding how he was truly feeling.

The ride slowed to a stop, but Lance’s head didn’t. He couldn’t steady it. He was either going to puke, or pass out. His body chose the latter. He stood up, taking exactly one step off the ride before he came crashing down on the loud aluminum walkway.

“Lance!?” Any assemblance of smiles were gone in an instant as Keith jumped over the side of the ride, kneeling down and grabbing his boyfriend. “Lance! Lance, baby, come on. Talk to me.” He reached up to brush Lance’s hair out of his face, quickly recoiling his hand with a startle. Lance was boiling, how had he not noticed earlier? And worse, he wasn’t responding. Keith looked up, wide eyes full of fear and frustration at the crowd of people that had gathered. “Don’t just stand there, someone call an ambulance!”

One minute, all Lance saw was the dirty, gum covered sheet metal making its way at an alarming rate toward his face, and the next minute he was waking up in a hospital room. He opened his eyes, glancing around the pristine sterile room; quiet except for the beeping of his heart monitor and light snores of the figure bundled up in the chair next to his bed. Lance began to sit up, only making it a few inches before a deep, congested cough ripped through his lungs, causing Keith to jolt up out of his restless sleep. “Lance! No no no, don’t get up.” He immediately put a hand on Lance’s shoulder, easing him back down once the boy had caught his breath. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me it was that bad?!” Keith hissed before running a frustrated hand through his hair. “Do you know how worried I was??”

Lance wheezed, “It wasn’t even that bad—“

“You had a fever of 104, Lance!”


“Yeah, ‘Oh’.” Keith huffed and crossed his arms, leaning back in the chair as he looked away from Lance.

The room was awkwardly quiet for a moment before Lance cleared his sore throat. “I guess this would be a bad time to mention I’m bummed I never got my funnel cake…?”

Keith paused and looked over at Lance incredulously, letting out a slight laugh as he shook his head and relaxed a bit. Leave it to Lance to just say something so ridiculous to lighten the mood. “You almost died and you’re worried about funnel cake. Classic.” Keith reached up, rubbing his face before reaching over taking a hold of Lance’s hand and rubbing it soothingly. “Go back to sleep. I’ll wake you once the doctor has any more information…”

“Sounds good.” Lance mumbled, his eyes already drooping closed. “Hey, Keith?”


“I’m sorry I ruined our date night.”

Keith frowned, his chest panging with ache before leaning over and pressing a kiss to Lance’s forehead. “You didn’t. But you’ll just have to make it up to me later.”

Lance smiled softly, relaxing enough to drift back to sleep. He’d definitely find a way to make this up to Keith. Perhaps with some funnel cake.

Definitely with some funnel cake.

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hey uhhhh I bought a binder from gc2b and it arrived today. my parents aren't supportive/don't know so I had it delivered to my friends house. so I tried it on there and it seemed too small. do you know how easy a binder is supposed to go on and off? i could barely get it off and I was almost about to call my friend to help but I got it off. It's a small (half binder) but based on this do you think I should send it back and get a medium?

Oh.. yeah, they’re really hard to get on. That’s normal. I have a gc2b half tank too and I nearly got stuck in it. It’s pretty much a trans guy meme at this point.

If you seem to be the right size (i.e meet the measurements) and you’re not struggling to breathe a lot (binders do restrict breathing a little, but not too badly) or in pain (you should feel no pain while wearing it) you should be good and fine.

I used this tutorial to learn how to take off my binder. Lots of rolling and folding and slowly inching it off.
And here’s another (video) tutorial on how to put the gc2b binder on.

- Solar the Sea Turtle

A Different Kind of Art

I had to get the rope right. The way it twisted around her neck looked off. This painting was of a mans hand holding a rope and pulling it upwards. The rope wrapped around a woman’s throat. She had a black blindfold on and her lips parted slightly. It was just from her shoulders up and from his wrist down all in black and white. I’ve been at this for hours now. This is the longest time I’ve taken on any painting. Painting erotic images was my passion. I’ve tried painting flowers, fruit, and portraits. My work never felt right. I mean the paintings looked fine but I was not satisfied with them. Then I was reading erotica and started painting images in my head. Images of ropes around wrists, collars around necks, red marks on pale flesh. Nothing excited me more than capturing the sexual tension between a Dom and Sub. That night I didn’t sleep. I painted until morning.
I had found my passion.
I had to finish this painting by tomorrow morning. I looked at the clock again afraid of how much time is passed. I had to finish this painting by tomorrow morning so by the time I had to have it delivered tomorrow night it would be dry and set in the black frame.
At 27 I felt I had done pretty well for myself. I live in a two bedroom nice charming house that I share with no one. My work and life is in my paintings. I sell almost all online but some I do sell in local shops in the area. Sometimes I get requests for paintings like the one I am almost finished with. A man by the name of Damian Rosser. Pretty powerful name. He emailed me through my website with specific details of what he wanted this painting to be. I just hope it lives up to his standards. He is paying me $8,000 for this painting. My only desire is for him to be satisfied.

Currently I was single. Though I was introduced to this life by a past lover our time was brief and he left in the night just a month after. I’m not angry no. Rather thrilled. Happy that I found this life style which lead me to my dreams of becoming a well known painter. My next dream would be to become a real submissive. I’ve read books and watched videos, more like studied, wondering what is it like? To be owned and pleasured? That dream, however will just have to wait for the perfect time.
I suddenly got back in focus to finish this painting so I can make it perfect.

By the next day I was almost ready to call a cab when a black Audi pulled in front of my house. A man stepped out and proceeded to knock on my door which I answered.
“Good evening ma'am. Are you Ms. Malorie Devents?”
“Yes sir I am what can I do for you?”
He was dressed how a chauffeur would. Was he?
“I am here to retrieve the painting for Mr. Rosser. We had an understanding it would be finished by today at this time.”
“Yes sir it is. How did he find my address.”
“I believe it was obtained by a local art shop where you sell your work. They gave us your home address.”
“Well I’m uncomfortable with this honestly.”
“There is nothing to worry about ma'am I assure you. Will you please retrieve the painting and we can be on our way.”
“We? Where am I going?”
“I was informed by Mr. Rosser that you and your painting will come with me to his penthouse in the city. He has been excited for days to see this painting and to meet you, the artist. ”
Well damn for $8,000 I had no choice really.
“How will I get home?”
“I will bring you home miss.”
“Can I have a moment to get ready?”
“Of course miss I’ll be waiting out here for you when you are done.”
I shut the door and ran to my room to get ready. Should I change my clothes? Probably. I put on my most comfy light blue matching bra and panty set, my favorite blue dress that falls a couple inches above my knees. and some black sandals. Only a little eyeliner and mascara for me tonight. Then I turned back around and out on some pink lipstick just to make sure. I let my dark blonde hair fall naturally in curls and sprayed on some perfume before I headed to the living room to grab my purse and the painting in it’s tall cardboard box then headed to the front door.
“Alright Mr…. I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name?”
“Just call me Nelson miss.”
“Well Nelson I guess I’m ready.”
“Of course miss let me grab the painting for you.”
I followed him to car and he opened the door for me on the driver side and I got in. He went around and opened the passenger side and set the painting in the seat.
“I don’t believe this will fit in the truck I’m afraid.”
“It’s fine really.”
Nelson got in then continued to my unknown destination.

We took the interstate and I leaned my head back enjoying the night. After 30 minutes Nelson took exit 47 into the city and I watched all the tall buildings and people on the street. I only go into the city to deliver my paintings.
Where are we going? Only 5 minutes passed before the car pulled into a well lit parking garage. We parked and Nelson got out and opened my door. Then, after I got out, he went to the other side and retrieved the painting safe in its box. Nelson was sure to carry the painting with grace.
“Follow me miss to the elevators.”
I did as I was told and followed Nelson. When we got he hit a speaker button on the wall and leaned in.
“Sir I am on my way up with Miss Devents and the painting now.”
A deep smooth voice replied, “Very good.”
Why did I just get chills?
The elevator moved quickly and when it opened I was shocked. In front of me was a huge penthouse. There was a beautiful living room in front of me with dark furniture and a tall brown stone fireplace. Above the fireplace was a huge flat screen TV, probably 65-70 inches. What did he do for a living? I’ve only ever seen places this nice in movies. Beautiful art covered the walls just as dramatic sculptures surrounded the room arranged perfectly.
“Follow me Ma'am.”
Nelson led the way through the living room and passed a doorway and as I peeked in I saw a beautiful kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Past that I saw a long dark wood dining table with a beautiful chandelier hanging just feet above it. Wow. Nelson went up a flight of silver stairs and then turned to the left. He went to the second door down. Nelson knocked and there it was, the voice again.
“Come in.”
Nelson opened the door and the surprises continued. We had to take two steps down into this beautiful windowless room.
A sex room.
I’ve never been in one but I’ve always imagined it and this is exactly how I imagined it. Black tiles on the floor with the walls covered in a white soft texture. Hanging on the walls was every kinky toy imaginable. Whips, cuffs, canes, crops, ropes, pattles, blindfolds, and others I couldn’t recognize. There were also two black dressers. It’s contents inside I was curious. The cieling was a beautiful red as well as the bed which was covered in silk no doubt. I saw an empty space on the wall above the bed with a single hook there. Then I saw him. He was standing in front of the bed in a black suit and tie. He has very short dark brown hair. From here I could see his eyes a beautiful light green. His lips were full and his shoulder were broad. He spoke then.
“You must be Miss Devents? Hello I’m Damien Rosser it’s a pleasure.”
I’ve never stuttered over my words just upon meeting somebody. He was gorgeous. Any girls dream. Have I seen him before?
“Y-yes I am …. ummm Malorie Devents. It is very nice to meet you as well.”
He smiled a small smile. He found me amusing if only slightly. His focus turned to Nelson.
“Nelson could you please remove the painting from the box and let me see? I’ve been dying to see it.”
I was suddenly nervous. Would he like it? What if he hated it? My heart felt like it stopped beating as Nelson slowly pulled it out. From this angle I couldn’t see the painting but I could see Damien’s eyes as the lit up. He smiled a full smile then. I felt relieved.
“Miss Devents I’m thrilled. It’s beautiful. I can just feel the emotions in the painting coming to life. Really you have fully satisfied me.”
I could only reply in that second with a smile.
“Nelson will you hang that above the bed for me? Thank you.”
Then Damien turned and walked towards me. I felt nervous again. As he grew nearer he got taller and more attractive. He had tan skin and a white smile. I looked down at his hands then. The fingers were long and palms rough. I had a hand fetish I guess you could say. I judge people by their hands. His were big and he definitely worked with them a lot. Suddenly I realize he had just spoken to me.
“Oh….. my apologies Mr. Rosser I was distracted.”
“I know. I was trying to discuss payment. Would a check be suitable?”
“Yes sir that would work fine.”
“I’ll be right back then.”
He smiled then walked past me through the door. I turned back and suddenly Nelson was standing in front of me.
“Well it was nice meeting you Miss Malorie Devents. I hope your art continues to flourish. You have a good evening.”
“Oh thank you so much! You as well Nelson!”
He turned and left then.
I was alone.
In a real sex room.
How many women have been in here? Or men? I didn’t know what he preferred. I turned and saw my painting above the bed. It fit here perfectly I must say.
I wanted to explore this room. How long had he been gone? Two minutes? Do I have time? I took a step forward. I went to the walls and touched just one of the many whips. This one was light brown. Then ends covered in metal beads. I ran my fingers through the other whips. Some were softer than others. Then I noticed a piece of dark furniture. I was almost positive it was a spanking bench. I’ve always wanted one. Sadly there was no one there to spank me. I bent over it then. Just to test it. At 5'4 my toes barley touched the floor. The black padding was soft. The bench was long so I could bend over and stretch my arms out and just barely grasp the other end to hold on for dear life. There was also a hook. I’m assuming to tie a rope to. Then the rope would tie to a person. Suddenly I was turned on.
“I see you’ve made yourself comfortable. I must say you look stunning in that position.”
I turned immediately fading red every where. He was standing there just a few steps through the doorway. His eyes watching me. They looked darker now.
“Mr. Rosser sir I didn’t mean to intrude really I was just curious.”
“Have you not seen a spanking bench before?”
“Ummmmm only in videos…… I’m not that experienced.”
“So you paint these beautiful images of Doms and Submissives yet you have never experienced this life style?”
“I have limited experience with an ex boyfriend. He was gone after a month but he did intoduce me to this wonderous world and I’ve been in love ever since.”
I shrugged looking down ashamed I’m telling a total stranger my life story.
“I see. So you are not claimed?”
“You mean do I have a Dom?”
“Yes exactly that.”
I looked up to see him smiling down at me. He had taken a couple steps closer. I suddenly felt nervous. Not scared. Just nervous.
“No sir I am not claimed.”
That’s the first time he has said my name. It sounded so good off his beautiful full lips.
“Yes sir?”
“Would you like to be claimed? To be collared?”
Did he just ask me that. Am I in a beautiful dream. Shouldn’t I be scared? I barely know him. Hell I met him five minutes ago. Yet I wanted this. I wanted to try this. With a real Dominant. A real man.
“Mr. Rosser I …… I’m not sure….. what to say.”
“It’s simple Malorie…..”
He took two steps closer and suddenly he was right in front of me. He was over six feet tall clearly.
“Do you or do you not want me to claim you? I won’t hurt you my dear. I’ve actually admired your work for a while. We met three months ago. Very briefly. You mustn’t remember. At your art gallery. On 5th avenue. I complimented your painting "At Your Service"that night and you thanked me.”
I remembered. How could I forget? Yes it was brief but I recall now. He was so kind. I asked my friend if she knew him and she said yes he owned the building my work was being presented in. He was a famous architect
“Yes sir I do remember.”
His eyes darkened.
“Malorie…… do you wish to be claimed. Let me be your first my dear. Your first Dominant. I won’t hurt you sweetheart. Tonight will be all pleasure for you I can assure you.”
My body was screaming yes. My heart was screaming yes. Everything was screaming yes. So why say no?
“Damien can you show me your world. Show me what it’s like to feel this pleasure. I want to know. Then can I make my decision? Please sir?”
He breathed out. Heavy. Then his tone changed.
“Get on your knees Malorie.”
“Sir?….. l…”
“Now Malorie!”
I dropped to the floor on my knees. I didn’t dare look up. Was he agreeing to my offer?
“Stay there and don’t move.”
I nodded.
“Malorie there is no shaking your head yes or no you will answer me in such way as ‘yes sir’ or 'no sir’ do you understand?”
“Yes sir.”
My voice sounded weak. Yet I wasn’t afraid. I was excited. My body felt like a lighting bolt shot through me. I was ready.
“Good. Now don’t move.”
He turned and walked towards the door to shut it. He slowly loosened his tie. He was taking off his clothes.
“Malorie tonight I will guarantee your pleasure. I will go easy on you. I will teach you per say. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir.”
“Now let me set some rules. Do not say my name. I am either master or sir. You are only allowed to come when I say. Know that you are allowed to leave whenever you choose. Now tell me your hard limits my dear. Tell
me what your uncomfortable with in the bedroom.”
“Ummmmm….. I …..”
“Don’t be embarrassed little one I only want to ensure your safety.”
“Ok well… sir …. I have never done any ass play. I just never tried. I would be willing to try for you sir. Also I’ve never found being choked pleasurable.
"Mmmmm I understand. Look up at me.”
He was now shirtless and bare foot. He had a riding crop in his hand. My panties were soaked.
“The man who choked you I assume he was your ex that walked out on you in a month. Well Malorie I assume he wasn’t choking you right. But we will work on that in a later time. For now stand up.”
I did so though my legs were shaky.
“Strip for me Malorie. Let me see your beautiful body. I’ve never been with a woman with brown eyes believe it or not. They are beautiful. Look at me when you strip.”
I blushed.
“Thank you sir.”
I looked at him. Then slowly I pulled the straps off my shoulders and let the straps fall down my shoulders. I wasn’t petite. Really the opposite. I had wider hips and thighs. My ass was very round and my breasts where a perky B-cup. The dress fell to the floor and I kicked it aside. I reached behind me to undo the my bra and I let it fall as well. My nipples were pebbles hard and ready.
“Keep the panties on…… and the sandles. Go sit on the bed facing me.”
“Yes sir.”
I sat down and faced him. My heart racing. I tried to slow my breathing. He walked towards me slowly. Then he kneeled in front of me. He set the riding crop down next to me. He grabbed my right ankle and pulled it up. I had to lean back on my elbows as he did this. He locked eyes with me and kissed my ankle slowly, softly. It made my leg slightly jerk. He held it tight. He pulled back and slowly unbuckled my Sandle and slid it off. He set my shoe aside and set down my foot just to pick up the other and repeat the process. When he set my foot down he chuckled.
“Sweetheart you soaked through your panties with your wetness.”
“Oh sir…… I’m sorry.”
“Shhhh Malorie don’t be….. it’s actually very arousing to me. When’s the last time you were with a man sweetheart?”
“…… over a year ago.”
“Oh baby.”
He stood up and leaned down over me. His left hand resting on the bed and his right hand rested on my leg and slowly moved up my body over my panties over my hip and he stopped on my left breast.
“You fit perfectly in my hand darling.”
I met his eye contact and my eyes glazed over. He pinched my nipple, rolled it between his two fingers.
My head fell back and I moaned.
“I haven’t been touched in so long sir.”
“Mmmmm I know sweetheart…..”
He brought his knee up to rest on the bed and his face leaned down and he stopped right before my lips.
“Do you trust me to continue Malorie? Know you can still leave anytime you want.”
“Please sir don’t stop.” I said breathlessly.
He kissed me then. He tasted sweet and strong. His lips parted mine and his tongue grazed my top lip. He kissed me longer and deeper. I moaned into him. His hand left my nipple and went up to cup my face his warm hand mixed with his warm kiss went through me. I felt so tingly everywhere. Behind my eyelids I saw stars.
“Malorie! Are you alright?”
I opened my eyes to see him look worried.
“Yes sir I’m fine.”
“You fell back on the bed and your lips stopped moving against mine.”
“Oh sir I’m sorry I was so overwhelmed with you I just saw stars for a moment. I’m fine now I promise please don’t stop.” I leaned back up on my elbows.
I spoke quickly and frantically. I didn’t want this to end. Ever.
“Malorie….. I’m not sure you-”
“I want you to claim me as your sub!”
He looked shocked.
“Sweetheart you just-”
“Sir I want to be your submissive please don’t stop please!”
Then I did something daring. I leaned up without his permission and grabbed either side of his face and kissed him. He didn’t stop me like I thought he would. Instead he kissed me back harder and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tighter. Then he pushed me back on the bed and leaned up and grabbed the crop.
“Flip over Malorie. You kissed me without permission.”
I immediately rolled over on my stomach. I even pushed my hips up in the air so my ass perched higher. I wanted this. Would he take my thong off first?
“Malorie do you understand why I’m punishing you?”
“Because I kissed you without permission sir.”
“I will strike you only 6 times understand?”
“Yes sir.”
I practically moaned it. I felt the crop on my left cheek. Just barely slid across my cheek then to the other. I felt it dissapear then come back down hard and fast. It smacked against my skin. I tensed hard and was ready for the next hit. The second and third came and I grew to love my punishment. By the fourth I moaned. Then when I heard the riding crop drop to the floor I got worried.
“Malorie? Did you just moan during a punishment?”
“Yes sir.”
“ Mmmmm I’m not sure whether to be excited or punish you more.”
“Do what you want to me sir.”
“I believe I will spank you Malorie. You have such a sweet ass. It deserves to be spanked.”
He rubbed his hand over one cheek, then the other. The hand disappeared . I heard the smack first before I felt the pain. “Oh!”
“Mmmm that’s what I thought.”
He spanked me again. And again. And again. Each time hurt. But I took my punishment and gripped the sheets.
“Malorie, put your knees up all the way on the bed and perch that pretty red ass in the air for me.”
I did so shaking. Then I felt his fingers run over my sensitive ass. His fingers went down in between my cheeks and over my panties.
“Oh baby….. your so wet.”
His fingers went back and forth along my pussy. He barely touched my pussy yet I felt so close and ready.
“Oh please sir.”
“Malorie your are only allowed to come when I say.”
“Ohhh yes sir.”
He continued this sweet torture just barely rubbing my soaking wet pussy. Then he stopped and pulled my panties down to my knees.
“Sweetheart stand up.”
I rolled over and stood up. My panties fell down my legs to the floor. I looked up at him. He was smiling down at me.
“Baby you look so beautiful when your aroused.”
He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.
It was so sweet and gentle.
“Now get on your knees.”
I did so without hesitation.
“Unbuckle me and take my cock out.”
I unbuckled his pants and pulled the zipper down. He reached his hand down to pull his boxer shorts down and his cock sprang free. It had to be no smaller than 8 inches and thick.
“Oh my.”
I felt his hand on the back of my head gathering my hair together and pulling it forward.
“Look at me sweetheart and suck my cock.”
I looked up at him and stuck my tongue out and licked the head. “Don’t tease me sweetheart. I told you to suck my cock.”
I immediately took his cock in my mouth as far as I can go pulled back and did the same again. I pulled back and every time I did I cupped his cock with my tongue and went as deep as I could go all while looking at him.
I reached my hand up and held the base so I could tilt my head higher so I could angle it to take him deeper. I went faster and faster. He groaned and tilted his head back. Then he looked back down at me and grabbed another handful of my hair and forced his Cock deeper in my throat.
“Oh sweetheart as much as I love your big doe eyes looking up at me like that while you suck my cock I want you to stand up. ”
He pushes his pants down all the way and kicks them off. Then he turns and goes to the dresser, opens the first drawer and pulls out a blindfold. Next he walks to the wall and takes off the hook some red rope. He walks back to me then.
“I’m going to blindfold you and tie you down sweetheart do you trust me?”
“Yes sir.”
“Turn around.”
I did so and I felt the soft silk cover my eyes. I could see nothing.
“Lay on the bed on your back and lift your hands above your head and keep them together.”
“Yes sir.”
I did so and soon felt the ropes tying my hands together. It was surprisingly soft. Suddenly it was pulled tight and I realized my hands were tied to something under the bed. Maybe a hook?
I heard him walk around the bed and my anticipation grew.
“Open your legs Malorie.”
I did so willingly and excitedly.
I felt the bed dip down under his weight and I felt his lips touch my inner thigh.
“When’s the last time your pussy was ate baby?”
“Over a year ago sir. I’ve never came that way.”
“Mmmmmm I can change that.”
He kissed slowly down my inner thigh. I couldn’t keep my legs still. He pulled away but came back only to kiss the very top of my pussy right above my clit.
“Ohhhh mmmmm!”
“That’s right baby don’t be afraid to make noises. But do not come unless I give you permission.”
“Yes sir.”
His tongue went through my slit until he found my sensitive nub and sucked on it.
He had to use his arms to wrap around my thighs to keep me still. My hand tugged hard at the rope but I love the pain of the rope digging into my skin. My body was on sweet fire from my nipples to my clit.
“Oh yes yes yes ohhhhh!”
His tongue went in circles then side to side then I couldn’t keep up. “OHHH OH MY GOD MMMM”
He sucked hard on my clit and I almost came right then.
“Sir I’m very close!”
He immediately stopped and I felt him sit up.
“Do you want my cock inside you?”
“Oh yes sir yes!”
My body squirmed underneath him.
“Please sir please.”
I felt his cock at my entrance. He slowly pushed in and I came alive. He filled my pussy. He felt so perfect in me like my pussy was made for him.
“Oh sweetheart I’ve never had a pussy this tight.”
He leaned down over my body and I felt his hand grab my left nipple and pinch.
“Oh! Mmmmm.”
He slowly started thrusting into me. Slow at first then faster. He kissed me again. Harder. He went to my neck and sucked on it. I tilted my head back so he can have his way with me.
“Oh yes yes yes yes!!!!l”
“Dont you dare come sweetheart. I want you to come in my mouth. Understand?”
“Yes …..sir!!”
It was hard to answer with his cock pounding into me. Suddenly he stopped. I felt his body go down and his tongue was on my clit again. Licking and sucking. I’ve never felt this pleasure in my life. It was unbelievable.
“Sir I’m so close please please!”
He rubbed my clit with his fingers.
“Do you want to come Malorie?”
“Yes sir please please please! I need to come it’s been so long!!”
He sucked on my clit again and sucked and licked!
“Come sweetheart.”
My body was suddenly so alive and electrified.
“Mmmmm baby want me inside you again?”
“Ohhhhh yes.”
“Roll over sweetheart on your hands and knees.”
“Yes sir.”
I did so quickly waiting and wanting.
I felt him pressing against my opening and I pushed back against him.
“Anxious aren’t we?”
“Oh yes.” I moaned.
He slammed into me and didn’t let up. He fucked me harder than he has all night.
His cock was the biggest I’ve ever had and I didn’t know if I could take much more. He slapped my ass lightly and gripped it. I held the rope in my hand tight and moaned louder and louder. Did he have housekeepers? Was Nelson around? I hope this room is soundproof. He reached forward with his hand and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it back.
“Mmmmmm sir please please.”
“Are you going to come again baby?”
“Only if I’m allowed sir!”
“Come baby!”
It two seconds I came again even harder than before! Suddenly he pulled out and came all over me. He groaned and gripped my hips tightly.
I felt him get up off the bed.
“Stay here sweetheart I’m going to get a tissue.”
“Yes sir.”
I heard him walk out, was he naked?
Mmmmmm my body hasn’t felt this relaxed and pleasured since ….. ever. I was so ready to continue this. This lifestyle.
“I’m back now lets clean you off and get you untied.”
He did so and walked away in assuming to throw away the tissue. He came back and untied my hands and undid the blindfold.
I blinked multiple times to adjust back to the light. I rolled over and looked up at him. He was looking down at me smiling. He held something in his hand. Something dark.
“Sweetheart this is a collar. Do you agree to be mine? To surrender yourself to me completely? Be mine Malorie.”
I was overwhelmed. With happiness and pleasure.
“Yes Damien I will be your submissive!”
Damien smiled and showed me the beautiful collar. It was maybe an inch and a half thick with three diamonds in the center all the same size.
“Oh Damien it’s beautiful!”
I quickly turned around and moved my hair to the side. He hooked the collar on and it fit perfectly. I turned to look back at him and smile.
“It suits you well Malorie it really looks perfect on you.”
“Oh thank you Damien you’ve made me so happy!”
He pulled me close and held me tightly. I looked up at the painting that brought us together and smiled for the first time feeling safe and secure in my Dom’s arms.

That time I was tired and dehydrated~
  • Me: Hey mom, can Jumin and I spend a weekend in the city?
  • Mom: ...
  • Me: ... 😱
  • Mom: ...Do you need a nap?

Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

it is midnight. out of nowhere, i get an ask. i am baffled. i havent reblogged any ask memes, or anything controversial, or really anything worthy of a message. what could this be? i am in shock. ive had the ask box closed for like a year. i havent answered any confessions in ages. i thought that everyone had assumed this blog dead and gone. still, if this person had gone past the ask box and sent me a confession via the message feature, it must be of the utmost importance, right? it was. in that moment i knew i had to do it. they had worked so hard to deliver this message to me. it was the least i could do for them. and so, i deliver this important message to you all. Stan pours the schezuan sauce on his body