so i had to change it a little

Stealing payment account from Microsoft scammer.

Hello @prorevenge,

I love reading the stories on this web page, make me smile every time! :) Now its time for a story of mine. Since a couple months i have been busy wasting and trolling scammers time so they get to steal less money from people. These people cold-call everyone claiming to be Microsoft, the IRS, that you won a free cruise, or that you won a free gift card. They also use fake pop-ups in web browsers that tell victims their computer is infected by a virus, that your personal information is “being hacked”, your computer has been blocked or that your Microsoft/Apple license key has expired.

These scammers steal alot of money this way from mostly elderly people and people that don’t have much computer knowledge. The problem is getting bigger and bigger, and these people are great to troll. I have been doing this for a while now and we are finding a lot of new ways to piss these criminals off. We utilize call flooders to disable their phone lines. We pretend to be victim and use fake virtual computers to connect them in to waste hours and hours of their time. This act of pretending to be the victim is scam baiting. We also find out information on them to report to authorities (although they don’t do much sadly) We have made alot of scammers change their phone number, or shut them down completely by our continuous actions.

Now for my revenge story..

I was dialing a scammer pretending that my computer had the fake pop-up alert with their number on it. I followed the steps he told me to make him enter my Virtual Computer. (a safe environment that if they damage i can just restore easily with 1 button) He was showing me all the fake lies like running the command box -tree command to index all your files and then while its indexing type a message in there that my PC was infected.

He next run NETSTAT in the command prompt and told me the foreign addresses where hackers that have established a connection on my machine. At this point he opened a window called MSINFO32 to look at my system specs. As my virtual machine wasn’t made stealthy i thought he would find out that I am a “pranker” as they usually call us. To my surprise this scammer was a rookie that didn’t even notice at all that it showed VIRTUAL BOX in the system model line.

I love having rookie scammers on the line, as they are easy to get information on them from… and i had a feeling this call would get something interesting going! A minute later my feeling became real as he opened his payment account on my virtual machine. As he logged in i distracted him and clicked on “store passwords” which was displayed in my native language so he didn’t notice he did. Next i played along his dumb scam a little longer, filled in all the information in the payment form. And while doing so i disconnected him and pretended my internet went.

I quickly went into his account settings and changed the password and hung up the phone call. At first i thought there wasn’t any transactions made but shortly i found out there was A LOT of stolen money made by him.

I decided to call them back later, and they didn’t even understand what happened. They said they had a connection problem for transactions. And told me i could pay with iTunes gift cards instead. Sadly they could still scam people this way, but its a lot less likely a victim would fall for the iTunes gift card payment thing. All in all this was a nice setback for them and a good revenge from my side :)

A couple days later i can still login to their account, they apparently didn’t set up any recovery settings. I coulnd’t refund the victim but the information was passed on to authorities.


so, can we be honest right now? some fans aren’t worried if taylor could stop doing the ss meetings or if taylornation could be chasing them because the all too well thing even them said: “something happened in the ss and taylor didn’t asked for silence but we decided to keep it”. so, they should stop trying becoming victims. the only thing that happened is that they haven’t nothing more to stand above of rest of our fanbase and no counting in the rude way they acting just because they’re being exposed.

the fans who went for the ss (i’m not going generalizes because i know that some nice people went and stayed being nice afterwards). Of course they’re having some kind of privilege abouve the rest of the fandom it and they know about it. everyone knows that happens in the ss stays in the ss, so when they start posting thing like “there’s a secret but we can’t tell anyone” it’s just because they want to be on spotlight and thus, feeling that they’re prevailing over us. no one do such thing unless they wishes make the rest of us curious. some of the ss fans are doing nice things and we stayed happy for them being happy, because we know how would be amazing meet her and spent some time with her. and we’re feeling they’re being honest with us. but now, we’re seeing those rude people acting like that, it’s almost impossible don’t feel attacked and hurt.

now excuse me i’ll make this  a little more personal: i cried A LOT because of it and you know why???? because in my country, taylor NEVER EVER did a tour, just a pocket show and never come back. while the usa/uk fans have the ss, the magazines, and are able to pre order the album. Here in Latin America we don’t have the pre-sale album yet. we’re trying contact the universal music for they change that but it’s  ard. no counting we can’t have the same treatment that taylor  gives for the fans from uk/usa. We want just a little bit of attention not a SS here. We just want feel inclued on fabase. So, i’ve gotten used with the fact that i’ll won’t meet her because my chances are really low. Now I just expect to go in her tour if i had a chance. because these day i’ve been feelings the so lowest person towards everyone, i’m here since 2009 going through all of this. i just don’t get why some people act so selfish towards the rest of fandom, seems they having that call for show us their favoritism.

yesterday taylor makes me so hurt with the 300 people know™, she’s make so sad and low that now even she’s saying she’s was ONLY kidding dont makes me feel much better. because i’m don’t feeling include on “many of you as humanly possible”. We don’t even have the pressure order for reputation here its a little impossible imagine a tour here when we without have pre-sale album. And now she said that she wants meet many os us as humanly possible but she brigs the same people who went into ss of 1989 to reputation ss? Look guys if you’re one of those peoples dont get me wrong this is nothing about you, but you see that its so controversial that what taylor said she isnt putting in pratice right? Please @taylorswift i love you and i’ll always love you but this kind of thing hurt so much

And for that rude people: i know you didn’t meant being so rude but please try be more careful with the words. try to think how the other people will feels towards it. and now you guys are trying putting the blame in @urineluv for talking that taylor played all too well on piano but she don’t spoke nothing wrong, she’s just trying to do the right thing and stopping the all these selfish. Because of course we’re happy for you meet taylor, i mean we thinking ‘ok when its my time?’ and maybe its dificult for us see the pictures and we have some kind of jealousy but dont considarete that as we were saying that you dont deserved meet taylor, you deserves truly, but the way some of you guys want show your prevail are hurting some fans and make us thinking that this is unfair, because maybe taylor doesent like to know that the some fans who meet her are acting this way with other fans.

Please guys stop with this now the people who went to a SS are fighting between themselves.  We need to come back with fabase united where we respected the opinion of others, where we talk to everyone and everybody was happy. We need start to unite this fabase that was ALWAYS  united and always respectful 

                                                                                       Love all of you Swifties,                                                                                                    Pamela


Characters: Gabriel x Winchester!Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader

Length: 1153+ words

TW: Pooping

A/N: So someone requested a Gabriel fic A LOOOOONG TIME AGO- so long ago that I can’t find it anymore, but I’m pretty sure that it was about him always teasing the reader or something, but when someone else did it, he got pissed. Well I tried running with the idea, but I had to change it up a bit.

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Gabriel met the youngest Winchester accidentally when he had dropped in the bunker looking for the brothers. He appeared in the kitchen first, hoping to find some treats to steal before being caught. Instead, what he saw was the 5 year-old, her arm halfway down what seems to be a cookie jar, eyes wide like a deer in the headlights. A huge smile appeared on his face as he realized what the little one was trying to do. She retreated her hand back holding a cookie, and placed it behind her figure.

“I’m sorry…” she said, looking down, and pouting.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell your brothers.” He walked up beside her, grabbing a cookie for himself. “As long as you don’t tell on me.”

She giggled, nodding exuberantly, and taking a huge bite of her cookie.

“Where are you bros, cupcake?” the angel asked, seeing the kid stuff her face with the cookie.

“Dunno,” she replied, managing to spit out cookie crumbs while speaking.

“Wanna help me find them?”

“Kay!” She lifted both arms, demanding to be picked up. Gabriel had no choice but to do what she wanted, placing her against his hip. He cleaned up the traces left behind of her stolen cookie, and started wandering the halls of the bunker.

Ever since then, Gabriel had made it his mission to be in the kid’s life, appearing almost everyday to play and hang out with her.

“Hey, cupcake,” Gabriel greeted the youngest Winchester. She slightly turned her head to him, before quickly looking at her lap.

“Hi,” she said quietly.

The angel frowned. In all his time, knowing her, the little one never failed to jump into his arms as a greeting. “What’s wrong, cupcake?”

“Nothing,” she mumbled, wiping away the tears from the corner of her eyes.

“C’mon, you can tell me,” he prompted, sitting down in front of her bed on the floor.

She continued sniffling, endless tears escaping her eyes.

Gabriel couldn’t control himself. He got up, and took her in his arms, engulfing her in his wings. He whispered sweet words in Enochian, rubbing her back. “It’s gonna be okay, cupcake.”

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BTS Reactions - You have bruises after waxing your legs

You wince a little as you lay down, positioning your legs so nothing’s touching them. Earlier that day, you’d waxed your legs, but they’re now covered in bruises because of how sensitive your legs are. After flicking through some shows for a few minutes, your boyfriend comes in to join you, eyes on the screen as he sits down next to you and tries to pull your legs over his lap like he always does. This time, however, you wince and try to pull back, causing him to pause.

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“A Lesson in Wanting” - V x MC, Mystic Messenger

Rating: Mature/Explicit/18+

Words: 3340

Summary: Jihyun is a generous lover. You want to reciprocate, but you have to get him to tell you what he wants first. VxMC smut/fluff.

Note: This takes place sometime after V’s Good Ending. I’ve had this little idea in my head for a while after I finished V’s Route, and I finally wrote it out. There isn’t nearly enough V fic out there, so here’s my tribute to my favorite soft blue boy. Thank you for reading! (ao3 link or read below)

Your relationship with Jihyun began with the warmth of holding hands. Soft, engulfing embraces. Chaste stolen kisses on the street when no one was looking. Two years, it turned out, changed people, and you took your time getting reacquainted with one another after he returned from his travels abroad. Together, one day at a time, you uncovered your likes, your dislikes, your passions and dreams, and you found that you were both more compatible with each other than you could have ever imagined when you first met all those years ago.

Once things started getting heated and physical between you, you learned that Jihyun was a generous lover. He was always caring and considerate of you, making sure you felt good, pleasuring every inch of you until you went over the edge. Sex was still new to your relationship, and you’d decided to follow his lead. He seemed to enjoy slowly discovering this intimate side of you, but soon it got to the point where things started to feel a bit unbalanced. He’d make sure you came first—multiple times, even—and although he’d reach his own orgasm not too long after you, it always seemed secondary to him. You never got the chance to return the favor; he would never tell you what he wanted you to do for him.

You wanted to make him feel as good as he made you feel, and today, you decided, you were going to turn the tables.

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canfelixfixmygrades  asked:

Are you able to do 1990 Stenbrough + Reddie headcanons if it's OK with you?

I know you waited ages for this so im sorry to be the let down I am BUT I’m gonna assume you mean 1990 as in the miniseries? and I’m just gonna do Reddie cause i didn’t really get a lot of stenbrough in that so it’s hard for me to imagine the dynamic

so uh did someone say Reddie reconnecting as adults when they all come back to Derry?? because miniseries adult reddie OWNS my ass

  • after they have dinner and they meet and everyone fills everyone else in on what they’re doing in life, Richie finds out Eddie’s hotel room is on the same floor as his and it’s dead ass all he can think about (i don’t remember their sleeping situation so if this is inaccurate then Tommy Lee Wallace can let me know if he has an issue)
  • he lies in his bed that night and asks himself in a million ways how on earth he could have forgotten those baby brown eyes or that sweet smile or the way his stomach knots when he hears him talk or laugh or do fucking anything
  • he asks himself this while the image of Eddie laughing and drunk and eating chinese food dances tortuously around his head and he finally gets up because he has to see him alone, and talk to him
  • but when he starts down the hallway Eddie is already halfway to richie’s room, hovering in the hallway - which he later admits he had been doing for twenty minutes of painful indecision - and they both give a small exhale
  • Richie cracks an easy smile and fills the stretch of tacky carpet between them, “can’t sleep either?”
  • Eddie seems to have less inhibitions for once, steps once more forward so their chests are almost touching and tilts his head back just a little to look at richie, “I changed the channel when you came on my TV the other day - how did I forget you so completely?”
  • Richie gives a loud gasp and looks at Eddie with complete offense, but there’s a hint of a smile on his face, “You don’t think my jokes are funny?!”
  • “The political stuff is getting a little old.”
  • “I was just telling my agent that exact same thing!”
  • They make their way into Richie’s room when someone pops their head out of their room to ask them to quiet down
  • they end up talking for the whole night, its nearly 2am when Eddie notices the time and his eyes go wide
  • “maybe I should go”
  • The reluctance in his voice is so clear, and he and richie are so close on the bed - it took no time for them to return to their old dynamic, all witty banter and underlying meanings to teasing flirts and always being close enough that anyone who looked too long might give them a problem
  • something about the way eddie leaned tired into richie’s side while pretending to muster up the energy to move gave the red head the strange sense of courage
  • “we were always different then the others, did you notice it too?”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • richie has to look away but he keeps talking (doesn’t he always?) “with each other, I didn’t see you how I saw them”
  • It’s so blatant that the air in the room seems to change like a switch was flicked, Eddie looks at Richie and Richie looks at Eddie and something silent passes between them, a confirmation
  • It’s eddie that goes in for the kiss and richie that deepens it, they don’t go any further but eddie sleeps in richie’s room that night
  • the next morning they cant seem to stop touching each other at breakfast, eddies hand on richies arm while he says something funny here, richies hand on eddies lower back while he moves behind him there
  • eddie puts together richie’s coffee - secretly decaf because lord knows richie tozier doesn’t need caffeine - and richie gets eddie a plate of eggs and toast straight from the kitchen (do you know how much disease can be transferred through a buffet?)
  • everyone reads the change but none of them know how to say it
  • finally ben lets out a loud huff that makes everyone at the table jump and says “did something happen last night because you two are acting domestic and -” he pauses and eddie’s red in the face so bev finishes his though for him
  • “we all had an idea that there was something when we were kids”
  • its out there now - just as scary as what they had to face in the sewer, maybe even more so, and no one at the table looks like they’re about to hurl their breakfast at the thought of richie and eddie so uh
  • so richie nods
  • that’s it, he just gives a cocky smile and a nod and eats another forkful of eggs and eddie just splutters horribly
  • “you never stop talking and now you’re quiet?!”
  • “if you want to tell everyone what happened last night you can go ahead eds, but i never took you as one to brag”
  • “don’t call me that!”
  • the tension between everyone eases, and they remember the real fight waiting for them
  • as soon as they’re done eating they go to mikes so that they can plan their approach and if eddie and richie sit tangled together and whisper soft words to each other when they start to get scared no one say anything about it

Thea, Teddy and Poppy’s apartments were glitchy, so along with Lydia and Andrew Roma (whose house was the last set of decor pics I posted), they got moved out into a new house.

The house itself was already built this time, I had Bella and Carter Fox living here at one point. I played around with the roofs and the exterior colour, changed all the doors and windows including the garage door to black, added one row of tiles to each bedroom, and added one wall inside, but otherwise it’s the same layout.

This is the living room and dining area, and the front yard. Plus a little glimpse of the kitchen through the archway. More interior pictures coming up….

In Your Footsteps: Part 10

You’d never dreamed that something like this could ever happen to you. You had everything…your dream job, a loving boyfriend and the perfect life. But, all that would change with one note and your life would become a living nightmare.

Masterlist (x)

This part is a little shorter than usual, but seen as it contains the biggest event so far, I’m hoping you’ll forgive me! Enjoy <3

You barely had time to register the life-altering news that you were pregnant, your phone buzzing noisily in your pocket. The sight of Luke’s name made you feel slightly nauseous. How were you meant to tell him?

You took a deep breath, trying to compose your thoughts as you answered his call. He was a profiler so your voice couldn’t betray anything.

“Y/N?” He asked, his tone full of concern as to why you were remaining silent.

“Yeah, I’m here. Sorry, I’m just going over a patient’s charts.” You replied quietly, your eyes glancing down to the records you were clutching in your hands. It was half-true.

“I’m on my way to pick you up.”

You frowned in confusion, your fingers tightening their grip on the paper. “Luke, I’m at work. You can’t just-”

“We’ve found him…your stalker.”

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very late - Inktober 20 - Deep

I had real problems uploading this one, I changed every setting I could discover and got some great help from @rubiosspegelbild, thank you so much.  But in the end, it turns out that it was simply too big to do as one piece so here it is in several.

I seem to have it in for Thunderbird Four and the moment, that’s the second time in a week I’ve drawn her upside down and in distress.  Working on a little cartoon on her now to redress the balance a little.

so i just wrote a stefano valentini/oc story

Heaven’s On Fire

Fandom: The Evil Within
Pairing: Stefano Valentini/OC
Word Count: 3k
Rating: M (Rating may change in the future)
Status: Ongoing (2/?)
Summary: Union was collapsing and Kenna was Mobius’ last hope after Sebastian Castellanos had went missing on the job of finding his own daughter. As she was tasked to find the Castellanos, little did she know that the devil lurked inside the place in a form of a man with the camera— and that she would fall into his arms.

This fic is an AU.

Link: AO3 /

“Stefano, no!” the raven-haired woman started, her voice quivering with fear, grief, agony; feelings she’d forgotten to feel before. She raised her gun at him, aiming straight to his head and still, he stood frozen in his place. He was never usually like this, the eerie mute that he exhibited was alarming. “Just go, please. Leave.”

Stefano looked up, Kenna could see his broken eye was lighting up from the device. He stared at her for a long time, the grave look on his face never faltered even as he tightened his grip on the knife. His gloves were smeared with blood. From all the time she was here, she’d never seen him like this; this angry. He was a psycho and murdered people for sport, yes, but he hardly looked like a kettle ready to blow off steam. This was out of the ordinary.

Kenna kept her gun trained on him, but her eyes looked deflated. She couldn’t do this, no to him. But then Stefano raised his camera to his face and a newfound threatening stir.

“Stefano, don’t make me do this,” Kenna remarked. It was her final warning for him. “I don’t want to kill you.”

His finger hovered on the shutter and she sensed no qualms from him.

“You already have.”

Stefano clicked the shutter and Kenna closed her eyes shut. She thought she heard a gunshot echoing across the room.

My diagnosis changed about six months ago and since then I’ve struggled with all things. It’s odd, in that, the diagnosis was something that I had suspected for the longest time, but it wasn’t until I received the confirmation that I realised what it truly meant. It is one of those mental health diagnoses that I will never be “cured” from, but the thought is that with intensive therapy I will learn to manage it. 

So I spend my days carrying around little workbooks, a journal, and a book that is basically the Idiots Guide to Stephanie (though strangely they marketed it under a different title…), while I try to reach the other side. 

It’s taking time. It’s taking so much more time than I would like and finding out I’m not allowed to trust my instincts has been a tough pill to swallow. Learning that I’m not allowed to be angry because anger for me is just a defence mechanism to protect the little girl in me who is so desperate to not be abandoned has been challenging and at times heartbreaking. 

Third year was not the year I wanted my entire history brought up and thrown back at me, but here we are. 

The boy is still here, but he travels. Every day he is quiet I panic that he is gone and even now as we approach the year mark I can’t help but still send off three or four panicked texts in a row, checking he’s still in my life. And it’s smothering him. I can see it. 

I run at lightning speed from the kind of love I claim to want, but now that I have the type that allows me to breathe I find myself in panics, never truly sure if he’ll come back or if somehow between Friday’s phone call and Sunday he stopped loving me. I have no concept of what it is to have a constant presence. It doesn’t matter that he called Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; without a call Saturday I can’t be sure anymore… 

If you know about these things you have no doubt guessed my diagnosis. You are no doubt piecing it together and nodding at the picture before you, how the past all makes sense. More than that, you’ll understand why I won’t name it - I won’t let it be all that I am when it is too often misunderstood. 

I’m not a cutter. I’m not suicidal. I won’t boil your pets or stalk you. But for now I exist with the constant nagging thought that no one in my life is permanent, that everyone leaves. I won’t lay traps to keep you or obsess over how to make you stay, but I will ask with frustrating regularity if we are okay. 

Are you still there? Have you left yet?

This is my world and though I should be happy that the diagnosis means hope, it means change is possible, there are still days like today when I can’t tell if he’s busy or gone, if I’ve broken it for real or not this time… And days like today just feel hopeless and lonely. Like the emptiness will never end. 

Reach this Moment: Part Seven

Summary: Princess Mai didn’t know which was more galling, the fact that she had fallen just short of becoming Earth Queen, or that she could be done away with so easily.  Still, if she was to marry the Firelord, who was she to have a say?

Author’s Note: Written for Fall Maiko Week 2017

Part Seven: Reflection

The End

Asuka and Emma had a pretty solid opening match, but I think that if I could change anything, it would be to make Asuka look more dominant. To me, Emma got a little too much offense in a match that called for Asuka dominance. She was a beast in NXT, but she was pretty popular tonight so we’ll see how RAW treats her moving forward.

Oceans will part for us, my friend
I said one fine summer day
When we were young and full of hope
We were such hopeless dreamers
Our heads in the clouds

The world can be a cruel thing
That is what we found
A message hidden
In the struggles of life

Basking in the glowing light of youth
We had so many plans
The world lay open before us
We foolishly thought
It would be our playground

But life is no game
We would soon learn
It takes and it takes
And gives little in return

When summer was ending
I still had a smile on my face
Little did I know then
How times would change
Little did I know then
In those fine summer days

Forced to grow up
Way before my time
Forced to leave
Those summer days behind

—  @writerwiththatnotebook // Oceans will part for us

anonymous asked:

I’ve always thought of chemistry as the way your personalities interact, so unless either person is tryna change their own personality, the chemistry isn’t gonna change. That being said, most people always have to break through a little bit of new-person-discomfort. I say if you’ve had like 10 substantial conversations n none have felt like it was clicking , it’s not gonna. Next!

ur right I agree with this

A-Z Questions About Me

Got tagged by @angstymarshmallow and @miss-twombly!! Thank you so much, sweeties! 😉💕


24 eek I die a little inside every time someone asks this


Somewhere in Southeast Asia


11.45am as of now


Soy milk


I guess my sister and 2 of my close friends come close, as well as the people I have common interests with ^^


This changes depending on my mood but nowadays I tend to listen more to Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello, BTS, and Taeyeon

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how tumblr is changing fandom culture (and what we can maybe do about it) by jes - Listen on SoundCloud

cross-posted to my fandom blog too, but I know some of y'all are in fandoms too or just have thoughts/feelings about Tumblr so I thought I’d put it here too. I’m gearing up to maybe do a real podcast project, or a miniseries type thing maybe, but I’m still learning about the genre (and trying to rope some friends in to engage with me!!). anyway if you’re interested or have reactions let me know.


I’ve been feeling pretty down about tumblr lately and today I had a bunch of really good conversations with people about what parts of tumblr fandom feel broken. soooo I made another little mini-podcast recording thing where I try to work through some of the ways I see fandom changing and why it feels so much less healthy/sustainable than fandom has felt in the past (for me. idk if for you! you can tell me). also, in the interests of not just wallowing in bad feelings, I’m trying to think about what a better fandom culture would look like and how I can start trying to create it for myself (and maybe others too? JOIN MEEEE).


*shows up a month late w starbucks and yt rewind inspired art* 

dan and phil on bikes in yt rewind had me feelin Some Kind Of Way and then this happened