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Merry Christmas everyone!! i don’t know what time zone you guys are in but it’s currently the 24th of december in Sweden, which is the day when we swedes celebrate christmas, for some weird reason…? i’ve been working really hard on this drawing, because it’s my christmas present to these fandoms/communitys! i was originally gonna add more people but i had no idea how to fit them all in so this is all i got. i hope you all have a wonderful christmas, and if you don’t celebrate it, i hope you have an amazing day nonetheless. Merry Christmas weirdos!


Prompt: Clash of social classes in which Luhan is poor

Genre: ??? I actually have no idea how to categorize this. Mild angst? Idek

Word Count: 1987

The first time you saw him, you had to do a double take.

Yeah, he had some dirt and grime smudged into his skin, clothes that had seen better days, and his hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in a while, but he was still cute. In fact, you didn’t look back at him because of his clothing status, or hair; there were plenty of other people on the streets like that. You looked back because he was handsome, and it wasn’t until you took the second glance that you noticed his ragged appearance. And putting both observations together caused confusion, or was it intrigue?

Whatever it was, it made you slow down because you began to stare.

He noticed.

You quickly looked forward again and began walking to the subway entrance a little bit faster, failing to see him duck his head to stare back at the ground as soon as your eyes met.

Every day, when you walked to the subway to go home, he was there, sitting against an old building, sometimes singing, and always a tin can for charity change which sat in front of him. Beside him, there lay an old, yet reliable backpack with rationed food, water bottles, a blanket, a jacket, and the money he received from yesterday.

Every day you’d pass by him, and every day the two of you would make fleeting eye contact.

It wasn’t until one day, a month later, that you got off work early and stopped to listen to him sing. He had his eyes closed, and he was leaning back with his hand folded over his chest. If he wasn’t singing, you’d think he was sleeping.

His voice was sweet and captivating and when he held out his last note, you found yourself wishing the song didn’t end.

He opened his eyes and looked up at you.

You startled back a step, blinking a few times, before clearing your throat and pulling out the first bill in your bag that your fingers felt to drop it into the can.

“You have a really nice voice,” you said with a friendly smile.

“Thanks. That took a while to say hello, though, not gonna lie.” He grinned back.

“Well…yeah, yeah it was. What’s your name?”

“Luhan. Yours?”

“Can I treat you to some coffee?”

It had been a couple weeks since you made acquaintances with Luhan, and every day on your way home, you would greet each other and whatever spare change you had was dropped into his can with soft, metallic clanking. Now you wanted to treat him to some coffee, spend a little free time together. He was cool.

“I don’t want to bother you with-”

“Nah, don’t worry about it, Luhan. I wanna hang out with you. Tell me a story or something.”

“Well…I guess, yeah. Sure. Thanks.”

“So where did you go yesterday?” You asked as he sipped his cup. “I didn’t see you at your spot.”

“I was at a hotel.”

“A hotel? Why?”

“To wash up. Once I save enough money, I can get a proper bed, a warm shower, TV, room service, though I rarely order it. I only get it if I really have enough.”

“So you only get to shower once every week or so?”

He took a long draw from the steaming cup before answering. “Warm shower,” he corrected. “I wash up whenever I can, and I take the little shampoo things from the rooms. But I go if I have enough. That’s after making sure I have enough to feed myself and get water and other essentials. Sometimes it’s choosing between a blanket or a bed. Winter can get pretty harsh, but people tend to be more generous around Christmas time. Sometimes I get enough to stay at a hotel for two days. Summer is the worst though. It’s hot and you’re all sweaty and gross and that just adds more negative appeal to your appearance.” He took another gulp.

You sat there, watching the steam rise and curl from your coffee, letting his words sink in.

“So you really are homeless?”

He chuckled. “Believe me. If I had a place to settle down, I would.”

“How long have you lived like this?”

“Hmmm…a couple years? I moved from my old spot because some of the guys there were getting troublesome and I like my face.”

“It’s a good face.”

“You know it,” he replied with a smirk. “But just so you don’t get the wrong idea,” his face grew serious again, “I don’t sit against that wall all day begging for money. It’s humiliating, honestly. Anyone who begs has to stuff down and even destroy whatever pride they have in themselves to ask strangers for money, and all we can be is thankful because without their charity…well, too bad the world revolves around wealth.”

“Would it…would it be too much to ask what happened?”

He shook his head. “Nah…not really. A lot of people actually have the same or similar stories.” He downed the last of his coffee and took a bite of the pastry you bought him. “Basically what happened was I made a bad investment at the worst time. I loaned my friend a good bit of money to help support him in his business that he wanted to start, and it had a good future if it wasn’t for the city’s economic downturn four years ago. His business was crushed, he couldn’t pay me back, a bunch of people like myself got laid off, I couldn’t pay for my bills or my home, and eventually I had to move out to the streets.”

“I’m so sorry that happened.”

“Yeah, I am too, but right now, the best I can do is just get by and save money as best as I can.” He took another bite and chewed slowly, staring at a spot on the table. “It’s funny,” he said after he swallowed, “most people who are homeless don’t actually live on the streets. Even I don’t stay out here for too long. I usually crash at a friend’s house, like most, but I felt bad for mooching all the time so I’m just…enjoying the fresh air…I actually know quite a few kids who are homeless too.”


“Mhmm. If parents lose their jobs, their homes, so do their kids. The sad thing is, since most places require a solid bank account and address and stuff, it’s really hard to get back on your feet once it’s gone. Believe me, not all of us are junkies or alcoholics. A lot of us are trying to get a home, a job, our lives back. Even people who work can be homeless too. I’m working, but housing can get really expensive in the cities so I’m saving as much as I can for a small apartment at least…sorry, I’m rambling.” He took another bite.

“No, it’s fine. It's…a bit of a perception change.”


“So what do you do.”

“Ambitiously washing dishes. My shift ends about half an hour before you pass by and then I sing a little sometimes, it helps.”

You finished your coffee. Here was this pleasant, friendly person with a nice sense of humor and a good heart, working as best as he could and still barely scraping by each day. A world revolving around money instead of character. And here you were working a solid job with great pay, with a huge inheritance from your family, and living in the penthouse suite of the chain of apartments your family also owned.

“Hey, Luhan?”


“I uh…my family actually owns quite a few apartment complexes, condos and such. I can see if we can give you an address to keep, I’m sure we can, and you can pay it off when you can and I can help you if you want. Please let me help you.”

He stared at you, wide-eyed and still processing. It took a few moments to for him to clear his throat to reply. His eyes hardened with cautious defense.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way but homeless people can disappear easily and pretty much no one would notice. How do I know you aren’t gonna, I dunno, sell me or something. I don’t even know who you really are.

This startled you. “O-oh. Well, I…damn, I-I’m sorry. I didn’t think of how weird it might be for you but I, uh…”

You pulled out your phone and typed your family name into the search engine. You started laughing, unable to believe you were actually looking yourself up.

“Here. I know this is super weird and stuff but this is really me. I just, I just really want to help a friend out.”

He stared.

“What the fuck? You're…you’re rich? Like rich, rich! How-what?”

“I really-”

“No. Hold up. You’re super rich like, really fucking rich?”

“My family is. I still work.”

“But you-what are you, some billionaire philanthropist? What are you doing just talking with me over a cup of coffee? Shouldn’t you be living in some CEO penthouse suite for the rest of your life? Why do you use the subway? The fuck?!”

“My parents raised me to earn my money. My family is rich but I’m not so different from regular people either, and I guess I just got used to taking the subway. Seriously though, I…I wanna help you out.”

He chewed on his lip, turning the whole situation over in his mind.

“But I-I don’t have enough…well, enough anything to pay you back. Why would you-”

“Please. Don’t worry about it. Think of it like…like I’m making an investment. As long as you work hard.”

“You’re serious?”


“This isn’t some sort of joke, you’re actually gonna help?”

“Yes, I am. It’s just not fair for you, for anyone.”

He looked down. “The world isn’t fair, but damn.” He looked you in the eyes, his emotions swimming and you could tell he was forcing himself not to cry. “Thank you. Thank you so much. It’s been so hard when almost everyone passes by you without looking, and when they do it’s with pity or contempt or disgust. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really don’t know how to thank-” His voice broke and he began sobbing, biting back the sounds that wanted to escape from his throat. He just hid his face in his hands, as his shoulders shook with the weight of life being lifted off, even if it was just a little.

You had invited him to your penthouse suite for a warm dinner and a nice shower and the spare bed while everything got sorted out.

You changed into something more comfortable and when you left your bedroom, you found him standing close to the window wall. He looked down, watching the night lights of the city, the moving life so far beneath him.

“It’s beautiful,” he said quietly.

“Yeah,” you stood next to him and looked down. “Yeah, it is.” Seeing the city from so far up in his point of view, his view that was always on the stained concrete, it really was very beautiful.

“Maybe that’s why so many people in this position are ruthless, thinking they’re better than the rest of us,” he whispered mostly to himself. “They’re just so used to looking down on everyone. And everyone seems to have to look down on someone else to feel better about themselves…isn’t it sad?”

You could only nod and you stared at the breathing lights below.

“Thank you for not being that kind of person, and don’t let the fleeting image of money or power cloud your kindness. Because anyone. Anyone can become homeless. Who are we to put our security in bits of paper and the intangible concept of ownership. All our stuff will go to someone else sooner or later, so why should it matter so much?”

Open When it's our one year anniversary

I honestly knew from the beginning that this could last a year. I mean, hell, I’m writing this when we’ve only been dating for three months. But Elliott, I am so fucking in love with you. You are seriously everything that I could have ever asked for in a guy. You are by far one of the most caring, loving, sweetest people that I have ever met. You mean the world to me. and all of this sounds pretty cliche but, shit. you are seriously one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. you have shown me in three months the most beautiful love i could ever ask for(sorry that sounds pretty lame too). I don’t know where i’m going with this honestly but please never leave me. if we’ve made it this far, we can make it so much farther. i can see myself spending forever with you. and if that doesn’t happen i will god honestly be crushed. i love you so much. i can’t imagine going a day without you in my life.
like i said, i’m writing this three months in(maybe ill add some later 😝), but already i can’t even thank you enough. you have done so much for me that you never had to do. you didn’t have to bring me home for christmas and you don’t have to treat me to taco bell and you don’t have to give me the last cinnabon or order me an extra burrito, but you do. you go out of your way to make me happy. and i’ve never had somebody do that before, and i know i don’t thank you enough. i know that i don’t give you what you deserve. but I love you and i can’t even begin to thank you for staying with me. i haven’t been a perfect girlfriend, but i am most definitely the luckiest. you bum me cigarettes when i’m drunk, you come take care of me even when you’re already in bed, you’re not ashamed of me, you come and spend time with my family and friends back home, even though you don’t have to. and i know that every night that we cuddle up, even if i’m annoyed or upset or anything with you, i have no doubt in my mind that you’ll still say you love me and kiss me on the head. you’ve done so much that you didn’t have to, but it’s so amazing, el. i know i’m rambling again but whatever, it’s my letter.
ANYWAYS. you know me better than anyone has(other than maybe zach). but you’ve broken down my walls and made it so worth opening up to you. you have shown me so much and made me feel so loved. like christmas? you could have gotten cliche stuff for a girlfriend of a month or whatever, but you showed me how well you know me and how much you listen to what i talk about and what i love. and that’s honestly the most amazing feeling i’ve ever had. knowing that you know how fucking weird i am but you continue to show that you love me. and quite frankly, i adore you too.


(ps make sure to thank cassidy for setting us up!)

Life Doesn’t Always Turn Out the Way You Plan

I was trying to post this on AO3, because it’s going to be a multi-parter. But AO3 is being grouchy tonight. So the first part will go up here, and get put up over there when the database starts behaving itself again. Then the rest of the chapters will go up over there too.

“While You Were Sleeping” is one of my all-time favorite movies ever. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I’ve watched it at least once. And because I love it so much, I won’t be able to resist slipping verbatim quotes in here and there. So, watch out for those. Also, I know this is a Valentine’s challenge, but this movie is so wrapped up with Christmas for me that I had to set it then.

I’ll be honest - after this chapter, the rest of this so far is pretty much an outline interspersed with scene scraps. I’m hoping to post at least twice a week, but the schedule may be, ummmm, flexible. I’ll still try to get it all done in the month deadline.

That said, enjoy!

Life Doesn’t Always Turn Out the Way You Plan

My dad used to say something to me all the time when I was growing up. He would get this distant look in his eyes and he would tell me, “Iris, baby, life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan.”

l just wish I’d realized at the time he was talking about my life.

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Ring (Christmas!Taehyung)

Plot: #050: “I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to whole proposing thing.” with Christmas!Taehyung

Word Count: 801

A/N: so someone requested this with the Christmas with Taehyung AU (here) and I thought that sounded really really cute but I did have to add in a bit of father!Tae bc I’m a sucker for father!Tae it’s my favorite concept tbh but I have done a Christmas AU with father!Tae (here) so either one will work I believe the original AU was with the pregnancy so these may not line up time wise but I just love Christmas and Tae and father!Tae so I had to do all of the things at once

December had always been an important month in Taehyung’s life, for an obvious reason. He was born in December, on one of the final days of the year, just a few days after Christmas. It had been his favorite month for quite a while purely because of the holiday, because he loved seeing all of the lights turn on at night, seeing all of the decorations. He loved the family aspect of it more than the idea of presents. He loved being able to have all of his family gather up in his home, everyone in their warm clothes with their mugs of tea or hot chocolate in their hands. Everyone laughed, talked the entire day, everyone ate dinner together. When his son was born on December 12th, he had yet another reason to love the month.

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Beauty at Disney

Braun Strowman/OC: You and Braun go to Disney World together to celebrate your two year anniversary. Smut and fluffffff bc Disney World. Inspired by this photograph. Continuation of A Beast at Christmas; A Beauty, a Beast, and a Champ; Beauty Loses; Beauty Apologizes; Beautiful, Beastly Champs.

I know I said I was finished with the Beauty and a Beast series but uh…Man, I couldn’t not do it. So, here it is.

Tagging: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @screamersdontdance @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @attilasgurl @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @alexispoo @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @artemisapalla316 @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @fuckyeahbulletclub @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @meaganottiz02

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To be continued…

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A long overdue update!

Christmas at my day job is the busiest and most important time of year, so I often come home too mentally exhausted to do anything. Add onto that my health isn’t so cool right now (don’t worry, I’ll live).

Happy Boxing Day to all my fellow Commonwealth peoples. I hope you find the sales good, and if you do shop today, remember to be nice to those who have to work today. I have had to work many a Boxing Day in my past retail working days. It’s just nuts.

Back to the comic, some observations:

-I imagine Leia being the one who would be the most successful at getting the truth out of Rey. Dem diplomacy skills…

-In the Princess Leia comics (the ones that came out within the past few years), young Leia does actually say she wished she had a sibling. FORESHADOWING.

-I am currently reading a book about Leia that isn’t Bloodlines. It’s called Moving Target and I got it for Christmas from a friend. I think it’s not super new and it’s gotta be a YA novel, but it’s really decent (think Lost Stars, if you’ve read it). It’s set between Empire and Jedi

This is the first fic I wrote for the @tfcholidayzine. I’m going to be posting all my stuff here, but it only costs five dollars, goes to an amazing charity, and is honestly so freaking cool and good and @faintlyglow is a saint and worked really hard on it, so go buy it and enjoy the fruits of everyone’s labor! Plus you can see the awesome fanart that goes with some of these pieces. :)

The rest under a cut because long.

“Jeremy!” his mother calls as she scoops him up and away from the oven. He was six and had just been really excited by the prospect of cookies.

“But Mama, I wanted to see them!” he whines.

She laughs and sets him back on the ground. She kneels down next to him and taps his nose. “I know, querido. But patience is a virtue. In just a few minutes, they’ll be done and you can have a cookie, alright?”

He sighs, but nods and pulls his kitchen stool that he stands on to help his mama bake over to the oven so he can sit and wait.

When the timer dings, he watches her pull the cookies out of the oven and sees they’re shaped like snowflakes! They’re so pretty that Jeremy goes to grab at one, but his mother repeats, “No, baby, they’re still too hot. Patience is a virtue.”

He huffs and waits all the way through the cooling time and waits until his Mama ices them and then helps her put the sprinkles on them. When she finally hands him a cookie, he bites into it and it’s pure bliss.

She laughs at the look on his face and says, “See, my darling? Things are better when you wait for them. Especially around Christmas.”

“Like with presents?” he asks excitedly.

“Like with presents. Now let’s get this plate set up nice for Santa and then get you to bed.”

“And when I wake up, he’ll have been here?”

“Yes, sweetheart.”

Jeremy practically ran to his bed and his mother stifled a laugh at her silly boy.

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Anonymous: Could you do 32 on the old list (I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified) combined with 13 on the old list (kiss me) but historical? Idk if you write historical fics so if you don’t want to then you can make it modern. Thanks!

OHOHOHO MERRY CHRISTMAS KIDDOS!!!!! My gift to you is some angst (and fluff, I promise)! ;))) I would also like to add that this fic is specially dedicated to VSFAnon! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, bby! <333 

Since a ship wasn’t specified I’m going with lams, and the setting is none other than Valley Forge! Historical note: higher ranking officers didn’t stay in the encampment, but were quartered in the houses of nearby families, so that’s the situation here. Enjoy The Suffering™ ;))) (Read my other lil fics here.)

The days were an endless cold for John Laurens. They were an endless cold that only became colder the further the sun sank from the sky above their Valley Forge encampment. The only place he was able to escape the frigidness was in his bed, which he shared with none other than his closest friend and fellow aide de camp, Alexander Hamilton.

Bed-sharing was common, especially when it was freezing outside and they were already pressed for room in the nearby house they were staying at. And neither Laurens nor Hamilton were complaining.

Well, normally, Laurens didn’t complain, but tonight he was alone in their shared bed.

It was Christmas, and Hamilton was at the tavern nextdoor celebrating with all of the other officers. John had gone for an hour or so, warmed himself by the roaring fire, had a pint of ale, and chatted with some friends, but it all grated on him after a while. So, casting a longing gaze Hamilton’s way, he quietly took his leave and retired to their room in the home nextdoor.

But now that he was in their room, he found himself feeling worse than he had at the gathering. While he had been tired and agitated before, now he was suddenly too awake and sad. He did understand why he was so sad.

He got out of bed and paced around the room a bit before remembering that there were people still awake on the floor below and they would, without a doubt, hear his pacing. He sighed and sat back down on the bed, letting his head fall into his hands.

Just then, he heard feet trudging up the creaky stairs. The doorknob to the bedroom shook before the door swung open, revealing a slightly drunk, confused looking Hamilton.

Alexander stood in the doorway for a moment, eyebrows furrowed, just staring at John. He pointed at the freckled boy. “You left,” he said after what seemed to be a lot of deliberating.

John looked down at the floor to hide his blush. “I was tired,” he said with a shrug.

Alexander seemed to accept this, since he nodded and shut the door, walking toward the bed. He plopped down next to John and began to shuck off his boots and outer-layers of clothing. Once Hamilton had stripped down to just his shirt and stockings he turned to John, who’d been unconsciously staring at him the entire time he was undressing.

“My dear Laurens,” he murmured, his hand rising slowly toward Laurens’ face.

John froze, his breath caught somewhere between his mouth and lungs as Alexander’s hand cupped his face.

“I think I’m in love with you,” Alex whispered as he leaned forward. “Kiss me?”

John wanted to pinch himself, to slap himself, anything to ensure he was not simply imagining this moment like he had so many times before as he laid next to a sleeping Alexander.

“I’m terrified,” John finally said, his voice cracking on the last word.

Alexander smiled at him, and suddenly John remembered how to breathe again. “You have nothing to be afraid of, my dear Laurens. Will you indulge me in a kiss? Or do I need to find us a sprig of mistletoe?”

John, drunk on the warm feeling Alexander’s smile shot through his veins, leaned forward and pressed his lips against Alexander’s. After a few moments, Alexander pulled away, a smirk on his face.

John kissed Alexander again in response to his smug look, but quickly pulled away and looked down at his hands, clearly anxious.

“John?” Alexander asked, taking John’s hands. “Are you well?”

“Did… did you mean it?” John asked, hating how fragile his voice sounded. “That you’re… in love with me?”

“I only say what I know to be true. You know this about me,” Alexander said, his face serious aside from the hopeful twinkle in his eyes. “Do you return my affection?”

How Alexander managed to not seem at all anxious while asking John this amazed the freckled boy.

“Yes,” John whispered. “Absolutely.”

Alexander grinned, and kissed John.

It was, without a doubt, the best Christmas of John Laurens’ life.

30 things Gin would do if he had a Furby

Author’s Choice list. :)

In the Christmas wishlists list, Gin asked for a Furby. It is now time to consider all of the wonderful (?) things Gin could do with that Furby.

[Want to see what other Author’s Choice lists have been done?]

1. Hang it above Aizen’s bed so that it is the first thing Aizen sees when he wakes up in the morning.


Aizen: GIN

2. Put it on Aizen’s throne whenever Aizen leaves the room.

Aizen: I will stay on this throne forever.

3. Add a new Furby to a different room of Aizen’s palace every day. Warn Aizen that Furbies “multiply like tribbles.”

Aizen: …why do you know what tribbles are?

4. Tell Ulquiorra that the Furby is Aizen’s new hostage and must be cared for.

Ulquiorra: I will make it a uniform immediately.

5. Tell Grimmjow that the Furby is his new fraccion.

Grimmjow: What am I supposed to do, chuck it at my enemies?

6. Ask Tosen what is inside the Furby.

Tosen: I see evil. Nothing but intense, unremitting evil.

7. Make an application for the Furby to be an espada.

Aizen: Yes, by all means have your Furby fight an espada. Go with Barragan, please.

8. Send applications to all of the current espada to make the Furby their fraccion.

Szyael: If I wanted a fuzzy robot fraccion, I’d make it myself.

9. Send the Furby to Aizen’s staff meetings as Gin’s “stand-in.”

Aizen: I am five seconds away from wasting this cup of tea just to short-circuit that demonic thing.

10. Put a Furby above the roof in Ulquiorra’s private column garden.


Ulquiorra: No.

11. Use his shikai to send the Furby flying into any room where Aizen happens to be. Tell Aizen that Furbies can fly.


12. Leave it lying on Starrk’s chest while he naps.


Lilinette: I don’t even want to know.

13. Try to get Starrk to cuddle with it while Starrk is sleeping.

Gin: Man….you’re not a cuddler are you, Starrk?

14. Convince Starrk that his soul has split again - this time into a Furby.

Starrk: I’m pretty sure that thing came from the depths of hell, not from my soul.

15. Tell Szayel that the Furby is edible.

Szayel: Oh, I can swallow anything I put my mind too, Gin!

16. Tell Szayel that the Furby can learn language - but only if his owner is smart enough to figure out how.

Szayel: …I’m smart enough.

17. Sneak in while Halibel is showering and leave it on the ground outside the shower.

Habibel: Farewell, creepy toy. Hello, Cascada.

18. Let the Furby guest-host an Arrancar Encyclopedia episode.

Furby (beside picture of Yammy): wee-tah-kah-wee-loo

Yammy: I’m offended and I don’t know why.

19. Give it to Lilinette as a “toy” that “all children must have.”

Lilinette: I AM NOT A CHILD

20. Put the Furby in front of Aizen’s secret cameras, staring directly into it.

Aizen: Lucky guess.

21. Buy more Furbies. Put them in front of many of Aizen’s secret cameras.

Aizen: …where is he even getting these?

22. Put a Furby in the control room.


23. Tattoo the Furby with the number “6.” Leave it in Grimmjow’s room.


24. Put a crown on the Furby’s head. Leave it in Barragan’s room.

Barragan: My release is definitely motivated here.

25. Tatto the Furby with the number “4.” Leave it in Nnoitra’s room.


26. Demand that all meetings be translated into “Furbish” for the Furby’s benefit.

Aizen: …it isn’t an espada, Gin.

27. Reprogram the Furby to say “heart” at random moments. Hide it in Ulquiorra’s palace.

Ulquoirra: I think I understand Poe now.

28. Put in a box and mail it to Kira. Just because.

Kira: But why

29. Give the Furby a wig with an Aizen-style hairlock. Tell Aizen that the Furby is his son.


30. Send the Furby to Luppi as a token of affection.

Luppi: So…you hate me then?

tattoo artist!luke being the father to your four year old daughter who always wondered why the drawings on daddy’s arms and neck would stick onto his skin (the smiley face drawn by you with pen had washed out over a few days, much to her disappointment). and then one day luke would catch your little girl drawing on herself with the pack of markers she got for christmas (a 64 pack might i add). her dad would ask her what she’s doing and she’d giggle, “i want to have pretty pictures on my arms like you!” 

for kinkhemmings and inspiring-blog‘s tattoo artist!5sos blurb night!

I woke up to the news that Debbie Reynolds had passed away, which just adds another layer of tragedy to the loss of Carrie Fisher, her daughter. However, while we’re suffering right now as fans, I don’t think our grief can even begin to touch upon what Carrie’s daughter, Billie, must be feeling right now. I can’t fathom the pain of losing your mother and grandmother within a day of each other, especially so close to Christmas. 

Billie is only 24 years old, and is dealing with things that no one her age should have to face. I’m sending her love and best wishes, and hope she’s surrounded by love and support at this awful time - I just hope the media have enough respect to leave her alone and give her time to grieve in peace with her remaining family.

The Malec Secret Santa - 2016 - The Big Reveal

It’s Second Christmas Day in the Netherlands, so I still get to use these gifs xD

Ho Ho Ho!

Well this is it for the first edition of the Malec Secret Santa! Hope you all had a fantastic Holiday Weekend and that you enjoyed all the amazing gifts posted here :)

A massive, special THANK YOU to the following beautiful darlings: @sfjessii, @shadowstele, @laurenkmyers and @jimins-parks. I would’ve been lost without you wonderful angels, so thank you for helping me make sure that everyone received a gift for Christmas! <33333

If you’d like, you can still add your works to the AO3 Collection! Just poke me if you do and I’ll add the link to the Tumblr gift post as well. You can also repost your gift(s) to your own Tumblrs now, of course :)

Hope to see everyone back next year for another edition of the Malec Secret Santa! :D

-xoxo Leonie (leetje)


And here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…… the list of Secret Santas!

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sO last year I made a gravity falls themed christmas tree annnnd this year I wanted to do something with sploon so uh I just kinda stole a bunch of squib children from some of my favorite splatoon artists and put them on the tree haha I’m awful yes hello
squeebs belong to @grassyghost, @buttersheeps , @tamarinfrog , @strawberrypinku , @kumarikat , and @katribou
WELL MERRY SQUIDMAS I GUESS, I hope u have/had a good one ;u; ♥
also I’m never touching glitter again I sw e a r

I thought I was so late, but the mail was still delivered on time to @anywayimnikki (it was even a day early?!!) so I can share the wintery Mattsun I added to the christmas-card I sent her c:

Merry Christmas, Nik and everyone else!
I hope you all have lovely holidays.

Decided to add the sketch, too, because I really liked the pencil lines but I had to add the marker in the end after coloring :c

This is Where our Hope is Found.

Word count : 4558

Written for @briaroundtheworld. I just spent the last few days reading your fics and truly enjoyed them, so I hope that you will like what I wrote for you ! I also made a pretty photo collage to illustrate it, but I don’t know how to submit it here, so I'l just add it when we are allowed to post it on our blog.

Enjoy ! @sophie1973

Colorado, 1889.

It was probably the most beautiful Christmas tree they had had in years, but Felicity wasn’t really in the mood to appreciate it, still too shocked by her father’s words.


Nathan Smoak poured himself a glass of brandy before turning to his daughter.

“It is arranged. William Carver is a business partner of mine. His wife died last year and he doesn’t have any heir. A situation that I am unfortunately very familiar with.”

“But…how old is he?”

Her father gave her a hard look. “I really don’t see how that is relevant.”

Which meant he was probably much older than her.

Felicity shook her head disbelievingly. “So you are basically selling me to this man?”

This time it got her an exasperated look. She could never do right anyway. “Don’t be ridiculous. He doesn’t give me any money, it is more like a business transaction. At least you’ll be useful for something.”

She ignored the hurtful words - it wasn’t the first time she heard them and probably not the last. “Why are you doing this to me?”

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EXO: you playing/singing Miracles in December

Before I started writing this one, I had never heard this song before. So in the spirit of Christmas “coming up,” I listened to it and, not gonna lie, I got tears in my eyes when I listened to the Chinese version thanks to LuHan… ~ I DONT own any of the gifs used. They belong to their rightful owners ~

Xiumin/Minseok: As he heard you singing smoothly his jaw would drop. He’d be amazed by the sound and clarity of your voice and the sound of the new paino that you just bought. He would for sure add this to the list of best days of his life.

Lu Han: He would stand outside of the paino room in your house and nod. He is silently judging your voice and paino playing, and so far you’d be doing as good as him.

Kris/Wu Yifan: The beautiful sound of your voice would be too much for him to handle. As you sung, it struck a cord in his heart to the point where he needed to just lay down.

Suho/Junmyeon: He’d automatically run to your side at the paino and sit quietly next to you as you sang. When you finished the song he’d pull you into a hug and kiss your head lightly.

Lay/Yixing: Yixing would stand at the edge of the paino and just make kissy faces at you the entire time you played. He wouldn’t go near you until you finished the song so he could hear your beautiful voice for the entire song.

Baekhyun: It would honestly take him a few seconds, more like the entire song, to realize that it was actually you singing and not the actual song playing on the radio. But when he finally figures out that you were singing he was clap and tell you how great you sounded.

Chen/Jongdae: As soon as his part came on he started singing with you. He’d be very happy with how well your voices matched as you sang and it would 100% make you two a lot closer.

Chanyeol: After you finished singing the beautiful song Chan would grab his guitar and start singing you a song. You two would go back and forth with singing each other songs.

Kyungsoo: He would be in his office writing lyrics or doing Kyungsoo things when he’d hear your beautiful voice echoing throughout the house. It would automatically make him stop doing whatever he’s doing just to listen to you.

Tao/Zitao: He’d be on the verge of tears. Tao is a very emotional boy and your beautiful voice, singing such a beautiful song, would bring out his emotional side. He’d watch your fingers graze over the keys like they were air and it would make him feel peaceful and safe.

Kai/Jongin: Kai would definitely try to out cute you that day. It may or may not work but we all know you would win but a hair.

Sehun: The moment he thought you couldn’t get any more adorable this happens and he’s shocked. It would definitely make his entire day just listening to you sing one of his favorite songs.

Boxes- A Taylor Caniff Imagine

If someone asked you to say one thing about Taylor’s family it would be that they would do anything for him. Even if it meant driving out to spend only half a day with him. So of course that’s what you were going to arrange. Taylor had been really down around Christmas and you knew why, his whole family was going on a trip for Christmas and wouldn’t be coming to visit the two of you. With all his projects going on the two of you wouldn’t be able to join them. “I just hope Tristan has a good Christmas without me, I know he misses me.” Was one of the last things Taylor said before bed on Christmas Eve. You had felt bad for him all week, you knew the feeling since your family was stuck at home too, but hearing Taylor worry so much about Tristan broke your heart.

5:30AM and you were up and setting the surprise. You heard Taylor yell down to you “What are you doing down there y/n? Are you okay?”

“I’m just putting out the last of the gifts Taylor. Come on down in fifteen minutes okay?” In that time you managed to sneak his family in and get them in boxes.

When Taylor came downstairs he looked really worried, the present count had more than tripled from the night before. “Babe I hope you didn’t do this all for me!” He sounded exasperated.

“You’ll see, open that one first!” You pointed to a fairly large box and Taylor walked over to it, taking the lid off to reveal his little brother. As Taylor stepped back the rest of the family popped out of the largest boxes. “Y/n, h-how did you-”

His dad cut him off “we booked our flights out of this airport instead! She helped us arrange a time and sneak in!”

Taylor went silent and lifted Tristan into his arms, which turned into a group hug. You all opened presents together and hung out for eight hours before they had to leave for the airport. Before they left his dad made sure to give him some information, “since we can’t take all this stuff with us we’ll have to stop in to visit after our trip. If that’s okayyyy…” He trailed off.

Taylor was grinning ear to ear, “sure dad. That sounds good.”

After they left you found yourself being wrapped in Taylor’s strong arms, “you’re the best girlfriend ever.” He mumbled under his breath.

“I try. Did you really think I would let you be sad on Christmas?” You asked

“I just- I wasn’t expecting this. Thank you so much y/n.” You were going to reply but he kept talking, “you must be so tired, did you even have time to sleep?” You shook your head ‘no’. “Babe you must be exhausted!” He sighed.

You nodded but made sure to add “worth it.” at the end. Realistically you had been stressed for days but you wouldn’t let him feel bad about seeing his family. He scooped you into his arms and took you to bed where he massaged your back until you fell asleep. You woke up at 7pm to the smell of food; Taylor had made you dinner as part of your present and it was delicious. Afterwards you spent the evening cuddled with him as he told you how much he loved you and showered you with kisses. He wasn’t always this soft but he really appreciated all of your hard work and wanted you to know how much he appreciated you.

He suggested that you both go to bed early so you could catch up on your sleep. You had to agree with him on that. As he pulled the blankets over the both of you he pecked your nose and whispered “I love you so much y/n.”

“I love you too Tay.”

“Sooo, Christmas sex tomorrow?” He chuckled so you could notice he was at least half joking.

You faked a sigh of relief, “thank god, I thought I lost you for a moment there.”

“You know I really do appreciate what you did, right?”

“Of course Taylor; I was only kidding.”

“Good, because I really do love you more than anything. Now get some sleep.”

“I’m glad, because you’re my world, I love you so so much” you uttered before finally crashing from exhaustion.

When I was in fourth grade, my dad took my brother and me to a CD store during a trip to Korea in 1998. He told us to each pick a CD. I chose S.E.S’ first album. My brother decided to buy the album of some new group that debuted that year. I loved S.E.S, but soon, my obsession started to lean more towards my brother’s pick, Shinhwa’s debut album. I used to listen to the album on repeat, analyzing the lyric book and the member profiles inside. My favorite song was ‘Eusha Eusha’ because it had the most English and a familiar sound. Andy was my favorite member then because he was super adorable in 'Eusha Eusha’. In the following year, my family went through hard times to make ends meet. For Christmas, since we wouldn’t be able to buy things for ourselves, my brother and I decided to give each other gifts of items that we already owned. The gift from my brother was Shinhwa’s first album because he knew how much I loved listening to the songs. Since then, I’ve collected all the albums and goods, seen them in concerts, miraculously met some of the members through family and friends, had amazing opportunities to see them up close in professional settings through work, and so much more to add. To this day, my brother tells me that if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been introduced to Shinhwa so early on in the game and discovered this amazing group that continues to challenge itself despite doubt from the public. I won’t admit to his face, but he is absolutely correct.

Wanna share with us how you discovered our boys? This is how it works! :)

My Sims 1 CC Database

I had very high ambitions to organize my Sims 1 CC, when I was playing it! Actually, I was spending more time at downloading CC and at organizing it than at playing (and of course, I was spending even more time at creating CC!)

I had made a database with the name of the object, its creator, a thumbnail, in which category of the Buy catalog it could be found, the rooms in which it could fit, its colors or materials, in which historical era it could fit, if it belonged to a specific theme (tiki, christmas, castle, sci-fi…), in which community lots it could be used (with quite a nice list of possible community lots! I have to take inspiration from it again!). I could also precise the households that could use that item. Plus, I could rate it, and last, precising which skill it was possible ot earn.

There’s 11.344 records in my database, which is already awesome, but I had around 100.000 to add… so, I gave up.  :D

That’s a pity because I’ve never been more organized than I was for Sims 1!

(I’ve been doing back-ups all day long, and stumbled on this)