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Merry Christmas everyone!! i don’t know what time zone you guys are in but it’s currently the 24th of december in Sweden, which is the day when we swedes celebrate christmas, for some weird reason…? i’ve been working really hard on this drawing, because it’s my christmas present to these fandoms/communitys! i was originally gonna add more people but i had no idea how to fit them all in so this is all i got. i hope you all have a wonderful christmas, and if you don’t celebrate it, i hope you have an amazing day nonetheless. Merry Christmas weirdos!

I woke up to the news that Debbie Reynolds had passed away, which just adds another layer of tragedy to the loss of Carrie Fisher, her daughter. However, while we’re suffering right now as fans, I don’t think our grief can even begin to touch upon what Carrie’s daughter, Billie, must be feeling right now. I can’t fathom the pain of losing your mother and grandmother within a day of each other, especially so close to Christmas. 

Billie is only 24 years old, and is dealing with things that no one her age should have to face. I’m sending her love and best wishes, and hope she’s surrounded by love and support at this awful time - I just hope the media have enough respect to leave her alone and give her time to grieve in peace with her remaining family.

Christmas Request: Don’t you dare

Xmas fluff w/Tim?He went on a misson days b4 xmas and never came back.He returns on xmas night and finds his s/o crying in the room bc no one knew what had happened.Then they go to the living room where the rest of the batfam is and how they react?TY

(can rewrite if needs be! and i’m ahead of schedule so expect me to add another in!)

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He drug himself into the apartment building and pushed his way upto the elevator. Normally he would check in with his family first, but you were his family now.

The mission took longer than expected, but he didn’t expect to fall asleep on the mission either. Thats what he deserved though, he had spent more than enough nights working on the case and getting miniscule amounts of sleep just so he could be home in time for Christmas.

You’d laugh at this, he thought, you’d roll your eyes and shake your head and then possibly kill him.
Well, and he was home in time for Christmas … or the last two hours.

He didn’t know how he walked up the stairs but he knew the familiar feeling of returning home hit him as his hand reached the door, opening it, he expected you to embrace him with his heart full. However his heart dropped at the sight of your swollen and tear soaked face, as you met him behind it.

“Hey i’m so sorry.” He muttered into your hair as he scooped you into his arms, and held you tightly. “I was going to be home later with a present, but i expected you to make me sleep on the couch.”

“You’ll be so lucky.” You frowned into his chest

“I am.” He replied earnestly “However i can ask Dick nicely to crash there if you need some space.”

“I’ve had too much space Tim.” You snuggled into him

“- and who said i’d say yes.” Nightwing said from the doorframe between the hallway and the living room “You know i told you to hold off on the mission until after you had some sleep.”

“I know.” Tim scratched the back of his head “But i wouldn’t of been able to focus on anything else until i had done it.”

You moved away from his embrace and walked back into the living room, wiping your face. Following you, he saw the rest of his family there.

Bruce gave him a serious look and he could tell from the frown he’d be hearing all about it later, although there was a soft look in his eyes that showed his was relieved.
“Get some rest.” Bruce said quietly before leaving the window and Jason shook his head and followed him, whilst muttering that he’d be killed if he had done this. Stephanie tutted at him while Cass glared at him.

He received their messages loud and clear, he should’ve known better.

“Night guys, sorry about this.” He called out and went to go hold you again.

“May i?” Damian appeared out of nowhere and looked up at you for your permission and you shook your head and he left with Cass, Stephanie and Dick.

“Should i be worried?” He asked motioning towards the small boy
“He was going to drown your laptops.” You replied simply.
“Thank you.” He smiled and pulled you back into his arms “I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t thank me yet Tim, i told him to get in line.” You grumbled and he looked around and let our a sigh of relief as he noticed his laptop still in it’s spot.
“Now i’m never going to let you go, i know i deserve it - but i still don’t want it to happen.” He nuzzled his face into your hair
“Don’t you even dare think about letting me go Tim.” You moved your head and glared at him
“I was so worried, no contact, no nothing - you were gone Tim.”

“I only intended to be gone a day. I swear.” He tried to defend himself “I’m so sorry, but you wont believe what happened.”
“Don’t you even dare, tell me you fell asleep.” You warned him and he sheepishly smiled at you.
“Okay.” He said simply and held you tighter
“Let me go Tim!” You struggled in his grip to go towards his precious electronics
“You told me not to, and it’s time i listened.” He said leading you over to the tree “Now come on, it’s still christmas, and you’ve got to open something special from me.”


To be continued…

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A long overdue update!

Christmas at my day job is the busiest and most important time of year, so I often come home too mentally exhausted to do anything. Add onto that my health isn’t so cool right now (don’t worry, I’ll live).

Happy Boxing Day to all my fellow Commonwealth peoples. I hope you find the sales good, and if you do shop today, remember to be nice to those who have to work today. I have had to work many a Boxing Day in my past retail working days. It’s just nuts.

Back to the comic, some observations:

-I imagine Leia being the one who would be the most successful at getting the truth out of Rey. Dem diplomacy skills…

-In the Princess Leia comics (the ones that came out within the past few years), young Leia does actually say she wished she had a sibling. FORESHADOWING.

-I am currently reading a book about Leia that isn’t Bloodlines. It’s called Moving Target and I got it for Christmas from a friend. I think it’s not super new and it’s gotta be a YA novel, but it’s really decent (think Lost Stars, if you’ve read it). It’s set between Empire and Jedi

Anonymous: Could you do 32 on the old list (I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified) combined with 13 on the old list (kiss me) but historical? Idk if you write historical fics so if you don’t want to then you can make it modern. Thanks!

OHOHOHO MERRY CHRISTMAS KIDDOS!!!!! My gift to you is some angst (and fluff, I promise)! ;))) I would also like to add that this fic is specially dedicated to VSFAnon! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, bby! <333 

Since a ship wasn’t specified I’m going with lams, and the setting is none other than Valley Forge! Historical note: higher ranking officers didn’t stay in the encampment, but were quartered in the houses of nearby families, so that’s the situation here. Enjoy The Suffering™ ;))) (Read my other lil fics here.)

The days were an endless cold for John Laurens. They were an endless cold that only became colder the further the sun sank from the sky above their Valley Forge encampment. The only place he was able to escape the frigidness was in his bed, which he shared with none other than his closest friend and fellow aide de camp, Alexander Hamilton.

Bed-sharing was common, especially when it was freezing outside and they were already pressed for room in the nearby house they were staying at. And neither Laurens nor Hamilton were complaining.

Well, normally, Laurens didn’t complain, but tonight he was alone in their shared bed.

It was Christmas, and Hamilton was at the tavern nextdoor celebrating with all of the other officers. John had gone for an hour or so, warmed himself by the roaring fire, had a pint of ale, and chatted with some friends, but it all grated on him after a while. So, casting a longing gaze Hamilton’s way, he quietly took his leave and retired to their room in the home nextdoor.

But now that he was in their room, he found himself feeling worse than he had at the gathering. While he had been tired and agitated before, now he was suddenly too awake and sad. He did understand why he was so sad.

He got out of bed and paced around the room a bit before remembering that there were people still awake on the floor below and they would, without a doubt, hear his pacing. He sighed and sat back down on the bed, letting his head fall into his hands.

Just then, he heard feet trudging up the creaky stairs. The doorknob to the bedroom shook before the door swung open, revealing a slightly drunk, confused looking Hamilton.

Alexander stood in the doorway for a moment, eyebrows furrowed, just staring at John. He pointed at the freckled boy. “You left,” he said after what seemed to be a lot of deliberating.

John looked down at the floor to hide his blush. “I was tired,” he said with a shrug.

Alexander seemed to accept this, since he nodded and shut the door, walking toward the bed. He plopped down next to John and began to shuck off his boots and outer-layers of clothing. Once Hamilton had stripped down to just his shirt and stockings he turned to John, who’d been unconsciously staring at him the entire time he was undressing.

“My dear Laurens,” he murmured, his hand rising slowly toward Laurens’ face.

John froze, his breath caught somewhere between his mouth and lungs as Alexander’s hand cupped his face.

“I think I’m in love with you,” Alex whispered as he leaned forward. “Kiss me?”

John wanted to pinch himself, to slap himself, anything to ensure he was not simply imagining this moment like he had so many times before as he laid next to a sleeping Alexander.

“I’m terrified,” John finally said, his voice cracking on the last word.

Alexander smiled at him, and suddenly John remembered how to breathe again. “You have nothing to be afraid of, my dear Laurens. Will you indulge me in a kiss? Or do I need to find us a sprig of mistletoe?”

John, drunk on the warm feeling Alexander’s smile shot through his veins, leaned forward and pressed his lips against Alexander’s. After a few moments, Alexander pulled away, a smirk on his face.

John kissed Alexander again in response to his smug look, but quickly pulled away and looked down at his hands, clearly anxious.

“John?” Alexander asked, taking John’s hands. “Are you well?”

“Did… did you mean it?” John asked, hating how fragile his voice sounded. “That you’re… in love with me?”

“I only say what I know to be true. You know this about me,” Alexander said, his face serious aside from the hopeful twinkle in his eyes. “Do you return my affection?”

How Alexander managed to not seem at all anxious while asking John this amazed the freckled boy.

“Yes,” John whispered. “Absolutely.”

Alexander grinned, and kissed John.

It was, without a doubt, the best Christmas of John Laurens’ life.

24 days till Christmas - under the mistletoe (michael)

Day 2 of my Christmas 5sos advent calendar my last post is more than likely yesterday’s imagine so check that out if not I’ll add a link later to the first one

Originally posted by luketivist

Walking into the party you weren’t sure what to expect, as you were walking around you saw a few mistletoes but you had yet to be under one with a guy. You weren’t even sure if in the end you’d get a mistletoe kiss, you had always wanted one but hadn’t had the best of luck with guys.

“y/n have you found any possible mistletoe kisses yet” your best friend asked as you were both sitting around while drinking an alcoholic beverage and looking at all the guys.

“No one really stands out for met yet” you said as you looked around all the guys, you saw not being your type or acting a little too cocky for your liking.

Although as your eyes met hair that was a crazy colour you just knew this was the guy who you wanted to be your mistletoe kiss.

Over the night it seemed like a struggle to get his attention, it got to the point where you were tempted to spill a drink on him. How cliche would that have been.

As you looked at your best friend making out with a blonde boy with blue eyes you knew it was getting late and if you wanted him to be you mistletoe kiss it had to happen now.

As you saw him standing under a mistletoe you quickly walked over to him, the alcohol taking over your mind as you started kissing him without any warning. “Woah” he said as he looked at you but soon realised he was under the mistletoe and this time was the one to begin the kiss.

The kiss lasted a good three minutes before you pulled away and you giggled apologising, saying he was too cute to not kiss. And you also admitted that you didn’t want anybody else to be his mistletoe kiss.

As you talked a little longer you were very happy with the risk you took.

drabble / fluffy & blushy;;

Yugyeom | 636 words
@nad-ias requested: Yugyeom + “You look really cute in that sweater.” + “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

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The Malec Secret Santa - 2016 - The Big Reveal

It’s Second Christmas Day in the Netherlands, so I still get to use these gifs xD

Ho Ho Ho!

Well this is it for the first edition of the Malec Secret Santa! Hope you all had a fantastic Holiday Weekend and that you enjoyed all the amazing gifts posted here :)

A massive, special THANK YOU to the following beautiful darlings: @sfjessii, @shadowstele, @laurenkmyers and @jimins-parks. I would’ve been lost without you wonderful angels, so thank you for helping me make sure that everyone received a gift for Christmas! <33333

If you’d like, you can still add your works to the AO3 Collection! Just poke me if you do and I’ll add the link to the Tumblr gift post as well. You can also repost your gift(s) to your own Tumblrs now, of course :)

Hope to see everyone back next year for another edition of the Malec Secret Santa! :D

-xoxo Leonie (leetje)


And here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…… the list of Secret Santas!

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Stories of my First Day Back to School

•We had a car parade for seniors, and the ones that won prizes included a Christmas themed car complete with a tree strapped to the top and a water day car with splash toys
•I walked into one of my classes and there was a big Trump poster on the wall, turns out my teacher puts up what students give him and apparently last year as a joke they gave him a shit ton of trump stuff, so he put it all around the room. He also wasted twenty minutes of class showing us random YouTube videos of trump fails, claiming that he watches them in his free time and literally has 400 bookmarked pages of them.
•In the same class, we had to say our names and favorite actors/actresses. I was the only one with a favorite actress, literally every single other person in the room said their favorite stars were male
•We talked about first amendment rights and how far schools can go to put an end to things that “distract from the learning process”, and when asked what we thought was a distraction, a girl blurted out “NOT MY SHOULDERS” and proceeded to fight the teacher about it
•A student unironically suggested that to make the Middle East “more civilized”, we should “build a wall around the entire Middle East and leave them because with enough time and isolation, they’ll civilize themselves”. When asked for his reasoning behind this suggesting, he stuttered a few times and then stopped talking, so people laid in on him for that stupid ass idea
•School is a dystopia?
•I was trying to get around two freshmen and said “excuse me” and one of them sees my senior shirt, screams “SHIT DUDE ITS A SENIOR” and yanks his friend out of my path. Didn’t realize seniors were so scary

This is Where our Hope is Found.

Word count : 4558

Written for @briaroundtheworld. I just spent the last few days reading your fics and truly enjoyed them, so I hope that you will like what I wrote for you ! I also made a pretty photo collage to illustrate it, but I don’t know how to submit it here, so I'l just add it when we are allowed to post it on our blog.

Enjoy ! @sophie1973

Colorado, 1889.

It was probably the most beautiful Christmas tree they had had in years, but Felicity wasn’t really in the mood to appreciate it, still too shocked by her father’s words.


Nathan Smoak poured himself a glass of brandy before turning to his daughter.

“It is arranged. William Carver is a business partner of mine. His wife died last year and he doesn’t have any heir. A situation that I am unfortunately very familiar with.”

“But…how old is he?”

Her father gave her a hard look. “I really don’t see how that is relevant.”

Which meant he was probably much older than her.

Felicity shook her head disbelievingly. “So you are basically selling me to this man?”

This time it got her an exasperated look. She could never do right anyway. “Don’t be ridiculous. He doesn’t give me any money, it is more like a business transaction. At least you’ll be useful for something.”

She ignored the hurtful words - it wasn’t the first time she heard them and probably not the last. “Why are you doing this to me?”

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tattoo artist!luke being the father to your four year old daughter who always wondered why the drawings on daddy’s arms and neck would stick onto his skin (the smiley face drawn by you with pen had washed out over a few days, much to her disappointment). and then one day luke would catch your little girl drawing on herself with the pack of markers she got for christmas (a 64 pack might i add). her dad would ask her what she’s doing and she’d giggle, “i want to have pretty pictures on my arms like you!” 

for kinkhemmings and inspiring-blog‘s tattoo artist!5sos blurb night!