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It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

The thing about being somewhat of a “celebrity” is that everyone wants a piece of you. And being in the spotlight comes with the expectation that you owe your fans something in return for their support. Kent loves social media. He loves Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of it. Which makes it a little easier to fill that expectation, to give his fans something more than just goals and wins. It certainly makes it easier for him than it is for guys like Jack, who seem to break out in hives just thinking about social media.

Kent’s 1.4 million followers on Twitter, 1.2 million followers on Instagram (2.5 million when you combine his account with Kit’s) and over 800K followers on Snapchat make him one of the most followed athletes in the world. He’s by far the most followed hockey player, with more followers than some of the NHL teams themselves. He keeps all three running pretty well. Mainly because he enjoys it, he loves sharing his life with his fans.

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You know what I’m not gonna pretend that Joss Whedon is a perfect writer, I think it’d be unfair to say that about any writer but that’s not the point, for now Joss Whedon is not a perfect writer. There are certainly issues in his scripts, the occasional racism being a big one (although one thing I think we should all bear in mind: don’t think it’s ever been intentional. Not an excuse by any means, but there’s a big difference between being a racist writer and being a flawed writer who fucks up every so often because they don’t get the intricacies of the issue).

However I do not understand the sudden hatred of him on this site. Like actually stop and think it through for a second here. Go back to buffy, actually think it through. Again, not perfect writing, and some stuff in the early seasons could potentially be interpreted as slut-shaming (although I genuinely believe if you go and watch it again without a closed mind, that was absolutely not the intention). But can we just not forget how fucking important that show was? How much that show paved the way for better representation in tv and movies. It was one of the earliest shows to have an openly lesbian relationship within the main cast (and especially in a main stream show), which honestly I think was handled really well for the time (late 90s, early 2000s, really not a good time for this stuff on tv). It was never sexualised, like even remotely, it was just shown as a normal relationship. The one time it was slightly sexualised was in a dream sequence in Zanders mind which was intended to show the grossness of straight cis dudes. And also to the people complaining that almost no lesbian kisses were shown and the characters were always referred to as “gay” without a mention of the possibility of being bi, REMEMBER WHEN THIS SHOW CAME OUT. Honestly it’s astounding that they got away with showing what they did. Seriously shows we’re being pulled around that time for being less explicit than that.

In terms of buffy as a female character, again there are certainly flaws but AGAIN think about when this came out. Think about other shows around then. Buffy was as good as it got then for feminism. And sure, it could have been better for that stuff but if it wasn’t for buffy we would not be at the point we are at now. We’d be several years behind. She gave young girls a role model, who was tough and a badass but also vulnerable and could be very feminine. She was a well rounded, well written character. A female character who was given an opportunity to be flawed.

Buffy is the reason for so much of the the advancements we’ve had in tv representation and how these characters are written and developed. Yes it would’ve been nice if a non straight white dude was given the opportunity to pave that path, but again at that point in time that was simply not going to happen. That isn’t Joss Whedons fault, and you know what he did a damn good job as a replacement. I mean what do you want him to do? Not write parts for women and lgbtq characters? Sure he’s not the most qualified but speaking as part of the latter community I’d much rather he tried than just didn’t bother, and so far he’s done a good job by me.

Touching on firefly for a second, here’s a mainstream sci-fi show with an ensemble cast with a 50/50 split between male and female characters. Again, that was not common back then. All the female characters are well written, well rounded, interesting and diverse characters. Each one was distinctly different from each other and never once blended together, arguably even more so than the male characters. A point I forgot to mention with buffy was that these were characters who were able to enjoy their sexuality and were never put down for that, except to make a point about a male character being gross. Mal makes comments about Inara’s occupation as a companion but this is always shown as kinda gross and as a representation of a certain way of thinking about things that was separated from what was expected from the audience (mal was frequently shown to be NOT a representative of the audience, hence why he was able to be a very flawed character). Also, while less obvious and less talked about, Inara is a canonically bi character (Kaylee may also be, although that’s a bit more implication than with Inara). I say it again, all of this was a fucking big and frankly brave move when these shows came out and helped a whole fucking lot with improving writing quality and representation.

On top of all of this, both of these shows were just really fucking good. All of this was handled brilliantly, because they just got on with their stories and character development. The lesbian relationship in buffy was a big plot line but the plot line was never “look willows gay now”, it was 100% of the time “willows in a happy relationship, isn’t that nice” and the fact that it was with a girl was talked about exactly as much as it should be which means, if we are talking about true representation here, not very often. Like, a realistic amount. When willow comes out to buffy she’s surprised for like 10 seconds and then the show moves on, which is how it fucking should be. It wasn’t a lazily thrown together “coming out and dealing with my lesbianism” plot line, it just got on with things because that how real relationships work. Even today, how many mainstream shows can you think of which handle this subject that well?

And very quickly on avengers, DOES EVERYBODY REMEMBER HOW FUCKING WELL WRITTEN AVENGERS 1 IS? And then sure, he made some bad choices in AOU, but that was around the time that marvel was cracking down on its writers and directors to make sure that the films fitted into the wider mcu. Marvel had full creative control over AOU, and completely crushed whedons creativity. That’s why he left marvel if you remember, because he wasn’t able to make his film, he made a film put together by money people. I 100% believe that’s where the concerning choice about Natasha’s character came from. Not him.

Ive only seen bits and pieces of whedons scrapped Wonder Woman script. I’m not going to deny that it sucks because it does. It really does. I’m a whedon fan, but it sucks. But what we really need to hear in mind is:

A) It was written 10 years ago. Yes firefly and buffy were before that but in the course of 10 years chances are he’s improved.
B) it was a first draft. Pretty much every script ever sucks in its first draft, because it hasn’t been refined but also because writers have to include the shit that keeps the producers happy in their first draft, and then they can figure out how to improve it once it’s green light.
C) This is one bad script. 1. Writers fuck up sometimes. Are we really gonna throw a writer under the bus based on 1 dodgy script? Honestly that’s a fucked up way of judging art and a scary precedent to set. “Awh ya fucked up once? Awh well, fuck you forever.” Like seriously? Get a grip.

We don’t know what the justice league scenes he’s doing are going to be like yet (and let’s be fucking real here, they’re going to be a hell of a lot better than whatever awful, steaming pile of shit a puke that Snyder has come up with), and we know nothing about his batgirl movie yet. How about we all climb down of the high horse for a second and just wait and see instead of pre-judging him like a bunch of whiny entitled babies.

Yes I’m a fan. Yes I’m biased. But I also recognise the concern. I get it. But can we please calm the fuck down and just wait and see for once? That’d be nice.

In fact can we just marathon buffy and firefly?

Holy fuck that’s a long post

anonymous asked:

You used to be realy active and nice and freindly, and now it seems like you only reblog art and talk to your blogger freinds who you write MEL with. You ignor asks and you ignor fandom memes. What happened to suporting smaller bloggers? What hapened to you? Its like you got populer and just forgot about your old friends.

Hi Anon-

TBH, this message took me by surprise.

Let me try and unpack your Ask a bit because I feel like perhaps I hurt feelings or did something wrong unintentionally. I also could go into all the things happening in my life on the other side of this screen, but you don’t need a bio (and I don’t think I should have to write one either).

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Drafted Posts

What a wonderful day. I was baptized this morning and have been full of joy. Right before midnight, after reading my bible, I got up to use the bathroom before bed. I have no idea why, but I got the urge to take a pregnancy test. My period wasn’t due for another 5 days and usually my tests aren’t positive until the day of my period or possibly the day before. But there it was, a faint faint second line. I tested again. Another second line. I’ve cried and cried and just thanked God.

I heard Wyatt in the shower this morning and for a second almost forgot about my excitement just hours ago. I jumped out of bed and started a normal conversation and then told him the news. We are both so happy.

Today is the day my period was due. I have already taken about 7-8 pregnancy tests since I found out but came across some tests for half off so I bought them. It was still exciting to take the digital test and have the word PREGNANT pop up.

5 weeks, 2 days
Things feel so much better this time around. I was actually happy when I started peeing every few minutes because that was always my first pregnancy symptom and it was one I didn’t get the last time. It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve tested almost every day, using my cheap Amazon tests I had. The line is super dark now and I’m almost convinced to stop testing. Every day, I just pray for peace and for a healthy baby. It’s hard not to worry. I’ll be walking and just stop in fear that I’m bleeding. Every little cramp or pain has me worried. I’ve only told 2 people besides Wyatt. I am allowing myself to be excited though. I made my first doctor’s appt, I’ve found myself looking at baby things, I talk to the kid’s about a new baby, I’m thinking of announcement ideas. I’m really looking forward to holding this baby in our arms.

4.7.17 8 weeks, 1 day
The wait felt like forever, but today I went for my first doctor’s appt. The appt I never got to make it to last time. Immediately, I saw our sweet baby and heard its heartbeat. It made my heart so happy. I told Peyton all about the baby in my belly, she’s so excited and I’m sure she’ll spill the secret soon because she’s already talking about it nonstop. I’m really early in this pregnancy, but it’s still a reason to rejoice! I’m growing a baby! I don’t know God’s plan but I put my hope in Him.

Good vs Evil in the SU verse

Over the course of the show (and the fandom) we’ve been told that Rose rebelled to free Gems. For Garnet to be together. For Pearl to be free. For Amethyst to exist. For Bismuth to be whatever she wanted to be, do whatever she chose to do. And…..that’s not true. Not entirely. 

Rose rebelled because Homeworld was going to turn this into a Gem colony, which would essentially kill the planet. A planet that Rose had grown to love the way it was. But a lone Rose Quartz wouldn’t stand a chance. She needed an army. An how would she persuade Gems to follow her? By saying the things they wanted to hear. Garnet, you’re fusion? Well, if you’re with me, you can stay fused and be together. Pearl, you don’t have to be a servant, come with me and be your own person. Bismuth, you don’t have to build things for upper Gems, you can do whatever you wants.
Then take Rose’s interactions with Buddy. It seems like she was really good at reading people and thus knew what to say to them. Now she may have been completely honest in what she said, but a manipulation rooted in honesty is still manipulation.

Rose had her own reasons for rebelling, but she knew that she needed Gems on her side and she had her ways to get them to join her. Because despite her telling the other Crystal Gems that they could be whatever they wanted, she didn’t really believe it:

“When a Gem is made, it’s for a reason. They burst out of the ground already knowing what they’re supposed to be, and then… that’s what they are. Forever. But you…you’re supposed to change. You’re never the same even moment to moment - you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are. What an incredible power - the ability to "grow up.”

The whole narrative of Homeworld being evil and the Diamond’s being awful is a narrative created by the Crystal Gems. Now don’t get me wrong, we have seen what happens to off-color gems. And we were told by Jasper that anyone who doesn’t fit into the mold created by the Diamonds is shattered. 

Does that make Homeworld purely evil? No. In fact, Sugar has said that there is no evil in the show. Homeworld is flawed and horrible because its built on an awful caste system that needs to be removed. 

Homeworld is built on an awful ideoogy, but that ideology isn’t why Rose rebelled. She rebelled for her own reasons and she got Gems to join her because she told them what they wanted/needed to hear. 

That’s the point. Homeworld isn’t purely evil just like Rose isn’t purely good.

Big Spender

Apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve been too sick to even think of writing. Here’s something that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while I promise I’ll work on requests next; I’ve started a few but I couldn’t get anywhere with them. Well, enjoy.

You hadn’t spoken to Harry in a couple days, not a full conversation anyway. Sure there had been quick questions regarding the kids or if you needed anything from the shops on his way home. However, your answers were cold and short. You could tell it was taking a toll on him, he had 3 day old stubble covering his jaw and the dark circles under his eyes, which have been there for years, have grown darker. The kids knew as well, even your youngest could sense the tension, acting out more than usual. When you put them to bed, and they asked why daddy didn’t come in and kiss them goodnight, it broke your heart. Yet you kept lying, telling them he was busy and he would come tomorrow night. When in reality, he was out somewhere, ignoring his problems at home, too cowardly to face them.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm like literally crushing on you so bad lmao but I've come to deliver a simple prompt. Nicky making vines of the foxes. So many brotp moments with him and matt. So many sassy comments at Allison. So many sickeningly cute vines with Erik. He has a collection called "me just videoing Neil because he's beautiful." And "Andrew before he tries to kill me." And "Inside the life of Kevin Day" end me Nicky I'll forever love you


au where tfc takes place during 2016? yes pls

  • nicky hemmick vines
  • in fact, nicky is a POPULAR viner
  • he has so many vines
  • nicky vines almost everything the foxes do because he wants to document it ALL
  • neil josten showing up? He takes a vine and saves it to his drafts for when neil is announced and he can actually post it
    • the vine is just nicky whispering “oh no he’s hot” and zooming in on neil’s face
    • there’s also the infamous neil zoom again where nicky’s whispering “i’m gonna fu
    • ck him” and aaron says “ur not gonna fuck him.” and nicky whispers “gonna do it”

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#Reaction: Monsta X ~ When He Gets Jealous

A/N: Sorry if it’s not so great I’ve been out of practice as of late. Hope you enjoy anyway!

Shownu is an awkward sweetheart but he can get fed up and serious so this could happen:

You guys had returned home after being kicked out of a new bar and Shownu wasn’t talking to you. You knew why you just didn’t understand why. He should be happy that you guys got free drinks thanks to your charm. Instead he threatened the bartender and then punched them after inviting you to their place. You planned on confronting him about it when you guys got home but Shownu just said, “You’re mine and people need to know that.” before stepping into the bathroom to shower.

Hyungwon can be downright scary (If you haven’t noticed he kinda scares me after that one ep. of no mercy when he pretended to fight with #gun but I still love him so much he’s so beautiful!) so here’s a scenario:

You brought Hyungwon to your favorite cafe where everyone knows and likes you. One employee likes you too much and this does not slide by Hyungwon. The employee came and took your orders ignoring Hyungwon as much as possible. When they came back with what you guys ordered they linger, talking to you for a bit. Hyungwon sipped his coffee and finally spoke up when the employee grabbed your hand and was in the middle of asking you out.

“Yeah, hi I’m y/n’s boyfriend so what was it you were going to ask? Oh, nothing? That’s what I thought.”

Kihyun is a giggly bundle of cuteness so here goes:

You go to the library in your free time to help out or just read and Kihyun decided to surprise visit you. When he got there he found you reaching at a high shelf for a book and giggled at how cute you looked on your tipy toes. He stopped though when he saw someone very tall lean over you and grab it for you. You blushed and turned thanking the person who was still leaning over you. That’s when Kihyun came and pulled you from under the person, “Thank you for helping my gf/bf bye now.”

As the person walked away you’d smile, “I know you want to laugh.”

Kihyun would maintain being serious until the person left and then would slowly crack into a grin and laughter.

Wonho can always rely on his abs to get anyone’s attention so this is something that can definitely go down:

Wonho spends a lot of time practicing or working out so you decided a great way to bond (aka your new years resolution since forever) would be to join him at the gym. He thought it was a great idea until he saw the way you stared at almost every shirtless person (girls are wearing sports-bras) there. You couldn’t help it though the people there had toned bodies and killer abs. As you sighed dreamily Wonho came to block your view. As you were about to protest he *gif*

“Now I’m ready to work out.” ~ W

“Okay but like, was ripping your shirt off really necessary?” ~ Y/N

“…not really no.” ~ W

*embarrassed child*

Minhyuk is such a child but a precious one so let’s see what we have here:

You’ve been struggling with school so you started looking into hiring a tutor. Being the caring boyfriend he is, Minhyuk helps with the search saying you deserve the best education there is. One day as you guys are going through resumes you tell Minhyuk you think you made a final decision. He takes the resume you’re looking at and right away says no.

“Why? He/she has an I.Q of one-sixty. You said I deserve the best education there is, and I think he/she can provide that.”

“HE/SHE is also MALE/FEMALE. A very good looking one at that. You’re gonna focus on him/her more instead of your studies, so I say no.”

“Pfft, I am not.”

“Oh look, says here he/she likes kicking puppies in his/her free time.”

“No it doesn’t… does it?”

“If I say yes will you pick an uglier tutor?”

Jooheon can be a dramatic dork sometimes (but we love him anyways!) so this is a possible scenario:

It was the first time in months he had a day off so you went over to visit and spend some quality time together. You guys would just be hanging out watching TV when suddenly, “Why y/n!?” Jooheon would cry dramatically.

“Why what?” You’d reply startled from his sudden outburst.

“Why are you following a blog called Daddy#Gun?”

You flush as he shows you your phone. You forgot he had it and snatch it back. “That was before I met you I swear I don’t even look at it anymore! Look I unfollowed and even blocked it.”

You show him but he walks away even though he’s not really mad, “The damage has been done!”

I.M/Changkyun is really calm and collected so with him something like this might happen:

A friend of yours has shown a lot of interest in you as of late and I mean A LOT of interest *wink wink*. You wouldn’t notice but Changkyun would immediately so he’d give your friend silent warnings, but Changkyun knows you’re his so he’d let it go. After sometime though when your friend starts getting too skinship happy Changkyun would step in and go off on them. Then he’d confront you and tell you why he went off on your friend. After settling things through calm conversation you guys would order take out and watch TV or a movie.


Hey guys it has been forever since I posted and I apologize for that but I got school to deal with and chores and all that other lovely stuffs people gotta do (note my sarcasm). Anyways I just wanted to point out that I try to refrain from specifying a s/o gender because I know there are male fans as much as there are female and I like to keep it open and equal for everyone. Feel free though to specify a gender when making requests.

~Admin gin

Modern Inuyasha

A/N: I wrote this snippet forever ago for @kazenokizu-inukag (remember??) but I forgot to post it. Going through my drafts, time to do so. Inuyasha is human and when he gets the sword well…450 words.

“Use the sword!” A tiny voice begged while a monstrous creature roared at them in the distance.

Inuyasha growled, throwing the flea a crazed disbelieving glance, “It won’t work!” 

But he knew instantly that he was wrong. 

The energy swelled and sparked at his fingertips, coursing through him, into him, surrounding him. He felt his hands squeeze the handle of the weapon with a grip that whispered of familiarity and nostalgia, a faint murmur ebbing like ink in his mind-


And before he even realized the word slipping like a prayer from his lips, the sword blazed to life, so brightly that Inuyasha could not distinguish where he began and where he ended; there was only light. 

Light and fire and it burned. 

He squeezed his eyes shut against the pain. Kagome’s fingers dug into the back of his jacket and he finally opened them again, realizing the monstrous creature was closer than before, swaggering to them with a heavy gait and a murderous mouth. 

“Kagome, get out of here,” he bit through, his dull teeth grinding together.

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BTS and The Lounge Chair

Time: early morning

Location: BTS dorms

JIN walks out of the bedroom half-awake and stumbles into large unknown object. Struggling to re-gain his balance, he notices it’s an old leather lounge chair.


V: (sleepily comes out of the bedroom) What

JIN: Why did you bring a dirty lounge chair in the house??

V: What

JIN points at lounge chair aggressively.

V: What’s this? Is it for us?

JIN (frowning): Don’t play with me

V: Where would I get this, a chair shop?

JIN: Not the right time to pretend you’re dumb

V: Dude I have no money for random furniture, I spent my last bit of allowance feeding my tamagotchi. 

JIN: Don’t - wait what, are those still around? You don’t have to pay for that.

V: There’s this new website, let me show you -

JIN: NO DON’T DISTRACT ME. WHy did you bring this in here??

V: Why do you think it’s me, there’s 5 other guys living here

JIN: Because when something that doesn’t make sense happens it’s usually your deed.

V: Well it wasn’t me. (lies back on lounge chair) This thing is 3 times bigger than me. 

JIN: That’s true, someone must’ve helped. JIMIN WAKE THE FUCK UP

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Prompt fill: Coliver hs!au with Oliver’s family not being supportive of Connor and Oliver’s relationship. 

Warnings for: homophobia and also school dances/prom.

Author’s note: This prompt fill is terribly old and I am so sorry but I don’t remember the blogger who sent it. I accidentally deleted the ask because I am the worst. I am sorry this is so late, bby. :(

As much as Oliver tried to not get his hopes up and keep his expectations in check, he still gets nervous waiting in the Walshes dinning room, with his face all but pressed up against the window, watching for the familiar blue of his family’s mini-van to pull up the drive.

He’d told his parents the time they were all gathering for pictures at Connor’s house three times and had even tried one final time to get his mom to change her mind as he was heading out the door.

“I’m heading out now, Mom,” Oliver told her as he went into the kitchen to grab the boutineer for Connor out of the fridge. “I’m picking up Wes and then Asher but you guys can come over to the Walshes around four, if you want. That’s when the other parents are coming over for pictures.”

“Where are you going, honey?” she asked, looking up from the pot she was stirring.

“Prom, Mom.” Oliver tried not to snap at her but it was hard. She knew exactly where he was going. She’d watched him walk in this morning carrying a garment bag after he’d picked up his tux. She had to have seen the small box from the florist in the fridge as she prepped dinner. She knew what was happening tonight, how important it was. “I’m taking Connor to prom, remember?”

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I Swear When I Get Out Of-

Warnings: A bit of language. 

Word Count: 981

Author: Sereena

This was an insert I did on Deviant Art and I wanted to share it with you all ;v; Enjoy! Sorry for posting two stories in a row!

“I’ve got Genital Herpes”

“I’ve got Genital Herpes”

“….You’ve got to be kidding me” you growled, clenching your fists in anger. 

   You were trapped in ‘TV Land’ for the second time and it definitely wasn’t fun. You and Gabriel had gotten into a silly argument on who was more patient; humans or angels. Obviously, you had taken side with the humans as humans could be as patient as they wanted to be. Angels? You had been with the Winchesters on an adventure for as long as you could remember. Never did you remember meeting an angel who didn’t want to rip your throat out within the next 5 minutes of meeting them besides Castiel and the Trickster himself. It was a stupid argument indeed, but now the candy-loving goofball was pushing your buttons. TV Land had been the most annoying experience ever.

“Play the role, sweetheart. Or are you just showing me how impatient humans are?” a cameraman said with a smirk and a chuckle. You immediately knew it was Gabriel in disguise and held your tongue. Oh, he had no idea how much you wanted to strangle him.

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1. You were so shy. I had never met a quieter soul. You had captivated my 13 year old heart. I had long hair. When you let me rot, when you slipped between my fingers and out the door like an idea you forgot to write down, I cut it off. Your parents were too nice and too clean and your house smelled like Lysol and nothing about you was out of place or wrong. I craved your perfection. You were too clean. You had never handled anything filthy or wrong like me. Nothing tainted with lonely or pain had ever touched your lips before. Our first kiss felt like romance novel pages and our last kiss felt like hot vodka down my throat. I taught you how to love a girl with broken glass in her fingertips. You were unscathed. You were too clean. You were never the right poison for someone who didn’t even know about cough syrup.

2. You kissed me too hard and too fast and I wasn’t ready for it. I sent too many photos. You destroyed your SD card. IMs and shady phone calls were our symphony. We walked downtown too quickly with fog breath like secondhand smoke. You carried me up steel stairs. I wish you hadn’t held me at all. I left you through a text message; your voice sounded too much like a dial tone.

3. You were a burning house that I thrived in. You were beautiful, you were as haunting to me as flame. You were never difficult, because fire isn’t stubborn. Fire lights anything it touches, and you touched me like you had never seen skin before. You burned me and I loved it and your fire never got too hot for me. It was winter when we were most in love, and our love was pure black chaos. You kept me so warm. I was a child who had never seen fire, never knew its beauty or pain and destruction. I did not know what burns did. It was only when I saw the searing scars on my skin that I realized you can’t make homes out of burning sheds.

4. You knew me before I knew you. The first time you held me I was crying over an exam I hadn’t even taken yet. You loved me before I knew how to love myself and you love me now as I have learned to reclaim the parts of me that I once scorned. We hang out in coffee shops and in the back of your car and the minute I let you take a nap with me, the minute you slept in my bed, that was when I knew I would never go back to a love less than this. You call me “little moon” and I call you my eternity. You will leave me one day, like someone evacuating their home town but I hope to god I will still be inked in your skin like a first tattoo. I hope that when you go out to parties you will meet a girl who smells like me, and you will turn down her offer to go back to her dorm with her because crawling between bedsheets with someone who has the same perfume as I did will be too painful. I am selfish and I am greedy and you can tell by the way my lips seemingly never leave yours. You are sweet hellfire, you are light winter rain, you are summer evening air and I never want you to stop kissing my skin. I know that I love you because you hold my hand like it’s the only one you’ve ever known. You are my 6am thoughts, my 1 pm “I miss you”, my 7 pm yearning, my 3am “I had a panic attack but I thought of how you taught me to breathe; repetitions of in for 3, hold for 5, out for 8” . You are stars and planetary motion, but you never change in the way you love me. I used to have a hard time looking into your eyes because it felt like heaven was held in them and how can a mortal look into eternity and stay sane? You are drafted novels, you are unopened birthday gifts, you are memories and todays and tomorrows and I want you so badly to be a forever.

—  evacuating a person is different than evacuating a place; LKC

happy holidays! as you know this year is this blog’s first holiday on tumblr and the past year has been amazing, thanks to all of these lovely creators and writers and also to my followers (you guys are amazing! i wanted to make one for you too but i’m kinda short on time, i’ll still try but  *deadpool voice* if i don’t get back… know that i love you) thank you thank you to everyone! the past months are amazing as heck both here and irl and i’ve learned so much bc of everyone and i hope you all have a wonderful 2016! god knows you deserve it all. keep kicking ass and doing amazing stuff which you all effortlessly do. so you know, the usual. sending my love! (faves / mutuals | this is like my entire blogroll i’m sorry for the long post ok ok ily all)

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ok but fun fall sterek au where stiles forgets to put on a jacket over his t-shirt because neither allison nor scott were at home to remind him, so he’s running around doing errand stuff before class in the chilly october air wearing just a thin, striped crewneck and pretending that he’s not freezing his balls off!!!! so when fucking greenberg beats him to the atm outside the bank, he has to leave the warmth of his cozy jeep to stand behind him as the idiot messes around with the machine and takes fooooorever, so long, in fact, that there starts to be a line.

waiting in line behind stiles is derek, who was running late today so now he has to deal with ew, people, because he usually is out of there by 7am when most of downtown beacon hills is still deserted. derek also has with him a big bag of junk to take to the ywca next door. but when he first notices stiles in front of him he thinks: “what kind of balls-to-the-wall dumbass doesn’t wear a jacket in this kind of weather. i bet he’s also that douche who wears shorts and socks with flip flops when it snows.” derek’s second thought basically revolves around noticing the breadth of his shoulders and the firm curve of his biceps from behind as the guy wraps his arms around himself and tries to use friction to rub some warmth into his skin.

but seeing how cold he is makes derek feel bad, because he was probably just forgetful, kinda like cora this morning, who forgot her homework at erica’s, so he had to drive halfway across town and back to pick it up and drop it off on campus, which is the whole reason he’s out here right now, waiting in this stupid line behind the stupid guy who apparently has no sense of self-preservation when it comes to the weather. but derek still feels guilty, and thinks maybe he’s behind this guy for a reason, and with a huff that’s way too exasperated for anyone trying to do a kind deed, he reaches into the bag and yanks out one of the warmer scarves. he taps the guy on the shoulder, and when he turns around derek shoves it at him and tells him he looks cold, so there, and maybe he should bring a jacket next time. “maybe not,” stiles replies, taking no time to wrap the scarf all around him and snuggle into it. “if it means super hot guys are gonna not only talk to me but also give me stuff.”

it was kind of a slip of the tongue, clearly, if the wide-eyed embarrassment on his face is any indication. derek doesn’t know how to respond to the flirting, but the awkwardness makes him smirk. that’s okay, though, because the guy takes his silence with both hands and runs a freaking marathon with it. “uh. but. uh,” he begins with a stutter, and derek is reluctantly riveted, his eyebrows shooting up as the guy tries to find the right words. “i can’t take your stuff!” he finally blurts. “i mean, i appreciate it, oh god do i, especially since i don’t have time to run back home before my philosophy class and that’s the one in the auditorium with the draft that’s almost as cold as just standing outside, but— it’s yours, i can’t just— just take it!” derek remains fascinated, because even as the guy is saying no way, no, no, nope, he’s burying his fingers in the warm fabric and sinking lower into where it’s wrapped so his mouth is no longer even visible. even if he wanted to give it back, derek can see there’s no parting the two now.

“breathe,” he finally cuts in. “relax.” it’s funny to watch the guy struggle to do so: there’s a lot of aborted hand gestures and varying confused facial expressions before he stops and goes still. “you can keep it, it’s not a big deal. it’s my roommate’s, anyway. i’m taking the junk he keeps leaving in my closet and donating it to the women’s center.”

stiles gapes at him, not even realizing that greenberg has finally wrapped it up in front of him. then he beams slyly, saying, “wow, you’re an asshole.” and before derek can protest, stiles is steamrolling right over him, cool fingers reaching tentatively to brush against derek’s forearm as he steps closer. “since i already have your scarf… you think i could get your number, too?”

derek gulps.

in conclusion: derek says yes, isaac’s scream when he finds out his scarves are gone forever is otherworldly, and derek takes on full responsibility of making sure stiles never forgets his jacket again. (scott and allison, are, as you can imagine, relieved.)

December - 2013 Fic Recs

so this is long overdue and by that i mean i was supposed to post this approximately a month ago but as always, i completely forgot about it! 

but here it is - all the larry fics i read in december that i really enjoyed, a list to conclude the monthly fic recs i’ve been making for all of 2013!

i don’t think i’ll do this again this year because i seemed to always forget about it or leave it in my drafts or something dumb like that but i will probably write up some more irregular fic recs every once in a while.

anyways, recommendations for december 2013 under the cut! :)

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みなさん、こんにちは! emily here with my 3rd follow forever. sorry for the crappy graphic but it was made with love! anyway i’ve had this blog now for almost a year and i can’t believe it’s been that long. i never imagined when i made it that i would meet so many amazing people through kpop, and i’m so grateful for each and every one of you. for all the flack our fandom gets, exo brought me to so many wonderful humans and i can’t imagine life without those 12 idiots and all of you beauties! (but i’ll follow you guys into every new group debut and fandom and care about you just as much, i promise) to my closer friends, hopefully you know who you are, and hopefully you know how much i love you. to everyone else who follows me, why thank you so much for putting up with my dumb tags, my rants about pretty much everything, and my super erratic updates. there are a lot more of you than i ever thought there would be and honestly i’m so humbled by it and now i don’t know what i would do without you guys. you’re all so incredible and i wish none of you were ever sad or lonely ;n; if i forgot to put you in here please forgive me ok i’m hella dumb, but i still love you a ton ♡♡♡ also, not in alphabetical order because lazy ♡♡ xoxo, emily

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picara93  asked:

Hi! sterek prompt over here :) some kind of online relationship, where either they don't know each other irl or they do but they don't know it's them who they are talking to (and crushing on) online! I hope you're still doing this, if not, sorry to bother!

Thank you for the prompt, love! Sorry it took so long.

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lonewolfhell (4:23): I have been up all night re-reading the first DeVoid book in preparation for the first chapter of the third one and RED I FORGOT HOW GOOD IT IS.

voidridinghood (4:24): Wolf, stop. You flatter me. Well you’ll be pleased to know I have been up all night finessing the first chapter before I post it on the 12th…or tomorrow. OMG WOLF THE 12TH IS TOMORROW, I AM SO STRESSED.

lonewolfhell (4:27): We are both terrible. We both have work in the morning. Red, don’t stress! I bet it’s amazing, I know it’s amazing.

voidridinghood (4:30): Speaking of work, how’s the new job going? You said it was with the emergency services, right? That’s amazing man. You don’t know that, Wolf. What if it’s shit? I don’t want to disappoint you.

lonewolfhell (4:32): It’s good, thank you. Yep, got me a brand new job in my tiny home town’s fire department. Luckily it’s just training tomorrow, so me being tired for tomorrow won’t be too life threatening. It is NOT going to be shit, stop it. Red, you could never disappoint me, you know that.

voidridinghood (4:36): Don’t you DARE joke about that, you know I worry about you enough as it is without your new dangerous job and adding tiredness to the mix. GO TO SLEEP, WOLF. Everything will still be here in the morning. You’re cute. I’ll try not to stress, but it’s hard. I’ve been perfecting this chapter for months, months, Wolf. Normally my chapters are written in days, I get so caught up in it and editing normally takes a day, like one, singular. Do you know how long it’s taken me this time? Two weeks. What if I’ve over thought it and should have stuck with my gut, the first draft I did, that’s what I’ve always done before and that’s worked out well enough. The chapter has completely changed since that first draft. Oh god, oh god.

lonewolfhell (4:43): Red, I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Why would I go to sleep when I could talk to you instead? I’m not cute, I’m a big manly man, grr. Can we forget I said that? I bet it’s hard *wink wink* oh god, ignore me. Lack of sleep is making me delusional. If you have altered the chapter, it’s because you thought it needed to be done. It’s your story, so you know what is best for the book. You got this Red.

voidridinghood (4:47): I’ll always worry about you, what am I supposed to do without my #1 fan? That is just beyond cute, stop with your flattery. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS, THIS IS GOLD, WOLF ARE YOU HIGH? WHAT IS HAPPENING? THIS IS MY FAVOURITE. You’re the best at making me feel better.

lonewolfhell (4:48): I hate you.

voidridinghood (4:48): Shut up, you love me.

lonewolfhell (4:49): Maybe I do. Goodnight, little Red. Sleep well.

voidridinghood (4:49): Goodnight, Big Bad. Sweet dreams.

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Hockey Summer School?

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that one of the very first things I got emotional about when I was getting into hockey (before I even had a favorite team or player) was the lack of Real Life Skills these guys had when they retired.  Don’t ask me why, this was just what Hockey Rookie Kim decided to fixate on. Now that I know my way around the sport a bit more I’ve come up with what I deem to be a brilliant plan to help these guys out right when they’re about to get to the big time.  I propose an intensive summer school type situation the summer after these kids get drafted that should help them navigate both 1.) being in the public eye and 2.) suddenly having all the freedoms of a very rich adult.

Listen up NHL, I’ve already made your curriculum for you.

Day 1: Hair Gel: Just Say No (and other style tips)

Many hockey players leave home to pursue their dreams at the ripe old age of 15. I don’t know if you remember being 15 but if for some reason you’ve blocked it out let me remind you: no one is fashionable at 15. I had finally learned how to use frizz serum after I figured out that humidity + curly hair isn’t a good combo. I thought wearing those jelly bracelets from Hot Topic was the Height of Fashion and I made everyone wear converse to my Quincenera. Luckily, I’ve grown since then.

Maybe it’s the lack of parental influence asking them “is that really what you’re wearing?” when they leave the house or maybe it’s the fact that they’re spending nearly all of their teenage boy brainpower on hockey- but hockey players are not exactly known for being the best dressed.*

As the name of this course implies, one of the main focuses will be to show these boys that hair gel is not the be all end all of hair styling expertise. In fact, I think this course should show them other options to tame their locks and just preemptively ban them from buying it except in case of extreme emergency. I’m doing all of us a favor here.

Other styling tips would include throwing out all of their flip-flops and going through their wardrobes in a What Not To Wear style montage. Do you think the NHL could hire Stacy London for a week?

At the end of this course everyone gets a commemorative t-shirt that reads “Soft Hands & Soft Hair Makes a Winning Player

Day 2: The Internet and You

Personally, if I was trying to work my way towards the Very Public occupation of being a professional athlete from a young age, I would be pretty self-conscious about what I posted on social media. But maybe that’s just me.  I’m assuming teenage boys think differently.

In any case, it would probably be a good idea to give these boys a crash course in the do’s and don’ts of social media to avoid any major mishaps. Realistically, mistakes will happen and things will get tweeted in the heat of the moment that can’t be deleted (The internet never forgets, kids. There will always be screenshots.)- but hopefully they can steer the kids away from any big mess ups and remind them why slurs and derogatory terms are a bad idea. You know, just an idea.

This course might also be a good intro into how to best use the internet to foster a connection to their fan base if the player is into that sort of thing. With more and more players getting outside modeling and endorsement deals, it would be nice to show them how to cultivate a #brand from the get- go.

Day 3: How to Eat Like a Grown Up

Lately several NHL teams have been contributing to my favorite genre of online video which is Large Clueless Boys Learning How to Cook. It’s like Masterchef but no one knows what they’re doing and everyone eats a million calories a day. Amazing.

I’m pretty sure that teams are actually starting to give their new guys basic cooking lessons, but I would like to make sure that these kids really know what they’re doing. They could do a Guy’s Grocery Games type deal that teaches these guys the importance of having a well stocked kitchen. They could have handy little charts that show them that ordering out every night is way less cost effective and delicious than learning how to cook. (I’m looking at you Seguin.)

Listen, I may be able to get away with just throwing stuff together and hoping if it all works out (and ordering a pizza if it doesn’t) but these guys make their entire livelihoods from being in the best shape possible and sometimes I have to go to my mom’s house for dinner because I forgot to go grocery shopping for 2 weeks in a row. Don’t be like me Tyler Seguin, you can do better.

Day 4: Smiling: It’s important

Going back to day 3, a big part of being a professional hockey player is the fact that your life is going to be much more public now. People might recognize you or go to special events where you are and ask you for pictures.

I’ll admit that this course might be more for my own amusement than anything that might help these poor boys out, but bless their hearts some of these boys do not know how to smile. Help them.    

Day 5: Spend Your $$$

Now that our Hockey Babies have made it to the big time and are now Hockey Toddlers, they’re going to be making a lot more money than any young person should reasonably have. Broadly speaking, yes, a salary that starts at 500k and only goes up is a lot of money. But we have to take into account the fact their careers are very dangerous and could end at any time with an injury that could potentially leave them unable to work any other job for the rest of their lives. This is a depressing thought, and personally I like to think of my faves as invincible and playing forever but we all know that’s not always the case.

So we should teach these kids how to handle their money responsibly so not only will they be alright in the absolute Worst Case Scenario of them being injured, but also because it’s just the responsible thing to do. I promise you that no one needs 15 sports cars, even if they look super sweet.


*There are, of course, exceptions. PK Subban, for example, is very well dressed.