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Adrinette Month Day 12: Childhood Friends

Yes, I know this is really late. (you know, I do cover first kiss, reveal, and proposal in this though, soooo does that count as being ahead?) Apparently it takes me a week to finish a one-shot. But hey, I think I actually managed to write some fluff for once so I’m happy.



They were four years old when she first met him.

She watched as he tugged a pretty lady into the bakery, a smile lighting up his entire face and making his eyes shine, his hair tousled from the summer breeze. Marinette was mesmerized by that smile, by those eyes, by the golden glint of his hair. The boy looked like a drop of sunlight that had landed on Earth and was delighted by the people who lived there.

The pretty lady that must’ve been the boy’s mom struck up a conversation with her own mom, talking about needing things for something called a gala. The boy wandered from his mom’s side, gawking at the few handcrafted pastries displayed at his eye level. He stopped by a cake that had been baked and frosted to look like a cat and pressed his small hands against the glass. Marinette left her spot from behind the counter and tapped the boy on the shoulder.

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12x22: Dean Winchester is going to die

Well, when I was new, I wrote a whole post about this, about how early episodes but especially 12x11 foreshadowed that Performing!Dean was going to be deconstructed by the end of the season… Fans self.

The death of Performing!Dean in this episode was BEAUTIFUL. It was EXQUISITE. I couldn’t have asked for MORE! 

I literally grabbed and punched @amwritingmeta in the leg I don't know how many times as I paused it to point and shout.

1. The Grenade Launcher

So, the grenade launcher = performing!Dean metaphor. We had hoped and boy did they deliver! Did anyone else notice, while Dean was *ahem* knocking down the seemingly unpenetrable physical walls, that, maybe it was my weird link, but it seemed to me that the flashing ‘red’ lights in the MoL bunker were decidedly pinky-purpley in colour rather than standard alarm bells red and the flashlights glowed on the blue side of white… (the MoL HQ lights are also brightly pinky-purple to keep the theme going, I mean honestly what self respecting 1950s MoL guy chose this for the bunker instead of the usual red? Please!) Just saying. 

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“It wasn’t long ago I thought we had it made. We had Cas back, we had mom back. I mean it wasn’t perfect but still…”.  This is it. Dean’s facade has been coming down all season, but at this point now, he just doesn’t see the point in holding it up anymore.

And what does Sam do? HE OPENS UP TO DEAN. He tells Dean how he feels, the reasons why he followed the MoL - that it was “easier than leading”, that he made a mistake. This enables Dean to be truthful himself, in the end, now. Again, they have had many times to reflect on their own deaths but this is another time similar to 11x23 where he can really reflect on what he has lost, and now what is that? Cas and Mary.

Dean uses the grenade launcher, that he’s been dying to do since forever, blows down the impenetrable seeming wall, saves the day. How meta do we need to go? It’s BLATANT. The choice in the colour of the lights, the dialogue, his feelings… the walls are Dean’s facade and the grenade launcher is his way of breaking it down. YES. This has been building all season and much prior to this other meta writers have said that he grenade launcher is associated with Dean’s hidden side, his bisexuality, Destiel etc… this is meta gold, THIS is a meta aspect Dabb was talking about. Toni even then parallels the tearing down of Mary’s mental wall with Dean’s physical use of the grenade launcher, just moments after. It is so well put together :D

Also, I have long believed that the bunker had to go. It represents too much the MoL side of things and the whole ‘living below ground’ thing is way too underground / metaphorically bad. For me they need a real, healthy home which is in between Bobby’s hunter house and the MoL bunker. Hopefully they will find a nice modern MoL home with kit but that isn’t so hidden above ground somewhere next season to take over and make their own :D

2. Sam the MoL leader

“Real hunting isn’t just about killing, it’s about doing whats right… I want you to follow me”. We have wanted this for Sam all season, the MoL story fits his personal arc so well (so did Eileen, still bitter), this is Sam’s endgame. Sam said just moments earlier that he didn’t want to lead, but now he is, because it is necessary and because he is good at it. I believe he will now see that this is what he wants and will work towards this for his endgame.

This then leads to…

3. Dean and Sam - ending the brodependency and Dean as Sam’s parent

Dean lets Sam go, the dialogue is amazing. “You’re ready for this… you got this” paralleled with an actual mom/daughter conversation between Jody and Alex. 

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Dean literally talks to Sam like a parent letting their child go off to college and I had to pause this for a long long moment to process and scream “they’re actually going there!” not even knowing what was coming next… man…

Then comes the Mary / Dean scene.

4. Dean and Mary

This was always going to be what Mary led to for Dean’s arc. After Amara had started this addressing of Dean’s facade in season 11 and Mary is basically an extension of Amara this season re: Dean (in the same way that she still has to influence Sam’s arc re: Lucifer, that is for next season). I LOVED how BLATANT and textual they made this, the actual lack of subtext because it was all in the ACTUAL TEXT! 

Firstly, Dean considers letting Toni go, which I had expected, to show the difference between our boys (morality) and the MoL as monsters.

Then… “Dad was just a shell…I had to be a father and a mother to keep him safe, and that wasnt fair, and I couldnt do it, and you wanna know what that was like? They killed the girl that he loved, he got possessed by Lucifer, they tortured him in hell and he lost his soul…But I forgive you, for everything.” MY HEART!

Ok, yeah, they did the thing, they brought Jess up 30 mins before killing the guy that Dean loves after not mentioning her for…. A DECADE? And paralleling one of the few scenes we ever saw her in with Dean/Cas too? After we already had the parallel with Dean seeing Cas when driving along, same as Sam did? So, only the scene of Sam and Jess in the bar and the scene where Dean actually meets her haven’t been paralleled now with Dean/Cas? I’M LIVING!

But seriously. The rest is exactly what we, the audience needed to understand Dean and to show casual viewers Dean’s inner angst in order to understand the facade coming down, this is exactly what Dean needed. He has come full circle, this is the start of the culmination of the end of Performing!Dean (which Jensen has no said at Jibcon will be furthered in season 13!).

Dean actually TELLS Mary in his mind that he hates her, but that he loves her. That he had to be Sam’s mother and father, and that it wasn’t FAIR. This is so important, that he didnt just say that it happend and that it sucked, but that it wasn’t FAIR and that he did not DESERVE IT.

This is Dean addressing not just his mother but how HE feels about it, how he feels about HIMSELF, that he is saying that he DESERVES MORE and has SELF WORTH. 

These are all the words I have been using since 12x01 re: Dean . I’m so happy!

5. Ketch kills Toni, Mary kills Ketch after Dean beats him to a pulp, PERFECT, Jody kills Hess, again perfect.

This had to happen to keep our boys on the ‘don’t kill humans unless they HAVE to’ side, especially after Dean considered letting Toni go. Thank you.

6. Winchester family reunion 

Sam’s forgiveness of Mary, Dean’s reaction to the happy family hug (it’s great but someone is missing…). “Who we are… we kick ass. We save the world” 

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SAM AND DEAN ARE ACCEPTING THEMSELVES THIS SEASON. In 12x09 Sam said it, now Dean says it. After all the angst this episode and for Dean all season…

This whole episode was for me the culmination of the deconstruction of Performing!Dean this season, which has been the main theme carried through on the character - driven side of things, it was beautiful.

In many ways I view this as the character - led season finale and 12x23 as the plot - led season finale (which I will post my thoughts on right up next).

I cannot WAIT to see the result of this episode come across next season. 

We have not only now Performing!Dean pretty much dead or on his way out, the Dean Winchester is going to die metaphor was fully used and was fantastic, but coupled with Cas being brutally taken away from Dean, the parallels with 2 key canon romantic couples (Sam/Jess and Cain/Colette) in this within SECONDS of each other, plus the Jibcon revelations that we will see more of Dean’s reaction to this in season 13, apparently crying (and Jared not even hiding Destiel jokes now) make me pretty much 100% convinced Destiel is really endgame now.

Aside from this we now have Dean accepting himself, his internal self acceptance arc coming to a close, Sam’s MoL arc coming up and I will touch on the other aspects of the story for Sam in the next post as they are relevant to Lucifer / Jack, and Cas’s arc too…

Season 13 is already set up for exactly the endgame I am wishing for!

Tink’s Endgame Wishlist :

- Mol! Sam (and Eileen, Chuck I’m still bitter about that though, I really hoped her death would turn out to be a misdirection). Pretty much CHECK.

- Hunter / Mol collaboration with Sam and Dean as leaders. Pretty much CHECK.

- End of the brodependency, Dean acknowledging he was Sam’s parent and letting him go. CHECK.

- End of Performing!Dean. Pretty much CHECK.

- Human!Cas and self worth and belonging for his arc. TBA probably next season, what happened this season makes no sense if not to lead to this.

- Destiel. Pretty much CHECK. (And now after seeing Jibcon and the boys just joking about it all the time? Yeah, I don’t think they have an issue with this!).


I love this scene for two reasons:

1) because it is 200% yet another hint that Juuzou is following on Shinohara’s footsteps as his true successor. 

Furuta is currently destroying everything that Shinohara (amongst other investigators) ever stood for, back when the CCG could still pretend that it was a rampart between ghouls and humans, fighting for the humans’ side, so it must be hard for Juuzou to witness its slow crumbling when he also knows that, as Shinohara’s successor, leaving behind what remains of the original CCG is just impossible.

It really reminds me of this moment in TG ch137:

because Juuzou understood long ago what it is that Shinohara really meant back then. 

Ghouls will always have to kill humans in order to eat and survive, while humans will always have to fight ghouls in order to survive as well, which is why the CCG still has a true purpose (at least as long as some sort of coexistence isn’t made to last, but that is Kaneki’s part of the job in theory) because, without it, humans would disappear. 

That’s why, as Shinohara’s successor, Juuzou just can’t say bye to Furuta, despite knowing that he’s aiming on purpose for destruction and chaos, because he has to find a way to salvage what’s left of the CCG. 

Honestly, Ishida giving the role of the CCG’s/humans’ last hope to Juuzou would make perfect sense to me since, as Shinohara’s successor, he’ll definitely keep on fighting to protect humans from ghouls, but also because, by never being able to hate Big Madam, he’s really neutral towards ghouls in general. 

2) Because it makes a parallel with something Uta once said to Kaneki.

Uta might be a troll and a real mystery, but as far into the story as we are, it still is one of my beliefs that the Clowns are a completely neutral party, which is to say that they’re not pro nor anti ghous/humans, because setting the world on fire and watching it burn is fine by them as long as every side is involved. 

Again, it is just my opinion, but the Clowns currently helping Furuta to create chaos (for now) is just their own way to make sure that humans/the CCG, ghouls, Kaneki and V are all having a role to play as the world inside the twisted bird cage burns away.  

Ultimately though, Uta at least seems to think like Juuzou: getting rid of one side or the other is not going to bring meaningful changes or be a viable situation for long (which tentatively makes Uta possibly interested by the idea of coexistence, if it somehow works out). 
So I personally really liked this parallel, implying that two characters who fought before and who don’t see eye to eye about basically everything (from the look of their interactions before) would still be slightly similar on this particular idea, especially when we’re at such a pivotal moment in :Re. 

The Clowns probably had it all figured out before Furuta started his grand plan, so they are not a good indicator of things changing (even if they’re probably getting ready for the next part of the game), but in a way, amongst the many characters that are involved in Furuta’s game, it’s reassuring to see that Juuzou has apparently figured out how he must act because he understands the role that was given to him (as Shinohara’s successor).

Now, it’s mostly about Kaneki figuring out how he’s going to success as the OEK, if he’s really the one who will lead the different sides towards a possible coexistence (if that’s even a viable solution).

It’s that time again

A few things since the chapter 27 scanalation is out:

  • Let’s start with the color pages, which are gorgeous. I especially like that Yashiro - who has a nonstop sexual appetite - got worn out by Doumeki, who wants to continue. That makes me irrationally happy; as does Doumeki’s need to bind himself to Yashiro.
  • I know we’re all hype that Ryuuzaki’s name is Atsushi, but we also got a name for Chesnut Dude and friend: Amaguri & Co. I’m sure we’ll see more of them since they’re sort of Yashiro’s private army now.
  • Speaking of Hirata, I love how people can just get casually stabbed in this chapter and walk around for awhile like everything is fine. Seriously though how do Hirata and Ryuuzaki stand/sit that long with a stab wound? I know Yashiro is gorgeous but he really made Ryuuzaki forget that he was bleeding? None of that is normal. 
  • And now that Hirata is healing where will the plot go? Back to Yashiro/Doumeki for a bit and we’ll get to see the resolution of Yashiro leaving. I hope Yoneda Kou does what she usually does and surprises us, even thought he left maybe Yashiro will be more responsive to Doumeki than we think? *prays* 
  • Besides, Hirata just gave something very dangerous to Yashiro: time to think. My Flawless Son is strategic and he’ll probably come up with a plan to get Hirata right where he wants him. So far he’s survived getting shot, stolen Hirata’s men, wrecked Hirata’s drug plot (which was going to get him money/position in a new family), and now Hirata’s whole game is out. They know Hirata’s motives and his hiding spots too; he’s running out of options. 
  • Yashiro looking out the window away from Ryuuzaki as Ryuuzaki studies him is one of the many deep parallels to chapter 14. I really like what Yashiro says, that if he was a woman, things would be less complicated; he knows how Ryuuzaki feels. BTW their give-and-take about Yashiro’s loose ass had me in stitches.
  • I love that Yashiro is so beautiful that he makes men mad. Ryuuzaki was angry about Yashiro’s beauty as he lost consciousness, and when Misumi first saw Yashiro he got angry too.
  • And, as usual, I get punchy when I scanalate:
Long Night - L.H

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So…I’ve been dying to write this…I was inspired by the song Long Night by With Confidence (thanks Holly for fucking with me and ruining me with another band). It’s got angst and it’s not happy so if you don’t want to read it, you don’t have to. It’s short and I’m very happy with how it came out

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The resemblance between Grisha and Zeke has always been interesting to me. They look a lot like father and son, but Zeke was right: Eren looks a lot more than Carla if anything.

However, Zeke has definitely inherited most of his father’s facial features, and he has his mother’s hair color. One thing which I was always curious about is the fact that he despises him, yet looks so much like him but tries to change that. Grisha always had a clean and formal look in most situations. Proper haircut, suit, and only grew out a beard when he started living inside the Walls. Zeke, on the other hand, seems to always go for a messy look. Messy hair, hoodies, beard… I think he always tried to not look a lot like Grisha, though his mindset is surprisingly similar to Grisha’s despite how much he claims to dislike him.

The Jaeger Confrontation is definitely the most exciting thing to look forward to.. it’s bound to happen!

Goodbye, Eleanor & Where is Madi? Black Sails Episode Six

John Steinberg, the co-creator for Black Sails, stated before season four started that Madi and Eleanor’s stories were parallel arcs. The first five episodes laid the foundation for that, but it wasn’t until Episode six that we even saw the two former friends/sisters onscreen together to absorb what the true meaning of that statement meant.

Madi and Eleanor started off the episode trading barbs at the beach while Flint filled Jack in on what the hell was going on. Eleanor, being typical Eleanor, tried to get into Madi’s head

~ You trust him? Flint? You cast your lost with him. Before this war begin. Before everyone’s roles changed. Your father mistrusted Flint as much as anyone in Nassau did. I assume you were in some contact with him all that time. I’m surprised  that his feelings didn’t influence you~ Eleanor Rogers

Madi, being typical Madi, didn’t let Eleanor’s attempts at “getting to her” go unanswered. In much the same way that she had with Silver and Flint in prior  conversations, she turned Eleanor’s words back on her.

~ You were my sister. There is very little I remember from when I was young, but I remember this. You were older. You were beautiful. I revered you. When you were told that my mother and I were dead, I have to believe that it affected you. You had just lost your mother. But if things were as I remembered, my mother and I were your family too. And yet for all the years thereafter that my father cared for you, counseled you, labored for you he never told you that I was alive. It would have been so easy to lessen your suffering by divulging the secret and yet he never did. Have you yet asked yourself why that is? My father didn’t mistrust Flint. My father mistrusted all of you. ~ Queen Madi Scott

What a way to reintroduce two former childhood friends who were once so close, but yet are now on completely opposite sides of this civil war. How hard it must be to stare into the face of the “enemy” who is someone that you once loved as a sister.

Later on in the episode, as Flint, Eleanor, Madi and their entourage are making their way back to Nassau, they encounter Spanish soldiers and realize that shit has hit the fan. Flint leads them to a safe haven, which wait for it…..  is Miranda’s house. That’s how I knew someone was going to die. Miranda’s house is ceremoniously the “house of hope and pain”.

While Flint and the men are chasing down Spanish soldiers, Madi and Eleanor are holed up in the “house of hope and pain” being guarded by one of Madi’s Queens Guard and one of Roger’s soldiers. As Madi sits reading one of Flint’s books, Eleanor stands at the window clearly worried about the war going on outside. She takes the moment to start over……

~ It did affect me. When Mr. Scott. When your father told me that you and your mother had died, it affected me a great deal. It must have been hard to live hidden away for so long. ~ Eleanor

~ It was hard to be away from him. The rest of it. My mother did the best she could with the rest of it~ Madi

~ She must have did well. I find myself thinking about it. Walking away from Nassau, England, Civilization. One can be happy that way can’t they? A life of isolation, uncertainty as long as it is lived with someone you love, who loves you back? It is possible isn’t it? ~ Eleanor

~ It is. ~ Madi

Remember those parallels that Steinberg talked about? Those last couple of questions that Eleanor asked Madi displayed them beautifully. Here you have two women that have both fell in love. Eleanor with the Governor of Nassau and Madi with the Pirate King. While, Woodes Rogers has started this massacre by telling the Spanish general “I simply ask that you burn it all to the ground.“  Silver is telling Ruth at the Underhill Plantation that he understands the slaves anger and ” that’s why I came here to make it right.“

Look at those parallels… While Eleanor is looking out that window, trying to convince herself that Woodes didn’t start this war, Madi is sitting at that table reading, knowing that John is doing the right thing.

Remember, John discussed his plan with Madi or more to the point… this was their plan. They conceived it together as true partners. Eleanor on the other hand, came up with a plan to save herself, her husband and Nassau. Yet it wasn’t their plan. I would go so far as to say, the two of them have never had a plan. It has always been Woode’s agenda with Eleanor trying to love and support him in spite of it.

It was such a special moment between sisters. With the younger sister offering some solace and hope to the older, but remember this is the "house of hope and pain” so that moment of peace couldn’t last forever. Unbeknownst to Madi and Eleanor, one of the Spanish soldiers isn’t dead and he’s killed the guards and made his way into the house. Both Eleanor and Madi try to fight him off, but Madi is knocked out leaving Eleanor to try and save both of them. She fights fiercely and eventually sets the bastard on fire and the villa, as well. Yet injured, she isn’t strong enough to pull Madi from the burning house. Flint later returns to find a dying Eleanor in the front yard and the villa engulfed in flames. Eleanor’s final words are “I tried to save her.”

Damnit, I wasn’t ready for this fucked up outcome. I felt like Flint staring up at those flames. This is just horrifying. Eleanor and her child are dead because her husband refused to lose. Innocent people are being killed in the streets of Nassau because her husband refused to lose and now Queen Madi is presumed dead because this foine motherfucker refused to lose. Why didn’t Luke Roberts just continue to guard Jon Snow’s mama on GOT? He was not needed here. I am not feeling any of this. And to make matters worse, now Flint has to go tell his best friend, that his “tether” is dead. Lord be a prayer circle around Captain Ginger. Long John already warned him.

So the moment we’ve been waiting for happens… Flint along with Obi and a few soldiers make it to the Underhill Plantation. Silver is all feeling himself because he and badass Julius, the Leader of the Revolting Slaves, have fucked up the Spanish. He’s feeling good and then realizes his Queen is missing

~ Where is Madi? ~ Long John Silver

Flint is speechless. He doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t have too. Que, Silver collapsing like the broken man that he is. Remember, episode five when he looked devastated at even the thought of Madi’s demise? Well, this ain’t a drill folks and John can’t even speak because the grief is too strong. He eventually musters up the strength to say “it’s over”. Meaning, my love is dead, so fuck all ya’ll. Silver the con artist, the thief, the consummate survivor is shattered and has totally given up. Eventually, after everyone makes it back to the Walrus, Flint apologizes and Silver tells him it isn’t his fault. Well, damn! I didn’t see that coming. Now let’s see if the Queen Mother will be quite as forgiving. Somehow, I doubt it.

So the two sisters with the parallel stories “ died” together. Eleanor died being reassured by Flint (lied to) that her husband loved her and didn’t cause her death. Madi, however, was secure in the knowledge that she was John’s world.

 While Eleanor and Madi were at Miranda’s villa, Eleanor asked Madi if one could be happy with a life of isolation with the one you love, Madi responded with a smile, “yes”. In that moment, I think that Madi realized that her love for Silver really is enough. She looked at her “sister” who was standing their struggling to have faith in her man and she recognized that she didn’t share those doubts. If they had to walk away from this war, a life with John in isolation or in a tavern in Bristol, would simply “be enough”. Let’s just hope she lives to tell him that.

And yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That very much looks like Queen Madi Scott in chains. They got the Queen in chains ya’ll. Madi Scott of The Maroons. First of her Name, the Unbothered, Queen of the Freed Slaves, Ruler of the People of the Sun, Breaker of Chains and Love of the Pirate King. Yes, that Queen! To quote the devil himself Woode Rogers, Long John Silver is about to burn this shit to the ground ya’ll.

Speaking of parallels…. Five episodes ago, John Silver went into the sea, cut off his chains (ropes), saved himself and was reborn as Long John Silver. Now we find his Queen in the exact same situation. After her rebirth, who will she be?

R.I.P. Eleanor . May your next life be better than this one.

It’s fairly self-explanatory, I think?

I was bored and wanted to write teeny things, so that’s the idea behind this. Obviously, some things are going to work better together than others (Pirate blind date! High school wedding! Mermaid coffee shop!), but some things could conceivably be pretty cool (Steampunk rom-com! Parallel universe roadtrip! Superhero roommates!).

Feel free to steal and adapt this for your own writerly needs. If you guys like this you can toss some ideas for a version 2.0 my way! :)


Clues that Cat knows Kara is Supergirl (1/?) - The 1x19-1x20 parallel

Cat Grant is a journalist. She works with words, she knows very well the power of words (remember the “what’s wrong with ‘girl’ speech’).
Cat Grant is also someone who doesn’t go around giving compliments and encouraging persons all the time… We have never seen her doing it this way with anyone but Kara and Supergirl, not even her sons, as much as she loves them.
So I do believe that it isn’t a coincidence she said the same thing to Supergirl and then to Kara, in less than a couple days.
I would go further and say that part of the reason she decided to “give Kara up” is what happened with Myriad. Nothing really had happened in their professional lives, but she has seen Supergirl (aka Kara)’s potential and she knew this girl could do much more in life than being her assistant, it doesn’t matter how much Cat would have wanted to keep her close.

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remember that tweet about flint's earring having changed from gold to silver and how little in the show happens by accident? i just can't bring myself to believe that the same writers who did that also made all the flinthamilton and silverflint parallels to basically end up saying "they love each other but just in a friend way haha" i don't know it just doesn't make any sense to me

s a m e

I think we can all agree nothing makes any fucking sense at this point and nothing will until 409/410. But yeah, that ‘little happens by accident’ has been haunting my ass ever since Toby said it. I mean of course parallels as obvious and as frequent as this must have been done on purpose. We know this. We know its partly because of the similarities they wanted to show between them; Thomas and Silver being Flint’s closest friends, both of them being his partners. We also know that its because they’re leading up to Flint’s relationship with Silver being ‘a summation of all the relationships hes had so far’. But whether or not its romantic WE JUST DONT KNOW. 

Looking at everything we’ve been presented with it does makes sense for it to be romantic, of course. Because its the best explanation (at this point). If they had focused more on paralleling Miranda/Flint with Silver/Flint to show their friendship/partnership I would understand that the writers weren’t going for romantic. BUT. THEY. DIDNT. Thomas looking at James: “strange pairs, lieutenant. they can achieve the most unexpected things>:)” [pans to James looking at John]. I mean !!!!!! They paralleled Silver with Thomas from the beginning. And then as if that wasn’t obvious enough they start paralleling Madi with Miranda. So yeah, like you said I dont believe the writers did all this just to label Silver as the love of Flint’s life in a ‘platonic way’. Seems a bit dramatic to build this relationship up over 4 seasons and at the end just say ‘flint was silver’s best friend. thats it. thats what he was to him”. There’s something more going on here that we don’t know about yet.

“Thomas was my husband. I loved him and he loved me. But what he shared with you, it was entirely something else.” I’ve always believed this is the same case for Silver and Flint. Silver loves Madi and Madi loves Silver, but what Silver shares with Flint is entirely something else. We just dont know what the ‘something else’ is yet. But we’ll find out soon enough, just hold tight.

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since this week is the 100th ep of a thing you love so much - what are some of your favorite small Perc'ahlia moments, either before or after they became canon?


gawd i rarely ever get asked perc’ahlia questions anymore. i almost wanna bring back TMI Tuesdays just so i have an excuse to talk about perc’ahlia to my dying days but lbr i don’t need an excuse i’m completely obnoxious with this ship (just not on here as much as on twitter coz L O L)

A N Y W A Y.

idk if there’s any moment that’s truly small for me, coz i always read so/too much into every little thing b U T i’ll try?????

  • it’s not totally underrated or small, but percy walking up to vex and mocking saundor after they beat him. like, a lot of people enjoyed it coz it was cute-funny, and coz it made vex laugh again, but i feel like it was more than just that??? it was more than just to make vex laugh, it was to make vex laugh at saundor’s words. percy, who enjoys wielding words as weapons, saw this fuccboi twig-dick shitlord do it to someone he felt strongly about, someone he knew had been easily torn down by words that other people said about her, and there was no fucking way he was going to let that stick. so to really kick a tree-man when he’s down, percy took saundor’s own words like a sword he was handing to vex by mocking him and making her laugh at the very things saundor said to her to get thru her defenses. i mean. what a hero.
  • i really love the parallel of them using residuum to bring each other back from their first deaths, esp coz i think vex might’ve remembered keyleth telling her that that’s how percy contributed to bringing her back. again, that’s not really small, at least not among my fellow shippers, but they remember things that the other has said or done, esp for each other, and that’s really nice
  • the hype for this died down a bit, but vex’s insistence that the new dress that she got when she and Keyleth went shopping be in Whitestone colors. esp coz laura had said (on Talks, i think???) that vex now thinks of Whitestone as home more than Emon, and wearing Whitestone’s colors signified that not just for herself but anyone who saw her wearing them. and in my head, she didn’t tell percy about the colors of the dress, she just surprised him with them and it made him blush and smile a bit and i really like sheepish, blushy percy okay what an image what a concept!!!
  • i like the thought that percy has ALWAYS done little things and given vex stuff because it makes/keeps her happy. like, he didn’t HAVE to. he could NOT do any of that if she didn’t ask him to and STILL stay on her good side simply because he’s part of Vox Machina but NAH. he learned early on that her being happy is important to him in one way or another, and in more ways than one, so he made it a point to give her (his) money and to make her arrows BECAUSE it makes her happy.
  • i have a deep appreciation for them being so public with their affections??? from the lil butt slap in the fire plane to the “big, sexy, still-tied-up make-out kiss” in raishan’s lair. like it’s just like "WE’RE SO TOGETHER OMG???!!!?!?!?!” like it’s. so cUTE? esp after they’ve been so quiet and private about how they felt about each other BEFORE they became canon, esp coz percy thought he wouldn’t be good for her back in the day. so to see them now thriving and relishing in their relationship is juST. SO PURE.

this post is getting a little long and also i’m still a bit busy at work so i’m gonna end it here for now B U T if i think of more, i’ll just add to this. :D

We’d been in a long distance relationship for 8 and a half months. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love him. We had planned our lives out together, how we’d get married, the name of our first daughter. He made me see the good in the world. Then he started pushing me away, he didn’t care when I was upset and he’d much rather talk or game with other people than spend time with me. The fact that he didn’t care when I broke up with him hurt me a lot because it was hell for me. I knew he was going through stuff but so am I, not that he bothered ask. We were so perfect in the beginning, I don’t know what happened. He’ll forever be the boy who saved me and I don’t regret anything. I just wish things had worked out differently. Fate brought us together for a reason and I feel it’s done its job. This was meant to happen. In some parallel universe, I know we end up together and we’re so happy. I guess fate decided this wasn’t our time; he wasn’t the one. I’m slowly learning to be okay with that, no matter how much it hurts.

Don't mess with the person responsible for driving you...

(warning: long story)

TLWR: Overly demanding customer gets taken for a ride she never expected.

At the time of this story I was in college and had spent the last few summers and breaks working at a major car dealership. I was, and still am, obsessed with cars, and all I wanted to do was spend my days around cars and people who knew them. It was overall a great job. First I was washer, then parts stock boy, detailer, delivery driver, mechanic’s assistant, then a mishmash of all the jobs at the same time since I knew the place and how things worked.

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Centipede & Owl: Two Lost Souls

The parallels between Kaneki and Eto.

[This is a rather long read and if you aren’t up-to-date with Tokyo Ghoul :re this could spoil some things for you.]

Unidentifiable Sorrow…
Having succumb to despair,
& the desire for destruction,
Lost on the way back home.
& forgotten to go back at all.
I had a sweet dream,
that never existed,
& so I wish for death once again.

Eto and Kaneki both stand in the center of both the human and Ghoul worlds and they have even lived in both worlds. Since the abuse of his mother, neglect from his aunt and the life changing events which led to him becoming a Half Ghoul, his torture at the hands of Yamori, and the confrontation with CCG’s White Reaper, Kaneki has known sorrow. He never wanted to become like he is now and was thrown into a harsh world. Kaneki has gone through physical and mental horrors.

In the 24th after some event which took her ‘foster father’ from her, Eto had been alone, fending for herself as she grows in power. Since her early childhood, there had been someone there for her to show the young hybrid love and compassion and teach her. No longer. With the writings of her mother and nobody there to care for her anymore, Eto began her hate for the world, the powerful emotions overtaking her sending her spiraling down the dark path she’s walked ever since.

Anger. Both have felt this, Kaneki shown to feel it more than Eto thus far. He has wanted to save those who close to him and it drives his actions in a strong way. In a sense, it is his reason for living despite everything that had happened.  His anger however has been aimed at Aogiri who has been partially responsible for the dangers his friends have faced. While he will defend himself against CCG, he has no remorse for Ghouls in several cases.

Eto’s anger is seen pointed in two directions. First, she hates V for what they have done and has no mercy for anyone associated with V including those within CCG as they stand in her way of getting to the prime culprits. Secondly, she despises her father for his choice to run from V instead of fight them. At this point, it could be said that she views her father as a tool of creation on the path to destroy V and finally tear down the birdcage. It could also be said, she despises relationships as she is known to destroy them any chance she gets. Revealing that Kanou isn’t the father that Kuro and Shiro believed he was. Targeting Shinohara in the Anteiku arc. Torturing Takizawa and making him eat his own parents. The torture of Kanae.

That being said, Kaneki has shown instances of physical punishment to his opponents in bits of anger. This is scene when he impales Nishiki over and over. This shows again when he faces Ayato, breaking numerous bones leaving him incapacitated. We can even add in Kaneki threatening to stick a centipede into the ear of Madam A during his search for Kanou. Similar instances could be seen during his time as entertainment for the Gourmet (Tsukiyama).

One other similarity between the two is their belief that if one is weak then they are at fault for what happens to them or for those who are taken from them. Eto has brought this up when speaking with Hinami and Kaneki has voiced this himself on a few occasions.

Emptiness. Both of them have shown fake smiles which hold very little happiness behind them. Eto has known very little happiness though this will be covered in a little bit. Kaneki has always shown some form of hiding how he truly feels, from touching his chin or the fake smiles. Something I stated before is that Kaneki didn’t want to become what he is now but he’s forced to live with it and has become empty inside especially after his departure from Anteiku. When he visits :re as Haise. he thinks about how he possibly had someone beautiful (Touka) in his life before and shed a tear.

Moving on to Eto now, we can touch on a few points that we can say about her past, what little we know of it. Following the loss of Noroi, she lost that love and compassion she once had, forming a void inside of her. She became empty inside and she replaced what she once had with hate and later on with the beginning of Aogiri which took away from her loneliness. However, she had still just wanted to be loved though part of her feels that she cannot be loved as everyone close to her dies.

“No matter how much you fill that empty hole, the fact that it is empty will never change.”

Both have a desire for destruction however, their desires can be said to be different. Eto’s is a burning urge to see the birdcage ripped apart and V destroyed once and for all with a new world rising from the ashes.

Kaneki’s however points more towards the destruction of Aogiri and self-destruction. Depending on how you look at it, Kaneki went in to V14 partially wanting to die. which in a sense he did. Currently, he is on the path of self-destruction wanting to die but not allow those close to him to have a similar fate, preferring for them to live on while he ends the nightmarish life he’s had. Kaneki has certainly suffered greatly over the course of the manga and now he wants to end it in a special way.

Eto’s path of destruction could be said to reach to anyone who stands in her way of defeating V and she isn’t above using any tools available to reach this goal whether they are people or even subordinates.

This path of destruction they have been set upon has guided them far from a home of sorts that they both could return to should they choose. Anteiku. Though the coffee shop was destroyed after CCG’s raid, it had always been a place welcoming to Ghouls while not turning away Human customers. For years, Yoshimura Kuzen ran the coffee shop, waiting for his daughter to return. Hoping that one day, the little girl he left in the care of someone he trusted would return to him. In the back, he even kept a special tea cup from Ukina’s shop turned upside down. Something that surely would’ve meant a lot to his dear lost child. It’s clear he had thought over what he would say to her when she finally did. What he told Kaneki about his status as a One-Eyed Ghoul felt as if it were something he had wanted to say to someone else. As we now know however, Eto had seen the cafe and her own father but instead of stepping inside and meeting her father face to face, her anger showed and she stormed off, Kuzen finding the crumpled book she left behind. His saddened expression as he held the ruined novel was one that sticks with me.Ever since, he had waited and waited. However, by that time, she had no desire to return.

Kaneki found a home of sorts with the staff of Anteiku. They looked out for each other and despite now having to adapt to the Ghoul way of life, it was a place he could return to. It was also a place he was familiar with as he visited them with Hide. After his kidnapping by Aogiri and severe and traumatizing torture at the hands of Yamori, he began to become distant from Anteiku, forming his own group to take on Aogiri Tree and almost refusing to go back. His desire to seek out Kanou led him into confrontations with CCG and further away from where he could be. It wasn’t until CCG targeted Anteiku in a raid that he wanted to return however, in a sense he failed to return, being driven into the underground and into the fateful confrontation with Arima which changed him for quite some time.

This leads me into their 'sweet dream’ which they both had, if you wish to call it that. Starting with Kaneki here. Following the incident in V14, Kaneki was now Haise Sasaki who while he appeared to be Kaneki was different in several ways. Haise seemed to have a more stable mental state than Kaneki did and even deciphered how Takatsuki Sen (Eto) must feel by reading her books. This is one difference between Haise and Kaneki. While Kaneki seemed to enjoy Takatsuki’s novels, Haise did not. He could see the sorrow and despair behind the well written words in each of her works. However, Haise was a persona created by Kaneki during his time in Cochlea following his near death at the hands of Arima. The poor guy drove himself insane, clawing at the door, his eyes, screaming to be released. Haunted by nightmares and refusing to eat. Arima calmed him down and allowed him to choose the name which he would go by. from an assortment of kanji, he chose two which together formed Haise.

The name of his sweet dream. For a time, he lived a decent life as a Ghoul Investigator. Or so it seemed. In appearance, he was happy however, just like his old self, when he mentioned being happy, he touched his chin. We all know that that means. Deep down of course was Shironeki, the personification of Kaneki within his mind. Kaneki wanted his body back and slowly but surely, Haise began to see that maybe he needed this other part of him if he wished to achieve his goals. At the time it was believed that Kaneki had forgotten everything however, I believe this isn’t the case. Instead, he created Haise as a way to live outside of the horrible life he had, if only temporarily. Over time, those repressed memories came back and the old Kaneki began to resurface.

It wasn’t until Eto herself took personal action that the real Kaneki awoke once more, ending the dream. Haise Sasaki was no more.. Kaneki Ken had returned. 

Or was he always there? Truth is, Kaneki never really disappeared. This showed in a scene I mentioned before, when Haise saw Touka and shed a tear. This was not Haise crying.. but Kaneki. He had believed that she was killed by Arima when he had told him “I killed them all.” Seeing her alive and well was certainly something that brought a form of relief to him.

Overall, in several ways, his old self remained as he made bonds with the Quinx Squad similar to those bonds he made with Ghouls of Anteiku. However now it serves as an inner conflict in the war which rages.

The young Eto, while looking to form an organization that would one day rival the mysterious group known as V, used her skills in writing and became Takatsuki Sen. While originally, the purpose of this was likely to support Aogiri Tree, it became a bigger part of her life than I believe she thought it would. At such a young age she became quite popular and quickly rose to Best-Selling author status. Takatsuki Sen, a horror novelist had many fans who loved and adored her. Something Eto lacked for quite some time. While she was with her fans, the same person who threatened CCG was there however, her personality was quite different. Known to be manipulative and sadistic, when she appeared as Takatsuki, she took on a more child-like and ditsy personality. Normally running late to her book signings.

One interesting thing to note is that despite her manager, Shiono, discovering the truth that she was a Ghoul, he continued to work with her and Eto let him live. In a sense, Takatsuki Sen can be seen to be Eto’s humanity. As the famous novelist, she got to sample the human life and enjoyed being around her fans. Despite being told that she shouldn’t she would take pictures with some of them. The One-Eyed Owl, taking pictures with fans of her work? When you think about the sadistic little Ghoul that has lead Aogiri up to this point, this seems rather odd, doesn’t it? This was Eto’s own personal dream.

She lived a nice dream and had someone who seemed to care for her that she even showed a form of caring for. However, that dream has since come to an end. Turning herself in and revealing herself in a press conference, she has killed off her own dream and now everyone knows Takatsuki Sen is a Ghoul. But the real end came most recently with the death of her manager. This, I feel is an act which further shows her that she cannot be loved because those closest to her die.

With all that said, this brings me to our grand conclusion and something both of them share in different ways..

A wish for death.

With everything Kaneki has been through up to this point, he still wishes to end his rather miserable existence in a grand way or as Shironeki put it, “I wish to die in style.” To him, he feels that he should die at the hands of Arima, someone he has seen as a father-like figure during his time as Haise. He has been down this road before. But, he was saved from it once and likely will be again. He calls it his “last job”. The last acts he will do before he goes willingly to death which he believes will finally free him from the cruel world which has wronged him so. He wants to do something which will make him loved before he goes and this could be the act that could do so, but fate may have other plans for this poor tortured soul..

While, it is harder to say that she has such a wish, Yoshimura Eto is set upon that route. The natural hybrid has spent over a decade locked in conflict with CCG and hasn’t been able to accomplish her goal. With Aogiri on the brink of total destruction, she has turned to the plan she believes will lead to the goal she has been working toward her entire life. Even at the age of 27, she says how she has gotten old and has even shown she is no longer hiding. Revealing Takatsuki Sen as a Ghoul, turning herself in to CCG and in the eyes of V, these are not beyond her plan. However, it could be said that she could even look toward her own demise. Though she spent time among humans and glimpsed that life, she has done terrible things and wants to create a new world and looks to pass this goal on to Kaneki who could carry on the fight even after her passing should she die before V comes to an end. Keep in mind, this is pure speculation however, she has lived a long and lonely life full of sorrow and anger. It is likely she too could look toward an end at some point.

To pass on and be free from the burdens of a cruel world …

Day 93

Hi Bellamy,

I don’t know why I’m doing this. I guess because this is the longest we’ve ever been apart and it doesn’t feel right. (hiccup). 

I snuck into Becca’s liquor cabinet and I drank, well, most of it. It’s so sad and I hate it. I hate that there’s no chance of you finding me like you did in that cave. I hate that I’m alone. This goddamn radio is only thing I’ve had to talk to for over three months and I think I’m starting to go crazy. I wonder if you’re hearing these, the ramblings of a girl who misses you. I’ll be waiting for you. God, I miss you

Did you ever see the old tv series, Doctor Who? Cause right now I feel like I’m Rose, trapped in a parallel universe, apart from the person who makes me alive and I’m barely even living without you. I think I forget how. Or maybe, maybe the story of Rory and Amy might apply to us better. He waited for her while she was trapped for two centuries, two entire centuries and I’m going made without you after only three months. You know that the episode where they died made me cry. Amy was basically, “Together or not at all” and she described it as “it’s called being married.” 

You know when we signed that list, when we basically made that deal to live for each other and die together, we basically embodied that quote. I think that means in the olden days, we’d be married. Becca has this massive library and I’ve been reading any and all the history books I can get my hands on. I’ve been saving the Greek Mythology books for when you get back, I need you to come back. But anyway, we’d be married in several different cultures by now and I think by grounder culture as well. 

Should I be calling you husband? That’s weird since we never even kissed, god I never got to kiss you and somedays I don’t think I will. We’d be considered engaged in a lot more cultures than married, partly because we never had sex.

Do you know that Becca has no porn? What kind of self respecting woman in their 20s doesn’t have a secret porn stash? It’s weird, I tell you, really weird. 

(giggling, sound of slurping) I just finished another bottle and god all I can think about is how badly I want someone to touch me right now. It should be you, it should have always been you. I don’t think you have any clue how many times I got myself off thinking about your fingers and your mouth and your cock and how well you know me already. I thought about you after you saved me in the cave, while I was in Polis, I thought about thanking you for saving me if Roan hadn’t existed, thanking you by kissing you and kissing you and kissing you

Ugh, Bellamy, I want you so badly I ache everywhere. I’m so desperate for someone, but I’m so bloody desperate for you that I’m gagging for your touch. I want you here. I want you with me in every way possible but you’re not fucking here. (sound of glass shattering)

I think I’m going through all the stages of being drunk, I just threw a bottle. 

It doesn’t feel right, it feels like my skin is crawling and my flesh is burning. It’s together or not all and you’re not here. Bellamy, why aren’t you here?

(sound of sobbing)

I need you, I need you, come back to me please. I’m still, you have my heart ok and I’m trying to use it in the way you would want me too. The only reason I’m living is because I’m using the echo of you. 

(Transmission end)

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anonymous asked:

Many ppl say that the only reason Dante Basco ships Zutara is b/c he's being nice to all the Zutara fans, I think it's more than that, as a VA he obviously knew what was going on behind the scenes & he knew Zutara was the original direction the show was going to go which is why he still ships it 12-13 yrs later, if it wasn't meant to be he would've dropped it yrs ago, what do you think? Do you think it's more than just him being nice to us Zutara fans? He obviously knew something we didn't.

I don’t think I’ve seen another voice actor that passionate about a ship that the creators clearly are opposed to. I suspect he knew that it was going to be a thing, and that even as late as the Book 2 finale it was planned, but then it was cancelled. I doubt he’d be so enthusiastic about it just to be nice, especially all these years later. He said he thought they’d be together with “the cave episode”. Just like the animation director who thought the Book 2 finale was swaying towards Zuko/Katara and pointed out the box art had them paralleling each other.

Jae-Myung Yoo: “Actually, I can’t understand why Bryke didn’t pair Zuko and Katara. Katara started to like Zuko at the end of season 2.”

It’s weird that both of them figured Zutara was inevitable because of the cave scene. Even though we all know how that episode ended and the cave scene was pointless in the grand scheme of things as far as shipping is concerned. Jae-Myung Yoo says he can’t understand why Bryke didn’t pair Zuko and Katara since she liked him at the end of Season 2. It’s almost like he was unaware that although Katara did like him, she also ya know, hated him after he betrayed her for almost the rest of the show. Something is fishy, IMO. I think both of them knew a LOT of information that we don’t know behind the scenes.


Uh… heya.

Sayoko Uehara’s Persona, Kishimojin

Kishimojin is the Japanese name of a Buddhist deity originally named Hariti in India.  She originated as a vengeful Hindu deity known for eating children, but she converted to Buddhism when Buddha taught her a lesson.  She herself was the mother of many children, and when Buddha hid one of her children she became overwrought with grief and finally understood the pain she was putting other mothers through.  She then became a Buddhist deity of child rearing and child protection and now only eats pomegranates.

I jokingly refer to her as “the one who used to eat babies but doesn’t anymore,” and I thought that was kind of a good parallel for her Social Link, sort of, going from preying on someone much younger than her then turning around and becoming a force for good.

But, hoo boy, her design.  You can see in the bottom left I had a very different design at first–it was a weird pregnant looking thing.  I had that design mostly finished and ended up hating it so much that it was partially responsible for why I took such a long break from this (on top of just feeling burnt out).  So when I went back I decided to start over.

The number one thing I knew I needed to retain from Shadow Sayoko was the empty face, which carried through all depictions, though now it bears an eye.  Another design I had in mind through all of them was something that resembled a nursing bra, as I wanted to transform the figure from a sexual one to an overt mother figure, and that was the best I could come up with.  One last aspect I retained through all was the horns being covered in wrappings–much like Hariti’s SMT designs she’s covering up her demon past.

It’s when I gave her a giant pomegranate to hold like a baby wrapped in a cloth did I finally find the “all wrapped up” design I got here.  Colors also took forever to decide on.  The earlier pregnant concept was hot pink, no fooling.

Weapon wise Sayoko has a medic bag.  My concept is that she wouldn’t hit things with the bag, but rather that she would attack by pulling things out of the bag and maybe, I dunno, throw them at the Shadows.  Like scalpels and surgical scissors and stuff.  And for criticals she’d poke them with a syringe!  It was cool sounding in my head.

So yeah, I want to apologize for not doing anything of note for like, a year.  But as I said before I was seriously burnt out.  But I feel a second wind coming on, I think.  Not too many more to do anyhow.

Go here to compare to Shadow Sayoko.

Oh my god the stress is killing me so badly I think I’m losing my touch for writing.

I had a crossover idea for Voltron and BNHA, right?
It was going well until I got to the middle and suddenly the character line up flopped and I couldn’t connect the right pieces or draw the best parallels between the characters anymore, so I gave up and got really upset over it????

This never happens!!! Ever!!! I’m usually so full of ideas and character comparisons and dialogue lines and descriptive thoughts!!!!

But I couldn’t- It was- There was just-

Nothing! And it’s frustrating! Because oh hey look, now I’m failing at the one thing I can do without fucking up!

So I’m kinda mad at myself? I just-

I hate it when all the good ideas I have go quiet.

anonymous asked:

First of all, I LOVE all your posts and analysis. You're always spot on and reassure my ridiculous anxieties. One fun thing I noticed (probably not the first), 13 seems to have a significance to the writers. 13 stations (with Polaris), 13 clans (with Skykru). 6 (years) + 7 (weeks) = 13 I feel like I'm forgetting more parallels to the number 13 and was wondering if you, or your followers had more insight? Still new to the Tumblr world so thought I would throw it out there! 😬❤️🙌🏻

Thank you!

That’s a good catch. I didn’t make the connection that 6+7 was13. It seemed random to me. I’m going to toss this one out to the followers, because I’ve had a distinct lack of sleep lately from the tension of this show and am also a little scattered from answering asks all day. Not very focused. 

I did know about The Last Supper

At Jesus Christ’s last supper, there were thirteen people around the table, counting Christ and the twelve apostles. Some believe this is unlucky because one of those thirteen, Judas Iscariot, was the betrayer of Jesus Christ. From the 1890s, a number of English language sources relate the “unlucky” thirteen to an idea that at the Last Supper, Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table.[13] (wikipedia)

and then there’s Loki

It is believed that Loki was the 13th god in the Norse pantheon—more specifically, Loki was believed to have engineered the murder of Balder and was the 13th guest to arrive at the funeral. This is perhaps related to the superstition that if 13 people gather, one of them will die in the following year. (wikipedia)

And both of those stories have thirteen gathering, and one dying… which happened with both the 13 stations (Polaris) and the 13 tribes (Flokru.)  So that’s an interesting thing.

all right. that was too much for my tired head. anyone want to add or hypothesize?