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Two Things on Fantastic Beasts

1. I need someone to make a gifset paralleling the scene where Newt tells Tina she has a smudge on her face with the scene between Hermione and Ron on the train in The Sorcerer’s Stone.

2. Johnny Depp felt so out of place in that movie. That is my one and only issue I had with the film. It was amazing, but I just wasn’t prepared to see Johnny Depp pop up idk.

Centipede & Owl: Two Lost Souls

The parallels between Kaneki and Eto.

[This is a rather long read and if you aren’t up-to-date with Tokyo Ghoul :re this could spoil some things for you.]

Unidentifiable Sorrow…
Having succumb to despair,
& the desire for destruction,
Lost on the way back home.
& forgotten to go back at all.
I had a sweet dream,
that never existed,
& so I wish for death once again.

Eto and Kaneki both stand in the center of both the human and Ghoul worlds and they have even lived in both worlds. Since the abuse of his mother, neglect from his aunt and the life changing events which led to him becoming a Half Ghoul, his torture at the hands of Yamori, and the confrontation with CCG’s White Reaper, Kaneki has known sorrow. He never wanted to become like he is now and was thrown into a harsh world. Kaneki has gone through physical and mental horrors.

In the 24th after some event which took her ‘foster father’ from her, Eto had been alone, fending for herself as she grows in power. Since her early childhood, there had been someone there for her to show the young hybrid love and compassion and teach her. No longer. With the writings of her mother and nobody there to care for her anymore, Eto began her hate for the world, the powerful emotions overtaking her sending her spiraling down the dark path she’s walked ever since.

Anger. Both have felt this, Kaneki shown to feel it more than Eto thus far. He has wanted to save those who close to him and it drives his actions in a strong way. In a sense, it is his reason for living despite everything that had happened.  His anger however has been aimed at Aogiri who has been partially responsible for the dangers his friends have faced. While he will defend himself against CCG, he has no remorse for Ghouls in several cases.

Eto’s anger is seen pointed in two directions. First, she hates V for what they have done and has no mercy for anyone associated with V including those within CCG as they stand in her way of getting to the prime culprits. Secondly, she despises her father for his choice to run from V instead of fight them. At this point, it could be said that she views her father as a tool of creation on the path to destroy V and finally tear down the birdcage. It could also be said, she despises relationships as she is known to destroy them any chance she gets. Revealing that Kanou isn’t the father that Kuro and Shiro believed he was. Targeting Shinohara in the Anteiku arc. Torturing Takizawa and making him eat his own parents. The torture of Kanae.

That being said, Kaneki has shown instances of physical punishment to his opponents in bits of anger. This is scene when he impales Nishiki over and over. This shows again when he faces Ayato, breaking numerous bones leaving him incapacitated. We can even add in Kaneki threatening to stick a centipede into the ear of Madam A during his search for Kanou. Similar instances could be seen during his time as entertainment for the Gourmet (Tsukiyama).

One other similarity between the two is their belief that if one is weak then they are at fault for what happens to them or for those who are taken from them. Eto has brought this up when speaking with Hinami and Kaneki has voiced this himself on a few occasions.

Emptiness. Both of them have shown fake smiles which hold very little happiness behind them. Eto has known very little happiness though this will be covered in a little bit. Kaneki has always shown some form of hiding how he truly feels, from touching his chin or the fake smiles. Something I stated before is that Kaneki didn’t want to become what he is now but he’s forced to live with it and has become empty inside especially after his departure from Anteiku. When he visits :re as Haise. he thinks about how he possibly had someone beautiful (Touka) in his life before and shed a tear.

Moving on to Eto now, we can touch on a few points that we can say about her past, what little we know of it. Following the loss of Noroi, she lost that love and compassion she once had, forming a void inside of her. She became empty inside and she replaced what she once had with hate and later on with the beginning of Aogiri which took away from her loneliness. However, she had still just wanted to be loved though part of her feels that she cannot be loved as everyone close to her dies.

“No matter how much you fill that empty hole, the fact that it is empty will never change.”

Both have a desire for destruction however, their desires can be said to be different. Eto’s is a burning urge to see the birdcage ripped apart and V destroyed once and for all with a new world rising from the ashes.

Kaneki’s however points more towards the destruction of Aogiri and self-destruction. Depending on how you look at it, Kaneki went in to V14 partially wanting to die. which in a sense he did. Currently, he is on the path of self-destruction wanting to die but not allow those close to him to have a similar fate, preferring for them to live on while he ends the nightmarish life he’s had. Kaneki has certainly suffered greatly over the course of the manga and now he wants to end it in a special way.

Eto’s path of destruction could be said to reach to anyone who stands in her way of defeating V and she isn’t above using any tools available to reach this goal whether they are people or even subordinates.

This path of destruction they have been set upon has guided them far from a home of sorts that they both could return to should they choose. Anteiku. Though the coffee shop was destroyed after CCG’s raid, it had always been a place welcoming to Ghouls while not turning away Human customers. For years, Yoshimura Kuzen ran the coffee shop, waiting for his daughter to return. Hoping that one day, the little girl he left in the care of someone he trusted would return to him. In the back, he even kept a special tea cup from Ukina’s shop turned upside down. Something that surely would’ve meant a lot to his dear lost child. It’s clear he had thought over what he would say to her when she finally did. What he told Kaneki about his status as a One-Eyed Ghoul felt as if it were something he had wanted to say to someone else. As we now know however, Eto had seen the cafe and her own father but instead of stepping inside and meeting her father face to face, her anger showed and she stormed off, Kuzen finding the crumpled book she left behind. His saddened expression as he held the ruined novel was one that sticks with me.Ever since, he had waited and waited. However, by that time, she had no desire to return.

Kaneki found a home of sorts with the staff of Anteiku. They looked out for each other and despite now having to adapt to the Ghoul way of life, it was a place he could return to. It was also a place he was familiar with as he visited them with Hide. After his kidnapping by Aogiri and severe and traumatizing torture at the hands of Yamori, he began to become distant from Anteiku, forming his own group to take on Aogiri Tree and almost refusing to go back. His desire to seek out Kanou led him into confrontations with CCG and further away from where he could be. It wasn’t until CCG targeted Anteiku in a raid that he wanted to return however, in a sense he failed to return, being driven into the underground and into the fateful confrontation with Arima which changed him for quite some time.

This leads me into their 'sweet dream’ which they both had, if you wish to call it that. Starting with Kaneki here. Following the incident in V14, Kaneki was now Haise Sasaki who while he appeared to be Kaneki was different in several ways. Haise seemed to have a more stable mental state than Kaneki did and even deciphered how Takatsuki Sen (Eto) must feel by reading her books. This is one difference between Haise and Kaneki. While Kaneki seemed to enjoy Takatsuki’s novels, Haise did not. He could see the sorrow and despair behind the well written words in each of her works. However, Haise was a persona created by Kaneki during his time in Cochlea following his near death at the hands of Arima. The poor guy drove himself insane, clawing at the door, his eyes, screaming to be released. Haunted by nightmares and refusing to eat. Arima calmed him down and allowed him to choose the name which he would go by. from an assortment of kanji, he chose two which together formed Haise.

The name of his sweet dream. For a time, he lived a decent life as a Ghoul Investigator. Or so it seemed. In appearance, he was happy however, just like his old self, when he mentioned being happy, he touched his chin. We all know that that means. Deep down of course was Shironeki, the personification of Kaneki within his mind. Kaneki wanted his body back and slowly but surely, Haise began to see that maybe he needed this other part of him if he wished to achieve his goals. At the time it was believed that Kaneki had forgotten everything however, I believe this isn’t the case. Instead, he created Haise as a way to live outside of the horrible life he had, if only temporarily. Over time, those repressed memories came back and the old Kaneki began to resurface.

It wasn’t until Eto herself took personal action that the real Kaneki awoke once more, ending the dream. Haise Sasaki was no more.. Kaneki Ken had returned. 

Or was he always there? Truth is, Kaneki never really disappeared. This showed in a scene I mentioned before, when Haise saw Touka and shed a tear. This was not Haise crying.. but Kaneki. He had believed that she was killed by Arima when he had told him “I killed them all.” Seeing her alive and well was certainly something that brought a form of relief to him.

Overall, in several ways, his old self remained as he made bonds with the Quinx Squad similar to those bonds he made with Ghouls of Anteiku. However now it serves as an inner conflict in the war which rages.

The young Eto, while looking to form an organization that would one day rival the mysterious group known as V, used her skills in writing and became Takatsuki Sen. While originally, the purpose of this was likely to support Aogiri Tree, it became a bigger part of her life than I believe she thought it would. At such a young age she became quite popular and quickly rose to Best-Selling author status. Takatsuki Sen, a horror novelist had many fans who loved and adored her. Something Eto lacked for quite some time. While she was with her fans, the same person who threatened CCG was there however, her personality was quite different. Known to be manipulative and sadistic, when she appeared as Takatsuki, she took on a more child-like and ditsy personality. Normally running late to her book signings.

One interesting thing to note is that despite her manager, Shiono, discovering the truth that she was a Ghoul, he continued to work with her and Eto let him live. In a sense, Takatsuki Sen can be seen to be Eto’s humanity. As the famous novelist, she got to sample the human life and enjoyed being around her fans. Despite being told that she shouldn’t she would take pictures with some of them. The One-Eyed Owl, taking pictures with fans of her work? When you think about the sadistic little Ghoul that has lead Aogiri up to this point, this seems rather odd, doesn’t it? This was Eto’s own personal dream.

She lived a nice dream and had someone who seemed to care for her that she even showed a form of caring for. However, that dream has since come to an end. Turning herself in and revealing herself in a press conference, she has killed off her own dream and now everyone knows Takatsuki Sen is a Ghoul. But the real end came most recently with the death of her manager. This, I feel is an act which further shows her that she cannot be loved because those closest to her die.

With all that said, this brings me to our grand conclusion and something both of them share in different ways..

A wish for death.

With everything Kaneki has been through up to this point, he still wishes to end his rather miserable existence in a grand way or as Shironeki put it, “I wish to die in style.” To him, he feels that he should die at the hands of Arima, someone he has seen as a father-like figure during his time as Haise. He has been down this road before. But, he was saved from it once and likely will be again. He calls it his “last job”. The last acts he will do before he goes willingly to death which he believes will finally free him from the cruel world which has wronged him so. He wants to do something which will make him loved before he goes and this could be the act that could do so, but fate may have other plans for this poor tortured soul..

While, it is harder to say that she has such a wish, Yoshimura Eto is set upon that route. The natural hybrid has spent over a decade locked in conflict with CCG and hasn’t been able to accomplish her goal. With Aogiri on the brink of total destruction, she has turned to the plan she believes will lead to the goal she has been working toward her entire life. Even at the age of 27, she says how she has gotten old and has even shown she is no longer hiding. Revealing Takatsuki Sen as a Ghoul, turning herself in to CCG and in the eyes of V, these are not beyond her plan. However, it could be said that she could even look toward her own demise. Though she spent time among humans and glimpsed that life, she has done terrible things and wants to create a new world and looks to pass this goal on to Kaneki who could carry on the fight even after her passing should she die before V comes to an end. Keep in mind, this is pure speculation however, she has lived a long and lonely life full of sorrow and anger. It is likely she too could look toward an end at some point.

To pass on and be free from the burdens of a cruel world …

You nailed it!

@looking4teamkevrick​ ;)

“I have a feeling Friday’s clip is going to parallel the Friday clip from three weeks ago.  First Isak and the boys had pre-party drinks and then went to a party.  It seems like the exact same thing is going to happen this Friday but the major difference is that Isak will be in a much better place. He was miserable three weeks ago and everything went wrong for him.  The show is all about parallels especially with the whole parallel universe with Even and Isak.  I have a feeling that at the end of Friday’s episode Isak and Even are going to be the ones kissing (to parallel Even and Sonja kissing).  This just makes so much sense and would be so smart of the writers to parallel the two clips.  The first clip being Isak’s worst experience where his life imploded and now this clip being the moment when Isak’s life all comes together.  The only thing missing from Isak’s life at the moment is Even.  I really think they will get back together on Friday and will become an official couple soon.  There is so much foreshadowing with Eskild and Jonas both indirectly bringing up Even in their texts and every time Isak had a conversation about his sexuality (with Jonas, Eskild, the boys) he mentioned Even every time.  I can’t wait to see Friday’s clip.  It has the potential to be epic and the best clip yet!! ;-)”

I was going to draw this last night when in bed… when my intuos pro decided to act out and have its usb connector die on me =_=;<

now it only works wireless and my macbook kind of hates it, let alone trying to use Parallels (the program I use to run Windows and SAI while on MacOSX)… So I spent all day and half of the afternoon trying to fix things without avail and I had to resort to use my boyfriend’s unused laptop (he has a newer gaming desktop).
Poor macbook has been relegated to reference holder and online/social media hub for the time being ):

And because I was upset about it, fist thing I sketched on the laptop was this >:T

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Do you have any parallel gifs about things Damon does for Bonnie that he doesn't do for Elena i.e. carrying Bonnie bridal style? If not, could you make one (pretty pleaseeeee)

Hmm, Damon actually has carried Elena bridal style a couple times, to be fair. 

I think the things Damon has with Bonnie that he doesn’t have with Elena are more along the emotional scale… that easy intimacy, the way he reaches out to her and talks to her about things that he’s scared to tell Elena. Along those lines, I remember someone did make a gifset comparing Damon telling the story of 1994 to Bonnie vs. Elena. 

With Bonnie, he told her the whole thing, the good bad and ugly, up to and including that Stefan basically called him irredeemable and how he retaliated by murdering everyone including pregnant Gail. With Elena afterwards, he glossed over it, never mentioning Gail and saying that he couldn’t really remember why he’d been so angry with Stefan.

I can’t find the gifset, oops. If I do stumble across it, I’ll add it here.

BatB + Reylo

okay, i saw the new beauty and the beast yesterday, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

and there were SO many things that reminded me of rey and kylo.

- the way beast walked; oh my god. you’d think it was kylo under there. he had a certain hunch, and his fists were clenched. it paralleled perfectly.

- the way belle looked away when he looked at her in one shot mirrored the interrogation scene.


this could very well be kylo singING.

- there were a few little things they said that definitely fit the reylo theme. if anyone wants to add any, go ahead, i can’t remember much specifically.

every theory about this was pretty much accurate. i suggest going to see it; if not for the reylo, just for the beauty (that was a pun hA) of it. :)

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yo im so glad octavia was finally called out on her parallelism to pike. she needed to hear that. i think now officially begins her path to redemption (because she can no longer live in denial of what she's become and how twisted her road now is)

Yeah. It was a good scene. 

They are spending time on it. Not a bad thing. Honestly, she always had so far to go in order to step up and be an adult. She’s doing it through this grief and trauma and breakdown and hopefully she’ll be coming back stronger.

I think it’s interesting that before the Ark blew she seemed to have forgotten some of her anger, and while she was in need, she clung to Bellamy, but after it, she pushed him away and turned even colder.

Did the ark blowing retrigger some of her trauma from last season? She said it, she hates that place, but at the same time, it’s still part of who she is, it WAS her home, an awful home, but a home.

Hey, remember? Cadogan refused to sell the little cabin in the woods where he was abused by his father. He kept it to be his defense against the apocalypse! Octavia, too was still attached to the place in which her abuse was perpetuated. (guess who did a season 4 rewatch while alla youse were watching the new episode last night.)

Sometimes you have to blow open the pain in order to start healing from it. You have to actually FEEL it, and stop pushing it away in order to embrace the growth. 

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So I read some meta about Mick beeing some kind of cas mirror. It's a while back I admit but with 12x14 and the upcoming episode I got a hole new view on his character. When he was first introduced I questioned his motives but now? While he didn't seem too sad about Ketch killing some random soldiers in 12x9 I actually believe he was sorry for what had happened to sam and with the vamp situation we have seeds of doubt in him. I actually see him going through a similar journey to cas' in s4

Yeah, I wasn’t so sure aside from the obvious colour coding of his coat - obviously having Ketch around parallels a worse guy than him, now we get to know them better he’s definitely got that dynamic in a way to the BMoL - both the organisation back home that he’s still dutiful to, and being contrasted to Ketch… Still, he hasn’t really had any really deep emotional moments or things that would make him sympathetic early on - if none of Cas’s big soft eyes got you earlier, the scene at the end of 4x07 puts something into the text about Cas having doubts (as well as that episode having him arguing with Uriel about the right thing to do and them being obviously contrasted to show that Cas was a nicer and more sympathetic angel) - even if Mick’s sort of on that journey now, we’re going to get at LEAST to episode 16, or 15 episodes after his introduction, if he does have any moment where he opens up a bit (as we know precisely nothing about him personally or even really how he feels about everything and how far he truly believes their methods are working.) 

If he does turn on the BMoL then I feel like he’ll either be the only survivor in a kind of stepping outside for a cigarette and leaving the door open behind him way, or maaaybe sacrifice himself for them (as Cas did in 4x22, but Mick presumably wouldn’t come back from it)… I just don’t think unless they cram in a ton of character development that it will be worth it to make him redeemed in the Winchesters’ eyes, as, after all, he chose to call Ketch up and invite him over for tea and murder, and of course has been working with him probably coordinating things like killing Magda, definitely when we see him coordinaring Ketch killing all the soldiers. So he’s got blood on his hands in a way Cas didn’t, though of course he may be pulling double duty with mirroring Cas from later on when he’s guilty about everything, than just being a pure season 4 Cas mirror, since Dabb’s layering everything up…

Eh, I can see this parallel but I’m not convinced any of the BMoL will seriously redeem themselves. I am not aiming to get very attached to them. :P


Uh… heya.

Sayoko Uehara’s Persona, Kishimojin

Kishimojin is the Japanese name of a Buddhist deity originally named Hariti in India.  She originated as a vengeful Hindu deity known for eating children, but she converted to Buddhism when Buddha taught her a lesson.  She herself was the mother of many children, and when Buddha hid one of her children she became overwrought with grief and finally understood the pain she was putting other mothers through.  She then became a Buddhist deity of child rearing and child protection and now only eats pomegranates.

I jokingly refer to her as “the one who used to eat babies but doesn’t anymore,” and I thought that was kind of a good parallel for her Social Link, sort of, going from preying on someone much younger than her then turning around and becoming a force for good.

But, hoo boy, her design.  You can see in the bottom left I had a very different design at first–it was a weird pregnant looking thing.  I had that design mostly finished and ended up hating it so much that it was partially responsible for why I took such a long break from this (on top of just feeling burnt out).  So when I went back I decided to start over.

The number one thing I knew I needed to retain from Shadow Sayoko was the empty face, which carried through all depictions, though now it bears an eye.  Another design I had in mind through all of them was something that resembled a nursing bra, as I wanted to transform the figure from a sexual one to an overt mother figure, and that was the best I could come up with.  One last aspect I retained through all was the horns being covered in wrappings–much like Hariti’s SMT designs she’s covering up her demon past.

It’s when I gave her a giant pomegranate to hold like a baby wrapped in a cloth did I finally find the “all wrapped up” design I got here.  Colors also took forever to decide on.  The earlier pregnant concept was hot pink, no fooling.

Weapon wise Sayoko has a medic bag.  My concept is that she wouldn’t hit things with the bag, but rather that she would attack by pulling things out of the bag and maybe, I dunno, throw them at the Shadows.  Like scalpels and surgical scissors and stuff.  And for criticals she’d poke them with a syringe!  It was cool sounding in my head.

So yeah, I want to apologize for not doing anything of note for like, a year.  But as I said before I was seriously burnt out.  But I feel a second wind coming on, I think.  Not too many more to do anyhow.

Go here to compare to Shadow Sayoko.


5x04 “The End” // 12x01 “Keep Calm and Carry On”
“Horror Visions of the Future” or “It All Comes Down to a ’Yes’ or ‘No’”

So this is kind of what I had been rambling about loosely and vaguely yesterday in this text post already. Since I found a clip now though with slightly better quality (though I still apologize for the crappy quality of the gifs of Mary) I couldn’t resist giffing these moments that reminded me so majorly of one another.

And one thing I’d like to say from the get go: This parallel to me doesn’t imply or allude to Mary getting possessed by Lucifer. That would be devastating, but such a repeat to last season with Cas possessed by the devil that I would be seriously underwhelmed if they did that. The only way I could see this playing out would be if the writers decided to write Mary out of the show again, because then I think  it could be a true possibility that Mary would be the one to say yes to Lucifer, so they could box him back up as she may feel responsible for having been the one (or rather he death) to set her boys on this trajectory. It’s the last thing I would want to see, but it would be a scenario I could see the show explore. So in this regard you could see this parallel in direct relation. I personally however thought about a parallel with a slightly different angle.

In my opinion the visual cues here are undeinable, the whole setting in a park like location is similar and even the way we see Dean run into the frame in 5x04 “The End” resembles the way Dean runs out of the woods in 11x23 “Alpha and Omega” after he hears someone - his mom - scream for help. And of course there is the parallel to how Mary (dressed in white) overpowers Dean and pushes him to the ground coming to stand with her foot on his neck that reminds a great deal of the scene Dean sees Lucifer (dressed in white) kill his 2014!Self. Not only is this painful because with meeting his mom, even though one can understand her reaction, for the first time after 30 years Dean is subjected to violence by one of the people he loves most (similar as with Lucifer/Sam in 5x04 “The End” or John/Azazel in “Devil’s Trap”).

All that said, to me the more interesting possible parallel here exists between Dean and his time travel to 2014, where he is met with a horror vision of the future in which Sam said “yes” to Lucifer and he himself was unable to stop that from happening as he said “no” and how Mary being brought back from the dead after decades and experincing it almost like a time travel is also thrown into a world she doesn’t understand, but more importantly is met with the reality of what used to be her biggest nightmare: that her kids would grow up as hunters.

This is the painful and yet kind of amazing parallel I see here and that I think could be a very rich one to draw from, because in Dean’s case Zachariah created 2014 to make Dean feel guilty about refusing to say “yes” and making Dean feel like everything - the end of the world really - was his fault, that all could be different hadn’t he said “no”. Imo there is neat reverse mirroring going on between Dean’s time travel and Mary’s S12 resurrection/time travel as Mary is met with this horror future, because she was the one to say “yes” to Azazel’s deal. In this regard Mary and Dean are aligned quite directly again and of course this is perfectly in line with how the show has alluded for seasons to how Dean is/seems to be more like Mary while Sam shares more similarities with John.

So keeping all that in mind, I think for Mary being alive again and finding her way around this new reality is probably very comparable to how 2014 felt for Dean at the time: A complete nightmare.  But even thought his all seems horrible and tragic and screaming for drama. I can’t help but think of another nice reverse mirror/parallel. 5x04 was titled “The End”, now in 12x01 the Winchesters by getting their mome back can write a new beginning and with that also an enirely new ending.

Two things from yesterday's Hollyoaks episode...

Ste: “What if there is a world where I did the right thing? So somewhere I’m actually properly happy." 

 John Paul: “Maybe just focus on this life." 

 But he can’t, because…

Also a parallel that I thought was interesting:

Ste: “You’ve got no idea what’s going on in my head right now.”

John Paul: “Yeah you’re right, I haven’t, and I don’t care.”

vs. a scene from this episode. 

Ste: “You haven’t got a clue what’s going on in my head.”

Brendan: “Maybe. But I know exactly what’s going on in here, don’t I?” *touches Ste’s heart*

Moral of the story: 

Making sense of The Abominable Bride

So I was watching TAB and I couldn’t help but notice a series of mirrors running through it. This meta is going to deal with the “main plot” bit of the episode - the johnlock aspect, although inherently tied in, merits another post.

The first obvious similarity is that Emilia Ricoletti blew her brains out but was seemingly alive. We can therefore read Jim for Emilia - whatever plot TAB had seemed to revolve around that parallel. But the one thing that comes very clearly out of this episode is that Emilia Ricoletti is dead. Equally -

James Moriarty is dead.

Ghosts do not exist, neither in our universe or the Sherlock one. What is being carried out is Emilia’s legacy being carried out by others masquerading as her. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that Emilia herself masterminded this. Therefore, we can infer that Jim has left a legacy behind (did you miss me?) to be fulfilled by others.

Who are these others who are carrying out Jim’s legacy?

1. Mary

Mary is implicated in the TAB plot in two ways. First of all she is a member of the suffragist movement (yes I find this entire mirror to be in bad taste but let’s continue). Secondly, her first appearance in the episode. You were meant to think that Mary was the abominable bride from the title of the episode. She takes off the veil - surprise! It’s actually Mary. Hmmm.

2. Mycroft

Here, again, there are two features of interest. (Sorry. I had to.) We know that he’s working with Mary from him sending Mary to watch Sherlock and John. We also know that he says “we have to let them win”. This was Mycroft’s attitude with ASiB and seems to be his attitude regarding Moriarty in general as it is generally accepted that he is under Moriarty’s dead thumb. Mycroft acting for Moriarty in TBB was also hinted at here when Mary received a telegram signed simply M - reminding us of the assassination of General Shan often assumed to be directly Moriarty but only ever signed M.

3. The maid

This one screamed at me from the screen. Obviously she was involved with the Ricoletti murders, which is implication in itself. But I think we’ll be seeing a lot more from the maid in series 4 and 5 (though presumably not as a maid?). The first thing we hear about her is that she is awful at her job. She is not only “impudent”, she also can’t do anything that she was hired to do. So why did John hire her?

Oh wait. He didn’t. Mary did.

They really labour this point as well, with emphasis on the whole I will have a word with my wife to have a word with you stuff. So Mary hired this maid because she’s in league with her. She should probably learn some skills for this deception.

4. Janine

Believed to be Jim’s sister. Also featured in the Ricoletti murders. What’s more notable than Janine’s presence is the absence of two of the most prominent female characters (excluding Mrs. Hudson): Irene Adler and Sally Donovan. If your plot is it’s the women why not feature The Woman? And is there any more slighted and annoyed woman than Sally in Sherlock? The answer: neither is working for Jim (any longer, in the case of the presumed dead Irene). Their exclusion means that we can presume any inclusion is important.

5. Molly Hooper

See above - her inclusion when others were excluded is interesting. I wouldn’t put it past Mofftiss to have given her a name starting with M just for the laughs. Which makes us look at her early relationship with Jim from a new angle. But that’s for another meta.

The Three Garridebs Parallel

If you aren’t familiar with the story and theory around the Three Garridebs, I would recommend a quick google from here, but brief summary: John gets shot, Sherlock is pretty freaking upset, they’re in love. Okay, good. So where does this come in?

The Ricoletti brides go around carrying on the legacy of Emilia Ricoletti. One of the things that Ricoletti herself planned was the murder of Eustace. (Interestingly, they met before in America: this could have been thrown in to explain the KKK references but is also another continent matched up with experience with women - is it a stretch to read Three Continents Watson and his international reputation?) Will they go as far as to kill John as Eustace is killed? I hope not (because seriously Sherlock planned to overdose on that plane because he couldn’t deal with six months without John).

This also has the implication that it could be Mary who shoots John. This is backed up by the part of the episode that still doesn’t make sense to me - why did Louisa call Sherlock to prevent her own murder? I think that this is Sherlock’s brain calling back to the big unsolved mystery of HLV - why did Mary call the ambulance when she shot Sherlock?

But aren’t there two Moriartys?

Maybe. At least, it’s certainly a viable theory. In ACD canon, Moriarty’s brother was also called James Moriarty. Could they be twins? Yes. Could one of them be Richard Brook (Reichenbach)? Yes. So when Sherlock said that Moriarty is dead, he wasn’t wrong. But Moriarty is also alive.

At the start of the episode, Watson had a secret twin theory. Holmes rubbished it - it’s never twins, he said. And perhaps he’s right, although I find the whole similar corpse nonsense a bit nonsensical. But for the first time ever in Sherlock, Sherlock himself admitted John’s intelligence twice. He described him as pretty damn smart in the gay waterfall scene and then when he was digging he said that John was always right, it’s boring - e.g. I’m annoyed because John worked it out? Maybe. 

And this ties in to Doctor Who. To any non-Whovians, google the Zygons. They appeared in 2013 under Moffat after a LONG hiatus. (No. Like Really Long.) They shape shift into another version of you so there are two Clara’s running around. Anyway, they got integrated into life on earth by means of a treaty, and the keeper of this treaty is called Osgood. There were two Osgoods (one human, one Zygon - both identical) but one is now dead. We don’t know which one, and it doesn’t matter. She is still Osgood.

Do Osgood and Jim have parallels?

Maybe, yeah. And this is reinforced by the fact that there were no Zygons in series 8, despite the fact that that was the natural place for a follow up to the special between series 7 and 8. The Zygons took an extended hiatus until series 9 for no apparent reason. Is it unreasonable to suggest that as TAB was supposed to be 1/1/15 but got moved to 16 the Zygons did too?

To sum up:

Emilia Ricoletti is a mirror for Jim. They’re both dead.

Watson’s twin theory regarding Jim is potentially correct.

Mary, Mycroft, Janine, Molly and the maid are all working with Jim, carrying out his legacy.

Mary may end up being the one shooting John - in any case, we’re getting Garridebs.

333 VS 844

Luffy’s reaction to a crewmate going against him went from this…

To this…

Yes, I do very well know that Usopp and Sanji’s circumstances during their conflicts were two different things and the former had way more agency and power over his decisions than Sanji has during this arc but there’s a reason why this parallels speaks so loudly to me.

Pre-timeskip / during Water 7: although Luffy valued his own comrades from the get-go, he placed plenty of emphasis on his role as a decisive leader and the ambitions of his crewmates and his own. It’s as Zoro said at the end of Luffy’s fight with Usopp: if they dont have a decisive leader, who can they rely on? This is further stressed again at the end of Enies Lobby when Zoro goes on about how a crew is bound to fall apart if absence for respect towards their captain is evident and he just lets others walk on top of him.

After losing Ace, Luffy went through a change in my view that people tend to overlook. Aside the fact he values his comrades much more than ever before, he’s incorporating his own decisive style of leadership without the respect in the crew falling apart.

Rather than shutting Sanji off like he did with Usopp in Water 7, Luffy turned himself into an unmoving stone wall. While at first glance the chapter consisted of Sanji just one sidedly beating the shit out his captain, Luffy won the fight emotionally. Luffy knows that Sanji is lying and he isn’t taking the bait presented to him. That kind of resistance alone enforces his dominant role as captain of the crew. In other words, as his close friend and captain: Luffy was going to have none of that shit. Even if it means turning the other cheek.

Zoro’s emphasis on respect towards the crew surfaces through Nami’s actions in the chapter when she slaps and rejects Sanji completely; heartbroken and convinced that he really doesn’t give a shit about them anymore. Luffy wants to keep his stance as a captain his nakama can rely on, but at the same time he no longer wants to lose any of his friends. 

Luffy knows that difficult decisions would have to be made as captain. The fact that Luffy (you know, the same Luffy who eats everything in site) is going as far as a HUNGER STRIKE speaks a lot of layers. Luffy loves his crew more than anything else and in turn, he takes on this resisting/unmoving stance against Sanji’s farce that managed to convince even Nami (who is regarded by Oda to be one of the most intelligent characters in the manga) because he knows very well that there’s more behind the story. He’s very well aware that respect has to be maintained to enforce the strong mutual bond they have but now he wants to become more understanding of their circumstances; not to forfeit authority/respect but to enact his duty as a captain who wants to keep his crew together.

Poor communication, an impulsive outburst (e.g. Luffy telling Usopp to get out) and lack of understanding between both of them is indirectly why Usopp decided to leave in Water 7 and duel Luffy (again, Usopp had much more agency in his actions at the time but you get the picture).

tl;dr Luffy’s a fucking great protagonist and he’s much more complex than a lot of people give him credit for. This chapter fucking tore me apart lmao.


Abigail Hobbs expressing concern/general angst over Will Graham

#i mainly made this to show the subtle ways abigail expresses concern for will #because i don’t think she hates him like so many strongly believe #in 1x9 she showed instances of almost wanting him present #because at the time she thought he was the only one who could understand what she was going through #and in the original script #she was very sassy with him for not having visited earlier #will thought she wanted a father #but in actuality she wanted a friend/someone who could understand #and was abigail resentful of will? #absolutely. he killed her dad/robbed her of the chance to avenge herself and those girls #was she afraid of him? absolutely. she thought he killed marissa #but did she hate him? no #i think that in 2x13 we finally see abigail more openly expressing her concern #because at this point she knows who and what he is #and that he wasn’t who she thought he was #and i love the instance where she lunges as if she might try and help him #but ultimately hangs back because she’s scared of hannibal #in that moment it’s like the dynamics have flipped #because in s1 she was afraid of will and in s2 she was afraid of hannibal #at RDC kacey said quite a few things suggesting that abigail cared for will #she even went as far as to say she loves him (though i wouldn’t quite go that far) #so i felt pretty justified hearing her spin on things #it’s just a shame that the writers didn’t develop them more b/c they had so many parallels and a lot of potential #because we probably would’ve seen more instances of her expressing concern for his well-being/a yearning for friendship

ok ok can we talk about john murphy for a second? cause i was just going through his tag and i noticed something very important in his character development. one of the shittiest things that murphy did before murphy’s law was refuse to get connor (i think that was his name?) water that one time, when they were working on the wall- and that was when they had plenty of water to go around. now, flash forward to season two when he meets some strange girl dying in the middle of the desert, and although everyone else is reluctant to do so he willingly and without hesitation gives her some of his much-needed water. i think it’s a pretty nice parallel, between s1 Murphy’s actions and his personality in s2, and it really illustrates just how different he is as a person from that kid who once peed on someone just because he could.

So awkward story with @brosefvondudehomie today…

I was picking up my friend to go to lunch, and his street is being torn up, so we decided to meet by his house, rather than at his house.

I sent a text saying “I’m across the street from the elementary, essentially parallel to your house” and I realized I had somehow opened up the wrong messages, cause it was the wrong color lol.

And considering Coy doesn’t live in the same state as me it sounds really fucking creepy, and so I freaked out, thinking I was gonna sound like a crazy stalker suddenly. And offff course with my luck he actually lives by a school haha.

So yeah that was just a fun moment in “today Hana is a total creep”


He makes me so proud of myself, and he makes me like myself so much. And I’ve always liked myself. I’ve never not liked myself. I don’t have hangups like that. But I’m so proud of myself that I made him in my belly. Cooked him in my belly and then he came out of me! This human who’s suddenly walking around and doing his own thing. I can’t wait to know who his best friends are going to be, who his girlfriend or his boyfriend is going to be or what movies he likes… Whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him no matter what. He’s my paradise. 

 - Adele has the word “paradise” tattooed on the side of her left hand and her son’s name on her right to signify his meaning to her.

Ok ok let’s clear this up!
I have multiple perspectives from this update aight. Kay so
1) Hussie plans for an epilogue (maybe)! There might be even more than we think but lets take into consideration point
2) Andrew Hussie has been working on Homestuck for 7 years. Seven fucking years! Give him a little slack ok.
3) Homestuck started slow and boring (at least i thought so). Homestuck was a gentle roll at first. And then you get into a full fucking out of control spiral down a mountain side and we’re all screaming. Well the end was a good parallel to the beginning. It’s a slow stop. It’s a gentle rolling to a stop. While yes I think we all thought of plot twists(i sure did!!!), it’s a great thing that Homestuck ended the way it did.
4) That ending? Andrew Hussie has had that ending in his head for years you guys. YEARS. Don’t go shitting on it because it wasn’t what you wanted. Yes i understand you want more. A good majority of us do. But once again, Homestuck ended just fine! It was an incredible ending.
5) Let Andrew Hussie rest godDAMN.
7) There is a possibility of an epilogue. Chill out you guys. It’s going to be ok!