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a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Three (Cover)

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Still going to be updating at a bit slower pace for now, but I think I’m ready to get the main story going again :) I’ll try to have the first update ready for next weekend.

Let’s do this <3

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Bellamy and Clarke have always been at the center of this show. It has always been the story of — on some level — Clarke and her relationship to Bellamy. And whether they were going to survive or not depended on how well those two human beings worked together — whether romantic or otherwise. (x)

hey guys can you please not make triggered jokes to me

track fourteen: when i’m there

“Jane and I have met,” he said, smiling straight at her.

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Kara’s Necklace

I’ve been thinking about Kara’s giving of her mother’s necklace to Mon-El since I read the spoiler on Sunday, and I think I’ve wrapped my head around something that makes it a lot less… terrible.

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collab with @vivilartista!!

here are the precious kids!! I had so much fun drawing Cyan, especially her hair!! And happy birthday Cyan!! <3


Kurama + Hiei chibi phone doodles ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) (I spent too much time on these lmao)

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hi different anon but just wondering, since u dont ship sha//adin, do you consider urself an anti? it's perfectly fine to not like the ships/be squicked out!! but antis are usually very uncomfy with sha//adin shippers following them so im just curious about u feel about that! thanks ^^

I’m assuming “anti” means “anti-[insert whatever ship here]” right? Lmao I’m behind on the terminology these days

Okay so personally? As soon as we were introduced to Shiro I was under the impression that he was in his mid-20s, and when the producers said he was I took that as confirmation. So I don’t ship him with the team, because I see him as significantly older than them.

But, like, apparently some people see him as 19? So I mean, if you really think he’s 19 for some reason (though I don’t really get why you’d disagree with the producers?), ship him with whoever (besides Pidge who’s too young any way you spin it) you want I guess. But if you think he’s 25 and you’re still shipping him with these kids, then I think you’re nasty lol

As for people following me, I’ve got a blacklist, I unfollow people whose stuff I don’t like, and I don’t post stuff I don’t like, so I don’t really care. I think I draw the line at, again, people who ship 25 year old Shiro with the paladins? Like I definitely don’t want pedophiles interacting with my stuff, so I guess I’m “anti” that.