so i guess you get 8 of them

So @complainaboutfruitcake​ sent me this unedited screenshot. Thank you!

I suck at explaining things in english but I will try lol!

1. Here is the unedited screenshot! Pretty! now let’s edit it!

2. First I use Select > Color Range

3. I select the sky!

4. I add solid color or gradient. For this photo I will add a gradient.

5. Here is the gradient I chose, you can google many gradients out there or come up with one! 

6. the foreground does not match the sky, so let’s use color balance and other adjustment layers!

7. Here is how I did mine you can play around with selective color and color balance (its not shown sorry lol)

8. Almost finish! Let’s add some elements like clouds and stars! :)

9. Now add a psd! I use keyloh’s pixel pop!

10. Get creative! I made mine into a gif!

That’s all! Thank you again @complainaboutfruitcake for the screenshot. Also keyloh for the psd! Tag me in your edits! i would love to see them! 

OK so my party had just fought off some sort of draconic invasion of our hub town. we were all pretty beat after barely scraping through with our lives and decided to return to our tavern. when we arrived though, we found a pile of rubble with a wrinkled gnome hand sticking out of it. we dug our barkeep out but he was already dead. clenched in his fist was his last will and testament.

Beastmaster: So… since I have a +4 charisma modifier, a +4 persuasion modifier, and advantage to almost all charisma checks… could I just… persuade the gods to let him live or something?

DM: I guess? I mean you’d have to roll ridiculously high to  get them to listen since they’re gods and you’re not anyone holy but like.. go ahead and try?

Beastmaster: *rolls 16 +8*

DM: fail. nice try, though

Warlock: so what does his will say?

DM: He gives you what’s left of his tavern and the contents of the safe if you can find it. Roll perception.

Warlock: 16. What’s in the safe?

DM: 10,000 platinum, 20,000 gold, 3,000 silver, and a handful of copper.

Beastmaster: I’m joining a religion.

Random dialogue prompts

1. “Well, not everyday your uncle’s boyfriend comes back from the dead so excuse me for acting surprised”
2. “Are you seriously throwing forks at me?”
3. “I’m here, I’m queer and I’m ready to kinkshame your ass ‘til you can’t walk”
4. “Do you ever chill?”
“Not really, no”
5. “And now we all know why (s)he doesn’t get drunk”
6. “I never loved you, just the idea of you”
7. “I can die and my reaction would be meh”
8. “Do you like my IPhone 7?” *shows a very old Nokia phone*
“My IPhone 8 is broken”
9. “You shouldn’t trust me planning weddings”
10. “Guess who broke their nose? I broke my nose!”
11. “I’m kind of broke so sorry if I couldn’t afford your fancy medication”
12. “I’m starting a revolution, any of you wanna come?”
13. “Never let them die, they’re the soap opera of my life”
14. “I will come back from the dead most so you can pay me those 30€, got it Clarice?”
15. “Have you lost your mind?”
“Yes, kinda”
16. “I knew it! You wouldn’t ever like the way I am! You are just like the others, trying so hard to make the perfect daughter you never had!”
17. “Are you sure you wanna be friends with a back stabbing bitch like me?”
18. “I’m never touching that tie again”
“You just set it on fire, of course you won’t”
19. “Today’s lesson is that your morals are so low that I’m not even trying to stop you anymore”
20. “Educate yourselves, you sexist sons of bitches!”
21. “My logic is plain weird, don’t ask”
22. “Does every evil genius have a secret fridge full of Nutella?”
23. “What’s happening?”
“All I know is that my phone is dead and those weirdos we’re saying something about a queen but that’s not important”
24. “There’s no way in hell you’re going to do that”
“Why not?”
25. “Could you stop, Idk, murdering people for fun?”
“Did you just used idk in a verbal conversation?”
26. “I’m pretty sure you won’t get tumblr popular if youjust lay chill”
27. “So actual methods didnt work… time to be problematic!”
28. “There’s an angel blade stuck in my ass and that’s what you’re thinking about?”
29. “I wouldn’t say that”
“I would”
30. “Did you heard the news?”
“MCR is coming back?”
“Then I don’t care, go fuck yourself”

I guess you could say we Icelanders are a bit privileged when it comes to the Northern lights, since we see so much of them and have them visible more than 8 months a year: From late August to mid April. Any of those months is as likely as the next one to see some aurora activity, it just depends on your luck with the weather.

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s great displays. Every performance is different, a beautiful, shifting dance of nocturnal rainbows that many viewers find a humbling and spiritually uplifting experience. And after all these years I still get that feeling when I´m lucky enough to see some amazing light displays like this one that looks like a giant bird in the sky

Close as Strangers: Chapter 13

Close as Strangers: Chapter 13

Word Count: 3.7k

Genre: High School au, fluff, angst

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

If anyone out there is still reading this. I love you.

Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve 

You’d gotten back from Florida yesterday evening and now it was time for school. You felt like it had been forever since you had been in class. Either way, you hated it. You were in anthropology with all the the boys, except Jungkook, when Yoongi leaned over to you during the lesson. “Can you believe we basically have less than two months of school left?”

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Here’s your tutorial to make handmade notebooks in the easy and lazy way


This tutorial shows how I make them, since you asked me about it. I’ve just started so I’m sure this method is not the best one. But it works pretty fine for me! You’ll be the judge.

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frances-janvier  asked:

Oh my god all this new conspiracy stuff is making me crazy. I think there'll be a fourth episode but when do you think it will air?

I told my casual friends about the scripts being released and the new promo photos and even they were thinking that there was a secret fourth episode because why would they release them now when the season is over?? 👀

Sorry, I hope you don’t mind I’m putting these together.

LISTEN. THAT LAST POINT? That is what made my tinfoil-hat implant itself onto my head tightly, as well as all the Derren Brown stuff that came out in the past couple days. 

I am now super convinced we’re getting a secret episode, but like you, I have no idea when it would air! There’s a theory about March 8, 2017 being a day we should pay attention to, either as an airdate or an announcement date for the “secret to be unleashed”. So I guess here’s where I announce that I am tin-foiling now until at least March 8.


And we STILL have no word from Mofftiss or Sue about the ratings of TFP. They’re all remaining strangely quiet about the whole thing.

This is NOT normal for post-season early hiatus stuff… in fact, this is the same stuff that happens just before new episodes air…


I’m starting to get in deep, y’all.

Quotes from the VolTrash server


“ Kaz is the illuminati ”
I can’t believe I killed Tupac… “ 

“ forget hance we have larriet ”

“ keith, pidge….. ‘lice and hrk’ “

“ not about that vape nation ”

“ I can’t stop with the jokes it’s in my… jenes 

“ crap. it’s 4:20 I gotta blaze it ”



“ hallelura ”

“ can’t send me to hell if I’m already there ”

“ Are you from Idaho? ”
“ I don’t th- ”
“ Potato ”

“ friendship ended with Nightcrawler now Danny is my new best dad ”

“ gnomes are evil and should be stolen ”

“ they turned out creepy like you ”

“ middle standard time ”

“ new cryptid: fez and leggy come back from the void after 2 months of absence to fight for 5 hours over something nobody even remembers “

“ “I just came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now” “  

“ leggu is actually the animu version of leggy ”

“ “i can’t believe i’m an anime” -leggy ”

“ illuminati: the gay anime. coming out summer 2k17 “

“ Everything changed when the pidges attacked ”

“ who needs bendy straws when u have bendy pidges ”

“ The Pidge nation, the Shiro nomads, the Hunk kingdom and the Lance tribe. “

“Keith is the swampbenders”


“ I can’t believe Shrek is Texan ”

“ New cryptid: Texan Shrek ”

“ Can’t believe we lost Leggy to Lotor ”

“ vrepit Succ ”

“ YOLOtor looked at his father and nodded, whispering “Vrepit Succ” ”

“ galras don’t just succ, they Vrepit Succ™ ”

“ I’m always down to fuck with the government ”

“ Charlie my chapstick ”

“ Leggy is my 2017 mood ”

“ leggy furiously yelling at [assumedly her younger brother] to kill something - the vc “

“ mama mia! that’s a spicy kazball! ”

“ someone: texan is a nationality!!! me: guess i’m None American with Left Texas “

“ leggy i swear to god i’m going to copyright mama meme supreme “

“ i go to the applebees
apples: eaten
bees: released
dick: out
i am forcibly removed from the applebees 

what do you men? “

“ Hiss Hiss motherfuckers ”

“ we are all basilisks in the chamber “

“ you may be cooler than me but do you have Crippling Depression™ ”

“ our lord and savior, allura jesus. allurus ”


“ knives out for leggy ”

“we are all Tazsexual”

“ how big were the heels you were wearing when you measured your height ”

“ Every once in a while, you’ll hear a distinct rumble and from beyond the horizon a voice will echo… “UNLEASH THE SHITPOSTS" “

“ “yaint shit” “

“ Steph  is the personification of chuck e cheese ”


“ Stepho my eggos ”

gaylord, memelord, shitlord, and dicklord

You’re the edgy fuck “

I like the cronch



“ welcome to the fun zone motherfucker! ”


“ “I’m blue da ba dee da ba di, I’m blue im a bee and I’m a bi I’m blue da ba dee da ba I’m mee other guys and if I was meat I’m a guy and I’m a deed and I will die” “

“ zarkon s a hetero0o “

“ rest in rainbows ”


“ serving size: 4 “yeah bitch all 4 me” “

“ “I can’t steal the memes” Blue 3:40 pm ”

“ “im an emu” - charlie, 2k17 ”

“ “Just delete ourselves” “

“ canadian mafia ride moose into battle ”


“ clop me harder daddy “

“ Leggeh is Bekkeh’s counterpart “

“ leggeh legge kaz “

“ “i promise my excitement is fullassed” “

“ fast and furious 8: blue’s fingers ”

“ Then I guess you mean, Fast and FuriEAST “

“ gotta get a sweater so i dont fuckign freeze to death in this bullshit anti-spring weather :’) “

“ Who’s the one starwars guy? The daddy one?  ”
jar jar goddamn binks

“ “WHEN IN DOUBT, MEME IT OUT” - leggy ”

“ “I can’t believe Coran is Canadian” ”


Please don't reblog. I'm not promoting anything, this is for self reference.

Ana Tips - Meals Together

Here are just some tips for anyone who has people breathing down their necks or people watching them eat.

Ask a lot of questions. If you are trying to move the attention away from the food, getting them to answer questions is a great way. Ask them open ended questions so that they have a while to talk and a while to think about what they are going to say. That way, they won’t be looking at your food but they will be focusing on answering the questions. Talk a lot. This one is simple. When you are talking, you aren’t eating. Hold the food up to your mouth and then say something as if you just remembered what you were going to say. That way, it looks like you were about to eat.Spit into napkins. Take a large mouthful of food, making sure that they see, and chew it up so that it is smaller. Then, wipe your mouth on the napkin, spitting the food into your napkin. Don’t use this as a go-to technique. This is just when you have a lot of food on your plate and need it to look like some of it is gone.Make your food look smaller. Either spread all of your food out so that it is thin, or bunch it all up in one place. That way, you plate looks less full. Your parents/whomever you are trying to hide anafrom will be happy to see that you “ate” at least some of your food, so they won’t get upset that there is still some food on your plate.Offer them some of your food. I know that this may seem a little suspicious, but when you are out to eat and you have something else than them, you can ask “Do you want some of this? It’s so good, you have to try it.” Insist. Be confident.


I guess you all know water is your bestie. Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water, or a glass per hour.
-Cold water speeds up your metabolism.
-Hot water makes you full faster.
Have a sip of water between each bite, It will help you to fill up faster and won’t make you overeat.
If you are about to binge, count 1 to 100, this will distract your mind and turn it to a different direction so when you finish counting you will be able to tell if you really want to eat or not.
You can also drink a glass of water fast, you’ll be all disgusted and the impulse of eating will go away.
You can also brush your teeth, chew a non-calorie gum or a pepermint. Do you really want to mess up your perfect mouth? And if you still feel like it, give it a bite. Good? I don’t think so, your mouth will be all minty and food will actually taste bad.
If you are REALLY willing to eat something, go to the kitchen, prepare it and chew it. BUT you have to split it out. And you should know that once food it’s in your mouth, you gain the 15% of the calories in it.
Don’t eat before going to sleep because you burn 100 calories while sleeping and if you have some snacks before that you will have to burn it, and other stuff you didn’t burned earlier on the day so you’ll actually areputting weigh for the next morning.
ALWAYS get 7-8 hours of sleep because like I said before- You burn 100 calories while sleeping AND if you don’t sleep your appetite will increase by 15% the next morning.
If you have insomnia, can’t help it. But don’t cry, there’s nobody awake! Do some workout while nobody is watching!
Every time you say ‘no thanks’ to food, you are saying ‘yes please’ to skinny.
When you are alone, WORKOUT! There’s nobody to bother you!
-Go to the kitchen and throw away all the stuff you’ll be snacking on the next day.
-Dance, sing loud, scream, laugh. You burn more calories.
-Go to the kitchen and LAUGH of food. I haven’t lost my mind, I’m serious. Tell it how bad it is. Tell it how it dosen’t control you. Tell it you will NEVER eat it.
NEVER EVER eat alone. It’s no use. It’s stupid. Eat when they’re watching you so they can’t say you starve yourself.
If you really don’t want to eat but they’re making you do so, get a colored cup and split all out in there, like pretend you eat it and that you’ll drink water, they’ll never know.
Do yoga.
Always take the stairs and when you do it, skip a stair so you’ll loose more thigh fat.
Suck in your stomach always, you can burn up to 10 calories an hour.
Tip toe stand when you’re washing your teeth, combing your hair, washing your hands, etc. This helps you burn about 15% more calories a day.
Wiggle your legs while stitting, this speeds up your metabolism and makes you loose about 10 calories per hour.
Don’t stay in one place, move around. Every calorie counts.
Make a list of stuff you are NEVER aloud to eat.
Say you are happy with your body.
Don’t get nervous when people talk about anorexia, say things such as ‘i can’t believe people actually starve themselves!’ Don’t be stupid.
If you have hunger pains, squeeze your body into a ball.
If you don’t have anything to exercise with, walik up and down your stairs for all the time you want and make your thighs smaller.
Eat while watching yourself in the mirror naked. How much are you able to eat now?
Think higher of yourself. YOU are too GOOD to put THAT in your body.
Always remember what ANA WANTS.
Eat al least 7 things a day, we don’t want a skinny corpse, we want a skinny girl.
Stay inspired. Why do you want to loose weigh?
Buy your own scale.
-Weigh yourself in the morning and at night.
If it’s possible, get an ana buddy.
Hit your stomach when you are hungry.
Make up some punishments if you think about food.
-Put a rubber band in your wrist and slap it when you do so.
-Don’t use a blanket in cold nights.
-Make up your own.
Take a shower with cold water. This helps you burn more calories.

You must burn more calories than you eat if you want to lose body fat. Period.

The basic rule of weight management is that you must burn more calories than you consume each day; each week; and each month if you want to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if all the food you eat is healthy, wholesome, or “clean” food. are some basic tips…

1. Don’t’ drink calories! Drinking only water (8 cups or 64 Oz a day baby!) or tea.

2. Eat under 1500 calories.

3. Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day. Just think about it, if you are waking up in the morning after an eight hour fast and want to be productive eat like a king! What’s the point of eating a large dinner if you are just going to be sleeping?

4. Healthy food choices all day (lean meat, fruit, veggies,). You are a cave girl! Eat like one!

5. Anything made from wheat or rice is a no.

6. Eat often! You won’t get as hungry if you are eating small portions throughout the day.

7. Pick a day to binge. You will go fucking crazy if you don’t allow yourself to binge. Pick one day out of the week to eat whatever, like Sunday.

8. Stay active for an hour each day. Choose to walk instead of drive. Stand instead of sit.

9. Pick a time to stop eating. I stop eating at six.

Fasting Tips!

1.       On a day you plan to fast, make a to-do list for yourself. This will keep your mind off of eating. Here are some examples:

a.       Do laundry

b.      Do the dishes

c.       Clean the kitchen

d.      Vacuum, dust

e.      Take out the trash/recycling

f.        Run to the bank

g.       Go shopping at the mall without the intent to buy anything (Double Whammy – avoid the Food Court area and try on clothes you love but know will be too small; try on clothes a size or two smaller)

2.       BEFORE you plan to fast, make sure you have all of your supplies!

a.       Caffeine pills

b.      Diet soda (I drink Coke Zero – 0cal, 0 carb)

c.       Energy drinks (Monster Energy – Absolutely Zero is the best! 0 cal, 0carb)

d.      Bouillon Cubes (5 cal/cube, fat free)

e.      Water, Juice, Drink mixes, etc.

3.       Things you can do when you start getting hungry and are afraid you might binge:

a.       Smoke a cigarette. (If you are not already a smoker,please do not start because of this suggestion!) I am not a habitual smoker but I will sometimes have one before bed when I feel like I’m about to binge.

b.      Drink a glass of water quickly (will make you gag a little). Makes you slightly nauseous and decrease your desire for solid food.

c.       Drink a diet soda instead; tell yourself it’s a meal.

d.      Take your clothes off and look at your body in the mirror. Pinch bits of fat and think about what you ate that did that: here is the bowl of pasta, there’s that slice of pizza, the bag of chips, those peanut butter cookies, etc. Ask yourself if it was really worth it.

e.      If you’re wearing jeans, put on shorts and sit with your thighs pushed down against the surface of a chair/bed/etc. Think about how disgusting they are; like flat fat fucking pancakes oozing with fatty syrup and whipped cream.

f.        Tell yourself that your body is confused. It isn’t hungry, it’s tired. Take a nap.

g.       Clean something.

h.      Brush your teeth. If you have a retainer, put that in.

i.         Paint your nails

j.        Put on lipstick or gloss

k.       Turn on your computer/open a magazine and look at thinspo.

l.         If you have Netflix, watch Heavy or the Intervention episodes with eating disordered people (Intervention obviously will not be triggering for everyone, but it is for me).

m.    Watch America’s Next Top Model or The Biggest Loser

n.      Watch a gory movie. i.e Hostel or any of the Saw films.

o.      Put on your little sister’s t-shirt (or an old one of your own thatused to fit).

p.      Look at the clock. Tell yourself that you have 25 minutes. After 25 minutes drink a big glass of water. Weigh yourself. Look in the mirror. Look at your thighs. Still hungry?

q.      If you are craving a specific food, Google “Fat person eating _____.” If you don’t find a good enough image try, “Most disgusting ______.” The goal being to lessen the craving by either drawing a parallel from the food to rapid fat gain, or just by making it look as unappealing as possible.

4.       Always have a diet soda, bottled water, tea, chewing gum (5 cal/piece), or coffee with you when you are away from the house in case you get hungry or feel faint due to low blood sugar.

5.       Never carry extra money w

Prompt Set#2 for 8000 Followers!

1.)  “Dude, a moving car ran into me last night and it didn’t hurt.”

2.)“This feels almost natural.  I wonder what would happen if I got knocked out though.“

“No, don’t even think about it.”

3.)“Everyone needs to calm down.  Just calm down now.”

4.) The men all stopped and stared at me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little freaked out.

5.) I closed my eyes and thought to myself, Everyone be calm. Just be calm.

6.)  She backed when I asked, and I felt movement at my stomach. The bullet she had previously shot me with worked itself out as we watched.

8.) These were my friends; I had to be honest with them.

9.) “I wish you would stop playing with your third eye like that. It’s really disturbing. ”

“Don’t worry you get used to it.”

10.) “You’re cute when you’re lying.”

11.) “Don’t tell her. She already thinks I’m crazy.”

“Uh, everyone except for me thinks you’re crazy.”

12.) “I guess it’s too late for me to ask you for your number.”

13.) “That’s it?  That’s what you are so freaked out about?”

14.)“Stop joking about this for a minute. My sister would kill us if she found out what we’ve just done. Put it back and let’s go home.”

15.) The day was brighter than I’d like, my slit eyes worked better in the shadows of alleys at night.

16.) Thank god. I don’t know how much longer I can last out here. If you hadn’t come along…”

17.) “I had hoped you’d believe me when I said that I had nothing to do with this.”

18.) “Where are you going?”

“I need to take him someplace without oxygen.”

19.) “Promise you’ll come back?”

“You know the rule. No promises. ”

20.) “She was the biggest mistake of my life.”

21.) “I’m in charge.”

22.) “I just…need some air.”

23.) “Im not going yo blow up his head, though it is a tempting offer.”

24.) “You seem to think you have a chance. That some one will save you. That maybe I’ll change my mind.”

25.) “We all get what’s owed to us in the end. So no, I’m not afraid. Just disappointed. ”

26.)This is more like magic than science.

That was the first thing, I said, when I was new too.

27.) “That is exactly what Satan wants you to try,” she reminded him.

28.) “ Perhaps we should be more careful of what we say. this is, after all, his domain.“

29.) “It is always better to hope than to have no hope at all.”

“ So you had been listening to dad’s lessons.”

30.)  “Are you sure you don’t desire me?”

I haven’t been sure of anything for a long time.

31.) “ I have to admit, I didn’t think you’d have the guts to really do it.”

32.) I thought I would never get used to this. Looks like I did.

33.) “I didn’t even do anything yet.”

34.) “Man, God must really hate you.”

“I am God!”

35.) “Oh, don’t mind her. She’s just mad that she sucks at Mario Kart.”

36.) “Shush. Did you just hear that?”

“Yeah, it’s called an echo dumbass.”

37.)“He’s a lot older than you think.”

38.) “I still can’t wrap my head around the part where you-”

39.) “Finally. Some alone time.”

“Technically you’re not alone.”

“Holy Fuck!”

40.) “When the smartest person in the galaxy says that he can’t understand you, I think should feel a bit concerned.”

41.) “I just wanted a family…something to call my own.”

“Yeah, well. I told you so.”

42.)  “A penny for your thoughts?”

“We both know you don’t have a penny.”

43.) “Wanna have sex?”

“With you? No thanks.”

44.) “I don’t have a favorite. Actually you’d be doing me a favor if you just space’d them all.”

“She’s totally joking!”

45.) “Stop! Just stop talking! All of you shut up!”

46.) “Good luck.”

“Thats all you have to say?”

47.) “You sold me out.”

48.) “Shitshitshit!”

“That doesn’t sound too good.

Thats because it isn’t. I dropped ___”

49.)  "I don’t see how your thoughts could be worse than the rest of ___”

50.) "Odd that such a thing should exist here.”

“And where is here exactly?”

“Good question. ”

How to increase your chances of securing a scholarship

Hi hi hi to add credibility to this post let me just say that I have applied for 4 scholarships, got to the last round (interview) for all 4, and was offered a scholarship by 2 organizations! Um my A levels results was pretty decent, I got 4 As and a C! 

Ok to start:

1. Decide on what you wanna do in the future

Only aim for scholarships in organizations that you are interested in, it will make a difference. Some of the scholarship process will require you to write a short essay on why you want their scholarship, and your passion will show if you’re genuinely interested in it. Don’t just do it for the free education and allowance, do it because you think you can make a difference in the organization. This is for you as much as it is for them. They want a committed dedicated individual, you want a work that is meaningful and enjoyable for you. 


ORGANIZE EVENTS. Companies love this shit! It shows your time management skills, teamwork, determination, ability to think on the spot etcetc. Take up internship or go to events that are relevant your desired organization. If you want to apply for a science related scholarship, enter science fair, volunteer to help your science teachers, volunteer to mentor your younger peers. Anything that shows your passion. If possible, try to apply for internship with your desired organization. This will give you a huge advantage bc you have in-depth knowledge of the organisation. But remember not to screw it up, show hard work and sincerity.

2. Research

After you have narrowed down your scope to selected organizations that you’re interested in, it is now time for you to research on what they do exactly. This will provide you with a better understanding of how the company works, and whether it will be suitable for you. Things to take note of:

Scholarship criteria
Application Deadline (SUPER IMPORTANT)
Scholarship selection process: some just require an essay and interview, others have IQ tests and simulation test, so it’s best to make sure.
Relevant websites and where to apply for scholarships
Documents needed (Do you need testimonials? It is best to inform your teachers early if you require testimonial so that they can craft a nice one for you!!) 

3. Commence application process

Take one whole day, sit down and craft your resume. Find out if there is some scholarship application portal. Note down all your achievements (don’t have to be comprehensive, just major ones in recent years, not the class monitor position you got at 10 year old). Write a short essay talking about yourself and your ambitions. What are your interests and why. How do you think your interests can help your further your career, talk about any role models if it is relevant to the organization. (ie if you are applying for a teaching scholarship maybe you can talk about how your teacher had inspired you greatly etc.) What did you learn from your activities in school, or any setbacks you have encountered that changed you for the better. Remember that the interviewers know that you are just human, 18 or 19 years old. It’s ok to make mistakes and not have super good achievement. They are looking for potential and interest. 

Make sure your essay is crafted to individual company, don’t send the same essay to ALL organizations. Make it detailed, make it relevant! It shows effort and interest. 

4.  Writing essay 

MAKE IT RELEVANT TO THE ORGANIZATION AND YOU. Ok this will help you in both your essay and interview. Talk about why you like the organization and what they stand for, but also point out areas where they can do better AND SUGGEST OPINIONS. Companies are looking for people who will add value to the company, don’t be afraid to offer suggestions that will better their workings. 

Also, since the company is planning to invest tons of money on you they will want to reap the benefits long term. So don’t be afraid to talk about your big ambitions

In one of my interview essay, the question was “where do you see yourself in 15 years time?” and I wrote about how I want to rise to a position influential enough to direct changes. I got that scholarship offer. Don’t be afraid to show your drive, this is what they are looking for. They are not going to spend $50k on your education and expect you to fetch coffee. 

5. Check your application, and double check. Make sure you got all the documents required, check your essay. Get someone to check it. 

6. If you got through the first round, then congratulations! If you didn’t, it’s ok, there are other scholarships! And you can always apply for it during university!

7.  After that, just go with the flow, depending on the number of selection rounds. I had one scholarship application where there were 4 rounds: written essay, IQ test, simulation process, interview. But here are a few tips for the interview, which will definitely happen.

Always be yourself. Make jokes, show your insecurities, show your drive, show your passion.
Even though you are yourself, don’t make jokes at the expense of the company. One time I was asked why should they give me the scholarship and I joked about how they don’t have enough people and they should hire me bc I was present and available. Well guess who didn’t get that scholarship. 

If you have applied for multiple scholarships and interviewers ask you about which is your favourite, ALWAYS PICK THEIR ORGANIZATION. Don’t hint that they are your backup plan, that is the ultimate deal breaker. 

Always research the company, and know what the position you are gunning for entails. Another time I was asked about my job scope and I could not give them a good answer. Well, I didn’t get that scholarship, even though that was my favourite. But I guess I left an impression good enough that they specifically offered me an internship for me to understand the company better, so that I can apply for their scholarship next year. But I have already accepted my current one, which I love too!  

8. Questions to prepare for

Tell me about yourself?
Why should we give you the scholarship?
What do you know about us and the job scope? 
Where do you see yourself in 15 years time?


Super no-brainer. You don’t have to be super formal like suit and tie (you’re only what, around 20?) but it has to be formal and decent. Stick to monochrome, or fancier if you’re applying in the arts field, for girls no mini skirt or stilettos or tank top. For guys no polo tee or khaki or slippers, no matter how informal it seems. Show your respect. 


ALWAYS REMEMBER THEY ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO FURTHER THEIR COMPANY, IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, SAY IT. THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. But don’t say it in a condescending or rude manner, what is more important than innovation is your ability to work with others. Always show that you are an amicable and easy to work with person, but not a pushover. Be fluent, be coherent, be confident. You don’t have to be eloquent (though it helps) but make sure your ideas are communicated clearly. But don’t be a pushover, if they try to make things difficult for you, stay calm. Understand their point of view and evaluate your argument and theirs. Don’t reject theirs totally (unless it’s ludicrous), pick up solid points from their argument and agree with it, then come to a compromise.

11. Tips


YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! 


Luna: Wanna know a secret? 

Kaleo: Oh you know I love secrets. 

Luna: So…I’m an alien. Well, half alien at least. My mom came from a place called Sixam. I guess my grandpa got abducted and they probed him and stuff. Mom says I don’t have any special powers, but I swear I almost shot laser beams out of my eyes once. 

Kaleo: That’s so cool! Did you know I’m half giant squid? Yeah, my mom was the Krakken. Whenever I see any type of ships, I always get this urge to just.. smash them into pieces.

Luna: Very funny. But I’m being serious, you know. 


Morrigan: But my “nightmares” are caused by a curse, not just my mind turning against me, so having someone attempt to get rid of them would more than likely just result in their death….. As long as the source of that curse lives, I have the nightmares and will continue to get maybe… 2-3 hours of sleep every couple of days maybe? … I’ll let you take a guess at what the source is.

<Ask till egg hatches: 8>

I heard ‘Cliche’ Marichat was a thing


Marinette flopped onto her bed, staring out the skylight. The hours of sleep she’s left behind because she was distracted by the moon and stars was getting to an impressive amount. However, tonight, as she snuggled against her long cat pillow, she heard a thud just near the entrance of her ceiling. Her breath caught in her throat, seeing Tikki fly from the bed down below, headed for her desk.

“H-Hello?” Marinette’s voice was uncharacteristically quiet, and words were faintly slurred from her tired state.

She heard a gasp, and the sound of something breaking, and she jumped up. When she popped her head through the empty square that led to her balcony, her blue eyes met green, and everything stopped.

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featuring Jaehyun

Genre: -

Request: Hello ahah I finally got the courage to request smth ehehe. Can I ask for a college au where u & jaehyun are gorgeous af twins & everyone wants u but u have a secret r/s with bad boi TY ooh & idk how to continue this hahaha ily thank u

A/N: Like the Soulmate! series i’d probably write this College! Au series in a storyline form , it’s much easier for me this way ! I seriously apologise beforehand if this wasn’t what you wanted , my writing is really going down these days idek why , but enjoy reading !!


You smiled to yourself as you glanced over to the bunch of boys standing at the corridor , fawning over your presence , simply just by sitting there and doing nothing but using your phone .

It was nothing new to you .

“ What’s up , beautiful ? Wanna hang out with me ? ” a tall and muscular boy appeared beside you , his arm snaking around your waist . Feigning a smile , you lightly pushed his arm away , as you replied in a calm and gentle tone ,“ No thank you . And i’d appreciate it if you respect my personal space ”

The boy beside you gave a smug expression as he moved even closer to you , his face leaning towards yours . He turned his head slightly as he whispered into your ear , his warm breath hitting the side of your cheek , “ What if i don’t want to ? ”

You heard the sound of heavy footsteps appear from behind you . Within seconds , the boy was pushed away from you and you were greeted with your older brother , who flashed you his warm smile . His expression changed as he shifted his focus back to the boy , “ Stay away from her , no one treats my sister like that ” . Scared , the boy got up and ran away , without saying anything else .

You spread your arms as you hugged your brother , the people around you staring at the both of you in awe since they stunned by your beauty .

“ Thanks so much Jae , and also i missed you so much . ”

He took a seat beside you as he drank a sip of coffee from your cup , before patting your shoulder ,

“ No problem ”

He paused as he nudged his head to the left ,

“ I had to do it since someone’s not happy , go talk to him Y/N ”

You turned your head and your eyes met his strong gaze .

He didn’t give you the smirk he gave everyday .

Despite you giving him a small smile , he did not budge . He kept a straight face as he got up from his seat . He pointed to the door before he left , signalling you to meet him outside - the way you two always did .

“ He looks very pissed . Be careful and call me if you need help alrights ? ” Jaehyun smiled as he pat your head . He took care of you very lovingly despite only being older than you by 5 minutes .

You assured him with a smile before rushing out of the cafeteria , making your way towards the quiet hallway .


His back was facing you and he was leaning on the row of lockers . He tapped his foot impatiently , as he stood there with his arms crossed .

You slowly wrapped your arms around his torso as you laid your head on his shoulder . “ Why are you so angry babe- ”

He brushed your arms off and pushed you lightly against the lockers . You gasped from the sudden impact as you tried to avoid his piercing stare .

“ Babe ? You could have done anything to stop him but you didn’t . ” his angry tone rang through your ears as he traced your jawline with his right hand , the other grasping your wrist tightly .

You tried to escape but his hold tightened . “ I did , i told him to move away but he didn’t . What else could i do Taeyong ? ”

He scoffed at your words and leaned even closer to you , his arms circling your waist .

Once again , you tried to get out of his hold but he pushed you back once more , as he rolled his eyes at your actions .

You hated when he got all aggressive and angry .

“ Well if you’re not happy then why didn’t you do anything . You’re my boyfriend after all , ”

You notice him clenching his fist as the veins on his arms started to become more visible . He took a deep breath before hissing at you , “ We are in a secret relationship Y/N , i can’t make it that obvious ”

You rolled your eyes as your tears threatened to fall . You looked away from him and attempted to push him away .

“ That’s the thing i don’t get , why must we still keep it a secret when we’ve been dating for 8 months now ? ”

He threw his fist against the locker beside you , so strong a dent had already formed . You flinched from his outburst as your tears started falling . You tried running away but he pulled you back .


“ Let me guess , another box of chocolates ? ” your friend teased you as she took a peek into the bag you were holding . You laughed at her words before giving her the bag , “ Yeah , you can have them ”

She jumped excitedly as she took the box of chocolates in her hands , opening it up .

“ Thanks to you and your admirers i get free gifts everyday , how great is that Y/N ” she teased you as she picked up a piece of chocolate .

You shook your head as you flipped through your textbook , trying to understand its contents .

“ But seriously though , almost everyone is after you in this school , are you not going to accept any of them ? ” your friend asked curiously , as she picked up another piece of chocolate .

“ Nah , i’m in college mainly to study and all i want to do is graduate , i have no plans on dating anyone ”

You caught her pouting for awhile before her expression brightened again , “ What about Jaehyun ? Is he planning to date anyone ? ”

You laughed at her question before replying , “ That , i’m not sure . Are you one of those fangirls too ” you squinted your eyes and playfully pointed at her .

She pushed your finger away before denying , “ N-No , i was just curious ”

The both of you turned towards the direction of the commotion . A table was flipped and books were scattered everywhere .

“ Don’t insult me like that , ” the man hissed as he charged forward to attack the other, only to be stopped by your brother who appeared just in time .

Your friend sighed as she whispered softly to you , “ Not Lee Taeyong again , when is he ever not angry honestly ”

Your eyes never once left him and when he caught you staring , his expression softened and he gave up trying to fight back . He pushed Jaehyun away as he wiped his sweat away from his face , before stomping out of the room .

He always had your attention . While every other boy was going crazy over you and showering you with gifts , he never once made the effort to talk to you . All he did was sit and stare at you from afar .

You first heard about him from your brother , as they were pretty close friends and Jaehyun would mention about him from time to time .

Everyone else was pretty much afraid of Taeyong because of his looks and anger . He hardly smiled and his strong gaze could set almost anything on fire .

But you trusted him . You trusted that he was more than just the ’ bad boy ’ and that he had a different personality than everyone else thought . You believed in him .

You wanted to know him better .

Then it happened , one fine night while the both of you were in your dorm , he started hugging you and it was the first time he ever did .

It was also the first time you ever saw him smile so brightly , and that sight made your heart melt as you slowly started falling for him .


“ Both of you are together ? How did ’ i don’t want to date anyone ’ turn to this ? And Taeyong ? Oh my god Y/N are you okay ” your friend stared at you in disbelief .

“ Lower your volume , i’m only going to tell you and Jae . Also , we want to keep it a secret , ” you whispered to her . She sighed before pinching your cheek , “ I’m happy for you , but if he makes you unhapy then he’s going to get it from me . ”


Everytime the both of you were together alone , he became a whole new different person , and you were glad that you were able to make him open up to you .

He smiled more often and he got less involved in fights - all just because of you .

You changed him completely and you loved it . But one thing that kept bothering you was being secretive in the relationship ,

Was he embarrassed of this relationship with you ?

Why couldn’t he just be open about the relationship with others , did he not care about your feelings ?

Yet everytime you asked him about revealing the relationship , he always gave the same answer ,

“ Not yet , ”


His strong grip on your wrist pulled you back and you landed on his firm chest . His arm was around your waist again , as he pushed you against the locker again , this time gentler .

His other hand caressed your cheek as he pushed his lips against yours . Your arms naturally wrapped around his neck , as you struggled to catch your breath in between the kisses .

He bit your lower lip gently before pulling back , his forehead resting on yours . Your eyes met his eyes and the anger that once filled them was now gone .

He gave a small smile before saying out truthfully ,

“ I wanted it to be a secret because i wanted to be happy with you , not the relationship status . I was afraid i’d go back to the old me , starting fights because those boys would probably want to start snatching you away if they knew ,

but now’s the time , i’m not afraid to show you off anymore .”

anonymous asked:

ive rly been wanting to watch house for a while but im scared. any advice?

FUCK YEAH I DO!!! yes I do. okay mostly i think everything until the end of s4 is actually great and you should watch it all. from then on only watch the gay eps and then s8 only watch the finale arc but consider it an evil au that doesn’t exist.

okay but luckily joolia asked me what the gay episodes were a while ago and i started to make a list but then i couldn’t go on because i could face neither my own feelings nor season 8. an abridged Gay Guide under the cut.

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Which BCB characters are Liberals?

Veronica: all of them or else i’d hate them

Serious answer: uhhhhhhhhhhh, I mean, it depends. Abbey is the closest character to being a conservative, but he isn’t really.. that bad. He wouldn’t vote for Trump for one. He’s not a moron. I don’t think I have any character that would vote full-fledged GOP Republican, I wouldn’t be so mean to them

At the worst you’d get jackasses like Paulo and Lucy who would be all “WHO CARES ABOUT VOTING WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE” and they’d be peer-pressured by their more politically-minded friends to vote.

Paulo: yes ma’am ;_;

Mike: Lucy don’t be an idiot :\
Lucy: ugh fine, i don’t see what difference it’d make but i’ll do it i guess

Writer's Tag Game

I was tagged by @electricarmchair thanks! 💜

rules: tag.. people

1. Are there common settings (fictional or real)  that show up in your writing?

No. There isn’t usually a particular setting at all, just…some vague space haha

2. Do you plan before writing, or go with the flow?

Go with the flow, for sure. I’m not afraid to scrap an idea and go in a completely different direction

3. If you could be a colour, what colour would you be and why?

Purple. It’s my favorite…and it’s pretty!

4. Do you often and prefer to write sober? Why or why not?

I’ve never even been drunk, so sober all the way. Some of my stuff may have seemed like I was on something, but I can’t blame it on that haha

5. Do you multitask while writing?

No, I get in a kinda intense zone when I’m seriously writing. Though I have composed things in my head while otherwise preoccupied. But then I got too distracted from whatever else I was doing

6. What genre(s) would you classify your writing under?

Heck if I know!

7. What do you do more, read or write?

Depends on the day, I guess. But usually I read more things than write them

8. What’s your favourite word and why?

Grace. Every meaning of that word is pure loveliness to me

9. Why do you write?

Because I can’t NOT do it

I tag @everywriter who reads this. Not tagging any individually because I’m sure all the ones I know of have been tagged by now

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 18

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 18


Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

Originally posted by personal-interest-in-you

(I love this gif so much)

Bonnie was leaving with Elena to find her mother. She asked you to come but you didn’t want to see Elena, still angry that Damon compelled you. Well, tried.

You were in your attic, going through the chest once again. Every time you tried to take a crystal, those started to shine. There were 8 crystals of different colors: orange, blue, grey, green, yellow, dark purple, clear blue and white (which was more of a blue electric). You decided to follow Klaus’s advice and you set up a candle in front of you. Now you were trying to light it up. You’ve tried and tried all day but nothing happened. Finally you get bored and you decide to take a bath.

You were still trying to light up a candle that you had set up on the edge of the bathtub. You tried for half an hour but nothing happened. The water was now cold and so were you. You chill and that’s when the candle lit up. Also, the water got warmer.

You frowned, then smiled. You slowly get your hand out of the water and you had a big bubble in the palm of your hand. You laugh, happy. Then you think back to the crystals. Maybe you didn’t just control the four elements. You focused on the bubble, you feel cold air surrounding your hand and the bubble crystalized.

It was night but still you decided to go see Klaus at his newly renovated house. You wanted to know more about what you were. You step into a room that was a total mess. There were pieces of broken glass everywhere.

“What happened here, Klaus?” you call, looking up to the other room.

That’s when you saw Elijah. You look at him with bright eyes. You couldn’t believe you were seeing him again.

You breathe out a laugh and rush over him.

“Elijah!” you breathe, pulling him in a hug.

He hugs you back a little, surprised by your action.

“You’re back!” you say with a big smile then you point at the mess “Did you kick his ass? ‘Cause he totally deserves it!” you say.

Klaus looks down, unhappy. Elijah breathes a laugh, looking down too.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?” Klaus asks, annoyed.

“I…uh…” you shake your head. What were you doing here? “Oh, right, I wanted to ask you about elementals” you remember.

Elijah frowns. “Why do you want to know about elementals?” he asks you.

You take a deep breath “Turns out, I am one” you say and you see his surprise on his face.

“Did you bring Rebekah back too?” you ask

“Niklaus isn’t the one who pulled the dagger out” Elijah says, angry at his brother.

“Oh…” you sigh, disappointed. “Then…who did?”

“Damon, I believe” Klaus sighs.


“I’m sorry, love, I’m afraid I don’t have time for you right now…I have business to take care of with my brother”

You sigh. “Well, just don’t dagger him again, okay?” you say, pointing at Klaus. You tiptoe to kiss Elijah on the cheek and do the same with Klaus. “Don’t murder each other, please” you say before you leave.

Elijah watches you leave, surprised by your behavior.

“Why is she so nice to you, brother?” he asks.

“I don’t know… She’s a curious little thing, this one. And tasty I might add” he says.

Fast, Elijah takes his brother by the shoulder and throw him at the other side of the room breaking more furniture. “You hurt her?” he asks, furious, about to punch his brother in the face.

Klaus laughs. “Just to be sure she wasn’t on vervain” then gets punch in the face.

“Don’t do it again” he says then leaves Klaus on the floor.

The following morning, you woke up happy. Elijah was back and you had finally made a little magic. You take your phone out and learnt about what had happened with Bonnie’s mother. Turns out she doesn’t have any magic anymore but she agreed to help with the mysterious locked coffin. Damon and Elena kissed and she told Stefan. You were still avoiding Elena and Damon but Caroline asked you to come with her to the hospital to see her dad.

“He’s not here, he’s been discharge” she tells you, trying to call her dad.

Elena was talking about how normal it was for her to investigate the doctor Meredith Fell, because she was dating Alaric and that she had to look out for him. Can’t she take care of her own business for once? But Caroline shuts her up.

“Wait, shh”

“What?” Elena asks

“I hear it”

“You hear what?” you ask.

“My dad’s phone”

You follow her into a room where you find her father, dead.

“Oh, no, don’t be dead, don’t be dead, oh my God, daddy?” she cries

“Caroline… he has vampire blood in his system” Elena says

That’s when Bill wakes up.

“He’s in transition” you say.

“What happened?” he asks.

“You died” Caroline answers “But you’re gonna be okay” she assures him.

But Bill doesn’t want to be a vampire. He doesn’t want to complete the transition. Caroline is upset, she doesn’t want to let him die.

Caroline takes her dad back home and you decide to give her space, some time alone with her dying father. You drive back home and you see Elijah waiting for you in front of your house. You smile at him.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, happy to see him.

“It’s nice to see you again, Y/N.”

“You too” you say, putting a hand on his arm for a few seconds. “Wanna come in?”

“You’re inviting me into your home?” he asks, curious.

You look up at him. “Shouldn’t I?”

“I will not harm you” he assures you.

You smile at him. “I know”

You turn your back to him to open the door and he looks at you, still curious about you. You weren’t even a little bit afraid of him. He had a small smile he tried not to show you.

“I understand you have met my sister” he says.

“I have” you sigh “I… should’ve warned her not to trust Elena… “

“What happened?”

You closed the door behind you and invite him to sit on the couch in your living room. You sat in the armchair next to the couch.

“It was the night of the homecoming. They were trying to kill Klaus again. I wanted no part of it. But she was supposed to text me before she left for the dance and when she didn’t I got worried and went to the boarding house. I found her dead there. Elena stabbed her in the back, and I mean that literally. And I undaggered her but Damon came home before she woke up and compelled me to forget about it. Except, I can’t be compelled so instead I told Klaus what happened. I thought he would undagger her but…I was wrong…”

“I see. Klaus was too afraid to face her because of what she knew.”

“Klaus killed your mother, I know. He told you?”

“He did. He thinks I’m on his side.”

“But you’re not?” you ask, hoping he wasn’t trying to kill his brother.

“My brother lied to me and then killed me. Niklaus needs to pay”

You shake your head and sigh.

“You disapprove” he says, it’s not a question.

“It’s just…I’m tired of it. Everybody’s trying to kill everybody in this town… Maybe I should move” you’re not being serious.

“Niklaus cannot be killed. But he has to pay.”

You nod. You understand how he’s feeling.

“How did you discover you were an elemental?” he changes the subject. You obviously didn’t want to talk about hurting Klaus.

“A dead witch told me” you say, looking at the ground.

He frowns. You sigh.

“It’s a long story” you wave your hands. “My mother was an elemental. But I don’t know anything about it”

“You thought Niklaus could tell you?”

“He said he’d help me”

He looked surprise. “Elementals were a lot more present a thousand years ago” he says and you look up at him. He was looking at you too. “One elemental could control rather fire, water, nature or air. But even with two elemental parents, a child wasn’t necessarily an elemental. So your kind started to disappear. The strongest elementals, those who could control more than one element, sought help from witches. They managed to ensure their children would be like them, even if only one parent was an elemental. That is why, only the strongest survived.”

You were listening every word. Finally, you were learning about who you were, where you were coming from. You realized you were staring at him and shook your head. You took a deep breath.

“Is it possible to control all the elements?” you ask him.

He frowns. “Do you think you do?”

“I don’t know…”

“I have never met an elemental who did. But anything is possible nowadays…”

You chuckle. That was true.

“Have you manage to produce magic?”

You look at him for a few seconds then nod. “Yes. I’m not sure I can do it again though…”

“You just need to practice”

“I guess so” you sigh.

“What did Klaus tell you he would do to help?”

“Uh… I have this…grimoire, I can’t read. I thought maybe he would understand the language.”

“Do you want my help with that?”

You smile at him and nod. “Yes”

You bring him to the attic and show him the chest.

“I have some crystals that light up every time I get close to them”

“Hmm, they’re magical crystals. The crystal of fire will start to shine if you have the gift of fire and so on. There are 8 elements that I know of, how many crystals do you have?”

You open the chest “8”

“Which one shine?”

“All of them” you tell him and he raises his eyebrows.

“So you can control all the elements…Interesting.”

“That’s all they do? Shine?”

He shakes his head.

“They can make you stronger. Empower you”

You sigh “Okay…” You take the grimoire and open it.

“Can you read that?” you ask with hope.

He takes it from you. “I can”

You smile “Really? Well, what does it say?”

He reads the first pages. “It contains everything known about elementals” he turns to the next page. You get closer to him to have a closer look at the book.

“This explains how elementals were created”

You get a little closer, looking at the page “Really? How?” When he doesn’t answer you look up at him and your eyes get trapped in his. He was just looking at you. You were so close.

“Are you okay?” you ask, low, not moving your eyes from his.

He nods “Hmhm”

You kept staring at each other until your phone buzzed.

You shake your head, blush and clear your throat. You check the ID. You look up at Elijah. “Can I trust you?” you ask him.

He raises his eyebrows “Of course.”

You take a deep breath and answer the phone. “Katherine, I am going to murder you. I was so worried!”

Elijah frowns.

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“You promised you’d call everyday!”

“I’m sorry, I was busy running from Klaus”

Elijah kept reading the grimoire but you knew he was listening to everything.

“Klaus is still in Mystic Falls, Kat’, he has better things to do than chase after you. Besides, I would have told you.”

“How are you?” she asks

“I’m…great!” you breathe a laugh.

“What’s that thing about you being an elemental?”

“I’m an elemental”

“I got that. How come?”

“My mother was one too, I found a letter she left me before her death” you say a little sad.

Elijah looks at you with a sympathetic look.

“What’s your element?” she asks

“All of them, it turns out…”

“What? How’s that possible?”

You look up at Elijah who was reading and smile “Anything is possible nowadays” he smiles but doesn’t look up. You hear her sigh. “Look, it is so good to hear from you again, Kat’ but… I’m a little busy”

“Hmm, who’s the lucky guy?” she asks mischievously.

You clear your throat “Okay, I’m hanging up now”.

He grins for a second and you blush. “Sorry about that”

“Since when are you friends with Katerina?” he asks

“Since you left town with Klaus…”

“What does she want from you?” he asks.

You frown “Nothing”

“Katerina always wants something”

“She didn’t ask for anything”

“Yet” he says.

You sigh.

“I’m irritating you” he says.

You look up at him “Yes” you say before stepping out. You climb down the stairs and go to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. Elijah was standing in front of you in the second, he put the grimoire down the counter that was between you two.

“I’m just trying to protect you” he says looking you in the eyes.

You look back in his for a few seconds before shaking your head. “I don’t need protection from Kat’. She’s my friend. She never asked me for anything and she’s not even in town”

He nods. You clear your throat.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“I’m fine, thank you” he says, unbuttoning his jacket before sitting down. “Do you want to know more about who you are?” He stares at you waiting for an answer. You nod.

“Thank you” you tell him sitting down next to him. You’re so close your arm touch.

“The first known elemental was a phoenix”

You look up at him. “An actual phoenix?” you ask.

He laughs “Probably not. It’s only a legend.”

Speaking of legends.

“Have you ever met a mermaid?”

“Mermaids are not real, legends like the phoenix”

You shake your head, turning the pages until you find the mermaid drawing you saw the other day.

“My grandmother was half-mermaid” you say.

You see him frown. He reads the page and you see an astonished look on his face.

“Mermaids have the gift of water” he says. “It’s unbelievable. I lived a thousand years without knowing the existence of mermaids.”

“How is that even possible?”

“According to this, only half-breeds can walk the earth. Mermaids stay under water. They rarely mate with humans.”

You sigh. “Can you imagine, if you didn’t know that mermaids existed, what else don’t we know about?”

“That’s an excellent question” he breathes.

He translates a few pages about how to control your powers, how to manipulate fire without getting burned… He tells you about the 8 elements: fire, water, nature, air were obvious but also ice and electricity and finally light and darkness which were a bit more complicated to control and to manipulate. You listen to it all very carefully so you can practice your magic later.

It was getting dark. “I’m sorry but I must go. I have a prior engagement” he says.

“Oh, okay” you say, disappointed, you wanted to hear more.

He gets up and closes the book.

“Thank you” you say

“My pleasure” he says, looking you in the eyes.

You take a deep breath. “Can I ask you… how… when did Klaus dagger you after you left town with him?”

He frowns. “You don’t remember” he says.

“Remember what?” you ask, confused.

He locks his eyes in yours, takes a step towards you and was now very close. He takes your hand without moving his eyes from yours and he removes your bracelet. “Remember” he compels you.

Klaus and Elijah enter Alaric’s apartment. He looks you up and down to make sure you are okay.

“My brother gave me his word that he would reunite me with my own”

You jump, scared. “And so I shall” Klaus says and daggers Elijah.

“No!” you scream. Katherine holds you.

You gasp. You frown. You shake your head. “She compelled me” you breathe out, tears in your eyes. “Katherine compelled me”.

“I am sorry” he says, putting your bracelet back on your wrist. You look up and see a sincere look on his face. You hug him and kiss him on the cheek. “Go, don’t be late”. He gives you a little smile and leaves.

You are not angry at Katherine Trust me, it’s for the best you remember her saying that. She just wanted to protect you and Klaus wouldn’t have given her any chance.

You decide to go to Caroline’s house, to support her. You knew Elena would be there but you wanted to be there for Caroline. You find them sitting on the porch talking about how Dr. Fell could’ve done it, kill Bill.

“I wish the girl Alaric liked wasn’t in the middle of all this” Elena sighs. “He deserves to be happy”.

Caroline looks up at you and smile, thanking you silently for coming.

“My mom’s in there sitting with my dad. And I don’t think they’ve been in the same room this long since I was 10 years old.”

“Any chance that Tyler did it?” Elena asks.

“What?” Caroline says, shocked.

“Why would you think that?” you say, showing your anger.

“If Klaus was trying to mess with you, and he’s sired to Klaus and, he does everything that he’s told…”

“Klaus wouldn’t do that” you say, now even more annoyed by Elena than you were before.

They both look at you like, yes, actually, Klaus would do that.

Elena frowns.

“No, I don’t think Tyler did it” Caroline says.

She sighs. “I can’t let him die. I’m going to force him to feed”

“But, he doesn’t want to, Caroline. The only thing your dad had is his choice”

You can’t believe how hypocritical she was being right now. Did she forget about Jeremy already?

You were joined by Matt before you all left Caroline to let her spent some time with her dad before he passed. You went home, put the grimoire back in the chest and got into bed. You were feeling bad for Caroline. You were worried about Bonnie, you knew she was trying to open the locked coffin with her mother but she wasn’t picking up her phone. Finally, you received a text from Damon. The coffin was opened and whoever was in it, was gone.