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“117 countries is far from representing the whole world. “

my dude, there’s 195 countries in the world.

Cost of Freedom (13/??)

Summary: In which the plan for escape is addressed, Kaito tells a story, and the countdown is set for May 3rd. Prison!AU.

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March bleeds into April.

Even though he knows days aren’t getting shorter, and that time isn’t set to fast forward, Kaito feels like each day passes at a much quicker rate than the last. Most of the time he tries to forget about it, focusing on his magic tricks - Shinichi’s discovered a majority of them, but is still pondering over the more complex tricks - to avoid actively thinking, but some days it’s difficult.

A week passes from his days in solitary, and there are 29 days left until 3rd of May. It makes him feel antsy, especially when he thinks about all the things they haven’t planned.

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I’d like to imagine Steven taking Peridot and Lapis in a costume store where Peridot’s having the time of her life with kids costumes and Lapis is just not into it at all. 

okay yes on hiatus im aware, but yall, today I officially got gold for every single challenge in sunset overdrive, now all I need is to buy two more clothing items and I’ve 100% completed the game… It’s kinda bitter sweet, it’s my favorite, and the only game I’ve cared enough to 100%. Like… What do I do afterwards? I love the game so much. Maybe I’ll draw something for it. Idk.

I’m a teacher and I tried to put on a movie today because 1. I had a headache and 2. I thought the kids would think it was like a cool special treat and one of my students actually said “No, I want to exercise!” and that’s what’s wrong with kids these days.

why the dao companions join you
  • alistair: because we're the only grey wardens left lol
  • morrigan: because my mom made me go
  • sten: because it's better than staying this cage i guess
  • leliana: because the maker told me to
  • wynne: because you're helping the mages & didn't kill me so i guess we're cool
  • oghren: because ur going to the deep roads and where the he LL is branka
  • zevran: because you didn't kill me when i tried to kill you haha oops no hard feelings am i right??? :^) :^)
  • shale: because i have nothing better to do
  • dog: because i love u

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"Meet Ugly" AU prompt: You broke into my apartment while you were drunk thinking it was your friend's house, and I should really call the cops on you but my cat/dog likes you so we're cool, I guess?

  • namjoon is piss drunk
  • and by piss drunk, he means that he can’t distinguish between left and right and barely has the coherency to steer himself forwards
  • (he’s pretty sure his forehead is bleeding since he bumped into a pole on his way here)
  • just till hoseok’s apartment’ he keeps the chant going in his head and verbally muttering it out loud to gain some sense back
  • hoseok’s apartment is close so close 
  • wow look the door is wide open namjoon why don’t you just go right in
  • and he does
  • he goes right in and in the dark, feels around blindly for hoseok’s couch
  • he has the fleeting thought of ‘maybe i should yell and alert hoseok that i’m here’ 
  • he doesn’t get the act on it
  • he passes out in two seconds flat

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