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If you don’t think Stiles is going to text Derek,

“Guess who’s putting the BI in FBI?!”

Then I don’t know you.

As April draws closer, I’m guessing a lot of us are tense. I know I am. Historically, a lot of copycat shootings happen in April. Most are caught because law enforcement has stepped up since eighteen years ago, but it’s reasonable to be especially nervous this time of year. It’s not only the eighteen-year anniversary, but also Eric Harris’s birthday, which I know has and will tick something people. I think it’s also interesting to note how many school shooters dressed in trench coats or heavy, dark clothes: Dylan and Eric, Adam Lanza, Kip Kinkel, Jason Dean (although fictional), the list could go on. 

One tip I’ve picked up from interviews is this: if you find yourself caught with no way out and are forced to wait until the coast is clear, play dead and cover yourself in blood. Do not move. This has proven to save countless survivors in the past.

Stay safe, make smart decisions, and when keeping Columbine in mind, speak of tragedy gently and respectfully; the family and community’s pain is still very raw, and always will be. Whether you believe there were thirteen or fifteen victims that day, Columbine and the survivors are never something to joke about, or characters you can manipulate.

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If you draw a sigil on your skin, what do you think the best way to activate/charge it would be? :)

“Best” is not really a term I like to use for witchcraft anymore. Because different things work for different people (even the same methods can produce different results), there aren’t any surefire methods that are guaranteed to be awesome for every single magic user - it comes down to what you have access to, and what you want to do. Experimentation is important to find out what works for you. :)

I like to draw sigils on the pulse points - so the ideal one being the wrist - and let the natural flow of blood through the body charge the sigil. It’s sort of like blood magic to me, but without needing to remove it from the body. The energy from the blood is still what charges the sigil, though it’s more about the movement I guess.

You could also kiss sigils drawn on yourself - if you can reach where you drew it, of course. xD Blowing air on a sigil can also prove beneficial.

Another idea is tracing the design with the index finger of your dominant hand, and with this you can channel energy into it from yourself or drawing it in from external sources. 

If it’s warm and sunny where you are, you can expose the sigil to sunlight and have it charge with that potent energy. This technique can be applied with the moon as well.

If you’re okay trying methods involving pain, pinch the sigil, or snap an elastic band on it. My favorite idea for a charging method like this was drawing the sigil on the heel of the foot, then putting a small pebble in your show, and stepping on it. Boom, physical energy and pain. Of course, these methods aren’t necessary, just options. 

Even washing the sigil away can charge it - destruction methods still apply. Use charged water (like moon water) for an added boost.

I hope that gives you some ideas! Good luck!

a thought came to me recently, watching a law & order svu episode about child pornography… 

so, like, i have a pretty ‘young’ face. in the last week, three separate people trying to guess my age guessed a decade younger. this isn’t an attempt at a brag, just to talk to a certain point.

& looking back at photos of me when i was in my early twenties, though i felt, juxtaposed to childhood, a kind of ‘adult’, but jesus did i look like a child. a baby. trying to be a woman but still very much a child. fumbling with some new independence but no fucking idea what i was doing. not much of a sense of a core ‘me’ yet.

& i distinctly remember a few instances of being flattered by the attention of older men, which were likely a decade older than me or so at the time…

but how young did THEY think i was? the thought grosses me the fuck out

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I was thinking abt the fact that a lot of stuff was revealed right at the end of the episode which makes sense but also like. was smart bc now they have time to figure out exactly how they want their character to react- also their remembering things slowly, so even Taako won't know much about Lup at first?

probably a clever tactic on griffin’s part so that they can all do as they please and lup can become whoever the rest of them say she is organically rather than having to have them try to guess and griffin comes in like “actually your memories tell you otherwise, shes this way!” which is just…. necessary in this medium lol. hes doing so many storytelling things that are real cool but REAL real hard to actually execute in a game of dungeons and dragons. and its awesome how hes managing it but it also makes a lot of things become painfully predictable bc his vehicles for getting this information across are so limited.


My interview was a complete disaster! They asked me questions I totally hadn’t prepared for and the stuff I made up on the spot was awful, I could tell they were totally unconvinced by me the whole time! But oh well, guess I won’t be getting on that course! It’s alright as I do have a place on another one, but this one was my top choice, probably why I panicked so much in there!

Going out for food with a friend to destress then i shall have a queue for you this evening!

I dont want this fucking Arc, I want nothing to do with it. I don’t want any children losing their quirk and losing a sense of who they are because some fucko has a problem with All Might.

I can’t do it, its like the fucking worst we already saw the emotional fucking wreck and turma lily tiger (is that her name? One of the tiger sisters.)

Thats so fucked up, its like guess what that highschool you did all that work to get into. All those choices you had before fuckin gone, you can go to school to be a cop now. Be a hero that way but, your pretty much useless now. From what i’ve seen U.A doesn’t have just a pure quirk-less curriculum. The kid just fucking lost everything.

Help Authors-

Hey guys, 

So I am trying to get the author pages (With all the correct info for your tumblrs and AO3 accounts as well as a few story titles for people to look at for comparisons!) And I have been digging through the “Suggest your stories” post we sent out before trying to catch everyone and I just think I have hit the end of what I can do, So I am asking for your help! If you could just take a look at the page in the link provided and either A. say that you are happy with the info that is there or B. SEND me any information that is missing I would really appreciate it as I am trying to get this fully up and running as quickly as possible. (Authors whose names are in RED are the ones where I was able to find your post via the thread authors in BLUE I have not been able to find)

Thank you all so much for your help! You can either send your info/story titles to the Ask on this site- comment on THIS post- or direct message me @baneismydragon 

I want to make sure that everyone get a chance to put there stuff out there and we can keep spreading the word about all of our amazing authors!!! 



Had a little obstacle course on the trail, lol. And I am officially upset with Mr. Sun. Teasing me. Drawing me outside. And then, BAM, he just disappears and makes we hang out with Ms. Cloud. She’s moody man. What a rip… . .

Anyways. .. .I made it to the lake :) It’s still very frozen but no kayaker today. I still had to wear a hoodie the entire way so it’s pretty cold. I can’t wait for tank top weather! Also on the list, workout wise, is leg exercises with bands and tricep work. Normally I would do shoulder work today, but, yeah, it’s not playing nice, so I guess I have a laid back workout day :) 

Just In Case

Good morning, afternoon, etc. my friends, and just in case I haven’t stopped by quite as much as I usually do, or have missed you entirely this week, I have an excellent excuse…and if you give me a couple of minutes I’ll come up with it. Attempted LOL.  Anyway, the past few evenings I’ve been busy working on a very pleasant side project, and hopefully you’ll all know about it in the next day or so.  In the meantime I guess I’ll just have to play international man of mystery (Possible Austin Powers Reference).  Love those movies, but not nearly as much as I…

Love you all,
Mike <3

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Do you ever lose faith in Liam ever actually releasing his album? The more time passes and the less it's talked about (because everything is about Ch*ryl and the baby now), I lose faith a little more every day.


So, to answer your question, do I ever lose faith in Liam releasing his album?

 Haha, Sassy Liam, don’t you love his sass? Lol. I don’t intend to sound snappy at you or anything, I promise. :D

Now, I have may have had a lot of theories and headcanons and stress and worries in my head, and of course I have no clue as to when Liam drops his music, viz; the single, the album. We’re all up for guesses, I reckon. He is legit pulling a Frank Ocean, LMAO. 

Do I think there’s something happening BTS? Oh, hell yeah. I obvs don’t possess any knowledge as to what that something is, but, I’ll be here when he drops his music. At this point, all I can hope for is that Liam doesn’t drop it DURING MY EXAMS I’d be so pissed, honestly.  

When it comes to Liam, his music I know is going to be something I’d be talking non-stop about, once it’s out – whenever it is. I know we’ve had a promising preview of some stuff for over a year and running, now, but to quote a great lad: All the best things, take a little time. I wish I could reaffirm you with all of my might, to try and encourage you to be optimistic. FWIW, there’s some rumours floating around about a September release, maybe. Plus, when’s the omaze thing coming out? April, sometime, yes? Maybe we’ll get a hint or two about a solid date, yeah? Chin up, fam. We can do this!!!!!

P.S. Liam if you’re reading this, you know what to do, boy. 

guess who’s back

technically, i’m on a hiatus but i think i’ve been more active on here than ever before. i wasn’t going to write this but @andyoumattertome, @justleavemebreathless and @turquoiseterrier have encouraged me so it’s happening. i don’t really know if what i say will make any sense but i’ll try.

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A lot of people seem to think Camila's PR boyfriend is coming in the next couple of months so that Camren can I guess officially be "killed" off for good but what do you think of that matter? Do you think it's coming? And also if you don't mind answering this one too- When do you think 4H and Camila will actually meet publicly? It has to be a big important event like an awards show where both are nominated or where they're both performing their new songs dontcha think?

I also sense that Camila’s solo career will be accompanied by PR boyfriends, or they will at least try. This doesn’t have anything to do with camren though - this is just standard business practice. PR relationships are, in Simon Cowell’s own words, incredibly lucrative. He wrote in his book that many celeb relationships are fake and that if you are a rising star, going out with another celebrity multiplies your exposure by a factor of 20.

To be honest if they really do try, its gonna be funny watching them try to pull it off when mila is so uncooperative lol. Like Shawmila was kind of hilarious because it was the perfect set-up for a full on pr relationship, but camila obviously just wasn’t having it. The relationship could have been taken advantage of publicity-wise a lot more than it was. I don’t know if they will try to fully resurrect that again, this time going all in, or just let it simmer and let the shippers do the work like last time. who knows. I don’t know if they’ll go the whole way and set camila up in a full fake PR relationship with someone new. Business wise this would be the best decision and would really launch C’s career with a big burst of media exposure. I still don’t know why they havn’t fully got her and nick jonas together yet - they literally share a publicist and would be perfect together.

As for your last question, I’m slightly worried that they’ve got something up their sleeves for the Billboard Music Awards coming up. Maybe somekind of drama or PR stunt. If they were going to get headlines by interacting in someway, i feel they would save it for their mates at billboard

I’m reading through the comments that just happened and I’m already just laughing. You guys are so wonderful. 







i could really use some more prayers/positive vibes

my dog hasn’t really been doing any better and now that he’s off enalapril he’s gone back to coughing more (the med could cause kidney damage and since his bun level is elevated he’s been taken off it to make sure it wasn’t doing any harm) and he still can’t walk and i dont think he ever will again. we’re going to be starting him on a powerful kidney supplement which is supposed to be really helpful and we’re going to start him on viagra for his pulmonary hypertension, but i’m guessing we only have a matter of months with him. even typing that out breaks my heart so much. we’ve had him all his nearly 19 years and he’s been in my life since i was 2. losing him is going to be the hardest thing i’ve ever gone through (we lost our other dog back in november). i’m so worried that none of this will work and we’ll have to put him down to end his suffering and i’m scared i’m being selfish for holding out hope that he can get better and not wanting to let him go yet. 

so anyway i’m asking for prayers and positive vibes for my dog to get some more quality of life back so he can last a little while longer with us and for my mom and i who are already deeply depressed and have been getting worse through this all.

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The story is just flowing amazingly right now and getting more fascinating and incredible as each day passes. I'm in the UK and at work so when I got that notification on my phone I had to quickly rush to the toilets to read the latest instalment. My ask is, do you think the blog and the responses and feedback has given you the confidence and conviction to get to where you are now? And are you overwhelmed by your ever increasing goading perverted keen 'fan' base and the interest in your life?

I am a bit surprised and overwhelmed by it, yes; I never thought when I started this that within a few short months I’d have over 18,000 people following me!  But I do have to admit that I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t started this blog.  It seems like after that first nerve-wracking step of secretly masturbating in his room while he was sleeping, everything has kind of snowballed from there.

So, I guess, thank you to everyone for helping make my fantasy seem like it’s going to become my reality.

Thanks for the ask!

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Lol guess u saw the discourse about sarada's outfit? idc personally since we saw it a while ago so the shock factor was gone but seems like everyone's upset XP what do you think about it?

Yeah same, honestly. I mean we saw her outfit like 10 chapters ago, so I’m not too sure why it’s that big of a deal.

I think it’s fine for everyone to have their own opinions, but it’s already beginning to get out of hand since I’ve seen a few death threats and insults towards both Sarada and Ikemoto, which I think is completely unnecessary. It’s a stylistic choice, and some might agree with it, some might not. Personally,  I kind of wish it was a bit longer, but I’m not offended or anything. 

Honestly, I’ve seen school uniforms in manga and anime that were either this length or shorter, so I’m not too sure why everyone’s upset when this isn’t out of the norm for anime/manga. Sarada’s still kicking butt, and her character didn’t change at all, her dress isn’t preventing her from beating her opponents up. Plus it’s not like we got any up-skirt shots or anything, so it’s not like they’re trying to be perverted or offensive. She’s just wearing a dress and heels.

Also Sailor Moon had a 5 year old prancing around in a mini, mini, miniskirt and that wasn’t a big deal then nor is it now. So I’m confused as to why Sarada’s dress has become a reason for sending insults and threats.

Idk I mean, I’m fine with people not liking it, I’m not gonna force them to like it, and I understand why they don’t like it. But I’m not okay with people insulting the character based on her attire, nor am I okay with people saying Ikemoto should die for a stylistic choice. If you dislike her attire, that’s totally fine. But don’t lower yourself to the same level as the antis that sent death threats to Kishi when Naruto ended.