so i guess this is true

SKAM S04E07 Clip 2 - Ramadan

SARA: [Frida said that she wanted to be a doctor today. LOL]

ISAK:   [haha please don’t … anyone]

ISAK: [but knowing her … that’s true]

SARA: [But it’s a pity for her. I think her mom is alcoholic or a freeloader or something, because Mathilde had seen her with a lady that looked homeless and when Mathilde had gone over to greet them, Vilde tried to hide]

ISAK: [how…]

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So… if this new information about the Wanted special is true, then seriously, that’s a Pink Pearl.

We already were pretty sure it was a pearl/ruby fusion, and I proposed it was a Pink Pearl due to her eyes, but this only confirms it. If they worked for “Morganite,” that’s another pink gem, so she was most likely under Pink Diamond’s court.

STORY TIME so late last night my boyfriend and I stopped by the gas station for gas and drinks and since I was braless and barefoot he went inside to pay without me and just randomly fucking returned with roses and two king-sized Reese’s cups for me so I guess the moral of the story is if someone loves you enough to bring you adorable presents when you’re half-dressed and haven’t showered in two days you don’t ever fucking let them go

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what the fuck are sixpenceee heals

ok so basically theres this user whos been around for years ( @sixpenceee ), who’s pretty popular. she got popular off of stealing original content that’s creepy, like skeletons and the paranormal. she also got hugely popular off of stealing “spooky” stories off of reddit. A lot of these would revolve around mental illness, like “oohh nooo this person has schizophrenia and killed everyone how scary” sort of bullshit.

anyways, all i know is that shes fascinated with mental illnesses despite admitting she doesn’t have any of her own (gee who wouldve thought), and is studying psychology( i remember reading her blog years ago and seeing that she was studying neurology at NYU but who knows how true that is).

She basically has no talents to offer, so she can’t take commissions. she used to market really overpriced hoodies and tshirts with her logo on them to make money, but i guess a lot less people give a fuck about them now (seriously i remember a hoodie being like 40-50 dollars). 

So instead of, I don’t know, making a donate page or go fund me or whatever, she opened a “six pence heals” page. Basically, she claims that she’s “a deeply empathetic individual” and offered therapy sessions since she’s “majoring in psychology”, as if that gives her any credibility. she wanted $30 a session, and basically do nothing since she doesn’t have any abilities to actually counsel anyone. she deleted it after like an hour or whatever after getting a quick kick of common sense, but people still screencapped it all just in time.

So for $30, you can pay a fetishizing content stealer to be your pseudo-friend for an hour and pretend not to be scared of your mental illnesses.

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Um, is Hajime okay? That was quite a low blow from Matsuda...

*stops running, out of breath*

Hajime !! *nearly collides with him* I-I finally caught up t-to you…*coughs*

S-Sorry? Are you okay?

You don’t have to worry about me. How are you? What Matsuda-kun said…

D-Do you think he is right? That I could turn back to be him?

…..It’s a possibily. You think so too, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t have run away from him like that.


I’m scared Nagito…What am I supposed to do if it’s true? Will I disappear?

…! *hugs him* We will figure something out…I’m sure we will be able to find something…

*hugs him for a while before stepping back* Sorry. I guess I’ve been scared about it for some times now and it just came all out with what Matsuda said…

But I’m fine now, I will never allow this guy to take control again. *takes Nagito’s hand* Thank you, if you weren’t here…I don’t know what I would have done…

It’s nothing…

No it’s not. *kisses him* Now I believe you said something about Nanami being bored? Why don’t we go play a game with her?

Good idea !

I was thinking

I think I’ll not use afterdeath tag anymore. Yes I think it is wrong since I never drew it before. I only made a fan child and I’ll draw other fan children too that’s true.
But you can’t tag something with something that’s not truly related and it’s kinda wrong. I know some of my followers are here only for afterdeath stuff so don’t worry I’LL NOT STOP DRAWING AFTERDEATH CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY GOTH but since its not afterdeath, I should use the tag fan children or their name, not the name of the of ship, I guess some people don’t want to see that. And I respect it.
And sorry for the past afterdeath tags I used for fan children.


The eight contestant for Go! Go! Hypergrind: Take Two! is, amusingly enough, one of the first contestants that I designed for the original draft of the game- Andy! Andy had a slight couple of changes to make him look different in his updated design, mostly to make him look like an actual skater, which I think paid off. Still, he didn’t have as drastic as change as Dagger, so it’s still the same tabby cat from before!

Andy’s character is pretty straightforward- he’s the one true skater of the cast. He joined up for his love of skating, as well as to win the prize money to make his life at home with his widow of a mom a lot easier.

We’re getting close to the end of the redesigns! Only two more are left after this, and after that? Well, guess we’ll see what happens.

Enjoy! :D
Go! Go! Hypergrind © Atlus
Andy created by @blumoontoons

ok so I want to share my thoughts about the recent Black Butler chapters so spoilers ahead. As you can probably guess it’s about the ciel twin theory. If you hadn’t heard about it a quick google search will give you the gist of it.both sides that agree or disagree with it have pretty good arguements and alternative answers, but I think the twin thing is true. In the recent chapters,  Everyone has said the same thing that the “candy=ring” and such. But not much as been said about who is the person who attacked Agni and Prince Soma.  I honestly think that the attacker who killed Agni is Ciel’s brother. The real ciel. Here’s how I came to the conclusion:

So remeber this scene in Chapter 126:

The pieces Agni finds are from the family portrait that Ciel tosses into the fire place. Ciel was very clear that he doesn’t want that photo shown to Agni and Prince Soma. At first I thought this could be because Ciel would be afraid that they would recongize his father or something, but what if that picture had Ciel’s twin brother??? Agni had feared that Prince soma would be in danger if they stayed in England any longer, and if he discovered Ciel’s secret, then a red flag would of gone up and Agni would confront Ciel about the photo. Agni was about to go tell Prince Soma about what he found but then the attacker happened. Which leads me to my next point.

I was shocked when Prince Soma punched Ciel right in the face. 

As we all know, Prince Soma saw Ciel as a very close friend, and was very determined to be there for him. So why would he punch ciel? At first I thought maybe Prince Soma was just scared and acting defensively. He should of ran to Ciel and cried on his shoulder. But he punches him. If Real Ciel was indeed the attacker, then that could explain why Prince Soma was very kind to him when the attacker gets to the house. Real Ciel is identical to our ciel. Prince Soma doesn’t know about the twin thing, and would of thought Real Ciel was Our ciel, thus asking him to come in for tea. But then Real Ciel attacks and kills Agni, leaving Prince Soma hurt and confused as to why his closest friend, the person he trust and helped out of his own good heart, would kill Agni, and when he sees our Ciel, Soma  punches out of anger, thinking he was the one who killed Agni. It’s the only explaination I could think of as to why Prince Soma would hurt Ciel. Of course, Prince Soma may not be able to tell us what happened at the moment because 1) Sebastian knocked him out and 2) when Soma wakes up, he could be in a state of shock and not be able to recall or have difficulty in recalling as to who attacked them. Or maybe he might lash out in anger at our ciel for “killing” agni. If only more chapters could come out quicker :( 

also one more thing: I think a demon is certainly playing a big part in this arc, and could be the reason why Real Ciel could be back. Through the manga, those with supernatural ability have taken form as a butler, like Sebastian and Grell. And check this scene out from Chapter 123:

If the theme of “supernatural beings taking disguise as butlers” is true, then perhaps this supernatural being, whether a demon, a reaper, or something we haven’t met yet,  could of play a part of the attack of prince soma and agni, whether this being was the attacker or brought Real Ciel back to life. Either way, some bigger force is pulling the strings in this arc, and this force is creating tension and fear our young lord. 

Thanks for reading this! Sorry I started going off topic at the end, but it popped into my head as I writing and I decided to just add it on here for the heck of it.I tried to make this post make sense as I’m writing this late at night and my brain is started to slow down from sleep lol. I can’t wait for more chapters to come and see how all of this ties together at the end of this arc. 

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I'm sorry you're dealing with so much shit rn. honestly it's just because your OP was true. I guess pointing out that intersectionality exists and that the gay community isn't always welcoming to trans people makes REGs' heads explode.

REGs seem to forget years of struggles that transgender community had to face to even be included in LGBT+ community, and that cis gay men can be violently transphobic too. ~Cinder

It’s 2am and I’m seeing a gazillion wedding asks…

So. I don’t remember where I read it and it might not be true, but I read that it’s *technically* proper wedding etiquette to extend “plus ones” only to the wedding party and to people who live together and/or are married. So. It’s possible that Scott didn’t even GET a plus one. So please stop worrying about why he didn’t bring Tessa!

And the whole “why’d he go to Ontario for just a weekend?” Well. He is FROM Ontario. So like, he’s allowed to go there? My family and I drove 8 hours to my cousin’s wedding in Georgia last weekend. We are NOT from Georgia, we were there for two nights, and my two younger sisters weren’t even INVITED to the wedding. They sat in the car for 16 hours round trip last weekend to basically just go to the Texas-themed “welcome dinner”! So yes, people travel long distances for a weekend just to go to a wedding.

Like I don’t know why I’m involving myself in this, but it just happens EVERY TIME there’s a wedding!!! I know it’s the offseason and everything, but they really are allowed to go to weddings and other events by themselves!

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Mom I wanna be R2D2 but I guess some dreams don't come true

Daughter…. you can be whatever you want and you know why?! BECAUSE NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN STOP YOU. SO IF YOU WANNA BE R2 D2 MY CHILD. THEN GO AHEAD.


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

(for @yoituuri and @starryfeathers. I accidentally deleted this whole thing once so hopefully it doesn’t happen again/ it’s not rushed. I hope you enjoy you two, and anybody else who reads this!)

I made a post about my favorite boy Victor not too long ago, and I mentioned a shot in passing that I really loved, but because it wasn’t the focus of the post, I didn’t go into it. I would like to now. Here it is:

This is the first glimpse of Victor we get within canon. Well, beyond the opening sequence with Yuuri watching Victor skate as they grow up but I think we can all agree that was outside of canon and can be discarded here.


It’s a damn good first glimpse. As you’ve probably already noticed, Victor’s eyes are covered. Deliberately. Dude fuckin does a twirl and the camera is framed in such a way that we don’t get to see his eyes until he looks up for the cameras. That’s an interesting touch, for several reasons. 

First, when a character’s eyes are not visible, it implies something is hidden within them. A trait, motivation, true emotions, etc etc. 

Secondly, the fact that we can’t see Victor’s eyes until he turns to the cameras with that fake-ass media smile. In this scene, we’re being treated as the public. Victor is immediately hiding from us and the rest of the world. You know, something he does all the goddamn time.

Victor is scarily good at masking. For those who don’t know what I mean, masking is the act of hiding one’s true personality, desires, and/or emotions to conform to society. I mask due to past trauma. Victor masks to meet public expectation. 

You’ve probably guessed already that masking is incredibly unhealthy–it’s repression, after all. If it gets bad enough, you’ll stop knowing where masking ends and you begin. Sometimes it takes me months to figure out how I feel about something because I need to sort through so many layers of masking and anxiety and doubt. It’s really difficult sometimes. 

We see tons of lovely examples of Victor masking throughout the show. Here are a few off the top of my head: 

(^absolutely terrified vitya trying to be smooth)

(^living up to his press image)

(^so incredibly upset on so many levels but he doesn’t dare show it)

(^pissed enough that yuuri picks up on it. and then acts dishonestly w/ yuuri by trying to come off as pleasant)

(i love that yuuri is comfortable enough by this point to call victor out on his bs. if you’re gonna get mad, get mad) 

(you can actually see Victor’s hand shake if you watch the scene. boy is so pissed and he’s holding it in)

etc etc. 

Victor is actually incredibly reserved in all the emotions he shows, especially if it’s anger or sadness. For most of the series, he only lets himself go in front of Yuuri or alone. Victor hides from himself, he hides from Yuuri, and it helps no one in the end. 

The beach sequence, actually, is important to this idea too. As we know, Victor asks Yuuri what he wants them to be. 

And then he lists off all these options before essentially asking to go out with him, but in a way that says he’s too scared to do it outright.

Now, this is partially to gauge Yuuri’s feelings towards him, but it’s also highly revealing of Victor’s self-worth. He’s willing to put on any mask, any persona to be with Yuuri. Yuuri, of course, doesn’t want this at all. 


And looking at Victor’s reaction (guarded surprise)

This may be the first time Victor has been asked to just be himself. 

So if Victor was a world champion at 16

(boy is 15-16 in that article)

He must have been skating for a while beforehand. We can probably approximate by saying he started competitions around the time Yuri did, which I estimate to be about 12-13. However, Victor does say this 

And if we’re to believe him, 27-20=7, and therefore something happened at the age of 7 to force Victor into backing away from others and working himself to the bone. Uhm, wow. I don’t know how accurate it is to say that, but regardless, he’s been in the public eye for a long fuckin time. 

Victor has spent this long fuckin time building an image: elegance, confidence, charming yet untouchable. The perfect playboy, in a way. This is the person he presents to the public. I think he’s been masking like this for so long he forgot that this isn’t who he is–Victor has the ability to be all those things, but it’s not who he is. Victor is excitable, bubbly, caring, vulnerable, depressed, lonely, hardworking…Yuuri, by asking Victor to be himself, released a metaphorical floodgate on Victor’s emotions. He’s broken that carefully crafted persona. 

Victor is now publicly goofy and affectionate

(i love how he hides his face a little here…how cute and shy while showing off that he’s yuuri’s)

And can drop his composure comfortably 

(also vitya always wears gloves to competitions until they get the rings and then victor keeps the gloves off completely :v) 

I love that Victor’s relationship with Yuuri has allowed him to find himself again, and peel away those masks to live and breathe and love as he was always meant to. 

story time: presidential edition
  • so you know how everyone has a story
  • you know
  • like the story
  • like if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the story
  • and you know exactly what they mean
  • the story
  • well 
  • i have a story
  • and not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:
  • barack obama
  • pre-2008 reebok sneakers 
  • and the absolute earth-shattering horror you can only feel after making the worst mistake of your life

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Thank you so much to Sailorleo (tumblr and twitter) for this fantastic commission of Waddles basking in the warm glow of Mabifica…and a rhinestone sweater.

(Inspired by THIS post.)

She is still taking commissions for anyone interested.