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Becoming One (Soulmate AU)

Request: Woozi and #12 from the new prompt list please!

12) Soulmate AU: when you sleep you see the world through you bias’s eyes

Prompt list can be found here! :)

Member: Seventeen’s Woozi x Y/N

Type: fluff

The rain pounded on your heavy shoulders as you raced home, careful to avoid puddles as your sneakers smacked against the pavement. It had been raining consistently for the past week, leaving you continually damp and generally grumpy. You enjoyed rainy weather when you were allowed to watch it from the other side of the window. 

You yanked open the front door of your house and hustled across the threshold, popping off your muddy shoes along the way. 

“Hey honey, how was your-” your mother began, folding clothes near the couch. You sped past her, keeping your shoulders high to avoid any sort of conversation. 

“Can’t talk, tired!” you shouted over your shoulder, speed walking down the hallway. 

“You can’t escape your problems by hiding in someone else’s head!” your mom called after you, your door slamming on the last word. 

You sighed, dropped your backpack to the floor, and crawled into bed with no hesitation. She was right, sleeping would not help you deal with your bad days, but it wasn’t like you had normal dreams anyway. 

They began around age thirteen, the strange images that would appear as soon as you closed your eyes. They started out fuzzy at first, foggy around the corners, and in a rudimentary black and white. They were mildly frightening, almost like flashes of memories that felt familiar, but were obviously not yours. The language was strange and the sounds too harsh. Eventually, you had to come clean to your mother or else begin explaining why you looked like you never had any sleep. 

You had enlightened your parents of the strange nightmares plaguing you as soon as you laid your head to rest, only to have your parents knowingly smile at each other. They insisted that everything was normal and to not panic. This was difficult as you still had no earthly idea what it all meant. Feeling alone in it all, you had stormed away from the only people you could truly trust, insisting that they didn’t understand. 

That’s when the dreams became more vivid. No longer were you stuck looking at a pixelated screen, but bright images of laughing boys and dancing feet. The language was still unfamiliar, but much more soft, more comforting. It was as if the person you were seemingly living through had become aware of your existence, aware that this was incredibly new. 

That’s when you sat down with your parents again. 

“So…I need an explanation,” you insisted, crossing your small hands on the table before you. “It’s like I’m living someone else’s life when I fall asleep. I have no idea what he’s saying, but it’s a boy? These aren’t my experiences, but they feel like they are, and I’m honestly pretty freaked out.”

“Not to freak you out more,” your mother smiled. “But the images you are seeing are experiences belonging to your soulmate.”

“I’m going to need you to rewind and pause,” you had whispered, furrowing your brows. “This is something that happens in a sci fi movie, not in real life.” 

“If it makes you feel better, when he sleeps, he sees the world from your eyes as well!” your father said cheerfully, nodding his head. 

“How?” you gasped, suddenly feeling icky. “What all does he see? Oh my god can he see me using the bathroom? Mom, Dad, I can’t.” 

Your dad’s eyes became wide as he tilted his head, looking curiously at your mother. “I don’t remember seeing you in the bathroom, but this little punk better not-”

“I’m pretty sure that’s a hardcoded no-no in our human nature,” your mother nodded, her expression remaining serene. “Has he tried to contact you?”

“He’s going to try to contact me? I haven’t even seen his face yet,” you groaned. “He’s so calm though. He has to see me freaking out all the time.”

“Some cultures…and even some people’s parents try to explain the idea of soulmates to their children before they actually come into contact with them,” your mom continued. “Everyone starts experiencing the dreams at different times, so he could have realized what was happening.”

“Wait, so…like…he doesn’t speak English,” you whispered. “Does that mean I have to learn another language? When am I going to see his face?”

“Most likely,” your father nodded. “If you plan on communicating. And usually you won’t see his face until you actually meet. It’s funny how the universe works like that.” 

You rolled your eyes and stood from the table. “I just want to say, I would’ve appreciated a little heads up. I guess I’ll start my…um…Japanese lessons? Korean lessons? Chinese? I have to google some stuff…”

With years worth of dreams under your belt and unknowingly learning Korean in your sleep, the whole soulmate experience had become normalized by the time you got to university. You had slowly learned that your soulmate’s name was Jihoon and he lived in Seoul. He was a musician, and an extremely talented one at that. He was constantly surrounded by a troop of equally as talented and hardworking boys (not to mention incredibly good looking and goofy) so you felt optimistic about the idea of your future. You had grown to use Jihoon’s experiences as a coping mechanism, falling asleep whenever your own life became too difficult to handle so you could escape into his. He was normally calm, providing a quiet solace through his every day actions. You couldn’t help the small corner of your mind that was plagued by doubt, falling susceptible to the google articles you had read about soulmates never meeting and being haunted with the experiences of one another until their dying days. You knew you wanted to meet him, but just didn’t know when. Or if he even felt the same. 

Jihoon stifled a large yawn as he leaned over the mixing board in the studio. He had been at his work for hours, long since giving up the pleasant idea of sleep. 

The pleasant idea of you. 

He tilted his head as he thought about things, about the small bits of life he had shared through your eyes. He was grateful that he had such a kind soulmate, someone on the opposite side of the world unknowingly supporting him and pushing him to be better. He had been relentlessly practicing his English in his free time, capable of understanding most of your conversations in your daily life. He loved the sound of your voice more than any song he had composed. His heart fluttering in his sleep, managing to keep his emotions invested as your experiences became one. 

He scribbled idly onto his notepad, wondering what you would be seeing from his perspective today. He longed to get a glimpse of you, any little bit he could. He contemplated on the curve of your lips, the arch of your brow, the color of your eyes. He knew he’d never find out unless he could meet you in person, close the gap between the two of you. But how? 

Maybe a few hours of sleep would help.

You sprung from your bed, fresh from a nap following your afternoon classes. This was it, this was the break you needed. 

You slid from beneath the blankets and padded across the hardwood floor in search of whichever parent you could find first. Luckily they were both lazily reclined on the couch, glued to the television when you turned the corner. 

“Parents,” you nodded, your eyes urgent. “It’s time.”

“What’s time?” your mother sighed, looking up from the television. 

“For me to apply for the study abroad,” you continued. “In Seoul.”

Your father’s eyes looked quickly from you to your mother, surprised by the sudden outburst. “Are you sure?”

“I have enough,” you nodded. “I can find him. You said when I found him, I’d know, didn’t you? The feeling would be nothing I’ve ever felt before. Like dreams and reality became one.”

Your mother nodded slowly, a nervous smile on her face. “If you’re ready…we won’t stop you.” 

You nodded, an anxious feeling consuming your chest. “I’m ready.”

Jihoon launched from his small bed, slamming his head on the bunk above him. 

“Shit,” he grumbled, rubbing his forehead in aggravation. He looked around the dark room, his body still slow with movements of sleep while his mind raced. 

“Yah, you couldn’t have found a better way to wake me up?” Jeonghan grumbled, his head appearing over the side of the bunk. 

“I didn’t intend on waking anyone up,” JIhoon sighed. “I had a …dream? Nightmare? I don’t know anymore.”

“What did you see? Jeonghan asked, his head disappearing again. 

“She’s coming,” Jihoon whispered, shaking his head. 

“Well…that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” Jeonghan asked hesitantly. 

“I think so? What if she doesn’t like me? What if she says something about my height?” JIhoon continued. 

“Like, wow, that guy is so much taller than I expected!” Mingyu grumbled from his bunk on the other side of the room. “Seeing the world through his eyes made me think he was only 91cm tall.”

“If you wake up to a pillow over your face, you’ll know who you’re being smothered by,” Jeonghan giggled. 

“Look,” Seungcheol groaned, sitting up in the bed opposite Jihoon. “To save us all some wasted sleep, Jihoon, it’ll be fine.”

“I just want a normal night sleep,” Jihoon whined. “It’s been so long.”

“That’s why you have to meet her,” Seungcheol nodded. “You’ve been watching each other for years-”

“Creeeeepy,” Mingyu sang. 

The room didn’t have to be well lit to tell the other three boys were rolling their eyes. 

“If she didn’t want to meet you, she wouldn’t be on her way,” Seungcheol continued. “You’re usually the one to give me sound advice, so listen to yourself for once. Just breathe. It’ll all be fine.”

“And if it’s not,” Jeonghan called out. “At least you’ll be able to sleep again.”

Mingyu giggled “Ah yes, Woozi hyung’s true soulmate, a sound night’s sleep.”

You were nervous as you gripped the light stick in your hand, uncertain of what would happen next, or what you should do with it. You looked it over carefully, the small, pink diamond centerpiece, the easy script reading Seventeen. You looked back up again, beginning to navigate your way through the masses of teenage girls idling around in the crowd. After a few small attempts at begging and throwing your shoulders around, you finally found your way to the front row of the pit, your stomach pressed against the barrier. Your heart felt like it was about to explode, seemingly skipping beats as you came to realize the gravity of the situation. 

You were in Korea. You were at a concert. A concert being put on by an idol group. 

An idol group containing your soulmate. 

As the lights around the stage began to dim, the noise pulsing from the crowd grew louder. You began to contemplate your movements for once the show was over, after you were inevitably deemed just another face in the crowd, passed over by the man you had travelled so far to see. Could you follow their vehicles? Could you arrange a meeting at their entertainment building? Thoughts swam around your head as slow music began to pump through the already tense atmosphere and several boys appeared. 

You nodded with the beat, recognizing face after face as they became visible. That one was Seungkwan. And that one was Vernon. That one was Wonwoo. And that one was Mingyu. You continued to nod, feeling as if the seconds were stretching into hours as you waited to see the face you weren’t familiar with. 

Until it appeared and you realized…it was more familiar than them all. 

As your eyes found his face, his skin seemed to almost glow. You were rendered breathless, halting all movements as you stared up at him, completely lost in his movements as he strode across the stage. Your father was right. It was as if dreams and reality were becoming one. 

Your mind was completely blank, your eyes following him without stopping as he danced and sang his way back and forth in front of you, not stopping long enough to get a solid enough look into the crowd. You knew he had some idea that you were visiting. He had to have known you were here. 

Halfway through the show, when you thought you were going to pass out from lack of oxygen, the house lights came up, only a small group of boys coming out onto the stage. You recognized them immediately as Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan, and your Woozi. 

Almost as if drawn to you, he held tight to his guitar as he pulled his stool to sit before you on the stage. His eyes scanned the front row carefully, taking a small moment to acknowledge each fan and give them a small smile. The blood in your veins turned to ice water as his gaze grew closer to the section you were in. As he casually looked over each person, his eyes came to a halt, his attention completely focused on something. You tilted your head, realizing he was staring at your hands, draped over the barrier and clinging tightly to the light stick you had bought. His eyes slowly traced up your arms and across your shoulders, up your neck and halting on your face. His jaw dropped slowly as he openly gaped at you. 

“Woozi hyung,” Seungkwan whispered, sending an elbow to his older member. “Woozi hyung, introduce the song.”

Jihoon shook his head slowly, attempting to come out of the trance you had put him in. “This…this song…this song is for someone…I dream about every day. Please enjoy Mansae.” 

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Part 1 of the Tev/Dren hot springs episode.  Y’know, the good kind of hot springs episode, where it’s fun but then also there’s some character development.

I was actually gonna have this scenario go a different direction, but…it was so boring.  That’s actually why there are so many backgrounds, ‘cuz I wanted to at least challenge myself on the art if the script was boring.  But I changed it (…and then kept the backgrounds anyway)!  I think this is better, and it speeds us on toward The Fluff™.  Win-win.

Tev/Dren Masterpost

Sparks Chapter 21

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.5K

Summary: Post sad shit happening. Finally confiding in Bucky about your deepest darkest emotional feelings bout life and shit. idk… life is tiring guys.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 67,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know

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Warning: cavity-inducing fluffy nothings, feat. the Clacks.

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Do you think it's possible for people use polyamory as a method of self harm? I feel like this what a large part of my non-monogamy is to me, but I haven't found any real discussion on this

yeah, absolutely

i think it’s because a lot of core aspects of polyamory focus on moving emotional responsibility, supposedly of negative feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, from one’s partner to oneself (”i want you to be mine so you can’t love anyone beside me” → “it’s wrong of me to try to own you”), which are all really great ideas, provided 

  1. the relationship is healthy and secure. if i leave for two months, agreeing with my partner that they can see other people while i’m away, and the entire time they don’t communicate with me, focus entirely on their new occasional hookups and generally ignore our relationship, i don’t feel jealous, i feel replaced and scared, but the idea that “jealousy is bad!!” will lead me to believe my feelings are not only unjustified but also unethical
  2. each partner does a good deal of soul searching, is in tune with their need and feelings and is capable of direct and effective communication. because 1) is such an easy trap to fall in it’s really only possible to be in a successful polyamorous relationship when you acknowledge and are honest with your feelings. if i don’t feel well about how my SO’s acting my immediate instinct should be “i will analyze my feelings, and then have a talk with my partner”, not “i guess i’m overreacting, i should just deal with it” and naturally you can see how easy it would be for a mentally ill person to fall into this latter mindset

ideally polyamory allows people to free themselves of negative previously accepted-as-natural feelings and learn to interact with their SOs with more respect and improved honesty but this really only works in very healthy, communicative relationships, an mentally ill people/abuse&trauma survivors usually struggle acknowledging their emotions and communicating them and polyamory can definitely be a way to indulge in maladaptive coping mechanisms/SH. some examples off the top of my head:

  1. using the pain from seeing your partner with other people to punish yourself
  2. using aspects of your relationship that cause you to feel insecure, ignored or unloved to justify a similar previously experienced instance of abuse
  3. convincing yourself you’re too needy whenever you feel you’re not being adequately cared for
  4. detaching/numbing yourself from your emotions due to the “jealousy is bad” mindset whenever you’re hurt
  5. using the idea that there are primary/secondary/etc relationships to validate the feeling that your crush/partner might never really like you and that you’re ok just being their “second” and being treated accordingly
  6. punishing and denying your need for love and attention by thinking it’s unethical

polyamory is about and requires respect, communication and serenity and if you feel anxious about any aspect of it you need to spend some time analyzing it and maybe find out that it’s not for you, or not for you in the specific relationship you’re in at that time. polyamory is not “more ethical” and romantic arrangements should focus on your subjective needs and happiness, there are no wrongs or rights as long as you’re safe and content

i hope you’re okay and if you want to talk about this on or off anon i’m definitely willing to listen

since i quit smoking and i can’t get high as a coping mechanism anymore i gotta actually like……do things to take my mind off of stuff so thus far in the last 4 hours i built a window enclosure for grover and cleaned the entire downstairs bathroom and now i’m going to do all the dishes and make dinner from scratch i guess


uh things to note for the contents of the longass rambly almost-fic under this upcoming cut:

  • mental illness and magic kinda wound together. (pls dont assume that because there’s magic, the mental illness isn’t real, or vice versa. you can have both, thanks)
  • abusive situations (not between the pairing listed, but akhenaten is a nasty little man and its best to warn for that)
  • parental death mentioned.. relatively vagueish violence. i think thats it? yugioh, huh

the following is p much copy-pasted from my twitter but it was too long to screenshot tbh:

cause i could just go with them gettin new bodies in canon setting but i specifically want the dynamic they had in a lot of ways, so.. hmm

atem as an important figure, maybe owns a major corporation? i thought maybe a politician but its better if he inherited his position. and that way his company can be held responsible for the destruction of thief king’s home/family

oooooh my gosh ok fuck it modern fantasy, 

that incident was p much exactly the same, a small village getting used in the ritual to create the millennium items. but without the ancient egypt angle. so thief king gets put into the fostering system and therapy and he’s not like. completely recovered haha but he’s less world-endy and more just revengey. hes learned coping mechanisms to block out the ghosts and the evil god’s voice too when he needs to

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Bpd recovery

Bpd recovery is when you no longer meet the diagnostic criteria.

So, you can learn to cope with the symptoms efficiently enough that they no longer impact on daily life and thought patterns and coping mechanisms are changed etc etc.

You learn the skills, practice them everyday and eventually they’ll turn into habit. That’s great, the potential of recovery is what fuels my hope.

However, I can’t help but worry about what would be left. Once my personality is no longer considered disordered, who will I be?

When I try to visualise myself without bpd it feels like I’m trying to guess the make up of a complete stranger.

I guess I will get to know myself better over time…I’m not going to suddenly wake up one day magically recovered with a brand new personality. I will change and grow and learn.


Hi there, FINALLY!!
Like I said in the last post I posted a few days ago (that magically went through) I’ve been having problems with tumblr not posting my posts, but I hope it’s fixed now *crossing fingers*.

I’ve been all over the place the last few months. In the deepest of depressions to being almost euphoric to coping pretty well. I guess it’s the rollercoaster I have to keep riding for the time being. I was registered by the acute psychiatric team and then discharged and am now just waiting for a psychiatrist appointment for maybe some medication adjustment.
I’ve been struggling with food and liquid intake as my brain goes straight to that as a way to cope, but I’m following my meal plan to keep on track. It takes time to reprogram both mind and body into not seeing restriction as a coping mechanism, even though logically I know it isn’t. It’s so deeply printed into me (and my genetic code) that I’m unsure if I’ll ever get rid of it. I know I can live a pretty great life without it affecting me too much, but I will always have to watch myself during stressful times no matter the stress being physical or mental.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my past and the violence I had to endure during my childhood and adolescence as I’m seeing clearer how it is still affecting me today. Codependency is nasty and breaking it is even nastier- especially when it is someone very close to you. Coping with the past and everything that follows is a hard but important process I have to go through. I just wish I had someone I could talk about it with and work constructively through it. I’m doing my best by myself but it is hard as I’m so involved in the situation and seeing it logically and as an outsider is easier said than done.

And oh yeah, I’m blond now 💁🏼

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I have anxiety and depression and I bite/tear/mangle my cuticles to the point of bleeding. I've done it for as long as I can remember and my thumbs have little to no nerve endings on their sides because of the incessant picking (my thumbs are the worst). I also pick at the callouses on my heels to the point of bleeding, and then walking is a pain. But its comforting to see people who have the same coping mechanisms/habits/issues I do because I never see anyone with them. So ya'll are not alone.

Okay, like honestly ya’ll are making my night (both @fluffyllamas22 and @sickandvomiting too - I’ve read your comments!) (and the original anon!) because like while I know I’m not the only person who does this, I’ve never met other people who do and it just like helps I guess?? knowing that there are other people who do this. Makes me feel like I’m not such a weirdo for doing it. 

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how long have you been making art? and when did u start to get better at it?

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid but I had a pretty big crisis in my late teens and sort of gave up any thought of doing it  profesionally. The idea of going to art school was too scary for me, as it involved entrance exams and going trough that with my anxiety was quite impossible at that time.

Eventually I got a bit better and managed to start artistic education studies (that was about 5 years ago).  Three years i spent there were great and I learned lots. I think that I’ve made huge progress there.

I guess that I actually have started to get better at drawing about 2 years ago when my mental health was spiraling downwards. Drawing was and is one of my coping mechanism so I was drawing more and more. That is not to say that illness is in any case entwined with art nor that it should be. I just found it to be a safe way to express myself at times when communicating verbally was too difficult. I was very uncertain of my work for a very long time and only after my diploma got me some positive feed back I started publishing things here on tumblr. Hopefully I still am getting better at it day after day.

Sorry if it came out a little too long.

Have a lovely day ❤

Okay so here's an idea for you

So on Gotg we all see Peter getting taken away by Yondu after he runs outside due to the death of his mother. However I have a theory about that whole scenario. Its a bit of a stretch but just hear me out a second.
Everything in the beginningfew minites is the same. Peter wtches his mother die nd so on but when he runs outside is where my theory or cannon I guess comes in. See Peter was never really taken to live with the Ravengers or anything. Everything that happens in the Guardians movies is a sort of dream or fantasy for Peter. See, the trauma of seeing his mother die made him come up with this fantasy world as a sort of coping mechanism. This fantasy world is what we see in Gotg and Gotg2. Also in Gotg2 you could say he came up with a justifiable reson as to why his mother got her brain tumor which in turn killed her, what with ego planting the tumor inside her brain.
In this fantasy he has friends and family, he even goes as far as looking for that parental father figure in Yondu and even ego. It’s his way of coping with the loss of his mother. It helps him to come up with this beautiful dreamland.
Like I said, it really is a strech as far as cannon goes. It also puts a more realistic spin onto things but its just a thought thats been bothering for me for a few days and I really want to know other peoples opinion on it.

okay friends lets talk about the motherfucking color INDIGO


Final Tea Party

Well, ladies and gents. The day I’ve been dreading has arrived. I had hoped to take this piece of tea to my grave.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that is an option any longer.  It’s obvious that Benedict is terrified of the truth getting out, so he’s staying in a horrible situation.  Perhaps if I take away the thing that Sophie is holding over him, he can finally be free.  

As I mentioned last week, this tea is really not that bad in the grand scope of Hollywood.  It’s but a blip on the screen.  However, being the perfectionist that Benedict is, I can understand him being deeply disappointed in himself.  So here, it goes…

Sometime last fall (I don’t know an exact date), Benedict started using cocaine and pills to help him stay alert while traveling so much for TIG while filming RIII.  I don’t know who got him started on it…my guess is Harvey or someone on Harvey’s team.  Gotta have the star awake and alert for all the interviews and red carpets, right? Enter Sophie Hunter.  I’m not going to rehash the whole sordid engagement fiasco, but I will say that Benedict’s drug use became a coping mechanism for dealing with his situation.  By the time PSFF came around, he was using regularly.  From what I’ve been told, Sophie encouraged the drug use, as she is an addict herself.  I’m pretty sure she helped feed his habit, which became an outright addiction.   She may have even filmed or took photos, as we know she likes to do.  I believe that she pulled the pregnancy stunt because she knew she had him over a barrel, and she wanted to secure her position for the foreseeable future.  

The reason for the rift between Martin and Benedict was caused by Benedict being high on set and having trouble remembering his lines, etc.  HE was the reason that Sherlock filming ran behind schedule.  This put Martin in a tough situation, as he had other filming commitments.  I’m told Mark Gatiss was also furious with Benedict over his unprofessionalism.  I would not be surprised if THIS is the thing Benedict is most ashamed of, in terms of his addiction.

By this point, we have a case of outright blackmail.  Sophie demanded he go through with the wedding she had been secretly planning or she’d spill about the drugs.  Of course, this just made him use even more.  The whole time this was going on, his team was planting the seed for a “not his” out.  But Benedict was so afraid of Sophie, he refused to allow them to continue.  

By the time April rolled around, Benedict’s addiction was out of control.  His loved ones were afraid he might die.  So, while in China for the Lauriteus Awards, Adam, Emily and the others staged an intervention.  We know that it didn’t work.  That’s why we didn’t see Adam after China for months.  Benedict didn’t think things were that bad, especially not his addiction.  And he didn’t think people knew about the fake pregnancy, either.  

This went on until he finally had an epiphany, after Fathers Day.  I’m not sure if it was the ridiculous pram walk or the fact that he couldn’t focus during Hamlet rehearsals, but he finally admitted he needed help.  I’m told he reached out to Johnny Depp, who recommended an in-home rehab specialist. Along with the specialist, Emily moved back in to help take care of him.  From what I’ve heard, she is still there.  Benedict is now clean and sober, but I’m sure he’s still terrified of Sophie. That blind item regarding the drug use, was her warning him not to cross her.  I know that Benedict wants out. But he’s afraid of losing his career.  But, those pathetic pics out today, make me think that ship has sailed.

For Anyone Who Doesn’t Know How To Cope With A Heatwave

I’ve lived in North Carolina for a majority of my life. Here, it can get as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, 100% humidity. When it rains, you can physically see the rain evaporate off the pavement. So things here are pretty hot n’ humid. Coping mechanisms:

  • You probably already know this, but water. Water, water, water. Drink. Water. Dehydration is a reality. If you’re thirsty, guess what, you’re already dehydrated. So drink lots of water.
  • Also drink fruit juice or vegetable juice, but AVOID CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL. Orange juice is honestly amazing, I can’t tell you how many hot summers orange juice has gotten me through.
  • Eat as fresh as you can. I don’t know if this is even a fact, but most people I know (myself included) feel better after eating a salad than after eating a cheeseburger when it’s hot out, at least if you have to be outside/if you can’t cope with heat.
  • A friend of mine once had to go a summer without air conditioning. When asked how she did it, she said her family identified the coolest room in the house, slanted the blinds upwards, and blasted every fan they owned in the one room. Also, ice packs. You can’t deny ice packs.
  • Did I mention water? And fruit juice? Stay hydrated, PLEASE.

This is about all I have…you kinda get used to the heat after awhile. 

All I Want: Part 3

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You wake up the next morning in your own bed, with a splitting headache and only some memory of what happened last night. You look over at your desk and see Harry sitting there with your laptop flipping through your pictures, and two coffee’s next him; one of them for you. 

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What's your favorite animal?

Hey friend! My favourite animal is a bear 🐻. It’s really embarrassing but I still have my teddy bear from when I was nine. I got another one from my brother who no longer wanted it so I took him in, essentially rescuing him from neglect. I guess it’s just one of my messed up coping mechanisms I developed and never got rid of. My family of course thinks it’s completely messed up but hey it got me this far so 🤷🏻‍♀️