so i guess this is a thing im gonna do

a made a thing




But the world has changed, the future is uncertain.
And in the opinion of this humble reposter,
before things get better,
              they’re going to get a lot worse.


So i decided to start commisions! Truth be told, im a little worried on how well this is gonna go. So i guess ill show off the price to commision me. For 20 smackaroos (20 dollars) you can get some art like such:

(now if you wanna add multiple people or a more detailed bg like that pic up there, thatll cost you more. depends on the amount of people/ complexity)

Now perhaps we should talk about the things im not very comfortable with drawing/ will not draw:


-super complex mecha (now certain mecha on the more simplistic side, i can do. i can also draw knights if that was somthing concerning you)

Take in note, i will only accept payment via paypal. When you message me, i will link you to the account so you may pay. the payment will be in two increments. first 15 dollars, then another 15 dollars when the drawing is complete.

If youre interested in commisioning me, just message me on tumblr!

lol I wanted to do something bigger than just a sloppy animated bias list b UT the thing I had in mind is gonna take too long to do, so I guess I’ll be saving it for ANOTHER milestone. But holy fuck… I’ve literally never had to many followers on…pretty much any blog I’ve ever had. 

When I first made this blog, it was kind of on a whim, and I had no intention of getting so attached to this muse (or even realizing just how far in depth of an analysis on this poor kid’s life I was gonna get into rip). But wow, I am really glad I made this blog, and stuck with it for these nine months (getting close to a year too jfc). It’s been a wild year, and even wilder during the last couple of months. Made a lot of new friends, reconnected with old friends, and getting to know mutuals from my old blogs a lot better. 

I’ve had some people come and go, but hey, that’s just how life works. But there’s still a large handful that still stuck around, despite how shitty my mental health has been over the year and my time on this blog. But really, this blog wouldn’t be anything special without the great people I’ve met through this blog or just gotten to talk to more of through this blog. So below is a lot of peeps I love, or peeps I’m glad I’m mutuals with, even if we don’t always talk all that much, or just cool peeps I follow.

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Grouptale P. 1: Patience


I don’t know what this is exactly BUT!!! I really love the Grouptale AU so I wrote Frisk encountering the Cyan Child?

I’m gonna do all the other souls and the boss fights (Neutral Pacifist and True Pacifist) so?? keep a look out for those i guess

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I was thinking of doing some cheesy fantasy valentines, but then I realized ALL THE COUPLES IN THE COMIC ARE SINGLE DADS WHO LOST THEIR WIVES, so I made this thing instead!




Ok so this isn’t really a “how to draw botw Link” tutorial, but more of a “how to make him look more like his in-game model” tutorial… yeah

Btw, if you wanna get those headshots of Link, look under the cut

Alright here’s the original screenshots so trace it if you want, or just use it as a face reference thing idc

Cool, now here’s the wireframes if you wanna look at them. I prefer that if you want a good understanding of how botw link looks/works, you do your own tracing thing to single out the details that you want to single out, and you’ll just get a better idea of Link’s composition. I guess you use these as an example.

Ok so this was gonna be a personal thing but i went “nah im not doin all of this for nothin” so there it is. So message me if you use this, or reblog with your pics, i’m interested.

and while doing this, i was searching up screenshots of Link and it bothers me too much how he can look like he’s 11 in one angle, and 17 at another. Nintendo’s wild, yall… but i think link’s age is 15 but then technically he’d be 115 but you get what i mean,, jesus link u old man


Barry allen X Reader (SMUT WARNING!!!!) THE HAIRCUT

Prompt: Imagine Barry asking your opinion on his new haircut that you didn’t want him to get but then getting completely turned on when you see it on him which leads to smut

A/N: okay this is my first fic on here so hopefully you guys enjoy. also i like smut so there’s gonna be a lot of that

“Ugh Barrrrrrrrr no don’t cut your hair!” You whined as your boyfriend was getting his things to head to the barber shop. “Babe i haven’t had a haircut in a while , plus i want to try a new style i think you’re gonna like.” your boyfriend reasoned. “No! im gonna die if you come back with your hair cut offf” You screamed as he was walking out the door “Well then i guess ill have to test that out” he said as he closed the door. FIne the do whatever you want I don’t care. You thought as you sulked into the shower.

Just as you turned the water off you heard Barry come in. You had to have been in the shower for a good 30 minuets for him to be back already. “(Y/N)! Baby come here!” You wrapped a towel around your waist and headed down the stairs. “i hope you aren’t calling me to stare at your bald head barry because we will-””We will what?” Barry asked when you got to the bottom of the stairs. You were completely frozen and gaping. His hair was cut short on the sides and it was a HUGE turn on because he was HOT AS FUCK. You started imagining pulling on his hair as his head was between your legs licking and sucking your throbbing clit as his fingers thrusted in and out of you at a beautifully fast pace.Of course you u had on nothing but a towel at the time so it would be very easy for Barry to notice the way you bit your lip as you rubbed your (s/c) legs together. And fuck did he notice Every little move you made. “Mmmm you’re rubbing your legs together like your pussy is wet for me.” He said snapping you out of your dirty day dreams. “And here i thought you wouldn’t like my haircut” he said as started walking over to you. “But i do like it daddy” you said as he walked closer. “I like it so much I was about to touch myself right here in front of you.” You moaned out as you dropped your towel and sat on the stair you about the one you were previously sitting on. Your petite little hands went in between your legs as you started rubbing your clit and fingering yourself soft and slow. Small mewls of pleasure were coming out of your mouth as you saw Barry pulling up a chair and watching you contently while slowly stroking his long , thick , hard cock. You were thrusting your fingers in and out and rubbing your clit viciously and practically screaming Barry’s name as you were reaching your climax. All of a sudden a strong hand stopped you. “nooo” you whined as Barry chuckled and pulled your hands above your head. “I wonder what you were fantasizing about when you were fingering yourself, because you’re soaking wet babe” he said as he put your legs on his shoulders. TO BE CONTINUED….

I know im an ass for TBCing it but its 2:59 am and im tired of writing.

anonymous asked:

At the very least I don't think jieun is gonna die...right away? I mean she's been in a few chapters already and we know some backstory of her. Not like any of sangwoo's victims so far. What im scared of is that sangwoo might use her to get bum to do things like "well I guess if you DONT want to do this then I'll just kill her"

I remember a few weeks ago I theorized that Jieun would live for a good while since KS needs more that just the main three recurring characters, but it looks like I was completely wrong! I don’t know how many chapters the Jieun arc will last, but the chances of her making it out alive are ridiculously slim to nonexistant. There’s no way Sangwoo is letting her out of the house because she already knows way too much.

To me, at the rate things are going Jieun only has one more chapter to live, maybe two. Anything more than that would feel very dragged out. Besides KS chapters are so long with a lot of things happening in them. She already got captured and chained up in one chapter. They even got most of the important talk out of the way, so all that’s left is for Bum to kill her. 

All this makes me question why Sangwoo would choose Jieun of all people to die though. Bum had no idea who she was so literally any other woman would have worked just as well and would have been far less risky. I’m actually really curious about how long Sangwoo was planning on using Jieun as the victim. There’s a possibility he got the idea in the bathroom when Bum expressed his jealousy towards her. Unless Sangwoo intentionally used Jieun knowing Bum would be jealous…wow.

Why did Sangwoo choose Jieun? Why is the murder wedding happening on the day of the festival? Did Sangwoo intentionally plan the whole day or did he go with the flow? etc…

guess who is gonna be in lab until 10pm!!

fuckkin transfer is gonna take over an hour because the voltage is so low!!

it’s supposed to be at 100V

its at 61 and falling

apparently because of the methanol

remember that time in the bleach anime when rukia was like “ohhh ichigo i dont know how to ice skate,, ive never done this before….im just a silly old shinigami i don’t know how to do these human world things… even though im the friKCING iCe queen lmao..”

“oh no… hold my han d, ichigo…. i’m so inexperienced… aaaaah,,,” 

“n0oo don’t let go….. i’ m gonna fall… oh nooooo….”

“whoops oh no i fell i;m just,.. so bad at these human things…. hahahaha………….. guess u gotta hold my hand again… hahahha………”

like ichigo how oblivious can you be did you forget that this girl is the fucking iCE QUEEN OF COURSE SHE KNOWS HOW TO GOD DAMN ICE SKATE like are you kidding 

smooth af rookz…. smooth af

vexredain  asked:

❖ - "Just 'ow obsessed with Rhyan are ye?"

The blond let out a sigh at the Keeper Miqo’te, then shaking his head lightly at her. 

“’ow am I s’posed to answer tha’ so it dun make me all… soundin’ dumb an’ ever’thin’? ‘m not tha’ obsessed with ‘im as bad as people make tha’ out to be. But… I guess I am kind o’ obsessed with ‘im. I jus’… I dunno. When I saw ‘im ‘urt an’ ever’thin’, mebbe I kind o’ lost it. Like ‘ow does tha’ ‘appen to a great guy like tha’? Tha’ meant somethin’ was wrong. An’ I wasn’ jus’ gonna sit there an’ do nothin’.

“I… gotta admit, though. I… tried to convince ‘im to do things but in th’ end, ‘e followed ‘is ‘eart and tha’s all tha’ matters. Long as ‘e’s ‘appy. An’ if anyone e’er tries to ‘urt ‘im, ‘m sure tha’ Ryder’s gonna do somethin’. If he dun, then Imma put a bullet in-b’tween tha’ person’s eyes.”

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