so i guess no one noticed

@semperama​ replied to your post “I was so distracted by The Butt that @pine-farr had to tell me Chris’…”

THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. I didn’t notice until she mentioned it. Between the butt and the thighs, I was like “Plane…?? What plane?!”

We were both BBB’ed: Blinded By Butt.

@pine-farr replied to your post “I was so distracted by The Butt that @pine-farr had to tell me Chris’…”

Guess I’m focused on all the wrong things :P

You’re the only one who isn’t BBB’ed… the sole voice of reason, left with the task of pointing out the very obvious to us Fools. 

@cardassiansunrise replied to your post “okay but WHAT IF Wonder Woman’s plane isn’t invisible at all - she…”

but what if it’s like the cartoon, so it really is invisible but you still see them inside it… imagine the view. just the butt.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? - No, it’s SuperAss. 

@buckys replied to your post “okay but WHAT IF Wonder Woman’s plane isn’t invisible at all - she…”

what if the plane is invisible and makes everything BUT the human in it invisible then we’d just get nekkid pine wow what an eyeful

In that case: @Diana please just crashland that plane & save us all

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I don't understand why anons are trying to bash you/your opinion right now. If you look at the comments under Lynette's posts every fan (no matter what category they fit in (Sam-only, Cait-only, shippers, antis whatever)) noticed the lack of Cait/Claire promo the woman is doing and spoke up. And I'm glad because what kind of bull is this? If you can't be professional let someone else do it 😠 so you guys aren't the only ones who noticed this, they just like to pick on tumblr members I guess...

Thanks anon. I noticed those comments too and I’ve seen people discuss the lack of PR on FB of all places. They usually treat everything they’re given from this show as gold. There is nothing wrong with having a negative opinion. It doesn’t mean I dislike the show or the people. I’m just frustrated by it.

Oh my GOD

I was rewatching bits of episode 2 of YOI and purposefully paused at the moment where they show Yuuri’s profile.

And I noticed one thing. See that box under the pictures on the left-hand side?

This one. It says:

Goals for this year:

  • Winning the Grand Prix Final
  • Not crying during a competition

Yuuri set himself two goals and one of them was “not crying” PROTECT HIM.

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Ive been reading @handsomedogs guess the breed game and I've noticed something interesting, dogs who are mixed with Labs, esp. Labs and only one other breed look very labbish, do you know if Labs have some kind of dominant genes that make that happen or is this just random?

You’re absolutely right! The lab phenotype is apparently super dominant to a lot of other things, so lab mixes tend to look very labby. (I learned this when a client’s Embark test came back mostly Rottweiler and the dog straight up looks like a weirdly constructed lab).

I was watching Supergirl and I couldn’t help but notice this building for both seasons…..

That tower right there next to CatCo….does…anyone not notice it? Like, I can’t help but think it looks really, really familiar…..

I mean, it’s missing one thing, but considering that this is 2017, there’s roughly 30+ years until the supposed apocalypse….So here’s how it looks 140-ish years from now..

I don’t know if I’m the first person to point this out, I’ve tried searching for anyone who did but I guess not. 

You can start your crossovers if y’all like. 

I’m the asshole author that’s going to get published, and create multiple different fan fiction accounts on multiple fan fiction websites and write fan fiction for my own books, mixed in with a few other things as well, so that when I get somewhat noticed, I can talk to my fans and be like, “Oh, I write ‘fan fiction’ about my own book. But you have to guess which one is me” and watch them all go absolutely batshit crazy trying to find me. 

Stars Upon Thars

OK SO I JUST GOT REAL EXCITE (watching ‘you’re welcome’ for the upteenth time and finally noticing this detail)

OK Y’ALL SO, DID YOU KNOW that the group of stars moana follows to find maui’s island are ACTUALLY the constellation Scorpio? known as ‘Maui’s Fishhook’ in that part of the world? yeah, ok, thats cool, but so what

WELL ASIDE FROM IT BEING SUPER COOL good job maui yet one more parallel with hercules    also maui is totally a scorpio rising with aries sun  and maybe some leo moon for good measure ask me more i dare you


and guess what? those stars dont stay the same all movie. nope. they change it up when maui gets his new tattoo (spoiler warning)

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They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

In 2010 you were so concerned with figuring out how Sherlock survived the pool scene you didn’t notice the romance between Sherlock and John. In 2012 you were so concerned with figuring out how Sherlock survived the fall you didn’t notice the romance between Sherlock and John. In 2014 you were so concerned with figuring out how Moriarty could be back you didn’t notice the romance between Sherlock and John. Now here we come to The Final Problem, the problem Moriarty told him about all those years ago: burning the heart out of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock said “I’ve been reliably informed I do not have one”. Moriarty, who strapped John to a bomb, had a sharp reply. “We both know that’s not true.”

Any guesses as to what love story The Final Problem will contain, or have you simply been too distracted to notice the pattern?

On Ghostwriting, Celebrity and That Guardian Review.

Yesterday, some of you may have noticed this review in the Guardian. It’s a review by Jenny Colgan of The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters, by (according to the title page) Nadiya Hussain and Ayisha Malik.

Now, being one of those freaks who doesn’t watch GBBO, I have only limited knowledge of Nadiya Hussain is. I do know of Ayisha Malik, though. She’s a writer, a good one: and from that it’s pretty easy to guess that she’s Nadiya Hussain’s ghostwriter.

So what? Becoming famous in one area (be it sport, politics or baking) does not magically transform someone into a writer. Of course celebrity authors need ghostwriters to help them: that’s why their novels and autobiographies are generally clear, interesting and competently-written. And Nadiya even credits her ghostwriter; not all celebrity authors do. (Some even make them sign non-disclosure agreements, in the hope that the general public will really believe they wrote the book.)

However, having noticed all that, Jenny Colgan (whom I’ve met several times; she seemed like a nice person, though even nice people can be wrong, and in this case, I think she is) still proceeds to make her review all about her dislike of celebrity novels, and how this somehow cheats “proper writers” out of the shelf space they’re entitled to.

She begins with a description of two little girls, one in a library, dreaming of being a writer, and one in a kitchen, dreaming of cakes. You don’t have to be a great brain to understand that the little girl in the library is Jenny Colgan, and that the girl in the kitchen is Nadiya Hussein, who somehow in real life gets to be a baker and a writer too, thereby (it implies) cheating the first little girl out of her dream; as if baking and writing were two kinds of cookies, with limited numbers to go round.

Does she really need to put her name to a novel, too, (writes this successful writer of the first-time author) when there’s only so much shelf space to go around?

It feels greedy.

Well, maybe it would, if writing and baking were cookies. It might be, if we lived in a world in which someone who was good at baking wasn’t allowed to write books. It might be, if publishing were a charity, fairly and evenly distributing its attention to everyone who needed it.

But as it is, no. It doesn’t feel greedy. It feels as if someone is feeling insecure and resentful, and that comes out as sounding plain mean.

Don’t think I don’t understand: I do. Being a writer is a risky business. It’s getting harder and harder to make a living as a professional writer. And now we seem to be overwhelmed by politicians, and TV chefs, and comedians, and musicians, and actors, and pop stars and people from reality shows all wanting to be authors, hogging the limelight and making it look as if anyone can write a book…

Yes, it sometimes feels unfair. It can sometimes seems as if being a celebrity comes with a special, free “bestselling author” card: a card that most authors never get to play. And yes, authors often feel jealous, resentful and scared that their livelihood is being eroded by people whose status as celebrities earn them special privileges. I’m as guilty of this thinking as anyone. You’ve heard me rant about Morrissey, who used his special status to get his ridiculous novel published by Penguin Classics – Penguin Classics, for pity’s sake, next to Shakespeare and Homer. I’m still dismayed that Penguin could do that – to themselves, and to us – for the sake of a piece of piss-a-bed prose that even his fans couldn’t read. And for what? Sales. So I get it. Yeah.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention the editor who commissioned the Guardian piece. My strong suspicion is that he or she knew perfectly well that Jenny Colgan’s review would raise hackles (and, of course, sales). Clickbait is synonymous with journalism nowadays: but if they’d had any kind of integrity, they would have given Jenny Colgan a kind and quiet warning, telling her just how badly she was exposing her prejudices, instead of throwing her under the bus. Because that’s just what the Guardian did, in encouraging her to voice her ignorance and insecurity in a way that would provoke debate. She got the flak: they got the sales. That word again. Sales. Hm.

However – let’s get to the review, and why Jenny Colgan and the Guardian ought to think long and hard about the toxic and damaging messages they are putting out.

First, let’s start with the fact that the book is “perfectly competently-written.” As well it might be; it’s by a perfectly competent writer. It will sell “like hot cakes”. As well it might: it looks like it might be fun, and lots of people have heard of Nadiya Hussian, whose TV presence (by all accounts) is delightful, warm and appealing. But, for some reason, we still shouldn’t buy it. Why? Because it’s ghost-written? The reason for this becomes increasingly unclear and illogical.

If you want to read warm-hearted sagas about second-generation immigration, Meera Syal is a wonderful novelist. If you want to read a brilliant book about four sisters, Little Women is still in print. If you like sisters and cooking, try the marvellous Like Water for Chocolate. Or read Ayisha Malik’s book: it’s huge fun.

Hang on – isn’t The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters Ayisha Malik’s book? Or does she mean a different book, with Ayisha Malik’s name on the cover? In either case, we know that the book would be perfectly competently-written. So why does it really matter to Jenny Colgan which one of Ayisha Malik’s books we read?

Surely it can’t be just because the book is ghost-written. Ghost-writers are excellent writers, and they work hard for their shelf space. Their work is the reason “celebrity books” meet the high standards readers expect. No, it’s because the book will “sell like hot cakes”. Sell better than books by other, less visible authors, who also write about relationships, and families, and baking.

This surefire seller, promoted at every literary festival you’ll attend this year, just feels like yet another chance snatched away from that kid whose library is closing down.

Except we know who that kid really is. It’s little Jenny Colgan, working hard to write her books, while TV celebrities are ushered past her on a red carpet that’s cordoned off from ordinary people.

But here’s the thing. Jenny isn’t a little kid. No-one’s snatching anything. She’s a high-profile, well-established white author, begrudging a Muslim woman “shelf space.” And that sounds pretty greedy, coming from someone with 27 books already in print. In fact, it sounds not entirely unlike “foreigners stealing our jobs.”  or “get back in the kitchen.” Not a great moment for Jenny (or indeed, for the Guardian).

Moving on to the actual book review part of the piece, we encounter my next problem. Having pointed out the cosmetic similarities to Little Women, Jenny says:

I was hoping for insights into a culture I don’t understand as well as I’d like, but the main thrust… is that big noisy religious families are all more or less the same, which, while undoubtedly true, didn’t add much….

Now whether she meant it or not, that reads as if she is complaining that the Muslim family in this book isn’t different enough to be interesting. Muslims in fiction should be exotic. They shouldn’t try to be like the rest of us. They shouldn’t take inspiration from Little Women. (Remember how Monica Ali was lambasted for daring to write about Princess Diana, instead of staying in Brick Lane?) Reading about people of other cultures should add something (to the experience of white people). It’s a perspective that fails to take into account the fact that a book authored by a Muslim woman, ghosted by a Muslim woman, about Muslim women may not be aimed at white people at all.

So hang on, I hear you asking. If Jenny Colgan didn’t like the book, is she not allowed to say so?

Well, yes. Of course she is. But in her review, she didn’t suggest that she disliked the book. Instead, she used her review platform to make a statement about “greedy” celebrities. Again, she had every right to do this. But was it really appropriate for her to do it as part of a review (and therefore target one writer only), rather than write a general piece, in which she could have mentioned any number of (white, privileged) celebrities?(Morrissey, I’m looking at you.)

And at best, it sounds as if this white author doesn’t understand how little representation Muslim girls have – in the media or in publishing. It sounds as if she has allowed her personal insecurities to cloud her objective judgement. A book reviewer reviews the book, not the author photograph. And in a world dominated by white celebrities, white authors, white reviewers, is it really too much to allow Muslim girls this one successful role model?

Muslim women have little enough of a platform – be it on TV or in publishing - as it is. They do not need to hear that one of the few Muslim women recognized as a success outside of the Muslim community is taking up too much space. And in the past, Jenny Colgan has given glowing reviews to books by (white) celebrities (who didn’t happen to be writing about women, and love, and baking).

Now I’m not a great fan of celebrity novels either, although I do think ghost writers do an excellent, and very underrated job. But in some cases, the value of giving a high-profile role model to (for instance) Muslim girls is more important than literary snobbery, or even the hurt feelings of an author who feels threatened.

Books are a zero sum game, she says. If you’re reading one, you can’t be reading another. 

Not so. Books are stepping-stones. One book leads to another. People reading Twilight sometimes go on to Wuthering Heights. People reading The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters might well go on to read Little Women. And people being told not to read it may just end up not reading at all. Whether we like it or not, there are people who never read books unless they have a TV or a celebrity connection. Those people feel so disconnected from the world of literature that, unless given permission to read by someone they know from TV, they may never reach for a book at all, let alone Little Women. Are we to ignore them, just because we, as writers, happen not to understand?

Books are for readers, not writers. And if even one non-reader reads a book because of a TV show about baking, then that book will have served its purpose. And if one Muslim girl sees Nadiya Hussain on the cover of a book and tells herself “I could do that,” then once more, it will have served its purpose.

As writers, we are all subject to fears and insecurities. But we’re not in this business to score off readers, or sneer at their choices, or deny role models to those who need them. That kid in the library needs to learn that no-one owes her shelf space, or column inches, or sales, or cookies. As writers, we ought to care about literacy, and empathy, and the good that books – that all books – do. And that means looking at what readers need. Because we’re not children any more, even though sometimes, we feel that way.

Soukoku Childhood Theories

I almost forgot about this HC but now it transformed into another theory/prediction and I have to thank the people of skk-hell discord for reminding me about this ‘crossing paths’ cover page of soukoku as children in chapter 31. So, theory time!

Theory: Chuuya joined the Mafia earlier than Dazai (IDK about Q tho) and I guess this day (or night,who knows) is the day Dazai joined the Mafia. 

Reason : Look closely on the above image. Notice anything? except that it looks like a love at first sight hit me fam 

Anything peculiar? 

Dazai is not wearing a coat

We all know Mori gave him the coat even before becoming an executive so Im assuming Mori gave him one after joining the Mafia but in this panel, Dazai isn’t wearing a coat whereas we can see that Chuuya already got his. From their reactions, it seems that this is the first time they saw each other, an “Oh look, a new kid of my age” kind of thing. Another reason why I think Chuuya joined earlier is because his level of loyalty in the Mafia is much deeper than Dazai’s in many ways, it can explain why he’s more loyal because of the length of his attachment with the organization. 

So yeah, I might be overlooking the ‘coat’ thing but a reminder: it’s just another theory.

Another theory of mine includes:

-They are 12-13 at this time

-Dazai was a patient of Mori 

even saw isak on the first day of school and since he was always strategically placed in isak’s line of sight when isak started noticing him, even probably followed him around and sat close to him whenever he could. this means that he saw all the little things no one else noticed. he saw isak yawning and scratching his nose when it was too damn early for anyone to be fully awake. he saw isak stretch his arms above his head and make that high pitched whiny noise. he saw isak hum the postman pat theme song while waiting for the boy squad to show up at lunch. he saw isak struggle with his locker and completely destroy his books every single day. he saw all these stupid things people do when they think no one’s looking and he was completely mesmerized by it

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Hi, I really like your profile. Could you maybe do one where they see MC for the first time in a strapless and short dress?


  • goes RED IN THE FACE
  • if you look carefully enough, you might notice his soul leaving his body
  • can’t look you in the eye for the first 2 minutes
  • he’s so embarrassed to the point where you get secondhand embarrassment 
  • poor child worries that you’re going to get cold wearing just the dress
  • can’t even get a full compliment out because he keeps tripping over his words
  • in the end, you have to grab his hand and lead him out the door before you’re both late for the dinner reservations
  • literal puppy during the entire date
  • he was right you got cold but it’s okay since he carried around an extra jacket for that very moment


  • almost choked on his cup of water when you walked out of the room
  • had to step outside on the balcony for a few seconds to calm down 
  • when he walks back in, he makes a beeline past you and into your room
  • reemerges with an armful of jackets and dresses
  • “babe, you should change into something else”
  • “what, why? is this one bad?”
  • “n-no, it’s great;;; so great i don’t want any other men seeing it”
  • “but zeeeen i’ve wanted to try this dress on for a long time”
  • “….then at least wear a jacket”
  • even without looking, you could feel him giving the stink eye to anyone who even tried to glance at you
  • “yes, i made reservations here for me and my giRLFRIEND”
  • he showers you with compliments during the dinner though, which made you really happy


  • she actually got really flustered
  • reflexively turned around so she wouldn’t see
  • “jaehee… i’m not naked, you know”
  • “oh… i didn’t mean to offend you, i was merely surprised”
  • “does it look bad?”
  • she cleared her throat before turning back around, giving you a once-over before smiling and saying that you look great
  • once she got past the embarrassed stage though, she wouldn’t stop staring at you
  • it’s one of those appreciative and admiring stares that you thought she only reserved for zen
  • insists on you having outerwear as well, to keep yourself warm when needed


  • froze for like 5 seconds before striding over towards you
  • “…shall we spend the evening at home instead?”
  • “what? why?”
  • “i’d like to be the only one who can see you like this”
  • “but… the restaurant reservations” cause food is life
  • “if you’d really like to go, then i have no choice. however, bring something to cover yourself while we travel. it’s chilly at night”
  • he tried taking a picture of you during the meal
  • but all he got was a blurry mess he decided to hire a photographer for next time
  • watches you like a hawk to make sure you’re comfortable
  • sneezing because your dress is a bit too short? he’ll nearly rip off his jacket so you can cover your legs
  • loves your dress though, and hopes you wear more like them for future occasions


  • this idiot takes it as a competition
  • dashes back into his room and reemerges wearing a dress of his own dear god it’s way too short for a man
  • “what do you think, MC? this one really shows my legs doesn’t it?!”
  • oh my god, you are not going out like that”
  • “haha are you worried i’ll look better than you? don’t worry, your outfit is on par with my hacking skills!! i could never beat it!”
  • “never mind that, that dress is shorter than mine! aren’t you cold?!”
  • “… well, i do feel a slight breeze down–”
  • he really thinks you look great, though
  • looks all smug and giddy while walking with you outside
  • you noticed him carrying around this big folded fabric in his arms, and ask him what it was
  • he says it’s for when you get cold and you tell yourself to never let him know you’re cold
  • because it’s this horrifying shade of green and is littered with sleeping kittens it’s kind of cute but it’s not
  • he actually brought it to cover you when he thought too many guys were making eyes at you so when he suddenly unfolds it with a flourish and drapes it around you like some cape you’re mortified
  • wait, i’m not cold!!”
  • “hmm~ it’s a precaution! did you feel it? that breeze just now!”
  • that breeze was from when you flapped this blanket thing!
  • “this isn’t a ‘blanket thing’! it’s a fortified defense against wind chill and low temperatures!”
  • in the end, you gave up and trudged around with the monstrous cape while he happily rambled on about what other plans you two have for tonight the blanket was actually really warm but you’ll never admit it

So since we’re in hiatus times until further notice, let’s play a little game called …

Now that we’ve been made aware of an episode titled ‘Lion 4: Alternate Ending’, I think it’s safe to assume we might finally learn the contents of that treasure chest inside Lion’s mane!

So the big question is … What’s inside the chest?

Reblog with your best guess (limit it to one guess, if you can!). It can be something you’ve theorized for a long time, or just something that popped in your head. It can be totally reasonable, or totally outlandish. The choice is yours!

The only prize for being correct is delicious bragging rights, as I’ll be reblogging this post from the winner once we do learn what’s in the chest.

Have fun!

Bruises - Part 1

Draco x Reader

Word count: 801

Request: @candy-scott-sweety 

Hi ! Can I please ask a request where Draco had a crush on a reader who didn’t even notice. Because she has an abusive relationship with her parents. They are terrible, she don’t trust anyone and feels so lonely. One night, Draco follows her to the edge of a lake and catch her crying. Then he decides to react. I guess i just need fluff and comfort. 

ages about fifth or sixth year!

Warnings: abusive parents, sad reader.

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Like always, you felt sad, but today, something made it worse. You were woken up at your house in London to find that your father standing at your door. He looked rough: he had a cigarette in on hand and a bottle of alcohol in another. He shot the bud of the cigarette on your floor, stamping on it, leaving a mucky grey residue. It was only 9:00am and yet he was found with his bad habits yet again. You began to wonder if you would ever get your father back. 

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So I was watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them again and i paused because i wanted to go get something to eat but i noticed something…

For those of you that might have trouble reading this it says:


Prosecuted for wig theft

So i googled bronx ginger hair…

Does anyone remember that one scene in The Danish Girl where Einer (Eddie Redmayne) and Gerda (Alicia Vikander) sneak into the ballet dressing rooms and steal a bunch of wigs for the art party that Einer was going to go to dressed up as a girl? 

Because i do… and guess what color wig he took…

Bronx ginger… He took a BRONX GINGER wig.




I saw Kubo and the Two Strings today and I loved it! It was gorgeously animated, emotionally engaging and, “Oh my!”

(spoiler alert for people who haven’t seen Kubo and/or Coraline!)

I don’t know if someone already mentioned this, but one interesting thing I just noticed is the similarity between Kubo and Coraline (also from Laika) regarding eyes and parallel universes. The Moon King wants Kubo’s eyes so that he can claim him for his moon realm, and the Other Mother seeks Coraline’s eyes in order to keep her in the Other World. Basically it seems like the kids’ eyes are the key to their souls, which the bad guys want to trap forever in their cold dead domains. I guess this goes along with that saying about eyes being the window into your soul!