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An Encounter, Daveed Diggs x Reader

Prompt: You see your ex-boyfriend at a hotel, and now you can’t feel your chest. 

Word-count: 1,306

Warnings: None apart from like, sADNESS. 

Note: Hello there.

So. Um. Yeah. Angst once again. Ha ha. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STOP ME. 

First time I’m posting something with Daveed, although this is far from the first time I’ve wrote for the man. It’s not angst, really. Well, it is. I guess, angst with an ambiguously happy ending?? Does that work??? 

Speaking of angst, Circumstance part two will be coming up in the following days, and the last Perks and the sequel to Chase next week. 

Anyway, I love you all, enjoy. 

Much, much love. xx

You know how these things go.

There will be quiet moment that lasts for maybe a second, and then the tide rushes in.

You feel a tug right behind her chest, and it seems to break you open until the hook catches onto one of your ribs. Your heart stays, though, and it remains, beating traitorously fast against the heel of your palm, which you have pressed to your sternum in an effort to somehow stop your pulse from rising any further through external force. It isn’t working.

All he’s doing is standing there, nothing more. He’s there, just there. His there-ness shouldn’t be affecting you the way that it did.

You should have moved on by now, leaving him in the dust and effectively cutting him away like a stubborn weed.

You realize somewhat belatedly how you must look, standing there with such a wretched expression on your face, glasses askew, your heart in the soles of your shoes. Pathetic.

God, what is he doing here? Why is he here? How is he here?

“Miss?” someone asks and the dam breaks and you are out of the mystic realm. You stutter a response and turn away, half-dumb. It’s fine, you try to tell yourself, mostly failing. “Your room key,” the poor receptionist says, looking at you with obvious concern. You take the room key, hands numb and trembling. You’re praying that he doesn’t see you.You’re praying that he passes by without so much as a glance in your direction. You’re praying—


Damn it. Damn it all to hell.

The key is a sharp sting in your hand as you face him, and the twist in your stomach nearly makes you bowl over.

He’s still beautiful. As stunning and as unreachable as you remembered.

“Hi,” you say, and you inwardly curses at the crack of emotion so obvious so noticeable so very much there—

“It’s been a while,” he says with a breeze of a laugh. He smiles and you know that if you were standing any closer, that smile could easily kill you. You want to scream, or yell, or screech. All three.

“It has,” you say instead, managing a smile of your own. “How are you?” You hate this. Hate this. Absolutely. He shouldn’t be standing there all beautiful and put-together while you’re a crumbling disaster.

“I’m doing great, yeah,” he says, scratches the back of his neck, the gesture so routine and so familiar that it sends you back, forcing a finger down your memory’s throat.

You’re back to two years ago, and he’s standing next to you on this small little hill in your small little hometown, holding your hand, and the weather was so humid you could feel it in the back of your throat. He’s saying something to you, you can’t quite remember anymore.

You’re back to one year ago, and you’ve been yelling for hours now, fighting for what seems like years. You’re tired and sorry and angry and you just want to get this over with. You both do.

“Why do we keep doing this?” you can’t help but ask into the silence of your dimly lit den. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see him turn and look at you.

“What?” he says. “Keep doing what?”

You don’t speak, because for all this show of confusion, you know he knows what you’re talking about.

He moves out of the house within the next month.

It wasn’t the most painful breakup of your memory (heaven knows you’ve had worse), and if you were being entirely honest, the split was entirely peaceful. But they always said that it was often the little things that kept haunting you. (Your breakup wasn’t a little thing. God no. But it was a lot less than the others. Less shouting. Less fuss. Less. And yet here you were, torn completely asunder with barely five sentences.)

“Anyway,” he says, and it breaks you out of your stupor. “How have you been?” Belatedly, you realize that you’ve been quiet for some time, only staring at him like some depressing fool.

“Oh, you know,” shriveled up, scattered, scrambled, et cetera, “the usual.”

“That’s great.” He sounds so sincere. It makes you want to hate him, but it only makes you love him more. “It’s been such a long time…”

There is a moment of silence that you mourn and revel in. You’re too emotionally confused to take in anything else. If you had your head on straight, you’d feel awkward. You don’t, but that was neither here nor there.

“Have you been seeing someone else?”

The question was so sudden, so out of bounds that it renders you mute for a solid second.

“E-Excuse me?”

He’s sheepish now, embarrassed by his own bald honesty. “You heard me,” he says at last. It was somehow comforting to know that he was still himself after all this time, still too confident for his own good.

“No,” you say after forever. “N-No. I’m not—seeing anyone at the moment.”

He lights up, and then maybe realizes that he should not be, dimming. “Sorry,” he says. “That was terrible of me.”

You don’t know what to say, so you keep silent. You just now notice that you’ve moved. You’re near the lobby now, instead of the receptionist desk. There is traction on your feet now as you drag it, the floor going from tile to carpet.

“Why’d you ask?” you say, feeling something burning in your body, just below your trachea. Your stomach’s twisting so badly it’s a miracle you haven’t vomited yet. Your heart was a battering ram against your uvula.

“Look,” he says, breathes, “I know that it’s crappy of me to bring this up now, and here of all places,”

“Daveed, we’re in a hotel,”

Exactly. Like, what kind of guy talks up to his ex-girlfriend in a hotel? But it’s been a year since I last saw you and you were there and prettier than I remembered and—“


“Let me finish, please.” He inhales through his nose, lets the air out sharply. “Y/N, I miss you.” And then your world stops, and you’re struck dumb in the wake of whatever this is. “I miss you. Present tense. I don’t even know what happened to us, Y/N. We were so good and then we weren’t and I can’t wrap my head around it.”

You want to walk away. You want to scream ‘No’ until you’re hoarse. But you couldn’t be yourself unless you were an idiot. So you stay.  

“I want you back, Y/N. I want us back. And it is a one heck of an assumption, because who knows, you might have some other guy there in your heart, but I’m not leaving here not knowing. I’m not walking away from this place knowing I could have had a chance with you and not taken it. Please, just let me know.”

He turns and starts to walk away, and you’re struck by how unfair it all is. You’re the one who’s supposed to be walking away. Not him.

“I don’t,” you say, louder than you would have usually. He stops in his tracks. “I don’t have anyone else in my heart.” You hate how truthful you’re being.

He faces you, smile so wide and so bright that it makes your eyes hurt. He looks like he wants to reach out to you but thinks better of it, which was all the best. You couldn’t take it if he held you now. Instead he opts for the next best thing; he cocks his head to the side and gestures for you to follow him. You do.

You’re swerving back into his lane now, and you could only hope that the collision doesn’t hurt too much this time around.

Crash. Bang. Smoke.


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 94

Oops, we did it again… but you already know that, Heiko told you last week that we met again. What he didn’t said was where we met. Maybe some attentive follower can guess in which city the photos where taken.

And maybe you also find “Waldo” in our photos. A person who followed us the whole time. Like a shadow. I would even go so far to say that he stalked us. There was no escape. I suspect he even took photos of us. Unbelievable! 

This week’s praise to all of you who guess correctly where we met and where Waldo is. And a big request to all of you, please look around, I suspect Waldo is already among us.

CEO: Part Two.

A/N; So from the title you can probably already guess this is the second part to CEO. It will be a small series, maybe consisting of four parts. I really hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,634

Listen to this. 

Part One  

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Lipstick on His Collar (Part Two)

note: this is part 2 of 3!

pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 850

warnings: swearing maybe

inspiration: i guess this was inspired a little bit by one last time? idk.

summary: there was lipstick on his collar. it wasn’t your colour.

a/n: if you haven’t read part one, you can find it here! i’m afraid this gets less angsty and more redemption arc-y, i suppose, so maybe you won’t dig it as much as it continues. anyway enjoy this part! ft professor washington

Your mind had been buzzing for nine days, filling up with worries and sadness and the overwhelming feeling of, ‘what now?’ You couldn’t focus on work or school – you dropped a plate in the diner the day before, and now you sat at your desk in Washington’s class, so defeated, your hand barely even scratching the surface of your paper as everyone else around you took notes, their pens just background noise to the stampede of thoughts that hadn’t stopped running in your brain. You shook your head in an attempt to get it to stop, just for five minutes, so you could do something useful, but no such luck. You sat in your chair until class was dismissed, and you stayed long after. Eventually you felt someone standing over you. Professor Washington.

“I don’t normally like to meddle in the affairs of my students,” he started off somewhat awkwardly, sitting down in the chair next to you. You could tell this was his first time doing something like this, and the thought almost made you laugh. But it got caught in your throat on the way up. “But you seem… really…”

“Sad?” you finished, giving him a small smile.

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Overcome (’95 Line Hogwarts AU Foursome Smut) (Part 1/?)

Summary: Joshua, Seungcheol, and Jeonghan had always been the best of friends. Well, more so Jeonghan and Joshua, and Jeonghan and Seungcheol. They’ve always been as close as Hogwarts brings people - maybe even closer. Throw a sassy Slytherin, a bucket load of hormones, and some late puberty into the mix, and welcome total chaos. Hogwarts AU. Pre-Smut. 

(A/N: guess who’s trash and couldn’t wait to post thiiis. there;s no smut in this part, it’s basically just a preview ish kinda thing. but it’s mostly a set up for part two which will have smutty situations. i’m not sure how long it’s gonna be yet - which explains the question mark - but i am going for a more slow build because this was going to be a monster of a fanfic anyway. i strayed a little from the original request, but i think you’ll all enjoy it. i also used my favourite harry potter fanfic trope, which is the reader hitting all of the puberty all of a sudden. Also looking for any suggestions on a title. -Tanisha<3) 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

Part 1: Oculus Reparo 

“The train is going to be leaving any minute now.”

“We have time. Besides, I told Coups we would wait for him.”

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I so hope that we will see Molly more times in the next episode! At least it looks like we can have a three scenes minimum (because first two pics seems like from the same scene and I guess we all can surely say that all of these images are from TLD)… but according Molly’s outfit it could be the same day but whatever and maybe her role will finally increase! *please*

and just one more question - what is Mary doing here? or this part is from his mind palace?!?!

Make Me | Theo Raeken Imagine

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request: Theo smut with dirty talk¿ Love your writing btw

word count: 1448

warnings: swearing, smut, oral sex

A/N: i don’t know if this is really dirty talk but i kind of tried it, maybe a part two? hope you enjoy it :)

“So I guess you’re going to tell Scott about me?”, Theo ran straight into you while you were putting your books into your locker. You looked at the brown-haired boy and shrugged, before continuing your work. “You’re kidding me, right? Please, Y/N, talk to me”, he begged. “Theo, I think you’re kidding me. I just found out that you’re working with the Dread Doctors and now you want to act like I don’t have to feel scared or something?”, you said annoyed. “Please Y/N, I know this must be confusing but -”, he started but you interrupted him obviously angry: “Confusing? I’m not confused. I fucking hate you, Theo Raeken”, you whispered, not wanting someone to notice what you two were talking about and turned around. “I don’t believe you, Y/N”, he mumbled but you had already left. You got home and ordered a pizza because your parents wouldn’t be home for another three days and your brother, Stiles, would take his time with his best friend Scott. While waiting for your pizza, you went upstairs into your room to watch some TV when you noticed a strange smell in your room. You sniffled and recognized the smell of a masculine aftershave. “God, Stiles”, you sighed to yourself. He always had some problems with opening his aftershave and that would lead to him spraying it through the whole house. You openend the bathroom door and slipped into some comfortable clothes, short sweatpants and a grey top.When you entered your bedroom you froze. This smell wasn’t Stiles’ aftershave, it was Theo’s who was sitting right in front of you with a smirk on his face. “What do you want, Theo?”, you asked and got closer to him. “You know what I want, Y/N”, he answered hoarse. You shook your head with an innocent expression on your face, trying to tease Theo. “Don’t tell Scott about me and the dread doctors”, he explained and inspected your body. His eyes wandered from your naked legs to your black sweatpants, to your breasts under your grey top, clearly emphasizing your upper body and finally stopped at your soft, pink lips. You slowly got closer to the handsome boy sitting on your bed until your knees were almost touching his. You smirked before you softly touched his thigh. “Make me”, your murmured, making him look surprised. You looked into his blue eyes and your smirk grew when you saw him inspecting your body, his eyes filled with lust. He got up with his unbelievable werewolf speed and pinned you against a wall. “As you wish”, he said, his lips touching your ear and his hot breath making you shiver. His mouth wandered down kissing the outline of your face before finally connecting his lips with yours. Theo’s hands wandered down your body and rested at your hips, pushing you harder against the wall. Your hands got to his neck and you started playing with the tips of his soft hair before you pulled him closer. You didn’t hate him, of course you didn’t and he knew it and he knew how to make you weak. One of your hands left his neck and made its way down his to his biceps admiring his muscular body. He removed his lips from yours just to leave a trail of wet kisses to your neck. He nibbled on your skin and started to bite harshly making sure he would leave marks on your skin. Your hand got down to the hem of his shirt and your hand found his soft skin but before you could really touch his body he caught your wrist and removed it from him while pulling away from you. “Na, na, princess. Not yet”, he whispered and put your hand back to his neck. You tried to pout but he sealed his lips with yours. Theo bit your lower lip causing you to moan into his mouth. He saw your open mouth as a chance to slide his tongue into your mouth making you groan again. Your tongues fought for dominance but after a few seconds he clearly won and he smiled into your kiss. One of his hands left your hip and he drew the shape of your body before he slowly rubbed your cheek. You felt his member harden against you and you smirked. God, you wanted to touch him so badly. He broke away and he pulled off your shirt, leaving your upper body in just your laced bra. He shortly admired the view you offered him before he cupped up one of your breasts with his large hand. You moaned. “T-Theo, my brother will be back in about half an hour”, you stuttered under your breath. Theo’s smirk grew when he twisted your nipple. “He doesn’t… doesn’t really like… you”, you continued to stutter. “I know”, Theo simply said and locked your lips again. He harshly massaged your breast while his other hand found its way to your butt and squeezed it passionately. You couldn’t take it anymore and pulled away to throw Theo’s shirt at the floor. Your hands felt his heart racing in his toned chest. Theo finally unclasped your bra and smiled while you were still touching his beautiful skin. He stopped all of his actions looking at you expectant. You whined wanting him to touch you again. “Please, touch me, daddy”, you slipped out. “How did you just call me?”, he asked his voice sounding ice cold. You bit your lip. “Daddy?”, you answered slowly. Theo smirked. “God, babe, keep calling me this”, he said. “But what did you want?”, he added. “I want you to touch me, daddy”, you murmured  and he slightly touched the bare skin of your breasts before twisting them and making you whimper. He took off his jeans before you kissed him again with so much passion, you couldn’t even believe it yourself. You still couldn’t explain the way you felt towards this boy but you knew that you wanted him right now. You removed your lips from his and smiled when you felt him licking your nipple. Theo’s hand moved back to your ass and he quickly pulled you up just to place you on your bed. Suddenly you heard the bell ringing and you remembered that you ordered pizza an hour ago. “Who’s this?”, Theo mumbled against your breast. “I ordered a pizza… but forget about it”, you answered and pulled his head down to suck your nipples. You started moaning very loud. “You like that, princess?”, he asked. “Mhm… yes”, you replied while starting to undress your lower body. When Theo finished his work with the other nipple, he looked at your soaked panties. “God, I can only imagine how fucking tight you will be and how good my cock will feel inside of you”, Theo murmured and kissed your warmth through your panties. “You want that?”, he teased you softly kissing the inside of your thighs. “Please, daddy”, you groaned. He got to the hem of your panties and slowly pulled them down revealing your wet warmth to him. He groaned when you put down his pants staring at his large erection. But instead of positioning himself at your entrance, he placed his swollen lips there. He placed kisses on your lips and would even lick over them sometimes until his tongue found your clit and sucked it harshly making you moan even louder. “Y/N? I’m back home”, you heard Stiles call from downstairs. “Oh fuck, Theo”, you mumbled and stuffed your clothes under your pillow. “Y/N?”, Stiles called again. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, you sweared while throwing a blanket over you and Theo so that it looked like you were just sleeping in your bed… alone. You heard Stiles open your door with a soft creak. “Y/N? Are you sleeping?”, he whispered. “Um, hi Stiles… I’m about to.. f-fall asleep”, you stuttered trying to hold back your moan. Theo was still working at your clit, making you shiver. “Are you okay?”, he asked and furrowed his eyebrows. You nodded. “Just tired”, you replied shortly. “Okay, I’m gonna visit Malia. I’ll be back at eight or so”, your brother explained still confused. “Okay, see you later”, you mumbled. Stiles left your room and you could finally exhale with a slight moan. “God, Theo, I hate you”, you told him. “Heard that before but we both know you don’t”, he answered and laughed inaudible. You tried to get up but Theo held you in place. “You don’t really think we’re finished, do you?”, he grinned and kissed you again. No, you didn’t hate him, you couldn’t even think of it.

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we interrupt your regularly scheduled requests for some halloweenies

the last time i went to a haunted house (it was technically a ride), i had my eyes shut the entire time, even the parts where the car was outside the house and there were five of us and only two people to a car so guess who had to ride alone?

happy almost halloween, my chicken frienders~ here are some headcanons!


  • It takes a little while to convince you, but he reasons that you’re seventeen and those things aren’t real anyway. Besides the whole team was going too, so you could not only count on him to protect you, but also Yamamoto to fight someone, if necessary.
  • You’re a shaking mess the entire time and you cling to his arm, which he loves at first, but your gripping his bicep so tightly that he starts to lose feeling in his arm.
  • When his attempts to calm you down fail, he turns to Kai to help try and soothe you. Except just as Kai opens his mouth, one of the actors waiting under the covered table shoots his hand out and grabs your ankle. You shriek so loudly Kuroo is sure he’s gone deaf in one ear.
  • You bolt from that room faster than anyone had ever seen you run in your life. The whole way down the hall you were screaming, “Nope! Nope! Not today!” garnering some confused looks from other groups making their way through the house.
  • You end up tripping over one of the rugs, and curl yourself up on the floor. You shut your eyes tight in case one of the frightening maids come around, and cover your ears to block out those eerie sound effects.
  • You aren’t there for very long before something or someone touches you again and you jump higher than a surprised cat. Thankfully, it’s just Kuroo.
  • He scoops you up and leads you out of the house, apologizing sheepishly the whole time. He’ll make it up to you somehow.


  • He didn’t really want to go all that much either because he’s just not that interested, but he also never wants to pass up an opportunity to get a rise out of Tanaka and Nishinoya. You’re naturally reluctant at first, but because it’s so unusual and yet refreshing that he’d want to spend time with his team outside of practice and games, you agree to go anyway.
  • The attraction only lets people in three at a time for crowd control, and the host at the entrance makes the groups themself. Tsukishima ends up with Daichi and Narita, while you end up with Hinata and Asahi.
  • You end up being the one who has to put on a brave face to console the two boys. Until a door slams open right in front of you and dart in the opposite direction without worrying about the other two.
  • Somehow you end up in the dining room. But aside from the way you came in, there’s no other way out. And from there you have no idea where to go. Just as you’re about to turn around and head back into the hall, a voice calls out your name and you jump with a scream. It was just Tsukishima, who is a little confused to see you by yourself.
  • You start tearing up right away, and Tsukishima takes your hand even though he’s never been big about PDA. You’re a little embarrassed about crying in front of Daichi and Narita, but they promise to keep you safe until your group is out of the house.
  • Tsukishima apologizes on the way home, but he holds your hand again the whole way there, so it makes up for it even if only a little.


  • He knows that you really don’t want to go but the both of you had been so busy lately that it really would be the first time in a long time that you’d be able to spend some time together.
  • He tries to comfort you the entire time in his most soothing voice, which always works in any other situation, but for some reason his words in time with the creepy noises only makes matters worse.
  • Part of the attraction has a sequence where a thunderstorm cuts the lights. You happen to be in one of the larger rooms when this happens. You try to find Suga in the pitch black of the room and follow the sound of his voice, but somehow you manage to keep getting farther away from him. It’s not helping that Hinata, Nishinoya, and Tanaka decide to play a round of Marco Polo in the dark. Daichi has to keep yelling at them to shut up.
  • You decide to stay put and sit down on the floor in the dark until the lights come back up.  When the lights flicker on again, you’re alone in that room still, but you’re too scared to bring yourself to move. The antique decorum feels like it’s watching you.
  • Nishinoya is the first one to find you. He sits right beside you and keeps you company the whole time and tells you jokes until Suga finds you.
  • Upon seeing your boyfriend, you immediately jump into his arms and hold onto him tightly until you leave the house.
  • He’s so torn up about putting you in that kind of situation, even chides himself for having been selfish just because he wanted to spend time with you. You assure him that it’s okay, but he’d have to make it up with a lot of cuddling.


  • The Seijou third-years have been doing this haunted house trip every Halloween since they started high school. Now that their dearest Iwa-chan has a girlfriend, she must come as well. He refuses at first because a) he knows your scared and b) he’d rather do something a little more romantic with you, but you do think it would be nice to finally meet his friends.
  • His face flushes the moment you cling to his arm, and Matsukawa and Hanamaki teasing him about it certainly isn’t helping. He does thoroughly enjoy that you’re so close to him, but then Oikawa starts clinging to his other arm after a loud crash sounds from behind one of the doors.
    • “We do this every year, Oikawa, and now you’re scared of it?!”
    • “Sh-shut up! I wasn’t expecting that one!”
  • After another loud crash from the same room, the door opens and one of the zombified actors emerges and immediately approaches you. Fight or flight kicks in; flight it is and your legs carry you as far as you can go until the zombie stops chasing you.
  • Speaking of losing, that probably wasn’t your best idea because you have no idea where you are or where Iwaizumi and his friends are. You call out his name weakly a few times, but aren’t really sure why.
  • Something brushes past your leg in the dim light and you’re off and running again as soon as the chills subside. In the distance, you see a group of four, and you’re absolutely sure it’s Iwaizumi and his friends. Sure enough, it is, and Iwaizumi is already running towards you as well. You throw yourself at him and knock the both of you to the floor.
  • He doesn’t let go of you after that.
  • He beats himself up on the way home, but you’re more worried that you didn’t make such a great first impression on his friends. Next time, the five of you are probably better off getting to know each other at an amusement park.

Characters: Gray x Reader

Genre: Angst + Fluff

Prompt: PART 2- You secretly like Gray and he asks you out. However, it turns out to be a dumb dare from Jay. 

Part 1

Gray: I’m sorry

Your phone buzzed again and you didn’t even have to check to see who messaged you. He had been doing this ever since you got into that taxi. His constant texts and phone calls only made you sadder; this was the most he had ever wanted to talk to you and it was under these circumstances.

Gray: I really mean it. Please answer me.

I want to answer you but I’m still angry, you thought to yourself. Part of you wanted to forgive him so you could move on but your blood boiled whenever you thought about it.

“Maybe you two should meet up for a chat.” You jumped slightly, looking up at Simon who must have guessed it was Gray contacting you. Your phone had been buzzing throughout your hang out and he had been holding his tongue until now.

“I don’t want to talk to him,” you half snapped at Simon as you stared at your drink. The last few days were rough. You had been avoiding seeing anyone from AOMG to hide your embarrassment; you knew that they saw what happened in the club a few days ago. Simon and you were together at a coffee shop as he wanted to talk you. However, it did take some convincing for you to even see him as it still made you cringe.

“I know what he did was wrong but-“

“Why does there need to be a but?” You glared at him, trying to appear more irritated than upset. Truthfully, you were breaking on the inside. Gray had sent you countless amounts of messages and emails, trying to get you to communicate with him but you had remained silent.

“He messed up! Jay feels terrible about it, he hasn’t stopped apologising.” Simon sighed and bit his lip, feeling embarrassed for his behaviour a few nights ago. He knew that if he had drank less then he would have stopped the whole thing from happening. Though, he struggled to remember much about that night as it was all a blur.

“Yeah…he said sorry the day after.” Jay had sent you a rather long text message trying to explain the situation and that it wasn’t Grays fault. That didn’t stop you from feeing bitter or angry though. Your heart hurt at the memory of his expression when you confessed. Gray looked so…confused and sad.  You sighed and took a drink from your cup, finishing it.

“I’m sorry. The kids act like idiots when they drink.” Simon joked, trying to brighten the mood. You nodded in agreement and forced a smile.

“Well, I need to get going. I’ve got work tomorrow” You lied as you put your bag over your shoulder, feeling drained from the conversation. You knew that he felt guilty even though he hadn’t done anything. The most damage he done was to his liver that night.  Simon opened the door and let you walk out first, leading you to his car so he could drive you home.

“Try to talk to him,” Simon wrapped his arms around you and hugged you close, “He’s an idiot but he wouldn’t mean to hurt you on purpose. You know that.” Tears were now brimming your eyes and you buried your face in his neck to hide them. Gray may not have meant it but that didn’t stop the pain or embarrassment.

“Hyung?” You froze in his arms…was that?

“Gray?” Simon let go of you and turned around. Fuck. Gray was standing there with a shocked expression on his face. Your legs began to feel weak; you wanted nothing more than the ground to swallow you up.

“Did…did you tell him I was here?” You accused and took a step away from the two of them.

“I didn’t tell him anything! I swear, I didn’t even tell him I was coming here.” Simon went to take your hand but you dodged him.

“I…Jay told me where you were, Hyung. You left your studio keys behind and he told me to give them to you.” His eyes never left yours, he couldn’t believe that you were finally here in front of him. His mind was racing with things to say.

“I really want to talk to you.” Gray took a step forward with a faint smile, feeling relieved that he could finally clear everything up. He was going to confess, for real this time.

“I’ll make my own way home, thank you.” Quickly smiling at Simon and tried your best not to stare at Gray even though your eyes kept being drawn to him. You went to take a step away but he stepped forward.

“I need to-“ Gray went to go after you but Simon stopped him. You held your head held high, turning around and walked away from them, trying to make your legs walk as quickly as possible.

“Don’t!” Simon grabbed Gray by the waist and put his weight on him, preventing him to move forward. You could hear them arguing with each other as Gray tried to desperately get out of his grip.

“You can’t talk to her now. She isn’t ready!” Simon tried to reason with him. You were secretly thankful that Simon stopped him. If you spoke to Gray now then it would only make you cry and freeze up, and you didn’t want to appear more like an idiot in front of him than you already did.

“Please just listen to me!” Walk quicker, you frantically thought to yourself. You weren’t ready to face him yet as it still made your stomach drop when you saw him.

“I need to tell you something!”

“Please, listen to me!”

“Simon, let go off me!” His voice getting fainter and fainter as you walked away, quickly turning a street corner, you didn’t want to hear his voice anymore. You only lived 10 minutes away so you took this opportunity to walk home to give you some headspace.

Shutting the front door, you were greeted by your empty house. Somehow, it seemed more colder and lonelier than ever. Your phone buzzed again, taking it out of your pocket you saw it was Grays ID. Your tears finally escaped as you leaned again the wall, dropping your phone and let it continue to ring until it rang out while you hugged yourself.

“I’m sure I had an extra bottle,” you mumbled to yourself and looked through your fridge. Where is it? You weren’t able to sleep when you got home. Your body was tense and your mind was racing. If Gray had confessed to you genuinely, then both of you could be sharing a bottle of wine while in being in bed with chocolates, you thought bitterly. However, you were alone in your house and your thoughts were your only company.

“Oh! There it is!” You grabbed another bottle of wine that was hidden at the back. Standing up, you opened the bottle while stumbling to your couch; this was going to be your life now. There was nothing on TV and you had spent the last hour browsing through Netflix…all I need is cats to complete my lonely lifestyle, you thought.  Taking a drink directly from your bottle (there was no point using a glass) you wondered if you could order a takeaway at 2AM.  Pizza sounds like a good idea. You grabbed your phone and ordered yourself some food, while picking a romantic comedy film. Maybe food and drinking would make you forget about it. You had already been through a whole bottle, what difference is one more?

There was a knock at your door which made you perk up. At last, the food was here. You quickly stood up and didn’t bother putting the bottle down as you grabbed your wallet.

“Hello.” You opened the door while looking for your notes, “how much do I owe you again?” You leaned against the doorframe, frowning as you tried to find your balance, hopefully food would fill the emptiness.

“Are you okay?”

“Huh?” You looked up and froze. How…how did he get here? Gray was standing in front of you with a concerned looked. Fuck. You quickly stood up straight and fixed your hair, trying to desperately think of a way to make this situation better.

“Are you okay?” Gray repeated while staring at the bottle of wine in your hand. You quickly hid it behind your back and cleared your throat.

“Do you have the pizza?” You asked, really expecting him to be the delivery man…you need to check that peek hole more often.

“Errr,” Gray now looked confused and then shook his head “No, I don’t.”

“Oh. Well goodnight.” You went to shut the door but he quickly put his foot down preventing you to close it. You glanced at him with a stern good. Don’t do this.

“Why are you drinking?” His weight managed to budge the door but you held your own.

“I’m not.”

“What’s with the bottle then?”

“It’s a water bottle.” His face went blank as he stared at you. God, don’t stare at me.

“I’m waiting for my food so leave me alone.” You pleaded as your grip on the door started to loosen. When did he get so strong?

“Did you order pizza?” Gray asked with an innocent look. You could feel yourself being pulled in as he stared at you. Why does he have this affect on you?

“…yeah, I did.” You tried to push the door shut again but he was stronger, his foot would be bruised in the morning.

“Can I eat with you?” He asked with a small smile. Was he serious? You could tell by the way his body tensed up that he was ready for you to slam the door again. He wants to eat. Maybe he hadn’t eaten today. Wait, why are you starting to soften up?

“Please, I really need to talk to you.” Gray slowly let go of the door while not breaking eye contact. “I need to tell you something…the second you feel uncomfortable, I’ll leave.” Now it was up to you. The door was now free for you to shut but somehow you didn’t. He looked genuinely upset and concerned.

“Okay.” You quickly turned around and took another gulp of your drink, hoping it would calm your nerves. Kicking the wet tissues and empty bottles under your couch before he came in wanting it to look like you had everything under control. Maybe the bottle in your hand was a giveaway.

“Its 2AM, why are you awake?” Gray asked as he took off his jacket and stood in the middle of the room as he wasn’t sure where to sit. Sitting on the couch you patted the space besides you and held the bottle close.

“Its 2AM and yet you come knocking at my door,” you remarked sarcastically as you stared at him. He chuckled slightly and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah…I couldn’t sleep. I thought I’d go crazy if I didn’t come here.” Gray sat down besides you as he stared around the room, taking it all in.  He put his hands on his knees and looked at his lap.

“I couldn’t sleep either.” You replied shyly and shifted in your seat.

“What did you want to say?” You wanted to skip the awkward small talk and get to the point. If he was this desperate to come to your house at this time then it must have been good. Better what’s on TV anyway.

“I want to apologise first of all.” He turned his body so he was facing you.“It was a mistake. A massive fucking mistake. I shouldn’t have done that to you.” You nodded and felt yourself getting drowsy from the alcohol.

“It doesn’t matter that I was drunk. I should have had more sense in me. Jay…well…he’s kicking himself now. He knows he’ll be at your wrath when you see him.” That made you smile. You could already see Jay buying your favourite sweets as an apology and promise to do anything you wanted him to.

“Yeah, I’ve forgiven him.” Gray raised an eyebrow at that and simply nodded, his mouth in an ‘O’ shape. If I had forgiven Jay then why can’t I do the same with you, you thought. Well, it’s because you actually like him. You were dumb enough to let yourself believe that he liked you too. Shaking your head at the memory you took another drink, not caring that you looked a mess.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Gray asked gently, gesturing towards the bottle.

“Don’t you have something else to say?” Avoiding the topic. The drink was the only thing preventing you from crying or yelling at him right now so you refused to let him take it off you.

“Yeah…” Gray sat up straight and breathed deeply, clearly trying to word what he was going to say next carefully.

“I need to confess to you.”

“What? Don’t you want some of this first?” You said jokingly as gestured to your bottle “Or do I need to place a bet first?  Let me call Jay! I’m sure he’ll-“

“I’m serious.” Freezing at his word. He was serious?

“What?” You started to feel the same as you did in the club. Your body felt warmer and lighter as you stared at him. Was he joking again?

“I…fuck.” He bent down and rested his face in his hands, groaning into them. “I wasn’t joking when I told you in the club that I messed up cause…it was true.” Suddenly, it felt like you weren’t really here. It was like you were watching yourself on TV. Was this a Kdrama?

“H-h-have you drank again?” You stuttered and were half-tempted to down the bottle yourself. Gray scoffed and shook his head.

“No, though I’m so nervous that I wish I had.” Gray hesitantly looked at your lap and took your hand in his. It felt different than before. This time he was talking properly and seemed to actually know what was going on around him.

“I drank that night because I was nervous,” Gray cleared his throat and let his fingers stroke your palm, “I…I didn’t know what to do. So, I went to Jay for help.  We haven’t spoke to each other a lot beforehand but I watched you-“ He frowned and tilted his head.

“That sounds creepy. But you know what I mean.” He mumbled, refusing to look at you now.

“You watched me?” Had he been admiring you as much as you had been at him?

“I was nervous so I just watched you talk and laugh with other people.  I went to Jay for advice on how to approach you and you were at the club that night. He placed a bet and gave me a shot to cool my nerves. But, obviously that wasn’t the best thing to do as he was pretty drunk himself. Never take advice from a drunk. However, I drank more than a shot and I approached you like an idiot…and when you confessed as well I didn’t know how to take it. I froze and pretended that I was lying about my feelings because…because I looked like a fucking dick. Confessing to you while I was off my head and in a club as well.”


He…he likes you? Your heart raced as you leaned back in your seat. This really is a Kdrama. Where’s the music and corny montage? You put the bottle on the coffee table and ran your fingers through your hair.

“I can’t believe this.” You sighed as you tried to put the pieces together. He was nervous so he went to a drunk Jay for advice. He drank too much. Tried to play it cool by having Jay place a bet so it seemed more like a game. When you confessed he got scared and tried to cover it up. But he actually…had feelings for you. Oh, God.

“I know. It’s a mess.” Gray gripped onto your hand tighter and his warmth spread throughout your body. You felt like you were on a high again as the reality of the situation sunk in. He likes you.

“Are…” you slowly looked at him, “are you going to confess now?” Gray looked at you as well, his eyes staring right at you. You could see him gulping as he smiled nervously, his hand trembling in yours.

“This…isn’t the most romantic place to confess.” You were currently half drunk, surrounded by empty chocolate wrappers, half a bottle of wine, DVDs on the floor, and you looked like a train wreck.

“I think my place looks amazing, I’ll have you know.” You joked trying to make him feel more at ease. He smiled at you…a wide and happy smile.  The ones that you saw him give to other people but not  to you.

“You’re right. I’m surprised you don’t spend every second in here.” Laughing, you smacked him away from you and enjoyed how he pulled you back, with your hand he was holding. You didn’t care if you looked stupid or sick in love.

“I…” His fingers touched your chin so you looked at him. He stroked your cheek with a nervous smile

“I like you.” Your heart felt like it was going to burst as you felt slightly faint. This idiot.

“I understand if you want to think about it or say no. Cause I really messed up so I-“ You leaned forward and kissed his lips, silencing his blabbering. His eyes closed and gently kissed you back, his nose bumping into yours with nerves. You ran your fingers through his hair as his arm wrapped around your waist, keeping you close. Pulling away with a smile, you nodded.

“I like you too.”

Since everyone wanted a Part 2, here it is! It probably won’t live up to peoples expectations but I hope you all like it regardless x

- Admin E

I’m thinking of maybe taking a week or two away from this blog and this game :/

So, as many of you guys may or may not know, I want to be a writer, but I have a bit of trouble staying on track and everything. Part of it is because, rather than write or read or do something that will help me learn to write, I spend time on this blog, playing this game, and making cc for it, rather than trying to improve. I guess what I’m saying is, this blog is a bit of a distraction from what I need to do, and while I enjoy this place, it is still a distraction. This isn’t an announcement for a semi-hiatus, I’m still debating on it just I wanted you guys to know ahead of time that this may happen.

I had just gotten out of my first bad therapist after only two visits (old, disconnected and condescending… She asked me if I knew how to use word?? Like I’m in highschool I use it 17 times a week. Anyways..) And this was around the time I just started questioning my sexuality.
So I go in meet my new therapist and she’s asking me about myself you know. She asks if I have a boyfriend I say no, “Do you want one?” “No.. I don’t know” “Are you *in a lower tone* gay?” “Uh i don’t i guess maybe”. And that wasn’t the bad part after weeks of her checking if I was gay and me telling her I wasn’t comfortable labelling myself yet and her giving me a ‘wtf ?’ Face,
I finally felt secure in admitting I was gay and her response was “Are you sure?..what makes you think that?.. You’ve never dated a guy before you don’t know for sure.. I think lots of women are beautiful doesn’t mean I’m gay” like WHAT THE FUCK. You can’t just assume I’m gay and then tell me I’m not. Anyways, it took my a while to feel sure and confident about my sexuality after that.

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Hiii can u pls give me some advice? This boy and I have been talking for a couple months and I've been out with him a few times but usually around friends. I like him and I'm pretty sure he likes me back but I act so nervous and weird around him and he invited me to a movie Friday. All my friends say he might kiss me but I'm so nervous ??? ik it sounds stupid but this is the first boy/relationship thing I've been in pls help lol

umm. Just chill i guess and have fun. dont think of the kissing part maybe? imagine that u two are just gonna have some fun. Dont stress out ok, and remember to not give your all. x

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I'd just like to let you know that an Anti-Shaladin screenshoted one of your posts (the one about reading Sheith mpreg) and made another post about it, calling it transphobic. IDK if this is helpful or not, but I thought you might want to know if you don't already. (i'm so sorry this is so awkward)

That is so weird. I’m so sick and tired. All I can do is laugh. 

They literally went looking for something to be mad about and that was it? I guess I did it. I’m part of the discourse now. Are you proud of me mom? I’m super problematic because I ship two dudes and like the idea that maybe they can have a baby because maybe that is a thing Galra can do. 

2 years later... Part 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Bucky Barnes

Word count: 2226 words

Warnings: Maybe some swearing and some fluff (yes, finally lol)

Tags:  @itsjordanelizabeth13 @frexblitz @mrsjacksonteller@castellandiangelo @shamvictoria11 @fab-notfat @sturkillerbase @alishapotter @mayzakie @annurska

Notes: thank you to all of you for reading it! I’m so glad you liked it really! And oh well, this last part came out longer than expected haha I guess I’m not good at writing short stuff haha hope you like it!

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It had been six months since you came back to the Avengers HQ. You had been training every day to be able to go back to the field and you actually did it two months later. Probably, the adrenaline you felt that day was one of the things you missed the most. Knowing you were doing the right thing, that you were saving people, saving the world, it gave you a feeling of satisfaction nothing else gave you. 

“Nice job out there”, Bucky told you when he found you in the kitchen.

All of you were back from a mission at that moment. It had been a tough one but it had been successful. The moment you stepped out of the quinjet you went straight the kitchen to have some water and also to clean a cut you had on your arm under the sink. Since it wasn’t serious you decided to take care of it by yourself instead of bothering Dr Cho who had to take care of Clint’s and Tony’s wounds. 

“Thank you, soldier. You were good too”, you smiled at him leaning against the counter.

You and Bucky had grown closer during those months. He was the one telling you about Steve, about how he was, and he also had been helping you through your training most of the time since he was the one who spent most time at the gym. 

“Where’s Steve?” You asked as he took some water from the fridge as well.

“He went straight to the shower I think”, he said closing the door of the fridge. 

“Good”, you nodded.

Your relationship with Steve was something you didn’t know how to define. You two used to talk. Not much but enough to call him a friend. But at the same time there was some times when you two would fall asleep cuddling up on the couch, or when he would flirt with you or you with him during missions. He even had told you he loved you a couple of times. 

You were really giving him his time but you were also getting tired of waiting. He really looked like he had forgiven you, he looked happier now and you could actually see a hint of that old light in his eyes when he looked at you. Everything was coming back to place but he still didn’t look like he wanted to go back to you for real. And it was frustrating. Every day you craved him more and more, you missed sleeping with him, you missed his kisses, his laugh, your missed all about you and him. 

“Hey there”, you turned and had to control yourself so you couldn’t choke as you saw Steve coming in shirtless, with a towel around his waist. “You smell, guys”, he said.

“Thanks for the tip, I’m taking a shower”, Bucky said. 

Before he left he winked at you. Why did he have to leave you alone like this?You put the bottle on the counter and walked to the sink since the cut on your arm was bleeding again. It wasn’t serious but it looked deep. When the water hit your skin you hissed and closed your eyes for a moment.

“Are you ok?” Steve asked moving closer to you. 

“Yes, it’s just… a bit painful”, you mumbled. 

At that point you could actually feel his heat behind you. Somehow you knew that if you turned around, you would be way too close to him to handle it so you decided not to move. 

“Damn (Y/N)!” He exclaimed when he saw your wound. “How did you get that?”

He quickly moved around you until he was in front of you, taking your arm in his hand and examining it. You couldn’t help but look at his torso and then at his face. Couldn’t he just get dressed like a normal person before coming down to the kitchen!? 

“It’s nothing, really”, you assured him in a whisper. “It looks worse than what actually is”, you added.

“Bullshit”, he said putting your arm under the water again which made you gasp. “Will you ever admit that something hurts?” He mumbled. You didn’t know if he was talking to you or to himself so you just decided to let it go. “Don’t move”, he ordered.

He started opening drawers all around the kitchen until he finally opened the one where you had a first aid kit. He took out some alcohol and some bandages to take care of your wounds. You observed silently how he systematically cut the bandages into pieces with some scissors and then went back to you. 

“You know this is going to burn”, he said pouring some alcohol onto one of the bandages. 

“I know”, you sighed looking away from the wound. If you didn’t look, it wouldn’t hurt right?

But of course you were wrong. The moment Steve pressed the bandage against your arm you gasped and tried to pull away but he was holding it tight, knowing what you would try to do. 

“Damn Rogers!” You exclaimed looking at him just to find out he was almost laughing.

“So tough to take down anyone that comes in your way but you want to run away because of some alcohol”, he teased you. 

“It’s painful”, you mumbled looking down at your arm while he cleaned up the cut. 

“And I’m sure when you broke your leg in that mission in Croatia four years ago it was painful as well, but you didn’t even flinch”, he smiled at you. You smiled a little looking at him and shrugged. 

“It’s not the same”, you chuckled. 

Shaking his head he finished cleaning up your wound and then he just put a bandage around your arm to cover it. You thought he would just let it go but he moved his hand down until he took your hand. When he wrapped his around yours, you felt your heart fluttering like it did every time he touched you. His touch was something unique in this world, so gentle and so strong.Biting your lip, you looked at him as he looked down at you with a small shy smile planted on his lips. 

“Be careful, please”, he said running his thumb all over your hand. “I… I don’t want to lose you”, he added.

“I will…” You whispered.

He smiled at you and then kissed your hand softly, taking your breath away, before he walked out of the kitchen. It still took you some time to breath normally, but you finally managed to move and throw the bloody bandages away. You needed a shower. A cold one. 

That day after dinner you were too tired to stay in the living room with the rest of the team, you really needed to sleep, so you said your goodnights and went to the elevator already yawning. 

“Hold the door!” Someone said when you were already in the elevator.

Quickly you put the hand between the doors so they opened again, letting Steve in. he smiled down at you and thanked you before leaning against the wall.

“Aren’t you watching the movie?” You asked looking at him.

“I’m tired”, he shrugged looking at you as well. 

You nodded and looked down at your feet, wishing once again you could just go with him to his room, lay on his bed and hug him until you both fall asleep. You hated sleeping alone and you knew it was because you were used to sleep with him every night. Damn him. When the doors opened, you both walked out of the elevator to your rooms silently. He looked kind of lost in his thoughts and you didn’t want to bother him so you didn’t say anything. 

“Goodnight, Cap”, you said when you opened the door of your room. 

“Night, (Y/N)”, he said back.

With a nod you walked into your room and closed the door. You didn’t know why you kept on thinking that he would change his mind all of sudden and ask you to go to his room or something. Obviously it wasn’t going to happen. He wasn’t ready and all you could do was to respect that. 

You changed into your pyjamas, which actually were one of Steve’s t-shirts you stole from him when you left. He never seemed to miss it so you never gave it back. Somehow it still had his smell which made you sleep a bit better even when you missed him way too much. Once you were changed, you took the book you were currently reading, Harry Potter and the Globet of Fire all over again, and laid down on the bed. Probably you would fall asleep while reading like every day but you were ok with it. 

Thirty minutes later, you were already almost asleep, when you heard a knock on your door. That was odd since nobody used to go up there when they knew you were going to bed. Yawning, you got up and opened the door. Saying that you were surprised to see Steve out there was a misunderstanding. It was shocking. 

“Eh…hi”, you said feeling confused. You thought he would be sleep by now, what was he doing there?

“Hey”, he said back. 

“Can I…help you?” You finally said after a while.

“May I come in?” He asked.

“Sure”, you mumbled stepping aside so he could walk into the room and you closed the door. “Are you ok?” You asked walking closer to him. It looked like something was bothering him and you sure wanted to help. 

“Yes. No”, he said taking a seat at the end of your bed. Ok, that was a bit confusing. “I can’t sleep”, he finally said.

“Oh…” You mumbled sitting by his side. “Insomnia?” You asked. 

“No.” He sighed. “You”


You looked at him frowning slightly. What did he mean by that? It’s not like you were being loud or anything. You were just lying on the bed, reading your book as you fell asleep. 

“I miss you”, he said looking at you which made you look down at your hands. “And every day it’s getting worse. I miss having you in my arms to sleep, I miss your scent, I even miss your kicks when you have a nightmare”, he said making you laugh a little. “I can’t sleep without you”, added with a sigh. 

His confession made your cheeks turn red and your heart beat faster. You weren’t completely sure of what he meant. Did he want you back for real or just to sleep? It looked like it was the last one but you wished it was the first. 

“I…miss you too”, you admitted looking at him. “Damn, I’ve been sleeping with this for the last two years and a half, of course I miss you”, you chuckled signalling his t-shirt. With a sigh you looked at him to see him smiling a little.

“Maybe…I can sleep here? At least for today?” He asked.

Biting your lip you nodded, trying to hide your disappointment somehow. You got up and took your book to put it on the shelf while he laid down on the other side of the bed. You did the same and turned off the lights but there was enough moonlight to allow yourselves to see each other. He was looking at you and you were looking at him, but you didn’t dare to move. Eventually, he turned to lay on his side, facing you, and slowly placed a hand on your hip, moving you closer. 

“I’ve been thinking about us lately”, he whispered once you were close enough. 

“Have you?” You mumbled looking at him. Since it was dark you could only see half of his face but it was enough to see his eye perfectly, which hypnotised you. 

“Yeah…” He said rubbing your hip with his thumb which sent shivers all over your body. “You know I told you that…maybe, eventually, I would heal and we could go back to ourselves”, he said. You nodded holding your breath since you didn’t want to miss any single word. “And…these months I’ve realised that…the only person who can completely fix me, it’s also the one who broke me”, you took a deep breath and bite your lip. You were feeling so nervous at the moment. “I love you, (Y/N), and I need you. Not only to sleep. I need you daily, every day, every moment, and seeing you there but not kissing you it’s the worst torture I have ever faced”, he moved his hand to your face, rubbing your cheek slowly. “Please, come back to me”, he mumbled.

The moment he finished talking you couldn’t say anything. You were completely speechless. All you wanted to do was kissing him and so did you. Slowly, you closed the space between you two and placed your lips over his softly. Immediately, he moved his hand to your waist again and pulled you closer, making the kiss last longer before you both pulled away.

“I’ve always been here, waiting for you to let me in again”, you whispered smiling at him. 

“Damn, I love you”, he laughed kissing you again, rolling over so he was on your top, kissing you deeply like he had been waiting to do for two years and a half. 

Voltron Djinn AU

Because I have been completely inspired by @snowyspacekitten and @ironbar36‘s genie AU and wanted to put my thoughts out somewhere were you guys can suffer with me enjoy this AU with me!

  • I guess this is sort of a reverse!AU because Allura and Coran are human and the paladins are supernatural beings, but I digress because that’s not the important or fun part.
  • These two are on some kind of an expedition, or maybe they’re there as archaeologists or tourists, and then end up finding an ancient cavern waaaaaaayyyy the heck out in the desert. They go inside and end up finding records of a long-lost civilization and five colored lamps.
    • Guess who’s in there!
  • Inside is a paladin djinn, and all of them have been trapped in their lamps for 10,000 years; they were buried there during a long-ago war when it started going badly. Their king hid them to keep them out of the hands of the enemy, but died before the secret of their location could be passed on. His nation lost the war and their secret was lost to the sands of the desert.
    • 10,000 yeeeeeeeeaaaars can give you such a crick in the neck! Or make for some very, very bored djinns. These are incredibly powerful supernatural beings with a penchant for mischief; that long with nothing to do would be enough to drive anyone mad. A few tears may have been shed when Allura and Coran let them out, but no one would admit to it.
      • Pretty much all of them are claustrophobic at this point and really don’t want to go back in their bottles, at least not for a while.
  • Allura accidentally releases Shiro when she tries to clean off his lamp, which is probably in her favor because Shiro is in charge of them and the calmest. If she or Coran had released Keith or Pidge first, they might have attacked them or turned them into armadillos before they could explain themselves. As it was, they still had to Proceed With Great Caution until Shiro understood what was going on and realized they weren’t the enemy. Poor dude’s a little surprised at the loss of so many years, even as a supernatural being who can’t die. He asks them to release his companions and Allura and Coran agree to do so, albeit with some trepidation.These are djinns, after all.
  • I would imagine from there, the five of them convince these two to take them back with them and adopt human guises to live in the world again because they really don’t want to get stuck in a cave again or wait until some tomb robber finds them. Which leads to all kinds of chaos because they have lived an incredibly long time and have magic. Plus, they suffered the loss of their king and contractor and his nation, so there’s that to deal with.
    • Whether or not this is in another time period or a modern setting is up to you. I personally think a modern!AU would be fun because it would be such a different world than what the djinns knew before they went into their bottles.
  • There tends to be a lot of “You’ll have to forgive my cousin, they’re new to this country.” They also get a lot of side-eyes when they say this because a lot of them look nothing like Allura and Coran (Coran claims them as nieces and nephews).
    • Allura gets the “Wow, your cousins are really hot,” way more than she ever wanted.
7goodangel replied to your photo: 7goodangel: WOOO DID THE THING I WAS WORKING…

Hmmm… maybe it wouldn’t be morbid to them? Maybe it would be more of a sign of closeness to another poptart being? I don’t think they would just swap around for style though…. But GOSH DANG SLEEP - REST - or if you were sleeping go back to sleep if you can!!!

Yeeee might be normal in their ‘culture’, and its literally exchanging a part of yourself with someone so I guess to them it could be sweetly meaningful?? (gosh im just imagining two lil giggling poptart monsters linking pinkie fingers that they’ve exchanged). 

xD don’t worry, I’m heading off to sleep soon - and I can have a niiiiice long sleep in tomorrow to make up for it

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so I tried editing player hair color but in-game it just comes out as flesh tone, same color as the player's skin, could you maybe give some pointers on how to edit player textures so that they'll come out right?

Ok this is how I managed after messing around.
On the head models theres two layers first texture(hc) is black and transparent
black is the skin and gets colored by the game

second texture(h) is i guess hair layer

basically I added a color, this green

semi-transparent(15%) at the 1st layer(hc) where it was transparent, kept the black

2nd layer(h) left b/w but darkened the hair part since otherwise the color I used comes out lighter

My character’s hair was white in-game so i haven’t checked if other colors affect how it comes out. If it does I suggest using white hair

Inked (Sam Drake X Reader)

AN: Hey Guys! I back with a little one-shot drabble that is actually a part two continuation of that short one-shot I did a while back; called Tattoo. The response for the first part was incredibly positive across the board, not just on Tumblr, and I had a lot of people asking for a part two. (You can read part one here) Originally I was going to hold off on writing this until I re-opened requests but I guess I have insomnia to blame for this… I was on Pinterest looking at this tattoo design that I wanted to get on my own body and I happened across some Celtic tattoo designs. So I’ll be honest I have no idea what kind of tattoo this particular character would actually get but the meaning behind this tattoo I saw just kinda seemed to fit(maybe or maybe it was a silly idea) . Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this little drabble and I hope you don’t mind me squeezing it in between requests!

           Tonight was the first night in a long time that you had bothered to actually get dressed up and put real effort into your appearance. And somehow you had still managed to end the evening in a huge firefight. The beautiful blue gown that you had slipped into earlier this evening was now frayed and covered in dirt. You needed to put your fashion woes to bed for the moment because there was a far more pressing issue at hand; that pressing issue being the dozens of bullets flying past your head. You were currently loading your gun when Nathan came crashing in through a window directly in front of you.

           He groaned and rolled into cover before uttering, “This is not how I pictured this evening going…”

           You laughed, “Really? Because this is exactly how I pictured this evening going.” The look that Nathan shot you told you he was currently unamused by your antics; you merely grinned back before returning fire. You saw a guard on the upper floor who was trying to get the drop on Sam but you weren’t about to let that happen.

With a well-placed shot the guard fell forward and Sam took note, “Nice sot, Y/N!”

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YAS I FINALLY MADE AN OFF RELATED MV! QwQ damnit flipnote 3D y u no released in europe >:V

And… What else can I say? XD 

Well I felt like doing a flipnote mainly about Eyeshadow. >w> 

As you can see I added Bad and Ghost Eyeshadow in the MV. ouo Like in Continue Stop Rise, they are some sort of consciences for Batter. Well except Ghost is more the conscience here whereas Bad is just the monster inside of him (and he can’t talk. He’s just an aligator XD). But I guess I’ll explain more later. ;v;

Also I still have no clue who got the idea to make Ghost Batter. So if anyone can tell me his creator that would be great. ;v;

And I added two Off o.cs I made: Thierry (the elsen with black scars) and Drabird (the weird bird with dragon wings) (they appear at the “don’t get too close” part). Maybe they’ll appear in the blog too. Well they’ve been a big help for fixing the zones. :3

And that’s all! I hope you guys like it! ^^

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If judging how influencial a rump is by controversy behind it 2B's still remains on top given that there was something like that involved her butt and Yoko Taro addressed it. Besides that Trace's butt modeling is a poor choice compared to 2B. Tracer looks like two chicken thighs smacked together. While the detail on 2B is so superb her buttocks dries from water on real time!

Maybe. Guess we’ll have to see in a year or three. Somehow I get the feeling that I’ll wind up being correct, if only because, you know, it’s Blizzard. They kinda support their games for absurdly long periods of time. And people care about them for even longer.

Honestly, did you even know NieR was part of the Drakengard franchise until recently? Or that either one was even a “thing”? And when you mention that game to anyone, they probably think of.. that weird-as-fuck ending sequence. Which is the canon one, btw.

Yeah. The NieR apocalypse was giant babies. Giant. Babies.