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Baze is angry and frustrated at the unjustness of the world, because the things he loves are in danger, not because he is an angry person by nature and while him a Chirrut bicker, Chirrut is one of the only people he can still be soft with. Even when he is angry with Chirrut, he would never ever want to hurt him. He is a tender soul in a bad place and I’m always upset when he is interpreted as somehow innately aggressive or violent. He wonders if he could have been a baker or a painter!!! The answer is yes damn it


Under-appreciated animated films challenge
Day Two - Favorite Character(s)

One favorite character each from 6 of my favorite under-appreciated animated films.

“..your tea and crumpets is the least of your worries..”

Hey guess who is back with more fanart. I procastinated way too long with this.

I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out but I don’t hate it. So yah enjoy my mediocre art! @amazingphil

fyi animating fire is a pain in my a-

  • <p> <b></b> Do you ever just realize all your friends don't honestly care about you and all of a sudden you feel like an idiot for believing they did and you regret every personal thing you've ever shared with them and all you wanna do is build your wall up even higher so this won't happen again cuz it really sucks<p/></p>

Hehehe, these are super old now (pre Suffering Game!) but since I’m on the road to probably revamping the way I draw Taako for maybe the 18th time I figured I’d toss up these sketch pages of good ol’ Tres Horny Boys™️

EDIT: Forgot that tumblr hates…. images…… click thru for hi res!

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I hate to be rude but isn't having basic social skills an important part of, oh I don't know, being part of a society? You either need to learn or get the hell out of the way.

I’m guessing this is a response to my post about interviews being ableist.

In your attempt to insult me, you basically admitted that ableism is so ingrained in our society that it goes unnoticed. Who decides what’s “basic social skills”? Why is answering trick questions on the spot without any awkward pauses and while maintaining perfect body language considered “basic social skills”? How is that any different than believing that solving 286/47 accurate to 100 decimal places in your head is “basic math”?

Isn’t understanding that disabled people exist an important part of, oh I don’t know, being part of a society?

how to care until it hurts. (a nine step program)

1. find comfort in their words and home in their soul.

2. know your limitations and stride past them. reach out and discover what it is you so desperately crave.

3. allow them to reach into your stomach and hang cocoons of brilliantly colored butterflies from your ribs.

4. build your personal style around the scars that decorate your neck and drape across your shoulder blades. they’ll want to see them.

5. be reckless with your heart and careful with theirs. they will never know how much of yourself you have thrown into caring for them.

6. be more honest with them than you have ever been with yourself and try not to think too hard about why these words suddenly slip from your throat as if you ever wanted them to.

7. never tell them how much you care. never tell them the way your heart beats faster when they call you this or tell you that. never let them see how their every action seals your heart in a hard wax shell of love.

8. be in love.

9. never say love.

—  r.g. | how to care until it hurts
An actual cute story where I don't hate anyone

So I know from experience that girls from 5-15 have this tendency to want to talk to older girls and want to impress them. I was like that as a teen, so whenever a girl in that age range comes in and kinda shyly starts talking to me I’m always attentive, because I know it will make them feel cool.
No idea why, I’m the lamest 20 something ever, but I have piercings and a car so I guess I’m cool to anyone too young to drive. Whatever.

So yesterday this 6 year old comes over while her mom is picking up her glasses and she starts off with:

“I lost my tooth last night.”
So I play along.
“That’s awesome, did the tooth fairy bring you anything?”
“I got a dollar!”
“Wow, that’s a lot. I used to get 25 cents.”
“Yeah” then she whispers “…my mom is the tooth fairy.”
I’m not going to step on that landmine, so I say.
“Really! How did she know when I lost a tooth when I was little?” Thinking the girl would clarify that the tooth fairy wasn’t real and that my parent’s put the money there. But no, the girl shrugged and just goes.

“My mom has superpowers.” Whispered like it’s the biggest secret in the world. And then goes on to tell me this story about how her mom has a special tower where she keeps the teeth and the teeth have memories in them and it was the most adorable thing ever.

Made my day so much better.


winifred burkle + breaking your heart in a million tiny pieces

“ And I’ll be careful. I’ll even be dull, boring. Cross my heart.“


I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, when I had an epiphany that led me to this conclusion.

Undertaker IS behind the Blue Sect arc, or at the very least, is responsible for bringing back the real!Ciel. In the first screenshot I took, I remembered that, back when this chapter was first released, that everyone, including myself, thought he was referring to Vincent. But no, he was referring to the Real!Ciel.

Therefore, I can come to another conclusion and say that the Real!Ciel was supposed to inherit his father’s title- which is only logical. Why would you give the title to the sickly twin who may or may not live to adulthood, much less be able to deal with the dangers of being the Queen’s Guard Dog.

Now, this may or may not be his real reason, but I think that the real!Ciel is after revenge. His brother left him to die, stole the title he was to inherit, along with all the money and property. Most of this does seem petty, but that could have just been extra offenses added onto the main one: leaving him to die.

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