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Suga Daddy: Part 7

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Words: 9.6k

Genre: Smut, angst, dirty talk, dom!Yoongi

There is another gif in the story that describes the moment I was portraying. Ignore Namjoon’s name on it, lol. Anyway, enjoy :) 

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six 

You had never been more excited to get out of dance practice. Yugyeom had been making fun of you the entire time because you were so out of it. You were trying to hide that from Jane because you were slightly messing up. “Shut up,” you pushed Yugyeom with a laugh, “Some of us are trying to focus.”

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The Foxes as quotes from Freckle (The Gay and Wonderous Life of Caleb Gallo)
  • Allison: “Sometimes… things that are expensive…………..are worse.”
  • Nicky: “My entire life, people have told me I’m the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen… and I’m like… noooo…”
  • Aaron: (drunk, with a giggling Katelyn in the background) “I don’t care about you and your boring little lives, because I’m gonna have so much fun in the bathroom. *blows kiss*”
  • Dan: “Come here kids… mama’s got a surprise for you!”
  • Matt: <to Neil> *thrusts fist in the air* “YOU’RE A FUCKING STAR!”
  • Kevin: *smearing lotion all over his skin* “With the amount I drink, I have to put the hydration back on.”
  • Renee: *accidentally hits a decorative paper lantern with her hair* *everyone gasps and applauds*
  • Andrew: *looking from Kevin to Neil* “I hate this.” *looking from Neil to Kevin* “…I’m bored.”
  • Neil: *stares intently at Andrew* “…I’m gonna take a wet shower.”
Shorties & Dorks

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Request: Hey, love your writing! I was wondering if a could request a fic where Dean and the reader are that dorky but adorable couple. Like they sing (not very well) in the car together, tell bad jokes, watch movies in sweatpants see who can make a better Mohawk with their hair when in the shower lmao idk, you get the idea. And then at the end he proposes to her? I’m getting bored of fics with stereotypical characters and relationships :P Thanks so much!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever written…

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Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: For some reason, this part just took me a while to write. Writers block is a bitch. Buuuut, it’s finally here. Enjoy, loves.

Word Count: 2790

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUTTTT. but i mean, it’s Vegas, what else do you expect from this series? shower sex, horrible sense of humor (thanks rafa), cursing, blah blah blah etc.

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They always make shower sex look so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous. (Logan Paul)

Author Notes:  So Logan Paul “pranks” you in his vlog, causing you guys to take a shower, which gets a little heated.  And I’m not just talking about the hot water ;) (sorry.. that was really lame…) I hope you enjoy! :) Xx

Warnings: Heated makeout session, mentions of nudity, slight mention of smut. One swear word.

Word Count: 888

Requested: No, I was just bored and started writing it.

Logan had been making eyes at you throughout this whole section of filming for his vlog.  You being his personal assistant and girlfriend you were always at his place either working or hanging out.  You two had scheduled a movie night, so after you got done working you decided to just stay and hangout until he was done vlogging.  You were currently scrolling through Instagram when you noticed that the apartment had gone quiet.  You look up an empty apartment.  Not thinking twice about it you go back to scrolling, only to be interrupted by a thick slimy substance sliding down your back. “Logan!” You shriek, jumping out of the chair, facing your snickering boyfriend.  Logan, looking at the camera, says, “Logang, I knew that homemade slime would come in handy!”  Turning to he says, “Gotcha babe!! Today’s content has been kind of anti climactic so I had to do something!”  You glare at him, earning a chuckle from Logan.  Turning back to the camera Logan begins the outro, “Alrighty, if you’re not already apart of the Logang like and subscribe, Logang, smash that like button!!  I’ll see you tomorrow, keep being a Maverick.  And as always, take it easy fam, PEACE!” and with that he’s shaking his head towards the camera.  After setting the camera down he walks over to you, standing at the kitchen sink, trying to desperately clean the green goo off of you.  “Babe, you might as well just take a shower, it’s all over your back,” Logan says, going in for a kiss, only to be pushed aside by you with a glare, making a path to the bathroom.  “You want some help with those hard to reach places?  I can definitely help you with that, if you know what I mean,” Logan replies, wiggling his eyebrows at you.  “Will it stop all the remarks?” Logan looks as if he is actually contemplating, “Maybe?”  You roll your eyes, and with a sigh reply, “oh my god, fine.”  You both make your way to the bathroom.  As Logan turns on the water you start undressing.  You barely notice Logan watching you as he slowly starts to undress, but when you do you turn around blushing.  Logan has seen you in the nude plenty of times, but he just makes you feel that giddy, school girl type of way.  Logan noticing your red cheeks, walks up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist, trying to not get the green slime all over him.  He kisses your cheek, “Y/N, you’re beautiful, you don’t have to hide from me.”  You turn around and kiss Logan sweetly on the lips, “thanks babe.  Now i’m ready for this shower, and you better be ready to clean this slime off of me.  You made the mess, you clean it.”

“That’s not the only thing i’m ready for,” Logan whispers in your ear, before stepping in the shower and turning around, holding out his hand, to help you in.  As soon as you step in the warm water hits your body and Logan starts cleaning the goo off you.  You can’t help but close your eyes, enjoying the feeling of Logan’s hands roaming your body.  As he gets closer to your shoulders and neck you can’t help but let out a soft moan as relaxation and pleasure course throughout your body .  Logan leans into your ear, whispering, “Is someone a little tense?” and with that he starts sucking at the sensitive spot behind your ear, causing you to moan a little louder.  Logan takes that as the green light, turning you around and passionately kissing your lips.  As your tongues battle for dominance Logan slams you against the wall of the shower, causing a shampoo bottle to fall, and land on Logan’s toe.  “Ow, Fuck!” Logan bursts out, looking down at the bottle.  You giggle, loosing the focus of dominance, Logan takes control.  His tongue in full control, you almost melt into the wall of the shower.  With you and Logan getting a lot more handsy, you decide to give Logan something special.  You and Logan switch places, him now pushed against the wall.  You break away and start trailing wet kisses down his jaw, onto his neck, stopping to leave your mark.  “Y/N, baby, at least make them easier to hide, for the vlog,” Logan says chuckling.  You start moving lower, looking up at Logan with a raised eyebrow.  Not breaking eye contact, you start trailing kisses lower and lower down his toned abdomen.  As you move to your knee you loose your foot, slipping.  You reach up and grab Logan’s shoulders, pulling him down with you.  You both land with a thud on the shower floor, Logan on top of you.  You both look each other in the eye, holding contact for seconds, only to be broken by the two of you bursting into fits of laughter.  Logan rolls off of you and tries to fit beside you on the small floor of the shower, and turns to you saying, “they always make shower sex look appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”  You start laughing again.  You turn to him and say, “then maybe we can finish this in the bedroom?”  Logan pecks your lips before pulling you both up off the floor, “I’m down!”

Hope you enjoyed!! Xx

angsty teen sherlock kept a journal “for science” i.e. when he got bored during classes and started deducing shit about his classmates, but halfway through it always turned into a gay™ mess like
“robert. had a fight with his father yesterday. hasn’t showered so probably hasn’t been home since. his hair still looks kind of cute though. i wonder if it feels as soft as it looks…”

Dance, Dance - Zach Dempsey

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a/n: You have to sing the title as the fall out boy song

request: can i get an imagine about reader is dancer, and zach is super proud of his girl. zach keeps telling her to become a cheerleader, but reader doesn’t accept it. but when it comes to zach’s big game, which he’s being so excited about, reader is making a suprise! Xx

word count: 1066

It was a Tuesday evening. Your parents went on a date so you had to ask Zach, your boyfriend, to bring you to dance practice. He only wanted to bring you on one condition. If he could see you dance. You have been dancing since you were 8, you were making your way to the ultimate top but when you were 15 you broke your ankle. It was one pirouette too much. It was a painful and very long recovery but you were slowly getting back to your old level. Even tho it would be the first time your boyfriend saw you dance you agreed with his condition. It was a two hour training so you thought he would get bored anyway and stop watching. But at the one hour break his eyes were still locked at you. Practice was over, you took a quick shower and started to walk towards Zach’s car. He was already inside, waiting for you so you got in.

“Babe, why did you never tell me you were this good?” Zach says overexcited.

“Because I’m not that good, you should have seen me before I broke my ankle. Those were the days I was good, now I’m just growing.”

“Not good? I don’t know what you saw in those mirrors but you were incredible. The way you can move your hips, and it’s so clean and synchronized.”

“Zach you’re exaggerating.” You say while rolling your eyes.

“I have an idea!” Zach suddenly shouts while driving back to your house.

“Why don’t you join the cheersquad? You would be captain without a doubt and we could go to the games together and  you can cheer for me and I can watch you dance!”

“Zach, I’m not ready for everyone to see me dance. I’ve been at such a higher level, if I want people to watch me I have to be at my best.”

You saw the disappointment in Zach’s eyes. He pouted his lip at you.

“Are you suuuure?” You didn’t expect him to be so excited about you dancing.

“Zach I’m sure but it’s really sweet of you that you like it so much. Can I cheer you up with a night of cuddling?” Zach’s face lit up.

“How can I say no to that!”


It had been a week since Zach talked to you about the cheerleader thing. It had been crossing your mind a lot. You always felt attracted by the idea of being a cheerleader but you thought you didn’t had the skills to dance good and try to distract the other team at the same time. Maybe you should join the team, by that you could make some new friends and maybe you could grow even more at dancing. You talked to Sheri, did a list minute try out and joined the team. The whole team was wild about your dance skills they even insisted on you joining the team. Maybe Zach was right, maybe you had some skills.

You had your first training with the girls. You hadn’t told Zach yet about you joining the team. You knew he would be excited and happy for you but you didn’t want to take his mind of the big game.

You were telling the girls about how bad Zach wanted you to be a cheerleader when suddenly Jess asks:

“Have you told him yet?”

“Well no, I didn’t want to take his mind of the big game.”

“Awesome! We should make a surprise for him. We’ll make a hot new dance routine with you in the front.” Jess says full of excitement.

“What? Are you sure?”

“More than sure, let’s do this!” she says while the rest of the girls are nodding affirmatively.

After a couple hours of exhausting training and dancing your, very sexy, butt of the routine was finished. You were rehearsing one last time when suddenly a couple of basketball players started to walk in. Shit! You thought by yourself. Zach couldn’t see you here, otherwise everything was ruined. You picked up your bags and ran out the opposite door where the basketball players were coming from.

You immediately got in your car and went home. When you were home you saw a text from Jess.

“Just in time! You’re going to kill the routine tomorrow!”


It was 2 minutes before halftime. This was going to be your moment, you practiced so hard and you wanted to make Zach proud. Suddenly the buzzer went of  you came from behind the bleachers and stood behind your team. These girls were great, they supported you so much and they weren’t a bunch of jealous bitches as some people said. You were really happy you joined them.

The music started to play, the song you danced on was Hands to myself by Selene Gomez, which you thought was a really good choice.

You all stood on your places and started the routine. It had a lot of sass and bootyshaking so it definitely was a sexy dance. When you looked over to the basketball team you saw Justin smacking Zach shoulder. You saw him say: “Dude, is that y/n?” Suddenly Zach turns around and his eyes met yours right on the moment when you lip sync the part ‘can’t keep my hands to myself’. This made a wide grin appear on Zach’s face during the rest of the routine you felt Zach’s eyes burn while you were dancing as hard as you could. You felt kind of sexy doing it.

The routine was done and everybody started clapping. When you were walking off the court Zach took your wrist and turned you around when he whispered in your ear:

“Damn I think I want a piece of that after the game, baby girl.”

“Only if you finish the game good.” You whisper back giving him a flirtatious wink.

Your boy played like his life depended on it. He couldn’t stop smiling during the second half. He obviously liked it that he could call you his cheerleader now and you didn’t mind at all.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading! xxx

Sweet Distraction (Spencer Reid smut-ish)

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I was bored enjoy the sin. This was my old Dean smut but I changed it lemme know if you want Dean porn in your life as well.

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Push and Pull| Eleven

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|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three| |Chapter Four| |Chapter Five| |Chapter Six| |Chapter Seven| |Chapter Eight| |Chapter Nine| |Chapter Ten| |Chapter Eleven| |Chapter Twelve|

pairing: Jimin x oc x Jaebum
genre: smut, phone sex, dirty talk, masturbation
word count: 2.8k
a/n: Isolde spent three years with Jimin after meeting him by chance in a dance studio. He was perfect and he loved her, she thought he was the one she’d spend the rest of her life with. That all crumbles when he decides he wants to please his parents and leave her so he can be with someone like him. Isolde is plummeted into turmoil and leaves her job as a choreographer to move back home to the states. A mutual friend named Im Jaebum reaches out to console her, lift her back up from her fragile state. It’s a push and pull tug between what she thought she had and what she could have.

Since Jaebum left almost three days ago, my apartment has felt utterly empty. I got so used to coming home to him after a long day of work or even just waking up next to him. My bed felt cold and desolate and I absolutely hated it. I hated that I felt so alone without him. Especially after nine months of being on my own and having my own space. I didn’t want to feel that way all over again, but I did.

I plopped down onto my couch next to Bane, who looked up at me with a bored expression. “Don’t give me that judgmental look, you’re a cat.” I scoffed, crossing my arms over my chest. He slow blinked at me and returned to his nap, completely uninterested. I let out a huff, standing up to get out of the real clothes I had put on for no reason and go throw on one of the shirts Jaebum had left for me. It was my day off, I didn’t need to be dressed, so why bother? I had no where to be.

After I quickly showered and got dressed, I threw myself down onto my bed. I didn’t even know what to do with with myself anymore. It was borderline pathetic. My phone began to vibrate on my nightstand and I lazily rolled over to grab it.


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My Prince

Member: Joo Haknyeon

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1500+

Description: “You came into my room at 4 am…to cuddle?”

A/N: Ah!! My first scenario. An anon requested for a Haknyeon scenario so here it is! Sorry it took so long. My requests are open so feel free to send me a message! Please ignore any mistakes, I didn’t proofread it. Hope you enjoy :)

“Make sure you bring those cookies that you owe me,” You teased as your boyfriend began packing up his belongings and cleaning up the living room area. The two of you had a partner assignment for your chemistry class and you both decided to work on it at your house.

“Y/N,” Haknyeon whined. “How was I supposed to know that Jinyoung had the guts to ask Sohye out. That kid could barely speak to Jihoon, his best friend, without stuttering!”

“Oh ye of little faith. A bet is a bet. Also, you should have more faith in your friend! Jinyoung happens to be very smooth with the ladies,” you smirked and walked over to the living room, helping him throw away the paper strips and assembling the markers back into the box.

“Hmph. I would like to let you know that I am also very smooth with the ladies. I mean, that is why I am with you in the first place, right?” The male retorted and crossed his arms over his chest. “I would like you to stop hanging out with Jinyoung too often…You’re mine and mine only…”

You rolled your eyes and went with Haknyeon to the door. “Hm, I don’t know, Jinyoung does seem like a good kisser,” You teased as Haknyeon pretended to be offended. “I’m kidding, the kid has nothing on you. Stay safe when you walk home, okay? Text me as soon as you get home so I know you didn’t get beat up by a bunch of guys.”

“Hey! I would like to let you know that I happen to be a very macho man and will be able to beat up 10 guys all by myself,” Haknyeon scoffed and started punching the air. “Take that, Batman!” The male yelled and kicked the air. 

Rolling your eyes, you shushed him by muffling his “war cries” with a swift kiss on the lips. “Yeah, yeah. Now get along, Captain America. It’s getting dark soon and my parents would be home any minute now.”

Smiling, Haknyeon went on his way home and exclaimed, “Bye, my love! Parting is such sweet sorrow, but alas we will see each other again!”

“Stop quoting Romeo and Juliet, dork!” And with that, you shut the door behind you.

Humming some tunes as you shower, you began thinking about how much happier you felt once Haknyeon entered your life. Moving from Seoul to Jeju was definitely a big change, but you don’t regret it one bit. You may have lost some friends but you are content. On the first day, as soon as you stepped into your classroom, you knew it was gonna be a bit bumpy. Literally. You bumped into Haknyeon. 

However, Haknyeon was surprisingly sweet about it. He immediately apologized for not looking where he was going. Noticing that you were the new student, he offered to have lunch with him in the cafeteria and then he could show you around the campus. 

From that moment forward, the two of you became fast friends and eventually, those feelings became feelings of love. Haknyeon confessed to you on the school garden rooftop by singing you a love song with a guitar, which you found pretty cheesy (High School Musical?), but nonetheless, you happily accepted his feelings and proclaimed your own feelings for him. 

Reminiscing about the sweet memories, you finally finished your shower and rotated the shower handle to stop the flow of water. Wrapping a towel around your bare body, you scurried out of the shower and quickly dried off.

Slipping into your pajamas after you put on lotion, you walked out of the bathroom and into your bedroom, preparing to go to bed. Just then, your phone went off, indicating you have a text message.

my piggy: psst.. y/n are you still awake

me: yeah, i just got out of the shower. what’s up haknyeon?

my piggy: i’m really bored and i can’t sleep :(

me: that sounds like a you problem

my piggy: how rude

my piggy: can you come over so i can cuddle with you

me: no

me: it’s 11 pm wtf go cuddle with your dog

my piggy: wow ur so rude

me: i’m gonna go to sleep now, don’t stay up too late,,, i love u

my piggy: love u too have a good night babe <3

Shutting your phone off, you sighed and climbed into bed. If it wasn’t a school night, you would sneak off and cuddle with him in a heartbeat. Shutting your eyes, you drifted off into a deep slumber.

“So…Y/N…What do you say we get married in the morning?” Jungkook whispered into your ear. The two of you were in the middle of the beach, watching the sunset. 

The sky was a magnificent blend of autumn colors and the ocean was a beautiful navy color and sparkled like the night sky. The sand was soft and squishy underneath your toes as you inhaled a breath of the crisp ocean breeze. Hastily, you whispered, “Of course, babe.”

Jungkook was about to speak, his mouth gaped open and he took a breath of air when suddenly you heard a noise.


What the hell?

You looked around and saw that everything was perfectly still. Shrugging it off, you looked at the tall and broad male in front of you. Jungkook opened his mouth and suddenly, *clink*. Every time Jungkook was about to say something, only a clinking sound would utter from his lips. Suddenly, a seagull dove in and yelled out, “Y/N!”

With that, you jolted awake. Scanning your room, you saw everything was neat and in order. Everything was in place. What the hell was going on? Slipping on your Totoro slippers, you forced yourself out of bed and started walking round the room.

Heading to your desk, you looked at the photo frames that was on your desk. One photo was you and Haknyeon on your 100 day anniversary. The two of you were at the amusement park and Haknyeon was giving you a piggy back ride. Your friend found it really adorable so she insisted that you two took a picture.

Smiling, you moved on to the next photo. Haknyeon spilled ice cream on your shoes, he was bending down to clean up the mess as you stood there pouting with your arms crossed over your chest. Stuck in a daze, you totally forgot about the clinking noises. Until you heard it again.

“Y/N!” Huh? Snapping back into reality, you found out that the source of the clinking sounds came from your bedroom window. Cautiously, you walked towards your window and peered through the curtains.

From below, you managed to spot a person in a grey hoodie and black sweatpants, frantically waving their arms at you. Startled, you stepped back and then the mysterious person continued shouting.

“Y/N! It’s me, Haknyeon, your boyfriend! Can I come in?” Haknyeon yelled with a low and frantic tone. Shaking yourself out of your fixed trance, you opened the window and yelled back to him.

“What are you doing here? My parents will kill you!”

“Just let me in!”

Shuffling around, you hastily looked for anything that could bring Haknyeon to you. Grabbing two mattress spreadsheets, you tied them together to create an imitation of a rope and threw it down to him. Then, you grabbed a chair and tied the end of the “rope” to one of the legs and proceeded to sit on the chair to secure it so your boyfriend could have a solid base to hold onto.

“Hurry! Get in quickly!”

Haknyeon grabbed the end and swiftly entered your bedroom, thankful that all those dance classes paid off since it allowed him to be so nimble and flexible. Panting, he collapsed on your bed and sprawled himself underneath the covers.

“Haknyeon, what the hell were you thinking?” You whispered as you got up and joined him underneath the bed. “It’s 4 am! We have school tomorrow! My parents will kill us!”

Haknyeon ignored your question and wrapped his arm around your torso and pulled you closer to his chest. “I…couldn’t sleep. I needed you…” Haknyeon breathed out. “I wanted to cuddle with you.”

Blushing, you felt extremely flustered and tried to keep yourself composed. “So…You came into my room at 4 am to cuddle?”

“Mhm…”  Haknyeon murmured shamelessly.

“Hak-” You began to speak but then stopped as you heard your boyfriend snoring. Turning your body so you faced him, you saw his ethereal and soft features.  His eyes were closed and his eyelashes were curled so perfectly that you were envious. HIs cheeks were a dusty pink and his hair was sprawled across his face and made him look so adorable. His chest rose up and down slowly and you could hear his steady heartbeat. 

Looking at the boy in front of you, you smiled and moved closer to the boy and pecked his nose. You were extremely lucky to be his, and he was lucky to be yours.

“Good night, my prince.”

Letters from Lance Chapter 1

Hey guys, here’s another Klance fan fic. This one is going to be a mini series about Lance writing letters to you about his high school days and feelings for Keith. 

Summary: Lance McClain was told to write letters about his problems after he reunites with his ex, Keith Kogane, during a high school basketball game. The reunion sparks an old flame that Lance desperately wants to put out.

Dear you,

To those of you reading this, hi, my name is Lance McClain. I’m a sixteen year old guy who tweets about his Starbucks runs and takes selfies that use the hashtags natural and no filter. Give me a break. Like I said, I’m sixteen. 

I’m writing to you because Shiro, the counselor at my school who acts like everyone’s dad, said I needed to get some things off my chest. So here goes nothing.

At my school everyone keeps score on how many girls and guys they slept with or basically cheated on throughout the school year. Well me, yeah, just keep this between us, but I’ve never slept with anyone. Girl or guy. It’s embarrassing when you’ve got about twenty guys in the gym locker room tossing around names of who slept with who, while I’m standing there between them trying to keep score of how many exams I failed. Yeah, true story.

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“I hate battles in the rain.” You groaned, wringing out your hair. Mud splattered to the ground from your armour and any attempts of wiping off your face seemed to merely spread the mud.
“Marauders don’t pick battles on days that suit you, love.” Loki grinned, equally covered in mud.
“Well they should. Slightly chilly so I don’t overheat, sunny so I can see but not late in the day. They have no respect for good fighting conditions.”
Loki bit his lip, grinning at your complaints. “Well, I’d be happy to help you.”
“And then you nearly got stabbed, moving too close, honestly you should stay back, wait what?” Your rant fell apart as you scrambled to understand what Loki had said.
Loki grinned innocently, eyes sparkling, “what now?”
“What did you say?”
Loki stood up from his seat where he had been resting as you rambled. He pushed back a strand of muddy hair, “I offered to help you clean, love. Showering alone is so boring and as the name implies, lonely. Perhaps I can help cheer up your mood as well?”
You looked down at your mud soaked clothes and back up at Loki, imagining what he looked like beneath his armour. “Alright.” You squeaked.

just-simply-aging  asked:

heyy its ya girl, hitting you up with a Request! the rfa +minor trio(if you want idk) catching mc singing while listening to headphones? i love youuu💛

Ams!! I finally got it done! Im sorry if some are bad or seemed rushed – 

Yoosung -
Song - Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco

- Yoosung woke up to some noise coming from the kitchen, it was really early in the morning (4 - 5 am) so he was really groggy.
-Stumbling towards the bedroom door he also heard singing.
- “Is that MC? What is she doing up so early?”
- It sounded heavenly - but with a few missed notes.
-Stopping at the kitchen he sees you making breakfast
-“MC? Good morning”
-He gets no response, yo just continue singing.
- He walks up behind her and taps your shoulder causing you to shriek.
-She turns around fast ripping her earbuds out of her ears.
-Doesn’t stop apologizing
-“You’re really great at singing by the way, I do suggest maybe not singing with headphones on..”

Song: Like Im going to lose you - Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend

-Today was the day, the day he got to spend with his girlfriend.
-He knows about the time he gets done with rehearsals you will probably be cleaning around the house.
-As he walks in to the apartment he’s greeted with your voice.
-It sounds so…. angelic.
-He doesn’t want to bother you, so he just leaves you be.
- It sounded like you just started singing, he recognized the song.
-He knows this is something you sing softly like a tune you just cant get out of your head.
- So he sits down on the couch and listens and watches you dance around (in the kitchen– its messy)
- You start singing the chorus.
-Even if you hit some notes wrong, he just - he loves you
-Once you finish singing he just applauds.
-“Bravo darling~”
-You are shocked shocked, how long has Zen been sitting there??
-“You have a very wonderful voice babe, I love it,”

Song: Thats What I Like - Bruno Mars

-It was a little after sunrise
-Jumin was enjoying his morning with Elizabeth The 3rd™
-It was about time for you to get up, but he didn’t want to disturb her sleep so he left her be.
-That was until he heard you singing.
-He was really confused, Elizabeth was I bit startled.
-You weren’t singing bad or anything, you were just very sudden with it.
-He walks to the bedroom he cracks the door
-He sees you picking out your clothes, but you were so distracted you just couldn’t.
-You start dancing around
-He just opens the door all the way making the most confused face.
-You take your headphones out and stare at him.
-“What? Keep going.”

Song: King - Lauren Aquilina

-Today was a very busy day at the shop.
-By the time you both got home you two were exhausted
-So exhausted she just want to crawl in bed.
-But she couldn’t - she needed to shower.
-You knew she takes a while in the shower so you popped on your headphones and put on a song
- You started singing - but you thought you were doing it quietly.
-You were so loud that Jaehee heard you over the water.
-You were trying so hard - you really were.
-All of the high notes you couldn’t really hit (Those are some hard notes)
-She hurried and finished her shower and got dressed.
-By that time you stopped singing.
-“MC? Why were you singing so loudly?”
-“I wasnt?”
-She gives you a ‘yes you were’ look.
-“Its okay! Its okay! You just hit some notes badly, but its okay! Your voice is still wonderful”
-She gives you a nice big hug.

Song: September - Earth, Wind & Fire

-Saeyoung in the bedroom laying down
-You were in the living room being bored to death
-How about listening to music to cure your boredom?
-You did just that.
- You sang your lungs out
-He just comes in and looks at you dancing around the living room He chuckles and goes back to the bedroom.
-You didnT EVEN SEE HIM.
-The music blocked your vision
-You could hear him right?
-“MC? You’re awfully loud.”
-You dont hear him - we all know that.
-You just continue singing
-You started singing really badly just to joke around (we all do that right?)
-He comes back in the room and just STARES.
-He stares you down til you notice him.
-You jump and turn pale as if you had seen a ghost,
-“WHEN DID YOU GET HERE” You yell at him.
-“No idea - but why do we have a dying cat?”
-You threw a pillow at him
-“I was joking around MC, chill!”
-You both just laugh it off

Saeran -
Song: Focus - Ariana Grande

-Saeyoung wasnt home that day so you two had the house to yourselves.
-You thought Saeran left with him as well, so you thought it was just you
-You popped on your headphone and turn the song all the way up
-You stood in front of the mirror and started singing and dancing
-Pretending you were in a music video
-You look great
-Saeran heard you while he was making something to eat
-“What the hell?”
-“What the fuck is she doing?”
-Saeran walks to the bedroom and seeing you dramatically singing
-He knocked on the door to try and get your attention
-You didnt hear him so he knocked louder
-He got frustrated and just walked in and ruined the moment
-Cue loud shriek
-“MC what the hell are you doing?!”
-“Saeran I thought you left with your brother!”
-“Does it look like Im with him?”
-“You sing well…”
-“Just dont sing high notes when you can’t hear yourself.”

V / Jihyun (Ramble ramble)
Song: I feel good - James Brown

-It was a Sunday morning and V wasn’t home
-You had some work to do around the house
-So you took the opportunity to do some stuff with a kick of fun
-But you needed some upbeat music to go with it
-Next thing you know, you’re running around the living room cleaning
-V pops in the door
-He hears you but he doesn’t see you
-“Well this is nice”
-You’re in such a great mood
-He doesnt want to ruin it
-He loves it
-You walk into the living room with a vacuum dancing a little
-You look over and see V
-You jumped
-“Jihyun, dear, hi!”
-He just smiles
-“Hello Ms. Golden Voice”
-You just turn red knowing he heard you singing

Song: Fly - June Maneezy

-He finally go a day off
-He finally got to spend sometime at home
-He knew you were home, but you didn’t think he was.
-He wanted to surprise you
-So he waited
-He heard you shifting around the back part of the house
-From the bathroom to the bedroom
-While you were getting ready for the day you decided to listen to some music and sing a bit
-You thought no one was home so who cares if you sounded bad or not?
-Vanderwood heard you …
-He heard it all
-He walked back to the bathroom
-You weren’t finished but you were stopped abruptly
-You saw his reflection in the mirror
-You just slammed the door
-You weren’t mad or anything, just embarrassed
-“MC? Im sorry.”
-You took off your headphones and opened the door
-He saw the embarrassment written all over your face
-Tells you that you sang just fine

GUYS IS THIS EVEN GOOD? Im sorry – im really exhausted right now, plus this is my first REAL request. Just bear with it

Please (Part 1)

A/N: so i didn’t get a request from anyone for this I was just bored and decided to let my imagination flow free and i don’t know, I just hope you like it.

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It was bring your child to work day, you had doubts about bringing Allison to the BAU but you talked to Hotch and JJ and they were bringing Jack and Henry so you got up, getting Allison ready. Spencer was in the shower, Ali was all dressed, but you. you weren’t ready and you didn’t know what to wear you sat on your bed looking at all the clothes around you, hoping something would pop out at you when you heard a low chuckle from behind you. You looked over your shoulder at Spencer who had his towel wrapped around his waist you lightly bit your lip turning your head back “babe, you have to find something to wear we have to leave in 25 minutes.” he came up behind you rubbing up and down your arms, kissing the top of your head. You watched as he went over to his closet pulling out his signature look a button up shirt, black jeans, and a dark brown cardigan over his button up you couldn’t help but stare as he got dressed, taking up most of your time to get ready “Y/N staring at me isn’t getting dressed.” he chuckled walking over to your pile of clothes picking up and outfit for you, playfully throwing them at you “now go get dressed and i expect you done in 6 minutes.” he kissed your head and walked out the bedroom picking up Ali “hurry up.” He called from the living room, you groaned and hurried and got dressed pulling your hair into a ponytail you were done in 3 minutes, well according to Spencer you were done in 2 minutes and 34 seconds. You put Ali’s jacket on before putting on your own. “Okay, I’m ready” you smiled and picked up the keys tossing them to Spencer you giggled as he struggled to catch them, he glared at you as you giggled “its not funny Y/N” he whined, you walked up kissing his cheek “lets go baby we’re running late” you walked out the door waiting for him to follow. 15 minutes went by and you both pulled into the BAU. You looked back at Ali and sighed quietly “baby, she will be okay she will play with Henry and Jack and lets not forget Garcia” he chuckled kissing your temple you got out helping Ali out of the car “Mommy Mommy, is this where you and daddy work?” you smiled down at her “yes babygirl this is where we catch all the bad guys” she smiled and took Spencer’s hand running into the building you watched at the two most important people in your life run into a building where all your scary dreams come true. You caught up and walked into the elevator “mommy the nice guy gave me a lollipop” she smiled wide pointing at the security guard. The elevator doors closed you could feel your breakfast coming back up for a little encore, the elevator doors couldn’t open fast enough you darted out of the elevator and into the bathroom “Y/N?” you heard JJ call from behind you. You pushed your way into the stall instantly vomiting into the toilet you panted and heaved “what is happening?” you said breathless you heard the bathroom door open “Y/N, you okay?” you knocked on the wall signalling JJ that you were in there she opened the stall as you leaned against the wall “Y/N what happened?” you shrugged and looked up at her “probably something i ate, do you have any gum?” you giggled as she handed you a piece of gum, you stood up following her out of the bathroom avoiding eye contact with your team going straight over to Allison ruffling her hair Spencer leaned down and whispered in your ear “You okay?” you smiled and nodded still carrying on a conversation with Rossi “So Y/N, when am i gonna be able to babysit my niece” everyone laughed “when we don’t have a casd to do.” Garcia walks in looking upset “hate to be the one to tell you all this but you have a case just came in.” we all exchanged looks “let me go call my babysitter” you swallowed hard and looked up at Hotch and JJ “I’ll watch them” Hotch shook his head “we need you in the field” JJ looked over at you “maybe she should stay, she wasn’t feeling to well a couple minutes ago and i dont think she’s feeling up to being in the field, right Y/N” “Yeah, I can stay back and watch Jack and Henry and besides Garcia’s here I can still help with the case”

A/N: sorry it’s short but if i don’t stop it now I won’t be able to stop. and I don’t wanna give anything away.


“I want you.”

A/N: So I kinda got bored in school and started writing this there and I think I havent written Rich smut in a while so here you go.

Summary: You are at a convention with your best friend Rich and his other half Rob. On Saturday morning Rich didnt show up punctually to set thing up on stage so you go and search for your best friend. You ran into his room just as he got out of the shower. 

Warnings: Smut, some fluff, oral sex 

Word Count: 1957 

It was nearly 8 a.m. and everyone was setting up the things on stage but for some reason Richard was missing.

“Hey Rob, shouldn’t Rich already be here?” I asked the other half of my best friend who was just setting down his guitar. I was sitting on the edge of the stage looking up to Rob. He shortly stopped his work and looked at me with raising an eyebrow.

“He actually should maybe he didn’t hear his alarm or he’s getting breakfast.” Rob told me on which I nodded and jumped down from the stage.

“I’m going to look for him. See you guys later.” I told them shortly waving before I left to search for Rich.

First, I went to the Dining Room in where they had breakfast. Since there were a lot of people I had to look for a few minutes but he wasn’t there so I made my way to the lifts to go to his room.

It took a few minutes until I got to his room, since his room was at the end of the floor. Arriving at his room I knocked at the door and waited a few seconds. Since he didn’t open I fished the second keycard Richard gave me for his room out of my pants and opened the door. Just as I got into the room, Richard walked out of the bathroom, hair wet and nothing but a towel around his hips.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t…I uh…I should go.” I stumbled over my own words. Seeing him like this got me all flustered and made me want to leave the room as soon as possible. I turned around making my way to the door.

He laughed behind me and stopped me as soon as I grabbed after the doorknob. With his hand, he held the door closed so I couldn’t open it.

“Why so fast Y/N?” He whispered way to close to my ear which almost made me jump. I turned around directly looking into his amber eyes, he looked amused a little cheeky smile on his face. Amused about my current state of nervousness but he didn’t say anything and just stared at me which didn’t make anything better. He reduced the space between the two of us until our noses were only a few inches apart. My heart started beating faster as he pressed his hips against mine. Through the thin firm of his towel and the thin firm of my hot pants I could feel his member pressing against my center and I could feel my body filling with anticipation. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea or moment for what he had in mind right now. The other were waiting for us.

“The others are waiting for us. We shouldn’t…” But he didn’t let me finish my sentence instead he pressed his lips on mine making sure he didn’t crush his nose into my face. He kissed me with so much passion that I forgot how to breath.

“Fuck that. I’ve been crushing on you for good 3 Months now. I can’t and don’t want to wait anymore, I want you.” He whispered against my lips slightly changing his position which caused that the towel around his hips fell down to his ankles. Out of curiosity I looked down and what I saw there surprised me. He was big, bigger than I expected from someone his size.

I let out a light “Holy shit” which made him giggle.

“Hey eyes up here, sweetheart.” He whispered placing his finger under my chin to push my head back to meet his eyes.

“Sorry I didn’t…I didn’t expect that you know.” I laughed a bit.

“I heard that a lot.” He leaned down to me, his lips meeting mine and kissing me softly while he placed one hand on my hips and his other on my neck. I placed mine on his arms, kissing him back the same way until his kisses got more willingly. Trailing his tongue over my lips he asked for entrance. I let out a soft moan allowing him to push his tongue into my mouth, discovering it and challenging mine to a fight while his hand on my hips found its way under my shirt softly kneading and stroking my skin causing every inch of my body to react with goosebumps.

“Your skin is so soft, I want to kiss every inch of it and leaving soft marks there.” The man in front of me whispered against my lips while he started placing soft kisses over my check down to my neck. “You’re way to overdressed.” His lips found this sweet little spot under my ear and started sucking on it earning a loud moan from me.  Without hesitating any longer, I grabbed between our bodies wrapping my hand around his member, starting to knead it slowly while I teased the tip of his cock with my thumb. I could feel him getting hard under the touch of my fingers causing him to moan out loud and his breath getting a bit faster.

“Y/N” He whispered and it sounded like a prayer from his lips. “You’re so beautiful.” Grabbing the hem of my shirt he pulled it over my head, throwing it somewhere across the room shortly followed by my BH. Lips back on my neck again he started placing a trail of wet kisses and bites down to my collarbone, sucking a soft mark into the skin there before he kept kissing a path down to my boobs. He took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking on it and teasing it with his teeth. My body immediately reacted causing it to harden within a few seconds.

“Rich” I moaned as I could feel how wet I already was. I wanted him. I needed him. He eased his lips from my boobs placing wet kisses over my sternum down to my lower tummy, kissing and biting my already sensitive skin. Opening my hot pants, he hooked his fingers into them and pulled them down including my panties.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this.” Rich whispered looking up to me, pure desire flickering up in his amber eyes. I stepped out of my pants and kicked them away. Rich grabbed my thighs kneeling down in front of me, spreading my legs far enough so he could dive between them. He started placing kisses all over my thighs, soft kisses followed by his tongue and then his teeth, leaving a mark where nobody could see it making me moan again. As he reached my center with his tongue he licked a broad stripe through causing me to grip onto his still wet hair.  He softly flicked his tongue against my clit making me push my hips closer to his face. “I’m going to write my name into you.” He mumbled against my center.

“Your Name?” I asked looking down at him. A huge grin appeared on his face as he looked up to me.

“Yes, but not Rich. The full version of it.” He took on of my legs and wrapped it around his neck to get better access to my center. Not a second later he started painting his name with his tongue between my folds. He licked a broad stripe for the first later then a semi-arc followed by a horizontal-line and the second later of his name. Shit he was honestly serious about this, I wouldn’t survive this. I wanted to grind my hips down on his face but he kept me steady with his hands on my hips so I wouldn’t move that much.

With each move of his talented tongue I could feel my orgasm coming closer, the next letter would probably send me over the edge. My breath got faster the closer I got and my body was already covered in a thin layer of sweat.

“Rich…I’m gonna…cum” I moaned gripping tight onto his hair but he didn’t listen. He drew the fourth letter of his name, teasingly slow before he softly sucked on my clit then starting the next letter. Halfway through it I couldn’t hold back anymore, throwing my head back I moaned out his name as my orgasm hit me.

“We’re gonna repeat that sometime soon but now I want to fuck you.” He said looking up to me, his lips glistening from my arousal he placed my leg that was wrapped around his neck back on the floor before he got up just to pick me up and walk over to the bed with. Placing me on his bed he straddled my legs and crawled between them directly getting in line with my entrance while he placed his lips on mine kissing me hardly but still careful not to crush his nose into my face. He slowly pushed himself into me inch for inch until he fully filled me out. It took a moment until I got used to his size inside of me.

“Jesus, fuck you’re so tight sweetie.” He groaned against my lips as he started circling his hips, pulling out and pushing back in first slow making sure I was fully used to his size before his thrusts got faster. I placed my hands on his shoulders slightly digging my nails into it as his hips snapped back against mine but this time harder than before. “You feel so fucking good around me.” He whispered, his lips finding my neck again sucking a deep red mark into it easing a loud moan from me.

After a few minutes, hot air and loud moans filled the whole room, our bodies moving in a perfect rhythm covered in a thick layer of sweat. The man above me changed his position finding the exact right to spot to make me scream out his name. He grabbed my hips with one hand, digging his nails into my soft skin leaving deep marks there while he kept circling his hips in a fast and steady pace. I could feel a new orgasm building up inside of me.

“Rich…faster” I moaned pushing my hips further to him so I could feel him deeper inside of me. The faster his thrusts got the choppier got his breath which told me that he was close too.

“Cum for me, Baby.” Rich whispered leaning his sweaty forehead against mine, circling his hips one more time pulling out and pushing back in he sent me over the edge causing me to scratch over his back leaving a few red marks there. He followed me a few seconds later, spilling all of his load inside of me riding both of us through our orgasms before he heavily breathing broke down on top of me.

“That was good.” He whispered after we both calmed down from our high.

“Very good.” I agreed with him. He softly kissed me as he pulled out of me the rest of his load dripping on the sheets. “We should go down.” I added then.

“It’s fine, Rob knows how I’m feeling for you so he should understand.” He whispered as he rolled next to me pulling me into his arms. Kissing the back of my head he buried his face in my neck. “So, are we together now?”  He asked me then and I could hear how unsure he was about this.

“Yes, I hope so.” I smiled, taking his hand and lacing our fingers together.

“I’m glad. I like you a lot.” Rich said placing another kiss on the back of my head. He was so sweet and I really liked this about him.

“I like you too.” I whispered happily, feeling safe with his arms wrapped around me.

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hiiii! could i please have an oikawa x reader, where like to help with the pain in his knee oiks takes an ice bath cause he read online somewhere that it helps w/ pain and like the reader thinks it's funny when he gets in bc he's so cold and he's shivering and tooru just smirks and like pulls the reader in with him? and then they both get sick because they forgot to take a shower after to get rid of the cold ^_^ thank you so much!

oikawa tooru x reader (lowercase intended)

tooru was shivering underneath all the ice, his teeth clattered with such force one might think they were going to break under the pressure. earlier that day he had read an article about how ice bath’s could help with pain, which he instantly thought he should do since his injured knee had been bothering him lately. but now the boy wondered why he even considered doing so - sure, the pain was slowly fleeing, but gosh, was he cold.

you, who were at his house for the day, insisted on him wearing swim trunks. you would be in the room with him so he would have someone to keep him company (there were times when tooru couldn’t stand silence), and you weren’t quite comfortable with him being completely naked in a tub of ice.

“(y)-(y/n)? how much longer do i have to be - be in here for?” tooru stumbled over his words a bit, hands making his way to his arms in attempt to warm himself a bit.

you snorted, unable to resist the laughter that rose in your throat as you looked at the volleyball captain.

“hey! don’t laugh! rude!” he yelled, brows nit together, fustrated at you.

“just a little bit, okay?” you responded, lips twitching into a small smile that you prayed he couldn’t see from where he sat. sadly, the male noticed, and a plan formed in his head.

“(y/n)? could- could you hand me a towel from the rack please?” he asked while you raised an eyebrow, slightly suspiscous of his sudden change in behavior.


taking a few steps to your left, you grabbed a light blue towel from the towel rack that hung on the wall, spinning on your ankle you walked to where the bathtub was. “here,” you said as you reached your arm to tooru.

“thank you!” tooru chirped, hand grasping the towel. you failed to notice that he had also grabbed your hand as well, until he pulled the towel - and you - into the freezing bathtub of ice.

“ah!” you screamed, hands trying to find something to hold onto as you immediately started to shiver. “why would you do that? tooru, my clothes are soaked!”

you opened your eyes, glaring at the boy as the two of you sat across from one another. he smiled sheepishly, “i got bored?”.

“achoo!”  tooru sneezed, his nose red as he snuggled down more into the pile of blankets.

the two of you had forgotten to take showers after the incident, becoming sick do to your mistake. so what’s better than cuddling with your partner in a heap of blankets and watching cheesy movies while sick?

“you know,” you started, voice stuffed, “this would’ve never happened if you hadn’t pulled me in with you.” you referred to his act of mischief that he had pulled on you, there were times when you forgot that tooru could have many sides to him.

“hey,” he said, pulling you closer to him as if you could heal him from his cold, “at least we’re together now, and aren’t you enjoying this?”

you sighed, pressing your back to his chest, “i guess.”

both of you smiled, staring at the tv screen in silence, watching the movie play along while you enjoyed the other’s company.


Halloween? Who is she ??

Things have been stressful in the mornings as we’ve been trying to get a routine down.  Nothing earth shattering, I know.  Typical new parent stuff.  Hubs and I are 39 now.  We have a lot of years being independent, and even in our marriage, we have been operating as great partners with two totally different styles.  In the past, I’ve gotten up early, gotten to work early, and when I get home, I like to get the business taken care of immediately.  Clean, dinner, get ready for tomorrow.

Hubs has always been the opposite, and now trying to get ready in the morning has been tear your hair out crazy.  Baby wakes up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30, sometimes wants to eat, sometimes just wants to play with you.  Dog needs to eat and go outside.  Pump bag needs to be restocked.  Diaper bag needs clean bottles.  I need to be at work by 7 (NEVER HAPPENS) and Hubs needs to be at work by 8:30ish.

I’ve been really frustrated that when I’m trying to leave for work Hubs is just getting in the shower.  Because, you know, BABY.  Last night he had Men’s League Golf, and I did all the usual prep:  sterilize pump parts and bottles, make dinner, blah / blah / blah oh my god I’m so old and boring.  But this morning, I took a step back and let some of the control go.  I got baby’s clothes out for daycare (in all fairness, the clothes situation is a hot mess as she continues to grow and all the things I need to sort are in a pile in the nursery we’re not using yet), but told Hubs he could get her dressed right before he left.  I didn’t assemble or pack the clean bottles, just told him where they were.

He didn’t complain.  Or act like it was a big deal.  In fact, he just said, “ok.  Does she need socks today?”  I need to remember this more:  it’s not my job to make everything run perfectly at home.  And if Hubs is running behind, that’s  not my issue.  It’s my issue to make sure Baby is loved and safe and clean and fed and taken care of.  Hubs has to problem solve the rest for himself.

I adore my partner.  Wouldn’t want to co parent with anybody else, truly.

But shit, co parenting is hard.

Work of art

Pairing: Tony x reader

@xangelhunterx request :the reader is Tony’s girlfriend and a professional artist. One day Tony is out on a mission that should have taken longer but he gets back early and surprises the reader, who has paint all over her hands and face from a rather messy spray painting project. Tony begs her to take a shower with him so she can wash the paint off which ends up with a cute smutty bit of shower smut.

Y/n- your name
Y/l/n- your last name

“F.r.i.d.a.y. when does Tony come back from the mission” I asked the A.I. As I lazily laid on the couch watching some shitty reality show. Tony had been gone for a week now because of a mission and I missed him so much.

“Not for another week ms. Y/l/n” great another boring week without Tony. I might as well start working on my next project to distract myself then. I got off the couch and went to our bedroom to change into my painting outfit before heading off to my art room in the tower. I actually met Tony at one of my art exhibits and we spent hours talking about our favorite artists and paintings. He asked for my number and we’ve been together ever since.

“Alright F.r.i.d.a.y. Can you play my playlist” I asked as I grabbed spray paint.

“Certainly ms. Y/l/n” and soon my favorite song started playing as I started to work on my giant canvas

(Meanwhile Tony’s pov)

“Guys can you hurry up I want to go home already” I complained as we were raiding a hydra base. We’re supposed to be here for another week but I just want to get back home. I want to be around my girlfriend and not these idiots.

“Chill Tony we’re almost done” I heard Clint’s voice as I circulated the base, taking out any agents that are trying to leave with information.

“Well hurry”

*time skip*

“You got your wish stark, we’re coming back early” Bruce sat next to me.

“I just want to get home already” I rested my head against the seat.

“To see y/n right? Why else would you be on our asses to finish the job if it wasn’t for her”

“Obviously” I rolled my eyes.

“Well you better cheer up because we’re halfway there” Bruce got up and walked away. I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep until I felt someone tapping my shoulder.

“Tony we’re here” Bruce was the last one in the quinjet with me. I got up and walked out, automatically going towards my car that was outside. Another hour later and I’m back at the tower being greeted by F.r.i.d.a.y.

“Welcome back sir”

“Thank you” I noticed that it was too quiet in here. “F.r.i.d.a.y. Where is y/n?”

“Ms. Y/l/n is currently in her art room, she’s working on a piece for one of her clients. Would you like for me to inform her that you have arrived?”

“No I want to surprise her but thank you” I got back on the elevator and went up to the floor where y/n’s art room was. Once I was in front of the door I was debating if I should knock or not but ultimately decided to quietly enter. Opening the door my ears were immediately met with the loud music in the room. I quietly made my way over to her and really took in her work. It was wonderful, she is really talented.

“It’s looking great babe” I talked into her ear as I grabbed her waist and making her jump.

“TONY ! ! !”

*y/n pov*

“It’s looking great babe” I heard Tony’s voice as I felt him grabbing my waist.

“TONY ! ! !” I spun around and was about to hug him but stopped once I noticed I was dirty because of the paint. “I thought you weren’t going to be here for another week” I opted to kiss him instead.

“We were but I told them to hurry up, I wanted to come back home to you” he kissed me again and took the spray paint from my hands. “No offense babe but you are filthy” he pointed at my hands and forehead. “Let’s go clean up, I could use a shower myself. F.r.i.d.a.y. Please turn off the music” Tony instructed the A.I. As he got ahold of my paint colored hand and guided us out of the room.

Once we reached our room I made my way straight into the bathroom and taking off the paint covered clothes. “Tony are you joining me or not?” I asked as I took off my bra and underwear.

“I’m coming, I just had to bring this” he walked into the bathroom naked and holding my hamper. “So you can put those in here” he pointed at my clothes. I picked up my clothes and put them, giving him s quick kiss before he took the basket out of the room. I opened the shower door and stepped inside, turning the shower on I shivered when cold started to come out. After a few seconds I finally got it to a perfect temperature.

“Tony come on” I shouted only to have him open the door two seconds later with a wash rag.

“Alright alright calm down” I moved back so Tony was comfortably inside and shut the shower door. “Ok you first because your more dirty than me”

“No you’re way more dirty than me Tony, you know with all those naughty text you sent me yesterday.” I teased taking what he said out of context.

“Hahaha you know what I meant” I squirted out a bit of body wash into the washcloth and started to wash my face. I faintly saw color in the water when he rinsed the washcloth so he could squirt more body was on it.


“I know and you still have a little bit on your face.” Tony started scrubbing again “close your eyes” I did and I felt him tilting my head a little so I felt water on my face. I felt his hands on my face, wiping it to make sure there was no more paint on my face. “Alright your face is clean, now your hands” he held onto my multicolored hands and pored the body wash on it, using the washcloth to scrub the paint away. After a few minutes he finally managed to wash away the paint out of my hands.

“Yay now I can do this” I held onto the back of his neck and pulled him into a much needed kiss. He took a few steps forward, making me step back until my back hit the tile wall. “I missed this” I managed to say against his lips.

“I know me too” I his right hand started to make its way down my body and soon his thumb was on my clit.

“I thought we were supposed to be taking a shower Tony” I moaned as he started to suck on my neck and inserted his fingers inside me.

“We can do both” he removed his hand and got my shampoo. “Wash your hair in the meantime” I squirted it into my hands and started to massage it into my hair while Tony inserted his fingers inside me as started to suck on my left nipple.

“Oh god” I moaned as i continued to wash my hair. “Let go of my breast Tony, I’m about to rinse” he pulled away and watched as I rinsed out my hair. Once I rinsed out my hair a second time I squeezed some shampoo in my hand and started messaging it into Tony’s hair.

“Mmm I love it when you run your hands through my hair” he started pumping his fingers inside me faster as his other hand was around my waist.

“Tony” I managed to move us around so now he was under the shower head and he started to rinse out the shampoo.

“I think I’m clean enough, turn around from me” he lightly tapped my ass before I turned around. “Bend over and place your hands on the wall” I shook my ass a little bit for him before bending over and my hands were against the cold tile. I moaned as I felt Tony teasing my entrance with the tip of his cock before pushing himself inside me.

“Tony ! ! !” I closed my eyes as he started to move.

“Fuck” Tony grunted, he gripped my waist tighter as he started to set a fast are harsh pace. “I was only gone for a week how are you so tight” the sound of our wet skin echoed.

“I don’t know but don’t stop Tony” I whimpered as one of his hands made its way toward my clit and started to play with it. “Tony I’m so close baby”

“Do it babe, cum for me” a couple of more thrusts later and I was putty in his hands. “TONY ! ! ! !” I screamed and Tony continue to thrust harshly inside me.

“That’s it y/n cum, fuck I love hearing you cum” Tony made me lean back and let my head fall back onto his as he continued to move.

“Tony” His name continued to fall from my lips as one of his hands started playing with my breast.

“That’s it y/n” I could feel his cock starting to twitch inside me

“Tony stop I want you to cum in my mouth.” He pulled out and I dropped to my knees. Waisting no time I took him in my mouth and started blow him.

“Oh shiiiit” one of Tony’s hands landed on my head as I bobbed my head. “Ooooh fuck I missed your mouth so muuuuuch” I could hear Tony breathing heavily. I started sucking faster until I felt him spilling himself in my mouth. “FUUUUUUCK” Tony let out a long moan as I continued to suck until I got all of his cum. Once I did I got up and pecked his lips. “I fucking love you”

“I love you too Tony” I kissed him again and continued to shower.

“Round two in the bedroom?” I asked as we stepped out of the shower.

“Oh do you really have to ask?” Tony lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom where we spent the rest of the making up a weeks worth not having sex.