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hey quick update! I have no posts left in my queue anymore, and probably won’t for a while! my exams start on the 1st of December nd I have like 3 whole essays to do and tons of study too soooo i doubt I’ll have time to play sims/edit anything! :( if I have any spare time I’ll try and do something, but idk! see u all in abt a week, or maybe sooner! but we just don’t know

Permanent Hiatus Notice / Goodbye

Okay, so after a few days of serious deliberation, and weeks of surely-annoying lack of activity, I’ve decided it’s time to make a choice one way or another regarding this blog, and the future of my roleplaying in general. Long story short, I’m quitting. This is not an easy choice to make, I’ve been going back and forth for a while considering how much I don’t want to disappoint everyone here, but at the same time I have to balance the idea of my actual inspiration. In essence, I’ve been unable to get any bit of inspiration for any of my characters in any way, and though likely nobody cares regarding the whole story, I just need to get it off my chest a little so that’ll be under a read more.

So, no need to read past this point if you don’t want to, and I wish everyone a happy life and that you all have fun with each other. Like Antigonius from Winter’s Tale it’s time to take my cue to exit stage right and be pursued by a bear—(( wait, what? )) Anyway, tragic endings of Shakespearean characters aside, I am happy to have met you all, and to have written with you, and since this blog hit its 100 followers sometime this week I might as well end on a good note and give a fun lil bias list in honor of all y'all who are still around. I’ll miss you, but I feel that between marriage, a baby on the way, and a host of various other stressers which are pressing upon me (( half out of hormones I’ve no doubt )), it’s best to turn to the things which I am quickly finding myself entrenched with anyway: writing for myself. Therefore, if any of you see stories with ships which you recognize/friendships etc… raises hand mea culpa. I can’t help it, I’ve been around for nearly a year and a half (( might already be a year and a half I have no idea, I’ve been rping for nearly 5 years so… time flies )), and I’m sure my characters will love to show themselves after all this time in stories. Can’t help it.

But without further ado … about nothing … ahem the Bias List:

@sorrowssinger​, @feralandfair​, @edhelaran​, @rondo-tarmenel​, @warriorswithin​, @bouncingbeleg​, @chieftess-of-the-haladin​, @dolamrotha​, @first-son-of-finwe​, @fcrestmaiden​, @loyalservants​, @neverparted​, @sindaran​, @voidxsm​, @ardaisms​, @forgemaiar​​, @lightofthetrees

Not many, I know, but these are the people I would suggest highly in all admiration. they’re great at what they do, and their characters are among my favorites, so if you don’t know them you totally should. You won’t regret it.

Again, let me say how awesome you’ve all been, and how I hope you will all do very very well in all your endeavors. To all of my shipping partners, it’s been amazing to rp with you, and I can assure you I’ll likely carry all my crackships with me in fond memory. I’m sorry for leaving you, but I feel it’s necessary. Good luck, you guys.

If you wish to contact me, I can be found at my personal @thefrenchiestgoldenfry​ or on Discord at Nana#6882. Just to make it clear, I will not be returning, and so… Farewell, wherever you fare till your eyries receive you at your journey’s end.


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sick + bellarke

Hiiii. I’m so sorry this took a hot second. But it’s longish? Also, my current obsession to get me through this hiatus has been The Gifted. I recommend, and this is absolultely based on it. Enjoy!

till the sun turns black 


Bellamy Blake is tired. Tired of running. Tired of hiding. And sure as hell tired of people not listening to him. When Clarke, of all people, comes to tell him of his friends disappearing act, he’s concerned but also pissed. The concern stems from the fact that his friend, a wanted fugitive and mutant decided to go somewhere alone and the anger, well, also because he decided to go somewhere alone. Because Clarke, their newest refugee and pain in his ass, is just now fucking telling him. But mostly because the man refuses to listen to him when he says that they need to make a plan rather than running into danger. And now they’re all screwed.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” he stands from his place at the table, where he had been trying to map out a goddamn plan.

The refugee in question throws her hands up with a huff, “I don’t know. Said he was going to get O and wasn’t going to sit on his ass and wait.”

Bellamy wants to punch something, preferably Lincoln for being such an idiot. He gets the man’s frustration – his girlfriend was taken by the bad men, the people who lock them up for being different under the guise that they’re dangerous terrorists. He is feeling all the same things Lincoln is, hell, maybe more. After all, O is his sister. His responsibility.

He storms past the small blonde, trying not to aim his anger towards her but failing,“And you’re just now telling me?”

“He told me not to!” she counters fiercely. He almost rolls his eyes at that. She’s been with them for three weeks and already she’s acting like she has some sort of loyalty to Lincoln. She barely knows them. She’s kept to herself for the most part, only offering biting remarks to anyone who even tries to be friendly. She’s not exactly a ray of sunshine.

“Do you always do what you’re told?” he’s shrugging on his jacket and out the door before she can answer and, both fortunately and unfortunately for him, she is hot on his heels. He doesn’t want her to go – she’s new and he doesn’t know much about her besides she can teleport (though even that has it’s limitations) and she seemingly hates everything and everyone. Truthfully, he knows it’s a defense mechanism. It’s the same one he had for years.

“Where are you going?” she’s breathing heavily behind him, trying her best to keep up with his quick pace as he tries to concentrate. He turns on her and she runs smack into his chest with a yelp.

“I found you,” he tells her matter-of-factly, “I can find him. Problem solved. Now if you’re going to come, please don’t talk. I need to concentrate, Princess.”

Her jaw snaps closed audibly and she crosses her arms, a familiar sternness creasing her brow, “Are you always such an ass?”

“Hmm.” They leave the compound quickly and he’s able to track Lincoln without any issue. It’s almost too late when they find him, the sound of the Sentinel Services threatening them ringing through the old warehouse. With relative ease, he kicks open the door and is surprised to see not only Lincoln, but a very frightened looking family standing behind him.

“Let’s go!” he yells and takes off. Clarke seems to hesitate for a moment, lost somewhere in her mind as she watches the family. She shakes it off quickly and offers a hand, They follow quickly, the sound of their footfalls echoing. But soon enough it isn’t just their footsteps. There is a quick clang of metal around them, rapidly approaching and before he even notices something wraps around his ankle and drags him down. He hits the ground with a hard thud, a metal contraption digging into his leg and slowly crawling up. Looks like Sentinel Services got an upgrade. He pushes against it but it won’t budge and he feels something warm beginning to settle in his veins. He’s feeling weak. He’s feeling… and then it’s gone. He looks up to see one of the kids with their hands raised. Oh. Lincoln, what the fuck did you get us into?

To his surprise, it’s Clarke who helps him up and throws his arm over her shoulder, “You good?”

He nods, both as an answer and in gratitude. They reach a chained metal door and stop. Behind them, more Sentinels approach, the spider-like robots turning a menacing shade of red. He moves to the door, beginning to push against it so it would open but he hears the same familiar sound on the other side. They’re surrounded.

“They’re on the other side,” he tells the group. Lincoln looks hopeless, unsure of what more he can do as his powers can’t take a horde of spider mutant-killing robots. None of them can. The idea hits him as Clarke adjusts underneath him. It’s risky. She’s made it clear that her power is limited, she’s only able to portal to places she can see.

“Make a portal,” he tells her and she quickly moves away from him, panic set in her eyes.

“I can’t…” she stutters out, “It doesn’t work like that.”

He eyes her, the choppy blonde hair with the streak of red, the blue eyes capable of piercing souls. He can see her capability within her – she’s strong he could feel as much when he was tracking her. She can do it, “Yes, you can.”

To his surprise, she nods and places her hands together. As she moves them apart, a purple spark then turns into a hole. She pulls her hands apart as if ripping open the air. She is struggling he can see that but she has to push further.

“They’re going to take all of us if you don’t do this,” he tells her, and it’s not meant to put pressure on her. If there is anything he’s learned about being a mutant it’s that their powers are often contingent upon emotion. All the fear she’s feeling, the uncertainty, all she has to do is channel it.

“Come on, Clarke,” he says gently and she looks up to meet his eyes, the fear evident in them but also something more. It’s like there’s a switch, all the apprehension and disdain they’ve shown dissipates. There is a blind trust here. She’s trusting him. She pulls her hands apart further and suddenly, in the middle of where they stand, they can see into the living room of the compound. Knowing the risk of jumping through when she can’t see where they’re going (being cut clean in half), he jumps first without a second thought. He lands on the old wooden floor of the common area and yells for the others to follow. The portal is shaking. Clarke is holding on for dear life.

She stands in the middle as if using her entire body to hold it open and he watches her with awe, the strength and power she’s channeling for this. Lincoln comes through, followed by the kids and their mother. The man is beginning to follow when a shot rings out. He falls backwards and the family yells.

“I can’t hold it,” Clarke screams and with one final push the portal snaps shut. He lurches forward to catch her before she hits the ground. She’s drenched in a cold sweat, her body going limp in his arms.

“I’ve never…” she’s whispering, her voice completely hoarse, “I’ve never gone that far before.”

“We have to go back for him!” the man’s family is screaming, shaking his shoulder and invading their personal space. Clarke is completely gone, her energy spent from such a long jump.

Lincoln is trying to pry them away, but they’re pushing past, begging to go back to the warehouse. He shoves an arm under Clarke’s knees and hoists her up, cradling her to his chest, “We can’t go back!”

“He’s going to die!” the woman is shouting, her first pounding against his arms. He lies Clarke on the old church pew outside the room, her body sagging into it. He turns on the family.

“Listen to me,” he snaps, “If we go back, we all risk our lives. Besides, we couldn’t get there even if we wanted to. Clarke used all her energy holding that portal open. She can’t…”

On cue, she groans beside him, pain etching her voice. The woman kneels beside her and places a hand on her forehead with a look of concern. She turns to him.

“Something’s not right,” she tells him as she places her fingers underneath Clarke’s jaw, feeling for a pulse, “Her pulse is weak. She’s burning up…”

“What does that mean exactly?” He hears Clarke’s ragged intake of breath and feels panic beginning to rise. He had pushed her too hard. He forced her to stretch her powers beyond her control. He hurt her. Fuck.

Clarke’s breathing becomes strained and the woman looks up in despair, “She’s going into respiratory distress. She needs a hospital.”

“We can’t just go to a hospital,” Lincoln places his hands on the woman’s shoulder, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible, “They’d treat her and arrest her.”

Not an option. They can’t send her back. In the few conversations he has had with her, the rare moments she’s offered pieces of her past, he’s noticed the far away look in her eye when she talks about the detention center. He knows already that she would rather die than go back. It’s his goal to prevent both from happening.

“I can’t breathe,” Clarke rasps and he kneels before her, pushing the hair from her sticky forehead. He doesn’t know what to do. They don’t have any medical supplies, any way to treat her.

“I’m a nurse,” the woman says nudging him out of the way and placing a hand on her forehead once more, “But I have no medicine…I–”

“Can’t you do anything?” He doesn’t mean to snap at her, but he’s never been great with his emotions. The woman shrinks back from him, head shaking.

“I’d have to run tests…I’d…”

Clarke jerks suddenly, her palms glowing the same familiar purple as her portals. Her body is tense, veins showing in her arms and neck. She’s gasping for air, eyes wide

He grabs hold of her shoulders to push her back down. She’s whimpering and he feels hopeless, “What do we do?”

“I told you,” the woman yells in frustration, “She needs a hospital!”

“We can’t…”

She cuts him off, “You’re not listening to me! Without treatment she’s going to die.”

She’s right, god, she’s right. They can’t take her to one, the end result of that is the same no matter what unless they’re willing to leave a trail of bodies behind. Killing people isn’t something he’s willing to consider. He has enough blood on his hands and he doesn’t want any more. They can’t take her to one. But maybe, the idea hits him as he stares at the woman, they can bring one to her.

He’s about to pose the idea when hears a pop. Clarke is writhing on the bench, hands glowing in unison with the gaping hole in front of them. It’s a road. With oncoming traffic.

“Move!” He manages to yell before diving on top of the nurse to push her out of the way. The portal snaps shut as a truck slide through, cutting it in half just like she said it would. The tail slides into the living space, a path of destruction in its wake.

“Everyone alright?” He calls, checking the nurse for injury. Blood is trickling down the side of her head and she reaches up to touch it. She winces.


At the top of the stairs, Raven Reyes watched them in horror. This is her organization after all, her compound. She founded it. She and the Blake siblings and she just about watched it get destroyed.

He gestures to Lincoln, “We need to move her.”

Without hesitation, Lincoln scoops Clarke into his arms and carries her toward the abandoned vault, away from the crowd and somewhere less dangerous should she open another portal. Raven descends the stairs with force, jabbing her finger into his chest.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”  

“I think you should be asking him,” he jerks his head sourly towards his friend, “He decided to go off on his own.”

“I’ll deal with him later,” she growls, “You need to get her out of here.”

Raven Reyes is many things. Tough. Smart, and not just any smart, a fucking genius. And fiercely loyal. She has much less tolerance for danger, especially when it involves the Underground. These are her family. Her home and she’ll be damned if anyone puts it in danger, including another mutant.

“I’m handling it,” he snaps and joins the nurse by the stairs. Her daughter is holding a shirt to her head, son watching him like he’s ready to pounce at any sign of a threat. He admires that.

“If you get the supplies you need, can you help her?”

“Yes, but they don’t just sell this stuff at Walgreens.”

He looks at Lincoln and the dirty bandage adorning his arm. That’ll due. He points it out, “We have an injury that needs to be treated.”

Another portal opens before she can answer and it’s the same road, the scene before the, the aftermath of the previous one. He isn’t sure what it is about this road, but she keeps going back.

“They can see us,” Raven stares at the people on the other side, lips pursed and preparing for the worst. They need to close it.

“We need to close it before they see too much,” and to his surprise, the nurses daughter steps up and throws out her hand. A barrier hugs either side of the portal, pushing it closed with force. There is a satisfying snap when it disappears and the girl smiles. Bellamy takes action.

“Get to the hospital and grab everything you think you made that need,” Lincoln nods and grabs the nurse by the arm.

“I’m not leaving my kids,” she pulls her arms back.

“Mom, she needs you. We’ll be fine.”

He forces her to look at him, eyes boring into hers, “I won’t let anything happen to them.”

Finally, she nods and follows Lincoln from the room. He turns to the girl next, “What’s your name?”

“Madi,” she replies.

“Okay, Madi. Think you can do what you just did again?”

She gives him a slick smile, “Of course.”

He turns to Raven then, his face finally betraying his earlier confidence, “If this keeps happening, we need to prepare to evacuate.”

Raven’s eyes go wide, “I am not abandoning this place. This is our home.”

He glances back at Clarke, her body lying still on the table as her chest rises and falls with shallow breaths. They don’t have much time.

“I understand, Raven. But they’re lives are more important. We need to prepare for the worst.”

He leaves her this time, though he can feel her eyes burning a hole in his back. He joins Clarke, laying a soft hand on her forehead. She’s still burning up. He calls for a cold rag and brushes her hair gently from her forehead so he can place it there. Her eyes stutter open and they find his. She tries to offer a weak smile.

“I did it, huh?”

He nods, dabbing the cloth against her smooth skin. Now that he’s up close, he notices her eye. A mark has appeared, something like a scar, above her eyelid and at the top of her cheek bone. Without thinking, his thumb brushes it lightly.

“That happens sometimes,” she tells him quietly, “They’re everywhere.”

“I’m sorry,” he tells her and he finds that he means it, sincere apologies are rare coming from hi,m, “I shouldn’t have pushed you.”

It sounds like she’s trying to laugh but she coughs instead, “Wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t.”

They’re silent for a moment and he’s about to check on the others when she grips his hand, “I’m scared, Bellamy.”

She sounds so vulnerable, voice weak and even her grip is almost non-existent. She’s fragile and he doesn’t know how to make it better. He can’t. Not in the way she needs.

“Tell me a story.”

He can do that. He knows plenty of those, he spent the last 17 years telling them to his sister. So he begins with his favorite. Ares, the god of war. She fades in and out of consciousness as he talks, but he doesn’t stop. He tells her story after story, praying that the next will be the last, that Lincoln will walk in the door with the nurse and the cure. He’s in the middle of his fifth one when she interrupts him.

“I killed him,” she whispers as a tear rolls down her cheek.

He wants to ask what she means but she’s screaming again and the portal is back. The police are there this time, staring in disbelief along with the citizens. Their radios crackle to life. He focuses on each, the last one sending another wave a dread through him. Swat team. Madi pushes it closed again with heavy breaths. He knows they can’t keep this up. Maybe one or two more times before it becomes too much.

“I’m sorry,” Clarke cries from next to him, “I didn’t mean to! What’s happening?”

She’s beginning to shake, her eyes shut as she begins to scream. He places his hands on her shoulders, looking around wildly for anything that could help.

“Just an accident,” she’s whimpering now, hands glowing as she grips the sides of the table, “It was just an accident. It wasn’t. My fault.”

“Clarke!” He calls desperately, willing her not to open another portal. It happens anyway and he steps back. The swat team is there, guns raised and poised for attack. One brave soul steps forward, foot catching the solid wood of the compound floor but that’s as far as he makes it. Bellamy grabs his gun as he shoots, bullets hitting the floor. He attacks, connecting his fist before gripping the man’s vest and tossing him onto the police car on the other side. But now they’re screwed, the teams are all opening fire and he gets down. He hears someone yelling and then there is a force of energy throwing him back. He hits the wall and sees bodies lining the ground, while the mysterious boy stands before them. Clarke is no longer propped on the table but sprawled on the floor. He begins to move toward her until hell breaks loose. It’s no longer one portal but multiple opening and closing as they tear up everything between.

“Get everyone out of here,” he orders and Raven doesn’t question him this time. She ushers everyone out and he turns to the kids, shrunk back against the vault looking scared to death.

“You all need to go,” he tells them, “follow the rest of them and they’ll keep you safe.”

“I’m not leaving my mom,” Madi says firmly.

“Lincoln will get her back to you, I promise. Go!”

They do as they’re told and it’s only him and Clarke left as chaos erupts around them. He’s invulnerable, no matter which way this goes and he can’t find it in himself to leave her alone as she suffers. He shields her body with his own, doing his best to offer soothing words.

“You’re okay,” he murmurs, stroking her arm with his hand, “I got you.”

He wishes this isn’t how it ended for her. Her pain feeling almost as if it’s his own. He hates not being able to help her, wishes he could do more. It should be an acceptable loss, this happens with mutants sometimes and she’s only been around for three weeks. But something about her has gripped him at his core, whether it be the secrets he knows lies behind her walls or the way in which she so willingly trusted him without doubt. He feels something pulling him to her making it damn near impossible to walk away. He can’t just let her go.

As if a prayer has been answered, the nurse is in front of him and handing him viles. She makes quick work of filling the syringes, placing a gentle hand on Clarke face, offering nothing but words of encouragement. She jabs the first into her neck and her breathing immediately evens out. The second she plunges into her arm. The world goes silent.

The nurse falls back with a huff and Clarke eyes flutter open. On instinct he pulls her into his chest, holding onto her like she might float away if he lets go.

“I never got your name,” he says over the tangle of curls underneath his chin.

The woman smiles lightly, “Abby.”

hypnochick123 replied to your post “shit-larries-say: tvshows-addict is going on permanent hiatus and has…”

@lrambling I think the implication behind the gifs is that Harry was asking the crew to turn up Louis’ mic so he could be heard during his solo and since Louis looked proud after his solo it’s because Harry supported him (not because Louis just thought he did a good job?) and that somehow indicates that they sleep together. Obv. it’s not really proof, but that’s what larries claim it as.

Oh my lord. Thank you for the explanation.

These are the gifs in question:

The first gif happens at about 30 seconds in this video or 1:25 in this one.

Just to apply a little obvious logic, this is before Louis actually starts singing. There were only solos by Zayn, Liam, and Harry before this point and Harry would have had no chance to tell if Louis’s mic needed adjustment. So obviously he is not referring to Louis’s mic or volume at all. It was after his solo so if the hand signal is, if intended as a technical signal, referring to his own levels.

But even if that wasn’t painfully clear, guess fucking what??? The shot of Louis labeled “after solo” is in fact AFTER NIALL’S SOLO and before Louis starts singing again. That’s him preparing to sing. It’s at 1:04 or 1:55.

AND even if the caption of the second gif wasn’t a complete manipulative lie, it STILL WOULDN’T MEAN ANYTHING. Because obviously who knows what the fuck Louis is reacting to, even they admit it wasn’t an immediate reaction or anything.

But when you take moments out of context and label them and tell people to view them as romantic and meaningful, that is what people will do. I was thinking about this just the other day. We all speak the visual language established by movies and TV to indicate romance. If we see lingering close ups, eye contact, a secret shared smile, a connection of two people within a larger situation - we have been taught to view that as romance. I can’t remember what I was watching, but there was a moment where two friend characters ended up clasping hands for an extended moment and staring into each other’s eyes. I don’t know the intention but I’m pretty sure it was intended to convey meaningful friendship rather than romance. But there’s almost no way to do that without conveying romance - before, i think directors felt like if these moments happened between characters of the same gender, it would automatically be perceived as platonic. But that’s not the case anymore. If you code something that would be romantic between opposite gender characters, it’s going to seem romantic between same sex characters too.

And that’s effectively what Larrie gif makers do. They cut together these videos of Larrie to include the visual language of romance. And of course, Larrie themselves used to do flirty things often, I’m not saying every moment that Larries point to is pure manipulation. But a vast quantity of them are. Especially when put to video, with romantic music in the background. Larrie is based on the same techniques used to convince people watching a movie that two fictional characters are in love. They’re based on emotional manipulation and editing ordinary footage to CREATE the signifiers of romance.

That’s why gifs like these work (altho these are a particularly egregious display of deception and manipulation and it is deeply sad that this is what convinced someone that this was a real relationship). That’s why antis talk about manipulation. That’s why it’s so incredibly frustrating to hear Larries say they’ve seen too much to ever believe Harry and Louis weren’t in a relationship. Most of these moments don’t exist.

Opening my requests for Christmas prompts

Originally posted by wintercozy

So I would like to get about 25 prompts from you guys to work on during December.  I am going to spend all next week writing all my October requests so that I am able to write these without feeling like I’m letting people down.  I am putting The Virgin and The Sex God on hiatus for awhile so I can focus on this.  Anyway, if you care to please send me a Christmas prompt to my ask..  It can be a song, a movie, a quote, or a drabble request!  Thank you and Happy Holidays. 

Navidad Mini Fic Challenge!

I’m going to be living out of a suitcase for the next 2-3 months or so as we move overseas, so I’m putting my The Magic Transcends on hiatus until after the New Year because I don’t want to feel pressured by my posting schedule, but I’d like some smaller fics to keep my brain busy as we’re packing, driving, flying, staying in endless hotels, etc…

Sooo…send me an ask with a number for a prompt (one at a time please!) and a ship (Eleteo preferred, of course! But I wouldn’t mind some Gabaomi, Gababel, Esteomi, Alonso x Naomi, Esteban x Dona Paloma, Luisa x Francisco. Or friendship and family groupings :)

  1. Opening presents
  2. Decorating the Navidad tree
  3. Going Navidad shopping
  4. Ice skating (pretend Mateo uses a spell to make it snow or something, lol!)
  5. Build a snowman (same!)
  6. Have a snowball fight
  7. Cook Navidad dinner
  8. Bake and Decorate Navidad cookies
  9. Drink hot chocolate and cuddle by the fireplace
  10. Singing Navidad songs
  11. Downhill sledding (Alaska AU anyone? lol!)
  12. Make a gingerbread house
  13. Take gifts to the village children
  14. Take gifts to the elderly
  15. Volunteer in a soup kitchen
  16. Matching ugly Navidad sweaters
  17. Go caroling
  18. Attend a Navidad party
  19. Walk through the city at night enjoying the decorations
  20. Meet under the mistletoe

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i know youre on hiatus rn but today i finished reading forest for the uhhh 4th time i think and its always so nice and helped me get through my day at school so i wanted to say thanks!! and i hope that your finals can go well and that your day can be really nice!!!

oli i saw this while i was in the thick of a stress haze and it made me so happy wtf. school is so (so so so so so) stressful and im glad that this fic is able to help in any way possible hhhh!!

thank you so much <3!!!

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When will On Set return? I’m jonesing for an update and I need these idiots to get together like... 10 years ago because the fact they’re fucking but not kissing because of stupid pride is all sorts of endearingly frustrating

Oh dear, On Set is/will probably be on a bit of hiatus until I get some other projects done with first. I’m working on something exciting right now that will be announced next month ~_^. Also, I still want to finish the last two smutfest prompts (Letting Go) before any more time elapses on that, and I have a couple other Vegebul stories I’ve been toying with on the side. On Set is definitely on my to-do list, but closer to the bottom of that list for now (baring any sudden waves of inspiration). So, I hope you can hold out a little while longer and let that endearing frustration simmer some more, until I can clear up my schedule! Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience! ^_^ <3

If you haven’t already, you should checkout Stupidoomdoodles on patreon, as she just did a cute illustration for On Set there recently ^_^

Temporary Hiatus(?)

I’m not quite satisfied with my art, so I’m going to take some time to fix it up, then come back to this blog. I might drop by from time to time to answer a few asks, though. I’m not leaving forever (or for months on end), so don’t worry! I’ll be back soon. 💕

i’ve been so inactive lately i think it’s time for me to go on a hiatus for awhile, i really dont want to deactivate, ill still be posting things and making my own content. the life has been hard for me these past days with a lot of health problems & other stuff. i hope you all understand! i’ll see you soon :)


I haven’t decided if I really should or not, but I may be taking a hiatus for a little while. I don’t know how long, hopefully not too long.

Things have just been tough for me and forcing myself to write hasn’t been helping distract as much as I have hoped, so I need to figure something out.

I’m going to clear through the requests that I currently have, I’ll try to post them as soon as I can so that you all don’t have to wait too long. But I do feel that I need to take a break from writing for a while, if that’s alright.

Thank you, sorry ♥

25 Days of December Drabbles

Hello loves! Due to my inactivity over the past month, I have decided to close requests for imagines so I can catch up and refresh the old Wins sis writing skills! If you have requested an imagine, I hope to get them all out asap!

Do not frown to much though, because this is not a hiatus! I have decided to do 25 days of drabbles! Below are a list of prompts. Pick one or two, and send in a request! For 25 consecutive days I will post drabbles, and will start December 1st and go up until December 25th! Depending on how many I get, there may be level us, or ways to get more than one drabble out per day! ;)

Thanksgiving also happened yesterday, and I just wanted to say thank you for being in my life and allowing me to write for you! I am so thankful to be able to write for you!

Drabbles are on a first request basis, so whoever requests first will therefore get theirs published first!

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1. “I need some help in here!”

2. “Did you really just drop your phone in the sewer?”

3. “Son of a Grinch”

4. “Put the damn thing on, and let’s go!”

5. “I typed up my list and put the things I have to have in Times New Roman, so it should be easier for you to read”

6. “If you’re batman then I am Spider-man!”

7. “Is that a pig?”

8. “Some assistance is required in room 3A!”

9. “Shut up, sit down, and check the attitude at the door”

10. “You’re just jealous I’m the cute one”

11. “I feel like I should be concerned but I’m not….not even a little bit”


13. “Maybe their just a little late?”

14. “Stop whining, it’s just hair”

15. “They can’t actually be dating…”

16. “Is that a smart idea?”

17. “Hey lets go break some shiz”

18. “Can you please stop reading and actually interact with your family?”

19. “I said no, and that means no”


21. “It’s not my fault Tom Holland is a beautiful creature”

22. “Shhh….I gotcha”

23. “Is that my shoe?”

24. “Where are my socks?”

25. “Can we please cut the crap?”

26. “What’s that smell?”

27. “Did you get shorter, or am I just taller?”

28.“You left me”

29. “What’s a snapchat filter?”

30. “Maybe these are the good old days…”

31. “I want to join a band”

32. “What are you doing?”

33. “Hot cocoa night?”


35. “I’m back…but not for long”

36. “Homecoming?”

37. “Maybe you just need some cheering up?”

38. “What do we do if this is the end?”

39. “Please don’t leave?”

40. “I love (them) and that’s all that matters!”

41. “Can we not do this now?”

42. “Are you just gonna stand there?”

43. “Maybe you’re just jealous”

44. “Mistletoe or missed my toe?”

45. “You’re telling me we’re against a gingerbread man?”

46. “Not the gum drop buttons!”

47. “Maybe tumblr is where my soul belongs?”

48. “Hand it over”

49. “If you cared..”

50. “Merry Christmas to me”

51. “Fuzzy socks or fuzzy blanket?”

52. “Did you drink that?!”

53. “He’s a charmer, am I right?”

54. “Maybe we could…I don’t know…dance?”

55. “Well my big sister said…”

56. “Well my big brother said…”

57. “I’m gonna kick your arse”

58. “Watch your language!”

59. “Can e not talk about the bruise?

60. “How are you doing that?!”

61. “Nah fam, I’m out.”

62. “If I had wings, they’d be broken.”

63. “What’s a Santa?”

64. “I made you this”

65. “Please don’t cry”

66. “Are you filming me?

67. "Can you carry me?”

68. “Out like a light”

69. “I saw that!”

70. “You can’t just go around lighting stuff on fire!”

71. “Did you check the janitors closest?”

72. “Make me.”

73. “So if you’re him, and he’s you….who am I?”

74. “Don’t hit me again.”


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In almost 2 years of watching Mark, I’ve never seen him like this.

Now I’m not the most observant on the planet, and I still feel like a newcomer to the channel, but I know Mark has had his ups and downs since I’ve watched him.

Vlogs posted at early morning hours with the serious somewhat melancholy background music, saying how much he wants to be better, be more proud of his work and himself.

Honestly, I kinda assumed this time would be the same. He’d take his hiatus, then go back to what he was doing before, maybe slightly differently, maybe make some more Markiplier Promises™, until another vlog appears a few months later repeating the same position as the last.

But this time has been different- already!

I’ve never seen Mark so excited. Ever. I don’t even think I’ve seen him this happy? Even though Mark has always been doing something that he enjoys, I think you’d have to be dead to not realize that this is something different.

His excitement and passion to make these videos! His creativity flowing like (what seems like) never before! He wants to include us in all the goofiness that is his life! He’s so eager! And he’s doing it! Which inspires me too, maybe I can go out and accomplish things one step at a time, just like Mark is!

He wants to enjoy what he’s doing, and of course we want him to as well. And I know we will! There is so much hope in his heart and his genuine excitement is so important in such a world like this! His demeanor is so much more positive and joyful since his return you can’t help but want to support him (if you didn’t already)

I know I say it all the time- but I’m so proud! It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone, even with people you know love you.

I’m so glad that you’re so excited @markiplier . I really am! And I am too! Now go enjoy your vacation with Amy, you deserve a break from your break ;)


Honour the paladins of old.

reasons to watch Coco (2017)

  • it’s about Mexican celebration Día de Muertos
  • explains how we set ofrendas and why we do them
  • also reminds us why it’s important we remember our loved ones
  • the main character is a 12 y/o boy, Miguel
  • cinnamon roll too good too pure for any world
  • talks about family loyalty
  • but also about family drama
  • …so it’s kinda like a mexican soap opera
  • La Chancla makes an appearance
  • great visuals!!!! can’t stress it enough
  • they put a lot of attention to ALL details from the ofrendas to miguel’s pueblo
  • has magical elements such as alebrijes
  • beautiful songs some original some not!!!
  • beautiful voices singing those beautiful songs!!!
  • has mariachi music
  • makes jokes about our culture without disrespecting it
  • famous characters from Mexican pop culture make an appearance
  • lalo alcaraz was a consultant for the movie making sure it stayed true to our traditions
  • it’s not a book of life rip off
  • you’ll love it and you’ll probably cry your eyes out
  • anyway it’s out November 22 in most places so go watch it!!!!

I think I have finally defeated this enemy of my life

I have finally cut off its hand that still held me

I have finally shed its embrace that surrounded me

I have finally burst through its shadow that kept me from growing

I no longer crave it

I no longer need it

I no longer want it

I no longer have it

I can finally sleep soundly again.


beside still water

“the destruction of the souled creatures of the downworld, and of our own nephilim? that is not heaven’s wish

Hiatus Pt. 2: The Unrudening

To clarify, there is some personal, non-comics-related stuff going on in my life right now that’s making it hard to focus on comics. So I’m taking a temporary hiatus to focus on it, and fix it, so that I can then get back to being 100% focused on making comics.

I like the bike memes. Please don’t treat me with kid gloves. It’s okay to meme. Meming is not harassment, and my reaction to it is part of what made me realize I need to work on myself & my attitude. So I’m also taking the hiatus to do exactly that.

My initial hiatus announcement came off as dismissive and playing the victim – my bad, seriously. The only person I’m a victim of is myself. I’m not sure how I got so entitled. I appreciate y'all, and having so many people follow my work is an absolute blessing.

TLDR: I’m taking a hiatus to fix some personal stuff, and will hopefully not be coming out with stupid hot takes every month after I sort myself out. I’ll see y'all on the other side of it, and hope that your life is lovely in the meantime. <3


tfw when ur otp’s status of Fave is threatened

why the hell did i draw this