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lycanhood  asked:

You're making me want to watch Xena, but it's not on Netflix anymore. Why are you cruel like this?

I’M SO SORRY. but not really because you should ALWAYS wanna watch Xena, BUT IM SO SORRY about it not being on netflix!!! trust me, i complained so many times and made requests with support to bring it back. in the mean time, it’s on hulu if ya got it! if not….suffer through the screenshots, gifs, and (confirmed) gal pal theories!! <3

fanfic writers on tumblr
  • their writing: the dawn breaks and you are anew. the person you once were vanished. the rising sun offers a fire to burn her to ashes.
  • me: hey there- i just wanted to you to know your work is amazing. i love reading your writing. please continue! it is so eloquent. your wording and command of the english language are just incredible. you show such a deep emotional intelligence.
  • them: lol ya i do a write sometimes thnx bb [gif of the rock]

I haven’t animated in so long??