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Summary: You and Sam come home from a simple salt and burn only to hear Dean having a nightmare. 

Pairing: Dean and reader, Sam.

Warnings: Hellhounds, dreams, nothing that I know of other that wanting to hold Dean. 

A/N: hi all, I thought of this little one shot after I saw the gif below the cut. I hope ya’ll like it. I’m trying to get my brain to work so I can bring more one shots and imagines to you. I love writing, but at times it hates me. Thank you Gaynor @secretlyfurrydragon for beta’ing this chapter. All other mistakes are my own. As usual please don’t repost this on any other sites without my permission, Anyone who wants to be tagged let me know. Love you all . 

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b99week // day seven
free day ⇢ the jake and amy (and charles) story 
  “Oh, you sweet, naive boy. I haven’t even begun to pressure you two. I’ve already written my best man speech for your wedding. Oh, I’m gonna need you to get married on a farm. A lot of my jokes rely on that.”

tried something a little more spicy and ambitious 💦💦💦

I haven’t animated in so long??


  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien