so i gave up haha

She’s the betta half of the two


Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

For my OUAT SS Giftee @icapturedkindness <3

an imp and her wolf

Full body + Fully Colored Commission of an OC for @zoaxert~ Thank you again for commissioning me! 

If anyone is interested in a commission, feel free to visit my info page and message me about it!

leaked screenshot from the finale

ways to cope with being dumped by your broody jerk elf boyfriend: drag him with you to darktown and make him watch you make out with his least favorite party member


Arashi ni Shiyagare 2015.02.14
┗ Ninomiya strikes again! ≧ヮ≦

To the Anon(s) who requested Human Leo surprising Karai and Leo giving snake Karai flowers, well, I sorta combine them…

Anyway, I tried researching flower language because I wanted the flowers that Leo gave Karai to mean something special… And let me tell you that was hard to do. Every website has a different meaning for the same flower (often times complete opposite meaning).

These are supposed to be (I should have put more effort into drawing the flowers) Momo (peach blossoms, I believe) and in the Japanese flower language, Hanakotoba, they are supposed to mean “I am your captive” and “fascinating personality”.

I thought they fit?
[even though it might be weird to give someone peach blossoms? Idk. All well, I had enough of flower research so I gave up and just went with this, haha XD]

Gypsy Bard (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
Sherclop Pones
Gypsy Bard (The Living Tombstone's Remix)

Uploading because I gave up haha. Old art, long post. A Lyricstuck of Gypsy Bard (The Living Tombstone’s remix). 

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I’ve been loving this pop art style I’ve been drawing with lately so I had to do a Sterek one right? This is my first ever fan art so please forgive if it’s not the best! I’m very happy with it as I had to grab different photos and poses to make this one. I gave up with Derek’s eye so I just closed it haha.

I’d like to think Stiles said a sarcastic comment about something, Derek started laughing and shaking his head and Stiles took the moment to just look at Derek. A happy Derek is a happy Stiles (and me haha)