so i fudged it

One of my favorite things in Breath of the Wild so far:

The Hilo Rao shrine is located on a sandbar in the middle of the Hylian River (or River Hylia? It’s a river called Hylia). Once you get there, the Shrine is pretty much the only thing on this “island” so you run towards it, only to have this chick stop you and yell at you because–guess what! there are flowers all around the shrine you and SHE PERSONALLY PLANTED ALL OF THEM so you BETTER NOT STEP on them.

My brother was a good boy on his file and just wove through the flowers to enter the shrine and begin his trial. I, however, was a punk and tried to see if you could parasail in from a nearby tree. It went like this:

  1. I tried it, but fudged my jump so I fell a little from the tree before opening my parasail. Landed in the flowers. She yelled at me.
  2. Straight up fudged my jump and fell from the tree onto the flowers. She yelled at me.
  3. Successfully timed my jump, but a final confirmation that they planted the tree so you cannot parasail in, because I landed on the flowers. She didn’t yell at me…. exactly

First she was depressed at my ineptitude.

Then she released her cries to the wind.

Then she tore around the island like Taz from Looney Toons.

Until she passed out.


Do not step on the flowers.

w o a h

Since WHEN have there been 15k of you guys????

I’m actually floored with the amount of people that stuck with me through all my hiatuses is that really a word and continued to support me ♥

I’m also happy with all of my new followers *waves* and I’m very VERYYYYY excited you’ve all decided to join me in rolling around in this trash fandom


to celebrate this milestone as most accounts do on Saturday I’m gonna be doing that “match-up” thing PLUSSSSS a mini headcanon with whomever whoever? I match you up with

I’ll post the guidelines either tomorrow or Friday, and DON’T WORRY, I’ll be tagging the whole event so I won’t blow up everyone’s feed!!! 

until then,

♥ kaylee

I wanted to doodle these girls ever since I saw them in the trailer, and then I imagined what if Keith was with them, because there can never be enough Galra hybrids (which I assume all these nerds are). Then I wondered about an AU where Keith is just with them on Lotor’s squad, Lotor being a hybrid himself wanting all the Galra hybrids to join his little club, so I figured fudge it and added him.

seeing as there is not a lot of reference for these guys yet, I kind off just guessed their heights based on the picture I did have, Keith is smallest seeing as his physical body has human proportions and even then he isn’t the tallest guy around. I based his armor on elements of both his paladin armor, the suit from blade of the Marmora and most of all the armor of this squad of course. 

I might make some more doodles and/or finished art once we get to know the characters better, or just whenever. Until then, have Keith hanging out with his “big” sisters, the squad is looking damn fine. 

Jumin: Did you try the back camera

based off a vine from eons ago// (a sequel to V’s selfie post, click!)

The fact that we’ll never know what happens in Epic Mickey 3.

The fact that we’ll never know what happens to Prescott or what the Pete’s plan is.

The fact that we’ll never know what happened to Captain Hook.

The fact that SOMEHOW Abe said something about a “Storm Blot” destroying all of Wasteland.

The fact that we’ll never get to see Minnie or other non-forgotten characters interact with the forgotten ones.

The fact that we’ll probably not not see the rest of the forgotten characters. (Like Francine)



This is causing me pain and a HEARTache as I’m typing this.

Hahahahaha… END ME.


First set of commissions for @zoestanleyarts

In order: Zoe’s OC Chip Fischer, Junpei Iori from Persona 3, and Branch Chief Faba from Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

These were a lot of fun to do and fun way to start off on some commissions! 

there, i fixed it
inb4 coaching fee

heres a doodle of Miyo my fire emblem OC- shes a kickass Basara and shes galpals with Kagero ✌️️✌️️✌️️