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lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)


Asoiaf AU: Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell
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I’m so pleased I finally found the footage of Peter’s reaction to being thought of as a silver fox.

Of course I laugh with everyone and think it’s adorable he mentioned his lovely wife. But something that always struck me with Peter is he never publically expressed a high opinion of himself (that I’ve seen anyway), and he’s continually shocked when other people do.

It may be me partially projecting onto the poor man but I really hope he does know how much joy he’s brought us all, deep down.

I just love him so much and I have a lot of feelings okay?


(( OOC: So, I found some footage from a ukulele practice session yes I’m still trying and yes I’m still shite where I had a little assistant. However, trying to play a very tiny very evil guitar is about a hundred times harder when you have a small child climbing over you. 

Meet the tiniest sibling. She’s my biggest fan. ))


BOARDWALK EMPIRE + Good Times [Season 1 Edition]


“Like Rhalgr, I will protect you from anything that threatens you. I will be the destroyer of your enemies and the passion that drives you. I will be the lightning that lights up your darkest nights. We will stand together.”

“And like Thaliak, I will guide you with my wisdom. I will your teacher and your friend, keeping you on the right path. I will be the water that calms you. We will stand together.”



So one time I almost didn’t turn in my found footage assignment for Cinematic Storytelling but then I learned that that could potentially drop my grade a much more significant amount than I would’ve appreciated so I dropped everything and birthed this unfortunate piece of trash, and now I’m (only kind of, but not really) proud to be sharing it with you all today.


Justice for Chris Wood in Supergirl

So I heard what happened at some certain event involving season finale screening of Supergirl. Insanity and stupidity. Just ridiculous. But in a way, I’m glad it happened…

Hold on, not that way…

I never thought I would watch a show like Supergirl. I tried a couple episodes in Season 1, and I was like, “What’s good here? Lame storyline, cheesy dialogue.. This Melissa Benoist girl is cute and Calista is the only one with good lines.. But that’s just it. Totally isn’t worth my time..”

Until (fast forward a year later), one day when I was on YouTube, there was a clip of Supergirl’s episode (Season 2) from a TV Show review channel that I subbed. And I noticed a new character..

“Oh hello there. Who’s this hottie?”

So for silly reason, I decided to watch the silly show. Hahahah. 

Later I realized ‘I love this guy’. Maybe because he was so damn hot (he still is of course), I’ve set my bar quite low on his acting skill. But surprise! He’s good. His arc was kinda silly, but the way he delivered his lines was.. I don’t know.. mixture of charm and skill? It was very natural and sincere. And then the first kiss on Medusa happened. And that was it. It was something else. You gotta love a guy who doesn’t really care about himself being dying, his vision is blurry, sees double, yet still sees you as a beautiful being and just kisses you like that. Then after that he just says, “Yeah. Absolutely beautiful.”

OMG! It’s not the line but the way he said it. So then I went to Google, YouTube, and stuff, found footages of him in TVD…

“Good God, he really is good. Why haven’t I heard about this guy before. Look at him (Kai)! Who wouldn’t love him?”

I realized I found a gem. Even before YouTube suggested to watch a video of him in a TVD karaoke night… He should’ve been illegal.

I didn’t really watch TVD, I used to love Ian (knew him from Smallville), and him as Damon was crazy good but a fang show just couldn’t keep me staying for long… I stopped watching it completely at the end of Season 4. It’s all about taste, I think :D Although I fricken loved The Originals Season 1, now I don’t really watch it anymore, don’t know why. Still checking some clips on YouTube tho.. lol. And Klaus is still my favorite hybrid out there.

Anyway, back to that hottie on Supergirl. So, yes, I watch the show for Chris Wood. My friends are actually making fun of me for watching the show, lol. Cos every week I would rant on Path about how silly the storyline is, how unfair they’ve been treating Chris.. although there were some episodes that I thought were overall good: Medusa, Homecoming, the musical crossover w/ Flash (as cheesy as it was, but turned out I enjoyed it), Distant Sun, Ace Reporter.. and good here means right above the bar I’ve set for this show, and that bar is quite low. That’s the only way I can put up with the storyline, by setting my bar quite low. My priority is to watch Chris, and good Karamel moments.

One of my friends laughed and said, “How come a girl who praised Legion (FX) as the awesomest show ever and literally said ‘it makes other shows look like crap’ is also hooked on a show like Supergirl? It just doesn’t make sense! You rant about it every week yet still watching it.”

Yeah. I know, right? Crazy. Chris Wood effect. Guilty blush. (Now Melissa can relate).

But here’s my problem with the way they’ve been writing Supergirl, especially Mon-El:

  • I wish I could rant in a full page about the name Mon-El itself. Like, they went with Mon-El, instead of Lar Gand, and Lar Gand became the dad.. but it’s an old rant and I’m over it.
  • But about they had to dumb down his powers just because they had to make him much weaker than Kara? Still not over it. It’s ridiculous, and honestly the laziest reason to make the female character looks greater. It just proved how the writers were lack in creativity. Look at how in The Flash, Wally’s beginner phase was actually better than Barry’s, but it didn’t make Flash look worse, because what Wally didn’t have was experience.
  • Then all the talk about being a hero. For God’s sake, it was all cringey. Just no! What was a real heroic moment that he has ever done? None. Small things yes, but that doesn’t count. Because the writers wouldn’t let him really win. Never has he ever really beaten an enemy and done something that mattered to the society. Honestly, he never has won a fight on screen. Painful and annoying. So how come they gave him lines talking about being a hero (Star-Crossed, Alex) in front of characters who actually have done a lot? Were these writers secretly hating on him? When I heard those lines coming out from his mouth I loathed it. If I didn’t love Chris at the first place, I would’ve been disgusted too! Even if this was because Supergirl being a ‘feminist show’ and all, so the badass characters had to be females, I still don’t see that as a win. It’s the easiest kind of win. A 5 years old win. An ultimate winning is when you’re surrounded by intelligent men and men with superpowers, yet you’re the one end up leading them (I’m talking about Sara in Legends of Tomorrow).
  • They didn’t give him any specific ability that could be useful for the team. It was quite promising at early episodes when he gave Kara tips how to beat a certain alien enemy, he even said he won some fights in Warworld, but they stopped there… Why? Honestly the most ridiculous thing is how come a character who had won some fights in Warworld then at the following episodes got lost in small fights on earth? At Supergirl Lives, it was pretty clear that he knew about space and stuff, it was cool. Why haven’t they explored those things more? They got the entire damn season! Instead they got stuck at the romance too much and completely threw away all the possibilities of him being the ‘cool’ character. For the result he’s been coming off as mostly the dumb one. Thank God, Chris has this uncanny ability to turn a simple one-liner into something really delightful and funny, otherwise he’d be a really bland character.
  • No, I’m not against Karamel/Melwood, you kidding? They’re my favorite couple on and off screen now. But Chris is not just an eye candy, everyone who knows him knows that. It’s such a waste for his talent for being propped as a total puppy on the show. Mon mostly seems out of place and useless. Imagine if it wasn’t him playing Mon-El, there wouldn’t be these many people rooting for him.

A lot of people hating on Mon-El for the same things I’ve mentioned, a lot for ridiculous reasons too, like ‘owned slaves’, ‘abusive’, etc… I mean, really? I would ignore the second group, they’re just demented to the core, but the first one, I kinda agree with them. They do make sense.

But it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t point out the good stuff the writers have done especially for the Karamel’s arc. Here’s what I love the most:

  • I actually like the concept of Karamel from the beginning. There has never been anyone other than Clark who can see Kara as Kara Zor-El, not Kara Danvers or Supergirl. All the people around her see her as either Kara Danvers or Supergirl or Kara Danvers who’s occasionally also Supergirl. Why is it important for Kara having someone seeing her as Kara Zor-El? Because all the heroic, reporting, and sister stuff aside, she’s still not human. She’s different. Unlike Kal, she was once raised in Krypton, the memories of home were still vivid on her brain. Like she said, the feeling of being alone was still there, even though she got earth family. And Mon is the only one besides Clark who can see her as who she really is: Kara Zor-El, just a girl from Krypton. That’s why the fact that she’s stronger and all doesn’t make him wanna compete with that. Just pure admiration.
  • It was clear that Mon felt insecure towards Kara when she showed her friendly side and stepped inside the cell. He kinda pulled back a little bit. Surprised and worried of him being Daxamite and her being Kryptonian. They came from two different worlds, yet (as Kara said) they found connection to one another. It’s beautiful.
  • When Kara rejected Mon at first, he didn’t blame her or anything, just trying to move on. He’s a realist, I love that. That’s why he was my real hero in Supergirl Lives. I mean of course we would question how Kara would beat a bunch of alien gangsters who kidnap people, without her powers, right? Cos honestly it was kinda stupid. And he did question that!
  • Mon is actually the one who has been asking ‘how’ the most in this entire season. He doubts everything. Logical. A quality that makes him a good survivor in most situations. I believe this quality is already established in his origin. The only times he’s been reckless are when it comes to the possibilities of losing Kara (We Can Be Heroes, Mr. Mzyptlk) and that says a lot about his feelings for her.

But although the writers did give him few good qualities, not many people bother to acknowledge it. Even most of people who are rooting for him only care for his Karamel scenes. Because the writers have been playing on it a bit too much, they forgot to explore his own character.

I’m not hip on the whole Kara-Lena thing, I personally think it’s just reaching. But of course as the male romantic interest being ‘not cool enough’ for about half of the fandom, then this (I won’t say the ship name here) quickly became a thing. Plus the writers kind of thought they could ‘play’ with it a little bit for the sake of ratings. The group then grew bigger, represented by the minorities in the society and all. Maybe that’s why they tend to be louder, more intense.

And then Katie McGrath, who I’m sure wasn’t quite aware of how nasty a group of passionate people could be, decided to just sign all the stuff these people brought to her and thought it was fun and all seeing people came up with such idea from watching a show. And they were coming to see her, it’s always a nice thing to be loved, right? So, of course they were all fueled up that day…

But as awful as I believe it was, like I said, in a way I’m kinda glad it happened, in front of Andrew Kreisberg. So now he knows, something is definitely wrong.

I don’t think I need to explain that Chris will be back next season, because duh! So, even if I doubt that Kreisberg will change the whole writing style of the show, I’m pretty sure at least there’ll be extended evaluation for the season. Hopefully they’ll come up with at least a fair solution. Especially for Mon-El.

Because if they don’t, they will totally screw up a potential actor just for the sake of turning their show into social commentary soapbox. They’ve also been defining feminism more about ‘overpowering’ than ‘equality’, which to me is just wrong. And that could be why is the fandom so toxic.

Last but not least, isn’t it ironic that this show was intentionally set up as a social and political critic then ends up being source of toxic and dividing its own fandom in a worst kind of way? I hope they realize this. So then maybe… maybe the show will get better and I can actually like it as a whole.

On the Steps of the Tower - Part 7 (Steve Rogers x Reader)


A/N: This is probably super inaccurate and not at all scientifically sound. I’m literally just making this up as I go so… ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ If shit like that annoys you, feel free to skip this chapter because that’s all this is and not much happens besides more set up lol.

Word Count: ~1059

Warnings: Injured reader, probably swearing I don’t remember, a lot of not-science lol

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Bruce sauntered into the common room, head low and not paying attention to his fellow teammates as he scrolled through data on his tablet. He was so close to finding the perfect adhesive compound for the trap. Incredibly strong, fast-acting, non-toxic, little to no impact on the environment, and easy to clean up once it dried completely. Just peel it up and wash away any leftovers. After a few trial runs in the lab, he was sure it would prove to be extremely useful in capturing their potential teammate for more than a minute.

Sam spoke from the attached open living room, laid out on the couch with his arm slung over his eyes, most of the team scattered throughout the common room. “–It’s only thing that’s got a chance of workin’, Men in Tights. We clearly can’t trace or track her or even get a lock on who she is under that mask. We already tried voice recognition and FRIDAY didn’t get anything from it. We gotta figure out how to keep her in one place for more than a split second–”

“So, get this–”

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I uploaded this on facebook, but I had to get it on tumblr, too. Some friends and I went to a cornfield in Nebraska so we would be in the path of totality, and in a really odd, serendipitous moment, a train went by on the tracks and turned the experience from surreal to otherworldly. Please excuse the terrible camera work; now I understand why the camera is so shaky in found footage horror.


So I found a cool reel footage for the FX of Unity.

Then looking closer at 0:18 and 1:09-1:12… welp guess who was in Unity? O_O

Trivia: Devs had always used past Assassins as a placeholder till they can get the true protag for the game. Its just hits a note when they used Connor, ya know what I mean?

Its also how I got that to be my icon!