so i found this dollar bill

i wanna make a incomprehensable zodiac post so here goes
  • currently drawing dicks: libra, aries
  • hey look i found a 5 dollar bill on the ground: cancer, leo, virgo
  • reading a walt whitman book right now: taurus, pieces, capricorn, aquarius
  • sleeps on couch sometimes: scorpio, gemini, sagittarius

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been around at all but the reason is I’ve been absolutely stressed out of my mind about my car.
About a month ago I got hit on my way home from seeing my girlfriend at their job, it was 630, and I didn’t have my head lights on.

The other party was making a left hand turn and didn’t see me coming, slammed into the side of my car, threw me across two lanes of traffic and then pulled off so we could exchange insurances.

The cop blamed me for the accident since I didint have my lights on, which is in turn making the other insurance company not want to pay a cent even tho Florida is a no fault state. I’ve been trying to get my insurance to fight them but they won’t respond to us.

THIS lands me with a 2,000 dollar bill that I literally have no way of paying right now. The insurance company told me I could make payments on the repair but I just found out today those payments were half when I get the car and half later. Which obviously wasn’t what I was expecting

So now not only does my girlfriend have to drive me to and from work every single day for the next two weeks, I need to come up with $1000 dollars in two weeks or I can’t get my car back.

I feel horrible making this post, I don’t have anything to offer any one since I’m still working on commissions from my last emergency (which should be finishing up soon!!) but please, if anyone has any thing they could spare even if it was just to borrow, I would be forever grateful. My PayPal is

Even if you could just boost this, I really really appreciate it.

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Oh yay story time! So one time I was at the store w/ my mom an granmda. One I'm out to the they I'm not. But anyways I was wearing a cap and they were tallying about me an the grocer asked "oh how old is /He/" and it was just the best but the Fam ruined it w saying "SHE is 14" but it was still amazing and I broke out into the biggest grin ever and I hope that grocer found a 5 dollar bill that day or something. :D

I hope they do, too! I hope you can be comfortably out to everyone eventually!

Vegan Food For Budget Folks

I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for a while to talk about how to shop for vegan food if you are on a budget (like me) and you live in an area that has a good amount of produce but doesn’t have a whole lot of specialty vegan options (like me!) I’ve been vegan for about a year and a half now out here in the midwest and I’ve found that contrary to popular belief, going vegan has saved me money and actually helped me develop a decent stockpile of food in my cabinets. Check it out!

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scammed? -long, angry, post

a review of my service experience with the tumblr user who now has opened up an official store. If someone needs proof i have screenshots. I ordered a wig from someone on here 2 mos ago and have not received it. And I hate to start drama, but like??? I’m outta 95 dollars. I have bolded the text before the parts I found particularly fishy for easy location. Let’s discuss.

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⭐Tarot Readings⭐

Just a reminder that I give free tarot readings! But please consider tipping just a dollar or two if you found your reading insightful! The link to my is in my bio! I desperately need money for gas to get to and from school and I have a phone bill to pay next week…
Please share this so that others may get readings as well!
Love and light!

“…right now I’m reading Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. The guy on the hundred-dollar bill? I mean, we spend the money and we don’t know anything about the people on the bills.”

Ohhhhh my god it is so obvious this author is british lmfao!!!! any non-fictional american can tell you like, 5 completely inane facts about benjamin franklin because we go over the founding fathers way too many times throughout public school

Credit card companies don’t advertise this, but the real money-maker for them is the “convenience fee” or “surcharge” paid by the merchant each time your card is used (usually 3 to 4 percent). Think of it in part as shops paying for the privilege of not having to handle dollar bills that might have been stuffed into someone’s jock strap. The thing is, not every merchant wants to pay those fees and will sometimes tack them to your bill, even when it’s illegal for them to do so.

“I had a lady call one time asking about the fee and why we charged it,” Megan recalls. “I assured her that we did not charge her, that it must be something the merchant passed on to her. I Googled it and found that this was illegal in her state. We called the merchant together. He was none too pleased with me, threatened to get a lawyer involved, at which point I said, ‘Sir, we’re talking about a possible $5 refund here. Do you really want to involve a lawyer to save $5?’ He finally backed down and credited the customer, but that doesn’t stop him from charging the next person who doesn’t know about the law.”

It might not seem like a lot, but for those who use credit cards often enough, it can add up. If you think you’ve been unfairly charged a surcharge on your Visa, you can always file a claim on their site. What you can’t do, though, is use any of this information to weasel out of a credit card purchase.

How Not To Get Screwed By Your Credit Card: Inside Advice

Lin-Manuel Miranda: Here’s a bizarro draft of Right Hand Man with BURR introducing Washington. Gave it to Wash instead.



Can we be real a second?
For just a millisecond?
Let’s look at Mr. Founding Father dollar bill a second
The very model of a modern major general
The venerated Virginian veteran whose men are all
linin’ up to put him up on a pedestal
writin’ letters to relatives about his
quiet eloquence and elegance but
The evidence is misleading
Go home and do your reading
His Excellence spent most of the revolution retreating
Now every American wants to bury me
I cannot tell a lie, so I am chopping down
his cherry tree

aka #givemethisversionnow #draghimburr #chopdownhischerrytree

Creepypasta #646: Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Story length: Medium

I remember when I found mine. A twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk. I thought it was my lucky day, so of course I pocketed the cash.

I remember the panic… or I should say confusion, the next day.

Most of the world’s wealthiest people died in tragic, yet almost comically bizarre ways. A CEO was killed by a falling satellite owned by his company. A banking tycoon slipped on a puddle of ice and broke his neck, in the middle of summer. A pair of of oil moguls were mauled to death by a lion that escaped from the zoo, however, different lions, different continents.

Photos quickly began circulating online, showing cash of various denominations, and from many countries, with writing scribbled in the margins.

They read like fortune cookies. Ranging from relatively mild, “You will spill your drink.” “You will forget today’s date.” to awful, “You will have no luck in love.” “You will be hit by a bus.” Unlike fortune cookies, these were unerringly accurate.

This printed misfortune would happen to whomever owned the cash. Occasionally you could avoid it. For example, if it said: “You will stub your toe,” you would only stub your toe if you actually walked. But, any period you walked, you would stub your toe no matter what.

Destroying the poisoned cash would simply render the fate permanent. No, the only way to get rid of it was to ‘spend’ it, thereby transferring the curse to the new owner. Except, nobody wants jinxed money. It’s only possible if the spender offers enough in exchange.

But no one will sell to someone who “will be hated by everyone.”

Credits to: CrinsomClubs

in my entire five years at private school i saw so many girls literally smuggle alcohol into school in water bottles and leave during recess to smoke pot at a nearby construction site and coordinate efforts to cheat on exams and nobody ever got in any kind of trouble until one girl paid for a dance ticket at st. george’s with a counterfeit hundred dollar bill and saints traced it back to her and the cops raided her room and found out that she was literally printing counterfeit money and then admin called everyone in our year for an assembly to let us know that she “had chosen to withdraw from the school” private school was WILD

Steven Universe Theory


I’ve been watching Steven Universe (again) AND I FOUND SOMETHING I THINK IS IMPORTANT!!

So, in the episode ‘Keep Beach City Weird’ Ronaldo has all of this theories about sneople (snake people) and paranormal stuff. But he says something at the end of the episode that caught my attention and looks like it’s connected with the gems, or what we know now about them.

  • Ronaldo: Get real, Peedee. Level 8 beings are a worker society incapable of such organization…whoa, wait a minute! *drops papers to the ground* How did I never see this before? *peers at dollar bill* I know what the diamond means…Polymorphic sentient rocks
  • Ronaldo: *from atop the light house* They’re here to hollow out the Earth! It’s part of the Great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form, you can read all about it… on my blog!


We know they were growing gems on earth for their war and we also know the Gems are, indeed, polymorphic sentient rocks that can adopt whatever form they want, and that they may be ruled by Diamonds (Yellow Diamond maybe?).

Maybe Ronaldo was right this time. And maybe they were warning us…

God dammit this show it’s on a whole new level.

The cast on race, casting choices

Odom Jr. In the first two minutes of this show, Lin steps forward and introduces himself as Alexander Hamilton, and Chris steps forward and says he’s George Washington, and you never question it again. When I think about what it would mean to me as a 13-, 14-year-old kid, to get this album or see this show — it can make me very emotional. And I so look forward to the day I get to see an Asian-American Burr.

Miranda That’ll be the note that goes with the school productions: If this show ends up looking like the actual founding fathers, you messed up.

Diggs I have to say, the dollar bill looked wrong after that first workshop. I was like, “That really should be Chris Jackson.”

Miranda I’ve taken to calling the bridge near where I live the Chris Jackson Bridge.

–from this article

Hey guys, guess who is open for emergency commissions!
So work found out I was mentally unwell and putting myself in dangerous situations. They told me to file a claim with a third company so that I could take a paid emergency leave to get help asap. I was promised that I would not only be paid, but that I’d keep my job and the absences would not count against me. I spent a week and a half away from work.

Unfortunately, some bad filing led to my claim being denied. I’m out 400 dollars, overdue on most of my bills, and may not even have a job if this doesn’t get resolved. Attempted to call the office to get things refiled have gone poorly (they once put me on hold until they closed) and I’m preparing to be out of work.I’m still not in the best state of mind, but I’m trying hard to salvage the pieces and keep going, so here we are! I’m opening for 5 slots at a time. =)

1. @misrihalek
2. @berserkerknight
3. @a-real-chara-cter (reference)

Message me @thelastfallenkid, or send me an email at

As a side note:
I’m not in danger of losing my home (my room mates are super cool about this stuff) but this commission money will be going towards:
A) Paying my bills/rent
B) Taking care of my Cats
C) Feeding myself (I still have plenty of Ramen and Spam stockpiled luckily!)
D) Paying for more psychologist visits and any medication I need.

Thanks for your time guys! <3

An Actual story

So here I am blasting the Hamilton cast recording from my phone and headphones, and I’m getting into it. So I get to “Guns and Ships” and it hits that part before the beat drop - you know, the “EVERYBODYGIVEITUPFOROURFAVORITEFIGHTINGFRENCHMANLAFAYETTE” - ya know, that part?

So I’m standing in an elevator when that hits, and I have to go in (note, going in for me means bouncing on my toes, Eminem-ing my hand, etc). So I do, and someone turns around and legit says to me, “What are you listening to? It sounds fire!”

And I smile and say, “It’s a Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton, first treasurer, and founding father - you know, the guy on the ten-dollar bill?”

And she looked at me like

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