so i found this dollar bill

I was introduced to the McElroys through Monster Factory and Polygon in general, so for a while I didn’t even know Travis existed. I remember when I found MBMBaM and was like “There’s? Another boy? Three of them?? Thank god??” It was like finding a 20 dollar bill in my pocket I didn’t know was there.


Hey so uh i have Mono and my father is threatening to throw me out and I have no where safe to live without housing with friends, not that i don’t want to 

I find it unfair to burden them with my situation plus I HAVE MONOAlongside a lot of medical bills i have  and knowingthat my family prob found out about me being trans and what not im kind of on the cusp

SO im doing a different type of commission where its can be full body or whatever but no color cause i am actually 2 sore to do much more than that unfortately. the price will be 20-25 dollars based on complexity and another character will be 10 dollars me at for details

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My step dad, who has been upper middle class his whole life, and has no concept of poverty, is like “ah. I see you are making a whopping ten (10) dollars an hour. You are completely self sustainable now. Here are all of the bills for you to pay, which you should be able to pay, because you have a job”. While my mother on the other hand, who (like myself) has spent most of her life in poverty (and also has a soul) has to literally sneak me money so I can afford to eat while if my step dad found out would be extremely pissed because “ah yes. Ten dollars an hour. Sustainable living.”


Hey everyone, here’s the situation:

I thought I had a job lined up for me when I got out of school, and it was the same position that I had last summer. However, this wasn’t the case anymore BECAUSE they aren’t hiring anyone, and have no plans to open any positions anytime soon, which sucks for me, because I was promised a position after I left that job last year to pursue my 4th and final year in University.

It’s going to be hard trying to find a job in my area because I have lots of experience and qualifications as a manager, and unfortunately, there’s absolutely no positions open for that anywhere, and that’s not the position I’m looking for because there’s too much stress and time consuming work involved in being a manager, BUT THANKS TO THAT, many institutions won’t hire me to just be a clerk or a cashier, because I’m:

“OVER-QUALIFIED” – the stupidest word in the employment business.

It’s now May, I have rent and bills that need to be paid this month, and I still haven’t found a job yet thanks to the mix up I mentioned above, so I need help finding the funds while searching for someplace to work in the meantime.

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I still make peanuts on YouTube, I’m not Full-Time there yet and I probably won’t be for a few more years. I’ll work on getting a Patreon page up for all of you if that helps, but I know right now, I need the help.

With donating, I’ll repay by doing the best I can with my YouTube channel and find the job I need that will cover all of the outstanding fees I need paid off.

TL;DR - My last job screwed me over for a guaranteed position, I’m unemployed, apparently “Over-Qualified” for anything less then a Manager’s position that would be unhealthy for me, looking for work and need help with finances. Even $1 will help if you can spare it, or reblog this for others to see.

Thank you,


signs as lorde songs
  • aries: yellow flicker beat
  • "my blood is a flood of rubies, precious stones. it keeps my veins hot. the fire's found a home in me."
  • taurus: ribs
  • "this dream isn't feeling sweet. we're reeling through the midnight streets, and I've never felt more alone. feels so scary getting old"
  • gemini: million dollar bills
  • "there's nothing I want but money and time. million dollar bills and a tick tick tick tick."
  • cancer: the love club
  • "i'm sitting pretty on the throne. there's nothing more I want, except to be alone."
  • leo: 400 lux
  • "we're never done with killing time. can I kill it with you 'til the veins run red and blue?"
  • virgo: a world alone
  • "all my fake friends and all of their noise complain about work. they're studying business, i study the floor."
  • libra: royals
  • "but every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom, blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room. we don't care. we're driving cadillacs in our dreams."
  • scorpio: swingin' party
  • "if being afraid is a crime, we hang side by side at the swingin' party down the line."
  • sagittarius: tennis court
  • "don't you think that it's boring how people talk? making smart with their words again, well I'm bored."
  • capricorn: bravado
  • "'cause I was raised up to be admired, to be noticed."
  • aquarius: white teeth teens
  • "i'll let you in on something big. i am not a white teeth teen. i tried to join but never did."
  • pisces: buzzcut season
  • "the men up on the news, they try to tell us all that we will lose."
Sex Bet

Barry walked into the room and sighed heavily, his eyes glued to Iris’s smooth legs spread propped up on the couch cushions as she scrolled her phone screen.

She was wearing an oversized sweater and her hair was swiped across her right shoulder, leaving the nape of her neck on her left side open to his viewing.

It had been three days since Cisco had frustratingly stalked out of his workshop, whining about how he was tired of walking in on them in promiscuous positions. Barry had flushed, while Iris defiantly told Cisco he couldn’t possibly be scarred THIS time, since not a single article of clothing had been removed.

‘Your hands were places!’ He’d shot back, clearly agitated.

Iris had rolled her eyes and raised an eyebrow. Barry had stayed mum. Then Cisco issued the challenge of all challenges and Iris, ever willing to put that boy in his place for objecting to her love life with her FIANCÉ, had INSTANTLY risen to the challenge.

'I bet you two couldn’t last one day without having sex with each other.’

'Maybe you forgot that we were broken up for a week at one point and didn’t fuck AT ALL during that time.’

Barry’s face lit up fire engine red at her language, his eyes widening noticeably, but Cisco remained unaffected.

'Hard to fuck when you’re barely on speaking terms, let alone in the same room.’

Barry swallowed hard, worried about more than the language now. He had instinctively BAD feeling of the direction of this conversation.

Cisco and Iris stared each other down for a full minute before the tension for Barry became unbearable.


'One week.’

'What?’ Barry’s mouth went dry but neither acknowledged him.

'I bet you couldn’t go one week without having sex with each other,’ Cisco said. 'You’re…’ he glanced briefly over at Barry, clearly annoyed, 'insatiable.’

Barry had no time to be crushed by Cisco’s disgust b/c the next word that came out of Iris’s mouth shattered his very existence.


He’d protested immediately and had promised all matter of things to both of them if only they’d undo this stupid bet, but neither relented. Iris was determined to win & Cisco gloried in the promise of a week long reprieve of witnessing Barry & Iris sexy times. And twenty bucks.

In fact, he wanted it so badly that he frequently egged Iris on how they wouldn’t able to make it that long that it only made her more determined to remain celibate.

When Barry tried to seduce her that first night - which was usually remarkably easy - she refused, reminding him of the bet they’d made.

'YOU made,’ he retorted. 'I was highly against it from the start.’

'Do you have no self-control?’ She shot back.

'None,’ he said instantly. 'Not where you’re concerned.’

Then she’d cupped his face, and he’d thought she would cave or at the very least tie him over with a kiss. But she denied him even that.

'Just give me this one thing, babe. We can have a sex marathon when the week is up.’

He blinked. 'But we’re not even at STAR Labs. We’re at HOME. Cisco won’t know if we have sex at home. And it’s hardly fair for him to be-’

'It’s the deal we ma-’

'YOU made,’ he corrected again.

She’d smiled serenely, which didn’t make him feel better at ALL.

'It’ll be easier not to slip up in public if we’re keeping ourselves in check in private too.’

'Says WHO?’ He’d squeaked. 'I’m jacked up already and it’s been less than twenty-four hours. You’re hot as hell, Iris. There’s no way I’m going to last sleeping next to you every night.’

'You do make a good point,’ she’d said contemplatively.

He’d wanted to be relieved, but he knew she wasn’t going to cave that quickly.

'Maybe you should sleep on the couch,’ she’d said, and gotten off it to retreat into another room.

Well, Barry had been so shocked that he’d ended up insisting to her that he wouldn’t seduce her in her sleep. He had enough self-control for that. She’d smiled that unsettling smile again in response.

'I know you do, babe,’ she’d said. 'And don’t worry, you’ll get through this.’

It worried him that she didn’t say 'we’ll.’ As if she had absolutely no problem not sleeping with him for seven days straight.

Today that was being put to an end.

Barry sauntered over to Iris. When he was in front of her, he said nothing, only waited for her to become aware of his presence.

'What is it?’ She asked, not looking up from her phone.

'I’ve had enough, Iris,’ he said, putting as much stubborn demand as he could into his voice.

Iris’s finger stilled. She lifted her head to look up at him.

'Enough of what?’ She asked.

It bothered him that she actually seemed to not know.

'Enough of you having absolutely no problem resisting sex with me.’

A coy smile started to spread across her face.

'I have been going out of my MIND,’ he squeaked. 'But you have been just FINE. Just so…so…’ His eyes drifted to her smooth legs that he ached to run his hands over.

And then wrap around his waist as he thrust into her.

'I wouldn’t say that…’ she teased, taking his hand in hers and pulling him onto the couch beside her.

She sat up so she could pull her legs back and then draped them across his lap. His hands hovered above them, afraid this was a trap. He looked to her for direction.

'Go ahead, Bear.’ She nodded to her limbs laying across his. 'Touch.’

That word alone gave him a hard on, made him shiver.

Iris smirked. 'Or maybe you don’t need to.’

Barry closed his eyes and reverently laid his hands on her legs, then squeezed gently, caressing them with exquisite care and barely controlled need.

And then the unthinkable happened.

A quiet moan emerged from the depths of Iris’s throat.

Barry’s eyes flashed open, and he turned to look at her.

Her eyes were closed, but they opened slowly, lust evident in them. Barry gulped.

'See,’ she said. 'I’m suffering just as much.’

Hesitantly, unsure if this was the right move, or smart by any stretch of the imagination, Barry started to lean towards her, retreating a couple times even as his hands started to move up to her thighs.

Then without warning, Iris impatiently grabbed a fistful of his t-shirt and pulled his toward her until their lips collided and a second moan was released the moment his tongue came into contact with hers.

'Wh-What about the bet?’ Barry asked, a century of making out later, well aware how dumb THAT move was.

Iris was breathing heavily as she tilted her head back to look into his eyes.

'Let’s just say I’ve found CISCO in compromising positions multiple times with CYNTHIA during the past three days, and I finally got him to fess up as to why he was so irritated about running into us.’

'We were stealing his make out spots.’

She grinned. 'We were stealing his make out spots.’

Barry was giddy with delight.

'So…does that mean…?’

Iris reached down into her pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill.

'That means we won the bet, baby.’

He grinned. 'But that wasn’t-’

'I called him out on his deceptive motivation and he caved.’

Barry’s eyes sparkled. 'I love you.’

'We have to try very hard not to fuck in his workshop, but otherwise we’re home free. He will not harass us in the future for any excessive PDA.’

'What’s the twenty for?’ Barry asked. 'You guys never discussed numbers.’

Iris laughed.

'That’s to keep us out of his workshop for the rest of the week.’

'A failsafe,’ he concluded.

'Mhmm.’ She started to pull him in again.

He moaned into the kiss. His hands started to wonder.

'Touch me, Barry,’ she begged, a hot whisper on her tongue.

He groaned and sped them upstairs to their bedroom where he revealed himself as fully erect and frantically searching for a condom.

They both came fast, a result of their short-lived celibacy. But then they made love slowly, torturously, and more than once that night.

'No more bets like this,’ Barry whispered against her breast where his head lay resting after their final time that night.

Iris absentmindedly played with his damp locks and pressed kisses to his skin.

'I’ll try not to agree to anything sex-related,’ she said.

'Only if it involves ABSENCE of sex,’ he clarified. 'Otherwise…’

Iris smile spread into a wide grin. She bit her lip at his thirst, hers too.

'Agreed,’ she said. 'OTHER sex bets could get interesting.’

He mumbled something incoherent in agreement and tightened his hold around her wait.

'G'night, Iris.’

Iris smiled tenderly, closing her eyes as well as she relaxed deeper into the pillows.

'Goodnight, baby.’

Anonymous asked:

What is the difference between “an” and “a” when writing?

It’s the same as when speaking:

“A” before words that start with consonants/consonant sounds, “an” before words that start with vowels/vowel sounds.

1) A house or an house?

“House” begins with a consonant, H. And, it begins with a consonant sound, because the H “heh” is pronounced. So, it would be, “I bought a house.”

2) A honor or an honor?

“Honor” also begins with a consonant, H. However, it begins with the vowel sound “on” because the H in “honor” is silent. You don’t say, “hahn ur.” You say, “onn ur.” So, “It’s an honor to meet you.”

3) A H or an H?

“H” is a consonant, but the name for the letter is “aytche,” so it’s a vowel sound “aye.” So, we say, “This begins with an H.”

4) A one-hundred dollar bill or an one-hundred dollar bill?

“One” begins with a vowel, O. However, we don’t pronounce “one” as “own.” We pronounce it as “won,” so it begins with a consonant sound, W. That said, we would say, “he found a one-hundred dollar bill.”

I hope that helps!

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

INSULTS, THREATS, AND FLIRTATIONS. (6/6). from the lines for all occasions series. 

  • I’ll take you down with me.
  • Failure’s not an option.
  • This is going to cost you.
  • Hi. You’ll do.
  • If you get any closer, I’ll need more ice.
  • Come live in my heart and pay no rent.
  • If I throw a stick, will you chase it?
  • I’m an artist, and I think I just found my muse.
  • If somebody were to write your biography, the climax would be meeting me.
  • The only thing you should exercise is caution.
  • I’ll walk.
  • My neck hurts from insulting you.
  • I own you.
  • Okay, I’m here! What’s your second wish?
  • Oh, no, I forgot detergent!
  • I’m only interested in the opinions of people I respect.
  • Get a hold of yourself.
  • What time do you get off, and how?
  • Do you have change for a ten-thousand-dollar bill?
  • Do I make you nervous?
  • Let’s  implement a strategic initiative.
  • It’s not contagious.
  • I carry mace.
  • Champagne can tickle your throat, and so can i.
  • You look like you could use a one night stand.

Title: Never

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 3051

Requested: Yes

Summary: In an attempt to cool things down between Dean and The Mark, Reader suggests that the boys take a simple low profile case. And soon, things take a turn for the worst.

Tags: @johnmurphys-sass, @lilyleely, @16wiishes

A/N: So, this was a requested imagine/one shot. I really hope you like it! Just a quick disclaimer, this is kind of set in season eleven and ten where Dean has The Mark. It doesn’t really follow any of the episodes. Also, I made up Gademan, Kansas, it’s not a real place. So, naturally, any other places mentioned in that town are also not real. Anyway, if you have anything else you’d like to see, please just send me a quick message in my ask box. Enjoy!

Originally posted by morarossi


It’s true what they say. In those final moments, the world flashes by. In merely seconds, you witness it all. Your first kiss to your last, all the friends you’ve made and the few that stayed, all the family that turned a blind eye when you were drowning and all the family you turned a blind eye to when they were drowning, all the laughter and tears that soon infused together, all the hope you had and now lost forever, and all the pain you endured from your very first moments to your very last.

But even through all that, he was the only thing you truly wanted to see. Because he was all that mattered.

“I didn’t mean to.” he rasped, face bloody as he leaned over you. Cradling your head in his lap, he let an endless stream of tears fall as he repeated, “I didn’t mean to.”

Staggering for air, you watched as each tear hit your cheeks, mixing with yours. Your weak hands intertwined with one of his and held your stomach tightly in an effort to slow down the leaking force ready to tear you away from him. You opened your mouth, ready to comfort him, to forgive him, but your words trailed off.

And there echoed only one word, “Dean,”

Gademan, Kansas - Fifteen Hours Earlier

The blinding sun shined down on two stiff bodies. They lied, bent out of shape and tinted blue from loss of blood, deep behind the tall yellow grass of Territ Fields. Surrounding them were countless police officers and neon yellow tape stopping all friends and family from interrupting the case.

Shutting off the roaring engine, you all hopped out of the car dress in your clean suits. Dean slightly tugged at his tie; he always hated wearing that thing. You, after flattening out your grey pencil skirt, lightly grabbed his elbow.

He stopped in his tracks and turned to you, slightly concerned, as Sam continued to make his way to the crime scene. You gave your boyfriend a small smile then lightly tighten his tie, fixing it in place.

“I hate this thing.” he muttered, tilting his head up a bit while you straightened out his collar.

Running your hands down his chest to dust off his jacket, you mumbled, “I know,”

“Agents,” Sam called on the other side of the yellow tape. He stood beside a hesitant officer that was carefully watching you and Dean.

The both of you quickly moved towards Sam and flashed your badges to the officer.  After granting you access, you began to circulate the two bodies, looking for clues, as the boys talked to the lead detective.

Each lifeless body had two bite marks on the sides of their necks, just as you suspected. You looked up to Dean, catching his eye, and mouthed, “Vamps,”

He nodded, and turned whispering to Sam as the detective continued to brief them about the case.

You turned back to the bodies. They were two young boys. One was a redhead, and quite buff. There other had black hair and though he wasn’t as built as the other, he still held a strong frame. Then, a detail you somehow managed to look over, your eye caught the boys’ bright blue and white jackets. Varsity jackets, or more specifically, sorority jackets - based on the greek lettered badge. You quickly pulled out your phone and snapped a picture of  one of  the badges before getting up from your crouched position.

You, then, made your way over to Sam and Dean. Just as you arrived, the detective left. “You owe me five bucks.” you smirked at Sam as he rolled his eyes and dug into his pocket.

“Lucky guess.” he grumbled, handing the crisp five dollar bill.

You gave him a proud, gloating smile. “So, what did you find out?”

“Not much,” Dean sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. You and Sam shared a quick weary look as Dean continued, “They got an anonymous call around five in the morning. They came and found them dead, not a drop of blood to be found anywhere.”

You nodded, your hand finding it’s way to his. “They’re college kids.” you added. “I got a picture of some sorority seal.” You took out your phone and showed them the seal.

Sam immediately began making his way to the car. “I’ll go find out if there are any colleges near here.” he said, leaving you and Dean to follow behind him.

“How are you feeling?” you asked once Sam was far enough away.

Dean shrugged. “I’m fine.” he brushed off, letting go of your hand and picking up his pace.

You exasperatedly sighed even though you were quite used to Dean pushing you away. In the daylight, he’d hold a straight face. But, once the night fell, he’d break down, pulling you closer into his chest.

Either way, you shook off another one of his many rejections and decided to change the subject. “I hate vamps.” you groaned, pulling your hair out of the tight bun it was in.

“Well, this was your idea.” Dean reminded as he started the car. “You practically begged us to take this case.”

The only reason you begged was to get their minds off Crowley and his demons. And since Dean was having such a hard time controlling the call of  The Mark, you thought it might be a bit easier for him to go on a killing frenzy on monsters that deserve it, rather than an innocent.

You nodded, shaking out your hair with your hand. “Yeah, that’s because I hate them so much.” you lied, though you knew he’d see right through it.

Dean, pulling out of the field, rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’m sure that’s the reason.”

“Gademan University,” Sam suddenly interjected.

You slightly jumped forgetting about his presence in the car. A hand found it’s way on your thigh, and you looked up to find Dean smirking at you. He winked, gave your leg a quick squeeze, then turned back to the road. Suddenly, the lingering sting of  pain from his dismissal disappeared.

“Can I see that seal again, (Y/N)?” Sam asked from his seat in the back. Since you started dating Dean, Sam learned the hard way that the front seat was always reserved for you, whether he called it or not.

You nodded, taking out your phone. “Here,” you passed the phone back to him.

Dean’s eyes momentarily flickered back to the rear view mirror, and he snorted, “Nerd,”

You rolled your eyes and lightly smacked his shoulder with the back of your hand. “Stop,” you disparaged. You turned back to Sam, and lowly admitted,  “But he’s right.”

Sam sighed heavily as he gave you an irritated stare. “You guys are so annoying.” he muttered as he typed away on his laptop.

You let out a small laugh, turning back in your seat. The car suddenly took a sharp turn onto oncoming traffic. Your head snapped to the right and as the head light came closer and closer you felt your soul slowly escape your body. You held onto your seat and screwed your eyes shut, ready for the impact, but it never came.

You opened them to find yourself beside a gas pump. You were at a gas station. You turned to face Dean, shocked and rather angry.

He didn’t seem fazed by any of it. In fact, he didn’t even notice your hard glare. He just hopped out of the car, mumbling, “Anyone want anything?”

You turned to look at Sam. He held a similar expression, confused, and surprised. Your eyes flickered back to Dean.

He raised his eyebrows up at you, still waiting for an answer. “Well?”

You let out a shaky breath, and shook your head. “No,” you whispered.

“Sam?” Dean asked, slightly bending down to look at his brother.

Sam shook his head, still just as baffled as you. Shrugging, Dean slammed the door and rounded the car.

You turned to Sam. “He has no idea.” you spoke lowly, afraid he’d hear you through the windows as he filled up the car.

“He can’t go to the nest with us.” Sam replied in the same tone.

You shook your head. “What? That might be the one thing he needs.”

Sam furrowed his eyebrows at you. “What the hell gives you that idea? (Y/N),  he needs rest.”

“Do you honestly think he’s going to go for that?” you hissed. “If we lock him up in that motel room, he’d find a way out and to that nest before we do. It’s better if he’s with us. We can keep an eye on him.”

Sighing, Sam hesitantly nodded. “Fine. But, how long do you think it’s gonna last before he figures out we’re basically babysitting him?”

“He’s-” you cut yourself off  as the car door opened, and Dean hopped back in.

He looked between you and his brother, then shut the door. “Find anything?” he asked, starting the engine.



The two answers left both of your lips simultaneously. Your eyes darted to the back seat confused. You quickly changed your answer  just as Sam did.



Dean’s green eyes flickered between the two of you. “What the hell is going on?” he questioned, turning the engine off.

You gulped, and turned to Sam. “There’s a party tonight at the sorority. I just found it here,” Sam explained, turning the laptop around to show you and Dean.

Dean turned to you. “So, you don’t wanna go?” he asked you.

You shook your head. “I hate sorority girls.” you lied.

Dean gave you a careful look. You were sure he’d seen through your lie, though he played along anyway. “You should come anyways.” he shrugged, starting the car again.

You nodded, mumbling, “Fine.”

As Dean drove out of the station, looking both ways before getting back on the road, you sent a cautious look towards Sam.  And as he returned it, you both just knew, Dean already knew what you two were up to.

The only question was, why wasn’t he doing anything about it?

“Ugh,” you groaned as you got out of the car. You shoved your silver gun behind you in the waistband of your black skinny jeans. “I really do hate sororities.”

Dean messed up his hair a bit as he stood beside you. “They aren’t that bad.”

Sam laughed, walking a few ways before the two of  you. “That’s cause you’ve slept with half of the girls.”

Your head snapped to Dean. He quickly gave Sam an angry glare before giving you a guilty smile. “Just barely half.” he defended with a nervous chuckle.

You rolled your eyes, humming an unconvinced, “Mmhm.” Ignoring his attempts to call you back, you walked ahead of them towards the door.

The closer you got the door, the louder the muffled music became. You opened the door and entered, not bothering to knock.

To say it was loud was an understatement. There were people chanting names as others chugged down their cups of beer. And while others danced, some people chanted, laughed and threw out dares to one another.

“I’m the king of the world!” a voice called from the living room. You walked farther into the room and turned around to find some drunk guy with a baby blue bed sheet tied around his neck as a cape. He stood at the top of the banister over the ledge with a long rope tied to the end of the banister and the tree outside the window located downstairs. And, with a clothing hanger through the rope, the boy held on tight and started to count down.

“Three,” he started.

“Two,” everyone joined in.

“One,” And, with that,  he propelled himself forward.

He didn’t reached two inches forward before the rope snapped and he was going down.

The room fell silent as he thumped to the ground. Suddenly,  Dean was beside you looking for the drunk kid.

“Yeah!” the kid shouted, shooting up from the floor.

The room erupted in a loud cheer, Dean included. You turned to look at him, fighting back a smile. He turned to you, laughing. “That kid’s crazy!” he shouted over the cheers.

You nodded, glad his mind was off that cursed mark, as the room chanted his name, “Doug! Doug! Doug!”

Turning back to the kid, you found him talking to Sam. For once, you found the serious, nerdy Sam actually enjoying himself. It was pretty odd, if you were being honest.

You watched as their happy expressions switched to solemn ones for a few moments. Once their conversation was done, Sam made his was over to where you and Dean were standing.

“Hey,” a guy said, sneaking his hand around your waist. Your eyes flickered from him to an annoyed Dean. “Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

Just as you were about to politely decline, Dean tore the boy’s hand off  you and placed his hand there instead. He pulled you closer to him, glaring at the boy. “She’s fine.” he growled, scaring the guy away.

You gave Dean a knowing smirk as he whispered in your ear, “I’m starting to see what you mean.”

“The Far House.” Sam yelled the moment he reached you, interrupting your conversation. “That’s what they call it anyways.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused. “What’s that?”

“It’s an abandoned barn these kids go to… to be alone. It’s about twenty minutes from here.” he explained. “And guess the fastest way to get there?”

“Territ Fields.” Dean answered. “Let’s get the machetes and kill some sons of bitches.”

The three of you quickly went back to the car, grabbed your weapons, then cut through the backyard and down the street. Just off the road was a woody trail that soon bordered the long, weedy field. You cut through it, the old red barn slowly coming into view.

“Don’t they usually nest in warehouses?” you asked.

Sam shrugged. “Maybe their trying to throw us off their scent.”

Dean scoffed. “Those suckers aren’t smart enough to think through that. They’re stupid enough to leave those bodies behind.”

You knitted your brows together. Maybe Dean was onto something.

“Okay, we need a plan.” Sam stated, stopping just a few paces from the door.

And while you stopped beside Sam, Dean continued towards the door, “I have one.” he replied. “Don’t die.”

“Cause that’s worked before.” you sarcastically muttered, following behind him.

However, before you and Sam could get to the door, you already heard a loud high pitched scream. You ran in, finding some girl’s head rolling on the floor and Dean slowly moving deeper into the barn. She couldn’t have looked anything over twenty. You crouched down to examine her face as Sam hurried behind Dean.

Her lips were perfectly glossed, hair - besides the fact it was now stained with blood - was perfectly done, and her lashes - though her eyes were dull and lifeless - were perfectly curled and coated.

A sorority girl.

It all suddenly made sense. They were inexperienced, they didn’t know what to do with the bodies, they couldn’t control their urges. They were the ones that called the cops.  

Another scream was cut short followed by a few grunts and hisses. You immediately shot up from you place and ran towards the noise.

As Sam was trying to fight off  a buff sorority kid, Dean was swinging his machete around, not missing a single head.

“Dean, stop!” you shouted. “They’re just kids.”

He ignored you as the blood splattered across his face. You knew it was risky, knew what could happen. Yet, you did it anyways.

You ran towards him and grabbed his right arm. The arm holding the machete, the arm that just cut off the last vamp’s head. Caught in his bloodlust, he tore his arm away, the sword slicing through your abdomen.

A raspy breath escaped your lips as the pain cut through you. You stumbled back, eyes wide and watery. The darkness that once consumed him, disappeared the moment he caught the agony that cried from you eyes.

“(Y/N),” he whispered.

You tripped over your own feet and he lunged towards you. He caught you just before you hit the ground. “I didn’t mean to.” he rasped, face bloody as he leaned over you. Cradling your head in his lap, he let an endless stream of tears fall as he repeated, “I didn’t mean to.”

Staggering for air, you watched as each tear hit your cheeks, mixing with yours. Your weak hands intertwined with one of his and held your stomach tightly in an effort to slow down the leaking force ready to tear you away from him. You opened your mouth, ready to comfort him, to forgive him, but your words trailed off.

And there echoed only one word, “Dean,”

It was blurry. The moment you opened your eyes, it was blurry. It took you a while to blink your vision back to normal. Yet, all you could see was white. You got up, but a sharp ache from your gut stopped you. You groaned at the pain before attempting to sit up again, this time slower.

Then it all sunk in. You were in a hospital bed, with Sam sleeping in a chair near the corner. Memories of why you were here flooded back to you. The party, the vamps… Dean.

“I’m sorry,” a hoarse voice suddenly came from the doorway.

You snapped you head towards it and found Dean puffy eyed and red. Shaking your head, you mumbled,  “It was my fault.”

Dean violently shook his head, making his way to you. “No, I-”

“I was the one that begged you to take this stupid case, and told Sam that you needed this. It’s my fault.” you cut him off. “I don’t blame you for any of it. Now, please, stop blaming yourself.”

Dean opened his mouth to argue, but shut it once you gave him a pointed look. Hesitantly, he nodded and sat down on the bed beside you. He held your hand up to his chapped lips and gave it a quick peck.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered as the tears resurfaced. “You can’t leave.”

You nodded as your eyes watered. “Never,”

TalesFromYourServer: The time I got tipped 1000% because I made good life decisions.. [medium]

I used to work as a waitress at a fairly well known, 24/7 diner dotted across the United States that is pretty well known for their all day breakfast and a safe haven for drunks at 3 AM. I was working 3rd shift 9 to 7 AM as usual and it was a pretty steady Thursday night, again, nothing out of the ordinary for our location. I had a few 2 tops and 4 top in my section when a man in his late 30’s came in and sat in my section. He ordered one of the cheapest meals we offered which consisted of a drink and a decent sized BLT for 5 dollars, sat and ate quietly, and only needed one refill in the 30 minutes it took him to eat. This restaurant is pretty well known for it’s 3rd shift being a giant 7 hour smoke break with 3 hours of hard cleaning so naturally my other 2 coworkers were arguing about who got to go smoke first when the man finally began to speak a little more. He first asked the other waitress if she smoked to which she replied “Sure do you want a cigarette?” He said no thank you and my cook spoke up and asked if he wanted a menthol instead of her full flavor to which he politely said “No, thank you.” He then asked me if I smoked and at this point I had quit for 3 months as I had found out I was pregnant and didn’t feel it right to continue smoking (I also had been trying to quit for 3 years before this and ended up quitting cold turkey when I had 3 positive pregnancy tests in a row) So I was honest and I told him no, that I don’t smoke. He smiled and at this point it had been close to an hour since he arrived. He got up to pay his ticket which totaled to $5.45, he walked back to my table and laid a 50 dollar bill down and smiled once more, went to his car, lit up a cigarette, and drove away.

By: stfustephanie

Day Sixty

-A man informed me that he was buying stocking stuffers. His purchase consisted of a bag of nuts, several pairs of plain socks, and a roll of tape. I hope Santa stops by with supplemental stuffers. His children deserve, at the very least, trail mix.

-I met a baby with unreasonably thick eyebrows and deep, wizened eyes that have seen more than I could ever imagine. I feel that I have been a part of history, selling formula to the second documented case of B. Button syndrome in recorded history. 

-I overheard Cat Lady delivering a lecture to an audience of none on the topic of the best candy over at Starbucks. Were I able, I would have taken my break immediately and sat, enraptured, learning the inner secrets of the candy industry. However, for now, I am grateful that she is gaining some solid public speaking experience.

-A man in a hoodie leaped back and forth through the doors, bent over, arms out to his side. I am reasonably certain that a gorilla of genetically-enhanced intelligence was on the lam from the laboratory and chose their first stop to be Target. I only wish that they had come through my lane so that I could have assisted their escape better.

-I heard a loud crash. Looking up, I found a woman had knocked over the display on the wall dividing the registers and the dollar aisle, leaving only her mortified face visible among a row of cartoonishly large boxes.

-I was handed a wrinkled dollar bill, the canvas of intricate doodles, a weathered strip of paper with a corner taped back on. I cannot help but think about the stories that this bill could tell. Perhaps it was handed from a US president to a McDonald’s cashier. It could have been a victim in a high-scale bank heist. This bill could even have paid for the last meal a man ever ate. Realistically it has just seen a lot of strip club floors and vending machine mishaps. 

-A woman set up shop in front of the soda machines, calling several credit card companies on speaker phone, holding her cell up to her ear regardless. This is the epitome of efficiency.

-I was asked what time it was. I informed the guest that it was 3:10. They told me that this meant that it was 12:10 in California. I was then informed that we are three hours ahead of California. She proceeded to count out three hours after 12:10 and ultimately concluded that it was 3:10. This expert sleuthing left me speechless and I hope she returns soon to discuss the specifics of the detective agency I silently resolved to found with her.

-An elderly woman in her seventies informed me, with an enormous grin, that she had just married her high school sweetheart. I have never been happier for a stranger and I hope we find the answer to immortality soon so that they can spend as much time together as they can.

-As a man was paying for his purchase, he told me that he was buying it at the advice of a friend who suggested it would be good for gift baskets. I looked down at his single box of unsalted crackers and silently reassured myself that it was okay to not be this man’s friend.

-I have found that the easiest way to pick up and scan baby dolls is to pick them up by the head and wave them around. I dearly hope to unlearn this habit by the time my firstborn arrives.

-The woman who had knocked over the display found herself checking out in my lane. I have never seen such instantaneous shame appear on one’s face as when she recognized me as the sole witness to her transgression.

-Today I saw a woman who had a beanie pulled over her baseball cap and a woman who seems to have fashioned a car mat into a high-end poncho. This is the sort of fashion innovation that I live for. 

-I may have been recognized by a reader, but I will never know as they did not do more than make intense eye contact and passionately wish me a good day. There are over twenty times as many readers of my stories as there are Target stores in the world, so I would like to remind everyone that if they do happen upon my store while I’m working, there is nothing I would love more than to say hello. I may have severe anxiety, but I also have a desperate need to have my ego stroked, so overall it will be a great time. 

A Year Ago

A year ago I had a birthday. My wife planned a surprise party with our friends. When I arrived I was blown away and I felt so loved. They made it Pokemon themed with a pokeball cake and decorations. They made a playlist of my favorite bands. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. My friend came over to me during the party and gave me a card. I opened it to find a fifty dollar bill. My friend then said “it looks like money but it’s for you to preorder Overwatch.”

Overwatch at the time was a game I had heard of but never really looked into. I knew a little bit about it but wasn’t super interested but my friend went out of his way to give me this money and he wanted someone to play with so I pre-ordered it on Amazon.

At one point I was home alone and decided to look more into Overwatch and on YouTube I found their animated shorts. I watched Alive first and I instantly fell in love. Dragons was next and I wanted more. I watched them all and by the time I was done I was so excited to play this game.

The game finally released and I was addicted. The community, the characters, the fandom, everything and all of it just amazed me. It gave me hope and it made me believe anything is possible. I made a dedicated Tumblr for it and I love everything about Overwatch. A year ago I became a part of something.

Thank you to all the follows and likes!

anonymous asked:

❛okay, but, consider this: i don’t care. i’m gonna do it.❜ + kyoya ? :-)

I hope you like how it turned out! I’m not sure where this idea came from, but Free Donut Day is a real holiday (at least where I live).
“Y/N, you’re not serious, are you?” Kyoya’s voice said, through the phone you’re currently holding to your ear as you rummage through your desk to see if you had any money stashed away.
“I have literally never been this serious in my entire life.” you respond.
You hear Kyoya sigh. “No.”
You pause. “…no?”
Today was Free Donut Day. Basically all that meant was that everyone got one free donut, and any other donut for only fifty cents. So what were you gonna do?
Stock up on some donuts, that’s what you were gonna do.
However, your plan to buy at least two hundred donuts was now becoming slightly more difficult to execute.
“Y/N.” Kyoya sighed again. “This is a terrible idea.”
“No it’s not.” you said, smiling as you found a ten dollar bill hidden in your desk. “Give me one good reason not to go through with this.”
“Alright.” Kyoya thought for no more than a second before he had his answer. “It’s a waste of money. You won’t eat all those donuts before they expire. The store will be crowded. You won’t be able to get that many donuts to your house - not in one piece, at least. And even if you did, where would you keep that many donuts?”
You stop looking through your desk, and sit down in your desk chair. You don’t really have an argument for that.
A couple more seconds go by before you come up with a response.
“Okay, but, consider this: I don’t care. I’m gonna do it.”
You grab your wallet and start walking out of your room.
Kyoya groans. “Alright, fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
You smile. “I won’t!”

i had a dream last night where i went into mcdonald’s and i had a dilemma w/ my order bc i didn’t have enough to pay. i found a 50 dollar bill in my pocket but when i held it up to the light it turns out it was a fake batman and joker dollar bill. so i ended up ordering 3 very thin hotdogs and fries that fit within my 5 dollar budget


Finding Kiragi (F!Corrin x Takumi)

Modern AU

Takumi and Corrin were just going to have a nice day out with the kids. Head to the mall, catch a movie, and then maybe enjoy dinner. But with a rambunctious child like Kiragi, plans were liable to change. And Kana himself was only now teething, so things got pretty hectic whenever he lost his plastic ring.

Of course, that all paled to the moment when the parents realized they had lost something much more important…

“You lost our children?!” Corrin screeched. “I go to the restroom for ten minutes and you lose them?!”

“Uh- well- hey! Who goes to the restroom for ten minutes?!”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! May I request six of crows road-trip AU? I really adore your writings <3

Based on this post. (Man, this has been sitting in our ask box for such a long time – sorry, anon, here it is at last!)

          They met at the car rental place attached to the DC airport. Months of planning and logistics had gone into this, and the excitement in the air was palpable as they congregated across from the Hertz check-in counter. Nina embraced them all when she saw them – it had been a while, since only Wylan and Jesper attended the same college. Jesper slapped backs and patted shoulders, offering Kaz a sardonic bow when the latter flinched away from his touch. Inej also offered hugs, although she was rather less ebullient about it than Nina. Matthias, slightly less stiff and formal than he had been at his going-away party, accepted the greetings and offered up waves and brotherly handshakes in return. Wylan had long since gotten used to the easy affection of this particular friend group, and received the hugs and shoulder pats and handshakes with cheer. Kaz, for his part, nodded and ducked gracefully away from any and all hands that extended towards him.

          When Wylan and Jesper had arrived – late, per Jesper’s atrocious sense of timing – they delegated the watching of the bags to Matthias through a highly complex version of ‘rock paper scissors’ that Jesper had come up with three years ago and joined the line to rent their car.

          Fifty-six minutes later, they collected their bags and headed out into the parking lot to find their car. It was the absolute cheapest option, Kaz had made certain of that (it seemed his haggling skills hadn’t gotten rusty), and when they stopped in front of it they could see that that was very likely the case.

          “This?” Matthias asked.

          “Space 235,” Jesper confirmed. He alone looked unoffended by the car, a terribly orange VW Bus that probably should have been sold years ago for scrap metal. “This is it.”

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The sinner and the saint

Allegro & Staccato part 3 - Annie celebrates 700+ lovelies


Warnings: A little bit of angst and some long overdue fluff!

Word count: 3.782

Summary: The third part to the followers celebration: the make-up. Based on this song. I prefer the stripped version over the original version and I might’ve scrambled the lyrics just a tad.

A/N: This is also a part of the song challenge as hosted by @mrs-squirrel-chester.

Part 1: the chance encounter

Part 2: The fighter and the lover - Bucky x reader - ANGST

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°☆。 ❛ — prompt list #02: the mindy project inspired

as always, send a # off this list and i’ll write a drabble on it !

  1. “Even under extraordinary circumstances, the right two people can end up together.”
  2. “If we had such a great connection, why didn’t we stay in touch?”
  3. “It breaks my heart seeing some of the slimeballs you’ve been with.”
  4. “I could see us having a real relationship.”
  5. “I really like you and finding a person that you really like is hard.”
  6. “We didn’t even get to do any fun, date-y things like go to the supermarket and have a big fight in front of people.”
  7. “You know you’re right for someone when they force you to be the best version of yourself.”
  8. “That means a lot coming from you because you’re very competitive and don’t give a lot of compliments.”
  9. “I never thanked you properly for the sex.”
  10. “Are you gonna cry? Want me to leave?”
  11. “It’s weird that when someone is crying your first instinct is to abandon them.”
  12. “I am going on a date with a sophisticated person I met on the internet.”
  13. “You set up a fake dating profile and then asked me out?”
  14. “That’s what I said, but what I felt in my heart was quite different.”
  15. “Look, you can’t go out with this guy.”
  16. “I get that you’re obsessed with my love life, but I’m working right now.”
  17. “I let you grab my ass at the ice cream store.”
  18. “Can you not change in front of me?”
  19. “Can you not look at me while I’m changing?”
  20. “I’m sorry I lied to you, sweetheart.”
  21. “You’ll find someone eventually, you’re great.”
  22. “You look like a young Marlon Brando.”
  23. “I can’t spend another night stalking exes on the Internet.”
  24. “You’ll make beautiful babies!”
  25. “You love me! You love me, you wanna make adorable, mixed-race babies with me.”
  26. “Look at us, we’re having our first fight.”
  27. “I refuse to accept that gift.”
  28. “Wanting a blowjob is not a medical emergency.”
  29. “French me, you idiot!”
  30. “Just watch yourself, you sex-crazed quack.”
  31. “Are you in charge of being a douchebag? ‘Cause you’re doing a great job.”
  32. “My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak my brain gets angry.”
  33. “Your secret is safe with me. Largely because I don’t care and I’ll probably forget.”
  34. “If we’re still single in 5 years and haven’t found anybody, can we make a pact that we will kill each other?”
  35. “I would be so exclusive with you that I wouldn’t let you hold dollar bills in your hand because there’s pictures of dudes on them.”
  36. “Maybe I won’t get married, you know? Maybe I’ll do one of those Eat, Pray, Love things. Ugh no, I don’t want to pray. I’ll just die alone.”
  37. “I want you to love me in a way that I can show on Instagram.”
  38. “I heard you guys broke up and I, for one, am happy because I was never a fan of the relationship.”
  39. “I haven’t had sex in such a long time I’m thinking about donating my thongs to the troops. You know, for morale.”
  40. “I’m kinda turning myself on.”
  41. “How was the date? Did things get sticky?”
  42. “Dating sites are great, but you gotta get laid.”
  43. “Do you want a guy that’s gonna split the check or split you in half?”
  44. “According to WebMD, you can die of hornyness. I mean, I posted it, but still.”
  45. “If I’m not back in 10 minutes, he murdered me. Or he’s really into foreplay. Both of which, suck.”
  46. “You were supposed to catch me with your lips.”
  47. “Oh, we’re not married. We don’t even know each other that well.”
  48. “Why do white people love to see people of other races date inside their own race?”
  49. “You need to make your penis flaccid when you talk to me.”
  50. “Okay, stop talking about penises.”
  51. “I paid a fortune for Hamilton tickets and you got us kicked out in the first act by climbing up on the stage to freestyle.”
  52. “For me, you were kinda the one that got away.”
  53. “You thought this was a date?”
  54. “My friends really don’t like you.”
  55. “Who’s the hottie with the body in the middle of the sidewalk?”
  56. “I kinda miss being your hero.”
  57. “He’s hot as hell. And he’s rich as hell.”
  58. “He’s so annoying, I hate him. He’s like a Garbage Pail Kid.”
  59. “Since you guys got back together he’s been annoyingly happy.”
  60. Any quote from the show of your choosing
If you ever find yourself handling blue dollars, it may already be too late.

I don’t have a gambling problem. That’s the first thing I want known. It’s also what they all say, right? No, I’m not addicted to gambling, but I have a co-dependency issue with someone who is.

I’m not the coolest guy on the block, and I’m not particularly good at anything. Ted is, though, and we’ve been best friends since we were four. He’s the one who always pushes forward blindly into adventures, and I guess I’m the one who always gets him back out when things go sideways. There’s always been an element of luck to our continued physical and financial survival, but never more than now.

We’d flown out to Napa Valley for a friend’s wedding—and already ditched the reception party at around eleven. I could hardly afford to do anything; I’d only been able to come because Ted had bought me a ticket. Because I was only there on his generosity, I followed him to the quiet and rather empty bars that sparsely dotted the area. It was beautiful country, filled with vineyards and history, but it was not a party town. This frustrated Ted, of course, who began plying locals with drinks in order to interrogate them about local hotspots. “Somebody has to be having fun in this town,” he would say with a grin.

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