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Congrats on your followers! So I've had a slightly random idea: Kara reveals to Lena that she's Supergirl, but in turn, Lena reveals she has her own secret identity - Hannah Montana style. Thank you!

Kara held her breath.  There… she’d said it.  It was out there, now.  No taking it back.   I’m Supergirl.

Lena’s eyes gleamed something neither blue nor green in the low light on Lena’s balcony.  The office was quiet, it was late, and most people had gone home, except her precious workaholic Lena.  “I thought so,” she said, grinning slowly.  

“You did?”  Kara released a sigh of relief.

 “Of course.”  Lena was laughing as she said it, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world?

Was it?  Or was Lena just really smart?  Maybe it was both?  Lena probably saw through her the very first time, in that case.  She stopped her brain before it spun out of control. 

Then she noticed that Lena seemed oddly relieved, too.  

“Listen,” she began, and Kara felt a little tingle down her spine at the way Lena looked at her, like she was about to get into some awfully fun kind of trouble, “I think it’s time you saw something.” 


“Come with me.” 

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Good, because I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon.

I just reached 1K omg!? This will be my first FF since before I deleted my blog by accident. That was a huge tragedy of course and I nearly lost my mind when it happened but now I realize I needed a fresh start and it also made me appreciate my followers even more! So thanks so much to everyone who’s following me!! And a special thanks to my dear mutuals for making my dash so pretty and being so nice ilysm<3 Honestly you are all so precious, inspiring, beautiful and so lovely!! I’m gonna try to keep this FF pretty short (I’m so sorry if I didn’t list you!) cause I follow SO many beautiful blogs and it would take two years to list them all up lol xX

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What happened between you and Jason Manns?


this is jason manns, for those of you a little behind:

dude is like 20 feet tall, built like a linebacker, and a professional musician

for a few weeks last year, he was my boss, as i worked on all art for the Covers With Friends album, on which he gave all art credit to my mother’s name–he was under the impression “Scout Villegas” was a stage name and failed to consult me on the matter

i’ve been paying for that since it happened, but i’ve since let it go. HOWEVER, during a stageit of his i attended a few months ago, i noticed someone say “he can make any cover sound good”

so i had………….an idea

i was going to relentlessly request the Space Jam Theme

space jam was my FAVORITE MOVIE growing up. i could argue it still is. so when i requested it for essentially no reason, others followed suit. he laughed and said “he was unfamiliar” with the song and couldn’t perform it. it was overlooked. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE END

i decided it would be the only song i ever requested. be it stageits, live shows, you name it. it was an innocent and strange enough request that others agreed yes, he should play it, reason or not. until he decided to declare war.

at his most recent stageit, so many people were requesting it in the chat, it was literally impossible not to notice it during an hour-long show. he literally had to work to find song in between all of the requests, but never acknowledged it. UNTIL


in seattle, he was flanked from all sides by a stream of foot soldiers. his meet and greet, at his table:

and, my personal favorite, at his panel. there was an organized line. i was so happy, and incredibly impressed with the efforts.

he walked right by the table on…either saturday, or sunday, and as we made eye contact, i saw a haunted man. you’d all done so well. we spoke for a minute, and as he left i called out, “i’ll break you, manns.”

and he stopped and said,

you already have.

so by the end of this year, i think it’s safe to say we can all expect a Space Jam cover c: ♥

Still cannot get over how Suits manages to be the gayest show on tv while also having the most aggressively hot hetero sex scenes

Somebody wire-tapped my soul and then made a show about it.

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Where’s the time gone with you?
Where is the scrapbook? The old-fashioned
VCR tapes? The vintage polaroids? Did you burn
them? Do you remember their grave? W 25th St.
Deep coffin, tough dirt, small marker. The moths
have eaten away at my dressing gown.
This evening was never grand in the first place.
All has decayed and so have I; and honestly?

I hope you soon follow suit.

—  trend-setter // Haley Hendrick

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Maggie and Alex are dating and J'onn wants to meet Maggie and talk to her about their relationship. Alex is happy that J'onn is looking out for her. (Write this if you have time, please.)

It’s not how she wanted J’onn to find out, and it’s far from what J’onn would have preferred, too.

Far, far, far from it.

Because when he walks into his earth daughter’s lab and Detective Maggie Sawyer is on the lab bench with her shirt tugged hastily up and her fingers woven into Alex’s hair, whining as she holds her head steady to her chest, he really thinks he’s seen enough of this damn planet.

“Agent Danvers,” he clears his throat, and Maggie’s breathy whining of Alex’s name becomes a curse and he didn’t know Alex could make that kind of squeaking sound.

“Sir,” she breathes, zipping her pants and helping Maggie pull her shirt down, her fingers trying to pat her hair back into some semblance of acceptability as she snaps to attention, lips swollen and slightly parted, breathing hard for very different reasons, suddenly.

Maggie doesn’t turn around as she hops gingerly off the lab bench, because she’s trying so hard to just breathe, breathe, breathe. Because she’s been here before, been caught by someone’s dad before, and it hadn’t been pretty – to say the least – and she was so stupid, she should have known that something so reckless and impulsive would destroy everything.

Like she always does.

“At ease, Alex,” J’onn says, and there’s something in his voice that Maggie can’t identify, and – when she chances a glance up at Alex’s face – she can tell that Alex can’t quite read it, either.

“Detective Sawyer, can I please speak with you for a moment?”

“J’onn, she – ”

“No, Alex, it’s fine. It’s fine.” It’s most certainly not fine, but she squeezes Alex’s hand and she winks softly at her and she puts on a brave face, because he is much more powerful than that father who’d called her into his garage and beaten her senseless for kissing his daughter, but she’s long since trained herself to keep a brave face, so she does.

J’onn doesn’t look at her as she follows him out of the lab, feeling a combination of distinct dread and the panicked urge to laugh, because Alex is supposed to be the one feeling like a teenager again, not her, but god, she does.

He leads her into an office and he gestures her into a seat.

“Prefer to stand, sir,” she clips, forcing herself to look up into his unreadable eyes.

He speaks without preamble, and what he says shocks her. And she didn’t think she could be shocked by much anymore.

“Do you love her, Detective Sawyer?”

“I… Sir?”

“Sit,” he says again, and he sits, too, this time, so she follows suit.

“Detective Sawyer, I know a lot of things about you. Protocol, you understand, for letting you into the DEO so frequently, for partnering with you on cases these past weeks. I know that you won an impressive amount of Intel competition awards throughout high school; that you suffered a compound fracture in your left arm when you were sixteen years old; that you rose to the rank of detective more quickly than anyone else in your graduating class at the academy, largely due to your extensive knowledge of alien life and your community work with LGBTQ children. I know, too, that your first girlfriend in college was an alien of unknown origin, and you helped her fix her pod so she could go back to her planet, even though it broke your heart when she told you she was planning to leave.”

He pauses and Maggie tries not to feel naked. “I…”

J’onn speaks again, and his voice is different, now, a little lighter. A little less stoic DEO Director, and perhaps a little more the stoic DEO Director space dad figure that Alex idolizes so much.

“And now, I know more things about you than I ever wanted to know, and good god, I wish now more than ever that Martians didn’t have such impressive memories.”

Maggie blushes and starts to stammer out an apology, but J’onn continues. “So, now I know that you’re deeply attracted to Agent Danvers. But what I don’t know, Detective Sawyer, is if you love her.”

“You wanna know if I’m good enough for her,” Maggie rasps softly, tears in her throat, and J’onn watches her face closely.

“It hasn’t been that long, you know. And she… she’s just coming to realize… things… about herself. That’s for her to tell you about, and she was planning to, you know, soon. Just trying to find the right time.” She looks up at him and gulps. “But that’s not what you asked. It hasn’t been that long, but I… yeah. Yes. I love her. I… I haven’t told her yet, because I don’t want to rush her, I don’t want to pressure her, but I… I know it hasn’t been long, so maybe this is stupid, but I love your daughter more than I’ve ever loved anyone. She… she’s just… you know Alex, she… she’s perfect. For me. She’s perfect. And as for whether I’m good enough for her? Probably not. Almost definitely not. But I’ve been trying to be, every day. And I’m not going to stop trying to be.”

The skin around J’onn’s eyes crinkle slightly, and his lips tilt upward.

“Alex! You can stop hovering in the hallway now.”

Maggie startles and turns, her mouth open and her eyes wide. “How much of that did you hear?”

“Enough to know that two of the people I love most in the world have got my back,” she whispers, and the tilt of J’onn’s lips becomes a full smile, and Alex crosses the room and slips into his arms.

“Thank you for wanting to protect me.” She turns to Maggie, and there’s pure vulnerability, pure love, in her eyes. “And I feel the same way about you.”

Maggie’s breath hitches and she licks her lips and she can’t speak.

J’onn clears his throat. “Do you two need the afternoon off? Because I certainly don’t need to witness anything – like that – ever again.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, J’onn, I – ’

“We’re just not going to discuss it, Agent Danvers.” His voice is gruff, but his warm hand on her shoulder, and then on Maggie’s as he leaves the room, gives him away.

“Maggie, I – ” Alex steps closer to her and takes her into her arms.

“Never again, Agent Danvers!” J’onn calls without turning around, and Maggie and Alex laugh, laugh, laugh, into each other’s arms.

And if they cry, just a little bit, it’s out of the sweet relief of being so, so loved.

Another go; C.H.

A/N: I’m not sure what this is. i’ve been in a blue mood recently and I think it shows in my writing. But still; car smut. Enjoy.

I wasn’t sure if I were willing on giving this another go. There was something about an ex that made them obligated to stay in the past and remain there. Sometimes you deal with them and their problems, but moreover they stay hidden in a small box in the back of your brain. Of course, this had been all on me, suggesting we remained friends.

He had been one of my best friends and that first kiss had been a horrible mistake. That’s what I say now. Back then it had been on my mind for some while. Calum and I had this sexual tension from the beginning of our friendship that never faded, although we remained dormant to do anything about it. Eventually I must admit those few months with Calum had been the best of my life and I doubt anything or anyone will ever come near the passion and wanton I had with Calum. Not only had I had my best friend by my side, but I hadn’t felt so loved in forever.

I don’t even remember why we broke up to begin with. We argued, a lot. Most of the times it was stupid, avoidable things that would fuel his or my anger. It would almost always end that same day though, I made sure we never went to bed while fighting, because even though we were lovers, he was my best friend first. I remember keeping my head high while being among friends and completely crashing as soon as my front door slowly shut. It was something I did to spare Calum of having to deal with our girl friends throwing him filthy looks and to make sure the guys didn’t take pity on me. The first time we went out and assured everyone we could do this I ended up bawling on the floor, back against the front door of my apartment.

I had slept in said spot, and gone to work with red, puffy eyes and mascara in unknown places. My co-worker, wanting to be a good friend, phoned my then ex-boyfriend to tell him that I wasn’t feeling well. Try to explain you’re completely fine when your tears from last night are still glued to your face. Calum was reluctant at first, of course. Who is their right mind comes to console their ex on the breakup they were both involved in. But as I said, Calum was my best friend and that always came first.

It was the first time I had my best friend again since the break-up. He pulled me close, held me and I just cried. I stained his shirt, I told him how horrible I felt and that I honestly believed this was a mistake. That was a few months ago. We both thought it would be better if we remained friends. We both believed the sexual tension we experienced was something that would fade over time, even though this all started because we couldn’t control our animalistic behaviour.  

The fact that he is hovering mere centimetres from me and I am about to close that gap, states the opposite. His eyes are fluttering from my eyes to my lips. His fingers slowly tapping on the hood of his car, awaiting my next move.

I want to, but I shouldn’t. I’m contemplating this too much but our friendship was already on a silken thread and this might rupture it completely. I open my mouth to speak, but I have nothing wise to say. It’s not that I have many decisions to make other than question my moral standards. I want this, I want him. It’s always been him. I lean in the short distance that remained and seal our lips together. My fingertips brush over his neck to cup his jaw, pressing my upper body against Calum’s.

He groans into my mouth as his hands wind around my waist. Without any effort, Calum pulls my body onto his lap and leans down against the windshield of his recently bought slick black car. I feel shivers run up and down my spine which I can’t place. Calum had driven us up the cliff to a secluded area which overlooked the city. If this were a date, it would be my vision of perfection.

Instead, I’m sloppily kissing my best friend, hands groping underneath shirts while we’re out in the open. His fingers brush along my exposed thigh and I visibly shiver, breaking our kiss. “Take this to the back seat?” Calum mumbles, his gaze lowered to my breasts before he gazes up at me. I bite my lip, contemplating his offer. We’re fucked anyway. I push my groin against Calum’s hardening bulge as an unspoken answer to his question.

Calum groans loudly as his fingers dig into my bum and he lifts me, jumping off the hood. Without any trouble, he guides us to the backseat of his car, closing the door behind himself. “What are we doing?” I breathe, my fingers already unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt. Calum slides closer, his head disappear in the crook of my neck as he passionately kisses and licks. “Something I’ve been fantasizing about for months now.”

Calum’s answer goes straight to my core and I moan as I throw my leg over his hips, drawing him into me as I press his back down against the leather of the backseat. My dress rises on my hips as Calum’s hands wander, his lips back to caressing the skin on my neck.

My fingers trail over Calum’s smooth, exposed chest and up along his neck to cup his jaw in my frail hands. Calum’s hot breath hits my face as he enjoys every caress of his skin with his eyes closed. “I - I missed you.” Calum mumbles and it stings, so I try to ignore it and focus on making him, making myself feel good, in this moment. Of course, I had missed him too, but it was a somewhat mutual decision that we couldn’t do this any longer. I had tried to crawl back on that decision almost immediately.

I’m fumbling with the zipper of his jeans while he unzips the back of my dress and skilfully bares my chest for his wandering gaze, bunching my dress near my hips. Calum’s boxer short clad erection rubs again my dampened, clothed core which sends me crashing into him. I’m pressing my lips against his with such force he hums in pleasure, his fingertips digging into my thighs the more passionate our exchange becomes.

I feel him cup my breast, a rough squeeze following before his large hand cups my neck and chin, separating our lips for some well-deserved air. “Calum, I -” I stumble over my words as my eyes drift closed when his attention focuses back on my neck, all the while his hands are kneading my bum roughly. “Yes baby?”

“Now.” I was never one with a broad vocabulary, but Calum knew and understood my one syllable mumbles. He knew my body like no one else and as I lay writhing underneath him, he knew exactly where to touch to drive me insanely wild.

His mind clicks and he pushes his jeans as far down as possible with me on top. As soon as I feel the skin on skin contact a loud moan leaves my lips. Calum’s hands and arms wind around my waist, pulling me closer as he enters me.

I start swaying my hips back and forth, making figure eights as I let my hands roam wherever they please. My head is hidden in the crook of Calum’s neck, avoiding eye contact as I sink my teeth into his tender flesh.

Calum groans loudly, his fingers leaving marks on my thighs as he starts guiding me in a faster pace. I can feel he is nearing his release as he starts moving along. I can feel myself nearing again as I grind down more, searching for friction I know Calum would gladly give.

His hand disappears between our molten bodies and he lazily rubs along my clit, but it’s enough to spiral me over the edge. I’m a moaning mess against his neck, fingernails digging into the back.

He chases his own relief in stutters and when he finally finishes, a thick tension fills the air as our heavy breathing makes room for silence. I keep my face hidden in his sweaty neck and savour his scent and taste. Damn I miss him.

“God, I needed that.” Calum’s laughs as he peeks one eye open. I grant him with the tiniest of grins as I lift myself off him, a loud sigh leaving my lips. I think I love Calum.

“You know I love you, right?” Calum’s hand squeezes my knee reassuringly as he glances in my direction. I feel my eyes widen as I recall saying the last few thoughts out loud. Calum’s lazy smiles indicates otherwise and I mumble in return. “Yeah, love you too.” Calum starts redressing himself and I follow suit, keeping completely silent while doing so. His words warm my heart. Although I think we don’t mean the same thing.

Bed Rest

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by anon

Jason Todd x reader where the reader is pregnant and is on bed rest and Jason and his family are being super overprotective

“Jason, I’m fine!” you shouted as Jason tried to put you back in bed. “I just want to get something from the kitchen.”

“The doctor said that you are on bed rest, so you’re staying in bed,” Jason said, pulling the blanket over you. “Whatever you need I can get for you.”

“I want cereal,” you said, crossing your arms.

“That might be hard,” Jason responded, rubbing the back of his neck. “I think Dick ate all the cereal,” Jason said as you began to pout. “I’ll head out to the store and get some right now,” Jason said, giving you a quick kiss on the forehead before hopping off the bed and headed out the room. You pulled out a book from the nightstand and began to read. After a few minutes passed, Dick walked into your room.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Dick said.

“Hey, Dick,” you responded putting your book away.

“I heard I delayed your cereal craving,” Dick said, hanging his head in shame. “So I brought you some from my secret stash,” Dick said, revealing a box of Crocky Crunch and bowls, with a small carton of milk in them, behind his back.

“I can have the whole box?” you asked, eyes widening.

“Oh, well, I was um gonna let you have some,” Dick began rubbing the back of his neck, “but I guess maybe we could share?”

“I guess you can have some of my cereal,” you responded with a smile. Dick sat down next to you and poured some cereal in a bowl and offered it you. You reached out to grab the bowl but went across him to grab the cereal box and began eating it.

“I should have saw that coming,” Dick said, turning on the tv to watch cartoons. In a few seconds, you ate the entire box of cereal. “You ate that really fast,” Dick said, taking away the box.

“I was really hungry,” you responded.

“I guess I’ll leave you alone now,” Dick said, placing an arm around you and giving you a quick hug. “See ya, (Y/N).”

“Bye, Dick,” you said as Dick walked out the room but a minute later, there was a knock at the door. “Come in!” you shouted as Barbara, Stephanie, and Cass walked in. “Hey guys.”

“We just wanted to come check on you,” Barbara said.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling.

“So do you have cravings yet? Can you feel the baby kicking? Is it a boy or a girl?” Stephanie asked, rapid-fire before Barbara hit her on the arm. “Ow!” Stephanie yelled whilst everyone began to laugh.

“Are you excited?” Cass piped up.

“I’m very excited,” you said smiling wider when another knock came to the door. “Come in!” you said when Bruce slowly entered the room with Alfred right behind.

“Are you okay? Is the bed comfortable?” Bruce asked.

“I’m doing fine and the bed is comfy,” you answered.

“You sure? You don’t need new pillows or blankets?” Bruce continued.

“I’m sure,” you responded.

“Okay, girls. Let’s give (Y/N) some space,” Bruce said before walking out the room. Babs, Steph and Cass all waved their goodbyes as they exited the room. Alfred walked forward to the nightstand and placed a glass of water.

“Is there anything I can do for you miss?” Alfred asked.

“No but thank you, Alfred,” you answered before Alfred walked out the room with Tim walking in a second later. “Hey, Tim. What are you doing here?” you asked.

“Well since you’re on bed rest, I came to set up a game console to the tv and I was going to lend you my laptop,” Tim answered with a sheepish grin.

“Thank you, Tim,” you said, smiling. Tim walked up to the tv to set up the game.

“Finished!” Tim shouted as he stood up. “I should get going. I have coffee waiting for me,” Tim said, giving you a hug before walking to the door. You began to slump down into the bed before Damian walked into the room.

“I heard Drake came in here,” Damian said.

“Yes he did,” you responded.

“What did he do?” Damian asked.

“He set up a video game console,” you answered.

TT,” Damian responded. “I can do better,” Damian declared.

“What can you do?” you asked. Damian then opened the door as Titus and Alfred ran in and jumped on the bed. Damian then picked up a bag by the door and laid next to you on the bed. He pulled out a pint of ice cream and handed it to you with a spoon whilst he pulled out his own. You both began to eat your ice cream and watch tv whilst the dog and cat laid at your feet.

“I’m back!” Jason said, walking into the room with two grocery bags full of cereal. “Why is Demon Spawn here?” Jason asked.

“Entertaining (Y/N),” Damian answered, eating another spoonful of ice cream. “I’ll be going now,” Damian said, getting off the bed. “Goodbye, (Y/N)” Damian said to you before he glared at Jason whilst walking out the room with Titus and Alfred following suit.

“So what did I miss?” Jason asked, sitting down next to you as you gave him a spoonful of ice cream.

“Cereal, questions, more questions, video games, and ice cream,” you answered.

“You already had cereal?” Jason asked as you nodded in response. “I guess I can bring these to the kitchen.”

“No no no,” you began to say. “The cereal stays.” Jason walked over to you and laid down next to you. He wrapped an arm around you and placed a kiss on your forehead.

He smiled and said, “Just don’t eat it all at once.”

You turned to face him and planted a kiss on his cheek before saying, “No promises.”

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Night Owls - Bucky Barnes p.3

Hello internet! I have finally found myself writing this part and feeling kinda happy with it at the end of it. Anyway, hope you enjoy it! xx

                                  BUCKY BARNES X READER

Summary: what happens the morning after.

Warnings: I HAVE FINALLY REACHED ONLY FLUFF *pats herself on the back*



Bucky’s bloodshot glassy eyes stared into mine and I slowly brought his lips onto mine in a chaste, short kiss. “Everything is gonna be fine” I assured him when we parted and he smiled lightly, sniffling before positioning his head on my chest. We stayed like that all night, well, what remained of it, as I slowly rocked the both of us before falling into a heavy sleep. Although, I have to admit this: the remaining hours were the best sleep I have ever had in months.


Bucky craved for human contact. After the last time he had turned into the Winter Soldier, he was afraid he was going to hurt anyone who got near him, therefore he started avoiding people. While I started to grow closer to him, Bucky realised he would never hurt anybody as he received kind manners and gentle words from me. So he started to crave for any type of physical contact, just a simple touch of hands whilst reaching for the same object or a quick hug when I got excited for something new happening in my life. He lived for those moments, they were quick, they faded away easily, but for the moment, they were enough.

I never noticed until last night, as we lied together in bed, and he never let go of me. The brief touches weren’t enough anymore and Bucky decided he wanted more, he needed more. I realised his need in the early morning, I think it was 6 am, the sun was just rising and as I shifted in his arms to get more comfortable, I felt his metal arm holding me tighter, pressing me even more against his back. We had moved in the process of sleeping and I ended up being the little spoon quite easily. I could feel his long hair on the skin of my neck and his lips ghosting over my ear as he whispered with a pleading voice “Please, don’t go” I wrapped his arm even tighter around my waist, taking his hand in mine and smiling softly at his words “I’m not going anywhere” Then we were out again, sleeping soundly in each other’s arms, our hearts beating the same.

Bucky woke up before me, enjoying a little bit longer the warmth of my body against his that he had wanted for so much and now had finally got it. His metal fingers started tracing circles up and down my arm, creating goosebumps, as he stared at my sleeping form with an astonished look on his face. After a while, I woke up too, feeling his hand resting on my hip and turned around to face him, he froze when he understood that I was aware of what he was doing.

“Good morning” I smiled, adjusting some of his hair that had fallen on his face, my fingers lingering to trace his cheek and jaw. Bucky let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, grinning when he realised I was completely fine with everything that was happening (or had happened). I met his gaze after noticing that I was staring at his lips for maybe too long. He chuckled, looking at me lovingly; his eyes were really blue, how did I never notice?

“Slept well?” Bucky asked not looking away from my eyes, his bright smile never fading. I nodded at his question, biting my lip.

“Best sleep I’ve ever had.” his eyes glazed over my lips, was he leaning in? I mirrored his movements, going back and forth between looking into his eyes, even if they were still staring at the same thing, and his mouth, which was getting insanely close to mine. His lips were inches closer to mine that I was already closing my eyes, waiting for the collision. He then looked up.

“Is this okay?” Bucky asked and I had to open my eyes to find his already looking, searching for some hint that told him to pull away and run, run for his dear life and what was going to start if he kissed me. But hey, it was going to happen anyway. He deeply wanted that and I definitely wasn’t going to refuse. The sensible part of him told him to wait for my answer, though I didn’t even have the time to nod that he connected our lips. Something that I had briefly tasted the previous night but felt right only in that moment, when my hand gripped his shirt to get him closer, to feel him more. His arm holding my waist steadily and tightly.

A slow, passionate kiss that seemed to never end but was interrupted by the obvious need of oxygen. When we parted, breathing heavily, Bucky pressed his forehead against mine, the intimacy felt so good, so right. I laughed, realizing what had just happened, he followed suit, laughing along with me. The day was spent laying in bed, getting up to go to the bathroom or taking food. Bucky was a much brighter person when he was happily relaxed and with someone he liked deeply, and God, was I honoured to be that someone.

boob jugglers

8th grade, sitting in english class: teacher is enthusiastically talking about plans for the semester. best-friend starts cupping her chest and whisper/asks whether one of my boobs feels heavier than the other. finding this out was of the utmost importance, so i begin weighing mine too. two friends beside me also follow suit, and by the time my teacher turns around, the left side of the room is juggling their chest. confused, he lifts his hands to his chest (as if to question whether he himself has a heavier boob.) he then realizes what he’s doing and turns a deep shade of red and says,
“I’m going to pretend like that didn’t just happen.”

Wings (Pt. 3) - M

For it was he who dared lay with a mortal, be cast down from the heavens and forever marked as a sinner

Originally posted by taehvnqs

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Words: 3.8K

Genre: Fantasy, AU, 18+ (for cursing and future smut)

Part: One, Two, Three

A/N:  FINALLY!! Okay I need to apologise for how long this took lol I’m a disgrace. I promise I won’t  take as long for the next chapter. I originally had a different plan for this, but thankfully that changed and I managed to finish it, otherwise it would’ve been another 5 months before I published :))) anyway ENJOY~

Recap: He held out his hand and showed me a huge white feather.

“A bird feather. Did you see what it was? It must have been huge,” Jimin said.

I shook my head at him, not saying what I was thinking.

“Well to be honest a pink elephant could’ve walked through here in the last hour and I wouldn’t have noticed.”

I could only imagine the questions I’d get if I said that. Jimin just shrugged his shoulders and pocketed the feather.

The three of us then began our trek back to the campsite. I couldn’t keep the smile from creeping onto my face as we walked. I was still on a high from what had just happened, and I couldn’t wait to how thing would go later tonight.

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Also disappointed they don’t allow you to do side quests etc after Ganon is defeated. It saves your game before you fight Ganon and you can go back there, but there is no post game. That’s a shame and a bit of a waste imo. The final conversation you have with Zelda is her talking about building the kingdom up again - it would have been awesome if you could have done that in some kind of side quest after the main quest is completed. Oh well.

Me and mom

I was sat at home one night in my room when my cell vibrated next to me. I opened it up and there on the screen was a photo of my mom completely naked with the message ‘come over I’m desperate for a fuck!’

I knew mom was seeing a guy and she had sent it to me by mistake. I couldn’t take my eyes off the photo though. In fact I found myself turned on by it. So much so that I set my cell down on my bedside table and stared at it as my dick got hard. I ended up sat on my bed jerking off to that photo and came all over myself.

About a week or so later I felt I had to tell her she had accidentally sent the photo to me and she was mortified. She asked me what I’d done with it so I lied and said I had deleted it. I had put it in a photo vault app on my phone so showed her it wasn’t in my photo album and she was relieved.

Another week or so later I was racked with guilt and satvher down to tell her what I had reallly done with the picture and what I’d been using it for. She said nothing as I told her I’d been jerking off to it. The following night we were sitting watching tv and she said 'you really jerked off to that photo of me?’

She caught me off guard but I said 'yeah. I’m sorry mom. That photo was hot though. I know you’re my mom but I’m a young guy and everything was on show so it made me horny’

No more was said about it and I went to bed around 11:30. At about midnight my cell vibrated again and unopened it up. Another photo from my mom and this time the message just read 'I’m getting the hang of this camera now. How do I look?’ and in this one she had clearly set her phone down and put it on timer as it was from the perspective of the end of her bed between her feet. Her legs were open and she had her tots on her hands. Instantly horny. I sent it to my photo vault and created a 'Mom’ folder before I set it down and jerked off to my new image.

The next morning at breakfast I told her I’d got a message again and she said 'Again?? I must have hit the wrong number’ and carried on making pancakes.

I didn’t believe her for a second. She had sent that to me intentionally and that night I knew for sure. Once more my phone vibrated and there again was a message. I opened it up and I was confronted by a close up of my moms spread pussy with the message 'This one wasn’t an accident. Last nights wasn’t either. Happy fapping. Love from mom’

I was in limbo between being stunned that my mom would send me something like that and the fact that I was turned on by it. The photo went straight into my vault and I set about jerking off again.

The next morning I said nothing and waited for her to speak. She put my plate of pancakes down in front of me and said 'so did you get any messages last night?’

'You know I did’ I replied

'And? Did you like it?’

'Yes. Yes I did’ I said

'Did you jerk off over your photos again?

'Yes’ I replied


After breakfast I left to go about my normal working day. I was sitting at my desk when my phone vibrated and there was another message from mom. I didn’t want to open it at my desk so I went to the bathroom. There were two images this time. One was of a dildo wedged between her big tits and in the other one the same dildo could be seen half way inside her pussy. I got hard so quick I had to pull my cock out in the cubicle and see to myself. I saved the pics to my vault and went through the rest of the day having bad thoughts about my mom.

After dinner that night my mom said 'So how was work?’

I said it had all been okay and that I’d had to jerk off in the bathroom because she had sent me more photos.

'After accidentally sending you the first two and knowing what you did over them it got into my head that you like how I look. That makes me happy and gives me confidence son. Does it bother you? If it does I’ll stop sending them’

I didn’t speak right away and she turned and walked away looking a little forlorn. She was at the sink and said 'It’s okay to be honest with me son. I won’t send any more if you’re not okay with them. I’ll understand why. It is a bit odd of me. But then so is you jerking off over them. Probably best it stops now’

I took a breath and said 'I’d rather you didn’t stop’

She turned and smiled at me like I’d just made her year. 'Okay honey, I won’t stop’

That night I went to my room and about half an hour later the expected happened. I opened up the message and it was another photo. She really was getting the hang of this whole selfie thing because this pic was incredible. It was from between her feet again but this time she was on her hands and knees. The perspective gave me a view between her legs of her tits hanging down and I could see clearly that not only was her pussy wet but that she had a small, dark blue jeweled butt plug in her ass. 'Thinking of you, Love from mom’

Best photo yet! My god it was so hot! I put it straight in my vault and started tugging on my dick. My phone went again. Another message. 'I hope you liked that photo and that you’re doing what I hope you’re doing xx’

I thought about how best to reply and settled on the only real option. I stood my cell up on my bedside table and stood in front of it…..and hit record. I looked into the shot and said 'I liked it and I’m doing exactly what you hoped I’d be doing’ and then stood up straight to capture me tugging on my hard cock’. I went to my messages, hit reply and attached the video.

I waited for what seemed like an age, wondering if I had overstepped the line. Eventually there came a new message. It was a short video of her face and she said 'not my little boy anymore I see!’

I sent her a message back with a photo of my hard cock attached which read 'impressed?’

I got an instant reply of 'Very! Make sure you jerk it hard over your collection xx’

I tugged myself silly that night laying on my bed and made a huge mess all over my stomach and chest.

Breakfast was quiet the next day. I think we were both contemplating what would happen that night.

During lunch at work I decided to act first and sent her a photo of myself after my jerk off session the night before with the text 'I think you’ll agree I jerked it hard last night x’ and within a minute I got a reply. A photo of the dildo absolutely covered in creamy white cum and the text 'Doesn’t it seem like such a waste xx’. That was the moment I knew she wanted me to fuck her…..and that I was going to.

That night after dinner I went up to my room fairly early. I hoped by doing so she would follow suit and things would kick off earlier giving us more time. I had a shower and was laying on my bed naked when the message came through. 'Are you having the same thoughts as me?’. There was no picture attached. I hadn’t heard her come upstairs so I knew she was still down in the living room. Then the idea hit me. I got up and went down the hall into her room. I sat in her dressing table chair and sent her a photo with the text 'I’m pretty sure we’re on the same page x’

Straight away I got a reply 'You’re in my bedroom?’


A couple of minutes passed and the bedroom door opened. She walked in, closed it behind her and made her way over to me. 'You’re hard already’ she said

'Anticipation’ I replied

She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off before unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. She had on a matching set of underwear with stockings. 'I may have been hoping all day that this would happen so I prepared in advance. Do I look good?’

she looked amazing and I told her so. My dick was stood up hard against my stomach and her gaze fixed on it. 'Definitely not my little boy any more’ with a wry smile. She seemed to walk like she was floating, gliding across the room before kneeling down and taking my cock in her hand. 'Is this better than photos and doing it yourself’ she said as she started to jerk me off.

'Oh god yes. This is better than everything that has lead us to this point’

'I agree’ she said 'and it’s only going to get better’

With that she leaned forward and damn near inhaled my whole cock. I swear it was effortless and before I could actually say anything her nose was pressed against my stomach and the end of my dick was in her throat!! She had clearly practiced a lot and I was thankful then that my mom loved cock so much. I reached down and undid her bra, setting her big tits free so I could give them a good squeeze. She grabbed my waist and pulled me to the edge of the seat and kneeled up. Looking me in the eyes she put my cock between her tits and spat on it before pressing them together and starting to wank me with them. She looked a vision of sluttiness as she kept eye contact and I watched the head of my cock emerge and then be consumed by her glorious breasts.

I felt like all the attention was on me so took her hands and moved them off her tits. Her breasts fell slightly and my cock sprang out from between them. I stood up and took hold of her waist. I leaned in and kissed her before making my way down her body. I took time to cover her tits with kisses before I went down over her stomach to between her legs. I lifted one leg and placed her foot on the chair and then went in for my fill. Her fingers were soon tugging at my hair as I licked, kissed, fingered, and tongue fucked her pussy. She was moaning like crazy and so I hooked two fingers inside her and pounded at her g-spot. She started spraying cum everywhere. She was a squirted and my god did that turn me on. Her legs started shaking and she looked like she was going to fall over so I stood up and put her hands on her dressing table. I stood behind her and without a word I guided my hard cock deep into her soaking wet cunt. She was drenched and the sound of my cock fucking her was like music to my ears.

'You can’t cum inside me!’

'Oh I can, just not in your cunt’

I pulled out and said 'I remember the butt plug in the photo’ and pressed the wet head of my cock against her puckered hole and pushed. 'Oh you dirty bastard’ she said 'fuck yes! Oh my god fuck my ass!’

I pushed harder and she took me all the way to my balls. She reached into her dressing table drawer, pulled out her dildo and slid it straight into her pussy. I could feel it as I fucked her ass. She was in a whole world of her own and was soaking the carpet between her legs as I felt my balls tighten. I let loose a huge torrent of cum into her ass and her legs went. She fell to her knees and turned around gasping for air. She looked up at me and just said 'Jesus fuck!’

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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There are a lot of deaf Crutchie or deaf Jack stuff going around, but what about deaf Spot? Or just hard of hearing?


  • Spot lost most of his hearing when he was three and he got really sick
  • His parents have always been extremely protective of him and while he appreciates it it also sometimes drives him crazy
  • he has hearing aides in both ears and for a while they were really subtle but eventually he hits his rebellious phase and decides his rebellion is going to be getting brightly colored caps for his new hearing aides and dying his hair to match whatever caps he has on
  • his favorites are bright blue and bright red
  • his parents couldn’t care less about the hearing aides, but they’re not so much a fan of the hair.
  • he knows sign language and one of his favorite things about going to college is that he makes friends with the boys and since Specs can’t hear at all they all learn sign and so he doesn’t have to wear his hearing aides all the time
  • he started taekwondo when he was twelve and was pretty good, and he didn’t wear his hearing aides while fighting in competitions so he never heard the insults the other kids tried to use and it frustrated them
  • one of his favorite petty pleasures is talking ridiculously slowly whenever somebody does the same to him and people are always like “I’m sorry, why are you talking so slowly?” and his response is “You were, so I thought it would be polite to follow suite.” 
  • then watch them struggle to justify themself without backing themself into the corner of having to admit they’d been talking slowly because they knew he was HoH.
  • He also enjoys turning off his hearing aides when talking to an idiot and telling them he can’t hear them
  • when he becomes a lawyer he stops dying his hair and mostly sticks with his black caps
  • one time he lost one of his black caps and it was either match with a bright color or mismatch with one bright color and one black and he ended up going into work with two bright red caps and while not many people really noticed it felt weird to be in a professional environment with something he’d associated with his rebellious phase
  • he hates being snuck up on and sometimes when he’s not wearing his hearing aides he’ll sit in a corner so nobody can
  • his favorite thing is waking up in the morning when it’s almost perfectly silent for him and Race is still sleeping and the light is soft and everything seems perfect
  • his least favorite sound is sirens because they’re so loud and obnoxious and if they’re too close they make his hearing aides give horrible feedback
  • his favorite sound is classical music, specifically violins and piano
  • he tends to sign whatever he’s saying, even when talking to hearing people, because it help him organize his thought when he can see them