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I got a request for Chef Lexa from @thatonewherelexasachef‘s fic Quality Ingredients which is A+ and everyone should read.


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mm so i never finished this comic and by now i’ve forgotten the order of the things that were supposed to happen and probably lost the script too, so i might as well post it like this ;;

Shadow of Darkness planning

I am well aware that I’ve posted all this at some point through several posts way back when I first started thinking of the idea.
However, since I’m picking this back up, it’s time to let everyone see all of it in one post, I think.
The playlist is… slow in the works because spotify doesn’t want to work tonight, but I hope you enjoy this whether you’ve seen it before or not!

@kelandry5 @technomuffin @pockyrin all my current planning

  • Kuroko’s goal is less saving the GOM and more returning the harm they caused others.
  • He’s kept a list of every team that has disbanded because of the GOM, as well as a list of people who attempted suicide because they were so destroyed mentally by them. (He’s stopped a large number of them and has helped pay for the hospital bills of others - the KiriDaii boys are stunned to learn this)
  • His emotionless mask becomes a lot stronger - it’s almost scary to face against him in a game with it.
  • His grandmother is very understanding of him being out late or not coming home some nights, but she always makes sure to call or message him to make sure he’s alright when it happens.
  • His grades are surprisingly high - the others know he doesn’t study much and his grades at Teiko weren’t that great. It comes easier when he isn’t worried constantly about his team, they suppose.
  • Ignores any messages he gets from the other GOM players - besides Midorima, he replies the few times the green-haired athlete messages him. (Since none of them know which school he went to, they can’t track him down unless they show up to his house, which they won’t do.)
  • His stamina improves as he adjusts to the more demanding drills and practices at Kirisaki Daiichi, but it still takes him a while to fully adjust - he spends his first month exhausted constantly.
  • He spends time on his own training his skills and working on new moves using his Misdirection - he puts in a lot of time on them, and even approaches the others on the starting line to teach him to shoot normally so he can be more useful.
  • He is always underestimated when he’s on the court - most times, it doesn’t bother him but sometimes it pisses him off (it depends on what people say)
  • None of the KiriDaii boys have ever met his parents - they’ve visited, met his grandmother, but his parents are always away on business so they’ve never met the two. (They get a little concerned when they find out that Kuroko’s parents are out on business before they meet his grandmother and realize oh, he hasn’t been staying alone okay)
  • He’s a bit more expressive with the KiriDaii regulars than he is with anyone else, but he’s still rather guarded.
  • He’s closest with Hara - the other boy’s bubbly (pun fully intended) personality never fails to make him feel great
  • While he doesn’t like foul play, he does enjoy the mind games
    And honestly? He loves the stunned looks he gets from the other Miracles when they see him play, whether they’re the opponent or just watching. Revenge is sweet.
  • He’s not a sadist, but he definitely has a similar take-no-shit attitude to the others on the KiriDaii team.
  • Hanamiya and the other KiriDaii regulars adore his skills, and they’ve all found a way to get along off the court as well
  • Discusses books and games (mostly shogi) with Hanamiya
  • Has given Seto a new sleep mask after he lost his (it would’ve needed replacing soon anyway, according to the others)
  • If the opponent does something to make him angry, he will feel no remorse for making one of his passes into a weapon to cause pain (it stuns everything the first time it happens, his own team included)
  • He knows his limits, though. He won’t participate in foul play unless he believes the person he targets deserves the pain, and his team accepts that.
  • He can come up with some devious plans, though
  • His role in the Spider Web formation is basically creating threads that are more or less invisible until you’ve been trapped in them, plus he tends to help target certain players into a trap (these tend to be the GOM players)
  • They all know his penchant for vanilla milkshakes. If he’s mad or upset with one of them (it happens a few times, but not as often as they figured it would), they make sure to bring him one.
  • They also work together to make sure he has a birthday party - something he’s never really had (because, y'know, being a “phantom” can make it hard to make friends, and the GOM never cared to even learn when his birthday was - outside of Midorima, who always texts him a happy birthday message and his horoscope reading for the day)
  • He gets along rather well with Yamazaki due to their shared love of basketball - they choose not to discuss the idea of foul play to avoid arguments. He’s the only one that Kuroko can have a full conversation about the sport with.
  • When he finds out about Furuhashi’s love of gardening (it takes a bit to get that information from the others), Kuroko goes out of his way to gift the other with clippings and seeds for the boy’s garden.
  • It takes a bit of work, but the other regulars eventually teach Kuroko to shoot that way he can be of a bit more use to them. His main purpose remains the same, though.
  • His attitude shifts from how it was in canon to be a lot more sly and underhanded - he isn’t above playing dirty if he thinks the person deserves the pain, after all.
  • The adjustment time isn’t that big from Teiko to Kirisaki Daiichi - the regulars there are vindictive like the Generation of Miracles were, but they cause physical damage instead of just mental.
  • The similarities irk him a bit until he starts noticing that the people they target most are the ones who are already hurt and aren’t getting treated - there are weak points, and he figures that even if they aren’t choosing them to help them, they’re still managing to do so.
  • It takes meeting Kuroko’s family and visiting him to gather him for a last-minute hang out to get anything about his time at Teiko - and once they find out that he quit basketball and why, it’s an understatement to say that they’re pissed.
  • After that, they tone down their foul play a bit, and it takes Kuroko going off on them for them to return to normal. (“I don’t want you changing yourselves because of the past!”)

I don’t have as many headcanons for the others for the au yet but??? have the…five of them I have for Hara and Hanamiya anyway!

  • Hara is probably the most affectionate of the team anyways, but when it comes to Kuroko it’s near constant hugs once he gets the okay - he just looks so miserable all the time and that’s no way to live!
  • Easily excited, but hella serious if the situation calls for it - let someone bother someone he cares about, he will destroy them somehow.
  • Hanamiya’s much more relaxed when he’s talking on the phone to someone
  • He keeps a stash of sweets on him at all times (mostly chocolate and caramel, but that’s beside the point). He’ll deny it, but the other regulars know.
  • He’s sly, but blunt and has a bad habit of getting himself into awkward situations without realizing.

And now for other planning headcanons ^^

Sick Days:

  • He doesn’t get sick often, and it takes a while for anyone to realize it
  • His grandmother makes him stay home eventually, though, because he comes to breakfast with a high fever and looking like death.
  • Doesn’t answer his phone when his team texts asking where he’s at
  • All of them stop by following school.
  • Furuhashi immediately goes to get medicine for him upon hearing he’s sick and comes back with enough for an army plus some nice teas
  • They worry over him for a while, but it doesn’t make much of a difference.
  • After that, they’re always checking on his general health and pushing him to take care of himself.


  • He doesn’t get sick often either
  • Usually just headaches because his hair makes him strain his vision
  • It’s always quick to fix and he doesn’t miss school for it (he skips a lot, though)
  • He keeps track of when he gets sick, though, careful not to take things too far on himself if he hasn’t felt well or is still recovering from being sick.


  • When he gets sick, everyone knows it
  • He just looks feverish and is much more sluggish and tired and snappy than usual
  • But I swear he carried around a damned medical store with him so he is prepared for any illness that could come his way
  • I feel like he’s big into health stuff anyway so he’s careful with his health.


  • If he’s sick, it’s stress related
  • It’s tension headaches and him getting sick from not eating and resting enough
  • Because being captain and coach can do that to a person, especially when it’s a team like Kirisaki Daiichi
  • Usually just takes a day or two off school and practice and rests and drinks plenty of water when this happens and is good as new following.


  • Well, it’s never from lack of sleep
  • But I swear he’s got a weak immune system because when seasons change, he’s sick as hell
  • And it always takes a while for him to get the right combination of over-the-counter medicines to fix himself up again
  • He sleeps less when he’s sick so he’s always grouchy - that’s always the tell tale sign of him being sick.


  • He just pouts when he’s sick
  • It happens a lot, honestly.
  • He gets too cold? He’ll be coughing and sneezing for two weeks.
  • Too hot? Sick to his stomach and splitting headaches
  • Stressed? Migraines from hell and he will hospitalize the idiot who comes near him and tries to say something
  • He tries to take care of himself. He really does. But it’s so hard when he’s so busy with basketball and school work and friends.
  • Everyone knows when he’s sick and why though.

Weaponizing his passes (first time):

  • The first time that Kuroko actively aims to cause harm to someone on another team is in a practice match against Shinkyo
  • At first, it isn’t his goal - sure, he goes into the game slightly annoyed, but he easily puts that aside to play
  • But then he both sees one of the other team’s players gain a hiss from Hara and has to deal with Shinkyo’s international student being a dick and he just snaps
  • Doesn’t tell anyone what he’s planning
  • Instead, he waits for the opposing team to make a basket, positioning himself where he can send a pass across the court immediately following
  • Of course, he does make sure to tell Hara - who was closest to him when he made his decision and therefore would be the one he was about to send to the other end of the court - to stand just slightly off the mark.
  • It gets him a strange look, but an agreement as the lilac haired boy took off to the other end of the court.
  • Kuroko almost smiles when it’s Papa that moves to mark Hara - just what he wanted
  • And so, he sends the pass, putting more force behind it than he would if he were really sending it to Hara
  • The ball hits the taller’s arm, ripping a pained almost-scream from him, and everything stops.
  • There’s no foul called - after all, it was just an accident (Kuroko is glad that Hara’s great at hiding his mirth, because he apologizes for being just slightly off the mark to catch such a pass and everything is just fine)
  • While they get the injured player off the court and sub someone in his place, Hanamiya turns to look at Kuroko to see a spark of mirth in usually dead blue eyes and it all just clicks.
  • Since they have a bit of time, he approaches their shadow and pats his shoulder in acknowledgement of what he’d just done, making sure it looks like he’s just reassuring him that everything was going to be fine.
  • When the game ends - Kirisaki Daiichi coming out with the win - and the Shinkyo players are leaving the gym, Hara finally breaks out laughing.
    Kuroko doesn’t seem too bothered by what had happened, which raised questions in everyone else.
  • “I thought you didn’t like our foul play, but that was exactly the sort of thing we do,”
  • When he’s asked why he did it, especially without telling the rest of them, he just shrugs and responds with “he made me angry, so I made him suffer
  • They know it won’t be a common occurrence - honestly, they’re quite glad it won’t be a common occurrence, because they’d hate to get hit with one of those weaponized passes - but they’re still rather impressed by the way he pulled it off.

And now for some super exciting news!
We have a pairing set for Shadow of Darkness now!!
Make sure to thank Bry, because he’s the one who threw the idea out and I just fell in love with it so… credit goes to him!!
The pairing is (will be, I’m not at that point in writing yet, listen… I’m getting there) HanaKuroHara!!!!
I’ve never written a poly ship for this fandom and boy oh boy this is going to be a treat.
Anyway, I might have new planning for this done relatively soon?? I hope so, at any rate! (or some more stuff actually written for it, that’d be great too)


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