so i finally saw the whole video and i loved it

Why all the hate onME:A?

Something a bit off topic. 

Personally I am pretty hyped for Mass Effect Andromeda (it hasn’t come out yet, where I live, so I have to wait a few days longer until I can finally get it.)
I heard about the face animation beeing not the best, and, honestly, from the bits I saw, I have to agree with that, but I am sure they will fix it in a patch pretty soon.

Nevertheless I see so much hate all over the internet, considering the fact that the female characters aren’t “beautiful enough”. Whole discussions break loose, about Bioware, making “women ugly on purpose”, also taking Dragon Age as an example. They complain about Sera beeing “ugly” and Cassandra beeing “unattractive” and also they whined about the fact that women wear normal armor and not chainmail bikinis.

On youtube comments I also saw some girls commenting stuff like “I want the skimpy armor as well, hahaha, I am one of you guys, screw that dumb feminists, haha”

That makes me really sad, I have to admit it. There are about a million games which feature women in skimpy two piece armor thingies, and if there is one game series who gives you the possibility to wear something that REALLY protects your character, they start bitching about it.

Personally, I did the Sera Romance and the Cassandra Romance (on whom I really crush) and I liked both of them, I also really enjoyed the more realisitc armors (women in armors are epic!) and I love the diversity in Bioware games, because it makes the characters more interesting.

I feel like some people just judge others by their own standards - which is the root of all evil IMO. people ARE different, people LIKE and ENJOY different things. Just don’t be a dick about it. 

For me especially the Dragon Age Series is close to my heart. The games made me happy and allowed me to escape into a different world and I can honestly fangirl about it for hours. It’s probably Bioware’s story boards, lore and concepts, that made me replay their games again and again, making me discover new things everytime. 

To just reduce a world of lore, secrets and mysteries to unravel to some graphic bugs and a few “plain” looking woman is just wrong, awful und pretty superficial.

(sorry for my bad english^^)


In honour of @tiptoe39‘s upcoming birthday I found this video of a hedgehog playing hockey, saw that it was posted by someone in Russia, and immediately had the headcanon that this is Tater’s pet hedgie:

  • He shows this video to Jack at least once a week, like a proud father. 
  • “Jack! Look! He best! Best at play hockey." 
    "Maybe he should take your place on the team, eh?" 
    "Jack! You chip me! So proud!" 
  • *later that night*
    "Tater actually trained a hedgehog to play hockey and you CHIRPED him for it? Oh, honey, I love you so much.”
  • (But Bitty is so proud that Jack finally has the confidence to chirp his teammates. He also really, REALLY wants to meet the hedgie)
  • Tater names the hedgehog колючки (pronounced kolyuchki) which translates to prickles/thorns
  • колючки now has his own Instagram account
  • Sometimes Tater takes pictures like this and sends it to the whole team so that even those who don’t use social media (Jack) can see
  • (Which is better than some of the other weird pictures of Tater and animals that exist out there. The team knows now never to ask him about the incident with the lion)