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Hey everyone, I’m doing a mini-move (same place, different room) and I have collected some stuff for a giveaway! A lot of these are duplicates or things from artists who I buy from every time I see em’ so I’ve got lots of their stuff lying around. So this seems like a good chance to share the love and promote some rad artists. Winner shall receive:

  • Three signed prints from Genevieve FT (tumblr, kickstarter)
  • Two signed prints from Jiji Knight (twitter, etsy)
  • One original watercolour Poison Ivy by Peter Nguyen (tumblr)
  • Dustin Nguyen’s signed 2014 sketchbook
  • Wonder Woman: Down to Earth by Greg Rucka
  • Dc Super Hero Girls: Finals Crisis
  • Batman & Robin Eternal #1 Blank Variant
  • Ms Marvel #1
  • Prez #1 #2 #3 signed by Ben Caldwell
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 #2 #3 #5 #6 signed by Erica Henderson
  • Starfire #1 #2 #3 #4
  • Gotham Academy/Grayson/Batgirl promo poster

RULES: Reblog to enter. Giveaway ends August 25th. Due to shipping costs you must live in the US or in US territories (though you could enter and give it to a pal who lives there!).

Ask me if you have questions. Good luck!


i wasn’t able to get this worked on more last month, because i had a couple week long cold that was getting passed around. But last night I was finally able to get in and get my next set done! Fruits Basket! 

Got the manga style animals with strawberries and onigiri. I still need to take a pic of the moon (finally finished) and the riceball!Tohru 

still all red and painful, Momiji hurt the freaking worst, getting so close to the inner elbow like that. Yuki hurt secondly, and Kyou only hurt for color. 

(ignore the skin perspective of Dilandau’s giant freaking shoulder)

I was really tired last night because me and the friend who joined me for this session (Mermaid tattoo) ended up staying after hours to help the owners and artists tear down walls and clean up. We got free shirts and pizza for helping. 

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I've got a notion that more than a few people consider Ser Jorah Mormont to be a great lover. Why?

Well he’s older well traveled and wise,  he’s been around the block so to speak.

Also he was married to a very high maintenance wive so he had to keep her happy : P  - Didn’t he.   Happy in EVERY WAY I’d imagine

Plus he’s quite gentle but also very strong and he’s really super attententive -  Which is always a bonus in love making.  

Finally he’s very thoughtful and patient –  Another bonus in the art of love :D  - 

He’s the strong silent type  /   Not all about bragging and bravado like someone like Daario -  that in and of it itself is very sexy

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Okay, I'm a little confused about the S3 trailer - Iris and Joe seem to have no concept of who Barry is or remember him at all but Iris and Barry were best friends before Nora's death (Joe even says it when he's crouched over Nora's body), so why don't they have any memory of him? I still remember my best friends from age 6 let alone 10-11. thoughts?

In the Flashpoint animated movie (which I finally got around to watching), which has the same concept (Barry goes back in time and saves his mother’s life), a whole bunch of things change, including things that happened when Barry was a little kid, well before his mother’s death, or things that were totally disconnected to it (e.g., like Bruce Wayne dying and his parents surviving). In that movie, Eobard explains to Barry that this is because Barry has been seeing time as totally linear, when it’s not. Barry going back in time to save his mother’s life is such a massive change to the timeline that it creates a “sonic boom” or a “ripple effect” of sorts through the fabric of time, going forward and backward and sideways, pretty much in every possible direction. It alters a lot of really major things, because Barry becoming the Flash and living his life in a given way is important to the integrity of the entire timeline.

So in the S3 trailer, we see that Cisco is “the richest man in America” when presumably, Nora Allen living or dying has no direct effect on Cisco’s ultimate financial success. And Iris and Joe don’t know Barry, even though Iris should have been best friends with Barry by that point anyway. And I’m sure we’re going to see even more changes take place than just those few things, likely some very cataclysmic things, actually. Which is why that trailer has Eobard asking Barry “who’s the villain now?” because, well, Barry probably has seriously messed up the world in a pretty ugly way. 

(Also the Flashpoint animated movie is on Netflix still I think, if you have Netflix and want to watch it. It’s pretty well done :))

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Heyyy yo so I finally got around to doing the enneagram thing and got 9w1. Searching more I feel as though I am a type 7 and closest to 1 as well but found out that cant be and so now Im confused. I don't think I relate any 9s or 8s but my second highest was 9w8 & it was only .7 diff but as types overall,8 was my lowest? And the options went from 9,7,1,8. So could you please explain to me how this works? Thxs! -ENTP

Be prepared for a shit ton of information about the enneagram personality theory!

Okay, first of all: a test can be a good starting point when it comes to ruling out types that don’t fit you in the slightest. But now since you’ve already done the test and figured out the most likely type candidates let’s forget about the test completely.

Enneagram can seem very confusing when you first come in touch with the theory so I have a few recommendations that’ll hopefully make your journey on understanding it a lot less complicated.

1. Don’t try to understand the theory all at once. There are many dimensions to enneagram so if you try to figure out all your types and variants at the same time you’ll end up getting frustrated and mistyped. 

2. Start by figuring out your main type (mine is 7). Don’t type yourself based on behavioural descriptions. Enneagram is about your core motivations. 

-Intro to enneagram:(x

-Masterpost featuring in-depth type descriptions: (x

3. Then figure out your wing (I’m a 7 with an 8 wing aka. 7w8)

Your main type determines what your wing options are. Look at the picture of the enneagram “logo”. If you’re a type 7 your wing options are either 6 or 8. The same logic applies to other types: your wing is one of the two types that are next to your main type. (Check out the second link “in-depth type descriptions” to learn more)

Now you have a basic understanding of the theory! If you want to dig even deeper keep reading…

4. Instinctual variants. It’s basically all about figuring out your dominant variant and then your secondary. The last one in your stack is your blind spot. The 3 variants are self preservation, sexual instinct (has nothing to do with sex whatsoever) and social instinct (I’m sp/sx)

-Basic info on instinctual variants: (x)

5. Tritype: Consist of your main type (mine is 7) and two other numbers (my tritype is 738. Disclaimer: your wing type doesn’t have to be included in your tritype but it can be).

-Basic info on tritypes. What and why? (x)
-How to find out your tritype: (x)
-Type descriptions of all the 27 tritypes: (x)
-Bonus! Tritype aesthetic series: (x)

As I said before there’s no shortcut to understanding the theory so be patient and figure out your own “type” with time. These descriptions and links are just a starting point so if you want to really get into the theory you got to do some research on your own.

Once you’ve done the research and mastered the theory I assure you it’s worth it. Enneagram is an excellent tool for self discovery and improvement!

welp. i was on my way home from trader joe’s when the car in front of me did a split second hard brake, and i swerved to try not to hit them but smashed the front of my car into theirs. so that’s fun. the driver never got out of her car, just her boyfriend/husband to see if i was okay. after standing around waiting for my dad to come they finally called the police after like 10 minutes of me trying not to cry at the fact that my front left light was completely smashed in and the bumper was hanging off and the hood is dented up. like literally just standing in 95 degree heat listening to cars drive over bits of my own car as they passed.

no tickets were given or anything. the guy in front of me told me it was his tires?? but another woman who was behind me came over to say that a car took a turn the wrong way out of a neighborhood and cut everyone off so everyone had to slam their brakes and it wasnt my fault. so at least the police got that on record.

and you know, at the scene everyone is all caring and asking if you’re okay and saying its not the end of the world, but right when i pull in at home my mom comes out yelling about me being a horrible driver and how my insurance is gonna go up and i had to run in the house and dry swallow a xanax because i started having a major panic attack.

when my dad told her what happened she did apologize to me, but whatever, damage already fucking done. and as im on the phone with insurance giving my info and said my birthday, the agent was like “happy early birthday! sorry its starting with this” and like… idk if that was meant to be funny but i pretty much just burst into tears.

everything is basically the worst and i cant stop crying bc ive never ever had this much damage happen to a car i was driving and even though it wasnt my fault, the whole set up makes it look like i was the reckless driver and my mom wouldnt believe me until my dad talked to her.

just like… fuck everything basically.

Okay, so I’m hitting the hay for a bit and then getting up early tomorrow to do my final contemplation about the Mirai-hen survival poll.

Before that though here’s a small thing that occurred to me the other morning.

So every existing installment of the DR franchise thus far has shared a common theme that black and white thinking is bad and that there is always more going on beneath the surface. Since Mirai-hen seems to be centered around how extremes are bad regardless of what end of the spectrum they fall on, what if the surviving characters are the ones who are in the Modest faction (i.e., Tengan, Mitarai, Kizakura, and Great Gozu)? They’re the ones who are embodying the spirit of what I think the moral of the series will be, that you need to meet problems in life with a measured, balanced view.

I’m not 100% sold on this idea yet because it’s only been two episodes, but so far one person from every other faction (Radical, Neutral, and Naegi’s allies) has died. I have reservations too because I feel like all the Modest faction members have some aspect of them that kind of invites death (Mitarai is good-hearted and timid, GG is noble and protective, Kizakura has that link to Jin and gives off a “I’m a fuck up but I know what’s going on and am going to pull a heroic sacrifice” vibe, and Tengan is wise and old and has that worrying meaningful name), but it’s something I’m keeping in the back of my mind.

Hello again my dear friends!

Hi guys, the summer is more than halfway thru and I have been more or less on a hiatus ever since May. But now I have decided to get more active and finally return to this wonderful community. I have been so out of touch, guys, feel free to pm me with the latest stuff that’s been going on hahah (i feel so lost)

I’m really sorry for this loooong loooooooong absence, I have been so busy and I actually got a job, guys I got a freaking job! In the biggest water park in the entire scandinavia, so if you’re like around, feel free to say hi haha.

Anyway! I have been thinking about doing a give away as a ‘’im so sorry i left u’’ gift! I’m still thinking about it, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do it. What the prices will be, I have yet to decide, but feel free to come with ideas!

So now I’m off rebloging shit and uppdating myself on the latest tumblr gossips, so bye!

Here’s a picture of my at work thinking about tumblr and just wanting to reblog stuff

Story Time

Let’s share the first time we discovered Taylor.

Here’s mine: My sister’s friend came over and said you guys have to listen to this girl she is so good. She played the Taylor Swift album and we jammed out and sang and danced around. I have loved Taylor’s songs ever since. Then when I finally got to go to my first Taylor concert which was the red era because I was only 14 when Taylor’s first album came out and I had no money and didn’t really go to any concerts. I was obsessed with love story and you belong with me in ninth grade and learning about Romeo and Juliet. I listened to both music videos over and over on repeat all the time. After the red era my loving Taylor’s songs changed into what in the actual hell this woman is amazing live and what she stands for is so beautiful. It took my love for her music into a Love for the entire Swift family. I am obsessed now and once you experience a concert you never go back. I have already been to three concerts and plan to make it five after the next era. @taylorswift

update: (semi)hiatus

hi friends!!

As you can tell, I’ve been pretty inactive in the fandom lately. Well, that’s because I’ve got an important final-term exam in around two months, and as I didn’t do too well in my midyears, I’d like to take more time beforehand to prepare and revise for this.

Right now, Marvel and AoS really can’t be a priority, and that also means that when AoS returns, I’ll be going on a full [Twitter and Tumblr] hiatus both to avoid spoilers and the temptation of watching it. So I guess you can consider me to be on a semi-hiatus (or full? I’m not on Tumblr much nowadays) as I really won’t be posting or talking much about fan stuff.

I hope you understand this decision, and I really apologize for being so inactive.

Also: I’m on Snapchat at pandr.a, and Twitter @pndraa
That’s a good way to find me I guess. And when I enter full hiatus, I’ll probably get Kik or Skype or something so I can stay in contact with maybe a bunch of you guys. (i think if i had to go through exam period without talking to y'all i’d go mad.)

Love you guys lots💕💕


i live for the moments you feel so happy everything is fake. like money means nothing, like the sky is yawning up inside you, like fuck it our future is a haze of colors but who cares because right now everything is painted beautifully. like come eat this moment with me. like if you were a vacation i’d stay inside of you forever until we’re both drunk and happy and kissing our wounds closed. like maybe you’ve got a past you can’t speak about and i’m so sad that i can’t speak about it but right now we’re just two punks chasing pokemon, running around with our phones out and our knees all skinned up. like right now feels like i’m living inside of a picture i’ll take out later, a little blurry on the sides and nobody in real focus but you can feel us all laughing through time. like come outside i feel so big no building can hold me. like come get me i finally feel free.

The first gay bar I ever went to was the Cubbyhole when it was on Hudson Street in the West Village. It would have been around 1984, which made me 23-ish and I was fresh out of graduate school. I looked very straight and very Midwestern cornfed. I walked around the block before I got the nerve to go in because the lady bouncers looked so fearsome and eyed me suspiciously.

When I finally tried to walk in, the door lady stopped me and asked: “Do you know where you are? This is a lesbian bar.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said nonchalantly, as if I’d been walking into dyke bars since the beginning of time.

Ghostbusters Headcanon

So, picture this. Patty Tolan dragging her tired ass into the lab, setting a heavy bag down on a table and slumping into a chair. Abby and Erin both jump at the sound Patty’s bag makes (a suspiciously loud and heavy thud) and inquire as to why she looks so dog-ass tired.

“Man, you’d be tired too if you had all these textbooks to lug around. I’ve got finals in less than a month, and I haven’t even started writing my dissertation! I’m so screwed.”

This, not surprisingly, shocks the ghost-hunting ladies  Turns out, our favorite former-MTA employee turned ghostbuster has been after her PhD in History with hopes of landing a job as curator. Her new, fully funded, role as a ghostbuster hasn’t deterred her from finishing her dreams, though being a curator isn’t on the docket anymore.

“What? You thought the only reason I knew so much about New York is because I’m a history buff? Well, I mean, yeah I am, but I’ve been working on my PhD for almost four years! Working at the MTA was the most flexible job I could get with my class schedule. And wouldn’t you know it, my professors don’t really want to take into account I helped save the city. Not like I can convince them anyway. Nnnooooo. I’ve got four papers due, three exams to cram for that are a day apart, and that doesn’t even begin to cover some of the field notes I need to compile.”

Why wasn’t this mentioned earlier? Patty is a private person and proud of her accomplishments but feels they paled in comparison to her other PhD associates. Well, as it turns out, the other ghostbusters are more than ecstatic about Patty’s schooling and vow, between bustings and late night Holtzmann experiments, to help her study and prepare for her coming exams.

Cue weeks of intensive studying helped along by Abby, Erin, and Holtzmann. Everyone pitches in. Even Kevin shares kernels of wisdom. Like that time he heard some terrorist once put a device in the Statue of Liberty’s torch that would turn everyone into mutants. No one corrects him, but Holtzmann snorts with laughter from across the room. Holtzmann is also famous during these late-night cram sessions for sliding suspiciously slow down a nearby fireman’s pole with a pot full of evil-looking “coffee” she ensures Patty will help keep her awake.

“Took this stuff during my finals. Works like a charm,” she grins and winks in that special crazy way that makes Patty equal parts nervous and curious. Holtzmann slides a glass over. The brew smells like burnt coffee grounds strained in floor cleaner water and spiced with sriracha, something chalky, and regret. “Though you might not sleep for a week and experience some strong hallucinations and suddenly acquire the ability to speak in other languages. Somehow I learned Portuguese in 48 hours. I don’t remember having that conversation with my dorm drapes…Then again, I don’t remember falling asleep naked in a Nativity straddling a donkey and snuggling a plastic baby Jesus…Details, my precious lamb, details. Drink up!” 

Patty doesn’t drink the brew. Kevin unfortunately does and becomes the hide-and-seek champion this side of the East Coast but has to be talked down from a cathedral roof where he tells officers the gargoyles will come to life at night and fight crime.

Long story short, Patty graduates and becomes the newest member of the NY Ghostbusters with a PhD and Kevin learns he can’t actually fly on the back of an awakened gargoyle.  

When I found out I had the part, the overwhelming feeling was of relief. I’d been auditioning for seven months so it was just unbelievable to think, yes, finally I know for sure I’m going to be in this film. In terms of what’s changed, my life back home in London is still pretty normal. I mostly drove everywhere around where I live even before I got that part, so that has meant my life just goes on as normal. - John Boyega.

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I adore your writing. Seriously, you're amazing. I saw you were looking for prompts, so what about Dex meeting Nursey's old school "friends" and how he reacts?

@nurseydexweek July 19th - Fake Dating/Secret Relationships

“Yo Dex!” Dex glares at his calc book, pretending as if he can’t hear the all too familiar voice call his name. “Deeeeeex, Dexyyyy, Sexy Dexy!”

What?” Dex finally snaps, spinning around in his desk chair to find Nursey actually rifling through his closet. “Stop going through my shit.”

“Remember that time I came and saved you from that LAX bro party and you said. ‘I owe you one Nurse, you beautiful fucker.’” Nursey smirks over his shoulder, one of Dex’s plaid shirts curled in his hands.

“I did not say that,” Dex grumbles, trying to ignore the anxiety building in his chest. He doesn’t like the way Nursey’s face looks, all fake smug and annoyingly pretty and possibly vulnerable. It makes him nervous, because even without the promised favor (he did tell Nursey he owed him one, but he did not say anything about him being beautiful. Even though he is) he would say yes to Nursey eventually, with just some mild protests in between to maintain his reputation.

“Pretty sure you did,” Nursey half sings, slipping his arms into the shirt. “Anyways, I’m here to collect on that.”

Dex huffs and spins back to his homework, if only to hide the flush burning up his neck. He just… when he was in high school, his girlfriend used to steal his hoodies all the time, and he might have developed a thing. And seeing Nursey in his clothes (and in flannel) is well, doing things to him.

“What do you need, Nurse.” He tries to make it sound as bland as he possibly can, tries to make it sound like he doesn’t care. It probably doesn’t work, but it makes Dex feel approximately 5% better about himself.

“You to be my boyfriend.”

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