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                  Once Upon A Time - there lay a small village at the edge of the woods. 

It was a quiet town. A farmer’s town. One of little note and little extravagance, but its people were happy. Day in and Day out they worked as they always had to get by and make ends meet. But it wasn’t all simple life for them - not when there were whispers. Whispers that the woods around them were enchanted. Magical and terrifying. Home to all manner of creatures and beings - some good but most the sort to keep the children from wandering far at night. 

None of their stories were as frightening as the beast. No one is sure how it came to be or what it was - some claimed a witch. Some claimed it to be an enchanted Prince. Some even muttered it was the devil himself. But one thing for certain was that every villager had heard it. Late at night when the moon is highest in the sky, the beast screams. Agonized wailing and the strongest of winds following it suit. No one dared to try and find it or encroach on its woods. Its home. Even if tales were spun of unimaginable wealth and glory to anyone who could kill or tame the savage beast. 

Had anyone tried to find it - to uncover the truth behind this beast… The would have found a boy. Nearly a man. Pale and wandering aimlessly through the woods. A boy desperate to be loved but falling further to despair every day that passed. For he was a monster. A beast. A who could ever learn to love a beast.


An Oni and his Club

K so uh…

Today was the cast party… (tomorrow is their final day of performances)

And uh… Tatsunari and Kenta showed up in their matching costumes…

Early on the series, Kageyama and Hinata’s combination used to called “an oni and his club.”  Kenma makes that comparison in the Revival show, and when he does, Tatsunari does pick Kenta up and swing him around (like a swing dance maneuver).  So the two got… oni… and… club… costumes…

2nd set of photos: (x
3rd set of photos: (x)


Regina & Henry | All The Little Things: Like Mother, Like Son part 2 | (Part 1)


The saddest word in the whole wide world is the word almost.


I was talking to my friend about Voltron(mostly Lance of course) when I came up with some Lance angst. I typed it all up and thought I should share so here it goes.

I sometimes lie awake at night unable to sleep because i have no idea what Allura was going to say about the blue lion before Lance interrupted her.

I know that people are all like “Keith always jumps in to save shiro” and all that jazz but what about Mr. “save Coran from explosion” Mr. “Desperately misses his family” Mr. “mom’s hugs”

So what if they get seperated and Lance does whatever the heck he has to in order to bring them back together

And when he finally succeeds he’s got new scars and a solemn maturity about him

he still jokes around from time to time but subtly does whatever he can to make sure they are always safe

Checking on the crystal, running regular system diagnostics, making sure each of their comm systems are working properly, running checkups on each of the lions, always bugging the team about helmet safety, asking Coran to teach him about Common Diplomatic courtesies so he doesn’t accidentally cause hardship when they meet with new Kingdoms and governments

never allowing the team to see him shirtless any more because he doesn’t know how he would deal with the questions when they see his heavily scarred chest and/or back

but of course someone sees him when he’s not paying attention. he’s facing away from the door when they walk in casually but then they freeze and dart out and press their back to the wall in their room a hand over their mouth trying to hold back tears or panic or both depending on who it is

Edit: I typed this up on my phone so excuse formatting

who wouldnt trust a guy in a minecraft shirt

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I finally got around to making that Meet the Artist meme that’s been going around.

I don’t know who to tag that hasn’t done one already… Maybe @ryuusadesu and @hchano?  I don’t remember if you’ve done one already.  <3 

If the rest of you artists haven’t done one yet, make one and tag me so I can look at it!


Ahahahaha so I finally got around to drawing some Viktuuri, or more like just Viktor and Yuri, but of course I had to add Yurio! Ahh yes my children will always make me so happy~~To make something clear, yes this is suppose to have Yurio liking Yuri as a crush in mind, I’m a slut for one-sided romance and you should be seeing more of it soon~~


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Making out with… Taeyong


Anon: Making out with taeyong plsss❤️❤️❤️ love you and your blog xx😊

Anon: Can we get a making out with taeyong pretty please? I love your blog aaaah!!! <3

Yay! Finally got this posted. Writing this made me really sad because I’ve realised how alone I am lol :-( I need friends too lol

Anyway, I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! Bisous, Flo xx

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  • This would be both of your favourite type of skinship
  • Since you didn’t really do any PDA, any kind of skinship, specifically making out, was saved for when you were in private 
  • Your “making out” position usually started with you two standing up
  • His arms would be wrapped tightly around your waist, so that your body was pressed to his
  • You’d allow yourself to melt into his touch, and would trace his jaw with your fingers and thread them through his hair
  • They aren’t necessarily planned but they’re not spontaneous either
  • But they would always always always start with a hug
  • Not a normal one though, 
  • Usually he’d hold you for a long time
  • But when he wanted a kiss, it wouldn’t last long and he’d resort to kissing your neck softly as a sign
  • A lot of giggling and teasing too
  • Eventually, he’d reach your lips and wouldn’t hesitate to smash them onto yours immediately 
  • His kisses would be open and wide 
  • Very slow as well
  • There’s no such thing as fast paced with Taeyong
  • He likes to make sure you understand how much he loves you and how lucky he is
  • And he also like the feeling of your tongues touching
  • Yes, I know that’s gross okay
  • But I really that the pair of you would actually really like it
  • Tbh it’s probably unlike him; since he’s so tidy and clean
  • And playing tonsils table tennis isn’t exactly clean or hygienic
  • Anyway
  • For sure, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself
  • He’s hands would start wandering
  • Rubbing gently your thighs or the small of your back
  • Sometimes he’d run his hands through your hair or rub your jaw gently in order to ease up and relax into the kiss
  • A lot of moans and groans would fall from his lips
  • Very low and deep moans and groans
  • I mean, no one wouldn’t be able to say what they’d be like really
  • Cos he’d just save them for you and your ears
  • He’d also whisper a lot
  • Complimenting you and telling you how much he adores you
  • “You’re so beautiful”
  • “Don’t stop”
  • “I can’t control myself”
  • Just imagine for a moment
  • Shut your eyes and just imagine Taeyong complimenting you
  • Like that in itself is a blessing from God
  • lol okay got a bit too hyped there sorry
  • It would be sensual and slow 
  • Something the younger members should never ever see just in case
  • Although it has happened that Ten walked in and you didn’t realise for about 5 minutes
  • And he just watched with his mouth wide open 
  • Because these make out sessions would last quite a long time
  • It can go up to like half an hour
  • You’d end up sitting on his lap, and he rested against the bed frame
  • 20% of the time this making out session would end with sex
  • But most of the time it wouldn’t
  • Taeyong wouldn’t make out with you because he wanted sex or was horny
  • He’d just like holding you and kissing you and just being with you
  • Totally harmless and not expecting sex at all
  • Anyway, if it didn’t end up with sex, it would last way longer like an hour extra
  • Neither of you would see where the time passed but tbh neither of you cared
  • I see Taeyong being the kind who’d want to kiss you and make out with you all the time when you’re in private
  • At first you were a little annoyed, since you didn’t want to always make out
  • But within a few sessions, you pretty much made it part of your daily life lol
  • Afterwards, he’ll look at you so fondly and just admire how gorgeous you looked or how lucky he was to have you
  • Although he’d do this anyway
  • It would just X10 stronger after making out
  • Whoever gets to kiss Taeyong and make out with him, is darn lucky
  • You better treat him right mate

Making out with… series

Please request more members!


An Oni and his Club

In case you thought I was done (LOL).  Now it’s time for all the cast members to take photos WITH this nonsense instead of just OF it.  

Today was the cast party… (tomorrow is their final day of performances)

And uh… Tatsunari and Kenta showed up in their matching costumes…

Early on the series, Kageyama and Hinata’s combination used to called “an oni and his club.”  Kenma makes that comparison in the Revival show, and when he does, Tatsunari does pick Kenta up and swing him around (like a swing dance maneuver).  So the two got… oni… and… club… costumes…

See the first set of photos here: (x)
See the second set here: (x

Every since she saw her older brother and I watching the X-Files revival this spring she has wanted to be Scully for Halloween.  She loves to watch the episodes along with us on Sunday Mornings when a local TV station has a marathon.. and she makes her 5 year old sister be the alien that she chases around the house. So when it finally came time to pick costumes she was pretty adamant. 

“No mommy, no Star Wars characters, no princesses, nothing scary, no.. Scully mom, I wanna be Scully and I want RED hair.”

So there yea go. She got to meet @chewiesgirlfriend in Boston and thought that was “The.Best.Thing.Ever.”