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Racist Comments

Anon: Hey Kimberley !  Your fics is so so awesome ! I’ve been following your blog for months now and I’m obsessed. So I have this idea  maybe y/n is an asian or girl from a different race ? i’m not sure if this is going to work but can you write a fic about them coming out as a couple and the reaction of the fan is not really good and he comforts her ?  that would be super amazing ! thank you for all of your hard work btw , you’re a gorgeous person !

Aw, you’re so sweet. Thank-you so much! :) I hope this is okay, I didn’t specify race/culture so that it can stand for any. Let me know what you think and sorry if there is a lot of mistakes as I am writing on my macbook with a broken screen ;_; thank-you for following my blog xxoo

One whole year you had been with Dan now. This one year had been the best so far, Dan was always there for you, making you feel loved and important.

“Good morning princess” Dan’s morning voice grumbles as he rolls over in the bed and wraps his arm around you, placing a kiss on your shoulder in the process.

“Morning sleepy head” You greet with a smile as you admire his ‘hobbit’ hair and topless chest. A whole year and the view of the beautiful creature continues to make you breathless.

As Dan finally finds the strength to keep his eyes open, he runs his fingers through your hair before leaning in and placing a soft and loving kiss to your lips.

“Happy 1 year gorgeous” He whispers as your lips separate.

For the first 1 year anniversary treat, Dan takes you out for lunch at a beautiful restaurant where you both enjoy a wine and talk about the future.

“Baby, seeing as it’s been a year… I was wandering if I could introduce you to my subscribers? Then we can go out more without worrying about getting caught and we can-“ Dan questions before begging to ramble.

“Okay” you reply with a smile.


Really.” you say with a giggle.

Dan leans across the table and places a quick kiss on your lips before you both finish of your meals and head home.

As soon as you were home, Dan set up all of his filming equipment. You spent time preparing yourself, making sure you looked okay and planning on what to say.
Although you were nervous, the video turned out well. Dan had introduced you as his girlfriend, informed them that it had been a year before going on to do the boyfriend tag.

Dan spent the rest of the afternoon editing while you watched tv and scrolled through tumblr.

“Done.” Dan suddenly says, plopping down onto the sofa beside you. He wraps an arm around you and pulls you to his chest. Dan knew you were nervous, so he tried to calm you by rubbing your arms and telling you how much they would like you.

Fifteen minutes later Dan excused himself as he headed to the toilet. As much as you tried to resist, you simply couldn’t take it anymore. You quickly opened your laptop and went onto the video to read the comments.

Of course you knew you would get some hate, but you certainly didn’t expect this. Tears instantly filled your eyes as you read the offensive words of his followers. Over and over, racist terms were thrown around. You expected to be called things such as “ugly” or “fat” or any of the usual down putting words, but racist slurs? no. That was not right.

You couldn’t believe Dan’s subscribers would say such things. Not being able to take anymore, you place the laptop onto the coffee table and head to the bedroom where you collapse on to mattress.

When Dan see’s that your not in the living room anymore, he walks to the bedroom, his face falling as soon as he sees your state.

“Shit, Y/n… whats wrong sweetheart?” He worries as he runs over to you and pulls you into his lap.

“The comments…” Is all you can say at the point as ran rubs your back soothingly.

“Sweetheart, don’t listen to them. You are not ugly or gross or anything else they could have possibly said. You are so beau-“

“It’s because I’m not white… They were saying racist things and making rude comments about culture” as you spoke you could feel Dans body tense beneath you.

“What assh-“ Dan begins but softens as you begin to cry again.

He spends the rest of the night holding you close and doing his best to make you feel better until you fall asleep. He lays your unconscious body down onto the bed and pulls the covers over you before heading to the study to film a quick, non-edited video.

He decided to read the comments himself and he couldn’t help the tears that escaped his eyes.

“How can people be so cruel?” he says to himself.

Lifting up his vlogging camera, he presses record.

“So as most of you are aware, I uploaded a video earlier today where I introduced you all to my girlfriend. Now I know not all of you are part of this, so to guys, congratulations on being decent human beings. However a lot of you said horrible things about Y/n, just because she is not white. I want those of you to do me a favour and unsubscribe from my channel. The Danosaur community does not need that sort of disrespect.”

And that was it, Dan uploaded the video on its own before returning to bed and holding you close all night.

Strawberry Kisses

So I have written this fic for billyiscoolerthanyou because she won my little contest from a while ago!

Her prompt was: Dan feels depressed and has an eating disorder and Phil finds out. (Ending will be cute) ———————————— One… two… three… four… Dan was counting the little leaves he plucked off the strawberries, one by one. It was a hypnotizing occupation, actually. The smell seemed more amazing than ever before. Five… six… seven… ‘Dan?’ Phil’s voice went through his whole body and full of shock he dropped the strawberry on the ground. Quickly he picked it upagain, but didn’t eat it. He hadn’t even heard Phil coming in. 'Phil, what’s up?’ 'Why have you been sitting here for twenty minutes, looking at that strawberry?’ 'Excuse me!? I have eaten them, too, weirdo.’ That was a lie, and he felt Phil knew.  'Then why are there no less strawberries on the plate?’ Phil spoke, pointing at the plate on their living room table. 'I bought more this morning and just put them on the plate, too. It looks so ugly when the plate’s only half full, that’s the reason.’ 'Oh, okay.’ Phil sighed. 'I’m unexpectedly going to eat in town with Louise now, do you feel like coming with us?’ 'Nah, sorry man, already got plans.’ 'With who?’ It was quiet for a moment. 'The internet, very romantic,’ Dan tried to joke it off. 'That’s stupid. You haven’t seen friends like Louise for so long! Well, anyway, if you feel like coming, we’re at the Cat Café.’ Phil went to leave but just before the door he stopped and turned around. 'Dan, please eat that freaking strawberry, you’ve been holding that for minutes now.’ And with that, he left. Dan didn’t eat the strawberry. —– Fuck, he’d lost count. Where was he? Eighty-five? He’d probably been doing this too long. He picked up the strawberries with their plucked leaves and wrapped them in some toilet paper and threw them in the garbage bin. The toilet paper was necessary, as otherwise Phil would find out he hadn’t eaten them but thrown them away. This is what he had done with most of his food for the last four months.  Now it was time to weigh himself. Phil was in town again with Louise, so he didn’t have to be too secretive. It was three days ago when they went to th Cat Café and Dan couldn’t help but feel a little put aside, even though it was mostly his own fault. He walked to the bathroom and opened the little cupboard in which the scale was placed. There was a toothbrush on it, which Dan shove aside. He then took out the scale, stepped on it and closed his eyes, waiting for it to show him how heavy he was. —– One hundred twenty. One fucking hundred twenty pounds. He hadn’t even lost that much weight. Disappointing, to say the least. He placed the scale back in the cupboard and went to his room. Just then he realized how much he hated other things counting him, measuring him, telling him what he was. He shove his curtains aside and starting looking outside. London. The weather represented quite well how he felt. Cloudy, grey, the sun trying to shine through but not succeeding. Sometimes thoughts of simply jumping out of the window wandered through his head. It wasn’t that he wanted to die, but he just didn’t see the joy in living anymore. Everything was fucked up. He looked awful these days. Fat, tired and sick. Often he felt guilty for not finding the motivation to upload more videos. And then there was Phil, who made things so much better and so much worse at the same time.  Hopelessly in love. That was all there really was to say. Phil was the first and last thing he’d think about everyday and the fact that Phil would often rather go out with friends than stay at home with Dan was hurting him. It was absolutely normal and realistic for Phil to do that, but still Dan often felt forgotten and less loved by Phil than before. The definition of that 'love’ was unclear to Dan. They were best friends, but sometimes Dan thought there was more. Their cuddles just lasted a little too long. But then again it may just be wishful thinking. —– Fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine… twelve o'clock. Phil had said he’d be home by twelve. Dan couldn’t help but always wait for Phil to come home when he’d gone out. Not that he’d let Phil know, he’d do it secretely by simply staying awake in bed until he’d hear Phil enter their apartment. He just had to be sure Phil got home safely. Probably because Phil was the only thing in his life that could sometimes make him smile and actually feel good and he just had to be sure that his only source of gladness was sage. Pathetic, he thought of himself. Phil’s an adult, not a kid. Stop treating him like a baby. He isn’t a baby. He isn’t your baby. He isn’t yours. Just as he got lost in his own self-destructing thoughts again, as he’d do every night, he heard a door click. Then something fell on the floor. Now he was sure it was Phil, as Phil would always drop something on the floor when he came home. Some kind of undiscovered and useless talent. But Phil was home, and now he could sleep. —– Three knocks. Dan groaned. What the fuck? He had finally fallen asleep. Was this death to tell him his life was finally over? 'Dan?’ Suddenly Dan was completely awake. He looked at the clock and saw it was only one o'clock. 'Phil, what’s wrong?’ Dan sat up straight in his bed. 'You’re asking me!?’ He sounded angry. 'What the fuck? Phil, I haven’t done anything and it’s midnight! If you won’t explain then go away please.’ 'If only you gave me the time to explain!’ 'Can’t it wait till the fucking morning?’ 'No!’ Dan didn’t feel like yelling back again. Not at Phil. Phil was never angry, especially not with Dan, so this kinda scared him. 'Let’s talk in the living room, Phil.’ 'No, let’s do it here. Dan….’ Phil sighed. 'Why are you destructing yourself?’ Silence. Dan could count the seconds, but didn’t. More important things were happening. 'What are you even talking about!?’ 'Dan, I’ve seen for months you’re not well. But since this week it’s going downhill so fast…’ 'Excuse me!?’ Dan so didn’t feel like having this conversation. Phil shouldn’t and wouldn’t know. 'Dan… I- I’ve seen it. The scale. I mean, that you are trying to lose weight.’ 'That’s fucking bullshit!’ 'You moved the toothbrush. That I placed on it. So you have weighed yourself. A lot, actually. Don’t lie, I know.’ Dan was shocked. Stunned. Numb.  'Dan, I only want to-’ 'WHY do you interfere with my life!? Just keep your head out of my business Phil!! I can’t believe you!’ 'You’re skinny. I don’t want you to kill yourself.’ 'Please get out of my room. How dare you!’ 'Dan, please-’ 'I said get OUT. You clearly don’t give a fuck about my privacy or me-’ And that’s when Phil walked, almost ran from the door towards Dan and forced his lips on Dan’s. Rough, yet full of love. Angry, but so soft. Their lips slided against each other and the feeling warmed Dan up inside. Phil grabbed Dan’s neck and automatically Dan’s hand went to Phil’s back. They bit each other’s lips and grabbed each other harder to be closer. It was very wet and full of all the emotions they had both recently felt. Suddenly Dan felt tears rolling over his cheeks. Phil probably tasted the salt in their kisses, as he looked up to see Dan crying. 'Phil… I’m so confused.'  Phil hugged Dan, who placed his head in the crook of Phil’s shoulder. 'I understand, Dan. Fuck, why do you destroy yourself? You’re so precious. So amazing, so full of love and kindness.’ 'I don’t know, Phil, I don’t know.'  'You have weighed yourself more than fifty times. I counted.’ 'Please don’t count everything I do. Ever. Not anymore.’ 'I can’t promise that if you’re still doing that yourself.’ 'What do you mean?’ 'Dan, can’t you see? You are the only one measuring yourself, hating you. That’s because you measure everthing about you. Not because other people or other things do that.’ 'I can’t stop counting, Phil.’ 'Maybe not. But you can stop counting that. You should start counting other things.’ 'Like?’ Phil kissed him. 'Like how many kisses I will give you from now on each day.'  Dan smiled. 'Or how many times… I make you laugh!’ And with that Phil started tickling Dan’s tummy. 'PHIL! PHI- STOP!!’ Dan laughed and Phil stopped. 'Or… how many times I will tell you I love you?’ Phil spoke, with slight hesitation. 'Why was there a question mark?’ 'Because I wasn’t sure how you’d react…’ 'I love you, Phil.’ 'I love you too, Dan.’ They both smiled. —– 'Phil?’ 'Yeah?’ It was twenty minutes later. They’d just been sitting on Dan’s bed, talking calmly and sometimes share little kisses. 'Will you stay here with me? Tonight? Just to- sleep?’ 'Yes, under one condition…’ 'Which is?’ 'Wait here.’ Phil stood up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom. A minute later he came back with a strawberry.  'Eat this and then I’ll stay here for the night.’ Dan hesitated. 'For me?’ Phil added. Dan smiled. 'Okay…’ Phil handed him the strawberry, which he ate, while still smiling. 'Tastes good.’ Phil snuck in the bed besides Dan and pulled the blankets over the both of them. 'We’ll get through this, Dan, together. I love you.’ 'Seven.’ 'What?’ 'You said you loved me seven times today. I counted’
Preference #1 : You Announce Your Relationship to the Public (4/4)

Requested: (calumhoodling) Can you write one on any of the boys announcing that you’re dating?Xxxxx

I decided to do it as a preference instead of a blurb or imagine because I thought it would be nice to include all of the boys into the request. :-)

Request // Masterlist

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The Burden of a Secret

Miraculous Ladybug One Shot

Words: 800

Summary: Ladybug tires to figure out how to deal with Adrien in the wake of their discovery of an anguish inducing secret.

*Note* - Just a little vent piece I wrote. I haven’t written in FOREVER but I’m going to try to pick back up again because I miss it. Mmmmmmmm. I also don’t know if I’ll continue this, it just depends on the amount of interest I get I guess! I hope you enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

hey i'm searching for a post and i'm like 99.9% sure you had it linked somewhere on your blog. it was a post someone wrote about how at a con Mishas answer to something triggered her and she wrote him a letter about it, gave it to him and he read it later on and apologized to her. i've been searching for the post for days now by myself but I can't find it anymore so I thought i'd ask.

I know that feel because I have gone on the same search for the same post several times myself with the same results. I’ve got all kind of iterations of “misha triggered letter fan” in my Google history now, and that’s one reason I added the links in this post because I kept forgetting to save the link to it.

It’s this post here.

LA Wilson (wileea) wrote the posts in this context:

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Back from hiatus.

First of all, thank you so, so, so, SO much for all the sweet messages + replies you guys have left me during my break from tumblr, they honestly meant the world to me, I will get back to them as soon as I can, promised! (you are the sweetest people in the world, I mean it)

I’m doing relatively okay, you don’t have to worry about me, I promise I won’t do anything I’ll regret later, including deleting my blog or anything like that.

Explanation as to why exactly I went on a hiatus under the read more cut.

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anonymous asked:

We haven't had a story in aaaaggggeeesss I'm getting old here Jay upload something!

This is a fair request.

Once upon a time, in the golden days of my youth (I was 17), I was strolling along Antwerp streets back in the homeland, minding my own business. It was a beautiful day out, so I decided to take the scenic route to my final destination that day - the quays. So here I am, minding my own business and taking a turn into the City park.
Now, unbeknownst to 17-year-old Jay, the City park is a very weird place. It’s absolutely lovely by day, but it tends to get a bit dodgy once it turns dark. Think drug dealers and sex in bushes and muggers. I was unaware of this. That plays a big part in the continuation of this story. Please read on.
Dusk sets in. I’m still very much into singing along to songs in my head, minding my own business, when a 20-something guy shows up on the path and gestures for me to stop. I stop, take one earpod out and go ‘What’s up?’. Guy looks at me and goes 'Eh… I kind of need to get to the Groenplaats (some popular square), could you tell me which direction I should take?’. This guy does NOT sound like he’s from around here. So Innocent Jay replies 'Oh! Yeah, sure! It’s basically out of this park, then down to the theatre square, then down to the Meir, and then - actually, it’s less than a ten minute walk, I’m headed in that direction anyway, I’ll walk you!’.
Guy looks at me in confusion and tries to convince me it’s fine. I insist that it’s no trouble whatsoever. Eventually he caves, but it’s clear that he is not very happy/comfortable with it.
I tuck my iPod away and this guy and I are on our way, having some small talk conversations. Suddenly, occupation is brought up. I say I’m a law student, and he avoids saying what it is he does. We’re more than halfway to where he has to be at this point. Past the theatre square, I point down some street and say 'that’d be faster but it’s quite dodgy, we can take that street instead, you know, to be on the safe side’. Guy looks very confused, but walks next to me anyway.
Down the street, there’s some aggressive drunk/stoner that keeps yelling abuse. I ignore him, the guy ignores him. Aggressive drunk yells something along the lines of stabbing us if we keep ignoring him. My guy turns around and goes 'I’d love to see you try, come at me, let’s see who’s got the bigger knife here.’. We get out of the street and I congratulate him on his bluf. He shrugs.
Finally, we get to the square he wanted to be at. I’m all 'Okay cool, I’m gonna go that way now, you’ll be fine? Are you meeting friends? Where did you have to be, I’ll show you where it’s at.’.
Guy looks at me, grimaces and goes 'Eh. I didn’t really. Eh. I didn’t need to be here.’. Colour me confused. I ask what he’s on about, and he goes 'Okay, don’t freak out. You seem like a lovely girl and I feel bad about it as it is.’. I insist he explains because, what the hell, right. And he goes 'I was gonna steal your shit.’.
He. Was. Going. To. Steal. My. Shit.
I, understandably, kind of freak out, in the middle of this square. Suddenly feel very uncomfortable. Tell him to get away from me or I’ll scream. Guy goes 'Look, no, sorry. I wasn’t gonna hurt you, I just needed to get some stuff or money because I have been having a tough time and you seemed an easy target but you were so friendly so I couldn’t. Oh my god, I am so sorry. So, so, sorry. Please don’t scream.’.
I asked if he’s mugged before. He says he’s snatched in the metro station. I ask him why, he says because he was hungry. I ask if he’s gonna mug anyone else, because I’d find that horrible. He says he doesn’t think he can anymore because now he is freaking out too.
There is a McDonald’s on this square. I say to this guy, 'Look. How about we go in there and I buy you food. Will you then just, I don’t know, go home?’. He laughs. I say I’m not joking. We go into McDonald’s and I buy him a meal and some cheeseburgers. By now it’s full out dark. I say I got to go because I’m meeting friends. He tells me to be safe because it’s dangerous sometimes. I go 'WELL, OBVIOUSLY THE STREETS ARE FULL OF DANGEROUS DUDES.’. He shakes my hand, I ask him if he can get home or whatever, he says he will, I ask him to please not do the stuff he does anymore and he says he probably won’t because he got freaked out as much as I freaked out. We say goodbye, I go to the quays by taxi and had a lovely time with my pals. Never saw the guy again but think about him and what his life is like now every few months. The end.

TL;DR: A mugger decided not to mug me because I was so friendly, and I decided to buy him cheeseburgers.

Hi! The idea had been brought up a few times already, and I think now is the right moment to finally get started with commissions. I am currently not a student anymore but still too young to get a job for the time being, so until that becomes possible I wanna support my family the best I can. I also plan to meet my girlfriend irl this year, and money will be needed for that. Thank you for your time! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Real Talk

I’ve had this theory for quite a while now but today has just put all my crazy thoughts into perspective.

Lately I’ve had this feeling that they have been slowly trying to announce their relationship to the public. I think it’s been happening for a quite a while now (ever since Zendaya has slowly dropped the bro/sis thing and the lovefeast that happened for their anniversary (love you the mostest #effamirrorballigotthisguy)) although lately it’s became apparent to me they are slowly letting us in.

I don’t know about you but when she surprised him for his birthday and decided to show it to the whole fucken world, it just screamed *Where not trying to hide anything, I love this guy so much I’m going to suprise him for his bday before the and record it for the world to see* like come on babe I know you don’t give no fucks but alot of people do. And Alex that obvious little fucker (aka king of this ship because Joy is already Queen) willing tweeting an extra suprise video with a wink face to it knowing what it would do to us.

He knows, he knows everything!!

Both are also slowly showing how much they love eachother to the public ie. Zendaya saying she would do anything for Val in her last few interviews/telling us she loves him/ she texts him non-stop. We’ve all known this for a while (thanks to back in the day) although they haven’t been too open about this information until now.

Another thing thats f***d is Z and that nutella picture two weeks ago. Seriously she didn’t have to post the Nutella pic showing us she hangs out with him at his house with the nutella and her favourite ice cream (we already knew they hang out) but what in her right mind did she finally decide to show the world she chills at his house and conciously upload a photo of his beautiful face and body pouring Nutella with the caption ‘look at this beautiful jar of nutella’ I mean has she lost her chill? The bitch clearly means look at this beautiful guy I’m with at his house pouring me my favourite chocolate and ice-cream. *wiggles eyebrows*. Also take into consideration that this is the first time she posted a pic of them hanging out at either of their homes, I’m pretty sure she did it so people will slowly start to realise they hang out all the time (for those ignorant people who think valdaya isn’t on).

She’s also been wearing her bracelets non-stop since then, after having them on and off for the past couple of months.

She has gone to 3 of the shows this season (let that sink in, 3 out of 8 shows he was in) too support him after she has clearly says she’s done with the show many times. Andddd why did they hide her last week?

Okay now for the juicy part: The Lunch! For me personally I feel as if the lunch the other day was a massive deal for these two and everyone else. Im sure they’ve had lunch a hundered times together thus have never been photographed because they hide it well from everyone although this time they didn’t. Both of them are too smart to not know there would be paparazzi there so they conciously made the decision to be photographed together having lunch without anyone around (first time we have seen them together in the public eye without any parents or friends)

And don’t get me fucken started on today with their bullshitness. They all knew exactly what the fuck they were doing from those hugs and kisses to Alex’s and both their tweets. Psst I can’t with all the fuckness with today but you all get the idea that they know whats up and aren’t trying to hide valdaya anymore (Valdaya is back!! we already know Z, we’ve been here for a year waiting for you both to finally show us how much you both really love eachother and stare at eachother like you’re the only people in the fucken world. It’s just been a real big mess lately especially today and their *you’re the best, you’re the bomb, you’re the best ever* bullshit. Also, Val aren’t you supposed to be upset about being eliminated? Gosh i was more upset than he was! All he was doing was smiling stupidly at Z and blaming her she’s the reason he got eliminated (you were the first) no Val you have been eliminated 3 fucken times before that with your other partners remember? Or has has he forgotten because he said he wouldn’t look at his past season (see what I did there) smh.

Anyway to conclude this fuckness of an essay I think they are slowly trying to move from a hidden to a public relationship because listern up people, there’s LESS THAN 4 MONTHS BEFORE A CERTAIN SOMEONE IS LEGAL but tbh I don’t give a fuck about all that stuff and they don’t either. They just like messing with us, so if any of you read this (Val, Zendaya, Alex??) Just know you ain’t slick and I love you with all my heart.

Ok, bye.

Also thanks to @madd09 for everything :)