so i felt like trying to draw him


I was going to wait until I actually met Guzma in the game, but I couldn’t help it! I wanted to draw him! Here is my attempt at trying to find a style I felt comfortable drawing him in. I’m not sure what his personality is like, nor did I want to be spoiled, so it was fun coming up with various different faces and expressions 8D.

Food symbolism in Skam

I can’t believe how good this show is, everytime I re-watch it I find something new to focus on, especially when I read fan theories! They make me pay attention to things I never even considered before. So I’m going to talk about food significance between couples throughout the seasons.

Season 1: Spaghetti
Eva made spaghetti during the cabin retreat which was supposed to be her romantic holiday with Jonas, but he invited friends. When she was plating her own food Jonas was waiting for her to plate his but she was angry and asked him if he doesn’t have hands and can’t do it himself and shortly after she storms off. I felt like that was foreshadowing their relationship because she was angry he brought his friends and in a way the friends threw a wedge in their relationship, Isak and Ingrid where the obvious ones who cause the relationship to end but s1 Elias was also driving a wedge by hoarding time with Jonas and influencing him to smoke up and that led to Ingrid being back in Jonas’s life.

Season 2: Cocoa
William made Noora Cocoa on their first date but Noora wasn’t very receptive to it in the beginning, but by the end of the date she accepted it and drank it cold, she said she liked how it was now chocolate milk. This could mean that the relationship was viewed in one way in the beginning but then changed as time went by and that was what Noora wanted. Also William was making her the Cocoa both times, he was the one always reaching out and wanting the relationship and Noora accepted it the first time reluctantly, but the second time she asked him to make her the Cocoa, which meant that she then wanted to pursue the relationship. Also the second time he made the Cocoa it bubbled over because he was distracted by Noora, which could foreshadow that their feelings are too intense for one another or that they wouldn’t last. I’m still not too sure about the meaning of the Cocoa bubbling over.

Season 3: Cheese sandwiches
We saw Isak and Even bonding over cheese sandwiches and how they added all those flavors while they were making them, especially cardamom. They both still ate the cheese sandwiches even when they where horrible. Even said that the sandwiches were so bad that now they were good but Isak disagreed, still they both ate the sandwiches but then got interrupted by Evens gf. This could signify that even though their relationship would be tough at times they are still willing to go through with it no matter the obstacles. Also when Isak buys a cheese sandwich at the cafeteria it signifys how he’s still willing to be in the relationship and fight for it even after he’s been hurt. And Even sees that and then sends the drawing of him and Isak in an alternate universe wishing they were together eating the sandwiches, signifying Even wanting to try again and wanting the relationship, which happens after the boy squad wingman Isak into getting Even back. Also can I mention how much I loved that scene, all the boys helping Isak out and I love how they use so many tumblr originated terms on the show like fuckboy and alternative universe (kinda felt like it was a nod to fanfiction).

Season 4: Carrots
Now season 4 is still halfway through but I feel that since we get 2 scenes with the food objects I can try to analyze the significance. We see Sanas mom first peeling the carrots then she hands the peeler to Sana and leaves. This can signify that Sana does not have experience with relationships and Sanas mom does. Sana tries to peel the carrots but in the wrong way and Yousef comes in and shows her how to do it right while they bond over it but Sana still does it the “wrong” way. This can signify how even though Sana is willing to try a relationship it’s still going to go wrong in a way. Then the second scene we see her not looking at Yousef and when offered a carrot she turns it down, not wanting to pursue a relationship with Yousef anymore, but Yousef takes a carrot signifying he still wants a relationship with Sana.

And that’s my analysis on the significance of food on skam, because Julie Andem is a genius.

Also, here’s a blushy Yuuri I did a couple weeks back, which I actually really like now! ( ´ ▽ ` )

The Encyclopedia (Destiel)

A little one shot I wrote… I hope you like it! Let me know if you do, and send me a prompt if you feel so inclined!

“This is a terrible idea, Sam,” Dean said, voice hushed and hurried so no one in the library would hear him. “I really can’t do this.”

“Dean, you’ve been staring at him for the past hour. Go talk to him!” Sam hissed, poking his brother with the spine of one of his books.

They were at the library, picking up books for one of Sam’s middle school classes. Dean had had to drive him to the library right after his football practice, so Dean was still in his letterman jacket, hair damp and eyes bright when he saw him. A boy, the boy, of Dean’s dreams, fantasies, and desires. He was a little smaller than Dean, with ruffled dark hair and those eyes, like every tear Dean had ever shed was crystallized in that hypnotizing blue. He was a fucking masterpiece, and while Dean was well versed in flirtation, he had no idea how to approach this stunning and slightly nerdy boy. He could flirt, yes, but he didn’t know how to flirt with someone in a sweater vest.

“How am I supposed to talk to him?” Dean peeked around the edge of the bookshelf to glance at the boy, who was carefully running a slim finger across the spines of the books on the shelf. Dean turned back to his brother, a look of unadulterated panic on his face. “He reads.

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Saints and Sinners

Warnings: Explicit sexual content. (Forgive me father, for I have sinned); Unbeta-ed, Not proof read. I’m a pathetic loser sorry guys.

Word count: 2577 (Sorry mobile users. Its super long.)

Genre: Angst/Smut

AN: I am not sure yet but I think I’ll be writing a series of smuts in form of chapters(if you guys think I should). Each chapter may/may not be interlinked. Chances are they wouldn’t be because I suck at maintaining integrity haha lmao. I am so bashful rn I can’t even tell you guys Bughead smut is such a turn on I haven’t a written any fics before on this forum. All the beautiful writers out there, thank you so much for the inspiration. Just a humble attempt from me haha. Also, English isn’t really native language so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes! Please try to ignore thanks! Please leave reviews. Happy reading :)


Betty Cooper has always deemed herself to be the strong, independent woman who knows the better of everything. But that never implied she wasn’t prone to jealousy. And when she saw Southside High’s very own Mafiosa, Toni Topaz sitting beside Jughead at the cafeteria leaning onto him with her legs crossed idly on the table, her insides convulsed in swirls of jealousy so strong even she hadn’t known there could exist. Betty could feel herself suffocate as the sound of girly snickers coming from this one particular table surged into her senses. Toni was talking in between her giggles and god knows what it was about but she had managed to score Jughead’s attention oh, and not just that he was even laughing.

Looked like he really enjoys hanging with her. Wonder what that girl was all about.

Betty shrugged the thought away with a sigh. It had been so long since the last time they met. At least a a month ago. Travelling from one side of the town to another was difficult for either of them and now with Jughead joining the Serpents, there was hardly any time when he’d not be preoccupied. Of course there was skype and text messaging but no matter how naff it sounded, Betty missed Jughead. She missed working on the Blue&Gold with him after school and she missed his little beany hat and god, how the skin of his palm feels on her neck. But most of all she missed his presence around her.

And here she was, travelling 10 miles on a bicycle wanting to surprise Jugheadd by making an appearance at his school??? What was she even thinking. He clearly was having the time of his life in a place where he says he fits in and dear god, how many times has he mentioned he absolutely hates surprises?

Betty felt dejection form a lump in her throat. She clenched her hand into a fist and subconsciously let her fingernails dig deeper into her skin and made up her mind to leave.

Betty wasn’t wrong, actually. Jughead was really into Toni Topaz but not exactly how Betty thought it to be. His instincts towards Toni was very and only friendly. It was safe to say that Toni was his only friend in Southside High, going by the kind of social grip he has and jughead indeed enjoyed her company.

But today was different. Today he was distracted. Today, he was missing Betty way too much to focus on any other thing and while sitting with her at the cafeteria when he had let his eyes wander off, they had hitched onto a familiar pastel cardigan and blonde hair tied in a pony tail.

“Betty” Jughead rose from his seat, his lips involuntarily curving into a smile.

Betty stopped in her tracks hearing her name.

Her name, his voice. God it had been so long. She turned to face him breaking a soft smile.

“Why were you-How did you get here!” he spoke, putting his arms around her.

“I-uh” Betty ventured, haltingly. “I just thought I could come and see you. In your new school.”


They held hands as they walked back from school to Jughead’s new home. It was a trailer that one of his mates from the Serpent’s group offered to him after he was asked to evacuate the previous one, for security purposes. Betty hadn’t spoken too much on the way. The thought of Jug and that girl from the cafeteria throbbed in her head. At one time, she even considered she could be over-thinking. And it wasn’t like Betty and Jug were girlfriend and boyfriend. Truth is, they never got a proper closure to what was going on between the two of them.

“D-did you do all this with her?” she finally spoke, cutting whatever Jughead was talking about midway.

He failed to grasp what she was talking about and stared back at her with a puzzled face.

“Walk back home with her” she shrugged, her eyes already brimming with tears. “Hold hands.”

“Betts” Jughead stopped walking. “What are you talking about?”

“What am I talking about?” she said, now fuming. “I am talking about your new high school romance with whoever she was you were sitting with.”

Jughead smirked. “Betts, you getting jealous?”

It did not take time for him to realise. Betty Cooper was indeed jealous. Jughead hadn’t seen this side of her before and he wouldn’t lie, he was kind of enjoying it until he saw her eyes well up.

Betty dug her nails deeper into her palm and let blood trickle down her fingers. She was having a hard time controlling her tears already and on seeing Jughead smirk, she broke into tears immediately.

“N-no. It’s -just” she said, her voice breaking as she looked away. “All these people they are with you every day. They get to be around you every day. And I don’t.”

“Oh Betts” Jughead engulfed her in a hug. He thought she’d rage and hurl words at him but instead when she started crying, he felt remorseful about trying to draw amusement out of her state previously.

“Juggie, I miss you” her voice muffled as she spoke into her chest, her tears staining his dark green t shirt.

“I missed you so much Betty.” His words came out as a whisper as he breathed out, trying to absorb her warmth into his body as they remained like that in each other’s arms outside Jughead’s battered trailer.


Jughead pulled away from her lips and attacked her neck, earning a low squeal from her as she arched her neck, letting her head drop back exposing more skin for him to reach. His fingers fumbled with the buttons of her shirt, the cardigan already sinking on the floor. He was leaving marks in all the places his mouth had been- under her jawline, her neck, the hollow of her collar bones and the flesh of her chest and by the time he got rid of her peach lacey bra, he had her squirming beneath him as they lay on the couch, Betty’s head resting where the back rest meets the arm rest and Jughead cornering her into position as his body hovered over hers.

His thumb brushed over her breasts taking his own sweet time when he reached her aching nipples.

“J-juggie” she moaned out his name. When he replaced his fingers with his mouth, she shuddered.

“Its been so long” she struggled with her words as Jughead continued with his entrancing attacks paying absolutely no heed to what she said. His hands had kept hers locked, pinning them down on either sides of her head.

This was torture. She needed to feel his weight on him and his skin on her fingers. Betty tried to wriggle out of his grip but in vain, he was too strong and he wouldn’t budge.

“P-leaase” it came out as a whimper. She was losing her mind.

“Please what?” Jughead’s voice vibrated on her chest.

“I want to touch you” she said, the frustration clear in her voice. He chuckled letting go of her hands allowing her to tug at his t-shirt and then complying as she tried to pull it off him over his head.

She noticed how the muscles on his abdomen had toned as she ran her hands over them feeling the texture of his skin on her fingers. She put her hand around his neck and rubbed slow circles on his nape as her hips rocked rubbing herself on his stiffening cock. She knew how much this turns him on.

She let out a throaty giggle on hearing him growl.

“You’re gonna regret it so much now” he whispered.

“Sit up.” He instructed. Betty had lost her ability to think so she complied whatever he asked her to do. Jughead pulled her into his lap with her back towards him. Betty’s skin flushed. She spread her legs even without him asking her to. The red of her face had now spread till her chest and god, she was dripping for him. His hand slipped in through the waist band of her matching peach panties and rested on her opening. Just rested there feeling up her warmth, not moving. Not even a bit. He could feel her throb under his touch and wasn’t he enjoying it.

“Jug-OH” she gasped as his finger nipped at her clit encircling it in slow agonizing circles. His other hand was on her chest kneading into the flesh of her full breast, his fingers deftly rolling her nipples which were now flushed red and sore. She moaned, this time in pain and Jughead instantly eased his fingers realising he was going too harsh on her. Causing her discomfort would be the last thing he wanted to do especially when they were making love. Betty relaxed her head on his shoulders and turned so that their lips could meet and when they did, she nibbled on his before giving into a full mouthed kiss.

Betty pictured their present situation in her mind. Jughead without a shirt in his denims, his slumped laxly on the couch with his hands wound around her toying with every intimate spot on her body and herself splayed across him as exposed as she could be only with her undies on. The thought of herself in such a compromising position with him made her leak. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his stiff member rubbed against her hips.

“I-“ she gasped, breaking from the kiss. She was out of breath and incredibly turned on. It had been so long, she was afraid she’d not last a minute longer. “Juggie, I need you! Please”

He needed her too. If Betty was thinking he hadn’t missed her and he hadn’t yearned for her every night lying on his bed, she was wrong.

But today he was in mood to play.

“Jug please. Stop doing this to me” she groaned in frustration as he pushed her back to their previous position, cornering her on the couch and proceeded to go down her body, sucking on the supple skin of her stomach and tracing the biting softly at her belly button. He pulled her panties off her waist and dragged them till her ankles which Betty quickly rid.

“Just one taste, Betts” he muttered before dragging his tongue across the length of her slit in one long motion.

“Fuck! Juggie –I don’t think I can last long if you keep doing that.” She found it difficult to structure proper sentences. She had lost control of her senses. Her breathing was erratic and her insides twitched every time her clit came in direct contact with his tongue. Betty’s toes went rigid as she struggled to hold back, curling them and dragging slowly across his back.

“You see, Betty” he spoke, in between striking his tongue at her entrance. She squirmed and wriggled in her position which only resulted Jughead hold her thighs down apart firmer. “This is how I feel all the time when you’re not with me. Smothered and out of breath.”

Betty was afraid she’ll pass out. She was a quivering mess under his uncompromising assaults and she didn’t care. She wanted more. Betty had never been edged to this extent before. Usually, Jughead would give in to her pleads after teasing her for just a little bit but today he seemed he had no plans to stop.

“And if you think anybody else in this whole freaking world can make me feel the way you do” he stopped to suck in her juices that were dripping all over the place now. “You’re very wrong Betty Cooper. Do you understand?”

She hysterically nodded a yes fearing, begging him to take her on the couch as deep as he could with no holding back, no inhibitions.

To her extreme gratification, he finally let her thighs go and rose from his position.

“I love you so much” he croaked, lowering his face closer to hers. Taking her hands in his, he kissed the scars on her palm frowning when the acidy taste of blood hit his tongue. So this is why she didn’t rage. This is what stopped her from hurling words at him previously.

“I am so sorry, Betts” he looked into her eyes. “I shouldn’t have.”

“I love you, Jughead Jones. More than you can ever know” her eyes glistened. She could cry.

Betty’s toes had started tugging at the ends of his blue jeans. She wanted them off him and he knew better than to tease her any longer. He rose up and unbuttoned his pants and in one swift motion he pulled them down along with this boxers.

“C-can I?” he asked for permission before thrusting in to which she only growled in agony. He pushed into her opening slowly at first, pushing as deep as he could go. No sooner, they had picked up a rhythm. To and fro, in and out. Betty accepted his thrusts unreservedly, wrapping her legs around him. No inhibitions. She was losing integrity as the pooling sensation intensified at the pit of her stomach.

“God you’re so freaking tight!” He felt her insides clench around him as he continued his motion. “Betty I am going to-” before he could complete his sentence, she had pursed her lips on his not only giving him permission to finish but also letting know that she needed release too.

When they came, they came together in one intense wave of orgasm rippling through their bodies. Jughead’s body rocked with hers as she involuntarily rubbed her legs against him. Soon, he relaxed his weight, balancing himself on his elbow and sliding to one side.

“That was” she started but Jughead finished her sentence. “The best sex ever?”

She laughed. “Never knew delayed sex could be the best sex ever.”

“Are you saying we should stay away for weeks before I finally get to be indecent with you?” he asked, arching his eye brows.

“You know, just for the feeling” Betty smirked.

“I am sorry I don’t think I can stay away from my girlfriend for this long again” he spoke into the crook of her neck, his voice still hoarse from their afternoon ordeal.

Betty frowned, still keeping the smile plastered. Jughead looked at her questioningly on seeing her frown.

“You just said I’m your girlfriend” she blushed.

“Are you not my –I mean, don’t you want us to be that way?” his eyes widened and heart hammered

“Juggie” she whinged. “Yes, I obviously do its just that” she stopped. “What was that all about? You and that girl at the cafeteria”

“You mean Toni Topaz” he answered. “We’re great friends in school Betts. She has been of great help and with a lot of things around school. But if it bothers you so much- “

“Juggie, no” she shook her head. “I’d never want you to –I trust you. You need friends” she smiled, cupping his face. “I don’t know what happened to me I just –I overreacted. I am sorry.”

“Its okay Betts" he smiled. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy that part even a bit.”

Betty rolled her eyes and looked outside. It was evening. When she looked back at Jughead his eyes were closed and his lips wore a smirk.

She got up from her place and walked over to this particular chair on the other hand of the room and picked up his Serpent’s jacket.

“Hey Romeo”  she leered. He looked at her.  “Drop me home?”

Jughead smiled at what he saw. Betty in his Serpent’s jacket. Only in his Serpent’s jacket. These were the times Jughead regretted saying he hated surprises cause this girl right here was blowing his mind.

Thats it guys. You made it. Yay!

I have seen that stupid bowerbird “lemme smash” video ten times today so here’s a winteriron take on it. No-powers wingfic ahoy!

Bowerbird Bucky is a total fuckboy. He will sleep with any woman who allows it. He spends a lot of his free time trying to woo women. Steve said that Bucky had always been like that. He was kind of amazed that there was a word for it though, and equally amazed that it suited his friend so well. Bucky tried to flirt with Natasha but she shut that down immediately because ugh.

Enter Tony, her painfully awkward peacock friend and boss. (I’m never letting this peacock thing die.) He’d only ever been with women but then he met Bucky and fell head over heels before he could even try to stop himself. Natasha was super apologetic. “If I’d known, I would have stopped you.” It wouldn’t be a problem, usually; he’d probably just flash his wings and strut around like he’d always done for women and then get turned down (maybe even politely). But… Bucky was never looking at him. He was always looking at the tawny feathers of women instead.

It got… difficult as time went on. It hurt whenever Bucky left the bar with a pretty woman on his arm, or stepped out of parties with friends with benefits (apparently of which he had many), or even strutted out of the ritzy parties that Tony threw with women that he loathed and only dealt with for the company’s sake. It seemed like anytime he wanted to talk to Bucky in a social situation, Tony ceased to exist except for as a wingman or to dish out details on the ladies he knew. Steve insisted that Bucky also slept with men but it was hard to believe when Bucky always left with someone with bland coloring.

So Tony, impulsively stupid as ever, went to the salon that had helped him when he got back from Afghanistan previously and had his wings made tawnier, if only to get Bucky to look at him. (”A pity,” one of the stylists sighed, frowning at him. He swallowed down the shame. He knew he was pathetic.)

It took three days for anyone to notice. Well, not the media, of course, the media was freaking the fuck out. And Pepper and Rhodey knew of course, because they’d called him as soon as the news broke, yelling questions. But the rest of his friends? Never said a word.

Not until Bucky suddenly squinted at Tony’s wings for five whole minutes before blurting out, “Holy shit, did you dye your feathers?”

And with everyone’s eyes suddenly on him, Tony could only paste his paparazzi smile on and said, “Yeah! Do you like it?” As if he wasn’t sweating and trembling with nerves.

Bruce, Sam, and Clint hurriedly made general noises of agreement because they were always quicker on the uptake. Steve just stared at him, brows furrowed together in confusion. Natasha’s mouth was hanging open, and she looked a terrifying mixture of aghast and angry.

Bucky frowned, giving his wings another once-over. “No, not really.”

“That’s probably because you’re not used to it yet,” Clint blurted out, thankfully drawing Bucky’s attention away from Tony’s face before he could see how hurt he was. “It’s new and different now so you’ll probably like it when you’re used to it.”

“I doubt it.”

Tony felt a pair of hands wrap around one of his own, small and soft, but incredibly strong.

“How long does the dye last, Tony?” Natasha asked, giving his hand a squeeze.

The laugh that burst out of him was strangled and he didn’t even try and fix it. “It’s, uh, it’s permanent. So until I molt.”

Natasha looked quietly devastated even as she said, “They did a really good job, Tony. It looks nice.”

“Thanks,” Tony huffed out, smiling, because if he didn’t he’d cry instead.

Then he started avoiding his friends, because he was so pathetic he’d changed his feathers hoping Bucky would like it, and he hadn’t, and now they all knew what a total loser he was.

It wasn’t until he found Natasha standing in his living room a week later that he broke down. “Why doesn’t he like me?”

Natasha opened her mouth, then closed it again. “…I don’t know, Tony.”

“He didn’t even like the–I thought he’d–He’s always leaving with–” He stopped, took a few deep breaths. “…I’m pathetic.”

“You’re not pathetic,” Natasha replied viciously, reaching out to grab his hands.

“He’s obviously not interested,” Tony said, miserable. “But I keep trying to get his attention anyway. I even dyed my feathers because that’s the color he likes the most. I’m a creep.

Natasha gave his hands a squeeze. “You’re not a creep! You’re just… awkward. But we’ve been working on that! You’re making progress.”

Tony wondered what he must have done in a past life to be lucky enough to have Natasha as his personal assistant. “Now everyone knows what a big fucking loser I am.”

“You’re not a loser,” she insisted, trying very hard to keep the anger out of her voice. “It’ll be okay, Tony. You’ll get through this.”

Tony stared down at his feet, socked toes curling into the carpet. “…I don’t want to make it awkward for you and your friends.”

“Tony, they’re your friends, too.” Natasha wanted to throw something. Possibly Tony. But Pepper had informed her that that was natural. “It’s not gonna be awkward.”

“I should wait until I get most of my color back anyway,” Tony continued, ignoring her. “I don’t want– …Bucky didn’t like it.”

Natasha looked at his crumpling face and decided then and there that she was going to kick Bucky’s ass for being such a self-absorbed fuckboy. It was one thing to be oblivious (especially since Tony’s wooing skills were in the extreme ranges of painfully subtle and outrageously flagrant, and he was too afraid to fuck up his relationships with his other friends to be ridiculously obvious), but it was entirely another to have someone’s affections go so far over their head that they told them ‘nah I don’t really like it’ when it was so obvious that–that–

…That Tony just wanted to make him happy, even if he had to change parts of himself to do it.

Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part Three

Pairing: Gaston x OC


A/N: Here it is, tada! I’m thinking the next part after this will be the last one but I really, really loved writing this. I know my version of Gaston isn’t the abrasive, horrid asshole he’s supposed to be but I like to think this is the Gaston that could’ve existed if he found the right girl and was given the chance. Ya know? Plus Luke Evans. Anyways, enjoy! Thanks as always for all the love and support!

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Part One  Part Two

I was painfully distracted for the rest of the day…and I had to keep reminding myself that I’d done it to myself. I’d manage to somehow tangle myself up with the most handsome, arrogant man in the entire town. Yet I was quickly learning that there was more to Gaston than what I’d heard through whispers on the street. He was charming and flirtatious, that was true. But who would’ve known he’d be sweet? And…romantic?

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While I was working on my drawing of Danse and Dogmeat (I hope I can finish it soon. //sobs), I felt the urge to draw another Maxson. I’m a way too obsessed with him. Have mercy. lol

I was also craving for a new avatar for my regular blog, so yeah… that’s it! I like how his face has turned out, much better than my first try. ♡

anonymous asked:

Was there a colored page of kirishima with black hair? I can't remember, but if there wasn't confirmation; what if his hair is a wildly different color and since manga is black n white no one can tell lmao

Might be, but even if it weren’t striktly black it still has to be some dark and dull color, or else he didn’t have any reason to call himself plain, right? No actual need to dye it either, really!

Anon said: Denki once jokingly said he just needs to stick a fork in a powersocket to pull an all nighter but now everyone wants to know if that can happen

I’m sure with everyone you mean the squad which as we all know is made of irresponsible idiots and enablers to every and all stupid/reckless ideas - I’m 100% convinced they all told Kaminari to “prove it, then” and Kaminari was definitely ready with fork in hand 0.2 seconds later and if it weren’t that they decided to be idiots in the common room and Iida happened across them just as he was about to stick the fork in the plug they would have already short-circuited the whole dorms building lmao

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Okay so lined paper was all i had so please excuse the poor ptesentation. I watched a video on a process called Iterative Drawing. Watch the vid here!

Basically, you draw different iterations of something you’re trying to create. It will be at it’s sloppiest (you’re encouraged not to spend too much time on detail anyway) and the idea is that you analyze what is wrong with the previous so that the next can be better.

With the first row i was pretty happy with just the first iteration of the initial sketch. The second row is a head angle I struggle with, but it did improve little by little with each try. Mads Mikkelsen makes an appearance at the third row because i wanted to challenge myself. By the 2nd iteration i felt i had captured him pretty well although in a more stylized manner.

This method is great for people like me who can’t just magic an awesome concept and drawing on the very first try like 99% of the time. I’m also very analytical of my art. I tend to just make one drawing and then fixate on the entire thing all at once. This bad habit is especially hard when drawing something unfamiliar. I would recommend this tactic with just about anyone.

Popeye Vs Bluto

I have been checking out Popeye cartoons lately and last night before bed I did this sketch. I did add some colors but it felt like it was over whelming the sketch and i really liked the sketch. Lastly I have been checking out Butch Hartman’s youtube channel and I think i heard him say in one of his videos “create a story with one image,” that has been stuck in my brain so I have been trying to draw pictures that tell a story.

I Had A Bad Day M.C

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warning: none, this is cute and fluffy

word count: 500+

summary: Michael’s having a bad day so y/n joins him in the bath so he isn’t alone

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon! Hannah wrote this one, she was so excited about it and very happy with how it turned out so I hope you are too!

also requests are open! so request with your hearts content :)

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When I got home, the house was quiet. It was almost too quiet, which raised my suspicions immediately. “Michael?” I called out and heard nothing. I slipped off my shoes and hung my coat on the hanger, thankful to finally be home after a stressful day at work. I looked at the time the microwave displayed, 5:03. 

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Best Friends [Michael Gray]

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REQUEST: If you’re still doing the prompts, can I request #28 “Oh my god. You’re in love with y/n!” #19 “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.” #23 “I don’t wanna think about what I’d be like without you.” With Michael, where you’re best friends and then end up together in the end. Thanks, you’re the greatest! :)

[You’re the greatest for giving me something to do with my bland life. Thanks for requesting]

WARNINGS: Cute af. Tension. Tears. My shit writing.

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Stolen Sweethearts

Pairing: Expensive Headphones (Rich x Michael)

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 2801

A/N: Okay! This fic is kind weird, it skips around time a lot (from during and after the events in the musical, this is mostly post musical) but please enjoy! Likes are appreciated, reblogs are loved, and nice tags and comments literally make my day! 💖

Jeremy wasn’t so sure when he had realized that he had feelings for his long-time best friend; it was after he and Christine had been dating for a couple of months, he just woke up one day and realized that he’d much rather be holding Michael’s hand and  spending long nights on the phone with him talking video games rather than theatre with Christine. It came to him like a smack in the face- he had spent so long trying to gain the affection of Christine Canigula, and suddenly he’d much rather be with his gay best friend. It wasn’t that he was unhappy or that he didn’t like her- he enjoyed her very much, it’s just that he didn’t want to date her. That was okay, right?

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anonymous asked:

Pewdiepie liked your drawing you did of him :-)

He likes every drawing he is in it

I am so happy

I remember when I was like 16 or 15 years old I was watching his videos I always try sending my drawings to him even back then it was really bad

Seeing now after 3 or 4 years when he finally noticed me and followed me I felt really happy 😊

He was one of those silly youtubers but and the Same time he is honest who doesn’t care what people say about him and help people

and he is super random so everyday is something new from his channel

and that’s what I like about him ✨

thelazerbird  asked:

"just leave me alone."

The Bounce Lounge was never Tom’s favorite place to chill.

And now here he and his friends stood, dancing in the newly renovated club, now titled Moonshiner, or something. It was nice, he admitted – it was darker and they played better music, plus their drinks were pretty tasty. He did miss the death pit, though. The death pit was the best thing about the Bounce Lounge.

But his ‘friends’ (he has those now, apparently?), dancing underneath a big spotlight, were kinda ticking him off. Pony Head and Kelly were bouncing up and down, while Star and Marco were hand-in-hand, spinning around, lost in their own little world.

They had stuff to do. They had an evil queen’s monsters to track down. They shouldn’t be here.

“So, did the Underworld freeze over or something?”

Tom drinks from his cup nonchalantly, ignoring the girl with the green beanie who has made her way over into his dark little corner. “Just leave me alone, Janna.”

Janna was…certainly the most interesting of Star’s batch of friends. Sure, while Marco was a pain in his rear and Pony Head was pretty obnoxious, Janna was more…upfront with her personality. On first meeting, he got the full report from Marco: ‘she steals my stuff all the time’ and ‘she loves to manipulate you into giving her what she wants’ and ‘she likes to flirt with me and says that I should call her after my divorce’ (he honestly didn’t believe that last one). Her interest in the dead made her more interesting to talk to, though. And she was definitely more tolerable and cool than Marco made her out to be. But he wasn’t really in the mood for talking. Not while Mewni was in danger and Pony Head, Kelly, Marco, and Star were far too busy dancing to do much about it at the moment.

“What is with you boys and being so mopey?” Janna interrogates, sitting on arm of the sofa. “It’s like, as soon as Marco finally lays off the self-pity, you take his spot as the killjoy of the group. What’s the deal with that?”

“I just don’t understand why we’re here,” Tom says, crossing his arms. “We should be, I dunno, scavenging Mewni for clues or something. Or searching through the dimensions. Not jamming to pop music in the Bounce Lounge’s replacement venue.”

Janna nods towards where Marco twirls a giggling Star under his arm, bringing her back close to his chest. He whispers something in her ear that has her cackling loud enough to draw attention from other dancers, and Star wraps her arms around his neck to hold her steady. Watching them together felt like nothing had happened the past few weeks – just two best friends finding something a little different between each other. “She’s been through a lot. I don’t think one night of dancing is gonna kill us,” she says.

“Plus, they’re finally making progress,” Janna flicks him on the back of the head. “So try to not be a party pooper, huh?”

Tom groans in reply. “Fine. But if something happens while we’re here ‘partying it up,’ I’m blaming you.”

“How about I give you a deal?” Janna hops from her perch atop of the plush sofa’s to stand in front of the demon. “You get off your mopey butt and dance with me, and I’ll…” Janna taps her chin thoughtfully, imaging scenarios of what she could offer…before dangling a familiar black bracelet a few inches from his face, “give this back to you?”

Horrified, Tom stares back and forth between her and the stolen jewelry. He reaches up to grab it, but fails pathetically – Janna snatching it back with ease. He falls back into the sofa with a huff. “How in the heck did you –”

“I’m not gonna tell,” she snorts. “But regardless, you get to dance with me, and you get your goth-chic bracelet back. This is a win-win for you, Lucitor.”

He scratches the back of his neck, thinking of an excuse to turn her down. Geez, she’s forceful. No wonder her and Star are friends. “Look, I dunno if that’s –”

“Oh for John Keats’ sake,” Janna takes his arm and drags him off the sofa. He catches his balance just barely before being forced towards the dancefloor. The music is louder and the lights are brighter and their friends excitedly wave them over, with Pony Head being the most cheerful of the group. Janna stops right next to Star and Marco, who have given themselves a few inches of breathing room without letting go of each other to greet their friends.

“Move over, Fools in Love!” Janna spins Tom quickly before catching him in back in her arms. In his dizzy haze, he can make out the sight of Star’s delight radiating off her cheeks and Marco’s much more sympathetic glance. You’re in so much trouble, it read. Janna pulls him closer with one arm before he can even ask for help, sticking her other out and pointing challengingly at Star and Marco. “You’re about to be out-danced.”

He most certainly was in trouble.

First time drawing Bendy! It’s a really messy sketch of him, I know, but I was really trying to figure out his anatomy. May need to fix a few areas… Still felt like sending it anyway!

He’s an impatient little demon…

—Jack Anon

Hey that’s really good! ^^ I think you did a great job for your first attempt at Bendy ^^

Aww look at him. He’s so cute when he’s all pouty. XD