so i felt like trying to draw him


I was going to wait until I actually met Guzma in the game, but I couldn’t help it! I wanted to draw him! Here is my attempt at trying to find a style I felt comfortable drawing him in. I’m not sure what his personality is like, nor did I want to be spoiled, so it was fun coming up with various different faces and expressions 8D.

Also, here’s a blushy Yuuri I did a couple weeks back, which I actually really like now! ( ´ ▽ ` )

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Pewdiepie liked your drawing you did of him :-)

He likes every drawing he is in it

I am so happy

I remember when I was like 16 or 15 years old I was watching his videos I always try sending my drawings to him even back then it was really bad

Seeing now after 3 or 4 years when he finally noticed me and followed me I felt really happy 😊

He was one of those silly youtubers but and the Same time he is honest who doesn’t care what people say about him and help people

and he is super random so everyday is something new from his channel

and that’s what I like about him ✨

Happy Birthday Goth!!!
I felt bad that I wasn’t contributing to the celebration, so I thought I would try my hand at drawing something for the occasion!
This is what I imagine him looking like grown up, as the next Reaper. I always thought he would be a gentle and comforting incarnation of death, who would make souls feel safe. Plus he always has little ghost friends following him around

This wonderful spoop child is owned by: @nekophy

-pls notice me Senpai ;w;-

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Some middle school aged Dazai and high school aged Oda, because I felt like drawing the high school au, but, didn’t want to change the ages too much.

Dazai is in his final year of middle school, and Oda is a sophmore in high school. They grew up next door to each other, and Oda has always sort of been the big brother Dazai never had. Since Dazai hasn’t hit his growth spurt quite yet, he’s still fairly short, and people pick on him for it, so he gets into a lot of fights trying to prove he’s stronger than he looks.

SNS week day three: Friends and Enemies

For this theme, I decided to draw my homegirl Sakura 🌸. I honestly don’t know why I made a aesthetic with the picture but I felt like it so whatevs my dudes XD.

Anyways I chose Sakura because she always felt that she needed to be equal to Naruto and Sasuke and to do that, she worked hella hard to reach her goal ✌. I am still disappointed how far her character development dropped but I’ll still see her as a strong kunoichi 💪😗. I also have many headcannons of Sakura being Nardos wingman in trying to help him get a date with Sasuke, plan their wedding….yknw all that jazz 😂

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Soooooo since you're a WoT fan, what do you think is the closest thing ASOIAF has to Asmodean's death? Which is to say, surprising event that is also a complete mystery to the readers?

Well, here’s my problem with Asmodean’s death: I don’t think that RJ set up the mystery very well. I know that the point of Fires of Heaven was that the training wheels were coming off for Rand, and all of his teachers were dying or leaving him, but Asmodean’s death in the epilogue felt sloppy and tacked on to me, without a lot of buildup or clues or anything. idk if you remember the endless debates on Dragonmount and Wotmania etc back in the Days of Dialup, but it drove people crazy. Trying to solve it was like drawing a name out of a hat. It was a dumb plot point imo and it was unnecessary on RJ’s part to drag it out for so long, and by the time it was solved I didn’t care, and the solution wasn’t a big “everything makes sense now” moment. If anything, this reveal should have been handled in Lord of Chaos. But problems with RJ’s timing/pacing would require a whole ‘nother post imo.

Shifting over to ASOIAF… something that’s both a shock and a mystery…

@nobodysuspectsthebutterfly wrote some very timely posts about how everything in ASOIAF is very well developed in the narrative although there might be some timing issues with the Bran assassin plot. But, like Butterfly says, the catspaw plot was more about who wasn’t trying to murder Bran than who was, and there was a very timed gradual elimination of suspects that tied into everything thematically and “everything makes sense now”. For all that GRRM is a gardener, he usually builds a very strong foundation imo.

And @moonlitgleek mentioned Ned’s mental leap from Cersei’s adultery to incest, but that wasn’t a mystery to readers cuz we knew about the twins having sex from the beginning. 

The tapestry plot is sort of a weird mystery, and badly set up if there really is anything to it (?), but not shocking. 

I guess the Pink Letter is a big mystery that we can’t solve right now, but IDGAF. Literally I don’t give a fuck, so maybe it’s not so much of a mystery but I’m not going to waste brain cells on it. 

There’s the big debate over whether Ned or Brandon fathered Ashara’s baby, and I honestly can’t make up my mind about that one, both sides have good points, and I wish GRRM would just reveal the truth on that one. But that’s not particularly a shocking mystery imo. 

ummmmm… wait, I know! The reappearance of the Faceless Man formerly known as Jaqen in the prologue of AFFC who sneaks into the Citadel to do Things Unknown. That was very shocking, and created a good mystery, though I believe it will be resolved better than what RJ did. 

There might be other things too. I’m not the best person to come to about mysteries. 

I’m drawing Pedri to fight art block and it’s WORKING I’VE NEVER FELT MORE POWERFUL.

There’s something up with his face and I’m still trying to give him a haircut that doesn’t make him look like Lance from Voltron, but I’m getting there. I’m REALLY satisfied so far. (I’ll add the 3rd eye when I’m done with his hair.)

I love how pretty much every single AD-related post I’ve ever made is me screaming how much I love that fucker.

Monday can’t come soon enough.

argonapricot said:

How about the character in Homestuck that you feel the sorriest for? Medieval AU actually sounds super hype, so let’s go with that.

I threw around a couple of ideas trying to figure out who I felt sorriest for, but honestly the Psiioniic’s situation in canon is just so…terrible. 8I  And he’s super fun to draw!

In other news, I would like to apologize to anybody who has ever put effort into learning things about the medieval era because I am not one of them and it probably shows. ;D

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Just curious: fave games and top five Sonic characters?

*cracks knuckles* OK, let’s go!

Favorite Sonic Characters:
1. Sonic, because he was the first introduction ever of who I am today, not to mention he literally inspired me a lot to keep on going, try new things, even shape my drawing (that is now a hobby) . I never felt so much imagination coming from this blue blur, and I seriously thank him for everything he has done in my life.

2. Shadow; at first, I grew fondly with him, but not that much when younger (while watching Sonic X) because I was a young smol bean that wasn’t that much in edginess or “ow the edge”. More like a pity. But recently, I have grown so much with him both as a character and gameplay wise because I could finally understand his way to be. Poor guy is dealing with PTSD, so he excludes himself (rationally) from getting experiences similar to those.
Also, his dynamic with Team Dark is just priceless. When I watched Sonic heroes, I saw that side of him where he keeps his distance but it’s cool about it. But he still cares.
He does things without the need of being obligued to, like, how can I explain? Bruh, I just go and enjoy his persona.

3. Maria Robotnik. OK, YOU KNOW THIS WAS COMING. Like, how can you not have a like for this young maiden? Poor girl she was suffering from NIDS, wanted to go to Earth so that Shadow and she could explore together, but never happened, as she sacrificed herself to send Shadow instead to be the hope for humanity. LIKE HOW CAN YOU NOT FEEL SOMETHING STINGING IN YOUR HEART WHEN THAT HAPPENED.
She was too young, and had a life ahead that cut too short. But by the time she was living, she never had remorse, bitterness, and was selfless to open her heart towards a hybrid infused with Black Arms DNA, that was going to be her cure. She was such a massive influence on Shadow that is the reason why he allies from time to Sonic. To protect the Earth, the planet she could never be.

4. Silver, because despite of his stupidity and naive nature, he has good intentions. He has a gold heart. He just wanted a future where everyone could be happy. Hell, he was born in post-apocalyptic Sonic Forces beginning (I needed to x’D), and was too young to understand the perks of time traveling because he felt desperate to make a change.
Also add the fact he’s super fluffy, like 2x than Shadow x’D .

5. Amy, because holy Jesus she’s so cute. Her design is simple, she can kick ass with a big ass hammer, and her personality is like the bubbly me from 5 years ago.
She cab be of great help when needed, she’s strong, cheerful, independent. Hell, I even love the silly chases she does for Sonic. At first, I was super cringed about it, but over the years I learnt so much from her. Follow your sweet passion and show dem all boys you’re untouchable ;D

Now, for the games:

1. The Sonic Storybook Series. TOP 1, MMMM THAT SOME GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE, CAN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY, BUT PLOT HAS GREAT CHARACTERIZATION OF SONIC AND STORY KICKS ASS. Both soundtracks are all day everyday in my playlist. It’s so good.



3. Sonic Colors, Currently playing it, good and smooth gameplay, DEM CORNY JOKES OF BLUE ASS BOY, wisps are cute, plot could be better but DEM MUSIC IS MY MIXTAPE. The plot was there, just average executed. Could be better but it’s enjoyable 👌

4. Sonic CD, currently playing it, JAPANESE SOUNDTRACK OH MY GOD, it’s hella hard on mobile but it’s super fun exploring the past and to save little planet from the bad futures. But I have to admit, BLOODY HELL BAD FUTURE MUDIC HAS SOME GOOD VIBES.
I’m trying to collect all time stoned but I can’t , BECAUSE ITS TOO HARD JESUS, but decided to explore instead.
Having a good time 💕

5. Sonic Next Gen (2006) and Chronicles, OK OK HEAR ME OUT BEFORE YOU COME TO MY HOUSE AND KILL ME. There was some good plot there, they had it, but it was poorly executed. Like VERY. Nevertheless, gameplay is funny because of the wacky bugs, mediocre characterization, but let’s not forget SILVER WAS INTRODUCED, DREAMS OF ABSOLUTION, SHADOW STORY KICKS BETTER ASS, like ALL HAIL SHADOW 🎶.
With Chronicles, I like the exploration RPG style, that was good, but fixing and tweaking many plot holes and interactions between characters could have made it a better enjoyable experience. Plus, I actually find it hilarious controlling Sonic being a salty jackass towards Shadow or Knuckles x’D

I have to add Sonic Adventure 2 because ITS HELLA GOOD STORY ,I want to escape from the city, haven’t played it but it’s in the bucket list, Punpkin hill jams, MOTHER FUCKIN CHAO GARDEN LIKE SO MUCH YES.
Also that the dark themes that the game touched were accurate at the era.


Getting a little tired of people “complaining” about how human Maxton Look. HAHAH I mean…he is my OC to do what I like with!!

This character have been an experiment from the first time I drew him. First he was gonna be a bunny, but then I figured…lets make this story “something else” So how would a hare and a fox mix look? Hmmmmmm Ware Hare human it is.

Finally in the latest chapter I felt like I managed to draw him like I always (almost) imagined….soooo if you like to follow this story…just …enjoy the comic

So heres a little sketchdump ive been wanting to draw for a while hahah

and ill try and not make him 100% human by the end of this comic

I felt like drawing kid Toya so here he is

It was only after I re-read his files did I realize the scientists were trying to electrocute this child omg…they kept shocking him with different voltages but Toya didn’t care, he only cared about his TV show

That makes him a little scary tbh

Also he looks a bit like a Little Emperor (spoiled only child)

It’s Gawdzilluh.

I was listening to the score of Godzilla (2014) while drawing in Photoshop, so I felt inspired to draw Godzilla. Then I drew another pose for him, and realized I wanted to animate him, but I had already started in Photoshop instead of Toon Boom, but I hadn’t animated in Photoshop before, but then I figured I’d try, and then I found out it wasn’t that hard, and exporting it as a gif was easier than I thought too…and yeah, here’s this rough animation. I don’t know if I’ll ever clean it up, but I like it.

I’ve only seen the original from 1954 and the 1998 one and this new one, so I’m not a ~true fan~ but I do really like giant lizard dinosaurs a lot I think. 

Waiting impatiently for that Pacific Rim animated series….

aNYways. Does anybody want to draw an OFF Batter reference? c:

ever since I started OFF 3D like 2 years ago, I’ve been wanting to try modelling him and Vader Eloha for the final part of OFF, and maybe even to animate/pose him in the original models I made ^-^ 

This is just purely a request, If I wanted to commission someone for it I’d probably have just approached someone for it, but there are so many different interpretations of how people see him that I think it’d be better if people just voluntarily did it if they felt like it~! Or at least, if anybody could refer me to someone they think draws him really well.

For the reference, yeah it just needs to be a front, side (and possibly back) drawing, with the heights of each part of the body being exactly in line with each view so I can model him a lot quicker! The feet also need to be flat on the ground too. 

So yeah, if you want to, know someone who wants to, or want to spread it about, go ahead~!

(I felt like I needed to try and draw a kissing scene because I haven’t done one in years, so have some FrUK. Just to say, England is stripping and France has an arm around him. Now that is done, time to draw some answers.

Mun out!)

This doodle dump needs a lot of explaining to do:

  1. I’ve wanted to draw Papyrus differently for a reeeeeal long while now. I’ve had a struggle with myself on how the frig to make his face work, I wanted to avoid this style cause I felt I lacked the ability to show enough emotion through it. Spoiler: I was wrong
  2. I was feeling meh?? I wanted to draw Papyrus emotional and sad?????
  3. there is no story or context behind anything, I really wanted to draw him happy, but cause of my crappy feeling mood, I couldn’t myself to cheer him up, so I decided to throw Sans in to help his bro out
  4. the baby sans and pap were impulse done

I really don’t like this sketch dump, but I do at the same time??

trying to get looser with my art, and just go with it. Also trying to practice with Pap’s face