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A very old man came into today at around 11:15 and let us know that he wasn't going to order yet because he was waiting on two people who were supposed to meet him at 11:30. Well 30 mins pass and no one has shown up for him so he tells us that he'll go ahead and order. He eats his meal at a four person table waiting for these people-and they never showed up. I felt so bad-and so did my manager. So when he ordered a shake, we comp'd it.

T_T Now I have so many sad scenarios going through my mind. Maybe it was supposed to be his kids having lunch with them or his grand kids. Maybe some old high school or war buddies that used to have a traditional meal there every year and the reason they didn’t show was because they died. :( -Abby


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood



– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<


“I’m really not interested in superstition, or being some muttering wise woman cheating people with boiled nettles and entrails.
I want to heal people. I want to learn.”

Sugar Pine 7 Season 1 Finale poster



“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”