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I would love to animate better in the future, but apparently I am so awful at it I shouldn't pursue it. I tend to lack the patience, so my animation efforts have been… not smooth. As a beginner, is this normal for animators to feel like this to start out with? I know that if I keep practicing and learn a little bit of patience, I can be better.

When I entered Gobelins I thought I was the worst student in my class, then, when I started to work as a professionnal, I felt so bad at animation that I was sure nobody would ever hire me as an animator and, after 10 years as a 2D animator who have been working on many feature films, commercials and all kind of movies, I’m still wondering why people are hiring me because I feel terrible at what I do. But I’m still hired, which means I imagine I’m not that bad at what I’m doing.
2D animation is one of the hardest art to learn, it’s hugely difficult but if you work hard, you’ll get better at it, I can promise you that. So work a lot, try not to desperate, take pleasure, and you’ll become better than you think :)

Thoughts on The Fosters 3x08

- First I need to say that this was a truly beautiful episode

- I liked that we got to know more about Rita, she’s an amazing character and I believe her when she said she didn’t hit Carmen.

- I know everyone is hating on Brandon, but it’s like Stef said, that he had it easier than the others doesn’t mean he doesn’t get hurt too. He’s a human being, that maybe makes too many stupid mistakes, but still.

- I loved Jude in this episode (I always love him, but he was even more amazing in this). The “why do you keep doing this” line was the best. And when he was with Mariana watching Callie’s video, I felt so bad for him, how hard had must be for him. I’m so happy he finally found a good place.

- CONNOR IS BACK. For only like 30 seconds, but at least we got to see his beautiful face and acting all worried about his boyfriend.


- I’m not gonna give my opinion on the promo for 3x09 because first I want to watch the whole episode to understand what the hell is happening.

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i’ve been wanting to watch spirited away so bad.. like i just need to watch it again i need to i’ve felt so bad and idk why but i just need to watch that movie again..

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probably my most memorable dream was this one where i go to sleep away camp and it was super ghetto and i was in the lunch hall eating when some asian kid walked up to me and shanked me and i freaked out and i yelled "why did you do that" and he said "your from the enemy gang, your wearing their colors" so i freak out and i run to th e bathroom to wash my wound but he chased me, so i punch him and knocked him out but then i passed out and then the next thing i knew i woke up in my cabin...

One time I dreamed a guy was trying to rob me so I punched him in the stomach so hard he turned into a kid and started crying in pain and I felt so bad afterwards

Like, I spend the whole day feeling bad for the poor manchild

Because I Don’t Sleep At All Without You Pressed Up Against Me

HI so this is a kinda sorry-i-haven’t-been-posting-that-much-but-here-have-this-while-u-wait-for-bwybms kinda thing aLso what is UP with the title how long do i have to make it smh im sorry ANYWAY i decided to write a lil more of the more-than-bestfriends-less-than-boyfriends kinda thing because imo it’s so underrated and CUTE so thsi is kinda written on those grounds i hope it ok anyway BYE

words: 3.3k


dan and phil are tired teenage art students who nap together a lot


Dan doesn’t think it should be legal to wake up before nine am.

He yawns, throwing his bag up to his bed on the top bunk, leaning against the metal ladder, and fighting the urge to throw himself up there along with his luggage. They have to be out of the hotel by six pm, something about visiting a seaside museum, bring your sketchbooks, don’t be late, blah blah blah – Dan had stopped listening after the first two minutes.

He hasn’t slept in what has to be over thirty-six hours; he’d lost last night’s sleep to cramming in some last-minute packing at four in the morning after having forgotten about it all night, and by the time he’d finished, it had been time to leave for the trip. He hadn’t been able to sleep on the coach – in his opinion; noisy, clumsy, uncomfortable and dirty vehicles aren’t exactly the best napping environments; especially considering he’d often be described as one of those annoying ‘fussy sleepers’ who literally cannot get to sleep unless they’re in absolute pitch darkness and silence. Which, considering he’s sharing a room with five others for a week, is probably going to cost him another couple of nights’ sleep, so he’ll be sure to look forward to that.

He doesn’t quite know why he’s even going on this stupid art trip. He’d only used it as an excuse to skip school for a week, but now he isn’t too sure where he’d rather be.

He yawns again, squeezing his eyes shut and scratching his head. Fuck, he doesn’t want to go out tonight. He doesn’t think he can manage it; he’ll get half an hour into the museum before passing out on the floor.

The en-suite bathroom door shuts, and his black-haired classmate emerges, drying his damp face with a flannel. If Dan didn’t know any better, he’d assume Phil is just as tired as he is and had just splashed cold water on his face in an attempt at staying awake.

That doesn’t seem like a bad idea, actually. Maybe he should try it.

“You alright?” Dan raises his eyebrows, eyeing the boy up and down.

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okay okay so this is  my old old post like almost a year old but when I posted it then it was altogether in one picture and I put so much effort into detail etc that I felt bad about ruining some of the quality of each individual picture. Also I’ve been re-listening to The Titan’s Curse and thinking about this more and I thought I might as well as post it again like a year later even though my art has improved so much okay rip me goodbye enjoy higher quality


i fell in love with your despair | a hannibal x will playlist

“in my defense, i fell in love with his despair.
his hands were glowing embers, and i was
looking for a fire to warm myself by. he made
me forget that even the moon is just a floating
rock when the sun isn’t lighting it up from
behind, and even the most ordinary things can
look extraordinary in the right slant of light.

in my defense, i wanted to be the hero.
i thought i could save him, so i used my
body to cushion the impact when he
crashed into the earth.

in my defense,
his burning mouth. in my defense,
the craters he left in my skin.”



“Grandma, I’m scared.”

“Listen carefully. You’ve been taken over by a ghost…I’m talking possession.”


“Do you ever think about what it would be like, our family I mean, without the triples?” Everest questioned, his voice trembling.  To speak his thoughts aloud was surely not something he should be doing, but with the absence of his parents in his life, he was unsure of much.

“Sometimes,” Ellery responded, his face falling.  “It’s like we no longer exist.”

And it was at that moment that the idea struck him, he and his brother had suffered through all of this, he had to protect him, to leave him a home in which he was cared for.  “I have a plan.”