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❝ We’re parabatai. We’re brothers. We’ve spent almost our whole lives together. How could we not love each other? 

Alec Lightwood & Jace Wayland - Jalec — Shadowhunters 1x05 gifs

There’s this short moment when Alec is like “oh my god really??” and i felt so bad for him because Jace is just like “yes, ofc, we’re parabatai, why should i not??” You can literally see the way Alec looks at him, he’s like, “oh my god, jace, dreams are coming true”. Jace just made Alec the happiest guy in the world and then broke his heart in just one moment. :( 

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(2 of 2) Another time another lady--who had already inserted herself awkwardly into multiple conversations without good cause--commented on how pretty an Orthodox Jewish woman's "hat thingy" was. Poor girl looked so uncomfortable and i felt bad for not knowing what to say to help ><;


I started playing sweet clown today. So far I really like the setting plus the music and art is gorgeous. I wanted to kick Razu and Cran (the two bunny things) for being little shits at the beginning but they felt bad afterwards so I can’t really hate them…well for now… 

First impressions Hinose is my favourite BECAUSE LOOK AT HIM. Plus Kakki voices him and for some reason I always go for the eyepatch ones >.>;

and this last guy you see….creeps me the hell out…

Birth of a dream

Chapter 27

The whole day I couldn’t stop thinking about the dream I had. I could not shake the fear I had of drowning. I found myself thinking about it non stop trying to figure out what it meant. I started to become distant from everyone. We went on a hike and Jared climbed up a few rock walls and everyone was having an amazing time. But here I was trying to figure out this cryptic dream. “Babe you ok? You look a little green?” Jared finally said once we got back to camp. Now that he had mentioned it I felt really nauseous, “I just need to eat something and I’ll be fine.” I said giving him a reassuring smile.

I wasn’t fine, I ate something and ended up throwing it up 20 minutes later. I felt so bad but all I wanted was to sleep for a little bit. I told everyone to go off and explore while I took a nap for a bit. Jared elected to stay behind with me despite my disagreement. “You can’t just stay here by yourself. If you get sick again you’ll need someone here. It’s fine, I’ve seen all of Joshua tree I promise I’d rather be here with you.”

Once asleep I had the same dream again. I woke up at the same part of me drowning, but this time I threw up right after I woke up. Thankfully I made it out of the tent before unloading breakfast. Jared left to get me some ginger ale and crackers so I was alone at the campsite. I went to the cooler to grab a water when I saw it. The same coyote from my dream. I was half tempted to chase it, but scared of it attacking me. I didn’t even hear Emma calling my name, “oh shit sorry em I thought I saw a coyote out in the field there, how was your hike?”
“You don’t look so good O.” She said backing away.
“I probably look how I feel. Ugh I’m sorry guys!! This is not how I wanted to spend this weekend!” I felt horrible
“Oh it’s fine sweetie you must just be having s bad reaction to the food or something” Emma said walking back to her tent to change.
“Yeah probably.” But then I thought about it. We all ate the same food. How could I be sick and no one else.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I frantically pulled out my phone to check the calendar. I could have thrown up again if I had anything in my stomach. Taylor must have seen the frantic horrified look on my face. “What’s wrong?!” She said grabbing my phone.
Just then Jared popped up behind me, “Boo!” I screamed louder than necessary.
“Jesus Jared!” I said slapping him hard. I didn’t mean to but he scared the crap out of me.
“Ouch! Jeez is that the thanks I get for grabbing you ginger ale, and crackers?”
“I’m sorry. I’m just feeling very off today.” I said making eye contact with Taylor.
I swear she read my mind because she looked down at my phone then got wide eyed and looked back at me.

She knew exactly what I was thinking. She knew why I was feeling sick.

I was late.

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Aw I just watched one of those daily vlogs on Youtube and Gillian messed up a line and she asked David to place his hand on her shoulder again to help her out with the line and he just in a very annoyed voice said "no" and she sighed and her eyes went everywhere and nowhere. I felt so bad for her cause she asked for help and he refused to help her out he just walked off and left her hanging. Which season is The Field where I died? It's probably nothing and they sound tired.

TFWID is Season Four. I don’t know…I think they were both a little awful back then, as David said. I mean, his frustration definitely peaked in ‘98 but Gillian was no angel either. Who knows what was going on that day. There were likely exhausted and did the take 500 times already. 

Not to sound all cult-ish but let’s focus on the NOW.

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Sorry for all the posts but apparently I’m live-blogging my train of thought tonight

One of my patients today was talking about someone’s weight and was like “oh she was just as skinny as (my coworker)” and my heart just sank. I just felt so bad about myself that she found an example of skinny in the room and it wasn’t me.

I’m well aware that I’m not skinny but it still hurts to be reminded of it. Just thinking about it makes me tear up.

guys this is not ok im not ok with this

he shouldn’t have to get frustrated and lower his head and say things like “don’t push don’t crowd, please i’m begging you guys, stop moving forward i’m begging you all, stop crowding move backward okay? this is too dangerous” not okaY

I really think it says a lot to watch Josh interacting with the other members when they try to speak English to him like whenever Hosh goes “Yo Josh yo Josh” and he straight up goes “Heyyyy Hosh what’s up man” like asdfghjkl; it’s so cute because he doesn’t go “don’t speak English” or even usually corrects their words harshly he just is such a cutie and will speak English with them as much as they want