so i feel like it needs to center around them


So…I felt like drawing Spike and Tails. I started this a while back when I got sick, but I was too weak to continue. So I was in a Spike mood since the last two episodes sorta centered around him. And well…I’m always in a Tails mood, so this happened.

Anyway, I really didn’t feel like coloring them so if you guys feel like coloring it, go ahead. In fact, I’m kind of hoping someone will because I’d like to see a fresh take on my art. Just be sure to let me know when you are done because I REALLY want to see it. Also, give me credit for the line art. But my biggest deal is getting to see it so PLEASE let me know! 

If you need a better file I’d be happy to give it to you just message me and I’ll do my best to get it to you.