so i feel less crazy

So I started reading Turtles All The Way Down last night at work. Never in my life has anyone put into words how my brain works. 

I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember, and I can never explain it. Just “I have these thoughts,” and I just sound like a lunatic. But John Green put into words what has been happening in my head and makes me feel a little less crazy. I am so grateful for this book, it’s insane.

i was gonna apoligize for rbing more ososan stuff bc of the two ichi posts but then i remmebered that i currently have ichimatsu has my side image on my blog so

im just keeping up w the blog them e

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Im so glad even is pansexual. makes me feel less alone :( I still feel crazy sometimes though. I have heard more than once that im just bisexual

dont let them get to u bb:( go and live ur pan life 💗💛💙

I’m so in love and it’s the most intense beautiful thing but it also is painful, the worry that he is safe is painful, every part of me hopes he will be alright. But I just feel so alive and loved when things are less crazy. I love him

I realized something whilst wandering through the @walkerartcenter yesterday, I realized that My art is created with one true purpose in mind: to clear out the clutter in my mind so for a moment, if only one, I can feel less crazy. I wondered how many other artists feel the same, how many installations are nothing more than the pouring out of meaningless and frantic thoughts. I wondered if it’s only the viewer, the reader, the museum wanderer that assigns meaning at all. Maybe. Who is to say what is white wall gallery worthy and what belongs in the padded white walls of an asylum, I do not know, but mine too are crazy words, and I do not know where I would end up if I could not spill them out.

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Your icon is very sexy. And I hope you are feeling better. 😉

IT IS!?! I couldn’t stop looking at it yesterday after I cleaned up a little this sketch?

so handsome?????! 
Feeling a little better, yas… :)