so i feel for both of them

You Chose the Wrong Side (Peter Parker x reader)


1. Hey Bonnie! Could I please have a Peter Parker fic where he has this girlfriend (the reader) and he’s trying to keep his superhero life and “normal” life separate but they end up colliding and she’s put in danger. Angst (since you’re the angst queen) and she ends up dying or something? I’d appreciate it, thank you 

2. Can you do one where you’re Steve or Tony’s daughter and you’re with Peter Parker, and some villain makes peter choose between saving you or aunt may (or maybe even you and Gwen) and he picks the other? And your dad finds out and has to live with seeing the other person constantly, and peter feels constant guilt.

Past events are in italics

“You can’t possibly save them both, so stop wasting your time and decide who lives and who dies. The choice is yours to make, Mr. Parker.”

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Ngl….the thought of Lance having to pilot the Red Lion makes me so uncomfortable. It feels unnatural…I don’t think it would be good for either Lance or Red tbh. Red is really attached to Keith, Lance has insecurities circling Keith and the idea of being his replacement. I feel like Lance and Red’s bond would feel forced for both of them and it would cause a lot of issues with the team trying to form Voltron.

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Idk if this has been answered before but why does Dazai wear all of those bandages?

Officially? Nobody knows, this has never been addressed in the manga or anime other than Kunikida calling him a ‘bandage wasting device’ and Chuuya calling him ‘extra stuff that comes with the bandages’. There are symbolic theories and theories it covers his scars from past injuries.

My totally canon theories?
• Mummy Aesthetic
• Covering his gangsta tats. thuglife no ragrets
• Idolizes spider man, wants to fly around the city so he deploys them like webbing.
• Insulation
• Covering his mass amounts of body hair like you could braid his Rapunzel chest hair. 

In all seriousness I feel like they’re symbolic because of how they were used in Oda’s final scene. Oda ripped them off his head so he could see with both eyes instead of one and Dazai no longer had this tunnel vision of the Port Mafia being his only way of living. I could see them being to cover his scars, but I think its just part of Dazai’s eccentric personality. 

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6, 14, and 44!

6. Favorite fic (or one of them)?

I’m gonna cheat and give three. 
Favourite series - Of Sorrow And Bliss by @sunflowerseedsandscience because I don’t read WIPs very often but this was so worth the anticipation of each new chapter (also Natalie churns them out as such a ridiculous high pace that it doesn’t feel like a WIP!)
Favourite drabble - Gnaw by @chileananderson because this hit me like a tonne of bricks and I wanted to yell at Mary for hurting me (and yes both of these were mentioned in my last answer)
Favourite longer one-shot - Precipice by @2moms-0fucks because it was one of the first XF fics I read became my headcanon for all things

14. What tropes/elements/scenarios get you the worst?

I’d not really considered it but given my last answer I guess cancer arc? But I’m a sucker for angst in general.

44. How fluffy is too fluffy?

I like my angst. I like to hurt when I read fic. For me to like fluff it has to be really good fluff. And short. Pet names, overly sweet dialogue, fluff with no purpose… no thanks. There are plenty of fluffy drabbles that I’ve liked and reblogged though!

Thank you! 💜💜💜

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i am not at all against the idea of black paladin lance, like let my son lead the team and i will be the happiest, i just think he is not ready yet, he's got alot to learn, too much inside of him that would hold him back from leading the team. Lets be honest he is a mess from the inside like this boy is insecure about his own lion i wanna see his bond grow stronger with blue. Lance can pilot the black lion ofc but right now imo he isnt ready, he needs to grow first he's just not there yet.

this is why i want Lance and Keith to co-lead!!! obviously Shiro left Keith in charge and all, but i think it would be super beneficial for the both of them if they shared the burden of leading the team! Keith would feel overwhelmed by having to shoulder the burden of black paladin, so sharing that burden with Lance will help him immensely because 1) he won’t feel as anxious and will be more relieved, and 2) it will teach him the teamwork skills he seriously needs to learn instead of playing the lone wolf all the time.

as for Lance, him having the chance to let his leadership traits come out will boost his confidence! he’ll start to learn how important he really is to the team when he realizes that they depend on him (and Keith) to guide them.

i need these boys to grow together…its all i want……

It saddens me to think that throughout Ed & Oz’s relationship, Ed never thought that Oz loved him enough to risk his life for him. He admitted to Oswald that he would do anything for him knowing that he wouldn’t do the same.

Kind of reminds me of Oswald’s back in 3x06. Oz wanted to tell Ed that he loved him knowing that Ed might not feel the same way back.

I’m so excited for them to be friends again so that now they would both be on the same page knowing what they are willing to do for the other.

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Dissociation vs repressed memories What's the difference?

Dissociation is when a certain experience/memory/feeling is so overwhelming that we can’t stay present and it’s emotionally safer for us to not be mentally “there.” Repressed memories are memories that were too traumatic for us to recall and so our brain sort of hides them so we can continue to live. xoxo I hope that helps and makes sense! I have videos about both btw :) xox

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Hi, I wanted to ask if you could explain something to me? In a vlive Namjoon said that Spring day was written based in Suga and his experiences, and I understood that both took their feelings and experiences with ex-friends or friends in which the distance between them grew to write the song. But I've seen other people interpret it as the song being about Yoongi and Namjoon's friendship? I'm confused now, so I wanted to ask what you thought about it.

i think it’s because of the vague translation? in ‘ynwa preview show’ namjoon said he and yoongi put their personal stories/experiences/feelings in it, like the song comes from their experiences, both namjoon and yoongi have gone through such kind of feelings expressed in the song. it’s similar to a biographical movie? and in ‘ynwa behind v live’ (on cn+), namjoon said he has always wanted to write a song about friends and that he wrote the lyrics thinking of his old friends whom he hasn’t met in a long time and wants to meet. of course the song is open for interpretation but we should be clear about the motivation behind the song’s creation.

I love this little scene for its deep meaning and the promise behind it. It demonstrates the commitment between Jane and Lisbon, their connection. They are not married officially yet and a proposal is a big step for Jane, but it is certainly something he has considered. Lisbon’s family is already his too, he sees them that way, and he feels he belongs there, because he’s been accepted. And Lisbon, in her turn, feels so comfortable bringing him ‘home’, and calling it their home, she can’t put it in another way. There’s a ‘we’ for both of them now, and both of them have stopped running away from whatever deprived them of this freedom. Everything they do together, every new step they take, things that they share come so naturally to them. It’s there even in their postures, and in how they savor the moment.

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I never thought it would happen but Daryl made me cry more on episode 10 than Carol with his broken voice and face when he asked why she left and that he found out she "just left" man his face I had been dying to see for years of shipping them, proof that he loves her more than anyone else, even though their scenes were so short I really think the episode delivered in giving confirmation of feelings on both sides

I read some people around upset that he was a little “mad”/ a little hurt in the first hug and kind of upset with her, hurt, and reading it like he doesn’t care so much about her and I’m like… to me it only made his feelings even more canon?

Is what I said, he showed everyone how much he loved her, how much she is his whole world, but he held back a lot from her, simply because he wanted to be there for her this time (also because he knew if he allowed himself to just feel, he might had not ever left that house).

But that first hug? It was the moment where he was bare to her. Daryl simply looked at her and exposed everything she is to him, everything she means to him, and more, how much powers she has over him, because she is the person who makes him the happiest in the world and the person who can destroy him by just… leaving.

The way he says “Morgan said you just left” and “why’d you go?” And the way he looks at her

Is him telling with all letters that she didn’t only left her family, she left HIM, and he just-


Ages and timelines.... family Silverback

Welp, I’m completely back to drowning in feels for this lil family… I haven’t done anything with them in such a long time, damn you fatesona-community for giving me an excuse to re-light my burning love for exessive character building…

(I swear I’ll get back on Vivi + Enn [AND ALL MY OTHER CONTENT BESIDES FATESONA-STUFF…] asap, but there’s a lot of character building going on for the family Silverback atm)

SO, age-HCs, timelines and support possibilities! I’m including King Garon and Gunther in these age HCs, because both play a pretty central role for the family Silverback’s lore pfft…

So, ages of the characters at the beginning of the game;

  • Garon 60 yrs
  • Gunther 64 yrs
  • Miyu 44 yrs
  • Alfons 19-20
  • Vera 16-17
  • Miyu’s father, Alexander 63 yrs (would be, if not deceased)
  • Miyu’s mother, Hitomi 65 yrs (would be, if not deceased)

Ah, yes…. old Miyu is now a thing, I suppose. Then some timeline business;

  1. Alexander Silverback and Hitomi Takamura are both well-respected soldiers of their respective armies. By a fate’s trick, the two fall
    in love and flee from war to live among a friendly village of beastkin.
  2. Miyu is born to Alexander and Hitomi when the two are 19 and 21 respectively.
  3. The family is found by a passing Nohrian squad and brought to Windmire. Miyu’s parents are executed when she’s 4 years old, AKA 40 years ago. She’s taken in by Gunther, her late fathers friend, as to shelter her from a life of isolation and death by starvation.
  4. Miyu begins training under Gunther’s guidance.
  5. By her 17th year, Miyu’s grown into a full-fledged soldier with a specialization in assassinations. She serves King Garon and his trusted men.
  6. By her 24th year, Miyu has given birth to her firstborn, Alfons. The father is unclear????? Is it Gunther??? Some random soldier???????? who knows I sure don’t
  7. Three years later, she gives birth to a daughter, Vera.

HERE’S WHEN IT GETS DIFFICULT…. does she stay in the castle or disappear… what happens to the kiddos… what is her relation to everyone in the castle exactly…… who knows bc i sure have no clue…

ANYWAY, this brings us to support-business; I’ve figured I’ll make the family Silverback’s available support charts as follows;

  • Miyu: Adult units
    • S-supports available?? Both genders
  • Alfons: Adult units
    • …with a few exceptions; Should Miyu marry someone and get a new child, Alfons will be able to support with his new siblings, for example, as well as Vera’s partner.
  • Vera: Child units
    • …with a few exceptions; She can support a few of her mother’s comrades, as well as her brother’s/mother’s new partners should they marry.

More to…. come… maybe???? I’m getting into serious self indulgence here oh gosh I’ve missed this family lots and lots lmao….

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Another eastern asian here. The highlights of my fandom experience was when 10,000+ people jumped on a post claiming shiro and keith were related because their last names both end with 'gane'. And the time they said she!th isn't progressive because they're pale skinned and basically white, but would be a yaoi because they're probably both eastern asian. I would have been less mad if this didn't come out from people believing shipping a ship automatically gives them moral intellectual highground.

listen….i hate “br0ganes” so much cause i feel like it has racist undertones. keith and shiro having pale skin doesn’t make them white? asians can have pale skin, that doesn’t make them any less asian. i hate people acting like they’re so much better for liking a “progressive” ship because shipping isn’t activism 


i love camila and her personality and voice but i dont think she ever really fit in the girl group image(liking to dance and be “fierce”), i think she fit the cute pop girl group situation but once that fifth harmony era was gone, she started to stick out.

and then her voice was way overused, became overrated, and the rest of the girls’ talent was stepped on and became extremely underrated.

I would in no way EVER blame them(ot4) for being upset about that.

camila’s voice isn’t bad but just different from the rest of fifth harmony

I like camila as a solo artist if they can just use her voice correctly and not autotune it to death, for no reason.

then it was worth it to leave fifth harmony

I need, and i feel like the world needs both fifth harmony AND camila right now

and they are both so god f$$#cking inspiring to me, and all of their fans

it make me devastated to see the difficulty they are facing in this stage and i hope to god they can mend this ASAP.

its pretty obvious they cared about each other, the bond they had would be pretty hard to fake completely for that long, seriously.

I have always admired how they handled being put in a girlgroup after auditioning as solo artists and how bonded they became.

it hurts us to see them obviously hurting and being awkward and having unsaid things and unfinished business.

i know we wont be content until we know a lot more details of what happened.

because of lot of what has happened appears to conflict the messages they always preach to us.

and i pray they aren’t stuck in some crazy financial situation, and they really are staying together for more albums because it is still their dreams and they want to inspire us.

lol ..this is morbid but ….what if they are like the last american girl group because of Trump…..

or they could be known as the girlgroup that got us through the great Trump depression.. to look on the small bright side.

we love you but we are confused and conflicted and hurt still.

we dont want to see the talent we’re see all these years from you and hard work to go to waste.


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Yo! (it currenty says the ask box is open but if its not im really sorry) Could you maybe do a poly nabstablook and mettaton w/ a really skittish S/O with lots of emotional baggage but are like fun and playful? (Ahhhh sorry if this annoying *throws love at the mods*)

ah, well, napstablook & mettaton are cousins, so i’m just going to chalk this relationship up to: they’re dating the reader but not each other bc that’d be Weird - M.M.

Napstablook/Reader/Mettaton Poly Relationship:

You’ve got a good sense of support in both of them. For times when you’re feeling down & just need someone to vent to, Napstablook always has a (proverbial) ear open. They’ll let you talk as much as you want, & while they don’t have much advice to give, they’ll offer to lie on the ground with you & feel like garbage for a while. It’s what works best for them. & when you’re a bit braver, feeling a bit more up to it, Mettaton will be more than happy to flaunt you around town. He’ll run you ragged for hours, going from store to store & stuffing your arms with anything you so much as glance at, making sure to end the day on a more wound-down note, just for the sake of both of your nerves. In short, while their ways of helping you out differ quite a bit, they’ve both got their own unique ways of letting you know that they care about you.

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Well this isn't a question really but this is more giving attention to the Slytherins of the mauraders. Lucius and Severus, you guys are literally my favorites and I love you both. I'm sending love to all the Slytherins who don't think they get enough attention but in my heart my world revolves around them the most. (I'm a Slytherin too) as for Xenophilius Lovegood, you deserve attention too so here we be 💚 Love my precious Slytherins and ravenclaw ^.^

Lucius & Severus: Thank you!

Xenophilius: That’s so kind of you, I feel honoured that I get to be the only Ravenclaw included with the Slytherins.  Thank you very much! 

I reallllly was not expecting my little anecdotal screw-up to go viral like this. XD I was honestly just posting it because it was funny to me that I missed something so obvious.

I dunno how many of you will read this but I feel inclined to say a few things in response to the post.

1) My thumbnails are indeed mostly missing on both of my hands. I have tiny slivers of a thumbnail on the edges of my thumb. No, I did not chew them off. I literally popped outta the womb like this. It is a hereditary genetic deformity called Nail-Patella Syndrome. I have other bodily deformities too because of this condition. No, it does not hurt. I do occasionally get people asking me about this IRL as well so I thought it’d be neat to post about NPS. 

2) Those of us who didn’t realize our pen holders had nibs in them aren’t stupid. We didn’t read the instruction manuals or notice what all our tablet came with contents-wise. Some of us might have gotten our tablets as gifts, too. None of this makes us stupid. Maybe a little unobservant, but we ain’t idiots. You can inform others about things you know about without being mean about it. 

I’m glad my post was able to inform other artists that they may have extra nibs that they didn’t notice. Some of you thought this was common knowledge but hey, not everybody pays attention to these things and that’s okay too! I’m glad I was able to save some of you 10 bucks though. :P

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your opinions on VK are flawless and I love reading your posts because you way you word things is so clear and they help me sort out my own thoughts on things. i know this chapter seems to have been disappointing to some but I still have hope for Yuuki to be redeemed even if it's foolish. in your opinion, what do you think needs to be done for zeki to be "cleaned up" and also did you like yuukis confession this chapter or do you feel it was lacklustre? TIA! 😊

Aw well thank you so much for saying so, I’m glad my posts can help you organize your thoughts - they help organize mine, too, which is part of why I make them. :)

I don’t think it’s foolish for Yuuki to be redeemed at all. Yuuki fulfilled her promise and fell to Kaname’s level at the end of the original series, and Hino was disappointed with leaving both of those characters that way so I do think that this new series is her way of raising them back up again so she can feel satisfied that their journey as characters was complete. 

To be perfectly honest, Yuuki’s actions wouldn’t look as bad if Zero wasn’t just accepting whatever she’d give him without considering for himself what his own needs are. He’s only considering Yuuki’s needs at the expense of his own, and that’s not healthy. It’s very similar to how Yuuki acted with Kaname, and while the dynamics here aren’t quite as bad (Yuuki isn’t as messed up as Kaname and Zero isn’t as messed up as Yuuki) it’s still enough for comparisons to be drawn. 

Zero’s level of understanding and patience with Yuuki is endearing and sweet, don’t get me wrong. I know that he’s trying not to pressure her, that he wants her to decide in her own time and on her own terms when she’s ready for a relationship. But he is neglecting his own needs in the process, which isn’t healthy. He is enabling Yuuki to not face her pain by acting as a security blanket, which also isn’t healthy. And we see in this chapter that it’s beginning to take its toll on him. 

So what I need to clean up the ship is for this unhealthy behaviour to be addressed and corrected. I need for their relationship to be give and take from both of them, not just one giving and the other taking. I would like for Yuuki to acknowledge her own transgressions against Zero - she didn’t think she had the right to face him in Night 90 because of what she did, so what changed? Did she ever address that? We’ve never been shown it so we have to assume the answer is no. 

And ultimately, what I need is for both characters as individuals to become healthy again. Neither of them are in a healthy mental state right now, and we’ve seen what that can do to a relationship in this series. I don’t want that for Zeki, and I don’t think anyone else should, either. Not if we’ve been criticizing Kaname and Yuuki’s relationship up until now. There’s obviously some major differences, but there’s enough similarities to begin raising some red flags and I don’t want it to progress further than it already has. I didn’t ship Yuuki with Kaname for a reason, and I do not want a version of that ship with the characters I actually wanted together. 

As for Yuuki’s confession, it… wasn’t really a confession? All she did was ask to start over with Zero, which is the same thing she did to Kaname when she couldn’t answer his feelings because she was confused by them and didn’t know what she felt. Yuuki has told the readers that she loved Zero, and that he was the boy she wanted to cherish (finally answering for us at least what it is that Zero meant to her - a question he asked way back in arc one) but she has never told Zero and the end of this chapter didn’t change it. We also know that this is six months after Yori’s funeral, but that Zero and Yuuki didn’t make their relationship official until a full year after she died. So there’s still six months unaccounted for. 

What I did like about it though was that Yuuki acknowledged how “even now, I can smile like this.” She’s admitting that even though things are hard, she’s able to smile, and that’s because of Zero which is in direct contrast to her relationship with Kaname where it was emphasized how she lost her smile with him. In both scenarios, she was sad at times and struggling, but one was able to make her happy and the other was not. She also shows explicit gratitude for Zero’s patience and understanding, which I appreciate. And, I mean, Yuuki herself is very endearing in the scene. There’s also a parallel to the hand holding scene - the first one, Yuuki was hesitant and partially reassuring Zero the only way she could at that moment. The second one, at the end, Yuuki is answering Zero’s feelings the only way she can at that moment which is to start over and see how things go from there. It’s a step forward, but not necessarily the one Zero was expecting. And for me, it’s a start, but it’s not quite enough. I need for her to acknowledge her feelings for Zero, and not just the reader. Maybe it’s supposed to be “implied,” but I’d like more than that. From Zero, too, since he’s never actually said the words himself either. I also think that it’s interesting how Yuuki mentions that Zero is able to smile with her, yet we spent the chapter following Zero’s thoughts and watching him get increasingly insecure and despaired. He’s obviously been sheltering her from his suffering, which is a kind gesture, but not a healthy one if they’re going to be in a committed relationship. So the communication really needs to be opened up and they need to face their issues head on. 

Hope that answered your question! Also, sorry for the delayed response - I forgot I read it and didn’t reply yet. ^^;

my mom just freaked out and threatened to stab my dad to death with this knife she was holding while cooking and I tried to leave and she made me sit down in front of them and watch them fight and scream at each other I Want To Die. and then she asked me if I needed help with my math hw and I said no cuz they both don’t know how to do this type of math and she freaked the fuck out and screamed at me about how I’m so isolated and not normal and how I don’t ask for help and make her feel unneeded and :) I want to fucking die Tbh.Honest I didn’t even do anything ugh and the reason I don’t fucking ask for help with anything is because when I do something wrong you flip out and call me names and make me cry and make me feel like an idiot so Um?Maybe that’s why I don’t ask for help?The last time I did dad fucking slapped me because I started crying when he yelled at me?Perhaps? Just a thought? And then she said I hope I feel guilty for the rest of the week and that I think about what I’ve done the rest of the night and I feel so bad. What did I even do..why am I always such a fuck up I can’t do anything right

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I've read you 'how you handle dissociation in session'. But, can I ask what are usually clients doing at that time? Do they stare at one spot? Do they rememer any of it?

In general, it really depends on the client so I’m going to get really general here. Dissociation can look similar to a client’s normal presentation but something feels off. If a client is struggles to share emotions and become highly emotional - I’ll want to check it out. That can look like spacing out or an exaggerated startle response (more so than normal). Time and understanding both get wonky. Sometimes there will be rapid movement. Sometimes it’ll be total stillness. As to memory, it depends on if they fully dissociated. Full dissociative episodes usually mean they can’t remember what happened during that period. Sometimes all someone will remember is the therapist grounding them. Other times, its bits and pieces. I usually try and start with what the client does remember and go from there. The dissociation is the protective element but it’s not where the healing occurs.

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Archie's s/o being so afraid that betty and Veronica would hate them when they first started going out with Archie tho, bc of how he treated betty when he told her he didn't like her the way she loved him, and Veronica siding with betty but when B and V hear that from Archie they both feel so bad (they kinda had been cold shouldering them)and hunting them down to make sure they know that they love them (even if it meant b&v scared the shit out of them in the hallway & made them drop their stuff)

B&V are an iconic pair and I hope they never get teared apart tbh