so i feel for both of them


Nanami’s mom and Yukiji are both so unbelievably gentle and loving towards Nanami.

Both of them have been through so much, which is why the amount of comfort and happiness they feel around Nanami is so heartwarming.

Even though they were only with her for a short while, I’m glad Nanami has two such amazingly strong and kind women as family.

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I like that Touka was never grossed out by Kaneki's physical abnormalities and as soon as she saw him being shy about she tried to take off her shirt.

I think that’s what love really is, you don’t care about how they look, or what they do… after all his mistakes she’s still there for him, and I’m sure it must be weird for Touka to be naked in front of him so he says that she looks beautiful, knowing the opinion she once had about her own beauty, thinking that she was a monster and feeling devastated when Kimi told her how beautiful she was while she had her kagune and kakugan activated. Both have always accepted each other in the end, no matter how angry they could be about it, they’re always there to kiss their wounds and help each other heal a little. I know there’s a lot of drama coming out but… i just feel that things will be alright between them in terms of being there for each other, their development as two, even if drama strikes them, they will know how to resist to it together, I think it’s time for them to face the bad things together, they’ve been apart for so long, i think their relationship needs to change in that aspect, it doesn’t mean that they won’t suffer but it’s different to suffer together instead of doing it alone, it’s easier and more comforting, and that’s what Kaneki needs to his development, to learn to share the sorrows instead of dealing with them all alone.

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But like,,, what if Bing and chase eventually developed an emotional attachment? Because they have so much in common and stuff! (Sorry I'm just trash and I am always on the look out for more ships and this is cute as heckie)

aw, that’d be cute! i feel like it would be a little one sided at first, but it could go both ways!

like bing starting to have feelings for chase but knows that chase just came out of a divorce from his wife so he knows that he should wait.

or chase starting to have feelings for bing and knows that he should move on and find someone new, but just being nervous because he doesn’t know if bing feels/can feel the same.

they probably just bro it up until one of them is brave enough to pull a move. 💚

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Met this guy 5 years ago. I liked him a lot but we ended. He since got girlfriends but when we'd hang out to watch movies we'd cuddle & it always ended up turning into making out/grinding. When I get a boyfriend and we stop hanging out. But go to when My heart breaks we start "hanging out" again. This time is different though we've both matured past innocence & now we're fucking & god it feels so perfect with him. The part where it's all a secret is so hot. But most of he's as kinky as I am!!❤️

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hi i'm having a really bad day and your blog always makes me feel better, do you have any nice poseidon/hades friendship (ish) headcanons, or any god you're willing to do <3 you don't have to do this but thank you

I’m sorry to hear that! I hope tomorrow is better xx 

  • synchronized eye rolls when Zeus is going off on some “I am the King” tantrum 
  • comparing notes on having a wife who Takes No Shit 
  • both of them just marveling at the fact that they have sons who they admire which hasn’t happened in so long, and like they don’t really talk about it but both of them think of the other and wonder if they feel the same pride 
  • one winter solstice Zeus is running late and they entertain themselves by doing their best impressions of him and when thunder rumbles they’re both like “I will never understand why he was mother’s favorite” 

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I would love to see a full image of period drama Tom Hiddleston, I have an idea that he is an aristocrat and you are in love with Keanu who doesn't have a wealthy background but worked hard for his success now, Tom feels that he is better than him and wants you to be his, he explains the perks of you having a title but you still aren't interested.

I’d just like both of them in a film!

But if it was a period drama, i reallyyyyy need Thomas to be the evil brother. Ahahah. What else is new?

But i mean… Keanu is much older than him so god knows if it would work… well yeah.


Keanu could be the older and collected brother. Mature. Polite and romantic. 


Or perhaps for this he could be blonde… although he’ll look even more innocent. D:


don’t wanna cry theory

they said that “dont wanna cry” is a continuation of “smile flower” so i looked at the both lyrics and there is really a story;

also this is long ass af but it really brings everything to it’s due place !!

hope u enjoy reading ♡

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One of the things I like about the little canon ereri stuff we get is the idea that the tragic death of Levi's old squad is something only Eren and Levi will understand and discuss about to each other. Like Eren will always feel remorseful about that so if he needs a shoulder to cry on, Levi is there to comfort him about it, cuz Levi understands. At least, that's what I like to headcanon.

I agree with you ^^. That’s such a nice headcanon.

Like you said, that is something only the both of them will understand. They were a team, and now they’re all gone except Eren and Levi.

According to the timeline, a full month passed between Trost and the 57th expedition. When you’re reading the manga/watching the anime, this stage passes kind of fast and it might seem like they have been together just for a short while. But they did spend a lot of time living together in the castle, training, cleaning, bonding.

Going through something so tragic together, and losing their comrades who they came to be so close to, had to be really hard for them. I hope Eren doesn’t blame himself for it anymore, but I would love to think that sometimes when they’re alone, they talk about the old times, share memories and remember Levi’s old squad together.

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I think i come up with cute scenerios (wish i was a little better tho but dont all artist?) and stuff but i feel bad because i think i wouldn't do them justice and completely fail them :C then it would go to waste so i get scared when writing.

Oh don’t we all feel the same? I’ve been sitting on both the spring break and missed connections aus for a while, because I’m worried the vision I have for them in my mind won’t translate to what will go down on paper?

But I read some good advice recently, about how you’re the only one that sees that vision… And even if it doesn’t match your expectations, you’re the only person who knows that “original” idea. No one else can compare and critique both versions? They only see the one that’s published. If that makes sense

And besides, the only way to get better is to write. It’s only wasted if you let it go

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I know how to solve the nipple piercing debate! Clarke gets one pierced and leaves the other alone so that way the people reading can just ignore half the boob smut that they don't like and Lexa gets the best of both worlds! I mean it's Clarke's boobs and Lexa is gonna love them either way, and maybe Clarke got one done cuz she was feeling rebellious but also didn't want to be too considered too edgy and get both pierced

Lmao genius

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Maxine, Danny and Ryan, thank god we've got them! That was perfect, I loved every line. They're both broken, we're all broken but I just feel like the show is so invested in them. I really believe they'll be fine. Bring on the next bit!

WE ARE BLESSED! I can’t believe how lucky we are - we have Danny and Ryan who are just two of the most incredibly talented actors, who really, really, care about their characters, have this great friendship in real life, and completely e l e c t r i c chemistry on screen.

And then there’s Maxine, who I just have no words for. I’m convinced she is one of us. We have a member of our fandom writing for the bloody show. She writes actual fanfiction. Her episodes are golden. She understands these characters intricately, and she can take something heartbreaking and painful and just give it so much soul and heart that it becomes meaningful and realistic and beautiful. 

Honestly, its been nearly two hours and my heart is still racing. They blew me away, all three of them!

I have sort of been trying bullet journaling the past two weeks, I havent done the whole way with like monthly and yearly planning because that’s too much for me right now. So I’ve sticked to just the daily spreads for now.

I don’t know if it’s really helping me getting things done, but it does help reduce small doses of anxiety/stress because the system is very forgiving when it comes to cancelled plans or when I feel like I have so much stuff I should do but I don’t remember most of what it is.

I remember never really using planners/calendars etc as a kid, mainly because I forgot to even use them - basically any notebook that wasnt a sketchbook were barely ever used.

The whole point of a so called “BuJo” is that you make it yourself, which makes it possible for me to use the same notebook for both drawing, writing and bullet journaling. I have a spread covering four days of planning - but I write the daily tasks/lists one day in advance and not more than that. Then during those four days I can use the remaining blank pages for whatever the fuck I want, and once I’ve reached the 4th day on the spread I can go and make a new spread for the next four days.

Only issue I’m having right now is that I usually only check my lists during the end of the day, meaning I easily forget to complete certain tasks. But knowing my ADHD, that’s mainly a matter of making it a habit to open up my notebook and check my list at the beginning of the day.

It’s fun tho. It is fun, gives me another reason to use my fountain pens.<3

One Last Time (Preview)

Pairing: Barry Allen X Reader (eventual Barry Allen x Iris West)

Summary: Barry Allen will do anything to save Iris West from dying even letting someone, who he believed he no longer had feelings for, make the ultimate sacrifice.

And it burns my heart that you don’t feel the flame
No, I just can’t make you love me
So hold me like you mean it
And I’ll pretend to feel it one last time

Y/N laid on the bed that she shared once shared with Barry Allen. The man she believed was the one for her. He was charming and sweet. And in the beginning of their relationship, he was the perfect gentleman with the exception of never being on time for any of their dates. But lately things had been changing for the both of them. Especially with their relationship. Y/N noticed how distant he was becoming with her. Spending more and more time at the West House than the apartment that they both shared. She wasn’t stupid at all. She was just naive to think that in her life someone would reciprocate the same feelings as her.

Slowly wiping the tears from her eyes, she got up from her side of the bed looking at the picture frame that sat on the nightstand. The smiles on the faces of the two people in the photo eliciting a frown on her face. She picked the picture frame up. Opening the back, she pulled the picture out and ripped the photo into pieces. Y/N looked at all the photos in the room and slowly began to pull all the pictures out of the frames. As she looked at Barry’s side of the bed, she looked at the photo on his nightstand and lifted the frame up. She was just about to pull it out of the frame when she heard his voice ask, “What are you doing, Y/N?”

Looking up at him with tears in her eyes, she whispered, “Will you hold me one more time?”

I’m so sick of people acting like cutting the Jason x Kimberly kiss in Saban’s Power Rangers (2017) is some major feminist movement. Because most of the people that say that also say Tommy is going to show up and I can’t wait to see Jason and Trini be jealous once Kim falls for Tommy. Because guess what, they cut the kiss because Jason and Kim barely fuckin’ knew each other. If you read the novelization after the flashback Jason does his stunt and gets into an accident then three weeks later the movie starts before detention.

Within the next few weeks (2-3) the teens become Rangers, train, form friendships and then save the world. The comic Aftermath hints heavily that Jason and Kim both have feelings for each other but don’t do anything because they still (BARELY FUCKING KNOW EACH OTHER!) So yeah I’m fine with them cutting the kiss to make the relationship MORE REALISTIC. Jason and Kim have more moments together throughout the whole movie over any other pairings BTW.

So if you support the deleted scene because it negates Jason x Kim solely to push up Kim x Tommy then you done fucked up. Because if Kim falls for Tommy in one movie then it falls into the troupe you “all hate.” The ‘heteronormative girl falls for guy because he is super prettybad ass mantm.’ So stop acting all high and mighty while you also ship couples meeting and falling in love after less than18 days.

Plus we’re probably not getting a sequel because y’all slept on the movie proving to Hollywood that diversity doesn’t sell tickets. Can’t wait for more bald white guys to dominate the next wave of films because it will make the studios billions and you all complain about no diversity. You done fucked up. Did you see the movie five times like I did? I tried to support this movie so we could get more diverse movies, I fuckin’ tried. I’M SO FUCKIN’ SALTY!

Prompt from klance-o-matic

Keith and Lance have been flirting unconsciously in the form of relentless competition for months. But when it goes to far and Keith gets hurt, Lance begins to question his feelings for him, realizing he might just loose the love of his life.

I hope this turned out how you wanted :’’)

Lance couldn’t remember when the competition went from simple, almost playful challenges to this.

He grunted at the feeling of the hilt of Keith’s bayard slammed into his gut, sliding backwards and letting out a slightly strained breath.

The two ‘trained’ together often and usually, one of them would end up with some kind of injury that would lead to the others scolding them for it. Lance and Keith were both used to it and it actually made them stronger, they got used to pain so it was easier to keep fighting on when going against the galra.

Lance raised his rifle, shooting at the Red Paladin and grunting when he blocked the shots with his shield, moving when he charged towards him. The Cuban has always been quick, though now he was getting faster from having to dodge Keith’s hits. Just as they were getting into the training, Shiro’s voice snapped them out of it.

“Both of you, knock it off! We got a distress signal, come on.” He ordered before heading for Black’s hanger. The teens looked at each other slightly before both took off to their lions.

“This isn’t over, Kogane.”

“Of course it’s not, McClain.”

How had they managed to drag their competition into the mission? They weren’t sure which on of them had started it, but now they were trying to see who could take out more robotic sentries than the other. At that moment, they were back to back, soft pants leaving both teens as they stared at the sentries around them.

The mission was supposed to be simple, they were just going to free some prisoners and then get out of there. They didn’t know that there were so many sentries, robotic and living, guarding the place. Pidge and Hunk were distracting anyone outside the ship while Shiro, Keith, and Lance infiltrated it. The Blue and Red Paladin decided to distract the guards while Shiro went and freed the prisoners and they were quickly beginning to regret it.

“You keeping up, Keith?” Lance panted out, grunting when the sentries’ shots hit his shield. He looked back at the other and felt an odd sense of worry for the other at how exhausted he looked.

“Of course I am.” The other growled out, clenching his fist and looking back at Lance slightly. The marksman had his bayard out once more and was returning fire at the sentries, his skill showing with how he took down many of the robotic sentries. Keith turned back around and began to fight the sentries on his side once more, trying to push down the concern he felt for his teammate.

“Both of you, back to your lions! The prisoners are with me!” Shiro’s voice came over the comm, snapping them out of their fighting daze. They looked at each other and nodded slightly before both took off towards where their lions were waiting for them. Lance would turn around while they ran to shoot at the sentries behind them while Keith would take down any that were in front of them. Their numbers seemed to go down, much to the paladins’ relief, and then were finally able to put their bayards away.

Of course, they should have known things wouldn’t be this easy.

They skidded to a stop at the sight of living as well as robotic sentries guarding their bubbled lions, bodies tensing as they sentries drew their guns. Both paladins brought their bayards back out, glancing at each other.

“Whoever gets to their lion first gets first servings of whatever Hunk makes tonight.” The Blue Paladin felt butterflies in his gut at the smirk that found its way onto his teammate’s face.

“You’re on.”

“Dammit, Keith, move!” Lance yelled, eyes following the last sentry as they fought the Red Paladin. They had taken all of the other sentries out, leaving them with one last living sentry. Sadly for them, it was one of the living sentries, so the galra actually knew how to do things better than the robotic sentries did.

“No! I got this!” Keith snapped over his shoulder, using his shield to block the shot before moving to block the sentry’s shot. Deep down, he knew this was ridiculous, he knew he should just let Lance take the shot, but his competitive side won over as he tried to take down the sentry.


“What is going on over there?!” Shiro’s voice came over the comm, snapping Lance out of his concentration and making him let out a frustrated growl.

“Keith, fucking move!” Lance snapped, tightening his hold on his bayard. His stomach churned when Keith had turned to face him, lips parting in a yell he hadn’t gotten out before the sentry had let out a stream of shots. Violet eyes widened as the shots connected with the middle of the Red Paladin’s back, a choked sound leaving him.


Lance watched his teammate fall to his knees, pupils dilated.


His finger twitched on the trigger before the Blue Paladin let out an angered yell and began to shoot at the sentry, only stopping when Red had powered up and brought her large robotic paw out to smack the sentry across the room where they laid, completely still. He let his bayard disappear and scrambled to the other, who’s chest was heaving.

“Keith? Keith, I’m gonna pick you up, okay?” Lance tried to keep the panic out of his voice, blue orbs wide as he stared down at him. Keith’s nod was shaky, but it was enough. Lance was careful as he hooked his arm underneath his knees and moved behind his back. He tried to block out his friend’s pained sound, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment.

“Lance, what happened? Where’s Keith?” Shiro’s voice echoed through the comm just as Lance climbed into Blue. He kept the smaller male on his lap, keeping him supported as he left the large station, Red on his heel.

“He’s hurt, bad, have Coran ready a cryopod and hurry.” He heard Shiro’s voice shouting out orders, but he wasn’t really paying attention. He was pretty much letting Blue fly herself, eyes glued to Keith’s face. The younger’s chest was heaving, his body trembling in the Blue Paladin’s hold. “Don’t you dare die on me..” Lance had murmured, hearing Shiro’s murmur of ‘Lance’, though not thinking anything of it. All that matter right now was Keith.

Lance’s eyes were glued to the cryopod that Keith was in, not looking away from the other’s face. He could hear the others talking behind him, but their voices seemed muffled. He couldn’t focus on what they were saying and by the looks they would send him when he’d glance at them from the corner of his eyes, they knew.

“Lance?” Shiro’s voice was cautious as the older male approached, placing his flesh hand on the smaller male’s shoulder. Concerned pooled in his gut when Lance didn’t answer him and he gently squeezed his shoulder, trying to look at him. When he finally turned his attention from Keith to their leader, there was a distant look in his eyes.

“I could have lost him today, Shiro…” His voice was quiet as he stared up at the other, blue orbs finally focusing. Shiro had parted his lips when Lance spoke once more. “I could have lost him and it’s all because we’re fucking children who don’t know when to keep personal shit out of the missions!” Lance’s voice slowly rose in volume as he spoke, gaining the others’ attention. There was a pained look in his eyes as they glossed over with unshed tears. Something in the older male’s chest clenched and he wrapped his arms around the shaking paladin, holding Lance’s smaller form close to his chest. A broken sound fell passed the cuban’s lips and he pressed into Shiro’s hold, letting his tears fall freely.

“He’s going to be okay, Lance..” The Black Paladin murmured into his hair, hand rubbing small circles into his back.

“I can’t lose him, Shiro..” The teen whimpered out, hands clenching the older male’s shirt tightly. Shiro let out a soft sigh, tightening his arms around him slightly.

“You won’t..”

Lance rarely left the med bay, only leaving when either Hunk, Shiro, or Pidge made him leave so he could eat and sleep that night. When the others had woken up, they found Lance leaning against the cryopod Keith was in, soft breaths leaving him as he slept against the freezing cold metal.

“He cares about him more than he lets on..” Allura had commented, arms crossing over her chest as she stared at the scene.

“Of course he cares about him, he loves him.” Hunk stated matter-of-factly, just as Lance had stirred awake. His best friend let out an affronted squawk of denial, startling the others, but making them laugh. Despite how he denied it, deep down, Lance knew it was true.

When Keith had fallen out of the cryopod that morning, sometime after breakfast, he collided with a hard chest. Two slim arms wrapped around his waist tightly, holding him upright as a relieved breath left the person holding him.

“You’re finally up.” Keith’s body tensed at the sound of Lance’s voice, the words being murmured into his hair. He squirmed slightly in the arms around him, but the larger teen only tightened them around him slightly. “You know, I was worried about you..”

“Lance..?” Keith’s voice was slightly strained as he hesitantly looked up at him. Lance finally looked down, blue orbs meeting confused violet eyes, and the Red Paladin’s heart clenched. Lance’s expression was soft, he had never looked at him like that before, and it sent butterflies all through him.

“Never do something dangerous like that again, idiota..” The older male’s voice was soft, arms finally loosening around the smaller male. Keith stared up at him for a long moment before nodding slightly, a shaky breath leaving him.

“I…okay..” He breathed out, his mind only just now processing just how close Lance was to him. If the Red Paladin really wanted to, he could lean up that small distance to press their lips together. Would that be a good idea, though?

Lance beamed down at him, the smile making Keith’s heart hammer away in his chest. The feeling of lips against his forehead brought heat up to his cheeks and he was quick to look down so the other wouldn’t see it. A quiet chuckle rumbled from Lance and Keith could feel it through his chest and wow, has he always had such a hard chest-

“Keith?” The younger snapped out of his daze and he looked up at him. Another soft chuckle left him and a small, amused smirk curled his lips upwards. “I said, do you need some help getting to your room?” Keith hesitated for a moment before looking off to the side slightly.

“I dunno, maybe?”

“‘Maybe’ is not a good answer.”

Keith had parted his lips to ask what he meant when he was quite literally scooped up. He let out a fairly loud yelp of surprise, arms flying around his teammate’s neck. Lance just snorted before leaving the med bay to take Keith to his room. When they had passed Shiro in the hallway, Keith tried not to think anything of the small curl of his friend’s lips, instead just looking up slightly at Lance.

He has a pretty face.

After the galra incident, Lance all but refused to accept any competitive idea Keith dropped whenever it came to fighting. It confused the younger teen, but he tried not to push too hard. He also seemed far more protective over the Red Paladin nowadays, trying his hardest to protect him during missions.

It was on this day, after a long mission that left all of the paladins tired, that Keith finally decided to confront his teammate.

“Lance?” Keith’s voice was quiet as he entered the other’s room, eyes scanning the room. His eyes landed on a lump beneath the blanket, hiding from the light that was coming in from the doorway. A tired ‘what’ left him, prompting Keith to come further into the room. “Can I ask you something?”

“Shoot.” The tired male murmured, finally moving the blanket enough to look at his friend. Keith’s breath hitched, eyes taking in the Blue Paladin’s appearance. For once, Lance’s hair was a mess and his eyes were barely open, just a slimmer of blue able to be seen.

He was cute and Keith didn’t know how to handle that.

“I, uh…wanted to know why you keep…protecting me?” His voice grew quiet, though it was obvious that the other had heard him with how he snorted, rolling onto his side so he was facing him better.

“What, can’t protect the person I love?” Though Lance’s voice was slightly slurred from how tired he was, there was a sincerity in his voice and eyes that hit Keith deep down.

“The person you love..?” His voice was quiet as he took a step closer to the half-asleep male, tensing ever so slightly when Lance reached out and took hold of one of his hands.

“Mhmm..” Blue eyes closed and Lance tugged on Keith’s hand ever so slightly before his hold became loose as he dozed off. The Red Paladin stared down at him for a moment before smiling softly, gently squeezing the sleeping male’s hand. He was careful as he moved to sit beside Lance, letting the older male move closer to him, a content noise leaving the Cuban.

“I love you, too, Lance..”

When the others checked in on them, they decided not to ruin the sight of the two of them sleeping, all curled up in each other’s arms.

yaayyy, i finally finished a prompt

dunno if this is how you wanted this to turn out, but thanks for the prompt :’)

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Hi! I'm just so excited but I have no friends to tell so imma tell you cause you seem nice and supportive towards your followers. I've been dating this girl for almost 8 months (I'm a girl) and we met a guy about 2 months ago. We started to all hangout together and we were very flirty etc.... turns out he feels the same way we feel!!! yesterday he asked both of us to be his girlfriends. Sorry if you don't care but I'm just v excited and happy to have them both

awawaw this warms my heart!! i luv this

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Hola! First of all, I love your art so bad I stg ❤️ Now, I recently discovered that you studied something like biology or environment related (idk exactly) and I was really surprised bc I study biology and also like to draw,but I feel like studying it's taking all my time. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to make them both compatible or something, bc I feel like if I dedicate myself to one of them the other one is left out and I want to study but not let the drawing behind

Hello! Yes I have a degree in Environmental Science. 

When I was studying that in university, I don’t remember drawing too much to be honest - but I did a lot of other, non-school things. It’s all about time management, and carving out blocks of time each day where you are committed to doing certain things. 

Read this post on time management:


apologies for my prolonged absence, everyone. inspiration sort of took a nosedive for several weeks there and i just wasn’t feeling ferp. been trying to get it to come back slowly — i’m working through replies on both blogs as quickly as i can; i know my replies are a month+ late in some cases, for which i deeply apologize. please do let me know if you’re not interested in continuing a thread; i understand, since it’s been so long for many of them, and definitely won’t be upset if you want to drop / do something else. if you don’t say anything, i’m going to assume we’re keeping it.

again, thanks for your patience o/ hopefully SoV will bring my inspiration back some, as i continue to figure out which muse i want to ride the hype!train with

right now it might be mathilda but ig we’ll see in the end

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this is more a rant than anything sorry, but honestly i think whether lexa's soulmate is clarke or costia, theres staggering differences in the way she loved them and the stages in her life for those loves. costia was a pure childlike first love who always will stay with lexa. while clarke was more of an adult love that had real consequences surrounding it that also had real impact on lexa. both are equally important in people's lives, but so so different. your first love isnt always your last.

Right no I see what you’re saying but who’s to say Costia wasn’t the one and Clarke wasn’t just a convenient distraction? 🤔 I feel like it didn’t tear Lexa up to leave Clarke and her people at MW and yeah that’s cause she’s a good leader but I mean if my soulmate were in danger and my people were, I’d always choose my soulmate bc…she’s my soulmate? Idk listen I’m thinking aloud hear I’m not trying to make any statements 🤷🏻‍♀️