so i feel for both of them

Fuel to Fire (6) Tattoo Virginity

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f), anxiety, depression, mentions of parental negligence, swearing.

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting.

Fuel to Fire (intro) Fuel to fire (2) Fuel to Fire (3) Fuel to Fire (4) Fuel to Fire (5)

A/N: This is not, I repeat: NOT, how a getting a tattoo is supposed to go. Freaking bacterial hazard over here. If that wasn’t clear enough: SMUT while getting tattooed. 

Major credits to @thevillainway for making my next tattoo wish come to life, and giving everyone an image to help with visualising what tattoo is being done in this story! 

“Are you excited?” Clint’s bouncing up and down, excited enough for both Y/N and himself, as they make their way over to American Ink.

“Sure, but settle down will you? You’re like a five year old on a sugar high, makin’ me nervous.” Y/N grumbles, no heat in the jab though it manages to settle Clint down a little.

“You’re starting to sound like your boyfriends, cuddles.” Clint smirks, a knowing, devious little thing, and Y/N manages to look away before he’s able to catch the blush on her cheeks.

He knows it’s there, though, he’s known her too long not to.

“Shut up.” she mumbles, but doesn’t deny a thing.

Clint makes an ooh-ing sound and snickers the last few blocks to the shop, and keeps on giggling like an idiot when they walk in.

“Hey, Darce.” Y/N smiles and knows to open her arms for the impending hug now, though she’s still surprised with the force of it when the girl envelopes her into her arms.

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dating seokjin [realistically]

Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

important disclaimer: this part of the dating series is just like the others, based on my opinion and my imagination of “realistic” only. I don’t know kim seokjin personally, so you’ll maybe see points written that you don’t agree with. If you’re not open to stuff like this, I would recommend you to not read it.  

links to other pieces;
jeongguk | jimin | taehyung | yoongi | hoseok | namjoon

• seokjin is actually the one in bts that I can imagine being in a relationship the most out of all members

• that’s because of his age of course, but also because he is probably thinking of taking the step to building his own family as well from time to time

• I feel like jin actually worries sometimes if he will ever find someone he loves

• because he doesn’t get any younger and bangtan is taking a huge part of his life which makes it really hard for him to take his time to get to know someone

• I feel like seokjin likes a matured girl who thinks good of others and has good manners

• the cute type of woman

• she wouldn‘t have to be sporty, but have a healthy lifestyle

• I also feel like jin is the one who doesn’t get that impressed by the appearance but he wants to fall in love with the qualities of her & the personality  

• wouldn‘t care if she would earn less then him or wouldn’t be worried that she could be using him for money

• jin is a real gentlemen, honestly

• he is the one that your parents would be happy If you would take him home for the first time

• he’s utterly handsome, polite, tall, wealthy, kind, funny, good at cooking and has also a good body structure

• he’s someone who could be able to offer you anything that you need

• and I feel that since he doesn’t really want something other than happiness, he would be content with just having you by his side

• so if jin finally starts liking you, he would think about you a lot

• I feel like he wouldn’t talk about it first, but think about it on his own

• he would probably try to figure you out a little bit more and try to ease the tension with casual conversations

• and I can also imagine so well that he sometimes flirts with you but with that smile he has when he is about to laugh

• or you know how he acts like when he really tries to flirt seriously and he just looks so confident while doing it? yes expect that too

• based on your reactions he would probably continue doing that a lot during the pre dating

• so I feel like if he wants to tell the members about it, they would be really happy for him

• because of the fact that he is the oldest hyung and everyone knows how much he deserves to finally experience the feeling of being in love

• and the person he would tell first in bangtan is probably namjoon or hoseok

• so once you both start becoming close he would constantly check up on you and call you whenever he can

• you just know that feeling of really liking someone ? Like how you always think about them and want to call them ? all butterflies and stuff? even though this sounds cheesy I can imagine him having those feelings all the time when he is about to fall in love

• dates would probably be at a restaurant or at his or your place

• the reason why I think that with seokjin it would be okay to spend the first days at each other’s places is simply because he is more mature now

• and I think that since he’s older the steps you both would take in the relationship would be a bit faster

• but I feel like nothing would happen other than talking and lots of cooking on the first dates

• jin would open up to you quiet fast

• he doesn’t seem to be that kind of person who has a lot of secrets and keeps things to himself

• he would hug you so often
• I can see so much skinship actually

• of course not in public, he looks like a more private guy when it comes to his love for you

• if you give him the satisfaction of telling him he looks handsome or has nice shoulders he would probably get really flustered but cocky

• and cocky jin is a concept
• “yah, of course I am.”
• “you can always keep looking at me since you only have me.”

• just a really playful relationship

• but other than that, jin only says those things because he knows you’ll understand they’re jokes

• since we’re talking about jokes
• he’ll probably tell you a lot of those
• especially if you’re sad or having a bad day

• (unpopular opinion but am I the only one who thinks jin maybe came up with the dad jokes because he wanted to stand out/ have people realize he’s actually funny? because I feel like sometimes he feels unwanted?? I think about this sometimes)

• either way , he is so funny and has such a nice sense of humor
• and your relationship will most likely be filled with lots of laughter

• when it comes to fights though I feel like it would take him a lot to raise his voice against you

• he seems to have a really calm nature
• so I see him as someone who doesn’t really start fights easily

• and if you do have fights they are pretty small
• but there can also be days where he is really in a bad mood and just generally upset

• unlike yoongi or jungkook, I feel like seokjin is the type of man who would turn to his partner first if he’s upset

• so expect him to tell you a lot of things once he sees you
• he would buy you so much stuff

• but not only on special days like Valentine’s day or anniversaries

• nono he’s the type of man who will buy you a gift whenever he feels like it

• since we’re talking about Valentine’s Day and anniversaries ; he would take these days so seriously

• honestly I feel like out of all bangtan members he would think about what to get you as a present the most

• remember how the members said that jin is the most romantic among all of them?

• so many kisses; hugs; gifts; phone calls

• what I really have to say as well; you know how couples usually put a lot of effort in the relationship only at the beginning and after a while they just stop caring as much as they used to? like caring about what they should wear, what they should get as gifts, what they should do on a special date,

• yeah, I feel like seokjin would never stop caring

• (sometimes I imagine jin finally falling in love with someone and honestly my heart gets so warm because I want it to happen so badly, because I believe so much in what I write down rn)

• being loved by seokjin must feel so good; in every way
• the sex would probably happen faster than the other members as well

• jin in an adult so that explains a lot; I also feel like he has a least a little bit more experience than a few of the other members

• so sex with jin would be really good
• and I feel like it would last long too

• I really can’t tell what he could be into; so I’ll just leave that aside for peoples imaginations

• but I’ll just say that in my opinion he just doesn’t seem like the really dominant type who would want you to call him petnames and choke you to death (I’m sorry but I really see jin as a sensible person don’t get offended)

• other than that, just imagine his lips;
• his plump lips on your body,
• everywhere he can reach

• lots of cuddling! after sex

• jin could be such a good husband
• he wants kids too; so he could be a great father as well

• when he meets your parents, which would also happen quiet fast, they would love him so much
• because he really knows what to say to people so they would like him

• when you meet his parents they would probably already love you simply because of the fact that their son is always talking about how happy you make him

• and I feel like after he falls in love with you he would really not give up on you so easily

• no matter how many burdens they will be;
• no matter how hard it might be for him it would take him a lot to really end things with you

• and that’s simply because I believe that if kim seokjin falls in love;
• he falls hard

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I have never asked you a question but I love your responses but I was wondering what you thought about how the DnP games are both of Phil's creation and ideas (truth bombs and seven second challenge) and dan gets equal credit. I know Phil probably doesn't care but I feel like it makes it seem like he cannot be successful without dan on these ideas. I am so happy for them and dan is always so quick to say how phil did these things but he gets his name and 50% credit on Phil's games/ideas.

i don’t really understand why this is a point of concern for anyone, to be honest. dnp essentially share their most dedicated fan base–as in, the core phandom, however much smaller it is than the overall audience, is roughly equally invested in dan and phil, so that it seems quite likely that if phil were to put out a solo niche project like an app or a game, the number of dedicated fans who would buy it would be the same as it would if it were a joint project. but that’s mostly besides the point. the larger point is that phil is an adult with the capacity to decide things for himself and make things by himself, which means that if he gives dan ‘equal credit’ it’s only ever because he wants to or because dan truly played a significant role in the creation and eventual execution of that project. in the case of both the app and the game i think this was the case. the initial idea and concept may have been phil’s but dan would’ve supported him in the process of actualizing that idea (in the case of the app, i think he even outright stated that the idea of making an app was his, while the game itself was obvi phil’s.) he would support phil reaching out to the company, he would be present at the meetings for concept design even if phil took the lead during them, he’d help phil write the questions, he’d be there to bounce ideas off and maybe make suggestions of his own on how to improve the logistical details of the game itself, building off of phil’s original abstract idea. 

what i’m getting at is this: there’s so little in dnp’s lives that they truly create independently. even their solo youtube channels are in actuality joint ventures. they help each other with filming, with planning sketches, even with editing if the need arises (most recently dan talked about helping edit the viewers pick my outfits video). this is evidenced most clearly i think by the boncas last year and phil sharing his solo creator of the year award with dan. to me, this wasn’t just a generous and loving gesture, it was an honest one–an indication that phil didn’t feel like his creativity could or should be praised or awarded independently from dan’s, that even though his channel is his and his ideas are his, at the core of it all is a creative partnership that helps bring his ideas to fruition. his creative partner is dan and that’s been true for years now. so i don’t view phil ‘sharing credit’ as something unjust or unfair, i view it as an honest depiction of the way that dan and phil operate as a team, that whether it’s something as deeply personal as a video talking about dan’s depression or as abstract as an icebreaker party game, they each play significant roles in helping the other to make their creative ideas a reality. i think this partnership is just as important as any other element of dnp’s relationship and it’s such a huge part of what makes them so deeply connected to each other. worries about equal division of credit just seem to miss this larger point of how their partnership has always been one between equals, and how each of them truly wants the other to have recognition and success just as much as they want it for themselves.

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Hello love! For those cuddle prompts could you do 6 and 10 with gramander (or if your not feeling them a pairing of your choice)? I hope you’re having a beautiful day xx

Thank you so much! Modern Police!AU, and both fluffy and angsty.

Warnings: mentios of torture, PTSD

The inside of Newt’s car was an exact projection of Newt himself – covered in old tweed, full of pointy angles digging in your back, and stuffed with things. Literally, terrifyingly stuffed. Uncomfortably crammed in the backseat of the Beetle – the paint so faded and encrusted with mud its green was barely recognizable – Percival could see stacks of scientific papers tied together with actual twine, numbers of Scientific American covered in felt-pen notes and dog-ears, rolls of sturdy grey tape, vials filled with different shades of mud, his battered shell phone buried in a sprawl of granola bars shoved hazardously under the passenger seat, and an untouched package of plastic zip ties that, had it been anyone else, would have sent his cop senses tingling with serial killer vibes. 

Having seen how neat and clinical his laboratory was, the spectacle was even more shocking.

Still, there were pleasant surprises buried there, too. Interesting glimpses into the car owner’s personality. The scent of grass and plain soap hanging heavy in the cabin, for example. The pack of nicotine gums shoved in the cup holder. The couple of photo taped on the dashboard behind the wheel – one with Newt smiling wide and hugging a hairy nightmare of a creature with teeth as long as his head, and the other occupied with an auburn-haired head Percival easily recognizes as Theseus’s.

His brother and his beasts, Percival’s muddy brain processed. He made a humming sound in the back of his throat. It vaguely sounded like “aww”. He keeps them close everywhere he goes. That’s cute.

Distantly, he knew that thinking about Newt Scamander’s photos while nearly going into hypothermic shock and being stranded in the middle of a frozen forest wasn’t a good sign. He simply didn’t have enough strength to worry about it.

He heard muffled sounds floating to him from his left – grunts and rustles of clothes, the clack of a car door snapping closed. A gust of wind mixed with snow rushed in, rolling across Percival’s skin, and he felt himself flinching hard enough to bang his head against the opposite window. He couldn’t swallow down a whimper, body curling, shoving itself as far as possible from the cold out of pure, raw instinct. He realized his heart should pick up speed now, but it wasn’t – beats slow and thick and frail. He was cold, so fucking cold.

He blinked. Focusing was hard. Memories resurfaced. Another whimper crawled out of his mouth, turning shriller, rasping.

Last time he felt like this he was dying. Last time he was still with him, and, and –

The contact of another body against his stopped the images. Which was strange. The body was lean and angular, but corded with muscles – smelling clean and fresh-sweat and definitively male. Any other time it had happened since Grindelwald, Percival had fallen apart like a ball of yarn pulled loose, vitals all over the place, panic attacks biting him in the ass. Even with his father. Even with Theseus.

But now, it wasn’t happening. The memory simply faded. No threats whispered in his ear, each word cultured and carefully articulated as he got described how his friends would find his skinned body. No phantom fingers grazing his skin – retracing his scars. There was only the taut, slim body pressing around him, wrapping him, the heat of it almost intoxicating. At some point Percival’s eyes had closed, and against the dark canvas of his eyelids he pictured the body as a shape of light, pure, unbridled warmth seeping into his chilled skin. His lungs. His mind.

“Detective Graves.” The voice sounded familiar. It grew closer – inches from his ear. “Percival. It’s okay, you’re safe. But I need you to open your eyes now. I have to make sure you’re here. Open your eyes. Please.”

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I died in today’s yr episode. Mariah and Tessa finally talked about their feelings and Tessa admitted she did have feelings for her but doesn’t want to ruin her rellationship with Noah and hurt him but Mariah saying how hurt she was over it, I’m so sad😫 then Tessa asking Mariah to try to be happy with Devon and forget everything else and them both tearing up like why! I do still have hope for them but am so sad and heartbroken again 😥

Anonymous said

I’m a teacher, and every year there are a couple of students that I get close to because they see me as a father figure when they don’t have one in their life, or as a mentor/counselor when they are going through hard times. Or they just generally like talking about random things after school. Since last year, a couple of them ask me for a hug every time they see me. I don’t mind because I know it’s how they appreciate what I do for them, and also because I can feel their boobs pressing up against my chest, and I love it. Some of them are pretty well endowed in the chest area so that makes it even better. It’s also happened that 2 girls gave me a hug at the same time and they are both pretty chesty, and all I could think about is, “This is how some of the best porn videos start.” I have never, nor will I ever act upon my thoughts because I love teaching too much. But OMG I love it when they want to give me a hug.

– Thank you for sharing 💋

So while making a crack video I decided to draw @thatsthat24 sander sides as the voltron team! Honestly the hijinks would be hilarious.

Black - the “decisive ‘head’” ;) and leader of voltron, by default this role goes to Thomas himself! Wether he has a prosthetic galra arm in this… I can’t decide, but honestly the purple hair goes great with the purple and black aesthetic of the black lion

Red - “The red lion… Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone,” while this isn’t the best description of Virgil, I honestly think the instinct bit does fall under anxiety/fear. Plus both Keith and Virgil’s plot/character arcs have to do with them feeling unneeded and leaving the team. And they’re the most emo of the groups, so there’s that.

And these scenes

“Vol… tron”

are such Virgil type scenes

Blue - oh my fucking god, Lance and Roman are both fucking flirt lords, and it’s common headcannon that Lance is a theater kid (he’s so fucking esentric) Not to mention, Roman and Virgil’s banter is a lot like Keith and Lance’s. Plus then there’s princeixty/klance at the same time!

Yellow - “The Yellow Lion is caring and kind. Its pilot is one who puts the needs of others above his own. His heart must be mighty,” if that doesnt discribe Patton I dont know what does. Plus I can so see Morality loving being a leg (a must have trait of all yellow palidans)

Green - “The Green Lion has an inquisitive personality and needs a pilot of intellect and daring.” While Pidge and Logan a very different in their opinions about hoarding (see: Pidge’s room) and Logan cant necessarily be described as daring, they are both the smartest on their teams and Logan is deffinately inquisitive and intellectual

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I love Cinderella Phenomenon! Thank you so much for making this game. My question is how do Fritz and Waltz feel about Lucette falling in love during the other guys’ routes?

Thank you so much for playing!
In other routes, Waltz/Fritz’s affection toward Lucette hasn’t bloomed into “love” just yet, and both of them would want her to be happy so they’ll definitely support her. :)

Minoux Wilder's Maple Spice Cake
External image

Our baby Minoux Wilder turned two this Fall and words can’t quite describe the love for this child. Born in the woods two years ago, she is such an absolute tender soul, an observer and a soft hearted two year old. She brings so much joy and peace and calm to our world and is such an incredible balance to Luella. People always say what a joy it will be to see your kids interact and play together and I couldn’t agree more. It feels like watching magic unfold to see the girls interact and imagine and play together and even get through their differing opinions and come back to one another with hugs and kisses and Minoux wrapping both legs around Luella as she scoops her up. We love them both so much. 

External image

We had a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate with our friends and family and couldn’t be more proud of who she is. We packed up the most basic gift bags for her friends with small friendly acorns and whistles and kitten ears. I love hosting parties and one of my favorite things is preparing all the food for everyone. I always stay up extra late, wake up extra early and always run out of time to shower or get ready. But so worth it for the cake and pumpkin soup. I’ve been into yogurt recipes… the ones they print on organic yogurts or you can find in their websites. They usually require much less sugar and aren’t a ton of steps so I am able to focus on all the other food elements as well. So here’s one of my favorite recipes that I’ve been into lately. 

External image

Maple Spice Cake

by Stonyfield Farms  

A favorite recipe during sugaring season.

Ready in: 1 hr Level: EasyPrep: 20 mins Cook: 40 mins Yields: 12 Servings Print Recipe


  • 2 c flour
  • 1 t baking soda
  • 1 t baking powder
  • ¼ t salt
  • 3 t cinnamon
  • ½ t ground clove
  • ½ t ground nutmeg
  • ½ c butter
  • 2/3 c brown sugar
  • 1 c maple syrup
  • 1 c Stonyfield Organic Low Fat Plain Yogurt
  • 2 eggs

Preheat oven to 350°. Combine all dry ingredients; flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and spices, in a large mixing bowl, and combine well. In separate bowl, cream together butter and brown sugar. Slowly pour in the maple syrup, followed by yogurt and then eggs. Sift dry ingredients into the liquid mixture, until fully incorporated. Pour into a 9'x13’ baking pan or three round cake pans and bake for 35-40 minutes. Once baked, allow cake to cool. Take out of baking pans and wrap overnight if needed in order to frost on the day of serving! Frost in between each layer of cake and top with foraged flowers, edible plants or candles! 

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

Happiest Birthday, darling Minoux. We are so enthralled with you. 

Artist & Actor: Never let me go

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Fionn’s P. O. V.       “Saw you getting cozy with Y/N over there, so I take it things are going well”. Harry said as he took another sip of his tequila before chalking his pool stick and aiming for the red ball in front of him.

“Yea Yea Yea, I think we’re gonna take things a bit slow, get to know each other and everything. I really like her Harry and I don’t want to mess anything up, I’ve never felt like this before”. Fionn knew that you hadn’t known each other long, but there was just something about you that was so mesmerizing that drew him in.

“Oh Fionn”. Harry and Fionn turned around just to see a skimpy dressed Sydney coming their way. Both of the boys let out an annoyed groan as she approached them, firstly her trying to get her hands on Harry, feeling up his chest and batting her eyelashes. Quickly realizing she was getting nowhere with Harry, she turned her attention to Fionn, gently squeezing his left arm as she poked out her chest more.

“Can you maybe back up a bit, and not touch me please?” Fionn asked nervously, afraid that you would exit the bathroom at any second and mistake the situation. 

“Yea, Fionn here is on a date so he’s taken sorry”. Harry said quickly turning his attention back to his tequila.

“You- you think this can count as a date?”

“Yea mate, I saw how into each other you were, definitely a date”. Fionn could feel excitement fill his stomach from Harry’s words, he could actually say that he went on a date with you, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

“Oh c’mon Fionn, don’t you want to go back to your room? I could make you feel so good”. She said as she continued to bat her fake eyelashes at him, slowly rubbing her hand up his chest as she pressed hers closer to his.

“Great, her comes Candice”. Harry said dryly as Fionn was fighting to get Sydney’s hands off of him, but failing as she roughly grabbed the back of his head and pressed her lips against his. Fionn was in shock from her sudden actions, this was nothing like kissing you, it was too rough and sloppy as she attempted to shove her tongue down his throat. Finally feeling like he could move again, he pushed Sydney off of him, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand but he was sure there was red lipstick all over his face.

“Shit, Y/N just saw that Fionn”.

Fionn suddenly felt his stomach tighten up, he felt sick and scared. There was no way you were going to believe him when He told you what really happened, and he felt the fear of losing something that he cared for so much that he never even really had.

“What the bloody hell Sydney? We told you I was here with someone-”

“Fionn, we can deal with her later, but right now we need to go check on Y/N”.
Fionn and Harry quickly made their way out of the pub, but not before running into Candice who was stood blocking the exit as she sipped on her martini.  

“Now Harry, where do you think you’re running off to without me? Thought we could maybe go back to your room tonight”.
Harry rolled his eyes as he let out an exasperated sigh, he had had enough of Candice’s shameless flirting.

“Excuse me, but we need to get back to the hotel. Now”.

“Ohh, I see, you want to go check on your little friend. I did see Y/N run out of here quite quickly, looked as if she was crying”.

Fionn could tell how aggravated Harry was getting, but he was good at hiding it and he was so nice to everyone, even those who didn’t deserve it.
The two boys pushed their way past Candice who was stood in front of them like an unlucky black cat in the middle of the road. By the time they got outside there was a taxi that was free to take them back to the hotel, the whole ride there Harry was messaging you non stop.

Your P. O. V.
It was chilly out tonight, you had decided to take a blanket out with you as you sipped your wine and looked at the night sky. Everything seemed so real with Fionn and Harry, so genuine. Maybe what you saw wasn’t really what was going on, Sydney was one of Candice’s minions, maybe they planned it. You still had that little bit of hope left in your heart that the two boys that you recently met weren’t that bad. 

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[The REAL question is who goes on the slider quest? My vote is either Taako + Lup or/and Magnus.]

You know what, they all would. They would all be on the sliders. But the question is - who gets there first?

I feel like Taako and Lup are more prepared for this situation. Taako and Lup have been in this situation before, only uninvited, so they have a strategy for making off with the most free food possible as quickly as possible. They both have slider pyramids before Magnus can even get to the table - Magnus has made the rookie mistake of getting distracted by the other food.

(They - eventually, reluctantly - share a few of the sliders.)

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Hello hi! 🙂 For the ship thingy, I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm a sucker for Jacob Lucas McKenzie, and I know that you are too, so yeah...Jake x MC please ❤

Hiiiiii, but seriously, aren’t we all freaking whipped with Jacob Lucas McKenzie?! 💖

• Who said “I Love You” first?

We know it was Jake who said “I Love You” first, that night before the MASADA (That scene, my feels! 😭). Even if that hadn’t happened, I think it would still be him saying it first.

• Who would have each other’s picture as their phone backround?

Both. Jake would have a picture of MC smiling, MC would have a picture of the two of them looking at each other, grinning.

• Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Neither of them. They are not into these stuff.

• Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Both of them but not very often. They do it when they want to make the other laugh or when they think it’s cute and want to show affection. Of course they both accept these gifts with a goofy smile and a kiss.

• Who initiated the first kiss?

We know it was MC, in the underwater scene. I think that if it wasn’t that life or death situation, it would have been Jake eventually.

• Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Both but mostly Jake. He tries not to do it but he can’t hold himself back. He would spend a lot of time looking at MC, wondering how he got so damn lucky and, eventually, they would give soft kisses at their cheeks and neck. MC would wake up smiling and straight up hug him.
MC knows Jake is a light sleeper and also he doesn’t always get much sleep, due to nightmares or stress, so they try not to bother him when he’s sleeping. They would kiss him softly as well but not to the point of waking him up. Sometimes, though, he would wake up and smile sleepily at them, pulling them close and drifting back to sleep.

• Who starts tickle fights?

Jake. He would hover over MC and start tickling them so he can hear them laughing out loud. MC would try to make him stop by kissing him and they succeed. But then MC has to pay him back. They lay him on the couch, straddling him, and while he is too invested in kissing, they would find his spots and start tickling him back, which results to more laughs and kissing.

• Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Both but mostly MC. Sometimes they don’t even ask him, they just go in there and hug him from behind, kissing his shoulder. Jake does that quite often as well.

• Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

Both. They both enjoy cooking, sometimes they do it together. But they also want to please each other in every way possible. So one would randomly pass from the other’s work, kiss them, leave a Tupperware on their office, wink and leave.

• Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

MC. None of them were really shy but MC finds it a bit weird at first, going to “normal” dates with Jake, without all the craziness from the island, so they are a little nervous but he quickly makes them relax and feel better.

• Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Neither of them kill the spiders, both of them take them out. They are not afraid of spiders. Cockroaches though. MC would straight up scream and jump on Jake’s back, holding him for dear life. He would laugh and kill them.
(I hate cockroaches with a burning passion so I had to add this okay? Okay. 😂)

• Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

Neither of them. They prefer to proclaim their love just to each other. MC gets more touchy, bringing Jake close, muttering small “I love you”s as they kiss his whole face and they would both laugh. Jake gets more emotional sometimes, he might even sob while saying how much he love them. He thought he would be alone but MC came into his life like a miracle and he’s so damn grateful for that.

I hope you’ll enjoy this!!! ^^

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I read a post you posted a while ago about how you analyzed Ethan wanting to be in a relationship with a girl but he's in love with his brother and how Grayson is madly in love with Ethan. I completely agree I see it so much even when Grayson doesn't act like it. Even Grayson admitted that he's more sensitive and you can see he's more famine then Ethan I feel this hole love situation between them works out fine with the both of them unless they find partners that's better then the other.

Ethan feels like he’s constantly shifting between joy and depression… which could be a sign of Bipolar disorder. That’s def. not a diagnosis, but it is a caution to him.
A part of his issue I feel is that he’s unhappy, more with himself, than anything else.
Someone from the outside cannot really completely understand that, but at least a part of that is due to his complicated relationship with his brother.
They both strike me a jealous types, and they def. seem possessive of each other.
At the same time, it seems like no one can make them laugh, or smile as much as they can themselves. So yeah, it’s a complicated relationship.
The thing is also , that if Grethan is not real, then their issues are, actually, strangely enough deeper.
Well, let’s say they are straight/gay/bi, and are just very close; then they are so co-dependant and not allowing for intrusion from others, into their “sacred” sphere, that the possibility for other future relationships will be almost impossible (both friendships and sexual relationships)
If that is the case, then they need to, as soon as possible, look seriously at what they really want and need and then talk about being supportive towards that end.
The worst case scenario is that one of the twins is in love with the other, who cannot (even if he wanted to) return those feelings. Then we could have a case where one is sabotaging for the other, because he does not want to lose him, to a woman/man. In that case, as soon as they seem like they are finding someone else, and are getting slightly more independant, the other will do their very best (possibly not even realizing it) to wreck that, find a reason that it will not work and start drama or arguments.
This would mean that as soon as one of the twins find a little happiness, that little piece of joy will get knocked out of their hands, leaving them in a depressed state. More imortantly it will cause him to think that bo relationship will ever work. That’s one hell of a shitty situation. If that’s the case, then the one who is in love, is destroying the happiness of the one they believe they are loving, and supporting.
This is a case of heart break, of unrequited love and mental health.


Confession Booth - Justine, Izanami and Yumi

Justine: “Really, the other contestants don’t even form a real challenge for me. I feel like I’m going to win this thing ez game. I hope all my kids are watching and see how badass their mother is!”

Izanami: “I’m slowly messing up the minds of all the other contestants. I managed to break both Taylor and Eduardo today. Who’ll be next? Hmmm…”

Yumi: “I absolutely love swimming! I don’t know why I never tried swimming before until this day, but man I can just stay in that little pond all day long! The fish are so cute as well, I almost feel bad for eating them… almost!”

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Why do you think Frank hates you? I really hope you don't die soon. Sending happy thoughts or at least some hope for you to smile.

it wasn’t a good show from both parts, the crowd wasn’t moving as much as the uk was, frank wasn’t giving it his best, wasn’t even trying tbh and it just feels like he’s just happy when the usual people who follow him on tour are there so just fuck it, just organize tours for them at this point. no one would get disappointed and he’d be happy and wouldn’t have to play for the dumb new people who can’t follow him on tour for any kind of reason. 

i just…i don’t know…the way stefano and his narrative were not even mentioned let alone explained after his boss fight made his plot feel so disconnected from the whole game. like yeah obviously the plot isn’t perfect and not everything is touched upon but at least theodore felt like he had some sort of importance and presence in the entire plot (of both games but maybe that’s just my theories projecting) it just feels like they threw stefano in there for the sake of having 3 boss arcs instead of having 2 boss arcs and shedding more light on their goals and intentions and how they got here and their backstories etc etc etc

stefano’s arc felt so…slim but at the same time they all feel even in time and plot advancement but stefano had such a limited presence and he didn’t feel as important as a villain compared to the others

the evil within and its sequel are not perfect games by any stretch, and i still love them both dearly, but they left too much up for interpretation without giving any hints as to what could be connected and as to what happened

I lost the election for 1L rep on the Law Students Society. By.. a lot. I’m feeling pretty shitty about it.

1L rep is mostly a popularity contest. There’s no campaigning. The speeches are minimal and like, 10 people heard them. And this all makes it worse?

Like. These people didn’t reject my policies. They rejected me.

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Hi there! I really want to say thank you for the great things you write :) Also, if I may, I would like to request a defenders hc? Matt has a crush on the reader and everyone knows/teases them for it until Matt is really done and just straight up kisses her? Idk it sounds shitty so feel free to ignore this if you don't wanna write it

NOOOOO it’s not shitty. I love these kind of tropes to be real with you. 

  • So I imagine it’s one of these things were both people like each other and they really want to ask each other out, but they don’t want to “ruin” their partnership.
  • It’s been going on for a few months now and everyone around them is getting really tired of them laughing way too much at each other’s jokes. 
    • Every single time you laugh at Matt’s joke, Jessica reminds you that they aren’t nearly that funny. 
  • You’re not an official part of the Defenders you’re more of a supporter of them. Making sure that they don’t die because they don’t take care of themselves or making sure that food is available. 
    • But sometimes you make up random excuses to stay later so that you can spend time with Matt.
    • Luke on several occasions has just told you two to go on a date. It’d be much better than sitting in their small crappy base of operations. 
    • Matt just sighs heavily and you glare at him. 
  • The teasing keeps getting more and more frequent and it just gets more and more annoying. 
    • You’re really good at ignoring it. Everyone’s just having some fun so you just let it go. 
    • But it irritates Matt to no end because he knows the other Defenders aren’t just “having fun”
    • They legitimately want the two to start dating or just do something and he’s annoyed that they are so intent on meddling with his life. 
  • It all comes to a point when everyone is sitting around eating take out after a hard mission. 
    • Danny mentions that its “cute” that you keep offering Matt some of your food. 
    • And then Luke says that you act like a married couple and Jessica chimes in that “No way can they be a married couple they can’t even touch hands without running away from each other.” 
    • Everyone starts laughing hysterically because its true but Matt can hear your heart beat speed up and he can feel heat rise in your face even though he’s not sitting that close to him. 
  • So Matt decides something that he really hopes won’t ruin everything. 
    • So he leans over closing the small gap between the two of you and presses a kiss to your lips. 
    • You startle but you don’t pull away so you two sit there for a few seconds. 
    • Matt’s never felt your heart beat this hard and honestly it’s thrilling to him. That a really simple kiss is this exciting to you. 
    • Finally he pulls away and goes back to eating like normal. 
    • It takes you a few minutes to follow his lead, but his teammates spend the next ten minutes looking at each other in shock. 

I remember staring at the Taylor Swift album cover when Our Song and Teardrops came out on my iPod while I listened to them. Like legit staring at it, analyzing it. Maybe it was because I knew she was going to become something so much bigger both to me and to the industry. Or maybe I was just fascinated by her curls. I remember hearing Our Song one in day PE class when we randomly had the radio on for some reason and thinking oh hey this is that girl Taylor Swift! I remember putting Our Song on a mix CD for my friends for our Okoboji (it’s a lake) trip and it getting overplayed by all of us and leaving the weekend thinking Our Song will never be the same. I remember where I was the first time I heard Fearless, riding in Sarah’s car on the way to a dance competition, her announcing she had the new Taylor CD and we were all going to listen to it now. I remember belting out You Belong With Me because my best guy friend was just that and only that. I remember hearing White Horse on Grey’s Anatomy and maybe freaking out and missing what happened in most of the scene… I remember staying up past midnight when I had 8 am class the next day, not for normal college freshman purposes, but to download Speak Now on iTunes at the same time as my roommate, us taking turns playing each song. I remember when a boy named John broke her heart that year and Dear John became her anthem. I remember listening to Never Grow Up and missing home from my tiny college dorm. I remember going to the Speak Now tour with that roommate, learning the true meaning behind Long Live, and falling in love with it even more. I remember how during Love Story, when Taylor rode around in the balcony above the crowd, she looked right at me and smiled. I remember going to Walmart at midnight with that same roommate again two years later to buy Red because we couldn’t wait for Target to open for the special edition. I remember 22 becoming my anthem that year as I turned 21 and blasting 22 at midnight and dancing when each of my three roommates and I turned 22 the following year. I remember listening to no other music expect for 1989 for months on end, only pausing to listen to Christmas music for a while in December. I remember crying through the majority of the 1989 concert cause I had really good seats and she was right freaking there and singing Fearless of all throwback songs, taking me right back to Sarah’s car in 2008. I’m excited to keep growing up right along side you, Tay. I can’t wait to remember reputation, and my 26th birthday associated with it. I don’t know it yet, but it’s going to be a good one. 💕💜 @taylorswift @taylornation


Uhh I was feeling kind of cutesy and tired, which kind of explains this

I also wanted to play with colors a little more, so there’s that too..

Plus there was some motivational music that told me to get off my lazy butt and draw for once

I didn’t think I was going to share this because this was more of an “experimental” type thing, but I liked the result of both of them, so here they are…!