so i ended up coloring it green instead

Decided to finally start posting my unicorn girl series, since what I had planned with them won’t be working out anyway! 😂 (and I also don’t really have the time to create new art right now … so posting older finished stuff is convenient) I had wanted every one of them to be colored in a different hue, and then post them so they’d make a rainbow collumn through my instagram grid. BUT apparently I don’t like green, because they always ended up looking way better in shades of pink or blue so I went with that instead. But those don’t make much of a rainbow, so I’m just posting them in order of creation now 😅.

So I was rewatching Reign Storm, and does the blue color of Danny’s powers when he’s wearing the ectoskeleton (with power x100) imply that when Danny gets stronger his natural ectoplasm color will be blue? Like the way Vlad’s is red/pink? Maybe Vlad started off green, too, and it changed color as he got stronger. (we never see Vlad Plasmius bleed, that I know of, it could be red/pink)

I mean, the color of his powers with the ectoskeleton are kinda the same color as a bunch of other Fenton tech, so that was my first thought. but it would really kind of fit, given his ice powers. Since when he gets them and uses them his eyes and hands glow blue instead of green. Maybe if he’d kept up the level-up curve on his powers he would’ve end up with permanently blue ectoplasm

Preference #47: Soulmate AU

A/N: I just read like a whole list of au ideas for these and now I gotta write about it cause I love reading them! prmntvacations tagging you cause you said you wanted one.

Calum: He was pissed. This had to be the fourth time this week Calum’s soulmate hurt themselves. Whoever the person was they were either a klutz or a daredevil. Either way Calum wanted to kill the person for making him feel so much pain. “What happened to your hand?” Michael asked, noticing his left hand was wrapped in a bandage. Calum rolled his eyes, letting out a huff. From Michael’s question, Ashton and Luke stopped what they were doing to look. All three of the boys watched as Calum took off the bandage, showing them the scarred burnt skin. “I think my soulmate burned themselves or something,” he told them, face scrunching up as he looked at his hand. With how much his soulmate was getting hurt, Calum couldn’t help but to worry. Something always happened to him. Burnt hand, waking up and gasping for air, he assumed possible drowning might have happened that day. Not all the things he felt were bad. There were some nights that pleasure came. It was like having sex but not actually touching the person. Calum couldn’t get angry each time something happened though. He was pretty sure his soulmate despised some of the things he did too. Like when he’d go out to get a new tattoo. Calum didn’t feel the pain, but he knew his soulmate did. That’s how it worked. Soulmates sharing their physical senses. What one did, the other felt. It had its perks, but for Calum it was utter hell. “You seriously need to find this person,” Luke said, “How are you supposed to play with a scarred hand?” Calum shrugged at Luke’s words, bandaging his hand once again. The boys gave him a sorry look, going back to what they were doing. “I’m going to Starbucks,” Calum announced twenty minutes later. As he was heading to the door the guys shouted out what they wanted. He stood in line, scrolling through his phone as he waited for the line to move. All of a sudden, a loud sound rang out around the store and the word “DAMMIT!” was shouted. The phone in Calum’s hand dropped to the ground as he felt it burn. He cried out in pain, curse words leaving his lips. “Y/N, you’re like a walking hazard!” one of the baristas shouted, laughing as she handed over someone’s money. The barista continued speaking, listing off all the things that happened to the girl that week to a customer. Calum looked up when she mentioned the burning of a hand the other day. The pain in his right hand instantly going away. Behind the counter he could see a girl crawl from under the counter to head to the bathroom. She didn’t even make it all the way to the door, Calum making her stop in track. “You’re a pain in my ass you know that,” Calum commented. She probably wasn’t his soulmate, but from the fact that the pain in his hand was going away, he was sure it was her. The girl turned around giving Calum a sheepish look. He held up his left hand, raising an eyebrow at you. “The pain is going away and from what your friend said, I’m guessing you’re my soulmate,” he told her. The pain leaving wasn’t the only thing he felt. Calum felt some sort of pull to her and knew she could feel it too. “I’m sorry about that. Was labeled the most clumsiest person that works here ” she joked, “I’m Y/N.” Calum smiled at her words, testing her name out on his tongue. He felt as if he wanted to sing it from the rooftops, but first he wanted to reprimand her for all the pain she put him through.

Ashton: He had been a photographer in his past life and so he was that in this life. For some reason Ashton could remember everything. He remembers meeting her in the Spring, the way her perfume smelled, the taste of her lips. It killed him to remember all of this. He had somehow managed to find every photograph he took of her from the past. Most of his work was in museums, titled under a different name of course, but they were his. Some if not all the pictures featured his soulmate. Some in different angles, others with her face showing. It was a curse. This soulmate thing that is. Everyone was reincarnated as a different person. The only catch was if you had met your soulmate back during those times and one or both of you died, only one had memory of everything that happened. It was hell. Once you meet your soulmate and touch one another, the soulmate that didn’t remember gains their memory of the past back. Some, like Ashton actually found their soulmates. He couldn’t figure out why he hasn’t made a move yet, but all he could do was watch her. “This is kind of going to stalker level don’t ya think?” Luke questioned, looking at all the recent pictures Ashton had taken of his soulmate. Ashton looked at Luke from above his glasses, rubbing at his nose. “Not really,” he replied, typing something out. Ashton paused for a second, letting Luke’s words wash over him. Maybe it was stalkerish for him to follow her around and take pictures. He couldn’t help it though. Ashton thought it wasn’t the right time to approach his soulmate, so this was all he had. “What’s her name anyway?” Luke asked, taking a seat next to his friend “Well, her new name.” Ashton looked out into the distance, a smile making its way onto his lips. “Y/N,” he whispered, eyes glancing over to one of the pictures. Ashton swallowed hard as he remember the sound of her laughter ringing through the air. His heart began to ache though and Ashton quickly shook the memory of her death from his mind. “I need some air,” he mumbled, grabbing his bag and leaving. Ashton rushed out the house, head bowed down as he walked to the park. He should have been watching where he was going. Colliding with someone and knocking them to the ground by accident. “I’m so sorry!” Ashton exclaimed, reaching his hand out for the girl to grab. Her hand reached up to grab his.Suddenly, Ashton felt a tingly sensation running up his arm, “Nikolai?” she questioned. The words making Ashton’s blood turn cold. His old name sounded like honey sickle coming from her lips. All the times Ashton thought he would be prepared for this moment he now realized he wasn’t. He felt her hand slide up his arm, up to his shoulder, on the side of his neck, and finally her hand rested on his cheek. “It’s Ashton now Y/N,” he chuckled, relaxing into her touch. This was actually happening and the two was finally back together. 

Michael: “Oh wow,” Michael chuckled, staring at his reflection in the mirror. He ran a hand through his hair, starting to laugh even more. “Out of all the colors,” he mumbled, turning on the faucet to start brushing his teeth. He didn’t know who his soulmate was, but he does know that they both were in a competition to see who could dye their hair the most wackiest color ever. Today he woke up with rainbow colored hair. Out of all the colors, his soulmate literally went with all colors. “How is this even possible?” he questioned, hand parting his hair as he tried to figure out how his soulmate dyed it in different colors. One section was blue, another one purple, and so forth. “Dude what did you do to your hair?” Calum asked, eyes wide as he stared at Michael’s hair. Michael grinned, hand running through his hair. “My soulmate decided to get revenge from when I dyed my hair neon green,” Michael replied. Calum shook his head, laughing to himself. He waved at Ashton, the guys getting ready to sound check some songs. “I swear you two will end up losing your hair,” Ashton commented. He was one of the lucky ones. Instead of his hair color changing each time his soulmate dyed their hair, Ashton’s eye color changed. Whatever it was, the connection was with the hair and eye color. Michael and Calum being the ones whose hair color changed. “I wish I could meet whoever this person is,” Michael said. As much as he loved waking up to a new hair color, he wanted to dye his hair without worrying about his soulmate’s hair changing. Soon the concert began, the chords of Carry On starting to echo around the venue. “Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and meet your soulmate soon,” Luke shouted over to Michael. It was possible. With his hair color changing all over the place and the fans fascination with it, there was bound to be pictures of his rainbow colored hair out by the start of this concert. Maybe his soulmate would see and try to contact him. All he could do was hope something like that would happen. As soon as the guys ran out on stage the crowd went wild. Michael scanned the crowd with a smile on his face and for a split second he thought he saw someone with rainbow colored hair in the third row. Brushing it aside, they started to play. Michael wasn’t the only one who saw the hair. It was during the middle of Waste the Night that Calum had spotted a girl with rainbow colored hair. After the song ended, Calum mentioned it to the crowd. He joked about how it could be Michael’s soulmate since he woke up with the same hair colored that morning. “If that is my soulmate, I would like to tell her that she won,” Michael chuckled, “I’m out of colors to dye my hair and honestly rainbow takes the cake!” Somehow he managed to make eye contact with her, breath hitching in his throat. Something was telling him this was in fact his soulmate. All Michael knew was that he needed to see her after the concert and he was going to make sure of it.

Luke: The song had been in his head all day and Luke was starting to get sick of it. Would you think of a new song, he thought. Hoping his soulmate heard his pleas to stop with the Barbie Girl lyrics. It was like being Rick Rolled except there wasn’t a turn off switch. Well there was, but he had yet to meet who his soulmate was. Ashton and Calum had met their soulmates already. Making Luke envious at the fact that they had their own thoughts to themselves. It was hard for him to do anything without his soulmate’s thoughts invading his own. Whoever his soulmate was must have felt the same way though. She had yelled at him twice for waking her up. With his constant traveling they were in different time zones a few times. After a few minutes the singing stopped and Luke let out a loud sigh of relief making Michael look at him curiously. “Rough day?” Michael asked, sliding the shot glass over to Luke. Luke grabbed the glass, drowning down the alcohol. “My soulmate has been singing Barbie Girl in her head since 6am,” Luke told him, grabbing the shot glass Michael was about to drink for himself. “I swear Y/N is fucking with me,” he commented. Before he could drown the next shot, Ashton took it away. “Slow down, or you both will have a hangover tomorrow,” he warned. Luke rolled his baby blues at the older boy, looking out at the crowd dancing in the club. This was perfect for blocking out any of the thoughts his soulmate was thinking. The music blasting loud and mind slightly fogged with alcohol. For once he didn’t hear her voice. It wasn’t all bad. The two had bonded through communicating from thoughts. He knew all about her, and vice versa. Recently she had been crushing on some guy in her Physics class. Luke couldn’t help but to feel jealous at the thoughts she had. Of course they both knew that they were meant for each other, but still it hurt. Luke excused himself and headed to the bathroom. It was surprisingly quiet inside, the song Hotline Bling muffled by the black chipped door and walls. He could hear her thoughts again, singing a different song. Singing the song that was playing in the club right now. The question popped up in his mind before he even realized it. Wait! Where are you right now? he thought, unzipping his pants so he could pee. Out clubbing with friends, why? she replied. Luke wasn’t that sure, but there was a possibility that he and his soulmate were in the same place. Is Hotline Bling playing? he asked this time, flushing toilet and going to wash his hands. He hoped his prediction was right, excitement coursing through him at the thought of finally getting to meet his soulmate. Finally having his thoughts to himself. Yeah, well it’s about to go off but it’s playing, she said. They were in the same place and Luke quickly ran out the bathroom. “SHE’S HERE!” he shouted at the guys. His eyes darted around the crowd, looking from one girl to the next. Meet me on the right side of the bar! He shouted in his head. The nightmare was finally going to end and he was finally going to meet his soulmate.


Sweet Meep Morp pals transform into Giant Woman!


-Ok, I am digging the idea of these two having 4 arms; because they both use elemental powers instead of relying on weapons, 4 arms fits their two powers. That’s a set of arms for each power! :D

-Azurite is my working theory for a Lapidot Fusion, obvs. But, under closer inspection, I may have to rethink this though, apparently Azurite gets its green coloring mostly from Malachite?!  So? Awkward??

-I illustrated what looks to be like an accidental fusion, probably when they are just hanging out and feeling rather close and end up just fusing without thinking about it…However I DO believe its going to be different in the show. I think a major point is going to be made of Lapis’s next fusion because of her bad history/experience with a toxic fusion(continuing the analogy they’re making to abuse)…I think Peridot is going to be respectful of Lapis in her own, obtuse way and probably ask “are you sure?” and assuring Lapis’s consent about 10 times before they do it and assuring her in whatever concerns or fears Lapis has(I think her power may play a part, since Jasper made a big deal about it). Since Peridot’s never fused, her first one is going to be significant. Lapis’ arc is likely one of recovery and survival and healing. I think combining these two is a brilliant strategy to bring their arcs together.

-Azurite would be super excited to meet Steven, given Lapis’s joy and friendship around him, and Peridot’s strong friendship with him.

aoi-hagane  asked:

I love your art! How do you do such amazing color? it looks so vibrant jet paint like #Goals

Thank you so much! And to compliment my color, that’s kind of surprising lol because to be honest color is something I struggle with a lot, and oftentimes I end up really disliking my color palette that I’d used in my artwork… So I wouldn’t completely rely on what I say if I were you, since I’m also still learning, but take what you can from this :)

here are some tips that I keep in mind when painting (though I could definitely use some help as well haha…)

•keep colors moving: don’t think that there’s only one color in certain places like in shade or in light, it may not be glaringly obvious but one color almost never stands alone; it’s always supported by the colors surrounding it. To be more specific, James Gurney’s Color and Light book says that “colors can be understood only in relation to each other and that no color exists in isolation”. So what looks blue may not actually be blue, it might be a really desaturated green next to a really saturated orange or some other warm color, and vice versa.

•grey is more nice to use than you might think: I use it a lot to balance my colors, for example the general rule of cool light and warm shadow/cool shadow and warm light, I usually use a more grey shade of a color to tone down some spots if they’re too saturated. Also, if you use the desaturated versions of a complementary color on a more saturated color, you’ll get some type of blue. In the most basic terms, if you have a really strong yellow or orange and you put a really desaturated green or green blue, it’ll look blue, and that kind of thing is what I go for instead of putting an actual blue on a strong yellow/orange, since that’d only make it look garish.

•value is equally, maybe even more so, as important as color, if your values are not working or not believable then most likely your colors will also end up that way. However, in my case in the past I often had too much contrast between values where it shouldn’t have been, like a cloth fold shadow would be too dark and the light hitting it to bright, and my clothes/skin/etc ended up looking like it was made of rubber or plastic or some other gross shiny thing that wasn’t supposed to be shiny.

•I also implement broken color (“placement of adjacent strokes of contrasting hues which mix vibrantly in the eye”, also covered in Gurney’s book) to add that vibrancy. It can be found in Impressionist or probably early 20th century illustrations/paintings, a good example of that is The Loneliness of Peter Parrot by Walter Everett, or any of J.C. Leyendecker’s paintings.

•limited palette: in general, using colors from all over the color wheel could turn out very badly, depending on the circumstances. Try not to overdo colors, for me; I either keep one color strong and the complementary of that color weak, or I use an analogous palette so it doesn’t look boring, stuff like that.

So yeah, this probably doesn’t need to be said, but I recommend you give Gurney’s book a read, and also to learn more about color theory. I’m not a professional (here’s the disclaimer lol), and this only applies to what I specifically find helpful for me, not every artist there ever was, so take my info with a grain of salt :) hope this helps!


okay, as a non-art student, this is going to be SUPER unprofessional. but, AS A PROFESSIONAL PAINTING INSTRUCTOR, you’ll probably find it useful? idk, but my partner has recently been expressing their distress in coloring, and thinking that they “just suck” at art. and i’m like no, babe, you just haven’t LEARNED.

whoa there, nice colors you got picked out there! pretty saturated if you ask me, and they don’t really go together. super-saturated colors tend to clash and make your eyes go buggo, so that might be what’s bothering you about your coloring and you just can’t place it! but it’s okay, it should come together in the shading, right?

whoA! WHOA!! BRO. okay, no we gotta learn you something. we all start off inside this box and figure to make a color darker, add black and to make it lighter, add white. but when you do that, it ends up making your colors MUDDY and STANK and it really doesn’t bring them together, especially if you start off with saturated colors like this! let me blow your mind with-

BAM!! check it out! these are the same colors, just shaded completely different! how, though? instead of using purely black and white, i used MORE COLOR. so not only does this shade them, it also brings the colors closer together. shading the red with purple makes it match the purple more, shading the green with blue makes match the purple more, etc, etc! instead of thinking black = darker, think “what color is darker in the rainbow?”

oh, but you don’t really want to shade? ah, yeah, there’s the problem that your colors still clash really bad. here’s what you can do: think of the color between each of them. orange and yellow for green and red, and blue for green and purple. now, mix in a little to each, and then…

BAM. suddenly, they don’t clash! still the same colors, though! just muted a bit not to wig out your eyes.

but see, the problem with super-saturated colors is your art ends up looking like the mspaint color palette, especially if you overuse them. they are very fun, but very difficult to deal with!

sometimes, it’s best to move a little away from the right side of the color slider to get more pastel variants, and use the neon colors more sparingly! besides, you can enrich these duller colors when you go back in for some shading!

try it out! i swear, you’ll love coloring way more when you do.

So You’re Setting Up A Classroom...

This is the time of year that many first-year and returning teachers start venturing into their classrooms.  I posted about my first two days setting up my classroom here and here.  I got lots of nice comments, so I wanted to take a moment and offer a little advice to others.

Filter Through The STUFF And Only Keep What Is Necessary

Many new teachers inherit another teacher’s room and all the stuff that comes with it.  Many returning teachers have amassed their own collection of random things.  Really filter through everything.  Only keep what you know you will definitely use.  Don’t hoard things because maybe someday you will do some project that will totally require 58 egg cartons.  Don’t be afraid to throw things out or give things away.  A de-cluttered room is always easier to keep organized!

Think Hard About Flow, Purpose, And Layout

Take a hard look at the space you are given and brainstorm everything you want to have in that space.  Do you want a carpet area?  A small group work area?  A place where students can access supplies?  A computer area?  A library?  Write everything down.  Then go through and imagine yourself using those spaces.  When I first got my room, I thought I was going to put my carpet area in the back, until I realized I would want kids to see the projector from there.  I know I want my small group area in a quiet section where I can still easily survey the room.  I want my computer screen facing away from the other kids so one child on the computer doesn’t distract everyone.  I wanted my supplies in an easily accessible corner.  Spend a lot of time imagining how you will use each space and what your classroom procedures will be before you move a thing, and then try a few set-ups first before you commit.  A good flow to the room makes everything, and especially classroom management, easier.  Remember, form follows function.

Save Space

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from teachers about their classrooms is that they’re too small.  I’m fortunate that mine is pretty big (though it has to fit 30 kids), but there are also teachers in my school who have the exact same space but it looks much smaller.  There are lots of ways to economize space.  I recommend ditching the teacher desk.  Also, sitting kids in groups saves a lot of floor space (and is just my general preference regardless).  Put furniture like shelves around all the edges of the room.

Organization, Organization, Organization

I posted about my tips for keeping an organized classroom here.

On Decorating…

Theme or no theme?

Once you have your furniture in place, you get to start thinking about decorating.  I personally love this part, but if it’s not for you, don’t let it stress you out.  My personal feeling is that I spend so much time in my classroom, I want it to be a space I really love and feel comfortable in.  Some teachers swear by themes.  Honestly, some themes are downright tacky, but others are cute enough.  I personally am not really a theme kind of teacher, so I chose three main colors for my room: yellow, green, and blue.  I started with those my first year and it’s been easy for me to keep adding and changing while keeping what I already have.  I also ended up having a lot of chevron because I’m an elementary school teacher and everyone else was doing it (such a trend follower!).

Bulletin Boards

If you have the money and think you’re going to be in the same room for a few years, I recommend using fabric instead of paper on the walls.  It looks better and holds up longer.  Outdoor or upholstery fabric is especially great if you can find it on sale.  Use a staple gun and don’t worry about cutting or measuring exactly because your borders will cover up the messy fabric sides.  In elementary classrooms, there is never enough wall space, so try to make as much of your room bulletin boards as possible.  But then…leave it empty.  Do not start the year with mass-market posters and inspirational sayings everywhere.  Your walls will be soon be full of anchor charts and student work…

Buy Smartly

Just like with clearing out things you don’t need, don’t start buying ten million things for your room.  Save your money for things you actually require.  I love the $1 section at Target, but need to make sure I have a purpose for everything before I buy it.  If you need furniture, check with your school first, then see if you can buy used.  Some Ikea furniture is good (I like the “Kallax” shelves), but a lot of stuff from Ikea, Target, Walmart etc isn’t made to withstand the hard school use.  I’ve seen teachers successfully get big purchases like rugs and tables funded on Donor’s Choose.  

Add The Fun Little Details

 I get a little too into my latest Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers project, but there are easy, non-crafty ways to make a classroom more fun and inviting.  I LOVE having rugs of different sizes around the room.  It makes for defined group and individual work areas and breaks up the classroom space.   I have a lot of plants in my room (added benefit: they stay alive because the kids remember to water them, unlike my plants at home). I put a few little lamps around the room.  I get cheap picture frames and put out class photos.  Think about fun seating and reading ares: I recently made pillows and benches, but I’ve also always had a rocking chair and cheap disk chair that are always crowd favorites. Most of these things cost money (but you can get some great deals if you have your eyes open, or ask friends or family to donate extra things they have sitting around!) and aren’t necessary, but they make the room more fun.

Get As Much As You Can Done Before School Starts…

If you’re anything like me, once the kids come, you’ll have no time for decorating or moving things around.  Go in as much as you can before school to have everything how you want it for day one, then spend the year thinking about curriculum and your students, not your classroom.

…But It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

Pinterest or even just seeing other teachers’ classrooms can make you stress about having a “cute” a “perfect” room.  Don’t.  Your room is not the most important thing, and it’s really a work in progress.  Every year you will tackle another little project or change things around.  I was SO proud of my room before my first year, but it’s gone through an “upgrade” every year:

First got the keys:

First day of first year:

First day of second year:

First Day of Third Year:

Fourth Year (In Middle of Set-Up…Final pics to come in a few weeks!)

Good luck and have fun!  I’m happy to answer any other specific questions, too.

“I feel Eren glance down at me. God, his eyes are intense. They must be green. Green eyes are the brightest, the deepest, and they change colors a thousand times before you give up on memorizing them.”

- The Pear Tree Ch.1

I tried to write avoidingavoidance a love letter regarding Pear Tree, but it got incredibly long winded so I ended up just doing this, instead. I hope you accept this substitute offering.

[Also a not-so-subtle nod at the Erejean fandom. You guys are warriors.]

Matching for Prom

Little ficlet I wrote, inspired by this post, because it just screamed Everlark! (Mistakes are mine!)


I dump all my text books on top my bedroom desk, readying to complete homework, before plopping down on the desk chair, that’s in desperate need of a replacement.

I just got home from work, at Sae’s Diner, where I’ve been picking up extra hours, to help mom with my own expenses. I’m pooped and moody, not that I’ve ever been a cheery person, but today has been borderline foul, since I had the displeasured to serve Haymitch Abernathy, a war veteran, turned Panem County’s resident drunk, who only seems to function of off white liquor, sarcasm and chili fries.

He’s the most antagonistic human being I’ve ever met, and I think he hates me, as much as I hate him. One thing I can’t fault the bastard for, and the only reason I put up with him, without spitting on his food, is his generous tips. I made more money today just waiting his sorry ass, than all the last three days combined.

I just wished his tips were reduced, only to the monetary kind, but the old coot has a mouth on him, and believes himself cleverer than everybody else.

My feet, along with my bruised ego, are killing me, after an hour with Haymitch!

I cross my leg over the opposite knee, grunting, when I yank off my combat boot of my foot. I throw the boot across the room, into the open closet where it lands with a clank. I’m about to repeat the process with my other boot, when my cellphone starts vibrating on top of the desk, where I’ve tossed it carelessly not a minute ago.

“I swear to all that’s sacred, if this is Jo, calling to swap shifts again… So help me… Imma scream at her ass!”

Lucky for Jo, it’s not her ‘Gene Simmons’ impersonation, the picture displayed on the caller ID screen.

My first smile all afternoon, comes effortlessly, as I see the goofy face of my best friend, smiling back at me. I already feel the stress of the day melt away from my shoulders.

I pick up the phone, and switch the silence button off, then quickly answer the call.

“Hello!” I sing-song breathlessly, with repressed laughter.

“Uh… Hiya there… I think I might have a wrong number or something,”

“What do you mean?” I whine at his confused sounding voice.

“Yeah, well you see, I’m calling Katniss Everdeen, petite, dark hair, always scowling, not a very people person, and I know for a fact, that today she had bad day at work, which most likely made her very grumpy,” he lowers his voice, as if he’s telling me a secret, “I’ve heard, she had a run in with her least favorite customer!” Then, in his normal, happy voice, he tells me, “But you ma'am, you sound too happy to be her. So, I’m sorry I bothered you… tootles!”

“PEETA!” I scream choking up on my laughter. “Don’t hang up, you doofus! I really did have a horrible day with Haymitch, and you’re possibly the only one, fit to salvage this terrible evening,”

He chuckles on the other side of the line. “Fine, I won’t hang up. Geez, now I know how Ben Kenobi felt… Since, I’m your only hope and all.”

“Help me Obi Wan!” I say in my best Leia imitation, making him chuckle again. “So, how did you know anyway?” I ask curiously, after a small pause.

“Word of mouth,” he says nonchalantly, “You know how it is. I was minding my own business, building a fondant masterpiece, when I overheard the melodious, chatty voice of Delly, lamenting to Rye, having to witness the debacle with her own eyes.” He paused for comic effect, “Although, I have to admit, I’d take her gossipy chatter, any time, over having to see them sucking face for one more second… Ugh!

“It’s disgusting! They look like a multi-arm monster, with a bad case of drooly mouth. ”

“Thanks for the unwanted visual!” I tell him, laughing at his aggravation, “You poor thing, your bother’s PDA bothering you?” I say in mocking, baby tone, cracking a big smile.

“Yeah, yeah. Wait until Prim starts dating. Watching your sibling with another person crazy glued to their face, is the worse!”

“Who said that Prim’s ever dating?” I snap at him, he laughs.

“So, was Delly wrong about your time with Abernathy?” I can hear the smirk return to his voice.

I sigh, “I’d say he was in raw form today. He decided to tell me how to make friends, because apparently, I’m too gloomy for his liking.” the easy smile I had in my face falls, and I tell him morosely, “He told me, I was as charming as dead slug,” I shrug even if can’t see me. “He pay with a one hundred dollar bill, and told me to keep the change. His ticket was only nine dollars and fifty cents. I guess I can put up with him, if he plans on making me rich after every insult.”

I hear him make that growling sound he makes when he’s aggravated about something. I know he’s got half a mind to go find Haymitch, and rip him a new one, for what he said to me. But, Peeta is about the only person the drunkard genuinely likes in town; being completely friendless is possibly the worse fate that can befall a person, I don’t wish it even to confrontational Haymitch Abernathy, so, I change topics, before Peeta makes his mind about screaming at the man.

“So, other than building fondant masterpieces, while eavesdropping at gossip that comes through the bakery, what else have you been up to today?”

“Oh! Right! So, I went to the mall before my shift, and walked into that tuxedo store, intent on renting my prom garb… because, you know, I gotta look sharp for Prom pics, and end up feeling like a dumbass, when the lady at the counter asked what color my date’s dress was, so we could match it up,”

“Oh…” I stutter. I don’t know what else to say to that. I didn’t know he was going to Prom, let alone with a date! But he keeps talking on his conversational tone, completely oblivious of my slightly hurt, completely confused reaction.

“So, she’s like: ‘okay, what color dress is your date wearing?’, and I’m like, ‘well shoot, I have no clue!’ and then she suggested I called, and find out and then, come back to see my options,”

“Um… uh…” My brain must be broken, I can’t seem to give any other response, and then I feel a sharp pain squeezing my chest, because apparently it just registers, my best friend is going to prom with some girl, and this is the first I’ve heard of it.

I always thought, Peeta and I would skip prom, and instead, binge watch The Walking Dead, while eating copious amounts of pizza and root beer. I feel like I’m going to do something stupid, like cry about all this. I’m still sorting through all this conflicting, disconcerting emotions, when I realize he’s asked me a question, and is waiting for my response.

“What was that?” I rasp, clearing my throat in hopes that I can hide the shakiness in my voice.

“I said,” he says slowly, “what color vest and tie, should I wear to prom?”

“Um. I- I don’t know?” Before I can even start to ask myself why in hell is he asking ME, about this, he adds offhandedly.

“Well we have to match, according to the tuxedo lady, so… what color is your dress?”

He only gets dead silence from my end. My brain really, just tossed itself out of the window, leaving me on my own with this mess.

Peeta, sensing that I’ve gone mute, keeps talking, trying to prompt an answer from me, "Yeah, I figured it would be something in the family of forest green, but, since I’m not one hundred percent sure of that, I didn’t wanna show up to your door on Prom night wearing green, if you decided to wear red instead… You know, either color would look absolutely gorgeous on you, because you’re so pretty and all… bold colors look amazing with your skin… I think dark greens and blues make your beautiful gray eyes pop, that’s why I love it when you wear that navy sweater of yours so much…”

“Peeta?” I try to interrupt him. He does this when he’s nervous, goes on and on, on this long, erratic rants, and I usually have to end up shouting his name to bring him back to the present.

“I think it’s how I see colors, that I can tell you what’ll look nice. I’d say you couldn’t look any more hotter, if you wore flames, but that’s just my humble opinion, although, now that I think about it, you’ll look amazing wearing flames…”

“Peeta,” I try again, because by now, I’m pretty sure I know what’s this all about.

He never asked me, if I wanted to go to Prom with him, but he’s so worked up, I know it’s what’s causing this insanity. I need to calm him down. Now!

“To be honest, I don’t want you look at our prom pictures, in, I don’t know… twenty years, maybe? and cringe in regret, because we looked like a mismatched pair, who randomly met at the dance, so…”

“PEETA!” I finally yell out his name.

“Uh… Yeah?” I hear the hesitation in his voice.

“So, yeah…” I take a deep breath, composing myself, “since when are we going to prom?” the question is pointed, and spoken slowly.

The line goes silent for a beat, and then he whispers, very quietly, “Shit… I forgot to ask you, didn’t I?”

I burst out laughing, "That would be correct, buster,” I keep giggling at his harsh breathing on the other side of the line.

If I close my eyes, I can clearly picture him, running his fingers through his golden curls, musing his hair as he goes, while bitting his lower lip sheepishly. I love the image, more than I care to admit.

“Um… So, Katniss?” He says quietly, “Would you, like to go to Prom with me?” He stutters a breath right after, and then rushes to add, as if I need the clarification, “Officially… as my date. As in, we wear matching clothes, ride in a rented limo, I buy you flowers and a fancy dinner, kinda date,” his voice is hopeful.

I can’t stop smiling.

Peeta and had been friends since grade school. We’ve been in the same class since kindergarten, but we only spoke in grade school, when my father passed away, and my mother was so sad, she forgot to make us lunches for school.

Peeta noticed me and my sister Primrose, huddled at a table empty handed, and broke his PB & J sandwich down the middle, sitting one half in front of Prim, and the other half in front of me, then he gave Prim his milk, even after I protested. Prim devoured her lunch so fast, I was afraid she’d make herself sick. I couldn’t blame her, though. It was the first thing we’ve eaten in a couple of days. So I finally gave in, and invited the kind boy with sweet blue eyes, and delicious bread, to sit with us. We became inseparable after that… anyone willing to feed Prim while going without, is worthy of my time and friendship, and Peeta has proven himself a thousand times over since.

The answer falls of my mouth, soft and shy, but without any hesitation, “Okay,”

He gives and incredulous little laugh, “So you’ll allow it?”

“I’ll allow it!” I say with my usual, self assured verb.

“Cool!” He gives a breathy, nervous giggle. He’s such a dork, but I love him all the same.

“Um, Peeta?”


“You wanna go dress shopping tomorrow after work, with me? I’ve got ninety bucks burning a hole in my pocket, begging to be spent, and I just got asked to Prom by this insanely hot dude… I think I saw a cute, sunset orange dress, that might be well inside my budget, but I think I’m gonna need your expert opinion, since you know all about colors go right with my skin!”

The chuckle he releases warms my insides, and I know I won’t regret my prom date.


just discovered green calcite and it’s probably one of my new favorite stones. the range of shades itself is amazing. this one is kind of this glowing jade color, I love it, and it’s half the size of my finger so it has this nice weighted feeling when I tried it on. 

I bought three but ended up only putting this one up on etsy because I liked them too much and I’m a horrible business person I keep wearing the merchandise instead of selling them this is why I’m always broke 

A couple days ago I submitted a headcanon about Elsa designing Anna’s wedding gown. So I drew a picture. I was aiming for an A-line dress, kind of like Anna’s coronation dress. The swirls at the bottom were inspired by Elsa’s magic powers, as if she sent a gust of magic at Anna’s hem. Elsa’s dress is also loosely based around her famous ice power dress. I decided a cape would take away the magic from the bride (Elsa totally agrees, it’s Anna’s moment to shine and look sexy and beautiful) and the bride and maid of honor had to have something in common, so a green sash with a bow to be similar. Elsa created the flowers out of no-melt ice. They would look kind of like blue glass close up.

I know, Anna looks kind of like Ariel and Elsa looks awful, and yes the pencil crayon shading wasn’t the greatest… I also forgot to color the ring box in Anna’s hand and she did have an engagement ring on at one point…

Anyways, Elsa and Anna designed each others’ dresses for the Wedding. Anna wanted the color theme to be green and Kristoff totally didn’t mind. So Elsa ended up in a simple green dress with sheer lace sleeves. Elsa did her best to make Anna’s dress have some green in it but after a few hours of trying to make her magic dresses turn green Elsa gave up. Instead she had the royal dress maker help her sew on some green silk ribbon for trim. Anna was totally overjoyed with the gown and both Elsa and Anna can’t wait for Kristoff to see Anna (Even though we all know, Anna could wear a flour sack and Kristoff would be happy). Anna decided to wear her hair down for a change and managed to get a little bit of curl in it.

Something old: Anna plans to wear her mother’s veil.

Something new: Anna is wearing a new hair clip that she and Elsa found in the village. It’s a green flower.

Something borrowed: Elsa is lending Anna one of her favorite crowns.

Something blue: Anna found a sapphire necklace in the royal treasury.