so i ended up coloring it green instead


Sweet Meep Morp pals transform into Giant Woman!


-Ok, I am digging the idea of these two having 4 arms; because they both use elemental powers instead of relying on weapons, 4 arms fits their two powers. That’s a set of arms for each power! :D

-Azurite is my working theory for a Lapidot Fusion, obvs. But, under closer inspection, I may have to rethink this though, apparently Azurite gets its green coloring mostly from Malachite?!  So? Awkward??

-I illustrated what looks to be like an accidental fusion, probably when they are just hanging out and feeling rather close and end up just fusing without thinking about it…However I DO believe its going to be different in the show. I think a major point is going to be made of Lapis’s next fusion because of her bad history/experience with a toxic fusion(continuing the analogy they’re making to abuse)…I think Peridot is going to be respectful of Lapis in her own, obtuse way and probably ask “are you sure?” and assuring Lapis’s consent about 10 times before they do it and assuring her in whatever concerns or fears Lapis has(I think her power may play a part, since Jasper made a big deal about it). Since Peridot’s never fused, her first one is going to be significant. Lapis’ arc is likely one of recovery and survival and healing. I think combining these two is a brilliant strategy to bring their arcs together.

-Azurite would be super excited to meet Steven, given Lapis’s joy and friendship around him, and Peridot’s strong friendship with him.

So I was rewatching Reign Storm, and does the blue color of Danny’s powers when he’s wearing the ectoskeleton (with power x100) imply that when Danny gets stronger his natural ectoplasm color will be blue? Like the way Vlad’s is red/pink? Maybe Vlad started off green, too, and it changed color as he got stronger. (we never see Vlad Plasmius bleed, that I know of, it could be red/pink)

I mean, the color of his powers with the ectoskeleton are kinda the same color as a bunch of other Fenton tech, so that was my first thought. but it would really kind of fit, given his ice powers. Since when he gets them and uses them his eyes and hands glow blue instead of green. Maybe if he’d kept up the level-up curve on his powers he would’ve end up with permanently blue ectoplasm