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a murder of crows

summary: detective stanley wormwood is particularly chagrined to find out that he’s been assigned a precocious protege. and in the middle of his biggest case yet. lovely.  — natan!au

notes: i just watched my very first episode of csi: miami and i was inspired. also, yes, capitalisation isn’t real, and yeah, i use british spellings even though i’m american. sue me.

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Daisy Johnson Appreciation Week: Day 7

Favorite scene/moment : showing her strength after finding out about Ward’s betrayal

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How is the Cyborg Queen and her Titanium King doing today?

Wonderful! Thanks so much for asking <3 

Cliff is still experiencing recovery pain, and while it understandably frustrates him, I take comfort in the fact that it will be short-lived. He got out of the house today though, watched the Super Bowl with his uncle and brother and played some guitar. So yay for steps in the right direction :) 

Today has been super productive for me. I edited yesterday’s writing and was surprised by how much of it was good (it was one of those days when you’re convinced your writing is garbage). I worked more on that little surprise I’m launching in a few weeks. And I did beta reviews spanning - wait for it - ELEVEN CHAPTERS. Holy crap, right? The reviews went fabulously. I’m very pleased. This was by far my favorite moment:

What were your thoughts on Tobias?

-       I have decided that he is now my boyfriend. I am Leila and we lived happily ever after together lol  

-       He is just so cute. Every single time he was confused by Leila’s reactions or feelings it made me laugh. It is so cool to see the different sides of him. Like he is adorably naive, as are most boys, when it comes to girls’ feelings. Getting flustered, thinking he messed up, not being able to read what is going on.

-       Then he shows us his backbone. He can be very righteous when he wants to be and foolhardy along with it. Standing up to [SPOILER] was fantastic to read but I was soooo worried for him. Same with [SPOILER] bahahha that was fantastic. I was like ooooh how you gonna get out of this?!

-       He also showed how gentle and respectful he can be. Media needs more love stories like this! Okay maybe not with all the blood, death, and imminent doom (I like it but maybe not for everyone) but he never forced Leila, EVER. He was always trying to read her reactions and gauge if his kiss was welcome or not and that is so amazing. And trying to calm her down with soft touches is so heart melting! He is, and will always be, such a good example of how a man should treat a woman.

It makes me so happy!!! <3 <3 <3


crooked kingdom countdown challenge | week one: favourite ship(s) → matthias helvar x nina zenik

“I loved your laugh, Nina. And your fierce warrior’s heart. I might have loved you, too.”
Might have. Once. Before she had betrayed him. Those words carved an ache into her chest.


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Yay! Thanks so much you guys! I’m super glad you guys enjoy this blog and So I know I said I was going to do something special like a face reveal. But a face reveal involves taking selfies…and I always look bad. So, instead  maybe a giveaway?

I can do icons now like this!

so tell me if you want icons or edits like the one below

Or even aesthetics like this one

So yeah thanks so much and let me know what you guys want! I will only be doing them for 20 people so its first come first served. 

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Tag you're it! List your top five fanfics then tag another for them to do the same!

Ahhhh yay thanks for the tag!! Picking just 5 is impossible but I’ll do my best. Okay here we go in no particular order!

  • The Gloaming by @papermoon262​ because Moony’s writing never fails to blow me away and every word just keeps me hanging on until the very end of the chapter! Nikita is also one of the first OCs I came across and she intrigued me right away. 
  • Bad Blood by @opheliamayers​ is honestly so well written and Leah Kane is one of my fave OCs ever with such an interesting backstory and so much mystery! Every chapter flows so well and the dialogue and banter in this fic is so incredibly written and the slow burn with Stiles and Leah constantly kills me!
  • From Ashes by @lydamartin​ because Elsa is honestly such a gem and she fits in so well with the rest of the canon characters that it’s so easy to forget she’s not actually in the show! 
  • Just Say Yes by @missunderstoodxoxo​ featuring the bad ass Marlee Decker is always such a joy to read and Marlee has so much snark that every chapter finds a way to crack me up, even amongst the angst constantly thrown in! 
  • Heartless by @lady-baratheon​ is only a few chapters in so far but already I love Piper’s story and how she ties into the Riverdale world. She’s such an interesting and flawed character (my fave kind tbh) and I’m really looking forward to future updates! 

A Fígrid Modern AU Playlist 

For all your Modern AU Needs, or well, I had a load of Upbeat type Songs I wanted to put in but they didn’t really fit for a Canon AU – So I compiled them together for a Modern AU one. There’s also the advantage to a Modern AU in that there’s nothing stopping them from being together! Yay! 

Available on Spotify 

Let Me In: Grouplove // This One’s For You (feat. Zara Larsson): David Guetta, Zara Larsson // Hold My Hand: Jess Glynne // Love On Me: Galantis, Hook N Sling // Fireflies: April Kry // Work This Body: WALK THE MOON // I Believe In A Thing Called Love: The Darkness // Sing: Ed Sheeran // I Feel It Coming: The Weeknd, Daft Punk // Hallelujah: Panic! At The Disco  

But yeah here we go! My newest video lmao i’msodumbkillme

I’ll make one of me playing soon! I recorded it I just have to edit it..

You can find out why i’m doing this here lmao i’mdumbandpettyahhhhh


(in announcer voice:) And today’s punk edits are of the one and only @therealjacksepticeye ! Yep, because I did an array of rainbow hair for Mark, I thought that I might as well do some of another favorite Youtuber of mine. So, here’s some of Jackaboy! Yay!

I still take requests for just about anyone, so don’t hesitate to ask. Even if you’d rather have one of yourself, it’d be a pleasure. Message me if you want something specific.

So I got a new phone, yay!

But there are like no fandom cases for the model and I’m disappointed. But I found this website that lets you design your own phone case. So… are there any artists that would allow me to use their fanart? (I cannot draw to save my life). You would be my best friend forever and if there would be any way that I could return the favour, I will, and if anyone asks who drew it you’ll get full credit. It’s okay if no one wants to, I’ll edit something but I think fanart would be awesome, especially of Sam, Dean and Cas. If you wouldn’t mind me using your fanart just message me, if not just ignore this message and keep scrolling (:

Age Is Just A Number - Luke Hemmings Oneshot

IT’S FINALLY HERE!! I’m so so sorry that it’s taken so long for me to post this, I’ve had so much going on personally and been so busy with work!

This might be a little rusty as I haven’t written in awhile but I hope you guys still enjoy it! It was super fun to write :).

NA: Not edited yet as it’s 1.30am where I am lol.


Anonymous said:

I’m really glad I found your blog because good 5sos fan fiction seems to be in very short supply and I’m really loving your story! :) Soooo, could you pretty please write a Luke one shot where the girl doesn’t realize that Luke is three years younger than her until Ashton or Calum brings it up jokingly when they’re all together and then she starts to feel really self conscious about being older and won’t sleep with him but Luke convinces her that his age doesn’t matter and dominates her?

It was an average Friday night. Same old story of Lucy dragging me out of the warm comforts of my sweatpants and bed with a cup of tea and a good book only to be told that I need to “clear the cobwebs and get laid”. Sure, it had been a good nine months since I had had sex, but I wasn’t exactly craving it anymore, my little battery powered friend had helped fill the long, cold nights of being on my own.

“Holy shit, it’s freezing. They better let us in soon!” Lucy muttered, while shivering so much I thought she would never stop. She insisted on not taking a coat, and it was the middle of winter for god’s sake!

“Didn’t I tell you you’d be freezing your ass off?” I shot back, hoping she would get the hint that I really didn’t want to be here.

“Hey beautiful, you and your friend wanna go inside now?” the doorman smirked at Lucy and I before moving the velvet rope crossing the entrance. Lucy flashed him a quick smile before grabbing my hand and pulling me in with her.

“Two vodka and cokes please!” Lucy asked the bartender, dropping her eye in a wink when he smiled at her. He handed us our drinks and was about to put the straws in when Lucy stopped him.

“We won’t be needing those, these are going down way too quick for straws!” she squeaked with excitement. “Come on, Y/N, drink up. We need to find you a man!”

“And here I am” said a voice from behind her. Lucy quickly turned around, only to be greeted by a very tall and dark haired stranger. I groaned at his cocky remark and rolled my eyes, both actions being seemingly ignored as Lucy and the handsome stranger stared at each other.

“I’m Lucy, this is Y/N!” she said as she held out her hand for him to shake gracefully,

“Calum, nice to meet you girls” he grinned, showing of his perfectly white teeth. “Not trying to be presumptuous but I heard you were looking for a man?”

“We sure are! Y/N has been single for far too long that I’m afraid she’s becoming a grandma!” Lucy laughed, much harder than necessary. Calum giggled lightly at her enthusiasm.

“And what about you, Lucy? Surely a gorgeous girl like you can’t be single?” he pressed, flicking his gaze between us. Lucy lightly brushed her fingers against his tensed bicep and smirked. “Maybe I am” she shrugged playfully, making me roll my eyes once again.

“Well lucky me then” he smiled “Why don’t you two come and join me and my friends? We’ve got a VIP booth just over there” he pointed over his shoulder toward a table full of guys, all incredibly hot, but looking just as cocky. Except for one.

I was pulled from my thoughts about the blue eyed boy sitting at the table when Lucy pulled my hand and followed Calum towards the booth.

“Hey guys, this is Lucy and Y/N” Calum introduced us to the other three boys. All of them muttered hey’s and hello’s in response but the blonde boy, he seemed too caught up in staring at my boobs. Not that I cared in that moment as I, surprisingly, found myself instantly attracted to him. His gaze drifted up to mine, and he soon realised he had been caught staring, his cheeks turning the brightest shade of red I’d ever seen.

“You okay there, Luke?” the red haired boy, asked him as he took a swig of his beer, trying to appear unembarrassed by what had just happened. “Don’t mind him, he doesn’t get out much. I’m Michael, and this is obviously Luke” he laughed, causing Luke to shoot him a glare.

“I’m Ashton, nice to meet you both” the remaining boy smiled. I studied his face quickly and realised that, other than this situation, he would usually be the type of guy I’d go for. I’d dated boys like Ashton in the past and found myself surprised that I was more drawn to Luke. I don’t know what it was about him. Maybe the fact that he seemed so innocent, or was it because he was the complete opposite of all my ex-boyfriends? Either way I wanted to know more.

I moved into the booth beside him, as Lucy sat on the other side next to Calum, seeming completely oblivious to the fact that I was still here. She was awestruck by him and I knew it. I didn’t mind though as I now had someone else to talk to, or so I hoped.

“Hey, I’m Y/N” I smiled at Luke, before taking a sip of my drink. “Hey uh yeah, I’m Luke” he mumbled nervously, “Sorry about before, I didn’t mean to stare”

“It’s fine” I laughed “So, tell me about you”….


It was now 2AM and we were all sat in the living room of the boys apartment. They had invited us back after the bar had closed early due to a false fire alarm. It was perfect timing though as when Lucy and Calum were all over each other and in the midst of a heated make out session on the dancefloor, a drink was spilled on Lucy’s dress. She was currently sat on his lap in a pair of his sweatpants and an old band t-shirt, still managing to look drop dead gorgeous, not that she agreed of course.

“Y/N, you look so gorgeous, I am so jealous” she whined, the alcohol clearly getting to her. “If that asshole hadn’t spilled his entire beer on my dress I would still looking so fucking hot” she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

“What are you talking about, baby? You’re crazy. You look so fucking sexy in my clothes” Calum slurred slightly, while placing hot kisses up her neck causing her to giggle.

“Y/N looks hotter. Do you know how hard it was to make her come out tonight? She refused to even go out for her birthday last week!” Lucy exclaimed. “I think she spent all night in bed with her vibrator!” I shot her a look, hoping she would get the hint and stop talking, but in her drunken state, she had no idea.

“It was your birthday last week? How old did you turn?” Luke asked curiously, thankfully ignoring the second part of Lucy’s sentence. We had seriously hit it off tonight. We had talked about anything and everything and I now found myself realising that I didn’t even know how old he was.

“21” I smiled down at him. I was now perched on his lap, his hands firmly planted on my sides and fingertips tracing my hips.

“Ooof, looks like Y/N’s a cougar!” Calum yelled excitedly, as I cocked my head in confusion “It’s okay, Luke prefers older girls anyway” he continued. My heart dropped to my stomach as I realised that Luke was younger than me, and I plucked up the courage to ask just how much younger.

“Uh, how old are you?” I asked, as I turned to see Luke gulp nervously before answering, “18”.

“Oh, uh, I see” I cleared my throat and prepared myself to stand up. There was no way I could go there with Luke now, he was way too young for me and I felt disappointed. As I tried to stand, I felt a little unsteady on my feet, the alcohol affecting me more than I thought. Luke’s firm grip on my hips helped me from falling and I turned to look at him, immediately noticing the pleading look in his eyes.

“I umm, I just need to go to the bathroom” I stated once I had finally got myself steadied. I moved as fast as I could toward the hallway, feeling Luke’s presence behind me. Finding the bathroom, I shut the door as fast as I could, shutting Luke out as he tried to enter with me. The look on his face broke my heart, it was one of sheer sadness and pleading.

He and I both knew that we had established a great connection tonight but I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t date an 18 year old, not while I’m 21. What would people say? People would constantly call me a cougar and I don’t think I’m prepared for that. And the sex? Is he a virgin? Is he experienced, or has he even slept with more than one girl? So many things were running through my mind.

As I splashed my face with cold water, trying to blink the tears from my eyes, I heard Luke on the other side of the door. “Y/N? Please open the door, I wanna talk”. I could hear the sadness in his voice. I let out a deep breath, and pat my face dry, trying my best to appear unaffected by the sudden change of events.

I opened the door and came face to face with the tall blonde, who’s bright blue eyes were filled with pleading. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Y/N, it just didn’t come up”.

“It’s not your fault, Luke. Don’t worry about it” I shook my head nonchalantly, doing my best to act causal.

“This doesn’t have to change things, I really like you, Y/N” he whispered,

“I like you too, Luke but we can’t do this. You’re so much younger than me, I just can’t” I answered, losing my inner battle to stay cool and feeling the tears well in my eyes.

“Don’t say that, Y/N” Luke pleaded, putting his index finger under my chin, making me look up at him. I shook my head once more and stepped back from his grasp.

“No, Luke. It’s just not going to work. I’m sorry”

“Why not? Why can’t it work?” he pressed, desperation washing over his face.

“There’s so many reasons! For starters, sex. I mean have you even had sex? It may seem ridiculous to you but I need someone experienced, it’s what I crave” I almost yelled out, embarrassed that I was admitting this to someone I had just met. When Luke didn’t respond I looked up to his face, only to see him smirking and shaking his head.

“What’s so funny?” I asked angrily, hoping he wasn’t making fun of me.

“Oh, Y/N, you have no idea” he laughed darkly, turning to close the door behind him before slowly walking towards me. His eyes had turned a darker shade of blue and now had a look in them that I recognised instantly. Lust.

My breath hitched in my throat as he backed me into the wall, placing his hands on either side of my head. I could feel his breath fanning over my face as he studied me, moving his lips to ghost over my neck. “You have no idea of all the things I could do to you, Y/N. All the things I could make you feel” he whispered, “You have totally, and utterly, underestimated me.”

I was shocked by what I was seeing, and what I was feeling. Maybe I had underestimated him. Maybe he was the most experienced 18 year old there ever was. Or maybe he was just lying, and wasn’t experienced at all? Either way, in this moment I really didn’t care. The warmth firing between my legs was enough to make me want more, and quickly. I moved my eyes up to his, carefully studying him. The way he looked made me want to come on the spot and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning.

“Then show me how you can make me feel, Luke”. That was all he needed, he smirked and slowly moved his lips to mine, fire igniting at the first touch. His lips moulded to mine perfectly and it wasn’t long before his tongue asked for entrance to my mouth, which I happily granted. The second his tongue danced along with mine I moaned loudly, gripping the hair on the back of his neck in an attempt to bring him closer. I instantly felt his hand come down on my ass cheek, causing me to separate from him and squeak.

“You’re not in charge tonight, baby I am. Do you understand?” Luke said sternly. I was taken aback by his tone and when I didn’t answer him, he spanked me again. “Answer me, princess”

“Y-yes, Luke” I stuttered, feeling my ass sting from his palm but enjoying it more than I should have been. Luke backed away from me instantly and grabbed my hand, leading us from the bathroom into the room directly opposite, one I was assuming was his bedroom. He closed the door behind us and pushed me into it, his hands gripping my thighs.

Luke’s lips found mine once again and I felt my head spinning, and I knew it was from the pleasure. His fingertips made their way up the hem of my dress and immediately pressed over my panty covered crotch. His middle finger pressed in ever so slightly, adding just a little pressure to my clit, making me whimper. Luke pulled his lips from mine and placed a gentle kiss to my nose, all the while moving his finger slowly over where I needed him most.

“I can feel how wet you are through these panties, princess” he whispered against my neck, biting down lightly and running his tongue over the spot “Who are you so wet for?” he asked, knowing full well what my answer would be.

“You, Luke. It’s all for you” I managed to squeak out, being completely taken over by the actions of Luke’s mouth on my neck and fingers on my pussy.

“Feel free to call me Daddy tonight, kitten. ‘Cause I’m gonna make you feel so good” he seductively whispered, moving his index finger into my underwear to gather some of my wetness. He pulled away from me completely, leaving me a withering mess against the bedroom door, as he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked it clean of my juices, only making my core throb intensely.

“Take your dress off, now” he demanded, and I wasted no time in slipping the dress off my shoulders and letting it pool on the floor before him. He pulled his shirt over his head and unbuttoned his jeans, making me rub my thighs together for some sort of friction. He was so fucking hot and I needed him now.

“Now, are you gonna be a good girl for Daddy?” he asked as he circled me, lightly ghosting his fingertips over my skin. I knew I wouldn’t be able to form any words so I only nodded in response, still in shock that the seemingly “innocent” boy from earlier had now turned into this dominant and amazingly sexy man.

“Good girls always get rewarded you know, do you want to be rewarded, princess?”  

“Yes, Daddy” I breathed out, the anticipation killing me. Luke stood with the back of his knees pressed against the bed and motioned for me to come to him.

“Come here. Get on your knees, baby”. I happily obliged and knelt down before him, looking up at him through my lashes waiting for my next instruction. He was making me feel things I had never felt before and I found myself eager to please him in any way I could. And I knew that by taking his cock in my mouth, I would do just that. I was a self-proclaimed pro at blow jobs and I couldn’t wait to show him.

“You’re so beautiful, baby” he whispered as he stroked my face, looking down at me in pure adoration. “Show Daddy just how much you want his cock”. That was all I needed, I pulled down his boxers and took his impressive length in my hands. I looked up at him to see him smirking, he knew that I didn’t expect him to be this big and I was happily surprised.

I pumped his cock in my hands slowly, admiring the quiet moans now flowing from his mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head a few times before taking it in my mouth and suckling softly, savouring his taste. I moved my head further down his length, taking all I could in my mouth and starting up a rhythm we were both happy with.

“Fuck, princess. That’s so fucking good” he groaned as I took one of my hands and moved it to play with his balls. “You suck Daddy’s cock so well” he moaned again before removing me from his length and standing me up. “What a good girl, I think you need a reward” he smiled at me before placing a light kiss on my lips. “Lay down on the bed, kitten”.

I moved myself up towards the pillows, making sure I was comfortable and sat up on my elbows, waiting for Luke to make his move.

“God damn, you’re so pretty, baby girl” he muttered in almost amazement, causing me to blush. Luke crawled onto the bed and came face to face with me, reconnecting our lips. He was being dominant but in the most sweet and loving way possible, for a moment I was mad at myself for almost passing up this opportunity but that thought was soon forgotten as Luke began to kiss his way down the valley of my breasts. He reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, sliding it down my arms and letting it fall off the bed.

His hands immediately moved to massage my boobs, swiping his tongue over my nipple, making me arch my back off the bed in response. “That feel good, baby?” Luke asked before moving to my other nipple.

“God yes, Daddy, that feels so good!” I moaned loudly, not caring if anyone heard me. He soon finished his assault on my breasts and moved his head to the top of my underwear line, placing a soft kiss there before hooking his fingers into the waistband and sliding them down my legs. I instantly felt my juices run between my cheeks and held my breath in anticipation of what was to come next.

Luke moved in between my legs so that his face was flush with my throbbing core. He blew out some cool air and the sensation was almost too much for me to handle. “Please Daddy” I moaned, hoping he would put me out of my misery.

“What do you want, princess? Tell Daddy what you want” he said as he let out another breath, causing me to buck my hips.

“Please Daddy, just lick my pussy, please!” I whimpered in desperation. I never knew I could get this worked up without being barely touched. I moaned loudly at the first touch of Luke’s tongue on my clit, followed by several more fast and talented flicks. I was feeling better than I ever had before and I knew I needed this forever, there was no way I could go back to boring sex after this.

“Such a pretty fucking pussy. And so sweet”

Luke continued slurping and sucking on my pussy and I was seeing stars, moaning and bucking above him I just couldn’t get enough. It wasn’t long before I reached my high, my body shuddering from the intense pleasure. “FUCK LUKE. HOLY SHIT!” I moaned louder than ever as the last few waves of my orgasm pulsed through me. Luke pulled his tongue from me and moved up my body, our eyes connected and I knew I was in trouble.

“What did you call me, kitten?” he whispered

“I meant Daddy, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Daddy” I breathed out, completely wrecked after the most intense orgasm of my life.

“Hmm not good enough, I think you need to be punished, princess. Turn around, on all fours” he growled. It took me longer than he liked but I was soon on my hands and knees, my ass facing him.

“You took too long, princess. Looks like an extra two spanks” he said and I moaned at the thought. I knew this was supposed to be punishment but I liked it. “Count, baby girl”

“One!” I cried out in pleasure at the first collision. “Two!…..Three!……Four, oh god, Daddy!” I moaned once more, completely lost in the pleasure I was feeling.

“One more, baby girl”

“Five! Holy shit” I breathed once he had finished. I felt like collapsing but I knew he wouldn’t approve, instead I rested my face against the pillows, trying to catch my breath. Luke had other ideas and I instantly felt his tongue circling my entrance, causing me to cry out. “Stop Daddy, I can’t, please” I begged, feeling totally overwhelmed by the pleasure of his tongue but still wanting to feel his huge dick inside me.

“Do you want something else, kitten? How about my cock?” he moaned and I felt him place his tip at my entrance.

“Yes, Daddy please. Please fuck me! I want you inside me, now” I told him as I lifted my head from the pillows and steadied myself, getting ready for the best fucking of my life.

“Whatever you want baby” he breathed out and pushed into me, causing me to throw my head back, mouth agape.

“Fuck yeah, baby. You feel so good, so fucking tight oh” he groaned loudly, unable to keep his composure. He continued to fuck me from behind, skilfully hitting my g-spot with every movement. Every thrust was bringing me closer to my second high and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Better than your vibrator, baby?” he moaned

“Fuck yes, Daddy so much better. I’m gonna come! Oh, Luke!” I screamed out, definitely not caring that I could be heard by anyone within earshot.

“Me too, princess. Let go” Luke groaned and came instantly, his orgasm setting off my own. Luke thrusted sloppily throughout our highs, making sure to milk every last wave. I felt the last string of cum leave his dick not long before he pulled out of me. We both collapsed on the bed, both feeling like we’d just run a marathon.

“Holy shit. I was not expecting that” I breathed out once I had semi recovered, now laying my head on Luke’s chest.

“I told you I’d make you feel good” he smirked cockily causing me to laugh and playfully hit his chest.

“Well you definitely did that” I smiled up at him. “I am so fucking thirsty now, it’s ridiculous” I complained, now feeling the dryness in my throat.

“Me too, I’ll get us some water”. Luke got up and threw on some sweatpants that were laying on the ground by his bed. I moved myself under the covers and watched him as he moved to the door.

“Hey so, I was thinking” he started “I should probably take you on a date now right? I mean after that I don’t think either of us will be wanting to date anyone else right?” he said and we both chuckled.

“Definitely, a date sounds perfect” I grinned back at him. He smiled his breath taking smile and left the room, closing the door behind him. I lay on my back and looked at the ceiling, before hearing a roar of cheers from down the hall. And I knew my suspicions had been confirmed, the whole house had heard us. But I honestly didn’t care. All I could think about was how happy I was and that I should never assume again that age matters.

Yay! Spideynova week! This first prompt took me two thousand years (read as: two days) to finish but hey, water under the bridge. Late but here. That’s just the way I roll. Anyway, I’ve decided this ‘verse I’ve created (with a friend’s help) is way too cute to just write one little fic about so I’ll probably do all of them with this college roommates AU. Also, because it’s mine, poorly edited. Enjoy, and happy Spideynova week!

Title: Thunder
Prompt: Cuddly (1.1)
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1240

Sam’s peacefully snoring as rain pelts against the windows while Peter sits up and reads with the lights on. Great thing about Sam is that, even when Peter listens to (not too loud) music and has all the lights on and taps his pen annoyingly loud against his book, Sam still sleeps like the dead. He snores loudly and will occasionally talk in his sleep and scare the shit out of Peter by jumping out of dreams he doesn’t even remember having, but him sleeping is a lot more peaceful than when he’s awake.

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ZerVis week DAY 1(14th september) : ALTERNATE UNIVERSE(AU)

i decided to put highschool AU for this first day instead of my doctor AU :o i kinda wanna draw fluff at least one in this zervis week LOL

so natsu is worried that his awkward brother will messed up his own first date with the highschool genius, Mavis Vermillion (both are geniuses but mavis is the popular one and zeref is an awkward anti-social dude XD). so he and his (crush) best friend, Lucy planned on spying mavis and zeref date 030 and natsu’s and his spy outfit idea is Hm… Nice? Lol


oh! 14th september is my birthday anyway!so yay!!!Happy early birthday to me ^.^