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Greys Anatomy 14x01 & 14x02

Okay, i’ve been on hiatus for far too long. This episode was literally a double episode so i’m twice as drunk - you know what that means. I’ve got some bangers coming your way. 


I want to really point out the writers did a bang up job of really pointing out how important womans rights and equality is in a work place. Look I work in the medical field and seriously Bailey - fucking wear your scrub in shoes. You’re a surgeon, you might be the ‘chief’ but I don’t even give a damn, this strong ass surgeon-first woman should be wearing her scrub shoes, good on her for feeling like she really didn’t have to contort to society. 

I want to really point out the super adult conversation April and Jackson finally had. Look we can all see it, it’s completely happening organically between Maggie and Jackson and I’m actually okay with it, it’s healthy and the conversation, feelings and maturity of that relationship is so important. I know I’ve always been a mad Japril feeler, but I can definitely understand how super important this dynamic is - lets not forget it was Jackson who worked on her mum last season - it was Jackson who - honestly was there through it all, these two have an extremely beautiful rich culture and dynamic and I’m really excited to see how it goes. As much as a i ABSOLUTELY love to death April I want to see someone love her whole-heartedly, not second guess or have another interest and I  really absolutely enjoyed they finally had that adult relationship question mark, that conversation about her moving out. As much as their relationship has been a huge amount of*drama* it’s important they move on from that and I really feel like they owe it to the two characters they find true love. 

Anyway getting off of that, MEGAN FUCKING HUNT IS BACK IN BLACK. and I really seriously love her fucking character, everything about her screams incredible. She’s an incredible human being - this fucking woman was kept hostage and she made the best out of a really hideous situation - she decided it was right for her to adopt this kid, it was in her to go back to Iraq and I really loved that about her character, she was completely unapologetic to how she felt and what her options were. I really loved the dynamic between Meredith and her too - You all know I’m a huge fan of fucking Meredith Grey and she fucking owned this fucking two episodes. She was as strong as Ellis Grey and as ground breaking as her and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Megan Hunt is a force to be reckoned with, she reminds me of Meredith in the fact that she doesn’t do second best, she’s not about that life and she’s a mom, she loves her son and she understands that people move on and I really loved that about her - I fucking loved that she didn’t have any hesitation having Mer do her surgery either. SHes a mature woman and she doesn’t give a damn and I don’t want that to ever be taken away from her character. 

SIDE NOTE - LETS ALL TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE MOMENT THAT MAGGIE DECIDED TO PUT HER TWO CENTS IN AND WEBBER FUCKING TOLD HER ASS - such a good father. I’m not even kidding, that scene was everything. I love Maggie and Webber scenes - the father / daughter dynamic between Maggie and Richard is so fucking important to me, maybe it’s the abandoned child coming out but that honestly did wonders for me because I loved that he owned it - that he told her some of her achievements he hopes are him. I FUCKING LOVE RICHARD WEBBER DONT COME @ ME. 

Lets talk about JO and alex. I’m not kidding - I’ve literally been waiting for him to finally tell her that he wouldn’t hurt her and I don’t know if any of my followers have been in a domestic violence situation but really, honestly this is the scariest part about loving someone. He did what he did because he was worried about her safety, Alex would literally do anything there could possibly be for Jo and I really love that. Jo is an incredible character for me. I think she’s strong and I know that’s the unpopular opinion around here, but she is literally everything. She’s been through so much and as much as she likes to down play her hurt and her past, it’s literally everything .She doe’s go for the ‘bad boy’ and the fact that Alex isn’t really that, - he did everything out of panic - its so enriching to me. That sex scene as well it was like coming home for them. Let’s not forget how important and beautiful their relationship truly was. She had to hide a part of herself and she just wanted to love him properly but she was harbouring this hurt and anxiety and man Jo and Alex are so FUCKING IMPORTANT TO ME. I truly want an Alex in my fucking life. 


Owen Hunt and Amelia fucking exhaust me - so much tug and pull and not enough rope. I hate how horrible Amelia can be to Owen, I really do. It almost make’s me feel like someone like Teddy but then I remember the moment Amelia told him she had a unicorn baby, that she lost someone. It reminds me of all those moments that she’s had with Owen and reminds me that they are meant to be together. They both have so many fucking demons and someone as dark as Amelia needs someone like Owen who can bring her to life. I also love that she wasn’t having any of his shit tonight. LOOK IM A HUGE ADVOCATE FOR AMELIA FUCKING SHEPHERD dont @ me because I know a lot of people are done with her but she’s sooooo mis understood. Shes a woman who lost her fucking kid, she’s a woman whose lost her fucking brother, she’s a woman who lost her fiance, she’s a fucking woman who is so fucking scared of being left abandoned that she can’t hack it and I really think she needs a man like Owen who is completely selfless and honestly he fucking is. Amelia isn’t ‘selfish’ she just reminds me exactly of Meredith six years ago. SHe’s a woman that’s lost and someone whose not dealt with her demons properly. I’m not ashamed when I see her on screen with her love interest because I bloody well get it. 

Teddy on the other hand, she’s so damn pure it make’s it exceptionally hard to hate her. She’s so real and realistic, wholistic and jesus christ I want to see HUNT with someone who wants the same god-damn things. I’m not ashamed to admit that I want him with both. I fucking love that she’s his person, I love that she harbours feelings for him and vise-versa. I love that she stood her ground and told him she doesn’t want to be the second woman because she’s better than that and she deserves better, she may not have said those words but honestly this is a replay of the cristina and owen problem. The communication is completely out with Amelia and Owen - they want the same things but it’s just not addressed. I fucking LOVE Teddy tho and she DOES deserve better. If Owen is going to get with her it needs to be completely unattached, he needs to be away from Amelia, he needs to divorce her and complete that circle. I almost think the tumour has something to do with Amelia’s weird shit tho. I feel like the love that Amelia and owen had originally may have been tainted by this tumour and I can understand that. 

Moving on - Dr Bailey and god damn husband are cute. 


I’m so glad my shows have returned and I’ve returned to drinking WINO in my backyard, smoking cigarettes and watching Grey’s Anatomy because this is my FAV- FUCKING- SHOW. 

10/10 for both god-damn episodes 

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Unfortunately, i don't know anything about the score and these things :/// my sister is not exactly involved in the shooting process, but i don't want to say more so i don't expose her. marvel snipers are real lmao who knows what happened to John Lem (the guy whose name was watermarked on cw trailer leak) (jk i dont think my sis knows him). also Elle like the magazine you know?

something i forgot to mention: scarjo was super unhappy with her whole plot in aou and preferred the ending was that natasha says to bruce that she only pretended to like him; can you imagine how much she hates the plot we saw to prefer such a cruel ending? she and renner fought to have clintasha too. he is also apparently a fan of the comic version of hawkeye (the one with the girl hawkeye idk i don’t read comics haha) - Elle

oh my god oh my god

I would like to Officially Propose: Percival doesn’t remember much of his time at sea or the months surrounding it. That doesn’t mean people don’t remember him.