so i don't know what this is

i wish there was a website/organization that focused on the southern states, what really goes on down here, and how democrats could possibly win some of these states back.


the trans with the plans🤘


day 5: road trip

A series of snapchats sent to les amis on a cross-Europe roadtrip! Highlights include Dublin, Gibraltar, Edinburgh, Salzburg, and the English coast

All based on photos taken on my own Europe trip!

Grand Blues 821 Io and Jamil

[Continuing the trip to the Casino ship dressed up]
Io: “Hnn… I just can’t win…”
Io: “That old guy seems to have pretty good luck, so it’s a problem…”
Jamil: “…I see, that man over there, is it…”

Ja: “…shall I off him?”
<- ※ Former assassin
Io: “No offing anyone!!
Io: “Knock it off with the assassin mindset!

Io: “Got it!? You can’t do anything violent!”
Ja: “I see…” /bow
Ja: No… for the sake of Io-sama’s victory, I should punish that guy a bit and hope he leaves…

Ja: Without Io-sama noticing…
Ja: I’ll approach the target from her blindspot……!

Ja: “Oof!?”
[After tsukkomi-ing for all the idiots in the crew on a daily basis…]
[Io soon became able to tsukkomi without even seeing them.]

anonymous asked:

Is it true that the other side by ruelle was written for Malec??? I saw it in one of the blogs? Does anyone know

As far as I know (so correct me if I am wrong), Ruelle wrote the song “for a special show” but never stated that she wrote it for Malec. It’s just that the Malec fandom claimed that song from the very first second because it screamed Malec. 

Personally, my first impression was that it probably would be used in the C/limon/C/lace break up scene and I guess I was right since the song will apparently be played on the next ep on Monday.



Ahhh! I’ve passed the midway point for the 7 Day Phanart Challenge by @chillphann​!!

Day 5: Same Age
“I really think that 14 year old Dan and 14 year old Phil would’ve gotten along quite well.”
“I think they’d’ve been friends!” |||


I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me // fall out boy