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Girlfriend: Irene | Headcanons

okay lawd let’s start

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  • type of gf who says she always thinks of you and actually means it
  • becomes hesitant in the beginning of the relationship in terms of initiating things
  • she wants to ensure you want the relationship too
  • but when she’s absolutely sure and confident, even then she doesn’t bombard you with barrages of texts every day
  • she doesn’t want to annoy you
  • gives you souvenirs after EVERY tour
  • bracelets, T-shirts, blankets, etc
  • cooks for you when she can
  • breakfast in bed every morning you can share together
  • doesn’t admit it, but dresses up for you most of time
  • like she hates it when you see her with just a bare/no makeup face
  • except when you pepper her face with kisses when she wakes up, then she’s more than confident
  • is so happy when she sees you and the rest of the Red Velvet girls getting along
  • she loves seeing her favorite people so happy and friendly together
  • keeps anything related to a comeback a secret
  • she wants you to be surprised and proud of her
  • excessive cuddling and constant backhugs
  • seriously Joohyun backhugs you so much, she barely knows what to do with her arms sometimes when she isn’t holding you
  • she loves when you two are late up at night and the room’s dark and all she can feel is you locked in her arms as she holds you and warms your forehead with occasional kisses
  • inviting Wendy over for “weekly cooking night”
  • in which you three cook something and then while waiting for it to cool off, Joohyun plays on her phone and you sit on her lap and Wendy just awkwardly stands there by the oven
  • and when the food’s actually ready to eat, Joohyun whines when you try to leave and keeps postponing eating time until she’s done playing Angry Birds because she wants to eat with you
  • and then ten minutes elapse and you and Wendy are like, “Fuck it”
  • And Irene’s pissed
  • “Fine, go sleep with Wendy then!”
  • “When you need someone to cuddle, Seungwan can help you, right?”
  • but then she immediately softens when you feed her and she’s a great big cuddly mess and she apologizes to Wendy and Wendy just holds her head and is like, “It’s okay. I get it. It’s okay”
  • literally praises everything you do
  • like you can trip down thirty-seven flights of stairs and Joohyun’s like, “Babe, are you okay? Great job on not hurting yourself too bad, though!”
  • “Babe, this cake is so good! You killed it!”
  • “Ohmagosh, babe, you’re like Picasso, that’s great!”
  • but also offers constructive criticism when you need it
  • in the sweetest, kindest way
  • like she’s not holding back, but she’s also showing she’s doing it because she loves you
  • secretly loves when you startle her on purpose
  • like I know she should be really pissed and stuff, but she loves the way you laugh so hard at it
  • so she literally is so EXTRA with it sometimes
  • oh, and speaking of extra
  • that random shit she does in the music videos
  • like the lip bites and winks and hair flips
  • YUP
  • she knows how it effects you so with every scene she’s like, “What can I do to make (Y/N) break a sweat?”
  • and BAAAM
  • and like she doesn’t give two shits when the fans are like “IRENE GOD YOU’RE SO HOT I CAN’T”
  • it’s when you say it
  • that’s when it starts to matter
  • then when she hears it from fans, her pride just mounts
  • and when you go to a Red Velvet concert, she tells herself not to dedicate all her attention to you
  • but then Be Natural comes on and she HAS TO BE EXTRA
  • just because she knows what it does to you
  • like she stares at you the whole time
  • and all the fans in front of you are like “OMG IRENE’S STARING AT ME OMG”
  • and Irene winks cuz she’s not staring at them
  • she’s staring at you
  • going grocery shoppping every Saturday and having the best time
  • when she goes with the Red Velvet members, she’s mainly too busy solemnly buying all the groceries for the dorm to really have fun
  • but on Saturday, you just stroll around and buy things you might need
  • and Irene cracks up watching you put on hats and dance to EXO in the middle of the video game aisle
  • and lowkey lets you sit in the cart sometimes
  • slaps your ass like thirty-eight times
  • then pretends she didn’t do it and nonchalantly reaches over your head to get a pack of bacon
  • and “accidentally” slaps your forehead with it
  • then bursts into laughter cuz she just can’t hold it anymore
  • randomly stares at you for like a whole minute just to annoy you
  • or to test if you’re even paying attention to her
  • like you two’ll be hanging with Wendy and Seulgi
  • and Wendy and Seulgi will be in there own world talking and you’ll just be alone eating
  • and you’ll revert your eyes over by Seulgi’s shouler and see Irene just piercing holes into your eyes and you’re just like ‘O’
  • and then she smiles and pretends absolutely nothing happened
  • mostly does this to sexually frustrate you
  • and prevails
  • every single time

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Mockingjay Manor - Ch 4

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three

Last week, you voted 21 to 13 for Katniss and Peeta to risk their friends’ ridicule and tell them about the creepy unexplained noises they heard while exploring. This week, our delightful friend @peetamymuse is continuing the adventure. What happens next in Mockingjay Manor? Let’s find out…

A word of warning to our sensitive readers, the creep factor is steadily climbing in this story. For now, we’re still firmly in the T category, but that could change. Caveat emptor…

As always, you have 48 hours to vote (in the comments or reblogs, NOT in the tags!), until Noon EDT on Thursday, September 21st.

“What?” Johanna asks. “Did you two hear a spooky noise? See someone floating around in a white sheet?”

She holds her arms up and makes ghostly moaning sounds. “I’m coming for you.” Outside, the thunder and lightning punctuate her words. With her dark hair and sharp features, Johanna looks especially witchy in the flickering light.

​"We heard bird noises,“ Peeta says. "And something that sounded like knocking.”

“And it couldn’t have been Finnick,” I add. “He was too far away.”

Finnick and Johanna share a look and something passes between them that I don’t catch.  There is a long pause and then, the two of them burst out laughing.

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Scott McCall Imagine- I Came To Help

Summery- You’re Lydia Martin’s cousin, you grew up in Beacon Hills but you moved with your parents to England, after you were bit by Peter Hale in your sophomore year. However as soon as you heard Stiles had been possessed by the Nogitsune you came back to help. You had romantic history with Scott McCall but you soon discovered he had moved on, but you weren’t ready to let him go yet.

“Y/N!” someone shouted from across the airport. You could barley see, you had two hours of sleep on the plane and some serious jetlag. You soon knew who it was when they wrapped their arms around you. “Lydia, you’ve changed so much” you laughed, struggling to breathe. You may be a werewolf, but no one gives long hugs like your cousin. “You’re one to talk, I barley recognised you. If it wasn’t for the hair and moody expression” she joked, finally letting go of you. “So, how do you feel about being back?” she asked, while helping you carry all your luggage. ”So far so good, but I would of rather come back on better terms, rather than this whole dark kitsune business” you shrugged. “I agree, but hey lets not think about that for at least the first few hours. We need to go show your new and improved self off to the pack” she said, giving you a small poke. “I thought you told me they knew I was coming back” you said, stopping still. “Erm… they do. In fact Allison is waiting in the car for you. She was going to come in but I told her I wanted to have some catch up time first” she said, dragging you along by your arm. When you eventually made it to the car, it took Allison no longer than three seconds to climb out and hug you. “Hunters. You’ve definitely been practicing since the last time I saw you” you smiled. “Well I haven’t seen you in all your wolf glory yet. I’ve missed you so much” she beamed, letting go and putting your suitcase on the backseat. “I missed you too, I’ve missed all of you” you said, shuffling onto the seat next to your things. They both got in the car and began driving. “So… Have I missed anything?” you asked curiously. “You haven’t told her?” Allison tried to whisper to Lydia. “You must of forgot I have werewolf hearing and I’m not blind. You haven’t told me what?” you questioned, leaning forward. There was a brief moment of them exchanging glares before Lydia began, “I haven’t told you that… there’s a new member in the pack. She’s a Thunder Kitsune and her name’s Kira”. “That’s cool” you said, leaning back into your seat, there was definitely something she wasn’t telling you.

“I cant” you said anxiously. You had been parked outside Scott’s house for about five minutes, luckily no one had noticed. “You can and you’re going to” Lydia said sternly. “You may be a banshee, but I doubt you have superhuman strength or the ability to run really fast, like run off out of here as soon as you unlock the car door” you said, staring at the front of his house through the windshield. “It’s going to be fine, I promise” Allison said softly. “If you don't strut your werewolf ass in there, you’re cooking dinner tonight” Lydia smirked, knowing that would be enough to convince you alone. “Fine” you whined, as the three of you got out the car and approached the door. You tuned your hearing to hear the words, “Lydia and Allison are back with the pizza” come from Stiles’ mouth. You knew she was lying to you, her unsteady heartbeat gave that away but you didn’t think it would be about such a major detail. You turned to the side, ready to make run for it but the door swung open before you could move. “Hey, where’s the… OMG” Stiles practically shouted in disbelief. You turned to face him and gave a believable smile, you were going to kill Lydia when you got to your aunts. “This is way better than pizza” he grinned, letting the other two walk in. He stopped to give you a hug before following you into the living room. Isaac was sitting on the sofa along with a girl you didn’t recognise. Isaac’s eyes widened and he stood up to hug you, “Long time no see” he laughed. “You’ve gotten tall, and you’ve gained a scarf” you joked. The girl stood up nervously and smiled at you, “You must be Kira, the badass Kitsune, right?” you asked, pulling her into a short hug to not leave her out. “That’s me” she said shyly. You could already tell you were going to get along. There was an awkward silence for a moment, “Why does it smell like-” Scott began saying as he walked in, before Lydia, Allison and Stiles moved out of the way so he could see you, “Y/N?” he asked. You nod your head, not able to speak or look away from him. “What are you doing here, in Beacon Hills?” he asked, equally staring back at you. “I erm.. I came to help” you said, barley making a sound. He walked closer over to you, neither of you knowing whether to kiss on the cheek, hug, shake hands or high five. Luckily you avoided the situation of you doing two different things, as you both went in for a hug. You both lingered longer than you should of, melting back into old habits and familiar scents. Stiles cleared his throat, signalling for Scott to let go. You pulled away from each other, both of you trying to conceal a small smile. “Shall we put a film on and do a bit of catching up?” Lydia suggested, clapping her hands together. You all nod and began to get settled. You were just telling Isaac how your flight went, when you saw Allison take Lydia into the kitchen. “One sec” you excused. You walked over to your bag that was in the hall and pretend to get something. You focused your hearing, only catching a bit of their conversation. “When are you going to tell her?” Allison whispered. “I’ll tell her but not right now. She seems happy” Lydia replied. “I think it’s important she knows Scott and Kira have a thing going on” Allison remarked. Considering it had been over a year, the feelings were still raw, it was like you found him cheating on you or something. Your heart was beating out of your chest and you felt a tight pain in your stomach. You wiped your eyes that had began to tear up and you exhaled, before gathering the courage to walk back into the living room. You looked over to see Kira sitting next to Scott, leaning on him. They were both laughing, but Scott stopped the second he saw you and his body tensed up. “I’m really tired and I just need some rest, I think I’m going to go back to Lydia’s. But we need to do this another time for sure” you said, it was obvious you were hurt. “Are you sure? We could all have a pack sleep over like we used to-” Stiles began. “No really, I just need a good nights sleep. Tell Lydia I’ve got the spare key and I’ll get my suitcase from Allison’s car tomorrow if she cant carry it.” you said, giving a weak smile. “Do you want a lift?” Stiles asked, noticing there was something wrong. “No, I’m fine honestly, see you” you said picking up your bag and heading out the door. “See you” they replied simultaneously. It didn't fully hit you until about half way down the road. Your walk turned into a run and your tears turned into loud sobs. You should of seen this coming, did you expect him to wait around for you forever? “ Where’s Y/N?” Lydia asked concerned, walking back into the living room. “She just took off, she’s heading back to yours” Isaac said. “Is she ok?” Allison questioned. “She didn’t seem it” Stiles said, shaking his head, trying to come to a conclusion. “Well cant werewolves smell emotions?” Lydia asked, her voice getting higher. “She smelled upset” Isaac said, not sure if he was right or not. “No, she smelt heartbroken” Scott said, staring down at his hands.

You heard the door unlock and footsteps coming up the stairs but you didn’t have the energy to move. You were laying on Lydia’s bed, your head buried into her pillow, you had the lights off and re-runs of ‘friends’ playing. “This must be serious” she said opening the door. She kicked her shoes off and flopped down beside you, “What happened? I’ve never seen you like this, ever” she sighed. “I don’t want to talk about it” you groaned, but it was muffled by the pillow anyway. “Come on, we haven’t had boy talk in ages” she said softly. “I just, I just couldn’t sit there and watch him with someone else” you said, sitting up. “You heard me and Allison talking, didn’t you” she said, dropping her head. “Yeah” you whispered, giving a sad smile. “If it makes you feel any better, Kira and Scott haven’t known each other long, about a month” she said, rubbing your arm. “It’s ok. He deserves to be happy, even if I’m not the reason anymore” you shrugged. “Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of boy drama. I can spot someone who isn’t ready to move on from a mile off” she claimed. “I guess I’m not. Maybe I’m just being selfish” you said downheartedly. “Sweetie, there’s no such thing as selfish when it comes to heartbreak” she stated. “I’ll get over it, you fall in love more than once” you were trying to convince yourself more than her. “Right” she said, letting out a small sigh. “It’s late, maybe we should just go to sleep” you said, rolling over. “Well being as you already have friends on, it wouldn’t hurt to watch a few more episodes” she hinted. You smiled and sat back up, “You’re the reason I was sleep deprived when we were young” you said, shaking your head. She turned up the volume and your few episodes turned into an all night marathon. You’d missed doing things like this with her.

A few weeks later.

“I came here to save my best friend” Allison said bravely. “Are you ready?” Scott asked you. You simply nod your head, before you all walked through the gates. You, Allison, Isaac and Kira stayed to fight the Oni off, while Scott went to find Lydia and Stiles. You weren't fighting them for long, before you all started to get tired. “How do we stop them?” you shouted, while ducking to avoid one of their swords. “You cant!” Kira’s mom shouted back to you. You felt one of them slice the back of your leg, while another slashed your arm. You shook your head, allowing your fangs and nails to grow out. You let out a ferocious growl and carried on fighting them both, until Isaac jumped in to help you. A third one came over and pushed him to the ground, while another sliced his chest. You were distracted by that for a split second, which was enough time for one of them to pick you up by your throat. You were struggling to breathe and you couldn’t move. Allison began to panic, she fumbled with her bow and pulled out another arrow. Meanwhile, Isaac was repetitively being cut and the Oni threw you to the floor. You were pulling yourself away when Kira distracted it, giving you enough time to heal, you had just enough energy to pick yourself back up. That’s when you saw a bright green light, coming from the Oni that was cutting Isaac. She managed to kill one, Allison did it. There was a moment of hope, before you saw one of them move towards her, “ALLISON MOVE!” you shouted. Before you knew it, she was pulling a sword from her stomach. You heard your cousin’s shrill scream, which echoed through your head. Isaac caught her as she fell to the ground. Everything felt like it was in slow motion, you must of been in shock because all of a sudden you couldn’t hear anything, not even your own loud crying. Kira’s mom pulled Kira back, allowing you all to have your space to soak everything in. Your mouth was wide open in disbelief and you felt your legs get weak, you were about to pass out before Scott pulled you into him. You put your hand on his chest and leant your head on his shoulder. You were crying on him until Allison’s dad came. You watched the heartbreak in his eyes, he may of been an Argent but nothing could prepare him for his daughter’s death. Yet still he stood there and told you all exactly what to say, when he was hurting even more so than you all. That was the say you lost your best friend. Knowing you would never be bridesmaids at each other’s weddings, knowing you wouldn’t hear her laugh, see her smile or even listen to her complaining about how much homework she had to do. That was the day you lost a piece of you, a piece you would never get back.

Hours Later

You pushed the door open, and fell into what appeared to be a garden. It was covered in a thick layer of snow, and snowflakes were still falling. You had no idea where you were, you didn’t even remember how you got there. You walked around, running your fingers on the tops of statues, not actually sure what you were doing. You saw a girl sitting up against something (It looked like a school cupboard). “Hey” you shouted over to them. You didn’t receive an answer, so you began to walk over slowly. That’s when you realised the girl had strawberry blonde hair, similar to yours. “Lydia?” you shouted, your concerned expression turned into a smile. You walked over to her quickly, but stopped when you still didn’t get a reply, you weren’t actually sure if she was moving. ”Lydia?” you asked again, slowly walking to face her. You screamed and covered your mouth when you saw it. Your cousin, her eyes wide open and her dress saturated in blood. You crouched down beside her and tried to feel for a pulse, to which you were unsuccessful. You leant your head on her and began to cry. “We’re going to kill you, all of you” someone said. “Who’s there?” you asked, slowly looking up. You saw a mummified creature creep its way across to stand infront of the door. “You’re the Nogitsune, you killed Allison, you killed my cousin!” you shouted. You stood up and let your fangs and nails grow. But before you could move the Oni appeared out of thin air and pulled out their swords.

“Where’s my cousin, where is she?” Lydia shouted. “She said something about going to the school” Stiles said, with his head in his hands. “I’ve just lost my best friend, I’m not loosing my cousin too” she said, her lip quivering. “We’re not loosing anyone else, we’ll save her!” Scott said firmly. “So what now?” Kira asked, “We go to the school, we save Y/N and we kill the Nogitsune” Scott exclaimed. “I’ll get Derek” Isaac said, as everyone rushed outside. “Are you sure she said the school?” Lydia asked as they approached the door. “Positive” Stiles replied, slowly opening it. They walked in, being met with the same coldness, making them fall short of breath. They walked through the garden together, until they come across a small trail of blood stained snow. “We’re going to kill them Stiles, we’re going to kill all of them” a voice from behind them claimed. They all turned around quickly. The Nogitsune was standing there, with you knelt on the floor next to him with two Oni holding you down. “Y/N!” Lydia shouted running forward, before Scott put his arm out to stop her. “Lydia, you’re not dead” you said, your tears turning into a nervous laugh of relief. “Let her go” Scott demanded, his eyes glowing red. With that, three more Oni appeared surrounding them. Stiles grabbed Lydia and dragged her to the side out of the way. After a few minutes of them fighting and you attempting to break free, Stiles stood up and picked up a sword, pointing it at himself. “Do it Scott, do what he cannot do for himself, or she dies” the trickster stated. “Don’t Scott” you shouted, before the Oni tightened their grip, making you tense from the pain. You closed your eyes, refusing to see another one of your friends die. “Divine move… It’s not real, none of this is real. You have to trust me, you may feel it but it’s not real, it’s another trick”  Stiles exclaimed. The pack stopped, and all began to slowly walked forward, the Oni forming a line slashing them with their swords as they walked past. You hesitantly stood up with all the strength you had left, enduring the pain from both Oni slicing into you. Scott grabbed your arm and helped steady you, pulling you into the line as you all walked back through the door. You all gave a sigh of relief and hugged each other, before the real void Stiles came marching over. He hit Kira and Scott, knocking them to the ground. Leaving you, Lydia and Stiles to shuffle your way backwards down the hall. “I’M A THOUSAND YEARS OLD, YOU CANT KILL ME!” It shouted, approaching you. “But we can change you” Lydia said uneasily. You smirked as you saw a pair of red eyes coming forward, along with Kira holding her sword. After the fall of Void Stiles, you felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Until you remembered all the damage and destruction it left behind. Including the death of Allison, and even one of the twins named Aiden. Lydia turned around and pulled you and Stiles into a tight hug after seeing him. It had been a long few weeks for you all.

“It’s your last day today, isn’t it?” Scott asked sadly. “It’s supposed to be” you replied. “What do you mean?” he questioned. “Well with everything we’ve been through I think It’s best if I stuck around for a while longer” you said slowly. “That’s great news” he said, pulling you into a hug. Even though you and Scott weren’t that close anymore, it was the happiest you’d seen him since you’d been there. He eventually pulled away from you, beaming you a smile. You smiled back, accidently glancing down from his eyes to his lips. He caught onto this and began to lean in, “What about Kira?” you asked quickly. “We’re just friends, we’ve told the pack a thousand times” he said softly. “Are you sure?” you asked again, not wanting to intrude on anything. “Positive” he smiled. leaning in again. He pressed his lips to yours, allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck. He hoisted you up, because of the whole height difference. Regression to the mean, it looked like things were going to get better after all.

Unexpected pt.1 (J.M)

Description - You catch Jonah cheating and the boys all knew about it.

Warning: Jonah being an asshole, angst?, swearing

Jack and Zach sat on stools surrounding the island in their kitchen, the laptop decked before then opened up to a YouNow tab. They hadn’t started a session yet, both being too busy laughing and goofing around with each other.

Behind them, in one corner of the kitchen where a seating booth was placed, you and Jonah sat with each other - more so on each other. Jonah’s back was pressed against one side of the booth as he sat horizontally on the couch. You sat on his leg that was rested up on the couch-like seating as his left arm stays secured around your waist, holding you against him. His right hand held his phone as he went browsing through it, and you scrolled through Instagram with your head sorted slightly in the crook of his neck.

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Best Friend Part 2// Zach Herron

A/n- Here’s part two! This sucks rip. Please don’t kill me. But lemme know what you think :) (Some of the stuff in here is completely fake!! To my knowledge, Reese has never gone to the ER.)


Corbyn stormed back into the house and up the stairs. He flung open the door to his shared room with Zach.

“What the hell just happened??” He yelled at the younger guy.

“Leave me alone Corbyn,” Zach glared at the blonde.

“No. Go apologize right now.” Corbyn pointed towards the hallway.


“Dude,” Jonah sighed, coming up behind Corbyn. “You were kind of being a dick to her.”

“Guys, I don’t care. Leave me alone.” Zach continued to scroll through his phone, was getting really irritated with his two roommates.

Jack and Daniel finally came in to the room, having a separate conversation.

“That’s not what I said Daniel,” Jack sighed.

The three boys looked at Jack and Daniel waiting for them to explain.

“Jack agrees with Zach,” Daniel frowned.

“No. I just said I can see where he’s coming from.”

“Thank you!” Zach cheered, smiling for the first time since everything happened.

“That doesn’t mean that you weren’t a jerk,” Jack added.

“I was just telling the truth,” Zach ran a hand through his hair.

“What even happened?” Corbyn asked.

“It’s a long story,” Zach sighed.

“We’ve got time,” Jonah said.

Zach sighed again as the four older guys all sat on the floor waiting for him to explain.


You sat at the airport cafe a you sipped an iced tea and scrolled through your twitter. As soon as you had gotten home you packed your necessities and booked the earliest flight you could. Sadly, it was still 3 hours away. You had told the boys you were going to come back to grab your stuff but decided that the few t shirts and books weren’t that big of a deal.

Your phone buzzed as you got a notification from Twitter. Why was Lizzie, a friend from high school, talking to you? You two hadn’t talked since she moved to Florida half way through sophomore year.

Mentioned by Lizzie:

@y/t/n i just found this picture of you and @imzachherron from high school. how cute lol

The picture was of you and Zach from freshman year. Zach had his arm wrapped around your waist and your head was rested on his shoulder. You were both smiling as wide as you could. Because you two were happy, until you went and ruined it.

You liked the tweet. Should you retweet it? Fuck it. If Zach sees this, you kind of hoped he’d feel guilty.

@/lizzielou oh how the times have changed haha

You knew it was sappy but you were heartbroken and upset.

You put your phone away and looked around you. The last time you were in this airport was when you flew back home last Christmas… with Zach. 

As you thought back, all of your memories about LA had some connection to Zach. He was the reason you came out here. You frowned as you grabbed your luggage and made your way to the gate. Might as well get some sleep before your flight.


“So when you two went to that concert last week? That’s when she said it?” Jonah questioned.

“Yep,” Zach nodded.

“Well, I mean, you did call her pretty…” Corbyn added.

“I say that all the time though!”

Jack looked at him, “Maybe that’s why she thought it was okay to tell you how she felt.”

“We’ve been friends since we were kids… How can she like me?”

“Things change. You aren’t the same kids you were 5 years ago,” Jonah said.

“This is too much,” Zach sighed for the umpteenth time.

“And you don’t love her back?” Daniel questioned.

Zach gawked, “No!”

Jack scoffed, “You’re missing out dude.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Zach glared at the curly haired boy.

“She’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. And she deals with your stupid ass.” Realizing it was a little harsh, he added, “Listen, if you don’t like her then fine. And if you don’t want to be her friend, then that’s fine too. But you were rude and you need to apologize.”

Zach sighed, “Okay. I’ll be back.”

As Zach stood Corbyn stopped him, “Wait.”

“What?” Zach asked, confused.

“Oh shit, Y/n’s leaving.” Jonah added.

“What do you mean shes leaving?” Zach’s heart began to race.

“She’s going back home dude,” Corbyn gave him a sad look.

Oh no. What had he done to you? He had never known life without you. Ever since he could remember, you had been there. You were there when he had hit 10 million views on his cover of Stitches. You were there when Reese fell of the trampoline and had to get stitches. You were there when he tripped at your 8th grade graduation. You were there when he recorded the music video for Something Different. You were there for everything.

Zach wasn’t too sure when he started running but he was half way down the road when he heard shouting.

“Zach stop! Zach! Zach!” Jonah was screaming. Suddenly Zach heard a loud honk and stopped. “I’ll drive you.”

Zach tried to regulate his breathing as he got into the passenger seat. As Jonah drove to the airport, Zach grabbed his phone. 


You awoke to a loud ringing in your eyes. You immediately ripped that headphones out of your ears. You looked at your screen and saw that it was your alarm. Your plane should take off in 30 minutes.

You had just replied to your friends SnapChat when you got another Twitter notification.

Zach • WHY DONT WE @imzachherron

Replying to @/lizzieloue and @y/t/n

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What is that supposed to mean? Not 5 hours ago he was screaming at you to never talk to him again, now he’s saying he wouldn’t change anything? What’s he doing? Why is he playing with your heart? 

You locked your phone and stood up. You needed to walk around and clear your head. As you walked towards the Starbucks, you hear someone yell your name. You turned around and your eyes widen.


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Blanket? :)

you wake to the sound of a door closing, and your first thought is well, that’s symbolic.

you’re in his apartment, on his couch, and still wearing your pantyhose; at some point in conversation, you must’ve fallen asleep, and he must’ve spread that patterned blanket of his over you, pulled it up on your shoulders in the way he knows you like. the last time you woke like this, he was sitting alongside you, the rented starship troopers tape - his idea, of course - left unwound in the vcr, your last memories being those from twenty minutes into the movie; the time before that, you’d been awake since four in the morning because, of course, he’d called you and claimed he needed your expertise in regard to a pressing matter even though you know he just wanted to hear your voice, so that evening, while you wore lacy lingerie beneath your work-clothes, you conked out long before he could realize you’d made an effort. though you knew going into this that it would be a marriage, not a courtship, you wish that you at least felt some discomfort toward him, that you would keep your makeup on all night and sneak away to reapply it, that you would cover up in front of him so that you still held some air of mystery. with daniel waterston, you were elusive, the other woman, the young and malleable mind, the woman of the future; with mulder, you’re the partner who falls asleep on his couch. though you scoff yourself for thinking that, insist that what you have now is far more real than anything you ever had with daniel was, you still wish you accented your femininity more often. you wish you still knew how to be romantic.

but instead, you fall asleep on his couch, and now, you can hear the sink running, so you figure he’s in the bathroom. last week, he told you that the valve must not be working because the faucet leaks, but after the case with the luckiest man on earth, he figures he should hire someone to fix it. soon enough, you’ll have to teach him how to use a wrench.

you check your watch; the night’s still young, and you don’t plan on going home, so you’re going to bed in one of two ways: naked or clothed, sexed or unsexed. regardlessly, you won’t be spending the rest of the evening on his couch, so you shrug out of the blanket, messily fold it onto the edge of the cushions, crack your sleepy joints as you stand. though the thought of exercise, be it walking up a flight of stairs or exerting yourself in other ways, makes your muscles tense, you count the days anyway. four, five…ten. it’s been ten days since you last had sex with him, not even for lack of trying. though he wanted to stay over, and though you wanted to spend time with him, journal articles and crows in vermont took momentary precedence, so it’s been ten whole days. before you can think the course of actions through, you pull off your blazer, shimmy out of your skirt. though the easygoing pace of what you have with mulder is comfortable, you’ll be damned if you ever go more than ten days without him again, so you pull off your shirt, your brassiere, abandon your pantyhose on the floor. when the door to the bathroom reopens, you pick up the blanket once more, wrap it around yourself, push your clothes off to the corner of the room, sit back down where he left you.

“hey,” he says as he reenters the living room, as he sees your open eyes. “did you have a nice nap?”

“yeah,” you say, flustered; suddenly, you’re cold, and the chill brings your bare skin to a heady alertness. with the blanket covering your shoulders and the tops of your thighs, you appear not to have moved since he left.

“do you need me to drive you home?” he asks kindly, goodheartedly, as though ten days is nothing, as though he doesn’t feel deprived. 

“no,” you say. “i’d like to stay.”

“okay,” he says, then offers a hand to help you up, a hand you don’t take. furrowing his brow, he asks, “is everything alright?”

“yes, of course,” you say preemptively. 

then, you stand alone, take the blanket up with you, but before he can turn away, before he heads to bed, you let the blanket pool at your feet, the living room lamplight casting you in a warm glow, your piquant body open for him, your eyes demanding something between war and worship.

as he rightfully should, he gapes.

You Don't Own Me (4) - Negan Imagine

Chapter Summary: After meeting the Wives, you grow to realize settling for Negan’s ‘plan’ isn’t best suited for your temperament.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: You work with The Kingdom, you’re also King Ezekiel’s little sister. When The Kingdom fails to provide their resources, The Saviors take you as Ransom to teach Ezekiel a “lesson”

Word Count: 1.9k

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings & A/N: haaaaa long time no see, it was about time i brought this back wow, shame on me. | no warnings

Theme: Angst


One, Two, Three

Originally posted by batwan

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“So I’m assuming there has to be advantages to be one of Negan’s wives?” you asked as Sherry poured you a drink. She shrugged, “I wouldn’t say so. Besides getting what you need without having to work, it’s not all it looks to be.” she answered, a flinch of pain flashed on her face like a glitch.

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  • I just read another one of those lamentations of “the fall of manliness and the disappearance of testosterone” in the world of men.
  • I think I will comment since I am fighting off a cold and have a sprained muscle from that last deadlift workout (450 pounds by the over 50 years old). And the Dictador Rum (a gift from a brother in arms) I am drinking tends to bring out some eloquence.
  • I am 57 and I have travelled all over the world, to good places and to bad ones. I have experienced the heights of happiness and known the darkest hours of doubt. I have both saved lives and taken them. I have seen man at his best and his worst. And I know that in the end, after all the songs have been sung, all the scriptures read and the sounds of statements of rights have passed into that awkward silence…it is the strong that survive and it is the strong that dictate by their force, both physical and moral, what will go down.
  • I recall attending a Catholic school when my family first escaped Cuba. The school was run by what can only be described as communist nuns. And my after-school detentions became a daily event as I refused to agree that the Viet Cong needed to be loved, and when I said in class that I wanted Castro dead…and when I punched a kid right in the face and knocked him down a flight of stairs when he laughed at me because of it.
  • They would not break me is what I told myself in the 4th grade.
  • Men, regardless of what the ridiculous feminists want to turn them into all want the same things.
  • Well…before they get into puberty…awkward sentence…moving on.
  • When they were still little boys, they wanted to fight…they wanted a worthy enemy to destroy…a lovely princess to rescue and a wild adventure to experience.
  • A man is fortunate to do one of those in his life…and blessed if he has done all three. I will say without elaboration, have been truly "blessed".
  • Little boys don’t want to be “social justice types” or “culturally sensitive helpers around the house” – they wanted to be Vikings – they wanted to climb Everest, kill the Saracen invaders, sail under the black flag of Morgan.
  • But somewhere along the line some pencil-necked, domesticated male, with more estrogen than any other hormone (probably a fucking communist to boot) tells them otherwise. And then some feminist hag – stirring her cauldron - fit for the pages of MacBeth tells them otherwise.
  • And then they begin to believe the lie and begin to live the lie.
  • But you know…it is a lie. Men will either be what they are…men, or they will be over-run by those who never conformed to the required molds. And there will always be more of us than them. To use our leader's words - Believe me.
  • At the end of the day...women don't want some sentimental "estro-man". They want a dude with bloody knuckles, a hairy face, a knife in his belt, and big arms that will throw them on a shoulder and carry them upstairs...or who will punch the teeth out of, someone that disrespects them.
  • And women that want a chick with men’s plumbing…well…they are the last thing any real man wants, or wants to get involved with. Insensitive? I don't give a shit if I am.
  • So don’t worry kids. Nature finds a way.
  • All those lumbersexuals and whathaveyous that give rise to all those articles? I would not worry too much. In a survival situation, they will be food. And we will not feel one bit sorry for them as we baste their carcasses with jalapeno sauces and rum.
  • All credit goes to Gabe Suarez of Suarez international.
"Don't call me, Sammy."

Requested by scarsonbroadwayfan
Words: 1466
Summary: Out for her birthday, Y/N gets drunk. Sam takes care of her and she realizes her attraction to him. Fluffy ending!

Your name: submit What is this?

“I think it’s probably time to go…” Sam said, taking the full shot glass out of your hand when it was midway up to your lips.

“Aww!” you and Dean both said in unison, giving Sam the same pouty look.

“No, no, no! More birthday shots, Sam!” You insisted, trying and failing to grab the shot out of his hand. You nearly lost your balance and fell off the bar stool. If Sam hadn’t steadied you with his free hand you might have…

“Yeah! More birthday shots, Sam!” Dean repeated, flashing his brother a mischievous grin.

You leaned on your elbow and looked up at Sam’s handsome face, his soft eyes focused on yours. “You’re always so responsible, Sammy,” you said with a very evident slur.

Sam pressed his lips together and stared at you. “Yeah, you just called me Sammy. Definitely time to go, Y/N,” he said. “Come on, Dean.”

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ajismyidolmatthewismyking  asked:

Noooo. I really love your Beauty and Beast series. I don't want to you finish this :( Will you write it tomorrow or later?

It has been another popular one, and I am so honored that so many have enjoyed it.  Here is the Epilogue to the story, and I hope that it touches your heart and makes you smile.  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha.

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8)

“Now you know that I can’t put you on the same team,” Hotch looked from you to Spencer and back again.  “One of you will always have to stay back at wherever we deem HQ, and if I need everyone out in the field, you two will never be paired together.”

As you both nod your heads in understanding, you both stay silent.  You were still shell-shocked that Spencer had come into work.  One day you were eager to get home to him, and the next morning he is sitting coffee on your desk with his gun holstered to his hip.

“We understand,” Spencer speaks for you both.

“I’ll notify HR of your change of relationship, and of your return,” Hotch lightly smiles.

As the three of you stand there in his office, J.J. knocks on the door.  “Meeting in 10 guys.”

Everyone was ecstatic when Spencer stepped off of the elevator.  His face was still red from all of the kisses the gals gave him, and you were trying your best not to allow your body to physically vibrate from the happiness it gave you that he was back.

That he was allowing his life to continue.

Stepping out of Hotch’s office, you turn and look at Spencer.  “Why didn’t you tell me?”

As he turns to look at you halfway down the stairs, he says, “Because I was scared that if I did, that I would try to convince myself of the horrible idea that it was.”

Slowly nodding your head, you realize that you still had much to learn about the young doctor.  Finally venturing down the steps, you go to grab your coffee before bounding back up, 2 by 2, into the meeting room.  Taking a seat on the other end of the table as Spencer, you want to give the team time at his side as well.

After all, you did get to go home to him every evening.

“Alright,” Garcia comes in from the side door.  “We have a terrible one guys,” she says with a frown.

“When are they never terrible?” Prentiss asks.

As Garcia strikes up the presentation on the board, you see flashing pictures of bodies, blood splatter, and potential suspects.  But you could not get your mind off of him.

And it had been getting worse.

You found him in everything.  His smell was on your clothes, his hair was in your brush, you saw him in the coffee you had during your mid-day slump, and in the flights you took with the empty seat he used to occupy…and now?  Now he was back at work, spouting off his facts and making connections where no one else sees them and all the while…your stomach flutters.

You had it bad for the doctor.

And you loved it.


“Wheels up in 30,” Hotch says.  As the team gathers their papers and dash for their go bags, Spencer comes meandering over to you.

“Hello, beautiful,” he says, dipping down to lightly kiss your cheek.

“Hello, perfect,” you giggle, his hair tickling the back of your neck.

“Is this…ok?” he asks hesitantly, sitting down next to you, his hand on the back of your chair.  “Me, being back at work with you?”

Furrowing your brow, you put your hand on his knee.  “Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Well, I just-” he stops.

“Spencer, you being here is incredible.  Look at how they’ve missed you!”

“I just don’t…” he stops again.

“I know,” you cup his cheek in your hand, “You don’t want to somehow invalidate my space that I have from you by now being around at work and at home.”

Looking at you with his mouth slightly open, you lean in, wink, and say, “You aren’t the only smart one around here.”

Hearing his laugh was something you loved.  It was light and fluffy, and you knew that this was one more step to him reclaiming the life that he left, and slowly stepping into the life that he wants.

“Spencer, this step was important for you.  This is one step closer to you finally living the life that you have always wanted for yourself.   And I am happy…no, honored…to be a part of it.”

Realizing that Hotch is standing at the door smiling, you clear your throat and blush.  “I’ll see you on the plane,” you whisper at him, bringing his hand up to your lips for a light kiss.  Getting up to leave the room, you nod in acknowledgement to Hotch before slipping past him to go get your bag.

“So,” Hotch breaks the silence, “how does it feel to be back?” he asks, going and sitting in the seat you were just occupying.

“It feels…”Spencer pauses, “right.”

“I’m glad.  You’ve been missed, Reid,” Hotch says, putting his hand on Spencer’s shoulder.  “Take this as slow as you want.  There is no rush to do a full week of work, and there is no rush to do an entire case.  If you ever feel overwh-”

As Spencer puts his hand up, Hotch stops talking.  “This is right where I need to be.  And I have the added bonus of being able to protect Y/N.  You know, when I can.”

Hotch nods in understanding, and as the two get up from their seats, something tumbles from Spencer’s pocket.

“Oh, here you go,” Hotch says, bending down to pick it up, and as he holds out the little box in his hand, Hotch’s eyes widen as he meets Spencer’s gaze.

After the two stand in silence for a bit, Spencer snatches it out of his hand and shoves it back into his pocket.

“D-do you…” Spencer clears his throat.  “Do you think she’ll say yes?”

Smiling broadly, Hotch throws his arm around Spencer’s shoulder.  As they look over the balcony, down at the team, you look up at them and wave.

“I think she already has,” he says.

For some reason I feel like making a list of my top ten favorite, most re-read Sterek fics right now. Originally I was just going to make a list for myself, but I figured I might as well just make a public rec list while I’m at it. So, in no particular order:

Historically Inaccurate by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato) | 20k | Explicit

Stiles is surprisingly okay with all the weird shit that goes on at Beacon City Historic Ghost Town - ghost lights, howling, pianos playing on their own. Having to work closely with the surly blacksmith is another matter.

Murder, He Wrote by mklutz | 32k | Explicit

And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.

my wings a hurricane by kellifer_fic | 20k | Teen

Stiles had been like any other kid growing up in the era of dragons. He’d watched the cartoons, the news stories, had the lunch box. When his screening at Beacon Hills High had come up negative, he’d been disappointed but unsurprised. His positive results were returned three years too late for it to be in any way convenient or cool.

Or, the one where they ride dragons.

Hello, Heartbreaker by astoryaboutwar | 18k | Explicit

It’s a popular joke among Alphas: fuck an Omega, get heartbreak on your hands. Omegas are fragile little emotional things, needy and whiny. Stiles refuses to become that, or to believe that he’s anything like that.

Stiles and Derek have been fuckbuddies for a while when Derek loses his memories of the past three years - and them - in an accident. (Also - everyone’s a werewolf, and everyone’s alive.)

It’s Insanity, but… by petals42 | 40k | Mature | Sterek with platonic Sciles

The doorbell interrupts what had turned out to be quite the epic shoe hunt but, really, he’s grateful for the break. Or at least, he is until he heads down the stairs to grab the door, trips over a stuff animal of some kind, bashes his head on the wall and barely manages to catch himself from falling down the entire flight of stairs. As with all things, Stiles would like to state, for the record, that this is Scott’s fault.

Or: Scott and Stiles are raising seven children. Derek is the entertainer they hire for a birthday party (not a clown though, he’s very specific on that fact.)

The Portrait by andavs | 2k | Not Rated (General, probs)

Based on the prompt: “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice”

untitled by alocalband | 3k | Explicit

A Werewolf Convention AU in which both Derek and Stiles are complete nerds about supernatural politics, inspired by the prompt: “stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight.”

Play It Again by metisket | 63k | Teen

In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)

Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain | 18k | Teen

“He can’t blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible.“

Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.

“Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things,” she agrees, nodding towards her brother’s name on the menu. “Derek won’t let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the eye candy.”

“Send them my way,” Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. “Apparently I’m incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance.”

‘Linski’s Late Night Antidote To Lame by whonatural | 14k | Teen

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.

Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

miniaf  asked:

Prompt request! (I'm sorry if you don't take requests or have special rules for it, please just ignore this! I'm sORry!! TT) but if you do.. Jikook request, with Skaterboy!Jungkook and newbie beginner roller skates!Jimin please! You can make it however you want but the idea of Jimin being a major cutie on skates with a helmet and all, it would be soo cute!!!!! >ㅁ< pleaseee? ♡♡♡ (btw, I love all your drabbles and your writing style~ its really lovely and makes me feel so giddy at the end~ *^^*<3)

It’s fine! I don’t mind requests! I’m just slow to finish things unless I get a big hit of inspiration.

And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my writing~ I hope this turned out okay for you.

Title: Because I Can’t Go On My Own.
Genre: Fluff, AU
Word Count: 996
Warning: Couple of instances of swearing.

Jimin hated relinquishing control in all types of travel. Buses, trains, and planes–he knew that his fear and hatred were silly to someone who didn’t know him, but he was sure it was far from irrational, thanks to certain parts of childhood that he did not feel like remembering right now.

But he had to compromise somehow. He had a new, full-time job that was about to start in a week, and walking twenty blocks across town at least five times a week was going to take a while. The apartments closer to the area were ridiculously expensive; meaning, moving somewhere closer wasn’t feasible at the moment.

So here he was, on a lovely afternoon, wearing rollerblades that belonged to his friend Seokjin, who had asked him with a heavy sigh, “why don’t you borrow my bike? Didn’t you learn how to ride one? Before that accid–”

No, not even bikes. The closer to the ground, the better, in Jimin’s opinion. Maybe it didn’t make sense to anyone else, but Jimin was going to stick to his own ways.

He tightened the strap under his helmet, and then wiggled around his knee pads, his elbow pads, and his wrist guards to make sure everything was taut and securely fastened.

He was quite aware of three boys near his age on skateboards watching him from a short distance away, near the concrete flight of stairs with the metal railing they’ve been messing around with.

He did his best to ignore them, but unfortunately, they didn’t keep their mouths shut.

“Is that a kid?” he heard the one with the bowl haircut speak up, purposely loud enough for Jimin to hear. “Oh, never mind. He looks our age.”

The boy with black hair parted in the middle laughed. “That helmet’s so big on him that I thought so, too.” He was a bit quieter about his remark, but Jimin could still hear him.

Jimin waited for a comment from the third boy–the tallest of the three with dark hair covered by a red beanie and an irritatingly handsome face–but none came. He could just be staring at Jimin mockingly, for all he knew. He wasn’t going to bother checking.

Fuck them, he thought, pursing his lips together to keep from confronting them. They don’t know you or what you’ve been through.

He took a deep breath and carefully pushed himself off the concrete bench. He knew he was standing awkwardly, arms out and back bent over for balance.

Jimin heard them burst into laughter. Even if he wanted to, Jimin couldn’t spare them even a glare, because he was too busy trying to stay on his feet.

“You guys can be such assholes,” a voice spoke up over them.

There was the sound of a skateboard rolling toward him, and Jimin froze. He panicked, afraid something, even as small as a skateboard, may hit him, that it would send him falling and–


Jimin jumped at the sudden feel of two hands wrapping around each of his arms, and slipped on his skates backwards until those same hands squeezed firmly, pulling him upright.

“Are… you okay?”

Jimin looked up, only to realize that he was practically in the embrace of the tall skater he had deemed attractive earlier. That same guy, he realized, who told off his snickering friends.

“No, I’m not,” Jimin muttered truthfully, not quite bold enough to look him in the eye. He gazed at his lips instead, soft and currently bitten with concern.

Jimin gulped.

“I’m sorry about my friends,” the guy told him sheepishly. “Have you ever skated before?”

“No,” Jimin replied. Feeling his helmet sink over his forehead, he reached up with one hand to push it back. “I’ve never done anything before.”

Then he heard a snort and a giggle.

“You’re laughing at me?” Jimin scoffed, betrayed. If he hadn’t been holding on to this guy for dear life, he would have shoved him off and called it a day.

“I’m not, I swear!” the guy insisted lightly. “I just…” Jimin noticed that there was a bit of color to his cheeks. “… I just think you look… cute with that giant helmet on.”

Heat instantly prickled Jimin’s face and neck.

“Anyway, I can teach you to skate.”

“I don’t know…”

“You’ll be great after I’m done teaching you.”

Jimin found himself completely taken by Jungkook’s smile. It was persuasive, and contained a sweet, disarming genuineness to it that dissolved Jimin’s steel guard.

“Sorry. I should introduce myself first,” the skater told him. “I’m Jungkook.”

“I’m Jimin,” Jimin said softly, letting their eyes really meet for the first time.

Jungkook looked like he was about to say something, but instead, he paused, staring down at Jimin with a different sort of smile now; one a bit more bashful. 

His thumbs unconsciously stroked Jimin’s arms with reassurance. “We’ll go slow, Jimin. I just need you to trust me.”

“O-Okay,” Jimin found himself saying. God, he was such a sucker for a pretty face, wasn’t he? “But I don’t want to waste your time–”

“You’re not,” Jungkook told him. “Come on.”

Pushing his skateboard away with his foot, he adjusted Jimin so that he stood with better posture. Jungkook held him by the elbows, keeping Jimin firmly balanced and on his feet.

“I’m just going to lead you around for now, okay?” Jungkook said. “I won’t let go. Ready?”

For whatever reason, Jungkook’s voice rang louder in Jimin’s head than the much older sounds of screeching tires and crunching metal, but this was a big step. His heart still raced with familiar anxiety, but he did come out here in the first place to learn to rollerblade, didn’t he? 

Even if he wasn’t here, I’d still have to do this, he reasoned. Might as well start now.

He had to put those fears behind him. His punctuality for his new job was on the line.

Lightly squeezing his new teacher’s arms, Jimin nodded.

Don't Forget to Breathe, and Drink Tea

TITLE: Don’t forget to breathe, and drink tea.


AUTHOR: Reflexivverben

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being the only person who knows how to make your tea exactly the way you like it.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’m not a huge tea connoisseur so yeah….don’t take my tea makings for gospel at all lol.
I also haven’t written anything (alone, i usually co-write) in a super long time, so sorry if it’s rusty. I also may have gotten side-tracked?


Loki was always an early bird, while you on the other hand generally never woke up before nine in the morning.  When he woke up not long before you the day always started with an easy question.
            “Vanilla or peppermint, love?” he asked softly.
            “Vanilla,” you murmured, half awake. The black haired one always enjoyed watching you wake up in the morning, however, today he had some errands to do. A small smile curved his lips, and he silently turned on his heel and moved to the kitchen. 
He would boil the water just right for the tea, and let the leaves in the bag steep for the proper amount of time. By now, however, he knew that the writing on the box wasn’t exactly right. Loki knew he’d get the best results and most vivid flavour if he left the bag in for half a minute longer.  He put half a teaspoon of sugar in the steaming liquid, gently stirred it, then brought it back to your shared room.

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anonymous asked:

If you are taking any prompts, I am fascinated that we don't really see dorian's bedroom in the game. imagine if he really was just too proud to say anything when someone forgets to assign him a room in skyhold so he really does just sleep in the library for weeks until super sleuth bull puts two and two together and either insists on him moving in to bull's room or getting dorian his own.

Awwww, I can totally see Dorian doing this.  Silly man!  I hope you enjoy….

The first time Bull found Dorian sleeping in the library was not long after they’d finally gotten settled in Skyhold.  Those that had escaped injury during the flight from Haven had been working almost nonstop to bring the ancient fortress back to some semblance of order and Bull simply assumed that exhaustion had finally gotten the better of the ‘Vint as he quietly backed down the stairs and left Dorian to his nap. 

The second time Bull found Dorian sleeping in the library was after all the fucking bullshit went down with his father in Redcliffe.  The Boss had expressed her concern with the amount Dorian was drinking and the fact that he wouldn’t talk to anyone about what had happened.  Bull understood perhaps too well the attraction of forgetting in the bottom of a bottle so when he’d reached the top of the steps and found Dorian passed out, he had gently taken the half full bottle from Dorian’s slack fingers and left one of Stitches’ hangover remedies in its place.

The third time Bull found Dorian curled up in his overstuffed chair was after the first night they’d spent together.  He had been certain they’d both enjoyed themselves, after all it didn’t usually require three times to decide the sex was crap, but Dorian had disappeared on him in the middle of the night and he wanted to make sure that he hadn’t misread pleasure for politeness.  As embarrassing as it was to admit, this was the one time that he actually sat down on the top step and waited for Dorian to wake up.  He could say that it was because the conversation was an important one, but really, there was just something about the way Dorian looked while he was sleeping, his hair mussed in a way he’d never allow during waking hours and the sun lending a warm richness to his copper skin and Bull hadn’t been able to make himself leave.

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nothing lasts forever - chapter 5

Summary: after 8 years of marriage, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are in the middle of a divorce being closely watched by the media. Between protecting their kids from the attention and moving on with the divorce, life (and truths) can be tougher than expected for these two superstars.

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

a/n: this chapter is kinda boring, but I need it to make a time transition. It’s not long either, because I have this writers block, and it’s killing me. I promise teh next chapter will ake it up for this crappy one. Anyways, I hope you like it. :) P.S.: please listen to the song while reading, gives you the chills.

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anonymous asked:

Follow-up question: Now, I don't mean anything by this, I'm just curious. Do think Felicity loves Oliver as much as he loves her? And do you think Felicity wants to marry Oliver?

Measuring depths of love is a tricky and slippery slope, Nonnie. I don’t know if it’s healthy or even possible to make those calls but here is how I look at things…

I don’t think they love each other equally in terms of their respective abilities to love. Felicity was far better at loving people when she met Oliver than he was. She loved Oliver far better than he did her for a long time. And she’s still the best one at loving him, with the way she walked away from him, forcing him to continue to grow into a better man, one deserving of the kind of love and faith she has in him. 

Oliver loves deeply, but he’s still learning how to do it properly. He’s very often misguided. Felicity has a much more emotionally mature love to give. Oliver is getting there, and this season he will be coming into his own with finally being able to offer that kind of love, but make no mistake, if you’re asking for a call on who has loved who better over the last three or so years, based on outworkings and emotional intelligence, it’s Felicity, hands down. 

So, that’s why I have a lot of understanding and respect for Felicity when she does choose to walk away from Oliver. It is very rare, but it is ALWAYS for his own good, as much as her emotional safety. There is no chance for them if she lets Oliver and his emotional trauma drag them both down. There is a difference with being a support to someone who is actively looking to change, and trying to offer support to someone who didn’t think he was wrong in the first place. That’s what has happened both times she has walked away from Oliver. He knew he was hurting her, but he still thought his way was best, and she didn’t get a say in that. I’m not saying Oliver had an easy choice to make with William, but he did have a choice, and he made the wrong one in regards to how Felicity needs to be loved. 

Felicity has been desperately in love with Oliver from almost the beginning. And she desperately wants to marry him, but having enough respect for yourself to not tack on ‘at any cost’ to that statement is not a measure of her not loving him as much as he loves her. Oliver once again shows his emotional immaturity in just wanting to seal the deal with Felicity with a marriage, and then hoping everything else will work itself out, because they love each other. Felicity is far more emotionally mature to know that isn’t the way it should happen. Because going down that path will always mean one person feels like they have to give more to be in the relationship than the other. And that’s a recipe for disaster. 

Felicity has laid out what she needs from Oliver. He doesn’t have to be fixed and perfect and be able to cook and be charming and funny and any other things we’ve seen Oliver trot out over this season. Men can be good at sprints. Fall down a flight of stairs, he’s there, sorting it out, racing you to hospital, fixing the stairs etc. But marriage isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and being there with back rubs and making you lunch is awesome, but it’s not going to get you through the big stuff. Communication will. Being on the same page will. 

All along Oliver has struggled with the concept of team work. He has given lip service to it, but when push comes to shove, more often than not, his first instinct is to go it alone, to sacrifice himself. Martyrdom in a super hero is one thing. In a husband, it’s another thing completely. Marriage is the ultimate partnership, the ultimate team. If Oliver hasn’t gotten the basics of teamwork down by now ie communication, then that is a reason to be concerned. 

Once again Felicity loves more deeply and maturely than Oliver when she walks away. She says we can be way more than your version of partners. You’re selling us short, and neither one of us deserves that. We could be amazing. The way I love you is amazing. Love me the same way back, despite all your fears, despite all your scars, believe in me the way I believe in you. Jump, I’ll catch you, I promise. 

That’s everything Felicity has always been saying to Oliver throughout their relationship, from when they were friends until now. Oliver loves her deeply, but there is still an immaturity to it. A short sightedness that he is very blessed to have Felicity, who, despite her need for glasses, she is a woman who can see things very clearly. That’s why her upcoming crucible promises to be so interesting, because we’re speccing that normally 20/20 vision is going to become clouded with grief and pain. She is out for revenge. She wants others to suffer like she is. This will be the final push for Oliver to truly come into his own and grow up. To understand how to love a person properly. Loving someone passionately doesn’t always translate to doing it well. Pretty much like dancing…

Mr. Green Shirt certainly is putting his back into it, and looks like he’s having fun, but all that enthusiasm doesn’t actually translate to dancing, not really. 

This season Oliver has shown us he can be a good boyfriend. He’s melted a lot of hearts with him being so supportive and basically adorable. But the boyfriend/girlfriend thing is a sprint. Marriage is the marathon, and what is adorable in a BF wears pretty thin if he’s not coming through for you where you need it in the long term. I have spoken to many frustrated, sad women, who are married to men that the world all think are great because he always does all the cooking, or does his bit with the housework, or is involved with the kids. But then these women feel incredibly lonely because their spouse won’t communicate with them, leaves them out of their internal lives. On the outside stuff they’re getting a gold star. On the internal stuff, the things which sustain a long term relationship, there is a black hole. 

Felicity knows and understands this, while Oliver thinks it’s all going to come out in the wash, because they love each other. The only way it’ll all come out in the wash is by both parties acknowledging the issues and working through them. Problems don’t magically disappear if you pretend they’re not there. Try that with an overdrawn credit card and see how far you get. lol 

So, to me, Olicity love each other equally in as much as their both committed to one another, but Felicity is simply better at it. She’s more mature, has more vision for them. Oliver might be thinking babies, but that’s not the kind of vision a marriage needs. You have to have a foundation for marriage and kids, and that is what she has a vision about. It’s what makes them such a great team, and Felicity loves Oliver, and what she knows they can be, too much to settle for anything less. 

Felicity wants to marry Oliver very much, but not at the cost of their happiness, which is ultimately what it would have been if she’d let this betrayal slide between them. The bar would have been set very low for communication in the marriage going forward, which would have spelt ultimate disaster. Thank heavens Felicity understands how to love someone way better than Oliver. Remember, Oliver loved L too - look at the clusterfuck unchecked Oliver loving ends up with. Oliver needs a woman who sets the bar high - SA has said as much, and fortunately for all involved, Oliver does like a high bar. ;) 

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i don't know if you watch doctor who but if you do can you please write an au where laura is the doctor's daughter and she takes carmilla home (to the tardis) for the holidays or something

(Hope you like it.)

“My dad is a little…different,” Laura explained to Carmilla when she was convincing her to join them for Christmas. 

“Cupcake, your girlfriend is a three hundred year old vampire. Eccentric isn’t really a factor here. No matter what, he’s your dad so I’m sure I’ll like him.” Carmilla pressed a kiss to Laura’s head and then, realising that she had given away too many feelings all at once, she disappeared out into the night. She didn’t bother to use the door, just climbed out the window. 

Laura sighed. “What about a nine hundred year old Time Lord?” she asked quietly. “Is that still classified as eccentric?”

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Perfect Nightmare (Chapter 1)

TITLE: Perfect Nightmare


AUTHOR: leavetherestunspoken


GENRE: Drama, dark, romance

FIC SUMMARY: Iona moves to London and falls in love with a handsome man called Loki. But she soon finds out he’s not everything he seems to be.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for now, but future chapters will become dark. 


She wasn’t sure how things ended up this way.

Never in her life did she think she’d be forced into love.

Never did she know she’d encounter The God Of Mischief.

It was her perfect nightmare.


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