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The Astral Body

Disclaimer: Everyone’s astral experiences are different. While the astralling community may agree for the most part on the following things, you may still experience and believe different things. And that’s okay! ;D *musical flourish*

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Your astral body can be wildly different from your physical body:

  • Sexual and romantic tastes can differ between astral and physical.
  • Gender and sex can differ between astral and physical.
  • Shapeshifting is possible with the astral body.
  • Even throughout different lives and forms, your being has a core that remains unchanged. This could be known as a “soul”.

There are different kinds of astral bodies/astral experiences:

  • Some astralling is not permanent; you make a body to astral temporarily and it vanishes/dissolves when you’re done.
  • Some astralling is semi-permanent; you have an astral self that’s “stored” in your physical body.
  • Then there’s physical semi-permanent where, on physical realms, you form a physical body but it’s only active when you use it.
  • Then there’s permanent-permanent when you’re “tuning into” another body/consciousness with its own life that does its own thing even when not in use.

Your astral body and physical body can influence each other:

  • Injury/sickness in astral can affect physical. For example, many people who have been in astral fights wake up the next morning with pains where they were hurt in battle.
  • Injury/sickness in the physical can affect the astral, but not as much as the reverse (as limbs can be regrown, the body is very “fluid”, etc.). For example, if you are sick in the physical, parasites may show up in your astral body, it may be harder for you to connect to your astral body, your astral vision may become blurry, etc.
  • You can get used to being one way in astral and then feel “off” when returning to the physical. You can have wings in the astral and then feel like you’re missing something when you return to your physical body.
  • If the astral body is killed or destroyed, it can regenerate using the physical body’s energy.

Your astral body can change depending on where you are:

  • You can remember some things better in the astral (past lives, astral experiences) than in the physical. They may be weakened, lost, or harder to recall when returning to the physical.
  • This is applicable to specific realms as well. If you have a fae-touched soul, for example, you may recall past lives while travelling to fae realms.
  • You may also experience shifts in your astral form depending on location. Some fae-touched people’s forms change when they are in their fae homeworlds.
  • Different astral realms differ in their effects on one’s astral body. Some things may be possible in one realm but not another. This can also be tied to one’s energetic makeup. For example, someone with angelic energies might have a hard time shapeshifting when in Hell.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the information!~










…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

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I don't know whether or not my first ask has been "eaten", so I'm gonna break the spam rule and ask again - especially considering that you've already written something that was very similar with my request. Can we get more interactions (*cough* grandmaster-grandpadawan fluff *cough) between Obi-Wan and Ahsoka ? Pleeeeease ? (Don't think I ever mentioned it, btw, but you're an awesome author !)

She’s not scared of him, Force above no, but he can cut an intimidating figure when he wants to, his profile strong and his features clean with a dignified air to him.

No, Ahsoka is not scared of her grandmaster.

But she may be a bit intimidated by how dignified he is and how accomplished he is.

So when Anakin has to run of somewhere and she’s left in Obi-Wan’s care she’s not quite sure what to make of it when the man stands in the little kitchen and makes soup for her.

“You…” She coughed harshly into her elbow. “You don’t have to do this you know. I’m a big girl.” She tried.

“I know. But I never liked being alone when I was sick.” Obi-Wan offered calmly, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows as he stirred the pot in front of him on the stove. “Beside, you don’t honestly want to move or be alone do you? I don’t think togruta flue is that much different from human flue.” He shot her a brief smile, the corners of his eyes crinkling and his lips curving upwards in a soft smile.

Ahsoka stared at him.

This was not the man who stood on a battle field and made strategies on the spot, who watched people fight and die.

Perhaps it was the fever but this looked like a man who should be in the creche or in the training salle, showing younglings their first katas and lightsaber position, soft and careful with an underline of strictness that needed to be obeyed.


“Body aches, fever, coughing, nausea, the sweats…” Obi-Wan listed off.

“Yeah…got all of that.” Ahsoka tried to cover her lapse as she watched the mans back.

“Pretty standard for a flue though I have to say I’ve never seen the flue turn someone polka dotted green.”

“Some break out in stripes?” The young padawan tried, grinning a bit when Obi-Wan chuckled and tested the soup. “What are you making?”

“Endorian chicken soup, my master used to make this for me when I got things like the flue or a nasty cold. Not sure why it works so well but it tends to help drive the flue out of someone along with warm showers.” The master hummed while adding a bit more of a red spice to the pot.

Ahsoka watched him for a bit. “Did you make this for Skyguy too?”

“Yes.” Obi-Wan chuckled. “He’d ache and complain until I did it after the first time because it was one of the few things he could taste when he got really snotty.” He smiled into the food before shaking himself, as if reminding himself that those times were long past.

Ahsoka watched him again before shuffling to her feet with her blankets around her.

Slowly and despite of her body aches, she made her way to him and leaned against his arm and shoulder, tucking a bit against the other.

Obi-Wan instantly made space for her, shifting his stirring hand so she could remain against his side and he could wrap the arm she was against around her shoulders. “You should stay on the couch Ahsoka.” He hummed.

He didn’t sound like he was scolding and didn’t sound annoyed so she just shrugged. “Didn’t want to be alone.”

“I can get that.” Obi-Wan murmured more quietly, while lightly rubbing her upper arm.

Then he glanced down at her and gave a low chuckle. “Oh dear…”


“You’re going to be as tall as Anakin aren’t you. How is it that I manage to surround myself with tall people and always have to look up?” He questioned in amusement.

“Padme isn’t as tall as you.” She grinned a bit.

“She is in heels.” He countered with a small smile.

“You wear heels.”

“Boots, boots Ahsoka.”

“…There’s still like two inches of heel on those.” She grinned more at him, settling into an easy kind of bantering with the other.

“…True.” Obi-Wan smirked. “Don’t tell Anakin, I’ve been adding an inch since he became a Knight to see if he notices.”

She giggled a bit, for once feeling like a padawan of the order and not a soldier in a fight that went over her head.

hello hello hello! okay so like i just hit 2k followers and i’m so??? I’M SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! i just wanna give all of you guys a BIG BIG BIG hug and then treat you all to some ice cream bc y’all are so sweet and you just deserve the world and more  (つ・▽・)つ

okay okay, so because of this, i’ve decided to make playlists curated just for YOU!! i’ve been experimenting in making some playlists for my high school buddies, and while i’m on summer break, it’d be fun to make some more!

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I’m so afraid that people will stop watching The Bold Type because of the Kadena angst. Like I get that many of you want a happy couple, but this is a long haul relationship. It’s literally had the most screen time of any romantic relationship on the show - they aren’t just going to leave it at that. This show is amazing and has so much more to it than just a great wlw romance, and I hope people can see that and will stand by it.

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wait you actually like the mary-sue that is heather?? and you ship her with queen astrid!? are you nuts?!

I’ve been stewing over how to answer this ask for a couple of hours now…mostly because it (and the other 4 Heather-bashing ‘asks’ I got) make me facepalm. Also, I’ve rewritten this twice, trying to make it not sound mean, but if there are parts that do sound mean, I apologize. I’m frustrated.

1) Yes, I like Heather. In fact, I adore Heather and wish we saw more of her with the riders. 

2) Let’s list the reasons why people think Heather is a mary-sue, shall we?

  • She’s got a somewhat tragic backstory
  • She’s got a dysfunctional family
  • She’s smart
  • She starts out as a loner
  • She has a unique dragon
  • She’s ‘too pretty’ for living in the wild on her own
  • She makes bad choices at times
  • She cares about her friends and tries to protect them
  • The writers focus more on her than on Astrid at times
  • Thanks to DoB, people are convinced there’s a triangle with her, Hiccup, and Astrid.
  • She can cook
  • She’s got a badass weapon 

Hm. You know what I’m noticing? She actually shares a lot of similarities with Hiccup. I’ll bold the ones she shares with him to make it a bit easier to notice.

Sound familiar? 

Remember the trick of describing Batman as a female instead of a male and people get pissed? 

You’re doing the same fucking thing with Heather.

As to her being ‘too pretty’ and ‘clean’ for living in the wild on her own?

It’s fairly canon that the twins and Gobber are meant to be the dirtiest, smelliest, most disgusting of the Hooligans. Guess what? They look pretty damned clean to me.Yes, Gobber has some dirt and grime, but it’s part of his design. The twins? It’s not. The animators have limited time and budgets to constantly make everyone individually dirty.

  • Also, why aren’t you complaining that Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Hiccup aren’t filthy? 
  • Astrid’s constantly doing gymnastics on the ground and practicing her fighting (dirt and sweat). 
  • Fishlegs has a boulder class dragon and is constantly feeding her rocks (lemme tell you, finding good, gronckle-snack sized rocks is NOT a clean job) while also spending many days translating the Dragon Eye without caring for himself (sweat+varying dragon breath smells+ink+the process of making paper/vellum/parchment)
  • Snotlout? Not only is constantly getting burned (soot+ash), but he rides a dragon coated in flammable gel (that gel+surely a sulfuric smell). 
  • And Hiccup? He is constantly messing around in the forge. Forges are hot. Soot+Sweat+Metal+Sawdust. He’s also constantly finding himself in trouble out in the wild. Dirt+sweat. 

Also, that triangle with her, Hiccup, and Astrid? Yeah, Astrid’s at the center of that triangle. It’s more than a little obvious that Heather has the hots for Astrid. Look at the way they interact: Heather is more playful and caring around Astrid and she gets a bit sad when she teases Astrid about her and Hiccup. She doesn’t act the same way at all around any of the other riders. 

And, uh, she trusted Astrid with the information that she was spying on the Dragon Hunters. Not Hiccup. Astrid

And, the cooking? Guess what? It was the woman’s job to cook back then and, before Alvin and Dagur happened, she was living a normal life. Guess what that means? She’s going to know how to cook. Now that I think about it, it’s actually strange that Astrid and Ruffnut are canonically bad cooks -but then again, the HttYD franchise basically throws history out the window :/

And, finally, her weapon. Yes, I admit it’s a bit excessive, but it looks cool. And, uh, do you not remember Hiccup’s compact-and-portable-bola-throwing-catapult from HttYD1? What about Toothless as a whole?

Sometimes, you just gotta give a character something badass to work with. 

Okay. Okay, I’ve spent too long writing this when that time could have been spent on my fanfiction. I’m still frustrated, but I know if I continue this, it’s going to get more sarcastic and more angry. 

So yeah. I like Heather. She’s bae <3

I don't threaten people very often but listen up

If y'all start spamming Mark and Jack with s*ptiplier shit because they’ve been starting to hang out more lately I’ll be more than furious.
It was a problem for their friendship before and I can’t stand the thought of them letting it get between them again. I don’t give a crap if you ship it, just don’t shove it in anyone’s faces, especially theirs as they’ve stated multiple times that they’re uncomfortable with it.


kuroshitsuji → C I E L + S E B A S T I A N ♦ A L O I S + C L A U D E

Okay wow, so here’s a number I never thought I’d reach in around 10 months, let alone at all. But here we are, elbows deep in a lot of angsty plots/headcanons, Jim temper tantrums and fluffy moments, and I simply had to make this, because you little nuggets mean a lot to me because without you guys to bug Jim, we wouldn’t be here. So without further ado…

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17 about Princess Tutu and 23

17. Princess Tutu

There’s no event I would really have liked to be replaced by something else because I find this show so well-crafted. BUT.

I wish Storyspinning lore was explained much more, and I wish Pique got more screen time and plot importance.

23. Any

I’ve kinda been spamming about her recently, but Jessamine Lovelace. She gets tragically little focus in the trilogy, and is mostly just used as a plot device, and I’m so salty about it. She seems to be mostly swept aside in the fandom as well, just like in the books, and I think she’s often misinterpreted as just a shallow asshole (so is Will, though, may I point out?). She was the most interesting character in the trilogy, and had so much potential for development and building relationships with other characters, but nope. She gets nothing. She got buildup but no payoff, and ends up in karmic hell, which should only be reserved for the worst of the absolute worst of villains.

Yeah. Jessamine Lovelace is swept under the rug, but I love her.

Prussia and Canada: *Have one strip of interaction* 
Fandom: OMG guys look PruCan so cute I ship it <3
Hong Kong and Iceland: *have about 1 line of interaction and sit next to each other like twice*
Fandom: HongIce is so cute like OTP for life
America and Lithuania: *literally have 4 chapters on them being friends and together and Lithuania explicitly states how happy he is to be at America’s house*
Fandom: Hey, look, RusAme

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I cosplayed him back in November, and oh boy it was cute!! But since then I have not, so I might not fit in his outfit? I haven’t grown a lot but ya never know.

Plus his wig - that needs to be styled lmao but I definitely will spam you guys with photos! If I can’t get into his outfit, I’ll post old photos of me~


Okay to be real though I have a little more than that, but I don’t count some of the porn spam accounts.

I’m honestly a little stuck on what to say, since I really didn’t think I’d get this many followers ever. Of course I couldn’t do it alone, so I have a few thanks to give out to people who have supported me and my blog along the way. 

1. @kyloz I don’t even know who you are irl, but you have my absolute gratitude. Whenever I get a notification about some notes, I can almost guarantee it’s from you. You’ve had my back since the beginning, and I know you’ll continue to do so in the future, so thank you so much for all of the support, reblogs, likes, and overall contribution you’ve given to help me grow! May Speedwagon bless us both down the road!

2. @aokaori As probably the main reason why I even made a tumblr, you also have my thanks. I try not to reblog too much stuff that’s nsfw since I know you’re not a fan of it, but I still appreciate the reblogs/likes on the stuff that you are comfortable with. An extra thanks for also having an amazing blog that has a lot of content that I enjoy/like/reblog as well!

3. @red-azalea Although not the reason why i made one, you are the reason why my tumblr is how it is. Even though you don’t remember it, you did call me out one day on not having a lot of content, since at the time I was a lot more reserved with likes and reblogs, not knowing that it didn’t really matter how much I did so. So thank you, without that callout I’d still probably only have like 20 pages of content, as opposed to the 350+ I think it is now. 

4. @bleki1234 Even though I don’t quite enjoy the NicoMaki ship as much as you do, you still love Maki as much as I do. As long as I know there’s at least one person who most of my Love Live! posts, then I have nothing to worry about continuing to reblog them in the future. 

So once again, thank you guys all so much for everything. Thanks for putting up with my sometimes very out of nowhere rants on both anime and political posts, and thanks for putting up with my endless reblogs of both anime girls and jojo memes. I love all of my followers except for @bundleofivan because of his shit taste :p

That’s it for the boring wall of text you had to read, so one last thank you to everyone <3

I’m really tired so all I managed to make is a trash doodle where character design accuracy means nothing and anatomy doesn’t exist. Quickly doodled this as fast as possible just to get it out of my head. I rarely spam these sketches due to quality reasons, but if people don’t mind them, then I’ll gladly post them more often.

I almost can’t believe that tomorrow we get to see Captain Cold back on The Flash

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((Today was just cleaning out Askbox, and those spams lmao. Ven x Ventus have become a thing LOL. While cleaning out the old stuff, i didn’t think i would get more in xD;;… omg. I love everyone sending me things in. But for now, I’m going to sleep and continues with Ask/replies/starters tomorrow~ So goodnight everyone~))