so i don't even care that it's crappy

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Hi, i don't want to break up the beautiful streak of commission messages that you have going on bc you deserve all this attention (lord knows you do), but i was wondering if you had any tips on how to get better at drawing? I'd love to commission you, but i currently just don't have the means to so it got me thinking that maybe i could really knacker down and practice even more so that i could get a good sketch of my oc to help with describing him when drawing.

aww thank you!!!! honestly you just have to draw to get better at drawing. even if you think its crappy. even if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. you’re still one crappy drawing closer to being what you want to be as an artist. just keep drawing. (but also take care of yourself too!! its okay to take breaks too!)

Beech and Unicorn Hair, 12¼ inches, Reasonably Supple

At long last, the finished product! This resin wand was cast, sanded, and painted by hand. 

After too many cloudy days, I finally managed a proper picture of the wand I made for my older brother. It’s based on the design I created and made to the correct scale (12¼ inches long) according to my brother’s official Pottermore wand. I even put “unicorn hair” into the mold when I poured the resin, so it has a proper core. After many attempts, I am very proud to have a sturdy and fully usable finished prop!

WIP shots of the mold and polymer clay master can be seen here.