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I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO

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Hey! Are you still going on with your altean Lance Story or did it finish already? Or don't you post because of that field trip thing? :/ Still, just so you know I love your art!

I might continue it but it’ll be a sketch. and I can’t tell you when. sorry. I actually do whatever I want to on this blog. You’ve to put up with me. a bit.

and my field trip… turned out it’s not THAT bad. Saw lots of beautiful things. too bad the weather is very hot and it rained!

btw men with vegetable are pretty nice. today I’ve learned how to grow SALAD in … this thing. ( idk what it’s called.)

Lance teaching Keith how to do it would be nice too… YvY

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About Keith probably starting things w Lance at the Garrsion, I don't really think Keith likely just not noticing/ ignoring him is a legitimate reason for any of Lance's antagonism. I get that for Lance he might have taken being ignored by someone he respected/ looked up to personally, but that's actually fairly immature for him to have held onto that feeling for so long. For Lance he thinks he's known Keith since before Voltron, while for Keith Lance was a stranger -two different situations.

gnotblue replied to your post “I know Lance can put his bias towards Keith aside when their’s an…”

disagree. maybe as leader it’s Keith’s responsibility to encourage Lance, but as peer? whatever happened in the garrison, Keith doesn’t remember- & Lance just doesn’t stop picking him as target for his personal attacks. Keith reacts and sometimes starts it, but he also tried to get out of their pattern more than once. s. the bonding moment.

I already said this before, but I think if Keith didn’t remember Lance, Lance would be lying on the floor together with the doctors in seconds, for trying to interrupt Keith back there and get his hands on Shiro.

Like, Keith is not the most trusting person, you know… He’s like super suspicious of everyone at first and is very careful, no matter how harmless or friendly the strangers might seem. (And Lance didn’t even look friendly when he walks in on him, he literally goes “nonono you’re not taking Shiro”)

Which makes me think Keith not only clearly remembers Lance, But he also trusts him. (with Shiro, his “most prized possession” haha, so that means alot.)

I really don’t think Keith would let them come along with him to his secret hideout with a guy he just stole from the Garrison, if he didn’t trust them. 

So he probably knows alot more about them than he lets them believe.

(Also unlike Shiro, he could have totally recognized Pidge as Matt’s sister right away, maybe even at the Garrison, maybe he even somehow knew about what she was doing to find out what happened on that mission, because he might have been doing the same thing, and then just kept quiet about her identity because he wanted her to reveal her secret when she was ready)

Bottom line, if he was ok with taking them with him, he probably knew all three of them well enough to really trust them. (Or maybe even just trusted Lance enough to also trust his friends)

And this line “oh I remember you, you’re a cargo pilot

Like it sounds so freaking condescending. And I don’t think Keith is someone who looks down on people’s jobs or has some “I’m a fighter pilot” ego thing. 

That’s a clear jab at Lance. Why? because he knows Lance really wanted to be a fighter pilot and ended up in cargo. And Lance walks in there all like “nononono IM saving Shiro” like trying to one up Keith and not like actually just give him a hand, so Keith gets pissed and is all “new phone, who dis?” cuz he knows it would piss off Lance and will kinda get him off his high horse. But also it might totally go a bit deeper than that.

Because I think it’s like Keith always pretends like he dun care about this rivalry thing. BUT HE DOES. 

Lance gets to him. 

No matter how many people say their rivalry is just in Lance’s head and he’s the only one that pushes this rivalry on them. It’s not. 

I think Keith wouldn’t respond to him like that or try to get back at him and annoy him if there wasn’t something to it.

This wouldn’t have happened if it was just in Lance’s head:

Keith would’t crash his lion there, he would play along and just let Lance crash his lion. But he obviously was really serious about showing Lance who’s the better pilot or that he’s just as daring as him.

And like when they are training, he makes Lance walk into walls and a dead end on purpose!!! And is all “why you’re not listening Lance??”

He doesn’t exactly tries to be the bigger man, he gets back at him for everything! Keith picks on Lance just as much as Lance picks on him, he’s just kinda more sneaky about it, so he doesn’t gets caught on it, so it wouldn’t appear like Lance actually gets to him. 

Or I dunno, maybe he does it cause its just fun to annoy Lance.

Like this shit here, was totally uncalled for (and this was after “bonding moment”). And Keith started this one.

There’s like alot of little things he does to annoy Lance for no good reason… And the only time he kinda tried to reach out to him and put a stop to this I think was in the comics, when he says “Good job, Lance!” 

(The bonding moment was Lance reaching out to Keith, by kinda showing him what he is really hoping for, for them all to be a good team and for him and Keith to kinda be you know “space ranger partners” and not rivals I guess). Keith just smiled approvingly but then he was back at picking on Lance again!)

I don’t think Lance is the kind of person who is looking for strife. He’s super friendly and he really wants to get along with people, so I really have my doubts about him starting this whole “not getting along with Keith” thing. I feel like he most likely just responds to Keith’s attitude towards him. 

And you know, I don’t think Lance was lying there in the first episode when he said “You know, Lance and Keith, neck and neck.”

I dun think Lance is a bad pilot. I think he’s a reckless pilot, a daring pilot, but I think he’s not as bad as the team makes it seem in terms of skills.

So my theory is that Keith finally had someone who caught up to him in flight school, and he didn’t really like that. (probably liked Lance, but not the fact he can potentially be a better pilot) I think Lance challenged him, and that was the source of their totally real rivalry. (And why Lance would be the perfect person to take over Red)

(I mean Keith and Lance are kinda similar after all, they both sometimes do reckless things and act like hot heads and then kinda get at each other for doing the same things..)

And like I have to say that I personally think Keith and Lance have the most brotherly, sibling like relationship if there ever was one (no, it’s not Keith and Shiro, I actually find it odd so many people see THAT relationship as brotherly because I literally have never met two siblings or bros that act like that..)

Like to me Keith and Lance are like siblings that have like a year, two years or so apart. And Lance is kinda like the younger sibling that can’t quite catch up to or really get back at the older one, And Keith is the older sibling that just has fun teasing the younger one all the time but really wants him to succeed and yet still gets super annoyed if the younger one beats him at anything.

And like since I’m sure it’s very important for both of them to get recognition and praise from Shiro (who’s gonna be the parent figure in this case), So Lance is kinda like the child that always feels like Keith is the favorite and dad always takes his side..

(Even tho space dad does love all his kids equally.. I think Shiro deals with Lance in a good way, I hope Keith learns from him)

Like I mean, the drones thing was such a siblings thing to do! Like Keith just pushes Lance’s drone out of the way and is all “Sorry! Gotta be quick” and they start fighting

And Dad is all “Knock it off, you two! Play nice!”

And Lance is “KEITH STARTED IT!!!“

I dunno, if you have siblings (im not sure how its with sisters tho) but if you have brothers who are close to you in age I’m sure u can understand exactly what I’m talking about here.

So I dunno, it’s very clear to me they both really love eachother and care for eachother. And will show it, but won’t actually like, admit it to eachother.. 

Like even the bonding moment

Keith did not punch Sendak.

Lance did not shoot his arm off.

So I think it’s safe to assume Keith didn’t actually cradle Lance in his arms at any point.

This is them still bonding by just making shit up and teasing eachother. It’s not as serious as ppl make it out to be. It’s a very friendly exchange, a blossoming bromance. (and yes, so far it does seems like just bromance to me, ofcourse it might change in the future, but so far these two seasons that’s all I’m getting form them)

They both know they kinda bonded back there and had this very uncharacteristic tender moment and are kinda backtracking on it but in a sibling kind of way, like “ew I would never get along with you” but I’m sure they both know they are just messing around there.

Like Keith and Lance to me are the epitome of your common sibling relationship.

They are the “I love you to death and would die for you, but I would never admit it to your face, and i’ll only talk shit to your face but will beat anyone else who does, and will only say good things about you behind your back”

Like, it’s clear Keith and Lance really like eachother. Keith doesn’t actually hate Lance and Lance doesn’t hate Keith. They’re just you kno… bros in the making. And they both act like idiots sometimes.

But for them to get along better, Keith (as the person who’s kinda in the position of the older sibling the younger one really admires and wants to be friends with) has to stop doing this shit where he purposely insults and picks on Lance, yes. Specially as the team’s leader.

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I was wondering if it is normal for people with ADD to look away from people when talking? I tend to look away from people by looking up at the ceiling, or at the floor, or behind them. I usually to do this when I'm talking about things that require complex explanations or thoughts. I also do this when people are explaining complex things to me. It makes me feel rude and I'm afraid that people don't think I'm listening.

I don’t know if it’s normal for ADHDers, but it’s something I do a lot. It can be misread by other people, which is annoying. I wish people didn’t put so much stock in eye contact.


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you know I actually have all your killer emperor fics saved on my phone; i don't have data and when i'm alone and sad, they always cheer me up. thank you so much for writing them :) i was wondering if i could prompt you to write maybe something like where rey finally starts seeing ren, just ren and not an emperor or a sith and she sees him as home

I don’t think I’ve actually felt so…touched before. I’m so happy something as small as my writing can put a smile on your face on a bad day. You can absolutely prompt me, 100%. You’re an angel, thank you so much for making my day. This one will be long, my present to you.

“It’s a fine day today, for all it’s worth.”

She’d been hearing sentences along those same lines for hours now, always directed towards her husband. He took them stoically, thanked the speaker, and continued to the next face to greet. It was a dual celebration today; his birthday, and the date of his ascension.

It would be improper to ask him why everyone needed to clarify that is was a good day even though it happened to be the current date. If she were to bring it up, he’d likely scowl and dismiss her back to her handmaidens, no longer privileged to stand beside him for the evening.

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  • what she says: i love agent kallus
  • what she means: Agent Kallus is one of my favorite characters, but his characterization before "The Honorable Ones" versus after "The Honorable Ones" leaves much to be desire. In Season 1, yeah, okay, he's not that different from every other obviously evil, cunning, arrogant villain, but I bought it because not gonna lie, I'm kind of a sucker for cunning bad guys that claim they're just doing their job but enjoy following it to the letter. Plus, I liked how earlier on, it was like the rebels were the hunted while the Empire were the hunters, with the Inquisitors and the 'ordinary' Kallus being the main hunters, and I was interested in how he was gonna fight Zeb and what exactly happened at Lasan. But then, Season 2 got pretty bad with Kallus since he hardly did anything besides standing around in the bridge of an Imperial cruiser, which the LSG had already said in promotional material for the show that they didn't want him doing that. And then "The Honorable Ones" showed that even though it's one of my favorite episodes because we finally get to see what makes him tick, his morality and knowledge of what actually happens is actually CONTRARY to what it seemed up to that point. What would've been better is if they had put more signs of Kallus's grey morality in previous episodes so that it would flow better. While yes, some things can be alleviated through novelizations of scenes, it sometimes isn't an 'expansion' on the scene and instead comes more off as something like a sloppy retcon/excuse, like when he kicked that Stormtrooper down in the pilot and then the novelization said that he was extremely angry so he wasn't thinking straight (though I don't know if the author was let in on what the plan for Kallus's character arc was, so it's possible he was just writing what he knew and assumed, but the SWR writers + LSG didn't say anything against it during editing...). While I also do like the irony with how he basically led like four Imperials who've gone rogue to their deaths, I do recognize that it's only ironic because he's literally become the opposite/antithesis of himself from S1-S2, since he's literally a STATE SEC AGENT so even if he didn't have anything to do with them getting arrested/killed, being a state sec officer that has switched sides + committed treason would've been ironic no matter what (though I'm not sure if this is an actual complaint or if I'm just nitpicking with this one, but regardless, I still like it, even though it's kind of expected considering the circumstances.) (the author for three of those characters didn't know about Kallus's character arc either, but you know who did). I don't like that because of the time skip, we've skipped how Kallus got from the ending of "The Honorable Ones" to where he is in Season 3, meaning they SKIPPED THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I'm torn between if he should live at the end of "Zero Hour", because if he lives, then they have a chance of giving him proper character development, especially so if they introduce the Mercenary/the Fool, and this plotline can also allow for more Zeb coverage that he desperately needs (in addition, we could get more bo-rifle fights, because I also thought that fight back in "Droids In Distress" was cool and that they should do more like that again), but then again, he could die to establish Thrawn's credibility and with that leaked picture, there's a pretty small chance of him trying to make his way out of the mercy of everyone on that ship. I'd still be up for a Kallus novel or comic or short story or something that delves some more into his character, though. So anyway, yes, while I do love Kallus, I wish they had done better with his character arc so that I could say with confidence that the stuff that happens to him was indeed on purpose and say that it is one of the best character arcs I've seen so far.

if you wanna have a genuine good time in the rpc, the first thing you gotta do is chill and stop caring about your number of followers to the point it actually ruins your day in real life if you’re not getting attention from the internet. 

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(Same anon) What's your thoughts on Black witches being included in possible creative projects done to try remove the negative conotations on witches and educate people on different types of witchcraft, if done respectfully with proper reaserch? I mean in paticular voodoo, hoodoo etc. (I personally only practice celtic paganism with hedge witchcraft and have my roots pretty set in wales so i don't know much about it yet, but I want to try include it)

When it comes to america, black witches have been ridiculed, thrown to side, beaten, and sometimes killed because we do what we do. Then in the last 50 or so years, white witches just picked up voodoo and hoodoo from us, put their name on it, changed it up a bit, and said “Yep, this is it.” And now, you got black witches everywhere (and some no-black witches who actually see whats going on) confused and frustrated because everytime you turn around you have books and websites saying this originated from Africa and from the slaves that came from the Atlantic Slave Trade, but the authors and writers and publishers are all white. Its hella upsetting.

Thats why its imperative that more and more black witches start teaching our shit, because thats exactly what it is. Ours. I will say with hoodoo, because it’s a mixture of African, Latin, Appalachian Granny Magic, and Native American practices, anyone can practice. I know some people will disagree with me, but hoodoo is a practice, not a religion. Hoodoo, though, is mostly used by black (christian) people and therefore, my other opinion would be that black people should be at the forefront of teaching and passing on the information.

Voodoo is strictly for black people. But there is nothing wrong with an over view and bit of education on what voodoo is. Knowledge is power. But should Black people be teaching and educating? Yep. 100%. Of course your gonna have those few exceptions, but when it comes to African practices black people should be included in the education process. 

And to top it all off, black people(and other POCs) should most defiantly be included in the eradication of negative connotations given to us. Black is not bad. Being black is not bad. Being black and practicing black magic and “black magic” is not bad. There are other practices that aren’t Wiccan, and not every practitioner believes in not harming everyone. Then on the flip side, we need to acknowledge there are black people who wont follow what there ancestors did and do something completely different. And thats fine. Of course, there always a debate on whether black people should create their own spaces or should be invited more into white spaces, and I say both. The more faces out there, the better and more inclusive the witchcraft community will be.

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Did you know Tony Stark was adopted? His real mom being a SHIELD agent and his dad a SHIELD member who was actually spying and working for Hydra. When his mother found out she put Tony up for adoption not wanting to risk anything for Tony, with his father working for Hydra. And then of course Maria and Howard Stark adopt him. Tony never meets his real patents, and I don't think he even knows! Of course I'm going off of the comic book version, in the movies he's not adopted.

yeah, I know that 616!Tony was adopted, I think it was quite loud about it some years ago, but I didn’t hear about his real parents, so thanks for sharing that!

I don’t know if you heard, but there is Arno Stark, biological son of Howard and Maria, who is confined in bed (that story is really complicated, basically Maria had difficulties with carrying and delivering the baby and some alien-robot ‘helped’ the baby to survive, but in exchange wanted a promise to be able to genetically modify him in the future, so he helped with the baby’s growth but also ‘installed’ a kill switch in the baby, Howard found out, made a bio cocktail to block the mechanisms in the baby, and because of that Arno was born very ill, and Starks decided to keep him hidden and adopted Tony as a ‘decoy’ for Arno, in case the alien-robot ever comes back to Earth) and Tony found out about him and met with him

and I looked some more, and actually in Civil War II, Tony met his biological mother!

comic books have this great history and many universes and sometimes it is really hard to follow it all…

aaaand I wouldn’t be so sure about MCU!Tony! we don’t know what hides in the scriptwriters’ heads! (Brutasha? Clint having a secret family? Winter Soldier murdering Tony’s parents? did we expect that to happen?)

Ok but in this deleted scene Tony literally takes out his arc reactor - the thing keeping him alive - to save a kid

He doesn’t even tell anyone that they’re supposed to put it back in. He is literally willing to die to maybe - he’s not actually even sure this shit will work - save this kid. 

I MEAN I’M??? 


Edit You can see it on video here

  • Jin: Yoongi, the least you can do is pay for child support, looking after five kids is hard enough.
  • Yoongi: *has earphones in, listening to his new mixtape*
  • Jin: especially if you have one that breaks everything he touches and asks questions about life at 3 am. Another one that never runs out of energy and runs off mumbling about finding his real family of horses. And the twins, don't even get me started, Jimin doesn't let me live and Tae just drags people he meets from bathrooms back home and suddenly declares they're living with us. And the youngest lil shit, just cuz he's my height, and getting stronger, this sly piece of work thinks he owns the place. *rubs temple in frustration*
  • Yoongi: *slowly takes out earphone and blinks twice at Jin*
  • Jin: *starts to cry* but it's all worth it in the end when you see them smile smugly while they stuff their faces with the food you made. And Joonie writes the cutest little poems for me. Each day after school Hobi will find the cutest flowers for me and then cries so much when one of them dies. Jimin is actually so precious, he once surprised me at work by giving me a cake on my birthday that I totally forgot about. Taehyung notices when I'm stressed and puts on his soothing jazz music and slow dances with me. And Jungkook tries to hide it. But I know he's the one that cleans up the house when I don't have time. He even leaves a chocolate on my blanket like they do in hotels. And you know that everything's worth it when you wake up in the middle of the night and you find all the boys had end up sleeping in your bed. Some may be snoring lightly and others latching onto you with a deathly strong grip but you can't help but smile lazily at them in that peaceful state.
  • Yoongi: *widens eyes and pats Jin's back*
  • Jin: you don't know how hard it is when they ask where dad is and you have to reply with he'll be home soon, don't worry. Why can't you come back home? They miss you. *looks up at him*
  • Yoongi: do know I was only away for a year for my tour right? I texted you about it.
  • Jin: no, all you sent me was "see ya later, gonna go slay some girls"
  • Yoongi: I meant my fan girls...
  • Jin: wait, so you you didn't leave me for other girls?
  • Yoongi: no.
  • Jin:
  • Yoongi:
  • Jin: oh....
  • Yoongi: you're an idiot. *facepalms*

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Would you be willing to... tell us why you don't like Yuki, actually? I've found that I really don't either 😅😅😅 If not though, that's fine! But know you're not alone lom

Bluntly put, I don’t like that Yuki openly enjoys making people uncomfortable. Her character is basically all about sex?? VOLTAGE, YOU ARE DOING HER WRONG pls give us more than that

Okay so basically pretty much anytime Yuki shows up, she either a) makes Yukimura super uncomfortable by shoving her sexuality and innuendo in his face or b) annoys Saizo by… being there. I get it, it’s funny when Yukimura blushes and stutters.

But does it really have to happen so often? Personally… I feel like it kind of borders on harassment.

If the genders were reversed, would we still be looking at the situation in the same light? If Yuki was a man, flinging innuendo and flirting aggressively with MC, would we think that’s ok? Because I don’t think it’s fine just because Yukimura is a man and Yuki is a woman.

Some people might say that Yukimura probably doesn’t feel threatened because he’s male and she’s female, and that she (probably) has no intention of  actually making a move. But I don’t think that’s any reason to excuse that sort of behavior. Anyway, fwiw, I fully believe Yuki is capable of taking Yukimura down, and I also think that’s partially why Saizo always tries to get her to leave asap. Because he doesn’t trust her with Yukimura (and also because she annoys him, I guess.)

In a Tenka event, MC ‘catches’ (it’s all planned by Yuki) Yuki and some random dude doing some illicit stuff in the forest :o which obviously makes MC uncomfortable. But hey, no big deal, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Yuki is comfortable with her sexuality. Power to you, you go, girl.

But I, for one, don’t think that making other people uncomfortable on purpose for your entertainment should be acceptable or lauded.

AND I REALLY WANT TO BE SHOWN MORE OF HER CHARACTER THAN JUST ‘FLIRTS WITH ANYTHING THAT MOVES’ please voltage please please please she’s gorgeous and I really want to like her, DON’T DO THIS TO ME

Sometimes I stay up at night and I wonder how the relationship between Kreia and Revan worked when it came to them being master and apprentice, living together, training together, learning together, sharing stuff and doing things together; because from what I see Kraia is this salty old grandmother that probably monitors your breathing patterns while you sleep while Revan seems to be master dork extraordinaire who probably wears mismatching socks during jedi council sessions just to spite the old people. 

Did they ever argue about each other’s definition of keeping the apartment clean? Like Revan never finding anything in Kreia’s “minimalist crypt decor” and Kreia constantly fighting down headaches upon seeing Revan’s “organized chaos”?

Did Revan ever sneak out of the temple in the middle of the night and Kreia had to go find and drag them back by the scuff of their tunic not because they got out but because they could have at least had the decency to NOT frolic around the garbage disposal in search of spare droid parts?

What did they do in their off time? Did they spend time together arguing about who got to pick what they were going to watch on the holovid that evening? Did Revan ever have to plea with Kreia to go out and eat “decent food” at some cheap cantina in town with Kreia ending up as the one who enjoyed the food the most?

Did Kreia ever had to bail Revan out of prison because they accidentally started a workers’ riot in the main sector? Did Revan ever had to bail Kreia out of jail because she started to heavily critique the republic senators on their new bill WHILE IN SESSION?

Did they ever get in fights? How did they go about apologizing to each other? Did Revan ever go around to put on a sock puppet shows for Kreia to say they were sorry which ended with Kreia unbelieving she ended up having a conversation with a piece of cotton?

Was Kreia putting up with Revan’s eccentricities because she couldn’t stop her padawan or was she actually subtly encouraging them, because she sometimes watches Revan and sees herself if she only had someone to be there for her when she took the risks to be herself?

There are so many possibilities why are we not talking about this?

people get so upset when they post their negative and unwanted shit opinions in a tag that is for certain ships, or characters THAT people go to and search up to enjoy the content and not see people bashing it, like the triggered asshats are, and then when someone comments about how they don’t wanna see negative things, the idiots get pissed and defensive?

it’s 2k17 and i thought everyone knew that you can’t post anti-thiam or anti-jikook or anti-any ship and/or character *cough*theo*cough* without it showing up in the thiam, jikook, taekook, theo, kpop ship, YouTuber ship, tv show, or whatever fandom tag. you HAVE to put a // or something that separates the word. tumblr isn’t smart, it’s not going to look at the “anti-” and think “oh yeah, got to separate that shit from the actual tag.” if it has those ship names or character names, it’s going into that tag no matter what.

not all people are going to ignore it like me, who just blocks your ass. most will get pissed because you’re coming in and shitting on things they like. no one pays to go to a concert they don’t like and boo the whole time. no one watches YouTube videos from creators they don’t like to just shit on everyone in the comments. at shouldn’t do that but people do and you’re a fucking piece of shit if you do like dayum.

BUT the whole point the this rant is that if you do that, you’re literally asking for people to fight you. that’s is all you’re doing. others are going to tell you to stop and to go somewhere else or to delete it. so when you start being a piss baby, don’t. because you did it to yourself. just fix your tags and posts.

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I don't know if it was already discussed but sometimes I wonder why Goku doesn't colect anymore the 4 star dragon ball, his grandpa memento. He was so attached to it when he was a child and young adult, he even put it on Gohan's hat, but after the saiyan saga he stopped looking for it. He knowing the truth of his grandpa's death could be the reason, or he maybe understood that a db in his home could put his family in danger. IDK but it got me thinking..

That’s actually a good point you brought up anon! Don’t think this has been discussed yet either…. but you could be right that maybe Goku stopped looking for it because he learned the truth about the his grandpa’s death and where he came from? Or like you said it could be because it kept putting his family in danger….

But I was also thinking that maybe Goku stopped collecting it or keeping it in his house because they ALWAYS need to summon Shenron for something. And he also doesn’t keep the 4 star ball at his house because Bulma is the one that has it….because we know that she keeps all the dragonballs securely at capsul corp 

((Actually the last time we see Goku with his grandpa’s ball is with the Goku JR story…. )) 

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I don't know if you count this as nsfw or not but what would ut/uf/Mt/us Sans' reaction be if his s/o got his name tattooed where their heart would be

I think this is skirting it a bit, but not so much so I won’t write it. Thank you for requesting!

UT!Sans- At first he’s confused, no one in the underground has tattoos so he just thinks it’s a pen drawing. Then when you explain what it actually is, he looks up at you with a cross of total adoration and shock. You really loved him so much you put his name on your skin? He hugs you, spinning you around with a joyful laugh. He adores it more than you can imagine.

UF!Sans- Now this poor bab will definitely start crying. Happy tears though. He’s just so touched you would do this for, well, him. He thinks he’s the luckiest monster around, probably kissing you then and there. He’ll probably do something similar, like chisel your name into his arm bone. If you let him, he’ll trace the design in awe.

US!Sans- He’s confused but appreciative of this gesture, saying he doesn’t quite know what that it but he loves it. Once you explain though, he’s worried. You did that for him? Did it hurt, does it need attention? He will certainly help you take care of the tattoo if needed. He just loves to see it, knowing his name will be the only on your heart. He tries to do something similar, but sadly sharpie on bone doesn’t have quite the same effect.

Mob!Sans- He knows all about tattoo’s, how painful and permanent they are, and it makes the gesture mean all the more to him. He pulls you in, nuzzling into your neck, slightly sniffly. You just mean the world to him, the fact you would put yourself through that for him, it just touches his soul more than anything. He cries a bit into your shoulder, hugging you tightly.

to any chinese speakers out there:

idk if it’s just me but every time i think about how dong si cheng (董思成) is such a solemn and mature name

but sm decided to give him the stage name winwin (昀昀), which apparently means sunlight (i googled it ok so ya)

makes me wonder if, yknow maybe they were trying to portray his personality? i mean he’s really cute and goofy off-stage, but once he’s performing u can tell he knoWS what he’s doing man, like there is so much skill and practice that is required to achieve that level of outstanding aptitude in dance?

and i’m thankful that maybe, just maybe, sm actually put some thought into it when they came up w his stage name. (or maybe they just wanted to win idk fuq-

fake ah crew micheoff where geoff refuses to let michael use his newly-purchased 00mogar as a getaway vehicle in a heist because “jesus fucking christ, kid, the chrome isn’t exactly subtle, police could spot that car from space”

and because michael is a little shit, he waits until geoff drinks to the point of stone-cold-won’t-wake-for-the-actual-apocalypse sleep the night before a heist and proceeds to paint his nails. and so geoff wakes up the next day and looks down at his hands and sighs deeply when he sees this:

and that’s essentially how geoff ramsey, infamous crime boss of los santos, robs a bank armed with an smg and has to snap at no fewer than three bank tellers to “stop looking at my fucking nails and put the money in the bag, for fuck’s sake”

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Heyy, I just found your blog and I already love it! Like, when you answer requests you don't just paste the text(?), but idk you put something personal in it and I love you. Wow I'm so bad at explaing things q w q Anywaay, what do you think that the BTT and Romano would be like when they're drunk? Thaaank you, have a very nice day ^ - ^

I think I know what you mean, thank you!

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^ That’s the only BTT gif I could find lmao

Crying drunk, probably denies he’s actually drunk, throws up a bit: Romano

Dancing on tables, probably stripping himself, gets very hungry, probably humps things: Prussia

Flirty, might be drunk texting, half the time you can’t understand him, probably cries a little: France

Either totally raging and wants to fight people or wants to be your best friend, may wonder off somewhere: Spain