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Can we talk about Shalluratt (is that the ship name??) because its so great and I love it??? Just imagine it

-Matt LOVES to brag about Allura and Shiro. They’re both so beautiful and badass, how do you not expect him to? They, in turn, brag about their super smart super amazing boyfriend.

-Shiro getting embarrassed by the Allura/Matt tag team. They made a pact to make him blush at least once a day. So far, they’ve succeeded. Shiro is dying.

-I don’t know if Allura/Matt would be romantically involved with each other or not but I can totally see hugs, cuddles and cheek/forehead kisses begin shared, platonically or not

-They all match with each other, its so cute.

-Cuddles, so much cuddles

-Matt is an attention seeking kitty, he’ll lay across Allura or Shiro’s lap whenever he’s in need of love. Allura finds it adorable. Shiro rolls his eyes but gives Matt what he wants.

-Shiro: The stars are beautiful.
Matt: Yeah.
Shiro: You know what else is beautiful?
Shiro&Matt: Allura.
Allura: *blushing furiously* Guys, ohmygosh.

-For Valentine’s Day, Allura bakes sweets with the help of Hunk, Shiro writes super sappy poems and Matt goes over the top by ordering a truckload of rose petals and dumping them on their lawn. It tools months to get rid of all of them. Matt still thinks it was worth it.

-All three are super horrible with sleep schedule so they stay up watching sappy love movies or conspiracy documentaries.

-Matt getting picked up by Shiro and/or Allura and him blushing everytime.

-Matt trying to pick up Shiro or Allura but falling to the ground because he has twig arms. He gets smooches for effort tho so its all good.

-Matt: *laughs*
Shiro: I get to kiss him first.
Allura: Over my dead body.

-They’re Team Older Siblings

-Matt: So when we get married, which last name are we taking?
Allura: Not mine, it’s too long even for me.
Shiro: If I take your last name, Matt, am I even “Shiro” anymore?
All three: Holy shit.

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Do you think Kevin's romantic/sexual feelings for Chiron were as strong as Chiron's feelings for Kevin? Or do you think they were weaker? I can't figure it out. There is no way Kevin didn't have feelings for Chiron. But I just don't know if his feelings for Chiron were as strong. What do you think? And do you think Kevin liked Chiron from the start or do you think he only really realized his romantic feelings after they kissed?

It’s hard to say because we see everything in Chiron’s POV you know so obviously from what we see it’s easy to say Chiron’s feelings were stronger you know? But there’s just so much we don’t know but I totally agree, there’s no way Kevin didn’t have feelings for Chiron, there’s too many moments which prove that he does feel something for Chiron (that final look between them during the 2nd chapter I mean, don’t tell me Kevin didn’t feel something for him then). But whether his feelings were as strong, I can’t really say… I mean depending on what time in his life is also an important thing to factor in. When they were teens, I think it’s safe to say Chiron had feelings for Kevin but kept them hidden whereas with Kevin he possibly didn’t know he had those kind of feelings for him until they started talking on the beach because they got really real with each other and learnt a lot about each other in that time. Also them only have one scene before the beach scene makes it hard to tell if Kevin had romantic feelings for him at that time, but something was there, whether it was just familiarity or the comfort of being a friend.. it was there. 

Fast forward to adults, the feelings are there, no matter how big or small. Kevin didn’t just call Chiron for the sake of it, he made the first move 10 years later which changed everything. You don’t randomly call someone 10 years on for no reason, the same way you don’t drive 9 hours to see someone after not being in contact for 10 years (these two i s2g). At this point, I’m not sure if their feelings are on the exact same level, but they’re definitely similar because the whole hello stranger scene and the kitchen scene, you know? Idk, I don’t know if seeing who’s feelings are stronger is completely relevant at the end of it all because their feelings for each other are there and completely real, on such a similar level otherwise the last scene would have happened completely different if one didn’t feel the same amount of love as the other, if that makes sense? Honestly I’m making no sense, but at the beginning I think it’s safe to say that Chiron probably had stronger feelings for Kevin but towards the end, equal playing field. 

Into The Dark - Part two

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Part One here

Words: 1,128

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

A/N: Two things to say:

1. All the love the first chapter recieved was so surprising. It’s the most notes I’ve ever had in a post, so THANK YOU!! <3

2. I honestly don’t know if I should pair reader with T’Challa or Bucky so any feedback would be appreciated. Please!! <3


It was the middle of winter in New York when Y/L waited in line to get coffee, “It’s that you? Miss, Y/L/N?” a voice came from behind.

She turned around to find a tall man, old, with his white hair combed to the side, “Doctor Brennan!” she greeted, “How have you been?”

“Same as always, but tell me about you, how’s your life after graduation?”

“A bit slow, I have to admit. Few jobs here and there, but nothing that sticks.”

“Well, that’s too bad, you’ve are one of the smartest students I’ve ever had,” he said with a smile, “matter of fact, I’m working with this company and I think you would be a great addition.”

She smiled at the prospect of a job, “Really, what company?”

“Oh, one that’s stood the test of time, are you interested?”

Y/L woke up, slowly. She opened and closed her eyes trying to adjust them to the light. She was still in the jet, only now strapped to one of the seats and hands handcuffed, “what the hell?” she asked disoriented. Last thing she heard was the soldier’s voice before everything went black, but now he was nowhere to be seen, she was sitting alone to one of the seats, and for what she could gather, the jet had taken off.

“You’re awake,” said a man walking towards her,  he took the seat opposite Y/N and strapping himself to the seat. He was tall, deep skin, and big brown eyes. His face was serious and he had a slight accent. She took a while, but recognized him as the king of Wakanda. The one that was fighting alongside Stark. Which made her wonder why would he be hanging with Captain America now.

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Uhh so... I have a problem and I don't know who I should speak to about it. My girlfriend keeps doing things I don't want her to do like smacking me across my head, slapping my cheeks, pushing me, tugging my hair etc. (all of them for nothing). I've told her to stop but she's not listening. What should I do with it avoiding coming out 'not manly'?

There is nothing ‘not manly’ about this, it’s straight up abuse, no matter what gender you are.
Your girlfriend is a total bitch who is most likely using her gender against you to be on top of the relationship.
It’s controlling, it’s manipulative, and it’s straight up wrong.

What’s even worse is that if you try to defend yourself or fight back, you will be labeled as the bad guy and the ‘sexist abuser, while she comes off as the poor victim that every woman should protect and stand up for.

So just leave her.
She clearly doesn’t love you and is only using you at this point, while knowing she can get away with anything she does to you simply because you’re a man, and she’s a woman.
Reasoning doesn’t work with people like her, so ‘talking’ about it will only make her more mad.
you need to put your foot down and show her that she has no upper hand any more, her abuse and obsession for control has only led her to losing her control over you.
That’s one thing that ever abuser fears, losing control, and it’s time she lost it completely.

If you’re scared she might get violent, do it over the phone or have a couple of friends with you. So if she does lash out physically, you will have witnesses and you can take her ass to court if she does damage to you.
if she begs/cries/pleads you to not leave, DO. NOT. LISTEN.
Another thing about an abuser is that they’ll tell you what you want you to hear to make you stay, hoping to still have some kind of control over you.
Don’t fall for this, take your things, and leave.
If she’s living with you, do what you need to do to have her moved out from any lease, or her belongings when she’s not around.
Let her know you’re putting your foot down and she’s not welcome in your home anymore.
If she tried to break in or refuses to leave, call the police and have her escorted off your property.

You deserve way better, and there are much worse things in this world to be worried about than appearing ‘manly’.
It’s called your self worth and she’s ripping it apart to build herself up.

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Do Bree and Sera get along? I'm guessing no, but I'd like to know the flavor of them not getting along.

I don’t think Sera would like Bree largely because I think Sera would see a lot of Solas in Bree… even though Solas himself probably wouldn’t like Bree either and wouldn’t see himself in Bree. (I’ve discussed Bree’s similarities with Solas and Solas’ probable dislike of Bree here.)

I also think they have a different sense of the word “fun.” Bree’s idea of fun is adventuring across hill and dale, initiating song & dance musical routines as she makes new exciting friends during her aforesaid song & dance, hill & dale adventures. Sera’s idea of fun is fucking with people. I don’t know if she would go so far as to cut Bree’s hair–she respects Leliana’s privacy in-game, for example–but I do know that her pranks can range from psychological (moving Cullen’s desk ever so slightly) to physical (tossing pies in Trespasser). I think Sera would find Bree’s idea of fun just plain lame and boring while Bree would find Sera’s idea of fun hurtful. 

I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to all the mryder x gil and mryder x reyes fanart and fanfiction

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Hi! May I have an elorcan one shot, please? Something fluffy/funny, awkward first date modern AU? Thanks so much!

@kateflowrchild13. I’m sleep deprived. I don’t know what’s happening. I tried. Unedited. 


Elide slammed the pile of books of the counter, and seethed at the plethora of folded edges between the papers. She sprung the book open, and began pressing the pages into the original positions, angrily muttering under her breath. One binder had fallen apart quite disastrously where the hot glue trick wouldn’t simply due.

“I’d like to check these out,” a deep voice rumbled, and the book nearly slipped from her hands.

Not many frequented the library near the end of hours where storms picked up at night, ranging from whirling winds to jagged hail storms. She’d used to feel uncertainty and fear clouding her mind and ghosting across her skin, but these past months, she’d become acquainted with the late hours, and security of unexplained comfort.

Elide looked up, and blinked.

The male blinked back at her.

He held out a stack of three, thick books, and set them on the counter.

Elide continued staring at that rough-hewn face, and onyx eyes. She hadn’t been used to seeing large males with ropes of corded muscle and tanned skin, all the stronger bodies called away to to serve in the army against a distant queen Maeve’s own.

So Elide soaked in the sight of this muscular male oozing power and strength.

Manon would have already had him in her bed, and Aelin would have been checking out more than those books on the counter.

He scratched the back of his head, revealing the nape of his neck, curled with dark markings she found utterly fascinating and outright mysterious. The markings from the borrowed books flew past her mind, and her own eyes traced the thin clothing that clung to his skin, doing wonders for his form.

“Am I not allowed to check these books out?” the male asked, swallowing. His arms gripped the edge of the counter, and Elide had never felt so small in her life, compared to this large specimen that had mesmerized her.

When he coughed, Elide’s eyes widened. She quickly look down and grabbed the books, the last one the heaviest. Running the books under the scanner, she internally cursed herself, hiding the blush creeping up in her face.

History of the Foreign Queen’s Governmental Regulation to Modern Policies, History of Assessment and Extrapolations to Genetics and Army Soldiers, and How to Get a Girlfriend, correct?” Elide stated, and restacked the books.

She paused at the third book, and watched the male look up at the gray-lined ceiling and brushed imaginary dust from his pants.

“Yes,” he said, voice hoarse.

Elide could imagine Aelin snickering next to her, hand propped under a chin in anticipation. Yet—this would most likely be her first and last chance to see a male of this size, astoundingly well-built, with piercing, dark eyes, not swept under the government cloning program.

The male reached for the stack of books, and Elide quickly and fiercely snagged the third book back. The customer abruptly dropped the others, staring at her with wide eyes. A ghost of a question lingered in his eyes, and those hands had gripped the edge of the counter again, and she swore that the material nearly crumbled from his sheer force.

She channelled her inner Aelin and Manon through her, a inhaled sharply.

“You don’t need this one,” Elide blurted, motioning to the last book. “I’ll be your girlfriend.”

Elide only knew his name because he needed identification before checking out the books. His card had been barely illegible, full of creases and grime. She hadn’t ask questions, and merely, and successfully, stored away the third hook.

Lorcan Salvaterre

The male had merely stared at her for as long as she had probably stared at him, an unfathomable look on his face. Then those onyx eyes had flickered to her name tag, and heaved a deep breath, a pained look crossing his chiseled features.

Elide had been ready to hurry to the employee’s only room before slamming the third book into that rough-hewn face.

“Elide Lochan,” he had gutted out so abruptly she had slightly jumped. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

She had said yes and ran away into the employee’s room—but didn’t check out the third book for him.

Minutes later, a knock had sounded through her hiding place, and Elide had reluctantly opened the employee’s room, biting down on her lip. By the Wyrd, Manon would have beheaded her by now. Aelin would have had been laughing her head off. (insert A/N: Sorscha would have been dead without a head)

The male stood taller, revealing his full height, the books nowhere in sight. He had stared at her so intensely Elide had wondered if she should slam the door in his face to recollect the emotions running through her.

“Elide Lochan,” he said firmly, with a touch of dark severity. “Will you go on a date with me?”

She had said yes and slammed the door in his face, her back against the wall.

A deep chuckle had resounded from the other side, and before footsteps had led away, he had announced his name to her, along with a date and location.

Elide had called Aelin and Manon.

“I have tonight at seven, at Emrys’s cafe,” she had rambled out, ignoring the blaring on the other end. Gods, what had she done?

Aelin and Manon had arrived at the cafe beforehand, situating themselves as empty tables, hoods pulled up, and half-eaten plates surrounding them.

Elide had rolled her eyes as she had walked in, spotting the tall and dark-haired male that had everyone’s eyes centered on.

Onyx eyes met hers, and the corners of his lips twitched up. He rose from his booth, holding out his hand. Elide blushed, and took it.

She settled into the booth, Lorcan following.

“You’re doing well,” she told him, smiling a bit, and noticed the bouquet of flowers in front of her. “Lorcan.”

He returned her smile, which shoved away the rough lines on his face. “I’ve had some cheats,” he easily returned, and jerked his chin towards the end of the table.

Elide stilled, and her eyes widened at the book there.

How to Get A Girlfriend innocently sat next to the bouquet of roses, a page flipped open. Elide immediately noticed the folded, doggy-eared pages, and flinched.

“How?” she demanded, and laid a finger against the brim of a cup.

“Well, after not having the chance to check out that book,” he mused. “I went to another, and checked it out from another librarian.”

Elide bit her lip, red running through her cheeks. A sorry bubbled out of her throat, and the male next to her merely chuckled softly.

She instead picked up the menu she knew by heart and skimmed over her choices. Normally she’d eat all out with Aelin and Manon next to her, but the male next to her was an unfamiliarity, a variable.

“I’ll have a salad with tomato soup,” she opted, and the male raised a dark brow.

“Lorcan,” a sweet voice breathed.

Lorcan turned around, and his eyes slightly widened. “Essar.”

Elide swallowed harshly, and stared at the intruding female with soft curves and soft smiles.

Essar smiled at Lorcan, and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. She glanced at Elide, and tilted her head to the side.

Lorcan placed his hand in Essar’s outstretched one, and guided her into the booth

across from them, the other female’s golden hair a halo outlined by a dark blue blazer. Doe eyes stared at them, full of unshed beauty.

Elide blinked at the her, hands curling around the fringes of her menu.

“Elide, meet Essar, my other date. The librarian I checked the book from,” Lorcan rumbled.

“It was quite a shock.” Essar blushed, and Lorcan leaned forward. “Are you his sister? You both have those piercing dark eyes.”

Elide had wanted to pierce her eyes through the other female’s, but instead she leaned back in her own seat, and sharply closed her menu. “No,” her voice rang. “I’m his date.”

Essar blinked, and her lips curved up into a smile. “I’m his girlfriend.”

Before Lorcan could settle into the booth, Elide’s hands flashed out to grab the book, ignoring the stray thorns scratching her skin. She slammed the book against Lorcan’s chest, rising from her seat.

“One rule,” Elide hissed. “In getting a girlfriend—” She flipped her hair over her shoulder “—is to not have two at the same time.” She didn’t turn around to see Essar’s face, and stood shoulder to shoulder to her now-ex boyfriend. “You never buy roses on the first date. And especially never fold pages in a book.”

She left the cafe, with the two hooded figures of Aelin and Manon trailing after her.


Parc fermé, Qatar (3rd place)

“Considering all the troubles in the pre-season, and free practices - would you say this podium is almost as good as a win? You looked pretty happy coming in”

“For sure! If I have to bet on me, on my podium today, I don’t bet for sure!
But we don’t give up, we try at the maximum, we try 3-4 different settings this morning. But anyway, was bad. 

So I start, and I say “Bo, I don’t know what’s happen” - but  I enjoy a lot because I was good, I was good in braking, and I hope with this race we understand enough for us to continue in this way.”

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just so you know, i love your blog and don't mind when you post tumblr posts on tumblr :)

Well then you’re weird. Because posting Tumblr posts on Tumblr is weird.

But thanks anyway. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who will unquestioningly put up with my bullshit. It kinda makes me feel like a god (well, technically, goddess).

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So I've come to terms that I'm predominately attracted to black girls. I'm asian mixed and I don't know why I still feel some kind of guilt like I'm still treating poc's wrong. It's hard to explain, like I saw this post from an Asian girl that read "I'm not a fetish" and it made me question myself, am I still treating poc's wrong? I'm so conflicted with myself. I don't know why I'm attracted more to black women, I just feel they are so beautiful and more in depth than other girls.

Fetishizing and loving black women are two different things. You are perfectly fine with finding black women beautiful ☺️. Fetishizing is wanting to be or sexualizing black women. Simply liking how we look and be attracted to us is normal. Everyone is attracted to different people and having a preference is totally okay!

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HELP! I just bought my first digital art tablet today and I'm lost! There are so many programmes for photoshop alone, I don't know what to do! Please help!

i’d say go for photoshop CS5+!

that’s what i use! and have used for forever. i haven’t looked into a ton of alternatives as to not bog my computer down with experiments. i know there’re quite a few artists who follow me who have some alternatives (i’m somewhat medicated rn so my brain is really scraping to think of some i apologize) so if you know some good starter programs, feel free to share!

Anonymous said:

I thought, “Oh God, what’s wrong with your skin!?”, but then I realised there was a layer of plastic covering it.

it’s weird, right!? i haven’t gotten a tattoo in like, over a year, and this shop offered a really fast way that heals tattoos and i thought they were lying??? like i didn’t believe them at all???? and i referred to it as black magic

what you see is a saniderm tattoo bandage! so far it’s great but it is making my skin break out quite a bit. i’ll show another pic once everything is all healed up!

Anonymous said:

Omg, I love Nightwing!! I was so excited when I saw your drawing :D Does Matt want to get a Nightwing role? That would be awesome :p

thanks!! a bunch of my friends just pointed out that he would KICK ASS in that role. while he is a great doctor priest on GH, dude is a pure, ripped hug monster that i’d love to see in a role like that ;u;

Anonymous said:

I love the hair from #MattForNightWing! Look at the form! And the color! And the shade! It looks awesome! HOW did you do the little blue uhhh stripes..? :D

thanks so much!! i actually drew them in on one side in their own layer, duplicated that layer and then mirrored it. i combined all of the line layers and then made little minor tweaks to either side to make it a little less precise 

OMG so we must be in the downward arc of the culture shock stuff here in Korea–for the foreigners I mean. Because everyone is, like, “blah, Korea, don’t want to do anything, Korea sucks” and I’m, like, not that affected I guess? I don’t know, I’ve travelled abroad before, so these things don’t get me down? But, like, nobody wants to do anything fun, like free fuckin’ culture classes and temple stays and I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING ALONE!

But that’s fine. I’m good at flying solo XD

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I’m old and have enough confidence to fill a boat–I’m cool on my own, lol. 

BTS Reaction: When he sees his ideal type in a crows but they’re supporting another member

thank you for requesting <3 !!

Hi, can you write a BTS scenario for how they would react to seeing their ideal girl in the crowd of their concert, on top of that the girl is holding a sign that has the name of another member. Do you think they would be annoyed? This is my first request so i don’t know how to ask my questions lol Thank you!!

Namjoon (Rap Monster):

Our Moni is really hard on himself, so even though he’ll try to ignore the fans sign, he’ll still be upset that it’s not him on that sign. Even so, Namjoon will still get over it quickly and continue on the concert. He might give the fan a sexy smirk or gesture though, both as a bit of a challenge and because he wants to show how attractive he is and he certainly is fuck

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Seokjin (Jin):

Jin won’t really care. He’s just going to carry on what he was doing. He’ll still inwardly comment on how cute he/she is tho.

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Yoongi (Suga):

Suga has stated before that he doesn’t have an ideal type, and that’s his ideal type isn’t limited to just girls, so he honestly won’t give a fuck if he sees a sign with another members name on it.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Hoseok (J-Hope):

Hobi will be a like Namjoon; he’lll be a little upset, but he’ll quickly get over it. He’s probably going to inwardly fanboy over how cute he/she is if they are his ideal type. Hobi’s going to give them a subtle look for being so cute. 

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Jimin will either be a little upset, or he won’t care. He knows that he shouldn’t get sad over something like that, and it doesn’t even affect him, so why get down over it?

im dead stop you beautiful prince oml

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Taehyung (V):

Taehyung will probably only care about how cute and or pretty he/she looks, and he’ll try his best to give them a smirk or a smile.

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Jungkook will just shrug and move on, but like most of the others he’ll still admire him/her.

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sorry this kinda sucked (╥_╥)

requests are always open!!

When I was a kid my all time favourite film was Like Mike, I nearly wore the tape out I liked it so much (I don’t know why either as I have no interest in basketball, or sports in general) and I just found the film online… GUESS WHAT I’M WATCHING?!?!?!

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Gaara when his s/o is jealous of his student, Matsuri

Woah, so this took me a while?? I don’t know why, but I struggled with it a little bit. I hope I didn’t get too OOC because I tend to do that when I “force” myself to write. Anyway, I loved the idea, just couldn’t make the most of it. I hope you still enjoy it, and thanks for being so patient!

Some extra love to my beta-reader @lilysflowershop for checking this scenario even though she is sick! ❤ Take care of yourself, dear!

Gaara’s reaction to his s/o being jealous of his student, Matsuri.

You knew Gaara loved you. You knew he was faithful, and that he didn’t want anyone else in his life beside you. He told you, and he showed you. You really shouldn’t feel this way. You shouldn’t be jealous.

But you couldn’t help it. Matsuri and Gaara were close, naturally. You had been close to your sensei, too. But, you hadn’t looked at your sensei the way Matsuri did. Her eyes sparkled with every word and advice Gaara gave her, and like an eager puppy, she obeyed him. And after watching this go on for a few weeks, you became frustrated. With Matsuri, with Gaara, and with yourself. Because Gaara was still just as loving to you, even if he still kept your relationship as private as possible. Did you really have a reason to be jealous when Gaara was this good to you?

But maybe that was why you were so upset about it. You understood that Gaara didn’t like PDA. You understood that he was in a position where he couldn’t be all lovey dovey with you all the time. You weren’t mad because he couldn’t show you affection in public. You were mad because he could show her affection.

Simple things like a hand on her head or shoulder began to be something you dreaded. And when the young girl smiled brightly and leaned in ever so slightly, you couldn’t help but be resentful.

And of course, Gaara picked up on it almost as quickly as you yourself did. He knew you in and out, and he noticed when you began to distance yourself. He had loved how you took the time out of your day to watch him train, especially with his student. It was the only way to see you, after all, when he was busy like this.

Gaara wanted to figure out what was wrong, and quickly, too - because just as it was to you, this relationship was everything to him. He couldn’t lose you. He really didn’t like not reacting to you being upset. But it took him a while to figure out exactly what was wrong.

Jealousy was never a big part of your relationship. Sure, Gaara made sure that any shady people kept their distance from you by sending them a warning glare, and you moved a little closer to Gaara when others swooned over him. But it had never been a big problem. So he didn’t even consider it at first.

It wasn’t until Matsuri practically invited herself in for dinner one night, that he finally realized what was bothering you.

He came home, his student right beside him as she chatted away. He listened, nodded now and then, but was more focused on the prospect of finally seeing you again. You hadn’t joined them for training for three days, and surprisingly when Gaara came home late, you were already in bed - something you had never really done before. Usually you had waited for him.

Tonight he was home as early as he could to catch you before you’d go to sleep. But in exchange for cancelling training, Matsuri had gotten him into promising that she could have dinner with him.

Gaara didn’t see a problem with that. You did, though.

You were sitting at the dining table when Gaara came home, but the bright, surprised smile you gave him vanished when Matsuri came into the room as well.

“Hello, (Y/N)-san.” She said with a grin on her face. “Gaara-sensei and I are having dinner together.”

Gaara could clearly see you bite your lip to swallow down the emotions he hadn’t understood until this very moment.

“Well, I’d hate to interrupt.” You said sharply, stood up and turned, leaving a delighted Matsuri and a very shocked Gaara behind, who looked back and forth between his student and his retreating significant other, his eyes wide in realization.

And thank God, Gaara followed you.

Calling out your name, he rushed after you, making it to your bedroom before you had the chance to slam the door shut.

“What are you doing here, you’re having a date.” You stated as Gaara grabbed your arm.

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me? Why you’re not coming to the training grounds anymore?”

“Clearly, there was no need for me to be there.”

You couldn’t help but sound bitter and upset. Gaara pulled you a little closer, hurt and anxious because of how distant you sounded. Doubts swarmed his head. Were you going to leave him? Did you hate him? He rationally knew that there wasn’t a big chance of you actually leaving him, but he was always anxious about not being good enough for you.

Please, please don’t leave….

“Nonsense.” He stated firmly. “I missed you. I thought you were mad at me, so I tried to give you some space, but-”

“Please, just leave me alone for a moment. I need to calm down before we can talk about this, Gaara.” You told him, and Gaara froze.

“Okay…” He said slowly. “I’ll send Matsuri home and wait for you in the kitchen, alright?”

You simply nodded, your arms crossed in front of your chest. You heard how Gaara took a deep breath, but then he did as he’d said and quietly shuffled out of the room. You could hear how he talked to his student, and even though you couldn’t make out any words, you could hear that she was upset. But finally, you could hear the door open and close again.

With a deep sigh you sat down on the bed, staring down at the dark red covers.

You didn’t know how long you sat there, just calming down your heart and thoughts. But you didn’t hear anything from Gaara in this time. It almost made you worry that he had left with Matsuri, but you know that was just your jealousy getting the better of you again. He did care about you, didn’t he? He had shown again how much he loved you. You stood up quietly. You knew you couldn’t just avoid the topic. And you and Gaara both had to be adults for this to be solved.

So you quietly made your way to the kitchen, your heart heavy in your chest. And like he had promised, Gaara was sitting in the kitchen, a pot of tea and two cups on the table in front of him. As soon as you entered, his head shot up, and his clear eyes stared at you.

There was an awkward silence, something the two of you weren’t used to anymore. Usually, you didn’t need to speak. But know, neither of you knew what to say. Finally, Gaara spoke up.

“I didn’t realize you were this upset. I… apologize.”

Nodding quietly, you sat down in front of him, and he quickly moved to give both of you some tea. You were grateful that he took this seriously, but it still made you a little self conscious. Maybe you were really just too sensitive.

“I don’t want you to stop training her.” You quickly said, and Gaara looked over, studying you quietly. You knew he was waiting for you to explain yourself, now that you had started.

“I know it’s important for the both of you. But… the looks she gives you sometimes bother me. And you never say anything about it.

Gaara was quiet for another few seconds, making sure you were finished, before he gently took your hand.

“That’s because I don’t take it seriously. I have you. Why would I want her? She doesn’t have anything on you, and she’s still a child.”

He sounded so firm and convinced, and it made you shift in your seat. When he said it like this, your jealousy really seemed a little ridiculous.

“But if it bothers you…” Gaara went on, giving you an insecure smile. “Then I’ll tell her from now on. I’d much rather have her be mad at me than you.”

“You don’t think I’m childish?” You asked quietly, feeling a little ashamed of how little trust you had put in him. But Gaara just smiled gently, and shook his head.

“No. Your feelings are your feelings, and they’re valid. A lesson we both still have to learn, I think.”

You were quiet for a bit, and you looked down at your joined hands. Gaara’s thumb was gently stroking over the back of your hand, soothing your nerves.

“Why don’t we make some dinner and talk? We haven’t done that in a while. I’m sure I can take one day off. I want to…” He said, and you could see a blush on his face. Voicing his feelings was still hard for him. “I want to spend time with you again. Remind you that… I love you.”

“If you could, I’d appreciate that…” You agreed sheepishly, squeezing his hand. Gaara smiled softly at you, his cheeks still bright red.

“So we’re good?”

“Yes. I think we are. I’m sorry, Gaara, and… Thank you.”

Leaning over he kissed you, before pulling you up and into his arms.

“I love you. Let’s have dinner.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I 'm looking to learn the Runes, but every resource that I find still says that Kenaz means fire, despite it being common knowledge by now that it actually means ulcer. Do you have any trustworthy resources that you'd recommend for learning the proper meanings of the Runes? I've tried so many places and I don't know where to look anymore lol. Either way, thank you, and have a great day!! :)

uh, well, I got to tell you that runes have multiple meanings according to their original poems, and there are multiple poems for kenaz itself, the reason people come up with the kenaz = fire thing so quickly is because in reconstructed Proto-Germanic it does essentially means “Beacon/torch” so they’re not… wrong? really??

the meanings are just from different languages and different poems, the Norwegian and Icelandic poems for Kaunan are about ulcers and disease, and the anglo saxon one is about well, a burning torch. People just like the torch one a lot!

I mean, you clearly know enough already to pick up on this, so i’ll be frank: there are no good sources for runes, all rune meanings are reconstructions and modern ideas from Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian rune poems, which are themselves, often fragmented or reconstructed, the English translations will always be a little different and lack some of the meaning but its good enough.

My suggestion would be to literally look up the runic poems for each rune, and then study the meaning for yourself!